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Duncans in Laurens Co. SC


Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
the Genealogy Bug

Last revised June 23, 2010

Formed 1785 from District 96


1790 Laurens Co. SC Census, 96th Dist.
Pg. 72  Zachariah Bailey, Elisha Dean,
        Thomas Reading, David Brown, James Jones,
        Robert Duncan          335xx
        John Griffin, William Arnold Junr,
        Elizabeth Stern, John Blackwell .... 
        Samuel Neighbours, James Stephens,
        James Abercrombie, Sarah Morgan,
        Samuel Evans, William Howell, Mark Shaw,
        Susanna McHurg         123xx
          (MAD: Lick Creek)
        William Johnston, Archibald McHurg,
        John Baugh Senr, Stokes Edwards
    74  Benjamin Willson, Joseph Adair, Joseph Rammage,
        Joseph Prater, Robert West, John Gray,
        Moses Walker, Solomon Duty,
        John Dunkin            328xx
        Joshua Whicharre, Nicholas Welch, Hannah Jones,
        Jacob Durket, Sam. Bishop Sen., Thomas Fluallen,
        John Adair, Robert Scott, Thomas McCreary Sen., ...
        John Lawson, William Snow, Reynold Odle,
        William Patridge, John Gray,
        John Whitmore          123xx
        James Dunkin           315x1
          (MAD: see also Newberry SC)
        Moses Dunkin           201xx
        Matthew McCreary       121xx
        Robert McCreary Jun.   411x1
        James Latham           302xx
        William Abbington, Joseph Durkett,
        Charles Whiteing, Moses Whiteing

1800 Laurens Co. SC Census
Capt. George Whitmore's
Pg. 25  Joseph Dunkin          10010        - 00100
Capt. John? Middleton's
Pg. 38  Elisha Dunkin          21010        - 10110
Holmes' Company
Pg. 42  James Dunklin          10100        - 10100

1810 Laurens Co. SC Census
Pg. 31  James Dunklin          11010        - 21000
    43  Joseph Dunkin          21010        - 10010
    54  Jonathan Dunkin        33101        - 12010

1820 Laurens Co. SC Census
Pg. 12  Jos. Duncan            201201       - 00100

1830 Laurens Co. SC Census
Pg.202  Rigust/Rigual Duncan   1101,1       - 0000,01
          (MAD: see Thomas J. Duncan in Cherokee Co. AL
             1840-1850 census with son Rignal)
   253  Josiah Duncan          0120,2101    - 0001,001

1840 Laurens Co. SC Census
Pg. 53  Joshua Duncan          0110,001     - 0010,01
        Joseph Duncan          0000,0000,1  - 0000,01
          (MAD: wife was Verlinda Prather d. 11/7/1831)
        Elizabeth Duncan       021          - 0000,01
          (MAD: widow of Rignal)

1850 Laurens Co. SC Census (also from Vivian Biddle 7/1983)
Pg.221, #293, Robert E. CAMPBELL 38 SC physician $5000
                  Tabitha 28 SC
                  Sarah 10, Tabitha 8 SC
                  Nancy 4, Martha 9mo? SC
                  James G. DUNCAN 38 SC farmer
Pg.234, #482, John SIMMONS 44 SC landlord, & family
                  Andrew KENNEDY 65 SC physician
                  two other names not copied
                  Inby DUNKLIN (m) 28 SC physician
Pg.254, #808, Elizabeth PRATHER 55 SC
                  Isabella DUNCAN 38 SC
                  (MAD: widow of Joseph, son of Joseph)
                  Harriet PRATHER 30 SC
                  Jane 24, Martha 22 SC
                  Elizabeth DUNCAN 14 SC
Pg.254, #832, Marshal DUNCAN 32 SC farmer $1200
                  Sintha 25 SC
                  Robert 2 SC
                  Elizabeth JEANS 60 SC
                  Gabriel GASSET (GAPET?) 15, Mary 6 SC
                  (MAD: no ditto marks on any names; from Washington Co. TN; 1860 Tippah Co. MS census)
Pg.254, #834, Noah DUNCAN 25 SC farmer $800
                  Elizabeth 24 SC
                  Nancy 3 SC
                  (MAD: from Washington Co. TN; 1860 Tippah Co. MS census)
Pg.273, #1106, John T. DUNCAN 30 SC merchant $800
                  Mary 30 SC
                  Perlina A. 1 SC
                  Thadius S. (m) 18 SC clerk
                  (MAD: definitely "Perlina", not Paulina; see ? 1860 Cherokee Co. AL census; Mary Duncan, wife of John T. Duncan & dau. of Lewis & Lydia Jones, 5/25/1821 - 4/1/1855)
Pg.273, #1109, Joshua DUNCAN 50 SC farmer $3000
                  Jane 48 SC
                  Verlinda 22, Joseph 18 SC
                  Joseph DUNCAN 75 SC (blank)
                  (MAD: Joseph Duncan Sr. d. 1864)

