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Last revised August 9, 2008

Formed 1798 from Camden Dist.
Clarendon formed 1855 from Sumter
Lee formed 1902 from Darlington, Sumter, Kershaw


1800-1840 Sumter Co. SC Census
      No Duncan indexed

1840 Sumter Co. SC Census
Pg.6  Tyce J. Dinkins      2001,1101  - 0000,1
      (several names)
      W.H. Dinkins         0000,1     - 0
Pg.7  L.A. Dinkins         0000,1     - 0

1850 Sumter Co. SC Census (and from Vivian Biddle 7/1983)
Pg.420, #1783, Wm. C. DUNCAN 37 KY sadler $300
                  Classidia (f) 31 SC
                  Thos. J. 12, Amanda 9, Geo. W. 8 SC
                  Pocahontas (f) 5, Margaret 3, Alex 7/12 SC
                  (MAD: son of Alexander Crockett Duncan and Hannah Williams mar. 1809 Pulaski Co. KY, of Jessamine Co. KY 1840-1850 census; William Duncan in 1840 Darlington Co. SC census)

1860 Sumter Co. SC Census
Pg.102, #128-123, William C. DUNCAN 47 KY harness maker $1000-$500
                  Plascedia (f) 39 SC
                  Thomas J. 21 SC law student
                  Amanda M. 19 SC "mar. in year"
                  George W. 18 SC farmer
                  Mary J. 15, Margarette Anne 13, Richard A. 10 SC
                  Charlotte S. 8, Sarah 5, Samuel M. 3 SC

1870 Sumter Co. SC Census
Pg.19, #310-336, DINKINS, C.W. (f) 48 SC (white) keeping house $200-$0
                  Emma L. (f) 21 SC "without occupation"
                  P.R. (m) 18 SC attending school
                  Mary C. 16 SC attending school
                  Sarah M. 14 SC attending school
Sumter Twp.
Pg.282, #367-401, DUNCAN, William C. 57 KY (white) Harness maker $1000-$250
                  Placidia (f) 50 SC keeping house
                  Thomas J. 30 SC asst. post master
                  Pochahontas (f) 21 SC without occupation
                  Margaret 20 SC without occupation
                  Charlotte 16 SC attending school
                  Samuel 13 SC at home


Index to SC Land Grants, Class 2 (FHL film 22,531)
      Index 1822-1824, Vol.77-86:
      Asa Dunkins, 248a Sumter, Cane Br., 5 Nov. 1804, 51-177

SC Land Grants, Class 2 (2nd set of volumes) (old FHL film 5341 part 33)
      51-177: 5 Nov. 1804, to Asa Dinkins, 248 acres surveyed for him 17 Oct. 1804 in District of Sumter, Cane Branch, water of Black River, corner Benjamin Oneal, Thomas Dearington, Henry Higinsworth, Henry Richardson, Richard Furman.

Sumter Co. SC Deed Index 1805- (FHL film 355,674)
      No Duncan


Sumter Co. SC Index to Probate Court Records 1784-1960 (FHL film 216,930)
      Duncan, Mary & Thomas, 1928
      (none earlier)

Sumter Co. SC Index to Estates (FHL film 355,760)
      No Duncan until Mary Duncan, 1928

Sumter Co. SC Will Book & Estate index, 1800-1937 (FHL film 355,727)
      No Duncan to 1876; did not copy Dinkins


Sumter Co. SC Index to Equity Court Records 1795-1870 (FHL film 207,697)
      Petitions, 1795-1840, old series
      Dunkin, Benjamin F., p.158.
      Pg.158: Benjamin F. Dunkin, co-exor of James Martindale of Village of Manchester; Pkg. 25, Roll 463, bill July 30, 1825, reports to Feb. 18, 1834; looked at, not copied. (Roll 463 on FHL film 207,715)
      Petitions 1840-1870:
      Duncan, Thos. J., p.149
      Duncan, William C., p.149, 153
      Pg.149: Ex Parte Petition, Wm. C. Duncan & wife, Thomas J. Duncan, and others, by next friend; petition and proceedings 29 May 1849, Roll 262
      Pg.153: Wm. C. Duncan and wife & others, petition & proceedings 3 June 1851, Roll 289
      (MAD: not found on FHL films 207,708 for roll 262 and FHL film 207,709 for roll 289; not on new series FHL films 216,913 for roll 262 and FHL film 216,915 for roll 289. "missing roll 262" cataloged as on FHL film 216,926 but not found)
      (MAD: William C. Duncan of 1840 Darlington Co. SC, 1850-1860 Sumter Co. SC) b. 1813 KY & Classidia or Plasidia (----) & family, son of Alexander Crockett Duncan & Hannah Williams of Pulaski & Jessamine Co. KY)


According to Leonardo Andrea, SC genealogist, in his "Counties in SC" (FHL film 954,248, and from Louis Boone)
      Extinct counties after the Revolution included:
      Salem County. This county was of indefinite lines. It was first a combination of Cleremont and Clarendon. Some historians say Salem was older than either Cleremont or Clarendon. Others say Salem came after Cleremont and Clarendon. Most of the records of this short lived county are in Sumter, S.C. However I have found some of Salem records in Camden, S.C.
      Cleremont County. Was formed before 1790 (See 1790 census). In 1800 it was combined with Clarendon forming the present Sumter Co. The records are at Sumter, S.C.
      Clarendon County. It was formed before 1790 (See 1790 Census) and was combined with Cleremont in 1799 to form Sumter in 1800. The records are in Sumter, S.C. while a few are to be found in Camden. The present Clarendon County was formed just between (sic) the War Between the States and named for the extinct county.

Some Sumter Co. SC records have been abstracted:
      "Court Records" folder; typed extracts from files of Leonardo Andrea; mentions Court Record of 1804, William Dinkins of Stateburg, Sumter Co., and his children including Asa, Samuel and Sarah Dinkins as children of his first wife (FHL film 954,248)
      "Marengo Co. AL Records" Vol.39, by Pauline Gandrud; includes will book A, pg.295, will of William J. Reese of Sumter Dist. SC dated 1849, witnessed by J.W. Dunkin and others. (FHL book 976.1 D29ja; from Evelyn Sigler 1/1984)


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