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Formed 1799 from Kershaw


1800 Richland Co. SC Census
        No Duncan indexed

1810 Richland Co. SC Census
Pg.170  Elizabeth Dinkin     00(18)20       - 11110
         (18 males age 16-26)

1820 Richland Co. SC Census
        No Duncan indexed

1830 Richland Co. SC Census
Pg.402  Jno. Duncan          0000,0010,1    - 0
        Ithamer Duncan       2000,2         - 0200,1

1840 Richland Co. SC Census
Pg.439  J.G. Duncan          1212,0100,01   - 0001,0200,01

1850 Richland Co. SC Census (and from Vivian Biddle 7/1983)
Pg.1, #7-7, Thomas DUNCAN 52 SC shoemaker $350
                  Jane 40 SC
Not Columbia
Pg.5, #99-100, George DUNCAN 30 SC carpenter $0
                  Sophia 40 SC
                  John W. 10, Catherine 2 SC
                  (MAD: 1860 Newberry Co. SC census)
Pg.5, #138-142, Frances DUNCAN (m) 35 SC waggoner $1500
                  Ann 34 SC
                  William H. 9, Francis M. (m) 7 SC
                  John N. 4 SC
                  William R. NORTH 25 SC laborer
Pg.31, #542-557, Lunatic asylum
                  Robert DUNCAN 1849 30 SC planter
                  (MAD: most people had year next to name)
Pg.58, #358-365, Hezekiah DUNCAN (m) 21 SC planter $0
                  Charlotte 21 SC
Pg.69, #526-535, Ithama DUNCAN (m) 48 SC planter $7000
                  Patience (f) 52 SC
                  Ithama 15, Mary A. 10 SC
                  Patience ("m") 7 SC
                  (MAD: wife Patience Dent, daughter of Hezekiah Dent who died by 1822, probate record in 1833, from info of Honey Lanham Dodge 9/2003)
Pg.69, #527-536, Henry DUNCAN 21 SC laborer $0
                  Nancy 19 SC
                  (MAD: 1860 York Co. SC census)

1860 Richland Co. SC Census
Pg.4 (7), #67-69, Jane DUNCAN 39 SC -- $800-$75 pauper (sic) (alone)
Pg.17 (34), #314-323, Henry HENRICHSON 43 Hanover merchant $6500-$16,000
                  Martha Q/Y? 35 Hanover
                  Ithama G. DUNCAN (m) 23 SC clerk $0-$600
Pg.19 (38), #349-358, Hezekiah DUNCAN (m) 31 SC bar keeper $0-$0

1870 Richland Co. SC Census
62nd Subdivision, P.O. Columbia
Pg.1, #2-3, DUNHEM?, Isaac 25 SC BLACK R.R. Employee $0-$0
                  DUGROM, Robert 40 SC BLACK R.R. Employee
                  Rubin 24 SC BLACK R.R. Employee
                  (MAD: indexed Isaac Dunkem)
Pg.24, #380-371, DUNCAN, Hesekiah E. (m) 41 SC (white) R.R. Employee $0-$0
                  Agnes C. 34 SC keeping house
                  John W. 19 SC farmer
                  John E. 8 SC at home
                  Lovena (f) 4, Ada 1 SC
Pg.47, #776-734, DUNKIN, Thom. 25 SC BLACK (blank) $0-$0
                  BIAS, Amanda (f) 20 SC BLACK keeps house
                  Bettie 5, Willie (m) 6 SC BLACKS
Ward 4, City of Columbia
Pg.148, #35-39, DUNAN, Ithama G. (m) 67 NC (white) at home $0-$0
                  Ithama G. Jr. (m) 35 SC (white) at home
Pg.155, #144-189, Employees Lunatic Asylum (many people, several pages)
Pg.158b, line 2, DUNCAN, Char. (f) 55 SC BLACK "unknown" Insane
Fourth Twp.
Pg.189, #133-147, SUMTER, Robert 38 SC BLACK R.R. hand $0-$100
                  Matilda 23 SC BLACK farm hand
                  Robt. 7, Anna 5, Sam 3 SC BLACK
                  Lizzie 20 SC BLACK
                  DUNCAN, David 14 SC BLACK house servant
Third Twp.
Pg.290, #2231-2474, DUNCAN, Archy 19 SC (white) at home $0-$0 (alone)