1860 Laurens Co. SC Census
Cross Hill, Mountville P.O.
Pg.242, #375-361, Wm. FULLER 36 SC farmer $4500-10,600
                  Jas. DUNCAN 37 SC farm hand
Pg.322, #1643-1609, Joshua DUNCAN 59 SC (no occupation)
                  Melinda 32 SC
                  Joseph 86 SC farmer $6000-500
Pg.323, #1653-1617, Jos. DUNCAN 29 SC merchant 0-6000 (alone)
Pg.324, #1663-1626, John DUNCAN 38 SC farmer $2200-$43,000
                  Elliott (f) 21 SC
                  Pamela 11, Hix 8 (m) SC
                  Sally 6 SC
                  (MAD: "Pamela" and "Hix" written clearly; Elliott Duckett Duncan, wife of John T. Duncan, d. 9/1890, sister of Martha M. Duckett Young)

1870 Laurens Co. SC Census
Jacks Twp.
Pg.75, #54-54, DUNCAN, Miles 23 SC BLACK farmer $0-$0
                  Fannie 18 SC BLACK (blank)
Pg.77, #75-75, DUNCAN, Joseph 38 SC (white) farmer $0-$150
                  Emma D. 25 SC keeping house
                  Mary J. 2 SC
                  "----" (f) 2/12 SC b.Apr.
Pg.77, #76-76, DUNCAN, Joshua 71 SC (white) farmer $1000-$300
                  WATTERS, Elizabeth 11 SC BLACK cook
Pg.78, #96-96, HARGROVE, Belton 18 SC BLACK farm labor $0-$0
                  DUNCAN, Charles 5, Sallie 3 SC BLACKS (blank)
Pg.79, #117-117, DUNCAN, Andy 52 SC BLACK farmer $0-$150
                  Easter (f) 54 SC BLACK keeping house
                  Reuben 16, Darah (f) 10 SC BLACKS farm labor
                  Jinsey (f) 5, Pierce (m) 1 SC BLACKS
Pg.81, #148-148, DUNCAN, John T. 49 SC (white) farmer &c $12,000-$2000
                  Elliat S. (f) 30 SC keeping house
                  H. J. D. (m) 18 SC farm labor
                  Sallie M. 16 SC at home
                  DUNCAN, Warren 10 SC BLACK house servant
                  Robert 5 SC BLACK
Pg.81, #149-149, DUNCAN, Frances (f) 30 SC BLACK cook $0-$0
                  Lauvenia 15 SC BLACK house servant
                  Jessy (m) 13 SC BLACK farm labor
                  Allice 11 SC BLACK nurse
                  Lewis 8, Albert 1 SC BLACKS
(MAD: no households #150 to #169; goes from 149 to 170)
Pg.81, #171-171, DUNCAN, Betsey 41 SC BLACK keeping house $0-$0
                  Talton (f) 19, Ann 16 SC BLACKS at home
                  Catharine 11 SC BLACK at home
                  Emma 9, Drucilla (f) 5 SC BLACKS
Pg.81, #172-172, DUNCAN, Sarah 40 SC BLACK keeping house $0-$0
                  Anica (f) 65 SC BLACK keeping house
                  Monroe (m) 13 SC BLACK farm labor
                  Thomas 7 SC BLACK
Pg.82, #175-175, DUNCAN, Jefferson 40 SC BLACK farmer $0-$150
                  Elizabeth 55 SC BLACK keeping huse
                  Lucy 20 SC BLACK at home
                  Calhoon (m) 18 SC BLACK farm labor
                  Rebecca 14 SC BLACK (crossed out: keeping house)
                  Layfayett ("f") 12 SC BLACK ditto
                  Ivary (m) 9, Charity 4, James 2 SC BLACKS
Pg.100, #468-468, DUNCAN, Isaac 23 SC BLACK farmer $0-$0
                  Mary 22 SC BLACK keeping house
                  Eliza 9 SC BLACK
                  BONDS, Peter 7 SC BLACK
Laurens Twp.
Pg.134, #1-1, SIMONS, R.S. 62 SC (white) laborer $0-$0
                  Artimesia 66 SC housekeeper
                  (MAD: indexed as R.S. Duncan, but was not Duncan)

