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Formed 1868 from Pickens


1870 Oconee Co. SC Census (pgs.27, 28, 55 also from Cynthia 11/2001)
Chattooga Twp, Walhalla P.O. (each page starts #1-1)
Pg.27, #2-2, DUNCAN, F. (m) 24 SC Farmer $0-$0
                  Caroline 21 SC at home
                  Franklin 2 SC at home
                  Francis (f) 1 SC at home
                  Andy (m) 5/12 SC at home b.Jan (S?an)
                  (Cynthia: John F. Duncan, son of Turner Duncan)
Pg.27, #5-5, ROTHET?, James 60 SC farmer $0-$100
                  Sarah 60 SC keeping house
                  John 18 SC at home
                  SMITH, Matison (m) 11 SC at home
                  DUNCAN, Alifre (f) 6 SC at home
Pg.28, #1-1, DUNCAN, Wm. 28 SC Farmer $0-$0
                  Mary 27 SC Keeping house
                  L.P. (m) 11 SC at home
                  J.S. (m) 10 SC at home
                  L.A. (f) 2 SC at home
                  M.M. (f) 1/12 SC at home b.May
                  (Cynthia: L.P. and J.S. Duncan were sons of James Moore and his wife Mary Hardin who mar. 2nd Wm. Duncan; they were listed as Patrick and Louis Moor on the 1880 census)
Keowee Twp.
Pg.39, #115-134, DUNKIN, Wm. 51 SC farmer $0-$0
                  Elisbeth 56 SC
                  J.A. (m) 22, M.L. (f) 19 SC at home
                  T.M. (m) 18, Susan 16 SC at home
                  J.H. (m) 10 SC at home
Pulaski Twp., Walhalla P.O.
Pg.55, #126-148, DUNKIN, Turner 78 SC farmer $0-$0
                  M.J. (f) 42 SC keeping house
                  Enly (f) 10 SC at home
                  M.E. (f) 6 SC at home
                  (MAD: 1860 Pickens Co. SC census)
Seneca Twp.
Pg.83, #498-578, DUNCAN, Mason (m) 36 SC miller $150-$50
                  Nancy 32 SC keeping house
                  Margaret 11 SC at home
Wagoner Twp.
Pg.125, #371-403, DUNCAN, David 60 SC farmer $1200-$600
                  Nancy 56 SC keeping house
                  Caroline 22, W.C. (m) 19 SC at home
                  John 17 SC at home
                  (MAD: 1860 Pickens Co. SC census)

1880 Oconee Co. SC Census (partial; from Cynthia 12/2001)
Walhalla, E.D. 120, pg.47A
Pg.299A, #6-6, David DUNKIN 72 SC mar. farmer SC SC
                  Nancy 67 SC wife keeping house SC SC
Chattooga, E.D. 122, pg.7C (son of Turner Duncan)
Pg.343C, #52-52, William DUNCAN 37 SC mar. farmer SC SC
                  Mary 36 SC wife keeping house SC SC
                  Lena 12, Maggie 9 SC daus. SC SC
                  John 7, Bruse (m) 6, Dock (m) 4 SC sons SC SC
                  Rosaline (f) 2 SC dau. SC SC
                  Samuel 7/12 SC son SC SC
                  Patrick MOOR 19 SC stepson SC SC
                  Louis MOOR 17 SC stepson SC SC
Chattooga, E.D. 122, pg.12D (son of Turner Duncan)
Pg.345D, #99-99, Frank DUNCAN 35 SC mar. farmer SC SC
                  Synthia M. 30 SC wife keeping house GA GA
                  A. Toccuah (f) 12 SC dau. at home SC SC
                  Fannie 11 SC dau. at home SC SC
                  Mary E. 9 SC dau. SC SC
                  A. Jackson 7, Bry (m) 5 SC sons SC SC
                  Janettie 3 SC dau. SC SC
                  Alafair (f) 14 SC dau. at home SC SC
                  Lucinda BOTTOMS 54 SC sister widow without ocupation SC SC
                  John BOTTOMS 15 SC nephew Works on farm SC SC
                  Thomas BOTTOMS 13 SC nephew works on farm SC SC
Keowee, E.D. 123, pg.9A
Pg.352A, #75-75, Mason DUNCAN 47 SC mar. miller SC SC
                  Nancy 43 SC wife keep house SC SC
                  Allena 14 SC dau. SC SC
                  Sarah O. 11 SC dau. at home SC SC
                  Joseph M. 8 SC son at home SC SC
                  Fanny L.L. 5 SC dau. at home SC SC
                  Kate 8/12 SC dau. at home SC SC
                  Martha MILLER 52 SC (?) single keeping house VA SC
                  (MAD: 1860 Pickens Co. SC census)