Richland Dist. SC Probate Court, Misc. estate records, 1799-1955; wills, accounts, sales, etc.; General index, C-E, (FHL film 24,407)
      Box 64, Pkg. 1600: John W.H. & Arch. J. Duncan, guardianship (Pg.650)
      Next is 1876, Box 103, Pkg.2575
      Box 64, Pkg. 1600 (FHL film 24,475)
            Estate of John W.H. Duncan and Archibald J. Duncan. Guardian bond filed 1 Sept. 1863, recorded bond book p.432; bond of Ithama G. Duncan as guardian; security John C. Seegers and Joel Medling (X); wit. S.G. Henry Jr., for Itahama G. Duncan as guardian of the two minors under age of 21, 1 Sept. 1863.
            Petition of Ithamer G. Duncan for guardianship filed Aug. 5, 1863; that John W.H. Duncan and Archibald J. Duncan, minors under the age of 21, the first named being about 13 and the other about 11; they are entitled to a small estate in money of about $250; there is no other person duly authorized in law to take charge of them. Recommendation that the within named Ithamer Duncan be appointed guardian, /s/ E.L. Percival, John J. (I?) Kinsley, Aug. 3, 1863.

Richland Co. SC Probate (index on FHL film 24,335)
      B-5, Matthew Duncan; Box 8, pkg. 188
      R-258-9, Katherine M. Duncan (1913 or later, not copied)
      B-5/8: 11 July 1787, will of Matthew Duncan; sick in body; to my brother Thomas Duncan 250 acres of land in Berkly Co. VA, for the titles of which land I have in the hands of my brother-in-law (Wm. Wilson) a bond due from my father Matthew Duncan which land I give to him ... forever; to my brother Seth Duncan my young sorrel stud horse; the note of hand which lays in the hands of Moses Hunter given me by John Milling it should be given up to Milling; the notes laying in the hands of my brother Thos. Duncan given me by John Copland should be given up to Copland; the other notes due me which are at home and with me I wish to pay all my just debts and funeral charge; the balance thereon to be equally divided between my sister Sarah Greear and Seth Duncan; appoint brother Thomas Duncan and Thomas Hutchinson executors. /s/ Matthew Duncan; wit. Seten W. Stedd and Joel McLemore. Produced in Richland Co. SC 20 Aug. 1787 and proved by oaths of Selen W. Stedd. Letters testamentary issued to Thomas Duncan and Thomas Hutchinson; exhibited inventory to be recorded on or before 13 Jan. next, dated 13 Oct. 1787; appraisers appointed. (FHL film 24,335; definitely 250 acres; Berkeley Co. WV will 2-22, definitely 150 acres)

Berkeley Co. WV Wills, Vol.1-2 (FHL film 831,169, includes index)
      2-22: 11 July 1787, will of Matthew Duncan, sick in body; to brother Thomas Duncan 150 acres in Berkeley Co. VA for the title of which land I have in the hands of my brother in law (Wm. Wilson) a bond due from my father Matthew Duncan which land I give him (sd. Thomas); my lands in KY laying in the hands of my brother James I give to my brother Joseph Duncan; to my brother Seth Duncan, my young sorrel stud horse; the note of hand which lays in the hand of Moses Hunter given me by John Melling, should be given up to Melling; the notes in the hand of my brother Thomas Duncan given me by John Copland should be given up to Copland. The other notes due me which are at home and with me, I wish to pay all my just debts and personal charges and the balance to be equally divided between my sister Sarah Green and Seth Duncan. Appoint brother Thos. Duncan and Thomas Hutchenson executors. Wit. Seten? W. Stead, Joel McLemore. Richland Co. [SC] certification, recorded Book B, pg. 5 & 6, 10 Oct. 1787; Rec. Berkeley Co. 22 April 1789. (FHL film 831,169; definitely one hundred fifty acres to Thomas Duncan)

