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Carter Co. TN Surveyor's books, Vols. A-(D) 1825-1901, incl. index (FHL film 1,011,382)
   Vol.1, 1825-1854, and index to Vol.A-D, no Duncan indexed in Vol.1
      Indexed: Duncan, Enoch, B-17; Duncan, Benjamin, B-32
   Vol.B, 1825-1839
      B-17: Per Entry #369, Feb. 26, 1825, surveyed for Enoch Duncan 25 acres on Watauga River adj. 25 acre entry of James P. Taylor that he sold to Stephen Cooper, on Taylor's line; C.C. (chain carriers) Thomas Cable, Samuel Cable; 20 Aug. 1825.
      B-32: Per Entry #617, Jan. 10, 1826, surveyed for Benjamin Duncan 100 acres on waters of Rones Creek on S.side 50 acre survey where said Benjamin Duncan now lives; chain carriers Johnson Hampton Senr. and Abner Duncan; 20 Aug. 1827.
   Vol.C, 1839-1854
      No index; no Duncan per index in Vol.1
   Vol.D, 1856-1901
      No index; no Duncan per index in Vol.1

Tennessee Land Grants Index (FHL film 1,002,730)
      Copied all Duncan, Dunkin, etc. (no Duncomb) through 1849; did not copy later index. Film consists of small index cards for each grant; some grants are repeated if they appear in two books.
      Name, Grant #, Acres, Date, County, Book & Page, District (Actual grant books are in series by District, then book volume & page)
      Benjamin Duncan, 17639, 100a, 8/31/1832, Carter, 17-524, East

East TN Land Grants
      17-524: 21 Aug. 1832, Grant #17639 to Benjamin Duncan, Carter Co., Entry #617 on 10 Jan. 1826, 100 acres on Branch Creek on south side of 50 acre survey where said Benjn. Duncan now lives, surveyed 20 Aug. 1827. (FHL film 1,012,808)

Carter Co. TN Deed Index, Vol. I, A-Z, 1795-1880 (FHL film 847,620, from Alice Duncan, 7/1978)
      No Duncan deeds indexed between D-291 and K-423 (FHL film 847,620)
      No Abraham Bogart - deeds for Henry, Samuel and John Bogart, did not copy.
      B-56, Dungan, Jeremiah to John Love (could not locate in book).
      C-284, Dungan, Jeremiah Heirs to John Love et ux
      C-440, Cobb, Pharoah to John Stuart
      C-586, Cobb, Pharo to John Stuart
      D-177, Cobb, Koonrod, et al - Casper Cobb
      N-429, Basher, Henry - Harrison Hendrix
      Z-195, 332, 383, 117, 416, 632, 77, 116, 196, 372, 412, 414, 419, 421 and others - all W.P. Dungan, some et ux and some et al. No deeds to or from W.P. Dungan heirs.
      1-10: Allen, D.S.H. et al - W.D. Dungan
      1-263: Duncan - Rhudy, E.A. to Wm & Cass
      1-483: Dungan, W.P. et ux - S.V. Alexander
      2-241: Dungan, W.P. et al - Edward Huber et ux
      3-449: Dungan, W.P. - W.D. Rutledge
      4-174: Dungan, W.P. - Jno M. Jones - trust
      4-247, 260: Dungan, W.P., trustee, to W.D. Hunter, trust
      4-399: Dungan, W.P. et al - H.P. Little
      4-581: Dungan, W.P. to John H. Hinkle
      5-262, 263, 265, 267: Dungan, W.P. - L.H. Rhudy
      5-269: Dungan, W.P. to Carrie D. Rhudy
      5-270, 272: Dungan, W.P. to H.P. Little
      5-278: Dungan, W.P. to C.M. Hinkle
      6-148: Dungan, W.P. to J.K. Boman
      6-188: Dungan, W.R. - Bleavens, Dilliard et ux
      6-251: Dungan, W.P. to J.F. Nance
      6-441: Dungan, W.P. to Daniel Ellis
      7-270: Dungan, W.R. to E.E. Hunter, et ux.

Carter Co. TN Deeds
   Books A-B (FHL film 847,620; from Alice Duncan 1978)
      A-6: 4 Nov. 1795, State of N.C. #1194 to Thomas Jones, 50 shillings every 100 acres, 100 acres in Washington County lying on bobs creek near mouth ... beg. a corner of a 40 acre survey made by Lewis Jones ... running north near said creek and near the ford ... line of Conrod Storms. Reg. 10 Oct. 1796.
