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Formed 1823 from Western District
Lauderdale formed 1835 from Dyer, Tipton
Crockett formed 1845 from Dyer, Madison, Gibson, Haywood


1830 Dyer Co. TN Census
      No Duncan indexed

1840 Dyer Co. TN Census
Pg.103   Browning Duncan      2210,01 - 0010,01

1850 Dyer Co. TN Census (from Roy Hall 2/1989)
Page numbers without parens are stamped page numbers, within parens are handwritten numbers
Pg.223 (446), #738, Isaac DUNCAN 21 KY farmer mar/in/year, can't read/write
                  M. DUNCAN (f) 21 TN can't read/write
                  (MAD: 1860 Sebastian Co. AR census)
Pg.224 (447), #740, B. DUNCAN (m) 49 KY farmer $300
                  R.W. (f) 46 TN
                  S.R.P. (m) 19 KY farmer, W.W. (m) 17 KY
                  C.R. (m) 14, J.P. (m) 12 TN
                  S.J. (f) 9, B.M. (m) 4 TN
                  (MAD: Browning Duncan; 1860 Sebastian Co. AR census; Brown Duncan married Rebecca Pittes of Yorkville, York Co. SC, on Thursday, 25 Nov. 1823, per Vol.72, pg.112, "SC Historical Magazine" notice in Yorkville Weekly Advertiser)

1860 Dyer Co. TN Census
4th District
Pg.328 (58), #42-47, Jessee DUNCAN 39 IN tailor $550-$500
                  S. (f) 30 TN
                  L.E. (f) 9, B.R. (m) 8 TN
                  Jessee F. (f) 3, Fanny 6/12 TN
                  (MAD: 1850 Henderson Co. TN census, mar. 1850 Madison Co. TN to Sophronia Reid; 1870 Madison Co. TN census)
Pg.378 (154), #122-124, J.R. SIMONDS (m) 38 TN brick mason $1100-$655
                  W.J. (f) 31 TN
                  M.E. (f) 8, M.E. (f) 6 TN
                  S.J. (f) 4, E.B. (m) 2 TN
                  Mollie 6/12 TN
                  M.C. DUNCAN (f) 32 TN

1870 Dyer Co. TN Census
District 5, P.O. Dyersburg
Pg.78, #137-137, DUNSON, Mary 39 TN keeping house $0-$1000
                  Isic (m) 22 TN farm laborer
                  Silas 20 TN farm laborer
                  May (not Mary) 19 TN "ast of suplynor?"
                  Emma 17, Neely (f) 15 TN at home
                  Fred (m) 12 TN at home
                  Thos 8, Cintha 7 TN
                  BREWER, Allice 18 TN (whit) teaching school
District 6, P.O. Newbern
Pg.92, #125-125, DUNSON, Jane 30 TN (white) farmer $0-$0 (alone)
District 11, P.O. Cottonwood
Pg.158, #16-16, MITCHEL, L.M. (m) 32 TN (white) merchant (ret), $10,000-$3,000
                  Sallie 24 TN keeping house
                  BARBER, Ambros 54 TN fisherman
                  MITCHEL, Peter 18 TN farm laborer
                  DUNCIN, Milly 32 TN (white) "out of employment"