Estate of Dawson Wages, 1850, Richland County, SC, Probate Journal 1840-1864, pp. 46-51. Richland County, SC, Equity Bills #556, RI-123. (text from Jerry D. Duncan by email 8/2004)
      (JDD: The ____ were on the original typed pages, apparently to indicate an illegible word in the original county journal. I have used xxxx to indicate when I could not read a word in the typed page. The name Dorson Wages was sometimes Dawson Wages and one time was Sawson Wages.)
            25 April 1850 -- Estate of Dorson Wages
      John Duncan, Jun., Elizabeth, his wife & others vs. Saml Dent, Admon of Dawson, Trustees of Columbia Academy
      Application to prove a supposed ______ will of Dorson Wages, decd -- a Rule was issued to summon the parties to attend at Columbia on the 2 May 1850. The following persons appeared: Messers. Tradewell for the ____ and by consent of Black of Messers. Gregg & Gregg it is ordered that Arron Wages, Jr., Dillard Wages, Leonard Wages, Benjamin Wages, Wilson Norris & wife, Lydia Norris Daniel Norris, & wife Nancy Morris, and Jacob Wages, also William Wages & his wife Rebecca Wages, and the legal representatives of Benjamin Boatrite & Chesley Boatrite deceased be made parties to the above proceedings for the probate of the will of Dawson Wages ____ May 2, 1850. -- James S. Guignard, Ordinary.
      We accept service of the citation in the above proceedings in behalf of the Parties maned in the above order with the understanding that after the examination of the witness John Cooper in support of the will, further time be allowed to the 1st Monday in September next to xxxxxxxxxxxxxx proceed with this case, waiving the three months notice required by the Act May 2, 1850
      Gregg & Gregg -- proctors for A Wages, etal
      Jos a Black -- proctor for Adm of Wm Wages wife etal
      W. F. DeSaussure of J. D. Tradewell -- proctor for J. Duncan & wife
      The alledged copy will of Dorson Wages was their [then] read (all the witnesses being withdrawn) --
      John Cooper was sworn upon his voiders afterwards in chief, his Testemone was given and was as follows:
      Witness lives in Tallapoosa County Alabama -- John Duncan paid his expenses coming here, did not know who is to pay his expenses back to Alabama, did not who would pay them unless he done it himself -- was asked if the will was established will Duncan pay his expenses -- witness does not know -- there has not been any agreement to that affect directly or indirectly -- had no interest whatever in setting up the will -- does not know that the setting up the will will affect his being paid -- does not expect to receive any benefit from it -- was then sworn in chief & testified as follows:
      Knew Dowson Wages for several years -- Wages lived where he died -- in this District Witness formerly lived in this District perhaps two miles from D. Wages -- was well acquainted with him and often visited him -- went to mill there often -- was An acting Justice of the Peace for 14 years in this District -- acted as such until he moved away -- left this state it might be in 1830, 1831, or 1832 -- D. Wages called on witness to draw a will for him about the year 1827 perhaps 3 or 4 Years before witness left -- did draw a will at D. Wages own house which was executed when drawn -- old Mrs. Mary Corder and her daughter Jane Corder and witness were subscribing witnesses -- The will was read over to D. Wages twice previous to the execution of was approved by him -- thinks Wages sent for him to draw the will -- Wages handed the will to witness for safe keeping soon after the Execution of he took possession of it at request of Wages -- carried it home with him and put it in trunk with other papers -- had the will in his hand on the day he left the District and observed to other persons that there was D. Wages will
            (P2 Continuation Estate of Dorson Wages will)
      Went to Muscoga (?) Co. Georgia not far from Columbus -- lived there 11 years at 4 different places in the same County 5 at one place _______ then moved to Tallapoosa County, Alabama where he has lived ever since -- put the will in the trunk with other papers when he started to Georgia and carried them with him -- heard of the Death of Wages about 4 years ago at the time John Duncan came to him after which searched very diligently for the will with J. Duncan twice, and afterwards searched himself twice but has never been able to find xxx it -- don't know what became of the will -- it is lost -- probably got destroyed in his moving about so much -- he the witness did not destroy it -- from the time he took possession of the will he thought he xxxxxxx had it, until he searched and did not find it -- D. Wages never revoted the will to witness' knowledge nor never asked for it by himself or any other -- rather thinks he conversed with Wages once or twice about the will before he left here -- cannot fix the time of conversation -- Wages expressed his satisfaction in regard to the disposal of the property he made in the will -- never saw Wages after he left this District he gave first to daughter Elizabeth Duncan Wife of John Duncan all his negro property viz. Chany and her increase -- Major (since dead) thinks there was a girl and a boy, all of them xxx Chanys children except Major to Elizabeth Duncan and the lawful heirs of her body -- also $1000 to be raised out of the mill tract of land -- There was a child of John & Elizabeth Duncan xxx living at that time by name James -- one Negro boy was given to him -- He, James, was to have this Negro boy, above the rest of the children, his brothers and sisters, and share the balance equally with them -- does not know of any time to take place for division -- other property was disposed of by the will viz. Lands, stock, household and kitchen furniture, cattle hogs, horses to be equally divided between William (Turkey Bill) Wages -- William Boatwright -- Jacob Wages and William Wages -- also money on hand to be divided Elizabeth Duncan to