1920 Census, Scuffletown, Laurens County, South Carolina (from Kathy Cawley 10/2008)
S.D.# 4, E.D.# 67, Page# 153B, Image# 24 of 27
Scuffletown & Whitmire Roads
Douglas, Head, owns/mort., age 25, S.C./S.C./S.C., farming/gen'l farm
Ethel, Wife, age 21, S.C./S.C./S.C.
Elwin, Son, age 1 11/12, S.C./S.C./S.C.
Lida, Daughter, age 5/12, S.C./S.C./S.C.
MYERS, Edd, border(sp), age 20, single, S.C./S.C./S.C., laborer
      (KDC: Ethel (Duncan) Hipp, 1910 Greenwood Co. SC)

1930 Census, Laurens City, Laurens County, South Carolina (from Kathy D. Cawley 6/2006)
E.D.# 30-24, S.D.# 2, Page# 194B, image 30 of 30
Vance L.,
Head, rents/$15., m/w, age 37, m'd at 23, N.C./N.C./N.C., loom fixer/cotton mill
Bessie, Wife, f/w, age 36, m'd at 22, N.C./N.C./N.C.
Frances M., Daughter, f/w, age 14, S.C./N.C./N.C., weaver/cotton mill
Etrulia, Daughter, f/w, age 14, attends school, S.C./N.C./N.C.
Floyd, Son, m/w, age 9, attends school, S.C./N.C./N.C.
James E.?, Son, m/w, age 7, attends school, S.C./N.C./N.C.
Earnest A., Son, m/w, age 6, S.C./N.C./N.C.
Louise, Daughter, f/w, age 3 2/12, S.C./N.C./N.C.
CATHEY?, Dorothy, Adopted Dau., f/w, age 7/12, S.C./N.C./N.C.
BANKS, Lucy, moth-in-law, f/w, age 66, w'd., N.C./N.C./N.C.
      (KDC: 1920 Greenville Co. SC as Lee V. Duncan)


SC Royal Land Grants
      32-566: 31 Aug. 1774, to George Duncan, 500 acres in 96th District on branches of Enoree River below Musgroves Mill bounding NE on Ann Templeton and other sides vacant; plat certified 2 July 1774. (FHL film 22,596) (MAD: See 1798 deed in Laurens Co. SC)
            (MA: supposed to be in Laurens Co. SC per "SC Genealogical Records Committee, DAR" (SC DAR Records) on FHL film 855,221)

SC Land Plats (these books contain a diagram, or plat, of the land)
      14-490: Receipt 6? May 1773, laid out to George Duncan, 500 acres in 96 Dist., branches of Enoree River below Nungroue's? Mill, bounded by Ann Templeton's land, the other sides vacant. Certified 2 July 1774. (FHL film 22,607) (MAD: ?Laurens Co. SC)