      A-15: 17 Nov. 1790, State of N.C. #818 to John Lynch, 50 shillings every 100 acres, 100 acres in Washington County on the draughts of Watauga River joining Godfrey Carrigers' survey he lives on ... along his line ... across north branch of Blue Springs Branch. Reg. 17 Dec. 1796.
      A-44: 13 Sept. 1796, John Hale of Carter Co. sells to Wm. King of Sullivan Co. TN $100, in trust in behalf of Jonathan King a minor nephew. Beg. on bank of Watauga River at Bogarts corner, etc., 160 acres ... to hold Wm. King his heirs, assigns, adms. etc. on account for said Jonathan until he reaches age 21. Oct. term 1796; Reg. 19 Jan. 1797.
      A-68: 14 Dec. 1795, Reuben Roberts and Milley, his wife, of Washington Co., to John Lynch of Washington County, $500, for a parcel of land in Washington Co, on both sides of Dry Run on Waters of Watauga joining lands of John Ashers ... Beg. near Ashers Spring ... 50 acres. Deed proven in Carter Co. Jan. term 1797; Reg. 27 Apr. 1797.
      A-88: 29 Dec. 1796, State of North Carolina #332 for services of Martin Armstrong, soldier of Continental Line, give unto Etheldred Cobb, assignee of said Martin, 40 acres in Washington County on north side of Watauga river, adjoining Valentine Seviers corner, on George Amerts (Emerts?) line. Reg. 24 Aug. 1797.
      A-96: 23 Dec. 1795, Andrew Greer, Sr., of Washington County to Benj. Drake, £400 current money of VA, 640 acres, NC grant to John Shelby, Jr., #237, lying on north side of Watauga river, beg. at foot of a mountain opposite the tumbling shoals ... on opposite river bank Landon Carters place. Reg. 27 Nov. 1797.
      A-200: 25 July 1797, John Lynch of Carter County to Robt. Persons of same County, $500, for a parcel of land on both sides of Dry Run on waters of Watauga joining lands of John Asher, beg. Ashers line, 50 acres. Wit. Joseph Sands, Peter Engle. Reg. 21 June 1799.
      A-203: 24 Nov. 1797, State of North Carolina, to Lawerence (sic) Dunkin, 50 shillings every 100 acres, a tract of land containing 100 acres in county of Washington on the laurel fork of Dor River, beg. east side of the laurel fork near the Main road that leads to Edward Smiths, S 38 east 52 poles to a black oak on side of Pen? mountain, north 43 deg. east 78 poles to a black oak, north 78 deg east 35 poles to a black oak, north 40 deg east 66 poles to a poplar, north 32 deg east 48 poles to a poplar near the great Road that Edward Smiths ... entered 29 Aug. 1781 as by the plat hereunto annexed doth appear together. Reg. 25 Aug. 1799. Reg. Washington Co. TN 5-230, Grant #1007. (MAD: see Will of Edward Smith 1807 to dau. Elizabeth Duncan)
      A-247: 12 Feb. 1800, Andrew Greer Sr. of Carter Co. ... to Alexander Greer same county, $1000, parcel of land on north side of Watauga River, below mouth of Stoney Creek, 378 acres. Wit. George Duffield, John Vaught. Reg. 15 May 1800.
      A-262: 2 Jan. 1799, Joseph Greer of Knox Co. to John Carter of Carter Co., $1000, 415 acres, lying in Carter Co., formerly in Washington Co. on east side of Dor River, bounded by lands of Landon Carter. Wit. Wm. Machin, Landon Carter, Ben C. Parker. Reg. 22 Sept. 1800.
      A-285: 10 Nov. 1800, John Lynch of Carter Co. to Casper Cable of same Co., $333, 100 acres on Dry Run. Wit. Joseph Lunds, Solomon Carrybill. Reg. 2 June 1801.
      A-286: 14 Jan. 1800, Lawrence Dunkin of Jefferson Co. TN to Thos. Millard of Carter Co., $300, Lawrence Dunkins patent grant #1287, bearing date 24 Nov. 1797, on the laurel fork of Dor River - same description as A-203, 100 acres. Wit. J. campbell, Timothy (X his mark) Miller, Solomon Campbell. Reg. 2 June 1801.
      A-300: 29 March 1798, Laurance Dunkin of Carter Co. to Wm. Russell, same Co., £100, 100 acres in Carter Co. on the Laurel Fork of Dor River ... beg. on the line of James Campbells land, east thence north to the creek. Wit. Solomon Campbell, Jesse (X his mark) Lay, Thos. (X his mark) Anderson. Reg. 10 June 1801.