have one half and the other four to have the other half -- he knew Elizabeth Duncan from a small girl -- first saw her at Dorson Wages -- continued to know her, till she married -- D. Wages called her his daughter -- she lived in D. Wages house -- Wages appeared to be attached to her -- saw the testator sign the will, the other witnesses were there and he presumes they also saw him -- xxx presumes that testator saw him and the other witnesses sign their names -- Testator was in a situation to see them if he chose -- Testator put the will in witnesses hands for safe keeping until there was a call for it -- believes that was all that was said -- Testator was not well -- Appeared to be sick -- was somewhat poorly at the time he made his will -- was on the bed when witness got there, but got up and was up when witness left -- he did not appear to be very ill, did not appear to but very little fever -- apparently was perfectly in his senses -- witness thought him perfectly competent to make a will -- Will was made at Testators house -- will was dictated clause by clause by testator as the witness went on -- will was read over twice to testator before signing The elder Corder a witness is dead as he understands -- witness did draw a will for some person before this one he xxx then had a form & thinks he drew from it __ But this will was drawn from his head -- thinks that the caption was as follows --
      After naming the state & district -- in the name of God amen -- I Dorson Wages being somewhat poorly n body but of sound and disposing mind -- I give my body to be buried in a decent or Christian manner by my friends and my spirit to God who gave it
      witness was then cross examined by Wm Gregg and then his testimony was continued as follows
      After paying all my just debts when I give and bequeath to Elizabeth Duncan Wife of John Duncan Jr. all my Negro property to her and the lawful heirs of her Body Chany an Increase, thinks the increase was three children -- Major, a boy $100 to be raised out of mill tract of x land -- one Negro boy I give to James Duncan son of John Duncan more than his equal share with the rest of the children -- I give all the rest of the property, land, stock, hogs, cattle, horses, household And kitchen furniture to be divided between Turkey Bill Wages, Wm. Boatwright Jacob Wages & Wm. Wages, all the money in hand, half to Elizabeth Duncan and The other half to the four Legatees about named to be equally divided share and share alike
            (p. 3 -- continuation of Estate of Dorson Wages)
"was asked what comes next" -- witness does not remember -- don't recollect any more of the language of the will -- there was a scrawl at D. Wages name _ cannot tell what words xx came just before the signature and seal of Dorson Wages -- witness Signed his name first as a witness, don't recollect which next -- don't xxxxxxxx Recollect the words just before the signatures of the witnesses, Mrs. Corder made a mark likewise Miss Corder witness wrote both their names might have put J.P. at the end of his name believes he always did at that time -- Wages complained of being unwell did not know what medicine -- is positive he was not under the influence of Liquor -- besides the subscribing witnesses Joel Medlin was there, thinks, another and perhaps more were there -- read the will twice to Testator, don't recollect he ever read the will afterwards, last time he xx saw xxx it was when about moving away. -- was kept in a small trunk with his papers -- executors were appointed to this will -- very certain there was no gift in the will besides what he mentioned -- the Testator in the will called Mrs. Duncan his daughter and James his grandson -- Mrs. Duncan was not born in wedlock -- witness xxx and John Duncan are first cousins -- sisters children -- drew a will for Oliver Legran and one for his wife, E. Legran -- could not repeat the contents of those wills -- Never drew any wills after this -- has drawn several deeds as Justice of Peace Cannot now give the contents of any of them. -- John Duncan lives in Macon County Ala. -- is sure that witnesses name was not mentioned in said will except is name as Witness -- xx is now in his 78th year of age -- is not sensible of any decay -- his Memory not so good -- not so quick but recollects old things -- lives about 500 Miles the way he came -- 40 miles on horseback and balance on Rail Road his eye sight is not so xxx good 2 May 1850      signed: John Cooper
      Miss xxx Corder one of the subscribing witnesses was present and Messrs. Gregg of Gregg xx tendered their concent to have her examined.
      Mr. Tradewell then offered to go on with the examination of all the witnesses and determine the case at once and declined examining Miss Corder unless that was done.
      The court then adjourned until the first Monday in September next Friday, 13 September followed ____ next day by the ______________
      Joel Cooper -- a brother of John Cooper -- removed long xx since has been back twice since _______ as a magistrate some 14 years -- 12 or 14 years -- Visit short ____, lived 2 miles from Sawson wages -- knows nothing of a will of Wages of his own record (xxxxxink smear here) Wages had (ink smear) _____ lawful children -- Elizab Duncan wife of John D ____ ____ daughter -- raised by Wages and called by him his child. -- Knew Benj Corder (?) lived near Wages & around there ___ landholders -- I never heard much good of him -- does not think his Char. Good -- had a brother Morgan -- more steady and of better character.
      Knew Jane Corder their mother -- lived near Dawson Wages -- the mother dead as said -- R. Corder had ch for everything -- wouldn't believe him __________ Knew Hayatt never heard anything against him -- would believe him -- John Cooper's older than witness --
      William Rose -- lived formerly here -- now in Sumter -- family here -- knew Old Squire John Cooper -- ______ for a magistrate -- near neighbors of Dawson Wages -- knew Benj Corder -- standing not much -- char -- not ____ ____ good --