1900 Dyer Co. TN Soundex (from Mary Hudson 3/1984; all Duncans in soundex for this county)
      In household of Frank M. BARLEY:
            Wessie DUNCAN b. Dec. 1899 TN (lodger?)
            Marthy DUNCAN b. July 1894 TN (lodger?)
      In household of Andrew J. BARLEY:
            James D. DUNCAN b. Dec. 1873 TN (laborer)
      Oliver DUNCAN b. July 1879 MS; Hester (wife) b. Feb. 1885 TN
      In household of C. Tom NASH:
            Lennie DUNCAN b. Sept. 1886 ARK (niece)
            Annie DUNCAN b. June 1852 (no local) (sister-in-law)
      In household of J.J. JOHNSON:
            Maggie DUNCAN b. Sept. 1872 (no local) (niece)
      In household of Nancy J. HEARD:
            Jessie DUNCAN b. Jan. 1872 MS (boarder)
      In household of Bobb WILLIS? (at Newbern)
            Sallie DUNCAN b. Sept. 1872 TN (sister)
            Annie DUNCAN b. July 1895 TN (niece)
            Hettie M. DUNCAN b. May 1898 TN (niece)
            Thurman DUNCAN b. Jan. 1889 TN (nephew)
      James DUNCAN b. May 1855 TN; Belle (wife) Feb. 1865 (no local)
      In household of Louis M. MICHELL:
            Millie DUNCAN b. 1834 TN (sister-in-law)

1900 TN Soundex (FHL film 1,248,584/5)
      Dyer Co. TN, 2nd Dist., Vol. 17, ED 13, Sheet 5, Line 77
      DUNCAN, E.F. (m), b. Feb 1872, age 28, b. TN
      R.E. (wife), b. Oct 1873, age 26, b. TN
            Earnest (son), b. Nov 1892, age 7, b. TN


Dyer Co. TN Deed index, v.1, 1823-1870 (FHL film 833,235; Placerville FHC 4/22/2008 on loan; MAD: have reformatted to put deed book & page first)
      H-461: Duncan, P.W. from T.J. Cennell, deed.
      H-464: Duncan, P.W. from Susan Ann Brewer (Brown?), deed
      K-41: Duncan, P.W. to P.C. Lidsinger, deed

Dyer Co. TN Deeds (SLC 6/9/2008)
      H-461: 21 Dec. 1852, Thos. J. Connell to Pleasant W. Duncan, both of Dyer Co. TN, $700, land on waters of Lewis Creek and part of the McAlhatten Tract of 3,880 acres and in Civil District of Dyer Co. No.6, adj. NW corner of William McAlhatten's tract of 3,880 acres, containing 100 acres. Registered Dec. 22, 1852, said Connell warrants all his interest which is all the right and title except Mrs. Brewer's dower interest which he does not convey but which has been previously conveyed to said Duncan by Mrs. Brewer. No wit. (FHL film 833,240)
      H-464: 29 Sept. 1852, Susan A. (X) Brewer for $525 to Pleasant W. Duncan; Susan Ann Brewer the widow of Herron Brewer decd; my dower right to the 100 acres sold by my husband to Thos. J. Connell. Wit. Asa Fowlkes, F.L. Saunders. (FHL film 833,240)
      K-41: 3 Dec. 1855, Pleasant W. Duncan to P.C. Ledsinger, both of Dyer Co. TN, for $1,262.50, 100 acres on waters of Lewis Creek and part of the McAlhatten Tract of 3,880 acres and in Civil District, Dyer Co., No.6 (above land). Wit. Thos. H. Johnson, P.E.T. Binford. Rec. Dec. 5, 1855. (FHL film 833,241)


Dyer Co. TN Wills Book A, 1853-1893 (FHL film 833,234)
      A-216: 10 Oct. 1859, Stephen (X) Duncan; to my daughter Margaret C., my daughter Mary J.L. (blank space), my daughter Elizabeth C. Hall, daughter Martha Peel, my daughter Cynthianna and my daughter Louisa and to my son John A., my son William C. and my son James S. each the sum of $5 and if any of them is dead then to their legal representatives; this amount with what I have heretofore given them is all of my estate which I desire any of them to have. I give to my wife Tyrsa A. Duncan and the lawful heirs of her body all the balance of my estate. Appoint William Parke my executor. Wit. James T. Bone, William Patton. Proved Dyer Co. TN Sept. 1873 by James F. Bone and June 10 1874 by William Patton.