      A-477: 4 Aug. 1804, Wm. King, Sullivan Co. TN, to John Lay of Carter Co., £110, 160 acres, near Watauga River, at Bogarts corner. No wit. Reg. 13 Sept. 1804.
      A-478: 16 May 1804, Andrew Greer of Carter Co. to James Findly, $400, land on north side of Watauga, 394 acres granted by State of N.C. to Andrew Greer bearing date 17 Aug. 1787, beg. on a dry branch on the south line to a grant of 200 acres granted to said Andrew Greer estimated 244 acres to belong to James Findly. Wit. Wm. Campbell, Alexander Greer, Reg. 14 Sept. 1804.
      A-493: 14 Nov. 1804, Thos. Maxwell of Carter Co. to James Walker of Washington Co. VA, $1000, one tract on Middle fork of Blevins branch, thence on a dividing between Chambers & James S---?, 183-1/2 acres, the other beg at a Spring running north ... 180 acres. Reg. 11 Feb. 1805.
      A-498: 1 Sept. 1804, Julius Conner of Hawkins county to John Scoggin of Carter Co., $2000, lands on south side of Watauga river beg. at a spanish oak to M----? Talbets survey on bank of the river, to corner of Joshua Herton Sr. Wit. Jesse Scoggin, Charles Reno. Reg. 30 Apr. 1805.
      A-526: 22 Dec. 1801, Samuel Davidson of Grainger Co. TN to Etheldred Cobb of Carter Co., $30, 40 acres, north side of Watauga river joining Valentine Seviers & Geo. Emmerts. Wit. Solomon Maxwell, Nathan Hendrix. Reg. 10 Jan. 1806.
      A-527 (listed as 529 in index): 16 July 1804, Etheldred Cobb to Nathan Hendrix, $40, 40 acres, same land as A-526. Wit. Thos. Maxwell, Solomon Maxwell. Reg. 10 Jan. 1806.
   Book B - no index, film very dark and difficult to read. (FHL film 847,621; abstracts from Alice Duncan 7/1978)
      B-3: 22 March 1803, Wm. Walker to Jonathan Tipton (very dark) Sevier Co., State of TN, sold to Jonathan Tipton a small negro girl about 6 yrs. old for $300. The same that I gave my bill of sale to Joseph Dobson in Burk Co. NC. Wit. R. Wear, Abraham Tipton.
      B-4: 1 May 1806, Jesse Whitson, Carter Co., sold to Jeremiah Dungans of Washington Co., negroe woman and her 2 children for $250. Reg. 19 July 1806.
      B-57: 17 Feb. 1807. Sheriffs sale, Jeremiah Dungan bought goods and chattel of John Lane. (MAD: see B-56 in Abstracts, deed to John Love)
      B-252: 2 Oct. 1809, James Chambers of Ashe Co. NC to Jeremiah Dungan of Washington Co. TN, $166.66, 100 acres on Sinking Creek in Carter Co., bounded by survey of Felix Walker, and from Walker to James Chambers. Wit. Andrew Taylor, Jonathan Buck. Reg. 13 June 1810.
      B-254: 13 Nov. 1809, Etheldred Cobb to John W. Fleming, both of Carter Co., $30, 50 acres, on waters of lick creek, corner of Joseph Garland, Sr. Wit. Nathan Hendrix, John Lyon. Reg. 13 June 1810.
      B-360: 2 June 1812, James Walker of Clebourn Co. TN to George Emert, Jr., of Carter Co., $450, 200 acres on north side of Watauga River. Wit. Nathan Hendrix, Wm. Garland. Reg. 12 Aug. 1812.
      B-421: 25 Nov. 1813, James Walker of Clebourne Co. TN to Wm. Carter, $1000, 184 acres in Carter Co. on Middle Fork of Blevins Branch. Wit. Abraham Miller, Theodotia (X her mark) Miller, John (X his mark) Miller. Reg. 2 July 1814.