      Believes what Joel Cooper says of Corder -- could not believe him on his oath.
      Xxxxx Morgan Corder __ ____ _____ _____ ____ ______
      Has no knowledge of xx this will
            Reply. (just this word only)
      Deposition of Mrs Mary Thomas, a witness to the fact of compliants taken by us xxx whose names are undersigned as commissioners at the house of David Howard in the County of Tallapoosa and state of Alabama on the 22 day of Mayxx 1849 in a case pending in the Court of Equity at Columbia in Richland District in the State of South Carolina wherin Aaron A. Wages etal are complainants and Samuel Dent administrator of Dawson Wages deceased is defendant
      To the first Interrogatory she saith: She did reside in Richland District in the State of South Carolina
      To the 2nd: That she removed from the state of South Carolina about twenty-two or three years ago
      To the third: That she was acquainted with Dawson Wages who died about the time stated
      4. That she was acquainted with his children
      5. That the said Dawson Wages had three children and that they were all living at the time of his death.
      6. That she was acquainted with his wife
      7. That she survived him
      8. That their names were Dawson Wages, William Wages, and Jacob Wages
      9. They were
      10. That he was the reputed father of said three children and that they were his reputed legitimate children
      11. That she does not know _____ he ever intimated that they or any one of them were not his legitimate children and so far as she knows he always acknowledged them to be such.
      12. That a short time previous to his death and during his last illness that he had his property equally divided between his three children above named giving to his wife a life estate in a Negro woman Juda one of the negros given to Dawson Wages his son.
      13. That she has answered this interrogatory in her answer to the 12th
      14. That he made no distinction or difference in the treatment of the said three children and that they were all regarded as his legitimate children.
      15. That she has heard that he was dead but does not know it of her own knowledge.
      16. She does not know
      17. She does not know.
      18. That she does not xxxxx how many children he left -- or all of their names But that she did a good many years ago know three of his children to wit -- Noel, Aaron & Lydia.
      19. That Aaron Noel and Lydia were his refuted children that she does not know his other children
      (P2 - deposition of Mary Thomas)
      20. That the intestate Dawson Wages, William Wages & Jacob Wages were always said to be brothers
      21. That they were always said to be full blood or brother of the whole blood
      22. That she knows nothing further that ______ benefit the complaintaints.
            In answer to the cross interrogations she sayd
      1. At the time of his death she was between forty -- and fifty years of age and that she is now near seventy.
      2. She was called the widow Rebecca Boatwright does not know her first husbands given name
      3. That she does not know precisely the age of Dawson Wages the intestate at the death of Dawson Wages the Elder but thinks he was about fifty years old.
      4. That she does not know anything of his having been called Dawson Boatwright when a child or at any other time nor has she ever heard from old people who knew Dawson Wages the Elder and Rebecca his wife before their marriage and that the Intestate was not of her knowledge ___ reputed son of Benjamin Boatwright and the She never heard from any person that knew the ____ that the intestate was born before the marriage of Dawson Wages the Elder ___ Rebecca his mother.
      5. That she knows nothing of her own knowledge about the legitimacy of illegitimacy of said intestate.
      6. That she never knew Benjamin Boatwright the first husband of Rebecca but has been informed that he was desd before deponent's birth Dawson Wages the intestate was never to her knowledge x said to have been born before the marriage of Dawson Wages the Elder to his wife Rebecca.
      7. That she only knew that the interstate was the legitimate son of Dawson Wages the Elder by reputation and that she cannot now name any living person in Richland District -- Whom she ever heard speak on the subject.
      8. That the intestate was always known as Dawson Wages and so called by Dawson Wages the Elder
      9. That she intends to say that she always understood that Dawson Wages the intestate was born after the marriage of Dawson Wages the Elder with Rebecca his wife
      10. That Rebecca Wages wife of William Wages was the reputed legitimate daughter of Benjamin Boatwright the first husband of Rebecca his mother said Rebecca Boatwright did according to reputation mary Dawson Wages the Elder after the death of said Boatwright.
      11. From reputation she had three children to wit: Rebecca wife of William Wages, Benj. Boatwright and Chesley Boatwright, she understood they were then legitimate children she never understood that Dawson Wages the intestate was the legitimate Of son Benjamin Boatwright the Elder or that he was born before the death or before the marriage of Dawson Wages the Elder with Rebecca the widow of Benjamin Boatwright.
            (P 3 -- deposition of Mary Thomas)
      In answer to Interrogatory in reply
      Deponent saith from all she knows and has heard upon the subject -- she believes That Dawson Wages the Intestate was born after the marriage of Dawson Wages The Elder with Rebecca his mother and further xxxx this deponent saith nothing. Mary (her mark) Thomas
      Examination taken reduced to writing sworn to and subscribed before us at the house of David Howard in Tallapoosa County, Alabama on this 22nd Day of May 1849 -- witness our hands and seals
      John A. Jordan, Commissioner
      Jefferson Faulkner -- Commissioner