Confederate War Pension #W09367; Widow's Pension, Annie M. Duncan, October 26, 1932, widow of W.D.L. Duncan. (copy from Pam Williams 8/31/2004)
      Cover page: Married September 26, 1867 (marriage proof inside), wrote Washington October 26, 1932, war record inside; (stamped) REJECTED; wrote Washington again Dec. 16, 1932, war record inside, #10657. Wrote Washington again June 22, 1933. Widow's Pension, Annie M. Duncan, October 26, 1932, widow of W.D.L. Duncan. Passed Oct. 28, 1932. Passed Jan. 31, 1933. Passed July 19, 1933. Friendship, Tennessee, Route #4, Dyer County.
      Marriage certificate, Dyer Co. TN: W.D.L. Duncan and Anna M. Lovelace, mar. by B.F. Farmer, M.G., on 26 Sept. 1867, recorded in Marriage Record Book 1860, pg.85, /s/ J.C. Prichard.
      Questions for Applicant. State of Tennessee, Dyer County. (stamped) Received Oct. 26, 1932, Confederate Pension Office, Marshall, Tennessee. Anna M. Dunkin, of said State and County, ... [applies for a pension]: Annie M. K. Duncan, res. Dyer Co. Tenn, P.O. Friendship, Tenn., resident of this state "all my life", born Aug. 10, 1851, at Bells Station, now in Crockett Co. Tenn., maiden name Annie M. K. Lovelace. Husband Wm. D.L. Duncan born in Hardin Co. Tenn. in Feb. 1847, married Sept. 26th 1867 in Dyer Co. Tenn by B.F. Farmer M.G. Husband enlisted at Clifton, Hardin Co. Tenn, about 1861 in Bufords Regiment and served under General Bedford Forrest, about 3 years. When and where did your husband's company and regiment surrender? "I don't know." Was your husband present at the time and place when his Company and Regiment surrendered? "Yes" "He told me he was present at the surrender. I had his discharge for a long time but it got misplaced about 20 or 25 years ago." He was not a prisoner of war, no previous application for a pension. Husband died in Dyer Co. Tenn. July 22nd 1893. [MAD: handwritten note at bottom of copy: This is wrong, he died in Kedren, AK. MAD: Kedron, Cleveland Co. AR] Lawful wife, not married since the death of soldier husband. What property? "None at all" Name some friend: L.J. Lasant?, Friendship, Tenn, or Tom Redhin?, Friendship, Tenn. /s/ Anna M. Duncan, 15 October, 1832, notarized in Lauderdale Co.
      Questions for Witnesses: Dyer Co. TN, I, Fannie S. Nash of said State and County, witness in support of the application of Annie M. Duncan for a pension: Fannie S. Nash, Friendship, Tenn., R.2?: Acquainted with Annie M. Duncan all her life: applicant has resided in Tenn. all her life, born Bells Station, Tenn., Crocket, witness was acquainted with her husband; they were married Sept. 26, 1867 by B.F. Farmer, witness was present at the marriage; don't remember how long they knew him, don't know when Wm. D.L. Duncan enlisted, he served "all told was about 3 years", "I don't know" about his service; Wm. D.L. Duncan died in Dyer Co. Tenn in 1893 [MAD: handwritten note at bottom of copy: Kedran, AK, he was shot.]; resided in Tenn, Dyer Co., at time of his death; (MAD: omitted a few questions here), signed 15 Oct. 1932, Fannie S. Nash, witness T. H?. Redding. Certification of the County Trustee of Dyer Co., that the property of