      B-426: 7 Nov. 1792, NC Grant #7026 to Peter Parkerson, 200 acres in Washington Co. on forks of Doe River adj. lands of the Campbells and John Simerley's. Recd. 27 Sept. 1814 of the heirs of Peter Parkenson (MAD: sic), state tax. Plat shows survey 7 Oct. 1788, 200 acres, mountain on the N, John Simerleys on the E & the Campbells on the SW; John Pevinghouse and Owen Duncan, "C. Cart." [MAD: chain carriers or bearers] /s/ James Stuart, C.S. [County Surveyor]
   Books C-D and later
      C-23: 15 Sept. 1814, George (X) Dunkin to Benjamin Whitehead, $100, 100 acres on Doe River where Richard Grooms family lived. Wit. Charles Rene, Hugh Boyd. (FHL film 847,622)
      C-177: (no day, month) 1818, Washington Keys & A. Long Co. trading under name of Washington Keys & Co., to Benjamin Dunkin, $400, lot #38 in Elizabethtown. /s/ Washington Keys. Wit. George Keys, Saml. Hurley?. (FHL film 847,622)
      C-496: 29 May 1820, Finley Alison of Sullivan Co. TN to Benjamin Dunkin of Carter Co., $300, bill of sale for slave. Wit. Thos. Cawood, Robert Stuart, Elijah Hathaway, Frances A. McCorkle. (FHL film 847,622)
      D-109: 4 Oct. 1826, Benjamin Dunkin of Limestone Co. AL to Jacob Cameron of Carter Co. TN, $200, Elizabethton lot #38. Wit. Benj. Brewer, W. Graham, Alfred E. Jackson. Rec. Feb. 1827 on oath of witnesses. (847,622)
      D-291: 18 Sept. 1827, A.M. Carter to Casiah Dunkan, (her), $20, (no acreage), on north side of Watauga River and south side of Holsten Mountain, corner John Nave. Wit. Tho. Emmerson, John Kennedy. (FHL film 847,622)
      MAD: No deeds found recorded in Vol. D, 1825-1836, near Nov.-Dec. 1828 or May-June 1829 referred to in Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions: Court P&Q 1826-28, pg.282, 11/12/1828, deed from James P. Taylor to Enoch Duncan for 25 acres ack. in court. Court P&Q 1826-28, pg.324, 5/11/1829 (2nd Mon.), deed from Enoch Dunkin to Abel Guin for 25 acres ack. in court. (FHL film 847,622; note that deeds may be recorded several months after court date and although they were not indexed, I may not have looked far enough page by page in the deed books)
      K-423: 17 May 1847, Elizabeth (X) Dunkin for love and affection, to my granddaughter Sary Elizabeth Dunkin, 10 acres in Carter Co., land conveyed by A.M. Carter to Cassiah Dunkin joining lands of John Nave Jr. and David Nave. Wit. 22 May 1847 by N.H? Nelson, William Duncan; Elizabeth appeared in Carter Co. (FHL film 847,624)
      L-114: 3 Oct. 1845, Jabez Murray to James Duncan, $30, 50 acres on Iron Mountain in Carter Co. Wit. John Whitehead. (FHL film 847,624)
      L-220: 3 Nov. 1849, James Smith to Geo. W. Duncan, $75, 200 acres, 2 tracts in Dist. 3, west side Rickles Ridge. Wit. Moses Johnson, Sarah Smith, William W. Smith. (FHL film 847,624)
      M-3: 7 March 1851, David Name to Sary Elizabeth Duncan, $25, 5-1/2 acres in Dist. 9, Carter Co., corner John Nave's. Wit. Elijah Arrowood, William M. Crow. (FHL film 847,624)
      N-347: 16 Sept. 1856, W.B. Carter and J.P.T. Carter, exec. of Alfred M. Carter, to Wm. M. Duncan, $25, 7 acres corner of tract sold by A.M. Carter to Benjamin Foster, John Nave Jr.'s line, Stover's line. Wit. John Alexander, Jacob Cameron. (FHL film 847,625)
      O-433: 5 Dec. 1861, S.M. Stover to Wm. Duncan, $500 due by notes due 25 Dec. 1859 to 25 Dec. 1863, all now paid, land adj. B.C. Foster tract, L.N. Ellis line, former Jno. Nave Jr.'s corner, 4 acres sold S.M. Stover by Wm. B. & Jas. P.T. Carter execs of A.M. Carter decd, orig. line of 50 acre tract, Foster tract, orig. corner to Mary Ivey & David Nave, Wm. Duncan's line, being 59 acres; wit. John W. O'Brien, A.T. Tipton. (FHL film 847,625)
      R-416: 29 May 1875, John K. and Fannie Miller of Washington Co. TN to William P. Dungam of Carter Co., $6,900, land in 9th District, homeplace on Sugar Creek, ... (not copied). (FHL film 847,626)

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