SC Memorials (Land)
      13-323: 15 Feb. 1775; Memorial to George Duncan, 500 acres in 96 Dist. on branches of Enoree River below Musgroves Mill, bounding NE on Ann Templeton's & other sides on vacant land; survey cert. 2 July 1774 and granted 31 Aug. 1774. (FHL film 23,303)

SC Land Grants
      Land grants begin with Vol. 1 through 22; then apparently all or most were recorded in a second series, "Class 2" starting again with Vol. 1 and are identical in the 2nd series.
      22-513: 1 Sept. 1788, to John Duncan, £13.8.4, 558 acres surveyed for him 13 March 1788 in Dist. 96 on Duncans Creek, a draft of Enoree River, bounded on N by land surveyed for John Odele and James Duncan, E by Joseph Duckett, Levi Casey & vacant land, N by John Clark, John Duncan and Ambrose Whitten, W by James Duncan, Henry Davis & vacant land; plat certified 4 Aug. 1788. (FHL film 22,543; also class 2, 25-153, FHL film 22,553) (MAD: Laurens Co. SC; see earlier land grants in old Berkeley Co. SC)

Greenville Co. SC Land Grants, Surveys, etc., from 96th Dist.; early years include Laurens & other counties formed from 96th Dist.; Survey Book D, 1788-1799 (FHL film 292,482; plats showing borders of land)
      D-15: Pursuant to warrant from Comr. of locations N.Saluda dated 10 March 1788, I have laid out to John Duncan, 550 acres in Laurens Co. in 96th Dist. on Duncans Creek of Enoree adj. NW by land surveyed for John Odell & James Duncan, E by vacant land & Joseph Duckett and Levi Casey, N. by John Clark & John Duncan & Ambrose Whitten, W. by James Duncan, vacant, and Henry Davis; survey 13 March 1788, Abel Parson D.S.; rec. 10 May 1788. (MAD: indexed as pg.16, page numbers duplicated and out of sequence for several pages)
      D-71: Samuel DUNLAP, 65 acres Br. Rayborn Co., Laurens Co., S.C. (not Duncan, not copied)

Laurens Co. SC Plats 1806-1840 (FHL film 1,029,416)
      1806-1808 pages 85-129 indexed - no Duncan
      1808-1817 pages 1-100 - no Duncan
      Incomplete index

Laurens Co. SC Deeds (Grantor Index on FHL film 1,028,916; Grantee index on FHL film 1,028,917; Book G not on film)
      G-33: 18 Sept. 1789, James? & Elizabeth Hall to Robert Duncan, £40?, 100 acres on Saluda River. (no book G indexed on microfilm)
      G-35: 6 Dec. 1799, Robert & Jamima Duncan to John Alverson, £25, 100 acres Saluda River.
      G-427: 24 April 1802, William Liles to Joseph Duncan, $25, 81 acres.

