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HANSE NELSON, Revolutionary War Pension Application W-1462, widow Delila, BLWT 61198-160-55 (FHL film 971,806)
      Knox Co. TN Application 12 Feb. 1834 of Hanse Nelson, age upward of 70 years, born Shenandoah Co. VA 1763; to Rowan Co. NC age 3-4, lived Rowan Co. at start of, during and short time after war; volunteer, Private, under Capt. James Osborn, later drafted as private in Rowan Co. under Capt. Nicholson; in SC battles, Battle of Kings Mtn; served two years; at end of war moved to Newberry Dist. SC for many years, then Edgefield Co. SC one or two years, when he moved to Greenville SC for several years, then Greene Co. TN one year, then McMinn Co. TN until present when he moved to this (Knox) county.
      Affidavit in Knox Co. TN by John Nelson, brother, on 12 Feb. 1834; served with Hanse Nelson; Hanse a few years older than John.
      Affidavits of Delila Nelson on 8 Sept. 1843 in Meigs Co. TN; now resident of Roane Co. TN; married 1786 in Newberry Dist. SC to Hanse Nelson who died 1 March 1843. Delila age about 93 on 14 March 1857, maiden name Delila Taylor. Affidavit 4 Oct. 1851, that she was married 30 Jan. 1788.
      Affidavit by John Heathcock, age 43, on 19 March 1853; his mother Mary Ann Heathcock, formerly Mary Ann Nelson, was oldest child of Hanse and Delilah Nelson; his mother was born 1788.
      Affidavit of Sarah Nelson; she played with Mary Ann Nelson Heathcock as a child (implies she is not the sister of Mary Ann).

JOHN NELSON, Revolutionary War Pension Application, NC S-1707 (FHL film 971,806)
      Affidavit 2 July 1833 in Knox Co. TN, age about 76 years; born Loudoun Co. VA about 1757, to Rowan Co. NC age about 7-8 years; enlisted 1778 in Rowan Co.; after serving first two campaigns, moved to Rowan Co. (sic) where lived ca 20 years, then to Newberry Dist. about 25 years, then Cocke Co. TN until about two years ago, when moved to Rhea Co. TN until one year ago when moved to Knox Co. TN.

LUCY NELSON, widow of JOHN NELSON, Revolutionary War Pension Application, W-53 (FHL film 971,806; frame 845 & later)
      Affidavit of John Nelson 1 Oct. 1832, on Barren Fork of Duck River, Warren Co. TN, age 78. Born in '55 in Cumberland Co. NC; lived NC when in service, since have lived in NC, SC, KY, IN, and now in Warren Co. NC (sic).
      Affidavit on 23 Oct. 1843 of Lucy Nelson in Coffee Co. TN; m. Chatham Co. NC 12 Oct. 1786 by a Baptist preacher; maiden name Hart; John d. 19 Aug. 1843.
      Original Bible Record, "The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Translated out of the Original Greek; and with the Former Translations Diligently compared and Revised, by His Majesty's Special Command. Appointed to be read in Churches. Oxford, Printed at the Clarendon Press" 1793.
            Mary Nelson, the Daughter of John Niellson and Lucy his wife was Born May the 25 in the year of our lord Ano Domina 1789 10 clock in morn. Rebeckah Niellson the Daughter of John Niellson and Lucy his wife was Born April the 11th in the year of our lord 1791 half past six. James Davis and Rebeckah Niellson was married June the 25 1807 by John Hendrix Minister Duncans Church.
            (part of page; "Family") Marriages. John Nelson and Lucy Hart was married October the twelft day by Shurwood White a Baptist preacher 1786.
      Affidavit 23 Oct. 1843 in Coffee Co. Court of Alexander Ensey age 34 years and Ambrose (X) N. Duncan age 28 years that they were present at the death of John Nelson a Soldier of the Revolution which occurred on the 19 Aug. 1843, they were well acquainted with him, his widow Lucy Nelson still resides in Coffee Co. TN where her husband died and has not married since his death.
      Affidavit 28 Feb. 1844 of John Banks, Coffee Co. TN, aged about 64/65 years; he first became acquainted with John Nelson and Lucy Nelson in 1808; John died in Coffee Co. during the last year & was a pensioner when he died; deponent has known them ever since 1808; when deponent first knew them they were living together as husband and wife and had grand children. ... When deponent first knew them they were both members members (twice?) of the Methodist Church & so remained & were reputed honest as long as deponent knew them. The old gentleman was a member of the Masonic fraternity while deponent knew them. His widow Lucy Nelson still resides in Coffee Co. where they lived some 15 years.
      Affidavit 27 Feb. 1844 of William (X) D. Duncan, Coffee Co., aged about 67 years, that he has been acquainted with Lucy Nelson and her husband the late John Nelson about 42 years; ... they were not p??? of education though John Nelson could write. They were members of the church when deponent first became acquainted with them, & so continued, without any allegation against their character in any way. When deponent first knew them they had children, the oldest of whom was then about grown. The said John Nelson was reputed a revolutionary soldier & drew a pension; he died last year in Coffee Co. where his widow still resides. (MAD: William D. Duncan in Cannon Co. TN 1840)
      Affidavit of Mary Haithcock, age 52, Oct. 23, 1843 that John Nelson and Lucy Hart were married Oct. 12?, 1786, by Shurwood White, a Baptist preacher. The original bible was worn out and destroyed, but the information was copied into a new one. (frame 911)

