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Anderson Co. TN Wills (FHL film 979,335)
      1830-1842 - see from FHL film 24,586
      1847-1852 - no Duncan
      1853-1859 - Duncan, Alfred admst. estate of Jane Leach, pg.258, 259, 368

Anderson Co. TN Wills & Settlements 1830-1842 (FHL film 24,586; typed)
      Pg.116: Inventory of Thomas Butler, decd, recorded 13 Feb. 1835; included among many purchasers of items: "Craven Duncon bout bell and collar".
      Pg.147: Estate of Luke Farmer, sale 29 Oct. 1835, included among many purchasers of items: "1 roan cloat to Mose Duncan".
      Pg.175: Property sold by Alfred Cross, guardian of Senthy Cross, 2 Nov. 1837, included among many notes: "1 note on Isaac Duncan".
      Pg.207: Estate of Luke Farmer, decd, paid out, among many notes: "to Philip Davis, John Duncan, Thomas Davis and Moses Duncan, note due 9 Feb. 1839, $50.37-1/2" and "to William Smith and Moses Duncan, note due 26 Feb. 1837, $27.70".
      Pg.269: Sale of estate of William McKamey, recorded 16 April 1840, included among other notes: notes on Philip Davis and Moses Duncan due 23 July 1839.
      Pg.270: Inventory of Jacob Butler, May 1840, included among many accounts: "Evin E. Duncon Dr 5.00".
      Pg.275: Sale of estate of Henry Butler, returned July 1840, included among many purchasers: "Isaac Duncan 1 sythe blade".
      Pg.331: Account of Jane Farmer, guardian to minor heirs of Luke Farmer, account from 12 Aug. 1840 to 23 Oct. 1841, included among several notes: "one note on Thos. Davis, J. Duncan, Moses Duncan, H. Hoskins and J. Siber $35.31".

Anderson Co. TN Inventories 1842-1847 (FHL film 979,331 item 3; and brief extract pgs.16-17 from Letha Summers 7/1989)
      Pg.16-17: (no court date) Will of Isaac Duncan, 20 March 1842; to my wife Talitha Duncan all my land, household and kitchen furniture, one sorrel mare and cow and calf, during life or widowhood; if she should marry let the law divide the estate; to my present wife's three sons, that is, William B. Duncan, Moses D. Duncan, Isaac R.W.P. Duncan, all my land after the death of my wife to be equally divided; remainder sold and money equally divided among my first and second wifes children, also the household and kitchen furniture, mare, cow and calf or any part that my wife may leave to be equally divided among the above named children. Rachel Duncan my first wifes daughter I only give her five dollars out of my estate. I wish it understood that my son Asel (Aul?) Duncan is to have no share in my land. Appoint Samuel Dunn executor. Wit. John Seiber, Wm. H. Leinert?, Malinda Sieber. (LS: Isaac mar. Talitha Smith, b. Haywood Co. NC, dau. of Henry Wilson Smith and Mary Snyder; Talitha had a brother William Smith who m. 16 Jan. 1829 Haywood Co. NC.)
      Pg.20-21: Inventory of personal estate of Isaac Duncan; filed by Saml. Dunn, executor, 24 May 1842; includes several horses, farm animals and utensils, etc.; note of hand on Moses Duncan and John Duncan due 4 June 1842 for $20 in current bank notes with a credit of $8 in 1842 (good); note on Andrew Bradn? for $15 due 1 Sept. 1842 supposed to be good, note on Joseph H?. Bray, Amelia Bray and Richard Andrews for $29.32 due 25 Dec. 1842 good, note on same for $5 due 15 Aug. 1842, note on Andrew MKamey $10 good, note on Moses Brown $2.37-1/2 due 5 Oct. 1840 desperate, receipt on John C. MKamey constable of Roan Co. for collection of note of hand on Bloomer White for $3 due 10 Sept. 1841, receipt on William C. Griffeth D(eputy) Sheriff for collection of balance of note of hand Moses Brown and Philip Seiber for $3, one note on Abner Harrison for $8 due 9 Jan. 1841 bad, note of hand on Terrel Harrison $4.35 due 19 Jan. 1841 bad, 2 county claims on Anderson Co. for $7.62 cash on hand $33.62-1/2.
      Pg.21-23: Account of sales of property of late Isaac Duncan decd, sold at the late dwelling house of Isaac Duncan decd. on 27 May 1842 at 12 months credit by Samuel Dunn, exec.; sales to Tabitha Duncan, Lewis M. Wooton & M. Wooten, James Duncan, R.L. Oliver?, Richard Oliver, Robert McKamey, Isaac Duncan, Isaac Freels, John Seiber, Silas Burris, Frederick England, John J. Keith, Samuel C. Young, Asel Duncan, John Duncan, Harrison Wood, John O. Massingal, Banister Smith, Alexander Kirkpatrick, James Ross.
      Pg.32: Inventory of personal estate of Isaac Duncan, filed 12 June 1842. includes cutting box and broken cutting knife, few other utensils. "came into my hands and possession since I returned the above named inventory the first of June court last."
      Pg.32-33: Account of property sold at late dwelling house of Isaac Duncan decd. 18 June 1842 for bankable money with a credit till 27 May 1843 ... Tabitha Duncan, William Robbins, Thomas Duncan, Judah Dunkin. Filed 2 July 1842 by Saml. Dunn, exec.

Anderson Co. TN Wills, 1853-1859 (FHL film 979,335 item 3)
      Pg.258-9: Inv. and account of sale and notes and accounts and costs of estate of Jane Leach, decd; sales of dishes, cow, calf, furniture, etc.; some items sold to Sally Leach, box clothing sold to Alfred Duncan, inv. includes account on J.R. Galbreath of $20, account on Alfred Duncan of $10, total sales $139.44, /s/ Alfred Duncan, admin (no date); additional sales 15 Dec. 1853.
      Pg.368: Settlement of estate of Jane Leach, 29 Sept. 1857, includes $95 for use and benefit of heirs of Jane Leach, dated 29 Aug. 1857.