Laurens Co. SC Deeds
      F-37: 6 March 1795, Gafsaway Rodgers and wife Margaret to Wm. Patridge, Joel Whitten, Joseph Whitmore, Thos. Duncan, Danl. Young, Henry Hill, Joseph Jones, John Robertson, John Whitten, trustees appointed by the Methodist Episcopal Church, for 10 shillings, 3 acres for use of the church, part of 187 acres on a small branch of Enoree River; witnesses Jacob Ducket Msters(?), Henry Davis; Geo. Whitmore JP; rec. 24 July 1795. (pg.117 of "Abstract of Early Records of Laurens Co. SC, 1785-1820" by Sara M. Nash; FHL book 975.731 N2nm and from Evelyn Sigler 5/1984)
      G-33 (2nd): 28 Sept. 1789, John Hall to Robt. Duncan, £10 sterling, 100 acres on Big Branch of Saluda River, bounding on Zebulen Savage, Wm. Obannon, sd. John Hall, originally granted to John Hall and wife Elizabeth (X); witnesses Wm. Obannon, Z. (X) Savage; Geo. Anderson JP. (from pg.187 of "Abstract of Early Records of Laurens Co. SC, 1785-1820" by Sara M. Nash; FHL book 975.731 N2nm and from Evelyn Sigler 5/1984)
      G-35: 6 Dec. 1799, Robert (X) Duncan and wife Jamiah? to John Alverson, £25 sterling, 100 acres on Big Branch of Saluda River, bounding on Z. Savage, Wm. Obannon, John Hall, Porter; witnesses John Hinton, John Shirley, John Tweedall(?); James Abercrombie JP. (from pg.188 of "Abstract of Early Records of Laurens Co. SC, 1785-1820" by Sara M. Nash; FHL book 975.731 N2nm and from Evelyn Sigler 5/1984)
      G-427: 3 Nov. 1801, Wm. Liles to Joseph Duncan, £25 sterling, 81 acres part of 120 acres orig. granted to John Prather Odel by Pinckney, bounding on James Duncan; witnesses Wm. Dean, John Bowan; Geo. Whitmore JP. Dower release of wife Phebe (X) Liles; J.A. Elmore JQ. Rec. 24 Aug. 1802. (from pg.214 of "Abstract of Early Records of Laurens Co. SC, 1785-1820" by Sara M. Nash; FHL book 975.731 N2nm and from Evelyn Sigler 5/1984)
      H-185: 8 July 1806, from J.A. Elmore, B.H. Lavin, James Dillard to Jonathan Duncan, $60, 50 acres, part of 2,000 acre grant to Daniel Aavenelle on Enoree River on branch of South fork of Duncan's Creek, corner Davide (sic) McClure, William Lyles, Elmore & others. Wit. John Dillard, Turner Richardson. Nancy wife of John A. Elmore, Mary Waltin? wife of Benjamin H. Lavin, and Mary wife of James Dillard examined in court. (FHL film 24,083)
      H-186: 1 Feb. 1806, William Liles (& Phebe) to Jonathan Duncan, $400, 103 acres on south fork of Duncan's Creek, orig. plat. Wit. Joseph Jones, John Bowland. (FHL film 24,083)
      J-55: 6 Dec. 1805, Arch. (X) McHurgh, John McHarg, Thos. Lane Duncan and wife Elizabeth, Wm. Allison and wife Margaret, and Polly McHurg to Susannah McHurg for her natural life our right and share of 140 acres on Lick Creek of Reedy River lately belonging to Mchurg decd for support and maintenance of sd. Susannah. Wit. Robt. Coker, Chas. Allen; Joseph Downs JP. Rec. 7 Feb. 1809. (from pg.294 of "Abstract of Early Records of Laurens Co. SC, 1785-1820" by Sara M. Nash; FHL book 975.731 N2nm and from Evelyn Sigler 5/1984) (MAD: ? Thomas L. of Hardeman TN went to Pontotoc MS, b. 1781; see Deed Book F, 1795, Thos., above; Stuart Duncan: The McHurgs apparently did not arrive until ca 1790, and lived along the waters of Raburn's Creek, which is a long way from Duncan's Creek.)
      J-116: 7 Jan. 1807, James(?) Duncan of Newberry Dist. to John Jeans, $50, 96 acres part of orig. grant to John Duncan Sr. left to said James Duncan by last will & testament, bounded on Wm. Liles, Lower Fall Branch, Duncans Creek; witnesses Geo. Whitmore, Wm. Liles; David Boyce JP. Rec. 15 Nov. 1809. (from pg.304 of "Abstract of Early Records of Laurens Co. SC, 1785-1820" by Sara M. Nash; FHL book 975.731 N2nm and from Evelyn Sigler 5/1984)