TN Confederate Pension Applications
      #812, L.S. Duncan, filed Dec. 18, 1891, accepted, died Feb. 19, 1922, Wid. #7734 (MAD: widow Margaret J. Duncan, Coffee Co. TN, widow of Liberty Stephen Duncan); applicant L.S. Duncan, native of TN, res. at Noah, Coffee Co. TN; Co.I, 4th TN Cav. Reg. commanded by Col. W.S. McLemore; wounded at Dalton, GA, 14 Aug. 1864, lost a leg; b. Cannon Co. TN June 17, 1839; enlisted May 1861, Capt. McCutcheon Co., W.S. McLemore Col., lost left leg just above the knee; married, family consists of 5 people living with me, wife age 42, children 4 to 15 years of age; 5 boys; have small place in the hills worth 600-700, very rough land; res. TN all my life; /s/ 9 Dec. 1891; wit. E.H. White, J.N. Modrall. I own 187 acres valued at $200, present size of family 3, myself, wife and one boy age 15; /s/ 27 June 1903. I am L.S. Duncan's lawful widow and since his death on 19 Feb. 1922 make application for pension, 3-22-22 (22 March 1922), /s/ (Mrs.) Maggie Duncan. Letter, Liberty Stephens Duncan who signed his name as L.S. Duncan ... need the information to obtain a tombstone or headstone; L.S. Duncan's widow Margaret Duncan drew pension, she sometimes signed her name Maggie Duncan; /s/ May 20, 1936, Bascum Duncan. Application 4 April 1894, I have 70 acres valued at $700; present family size 7, 5 boys oldest 16 years old and youngest 6 years old. (FHL film 969,645)
      #3473: Z.D. Duncan, born 10 Dec. 1829 Warren Co. TN, enlisted Aug. 1861, in Co. I/J, 4th Reg. TN Confed. Vols., wounded 1st at Murfreesboro and 2nd at Lyrene or near their; left arm disabled; wife age 79 years, oldest daughter age 49, son 35, daughter 33, (son) 29, (son) 27; had 2 girls and 3 boys. (MAD: not named). Signed warrant 1 July 1921, post office Beech Grove; was living with R.M. Harrell when he died; resident of Coffee Co. TN 15 June 1901 when he applied for pension; lived for a time about 1919 in Rutherford Co. TN; name given one place as Zadoc D. Duncan. (FHL film 969,663)
      #6705, Daniel Duncan, filed March 7, 1905, accepted; applicant Daniel (X) Duncan, lives near Summitville, Coffee Co. TN; in Capt. Mitchell Crawford's Co.K, wounded Perryville, KY, on Oct. 8, 1862; born Coffee Co. TN in 1837; first enlisted at Hillsboro in Col. Shields Co., Col. John Fulton Regimental Officer, Mitchael Crawford Capt.; left leg shot off just below the knee, captured the next day, held until Dec. 1862 and parolled; "Are you or have you been married? No"; I have lived with my brother in law; actual resident of TN all my life; /s/ 6 March 1905; wit. A.D. Oakley, J.G. Phillips. Born Coffee Co. TN 17 Oct. 1837, entitled to increase in pension, 21 June 1919. (FHL film 969,784)
      #15450, A.N.M. Duncan, Co.I, 4 TN Cav., Starnes, filed Sept. 22, 1919, rejected, reason: land, Sept. 22, 1919; applicant A.N.M. Duncan, native of TN, res. Manchester, #5, in Coffee Co. TN; Co.I, 4th TN Cav.; born Coffee Co. TN 1839; enlisted Dec. 5, 1861, sworn in at Manchester as member of state troops, then transferred to Chattanooga and became member of Co.I, 4th TN, Col. Starnes and R.H. McBride Captain; came home July 4, 1863 on furlough; family consists of myself, wife age 77 and one dau. age 32; own 100 acres, 30 acres cleared, worth 5 to 6 hundred; res. of TN since birth; /s/ 14 Aug. 1919, A.N.M. Duncan; wit. W.S. Holmes, J.B. (X) Rhea; A.N.M. Duncan also shown as Adam Duncan. (FHL film 969,806)