Richland Dist. SC Court of Equity records
      Bond book, probate records 1841-1863 - no Duncan (FHL film 24,496)
      Letters of Admin. 1840-1863 - no index (FHL film 24,497)

SC Secretary of State, Misc. Records (bonds, mortgages, bills of sale incl. slaves, manumissions, Powers of attorney, other misc. records) [Charleston Co. SC] (FHL film 22,671)
      L-250: 22 Dec. 1840, Ithamer Duncan of Richland Dist. SC owe Joseph A. Black by bond $600; to secure payment, mortgage slaves Eliza, Flora, Bob, Tom, Jude and Peggy; wit. Wm. M. Purse.


Some Richland Co. SC records have been abstracted:
      1932 "History of Richland Co. (SC)" by Edwin L. Green, Vol.1, 1732-1805; includes reference to 1787 will of Matthew Duncan (FHL book 975.771 H2g, FHL film 547,588 item 2; from Marion H. Duncan 3/1983)
      "Quaker Families of SC and GA" by William F. Medlin, 1982; lists Matthew Duncan d.1787, at Wateree Meeting, Richland Co. SC. (from Evelyn Sigler 9/1984; FHL book 975 F2m)
      "SC Records" (SC DAR Records) (FHL film 855,225)
      "GA Genealogical Magazine" 1982, Vol.83-86 (from Lucille Mehrkam 3/1984)
      "Marriage & Death Notices from Columbia [Richland Co.], SC, Newspapers 1838-1860" by Brent H. Holcomb (FHL book 975.7 V2hbho)
      "SC Magazine of Ancestral Research" Vol.12, 1984 (from Evelyn Sigler 4/1985)
      "Mary Chesnut's Civil War" edited by C. Vann Woodward 1981 (from Margo Thiel 7/1994); Mary Boykin Miller Chesnut, b.1823 SC, d.1886; includes brief references to Blanton Duncan, an engraver of bank notes for the Confederacy 1862; and Mrs. Henry Duncan, a member of a Unionist MS planting family.


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