1900 Oconee Co. SC Census (HeritageQuest image 7/4/2010)
Chattooga Twp, SD 4, ED 67, Sheet 2
Pg.48A, #33-34, DUNCAN, Brown?, head, w/m, Feb. 1877, 23, mar. 4yr, SC SC GA farmer
  Elizabeth, wife, w/f, July 1872, 27, mar. 4 yr, 2 ch., 2 living, SC SC SC
  Lafayette, son, w/m, Oct. 1897, 2, single, SC SC SC
  Leah, dau., w/f, Oct. 1899, 7/12, single, SC SC SC
      (MAD: indexed as Bryant Duncan by HeritageQuest)
Chattooga Twp., SD 4, ED 67, Sheet 5
Pg.51B, #104-106, DUNCAN, Frank, head, w/m, Mar. 1840, 60, mar. 32y, SC SC SC, farmer
  Cynthia N. (blotted), wife, w/f, Feb. 1850, 50, mar. 32y, 10 ch, 7 living, GA GA GA
  Lisa, dau, w/f, Mar. 1885, 15, single, SC SC GA farm laborer
  Essie, dau, w/f, Dec. 1887, 12, (blank single?) SC SC GA
Sheet 6
Pg.52A, DUNCAN, Jack, head, w/m, Oct. 1873, 26, mar. 2y, SC SC GA farmer
  Leila, wife, w/f, Mar. 1882, 18, mar. 2y, 1 ch, 1 living, GA GA GA
  Jesse, son, w/m, May 1900, 10/12, single, SC SC GA

1910 Oconee Co. SC Census (HeritageQuest Image 6/29/2010)
Chattooga Twp., SD 3, ED 124, Sheet 3, Highland Road
Pg.78A, #25-25, DUNCAN, Garfield, head, m/w 28 Mar1 4 yrs, NC NC NC farmer
  Nora, wife, f/w 30 mar1 4 yrs, 3 ch, 3 living, SC SC SC
  Harrie, son, m/w 3 single SC NC SC
  Margie dau. f/w 1-8/12 single SC NC SC
  Eller May, dau, f/w 8/12 single SC NC SC
      (MAD: 1920 Transylvania Co. NC census)
Chattooga Twp., SD 3, ED 124, Sheet 7, Clayton Road
Pg.82B, #79-81, DUNCAN, Lizzie, head, f/w 36 wd SC SC SC farmer
  Layfiett, son, m/w 12 single SC SC SC
  Charley, son, m/w 8 single SC SC SC
  Clara, dau, f/w 5 single SC SC SC
Chattooga Twp., SD 3, ED 124, Sheet 11, Clayton Road
Pg.86A, #141-143, DUNCA, Jack, head, m/w, 37, mar.1 12yr, SC SC SC farmer
  Lela, wife, f/w, 29, mar.1 12yr, 5 ch, 5 living, GA GA GA
  Jessie, son, m/w, 9, single, SC SC GA
  Myrtle, dau, f/w, 7, single, SC SC GA
  Rubie, dau, f/w, 5, single, SC SC GA
  Ray, son, m/w, 3, single, SC SC GA
  Daisy, dau, f/w, 8/12, single, SC SC GA
Pg.86A, #142-144, DUNCAN, Frank, head, m/w 72, mar1, 45 yrs, SC SC SC general farm
  ?athy M., wife, f/w 60, mar1, 45 yrs, 10 ch, 3 living, GA GA GA (MAD: indexed Barthy M., probably Cinthy or Sinthy from 1880 census)
Pg.86A, #143-145, QUARLES, Sarah R., head, f/w, 66, wd, 0 ch, 0 liv, SC GA GA farmer (alone)