Anderson Co. TN Inventories of estates 1859-1875 (FHL film 979,331 item 2)
      No Moses Duncan indexed

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Anderson Co. TN Cemeteries (from Mary B. Sutton 7/1984)
   Frost Bottom Methodist Church Cemetery:
      Moses Duncan, 1812-1872, age 72 (MBS: sic)
      Nancy Nolan Duncan, 1806-1903
      Minerva J. Duncan, 1862, age 12
      George W. Davis, son of Moses & A. Davis, d. 1860
      Moses Davis, d. Aug. 16, 1865, age 25 (MBS: ? m. Adaline Duncan)
      Thomas B. Duncan, 1853-1928
      W.H. Davis, 1864-1908
      Sam Lough, 1882-1920
      Margaret B. Duncan, 1865-1892
      Moses M. Duncan, 1848-1898, July 7
      Jolly M. Duncan, 5/30 1885-1916, Feb. 28
      S. D. Duncan, 1852-1899 (MBS: ?Samuel Dunn Duncan?)
      T. L. Duncan, Co. I, 7 TN Mtd. Inf.
      Ella Duncan Hill, 1890-1906
      Thomas L. Duncan, 1899-1902, son of G.W. and Sallie
      Barney Duncan, 1909-1909, son of G.W. and Sallie
      R. J. Duncan, wife of W.R., 1857-1924
      W. R. Duncan, Co. G, 3rd TN Inf., 1842-1908
      G. W. Duncan, 1870-1919
   Batley Baptist Church Cemetery
      Eddie Kyle Duncan, b. Aug. 24, 1948, d. Oct. 8, 1966
      Robert Duncan, b. Feb. 2, 1883, d. May 17, 1954
      Woody O. Duncan, b. Oct. 21, 1888, d. Sept. 20, 1951
   Frost Bottom Baptist Cemetery - 43 Duncans
   Laurel Grove Cemetery
      Moses G. Duncan, Nov. 25, 1857 - Oct. 5, 1942
      (MBS: 30 more buried here)
   Laurel Branch Baptist Cemetery (same as above)
      Isaac Duncan (MBS: no dates)
   Sunset Cemetery, Sunset Road, Clinton, Anderson Co. TN
      Hubert Duncan, 1894-1962
      Eva Duncan, 1897-1962
      J. W. Duncan, 1/15/1877 - 3/11/1918
      Talitha Duncan, 12/28/1839 - 2/6/1916
   TN Memorial Gardens
      William Paul Duncan, Feb. 21, 1910, d. April 3, 1963
      Corine Dodd Duncan, 4/25/1920 (MAD: only one date)
      Maynard Duncan, 8/7/1900 (MAD: only one date)
      Clyde Glenmore Duncan, 6/2/1918 - 5/23/1946
   Anderson Memorial Gardens
      James D. Duncan, Oct. 31, 1968 (MAD: only one date)
      Harvey M. Duncan, Oct. 31, 1968 (MAD: only one date)
   Valley View Cemetery, Racoon Valley between Claxton School & Bull Run Steam Plant
      John A. Duncan, 11/11/1828, d. 7/4/1912
      Clara Etta Duncan Freele, 9/22/1896, d. 7/4/1912
            (MBS: I wonder if I copied wrong dates; seems too young to be married)
      Eliza J. Duncan, 3/11/1836, d. 5/23/1916
      Delia Duncan, 2/19/1866, d. 7/2/1910
      Anna M. Duncan, 8/21/1875, d. 7/31/1953
      Colonel M. Duncan, 2/10/1864, d. 11/30/1938
      Laura Freele Duncan, 1/17/1881, d. 5/16/1951
   Zion Baptist Church
      Nellie R. Duncan, 1903-1964
      Sarah Duncan, 1868-1932
   Sartin Cemetery
      William Duncan, 2/24/1887 - 11/16/1943
   Hoskins Cemetery
      Robert Duncan, 1913 (MAD: only one date)
   Bethel Cemetery, Highway 61, Anderson Co. TN
      Alice Duncan, Dec. 20, 1857 - Apr. 21, 1899, wife of R. M.
      Alfred Duncan, 1800-1889
      A. C. Duncan, 1851-1891 (10/25/1861 - 2/18/1891) (MAD: sic)
      Charles Duncan, 1867-1918
      John Duncan, 1844-1878
      M. J. Duncan, 1901-1904
      Robert C. Duncan, 1879-1903 (1/1/1879 - 10/21/1903)
      Susan Duncan, 1845-1902
      Catherine, wife of Alfred Duncan, b. 3/8/1809
   Laurel Branch, Briceville, Anderson Co. TN.
      Cross Mine disaster, Dec. 9, 1911
      Aaron Duncan, 7/10/1880 - 12/9/1911
      E. F. Duncan, 5/13/1872 - 12/9/1911
      (Isaac Duncan, killed in mine 12/9/1911, in another cemetery)
   Laurel Branch, Briceville, Anderson Co. TN.
      Edward Paris Duncan, 3/8/1929 - 3/20/1930
      Isaac Duncan, 1/11/1898, d. (blank)
      Rachel Duncan, 1/14/1898, d. 3/23/1949
      Lona A. Duncan, 1880-1963
      Martha G. Duncan, 2/18/1878 - 1/6/1946
      Martin L. Duncan, 6/10/1874, d. 7/10/1937
      Mike Duncan, 6/2/1881, d. 3/30/1946
      Paul H. Duncan, 1898-1963

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