Mrs. Annie M. Duncan, widow of Wm. D.L. Duncan, no property at all of any kind assessed to her on my books. (added note at bottom of form) I have known said applicant all my life and know Wm. D.L. Duncan untill he died and heard him speak on several occasions about his war record. Don't know anything about his war record while he was in the army as to where he enlisted or was "dischard" but did know him personally after the war untill he died. and can concur in all questions answered by other witness. /s/ T.H?/W?. Redding.
      Letter October 26, 1932, from Tennessee Board of Pension Examiners to the War Department: William D.L. Duncan, born in Hardin County, Tennessee, in February, 1847, enlisted at Clifton, Hardin County, Tennessee, about 1861 in Buford's Regiment, and served under General Forrest. He is said to have been discharged at the close of the war. Will you please give me all the Confederate War service you have of this Veteran.
      Letter March 13, 1933, from the War Department: John W. Buford was Lieutenant Colonel of the 9th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry, Confederate States Army. The name William Daniel Lafayette Duncan has not been found on the muster rolls on file in this office of Company G, above named regiment, which cover in part the period from January 1, 1862, to February, 1864, nor has any record been found of his service, capture or parole as a member of that organization. The services of Will Clark, George Smith and Chestham have not been identified.
      Letter June 26, 1933, from the War Department: The name William Duncan, private, Company G, 5th Regiment Tennessee Cavalry, Confederate States Army, residence Roane County, Tennessee, appears on a muster roll of officers and was paroled May 3, 1865? (1863?), at Charlotte, North Carolina, in accordance with the terms of a Military Convention entered into on April 26, 1865. No other record has been found. More than one organization was designated the 5th Tennessee Cavalry and the particular one to which this man belonged has not been identified. (MAD: both letters of this date have the same signature and initials)
      Letter June 26, 1933, from the War Department: The records show that William Duncan, private, Company D, 33rd Regiment Tennessee Infantry, Confederate States Army, enlisted September 9, 1861, at Union City, age 24 years. He died at Columbia, Mississippi, May 12, 1862. The records also show that one William H. Duncan, private, Company E, 33rd? (MAD: thick print) Regiment Tennessee Infantry, Confederate States Army, enlisted December 10, 1861, place not shown. Muster roll for December 13, 1861, to September 24, 186? (thick print), last roll on file, show him present, "Left sick at Dover when Donelson surrendered, now present." Union records show that a man of that name and organization subscribed to an oath of allegiance to the United States, January 21? (31?), 1865, at Nashville, Tennessee. This record shows the following: Residence Marshall County, Tennessee, fair complexion, brown hair, hazel eyes, height 6? feet, volunteered December 18, 1862, deserted August 28, 1863, and has family.