TN Civil War Questionnaire, Confederate (FHL film 975,594)
      These questionnaires were sent by TN Historical Committee to all living Civil War Veterans about 1914-1915, and vary a little in format. Not all were returned by the veterans. They are about four pages long, a printed form to fill in the blanks. A name index was printed in Ansearchin News, Vol. 25, sent by Evelyn Sigler; the TN State Library & Archives has either the originals or a copy.
      This questionnaire contains 44 questions, many about his parents' home and work, many about his own home and work as a boy, some about servants and the feeling in his area about slaves and slave-holders, his schools, and his service in the War, such as experiences in battles, and the names and addresses of other men in his company.
      TN Historical Committee Questionnaire, Recd. 6 May 1922, filled in by Liberty Stevens Duncan, of RFD No. 4, Manchester, TN, age 83, born Cannon Co. TN, living in Coffee Co. TN, 6th Dist., when enlisted as Confederate Soldier in Company I, 4th TN Regiment, 16 May 1861; he was a farmer; after the war "I run a shoe business for several years. I lived in Manchester Tennessee Coffee Co."
      Father was Stacy Harvy Duglas Duncan, born in Misouri, lived at Coffee Co.; mother was Elizabeth Parker, dau. of John Parker and his wife Sallie Parker, who lived at Goose Pond Coffee Co. "My mother done the coocking lots of spining and weaving. I have helped my mother weave lots of times."
      Remarks on Ancestry: My Grandparents came here from Misouri.
      (8 pages additional, about experiences in the Civil war) I lost my leg at Dalton Ga. was a one liged man although I wand back into the army and was in six battles after I lost my leg."

AL Confederate Service Records, 1861-1865, cards in AL State Archives; Driver to Elich (FHL film 1,462,918)
      MAD: most items were small typed cards, 3x5; some items were very blurred in the filming and were double images and hard to read. Cards had name and rank in upper left corner, service unit usually in upper right corner, notation if Home Guard, details from source were given in center of card, and the "Authority" as the last line on the card. The service record from the Historical Record Roll frequently listed several engagements he served in, dates wounded, absent, present, etc., and I usually did not copy all the details.
      Duncan, William B., Private, Co.B, 3rd AL Cav. Regt., Crocheron Light Dragoons. Enlisted March 13, 1863, Tuliahoma [Coffee Co.], TN, by Capt. E.M. Holloway. Last pay by Capt. Maurice, Oct. 31, 1863. Authority: Original roll. (MAD: see ---- res. Tallapoosa Co. AL)
      Duncan, ----, Private, Co. B, 3rd AL Cav. Reg. Johnston Escort; Resided Tallapoosa Co. Authority: Henry Ware letter dated Bartlett, TX, Feb. 14, 1921. (MAD: see William B. Duncan, Coffee Co. TN)

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