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Duncans in the Revolutionary War - South Carolina

JOHN DUNCAN, Rev. Pension Application R-3125 (FHL film 970,864; from National Archives; part from Sammie Duncan)
      Born June 10, 1755, Pittsylvania Co. VA; d. May 3, 1844, Jackson Co. AL. Applied 1834 in Jackson Co. AL; enlisted early 1776 in Camden [Co.], SC, under Gen. Lincoln, Col. Thompson, Maj. Perdue, Capt. Hopkins, served 18 months; volunteered again under Gen. Morgan, Col. Shelby, Capt. Small in VA and served 6 months; entered again under Col. Preston and Capt. Chadwell for 3 months; entered again under Pickens, Col. Anderson, Capt. Key; age in father's family bible burned with house shortly after war before he married; lived in Camden Dist. SC about 10 years after end of war; moved to Hawkins Co. TN; then to Greene (now Adair) Co. KY; then to Jackson Co. AL. Married 1780-81 Ann, who d. Nov. 23, 1846. Witnesses Rev. Steven Donathan and Jesse McElyea of Jackson Co. AL. Listed in 1841 census of pensioners age 83, Jackson Co. AL residing with Robert Duncan. Affidavit of Peter Duncan and David Chadwell 20 Feb. 1835 in Jackson Co. AL re service. Deposition of brother Peter Duncan of Marshall Co. AL on 8 April 1843, age ca 77; home in Hawkins Co. TN burned 47-48 years before; Peter age 10-11 when John entered service, age ca 13 when discharged. Deposition of Greenbury Middleton 27/29 March 1843, age ca 1868, of Jackson Co. AL; knew John Duncan ca 40 years ago in Adair Co. KY. Deposition by Absalom Coffee on 28 March 1843, age ca 55, knew John more than 20 years, later 30 years; mentions John and aged wife. Witnesses Daniel M. Martin and Philip Henry Armbruster. Deposition by John Duncan on 30 Sept. 1843, age ca 88.
      Children: David, Robert, Peter. There were other children but all died before their parents. Aug. 17, 1854, Absolum Coffee testified his wife Jane was a granddau. of John Duncan. William Duncan of Jackson Co. AL filed power of attorney 9 June 1854. Deposition by Absalom Coffee, adm. of estate, that when Ann d. 23 Nov. 1846 she left survivors David, Robert and Peter her only legal heirs; since her death David and Robert are both dead.
      Statement by SC on 25 July 1857 of copy from Indent and account No. 84, Book R: payment 9 May 1785 to John Dunkin Senr. for 526 days duty in 1781-82; note by John Duncan 14 Sept. 1784 of Broad River asking for indent, wit. Amos Davis JP; statement by John Dunkin 3 June 1784 before Camden Dist. JP
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ROBERT DUNCAN, Revolutionary War Pension Application S-21167; S-29612 (FHL film 970,864; and from Lenox Baker 12/1980)
      Age 73 on 13 Oct. 1834; lived Randolph Co. NC, when entered the service; drafted 3 mos about 2 mos before battle of Guilford in 1782(?); guarded corn in Randolph Co. After discharge, enlisted 2 mos to count as 3 mos. Then moved into Washington Co. TN, on Wattauga River. In the Fall, draft of men against the Cherokee Indians. This was in the Fall of 1780(?). "He entered the service this time as a substitute for his cousin Charles Duncan who had been drafted for three months." Served not less than two months. Depositions of Elias Allread, Sr. of Hall Co. GA on 11 June 1834; and John Duncan of Hall Co. GA on 14 July 1834. Robert born Randolph Co. NC on 14 June 1762; record of age in family bible. Lived SC since 2 years after end of Revolution where he now lives; known to Earle Hunt and Jno. Young Esq. who live in the neighborhood and can testify as to his character for veracity and their belief in his service as a soldier of the revolution. Depositions by William King clergyman and Jno. Young of Greenville SC. Paid to 4 ---- 1842.
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WILLIAM DUNCAN, widow Sarah, W-21015, NC, SC (from Alice Duncan 11/1983 and from FHL film 970,864, National Archives Roll 864)
      Applied 22 June 1824, age ca 76, in Greenville Dist. SC; enlisted winter or spring 1776 in Granville Co. NC for 2-1/2 years, in Capt. William Glover's Co. of Continental Line, 6th NC Reg. under Col. William Taylor, until 1778 discharged at West Point NY by Col. Hogan; again enlisted for 18 months; supporting statements of John Lock, George Duncan, John Washington (not in file); schedule of property incl. no land, 2 beds, etc., and debts due Capt. Isaac Green, Maj. Jno. Brown, Dr. Richd. Harrison; has wife age ca 50 and 5 ch. living, dau. Sarah age 23 living with him, others Mary 33, Thomas 22, Turner 21, Elizabeth 18 all married and not living with him.
      Appl. 8/19/1841 of Sarah Duncan in Greenville Dist. SC, age ca 75, the widow of William Duncan who was citizen of Granville Co. NC when he enlisted bef. 1780 under John Hart and served 4 years down to 80 or 81 in company under Capt. William Glover at least part of the time; after his 1st term and their marriage, he was drafted & served 8 months till peace made, under Capt. Charles Yancey, in SC; they married 8/23 1780 or 81 in Granville Co. NC, after he left service the first time but before the 2nd term when he was drafted; William died 10/2/1835.
      Statement 8/28/1841 of Sion Turner of Greenville Dist. SC, acquainted with William & Sarah Duncan over 60 years, was present at their marriage in 1780 or 81, remembers William's service, Sarah Duncan his sister now age 75 years and in 76th, his elder by about 18 months. Statement 8/28/1841 by Mary Turner (wife of Sion Turner) of Greenville Dist. SC, dau. of John Hart who was 1st Lt., remembers William's service, was at the marriage of William Duncan to Sarah Turner; after mar. William was drafted and served tour in SC, they moved to SC ca 35 years ago, he died ca 6 years ago of Greenville Co. SC. Statement 8/30/1841 by John J. Ligon, acquainted with Sarah Duncan, widow of William, for over 30 years, and with Sion Turner & his wife Mary Turner. Statement 10/15/1841 by Sarah Duncan of Greenville Dist. SC, age 75 years ... William Duncan d. 10/2/1835. Statement 10/15/1841 by Stephen Neal of Greenville Dist., knew Sarah Duncan widow of William for over 25 years. Declaration by Sarah Duncan 4/19/1845 aged 76 years, that she had obtained a 5-year pension, and is still a widow; declaration 6/16/1848, age 79 years, still a widow. Letters in file that there were two applications for a widow's pension, one for 5 years and one for life.
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