Death Certificate, certified copy June 26, 1980, Department of Public Health, TN (copy from Pam Williams 8/31/2004)
      Certificate of Death, stamped #642, handwritten #2305, 11-231; Annie Kee Duncan, died 1-14-41, Dyer Co., Civil District 5, (city or town) Friendship, Tenn., at home. White, female, widowed, age 88 years, 6 months, 4 days, born July 10, 1853, Bella, Tenn., husband Will Duncan. Occupation housekeeping; father? John Lovelace b. Tenn., mother Mary Kee born Jackson, Tenn. Informant: Mrs. Fred Taylor, Friendship, Tenn. Burial 1-15-1941 Belledonna? cemetery, Friendship. Undertaker: Evans & Lasiter, Friendship, by E.S?. Evans. 1-15-41, (registrar Mrs. G?.W. Chambers. Legal residence: Dyer, Tenn., Civil District 5, Friendship, Tenn. (MAD: cause of death given, cannot read)

Bible of Mrs. Annie (Lovelace) Duncan, now owned by Demetra Pearl Taylor Hay (copy from her niece Pam Williams 8/31/2004; areas of copy dark or with thick ink, and filled in by MAD from a family group sheet, author not given; see Dyer Co. TN; 1870 Weakley Co. TN census; 1880 Drew Co. AR census)
            Family Record (column 1)
      W. D. L. Duncan was borend february the 8th of 1849
      A. M. K. Lovelace was borend July 10th 1852
      W. K. Duncan was borend September the 24, 1868
      J. M. Duncan was borend february the 5 1870
      Joseph Walter Duncan was borend May 7th day 1871
      Gertrude Duncan was born (blotted) October 8, 1872
            Family Record (column 2)
      Claudy Ann Duncan was Born May 23rd 1874
      Mary Gilstan (?) Duncan was Born February 4th 1876
      George Herison (MAD: Henison?) Duncan was Born March 19th 1877
      Oliver Danl. Carnasey (MAD: Carnway?) Duncan was born March 24th 1879
      Sister Beauty Duncan was Born August 23, 1892
      Little Brother Duncan born July 13, 1885
      Tennessee Pearle Duncan was born Sept. 28, 1886
            Family Record (2nd page, column 1, different ink)
      Mrs. Annie Duncan Died Jan. 14, 1941, age 88 yrs, 6 mos. 4 days
      J. W. Duncan died August 28th? 1870 age fifteen ? months 21 days
      Mary Titston? Duncan died April the 28 day 1876 age two months & 11 days
      George Herison Duncan died October the 11 1877 age six months 21 days
      Sister Beauty Duncan died November the 9 day 1882 age 2 months & 16 days
      Little Brother Duncan died July the 13 1885
      William Key Duncan died August the 1 day 1885
      Little Son Duncan Died April 26 1891 age two years 5 months 2 days
            Family Record (2nd page, column 2)
      W.D.L. Duncan was married to Ann M. Lovelace? September the 26 1867
      W.D.L. Duncan Died July 22 1893 age 46 years 6 months 14 days
      J. M. Duncan Died 14th Jan. 1897 age 27 yrs 11 mo. 9 days
      J. G. Miles Died 27 of Nov. 1897 age 25 yrs 11? mos 14 days
      O.D.C. Duncan Died June 2nd 1905 aged 26 yrs 2 mos 14 days
            (left side of page "The New Testament..."; different handwriting)
      Little Son Duncan Was Born November the 24 day 1889 A.D.
      (MAD: later generation not included here)


Gibson Co. TN Deed (FHL film 1,008,153)
      G-219: 22 Feb. 1838, "Brown" Duncan of Dyer Co. TN to Moses A. House of Gibson Co. TN, $200, bill of sale for negro boy David 15 or 16 years old. /s/ Browning Duncan. Wit. John B. Wright, R. Peters/Petus.

Obion Co. TN Will Book Vol.1 or A, 1833-1861 (typed) (FHL film 24,780 item 5)
      Pg.104: 23 Feb. 1859, will of F.A. Duncan of Obion Co. TN, planter; buried at Harlons Hill in Dyer Co. TN in suitable manner; all debts be paid including the debts that my son P.W. Ducan (sic) and me owes jointly, paid as soon as possible; to my wife two negroes Edna and Charlotte in accordance with a former gift; to my wife C.H. Duncan four other negroes Janet?, ??, Peteo? & Orphiliaus (blurred copy) during life or widowhood, then to all my heirs equally; balance of personal property to be kept in the family for their use, and that Land Neely having received some property, the rest of my heirs is to be made equal. Appoint son P.W. Duncan executor. Wit. Stephen Campbell, Willaim (sic) P. Wood. No probate date. (pg.39) (MAD: see Fielding A. Duncan in 1850 Sumner Co. TN)

HISTORIES before 1923

1922 "Centennial History of AR" by S.J. Clarke Pub. Co., Vol.III (TN Gen. Society Library #2592 from Evelyn Sigler 12/1983; and CA State Library, Sutro Branch, book F411 H57; see Scott Co. AR for more complete extract)
      Pg.505: Judge S.K. DUNCAN, lawyer at Waldron [Scott Co.], b. here April 7, 1870. Parents were Samuel K. and Isabelle (Gilbreath) Duncan. Father b. near Louisville, [Jefferson Co.] KY, 1833, son of Browning Duncan who moved in early days to TN (MAD: Dyer Co.). Father first married in TN to Miss Leonard, had two chidren, of whom Robert Tison Duncan moved to Alvarado, [Johnson Co.] TX. Father married (2) Isabelle (Gilbreath) Hamilton. Samuel K. Sr. was a wagon maker in Waldron for 40 years, d. 1906.


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