Shoal Creek Baptist Church, Oconee Co. SC, Church Records 1796-1853 (FHL film 22,812 item 1)
      (MAD: "SC Baptists 1670-1805" by Leah Townsend, pg.231-236, The beginnings of the churches in the Oconee Co. section of what was formerly Pendleton District were in the main closely connected with Shoal Creek Church, a congregation of Franklin Co. GA not far across the Tugaloo from Chauga. The 1st entry in the earliest extant Shoal Creek Church book is dated January, 1796, ... The center of the congregation had so shifted in the meantime as to necessitate the removal of the constitution and church book to South Carolina and the adoption of the name Chauga Church in January, 1811. Chauga is located about halfway between Westminster and Chauga Creek. Footnote: Following is list of members of Shoal Creek (Chauga) Church, 1796-1804, spelled as in the church book: ... Ledey Dunken)
      First membership list, undated: #32, Liddy Dunkin, dis. #59, Thomas D?unkin, exc.
            "226 members in full fellowship which has not been dismist this 30 Jan. 1808." (first minutes were in 1796)
      Pg.41: Saturday before 4th Lords day in February 1802, Sister Ledey Dunken aplys for a letter of dismission. Granted by the church.
      (Looked to Feb. 1808, pg.62. No Thomas Dunken found. Quit)
      (MAD: This may be the Thomas Duncan, wife Lydia Graham married in Wilkes Co. NC 1787, moved to Posey Co. IN, per Ilo Turner; see Posey Co. IN file; wife of that Thomas Duncan said by 1915 DAR Query to be Lydia Allen, no source given)


According to Leonardo Andrea, SC genealogist, in his "Counties in SC" (FHL film 954,248, and from Louis Boone)
      Extinct counties after the Revolution included:
      Washington County or District. Was formed for a time and included parts of Greenville, Pickens and Oconee. It was not in existence for very long. Records for lands granted are in Columbia. Other records scattered in Spartanburg, Greenville, Anderson & Pickens, S.C.

Many early Oconee Co. SC newspapers and cemetery records have been abstracted and published
      "See Pickens Co. SC for a longer list.
      "Oconee Co. SC Cemetery Survey" Vol.1 and Vol.2, by Pendleton Chapter of SC Gen. Society [by B.W. and Sarah Roach] (from Evelyn Sigler 8/1984; FHL book 975.721 V3o)
      "The Keowee (Oconee Co. SC) Courier 1849-1851, 1857-1861 & 1865-1868" by Colleen M. Elliot (FHL book 975.72 V28k)
      "Abstracts of Marriages and Deaths from Pendleton Messenger 1826-1848 and Keowee Courier 1857-1871" by Janie Revill, 1933-1936 (FHL book 975.72 V2r)
      "SC Marriages & Deaths from Keowee Courier 1857-1871" (Pickens Co. to 1868, then Oconee Co.) by Janie Revill, 1935 (SC DAR Records) (FHL film 855,229)
      "Jane Massey's Journal, 1897-1900; A Personal Diary of Jane Duncan Massey in Oconee Co. SC" by Sarah Hunter Kellar, 1991 (FHL book 975.721 D39m) and a review in "Genealogical Helper" Nov.-Dec. 1994, of "Upcountry Reflections 1900-1903 and 1906, some Personal Diaries Belonging to Jane Duncan Todd Massey and Other Bits of History from Oconee Co. SC" by Sarah Hunter Kellar, 1993. Jane Duncan Massey was born in 1841 to David Duncan and Nancy Trotter. She married William Carlyle Todd in 1860. He died in the Civil War and Jane married S.V. Massey in 1866. She died in 1906. This book contains entries from her journals.


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