      J-147: 26 Feb. 1810, James Duncan of Newberry Dist. to John Jeans, $70, negro woman and ch. Rachel; witnesses John Pearson, Fredk. (X) Jones; D. Boyce JP. Rec. 18 April 1810. (from pg.310 of "Abstract of Early Records of Laurens Co. SC, 1785-1820" by Sara M. Nash; FHL book 975.731 N2nm and from Evelyn Sigler 5/1984)
      J-172: 20 Jan. 1810, James Duncan of Newberry Dist. to Joseph Duncan of Laurens, $100, 150 acres on dividing line between Enoree River & Duncans Creek, corner John Odell, John Duncan, Turner Ray, Joseph Duncan. Wit. John Jeanes, John Pearson. (FHL film 24,083)
      J-188(b): 21 Jan. 1811, John Clark, Sheriff of Laurens Dist, to Nathaniel T. Martin of same; that Oswell Beavers of same state was seized in fee simple and possessed of 150 acres more or less on the waters of Dunkins Creek adj. lands of Jonathan Dunkin, David McClure and lands belonging to Ravenal, and that a writ of Fire Facis issued from the Court of Common Pleas of Laurens Dist. dated the "third monday after the fourth maiday" in March in 1809 directed to the Sheriffs to seize the goods and chattels, houses, lands and tenements of said Oswell Bevis, and (sell them) to make the sum of $55.45 with interest from 18 Dec. 1807 which George Dillard lately in the Court of Common Pleas held for Laurens Dist. recovered against said Oswell Bevis for debt, and also $12.80 for costs; Sheriff John Clark seized the 150 acres and after legal notice, sold at public sale at the court house on 5 Nov. 1809 to Nathaniel T. Martin for $5 an acre and over the amount of the mortgages, one given by said Bevis to Alexander Boyce & Co. for $55.34, and the other given by Bevis to Nathaniel Martin & Co. for $62.79, Martin being the highest bidder; now this deed for $5 paid by the said Nathaniel T. Martin deed to said Nathaniel T. Martin the whole right and title of said Oswell Bevis to the 150 acres; wit. W. Downs, B. Nabers. Rec. on oath of Wm. F. Downs, 21 Jan. 1811. (FHL film 24,083)
      K-169: 30 Jan. 1814, Jas. Duncan shall pay John Jeans $110 and said Jeans shall deliver disputed negroes, each to pay his own costs. Signed Wm. Word, Bordy Roberts, Moses Whitten, Levi Fowler, Richd. Benett; Benj. Duckett JPND. Rec. 12 April 1817. (from pg.375 of "Abstract of Early Records of Laurens Co. SC, 1785-1820" by Sara M. Nash; FHL book 975.731 N2nm and from Evelyn Sigler 5/1984)
      K-170: 15 Dec. 1813, James Duncan of Newberry Dist. to Whitmore Jones of Laurens, $310, 155 acres on south branch of Duncans Creek, Enoree River, adj. Philip Anderson?, David Duncan, Joseph Duncan and Thomas Wasson and Henry Davis. Wit. Robert Irvine, Moses Whitten? (Whitler?). (FHL film 24,084)
      K-243: 11 Nov. 1818, Wm. Craddock to Jonthn. Duncan, for 2 notes of $300 and $115, 153 acres on Enoree River and Duncans Creek; witnesses C. Sullivan, D. Boyce; Robt. Long JP. Rec. 10 April 1819. (from pg.397 of "Abstract of Early Records of Laurens Co. SC, 1785-1820" by Sara M. Nash; FHL book 975.731 N2nm and from Evelyn Sigler 5/1984)
      K-245 (5th): 21 Nov. 1818, Jonathan (x) Duncan to William Braddock, $750, 13 acres on south fork Duncans Creek, part of grant to John Greer and D. Ravenel. Wit. Charles Sullivan, D. Boyce; Dower Renunciation of Jincey (x) Duncan; Jas. Saxon JQ, Jason Meadors JP. Rec. 13 April 1819. (from pg.397 of "Abstract of Early Records of Laurens Co. SC, 1785-1820" by Sara M. Nash; FHL book 975.731 N2nm and from Evelyn Sigler 5/1984)
      K-250 (4th): 6 Oct. 1798, Wm. Sturgis of Charleston, atty for John and William Nisbett Mitchell of Charleston, to Alexr. Morison, $400, 500 acres on south side of Enoree River, bounding on Ann Templeton, Jas. Mitchell, said Alex. Morison, orig. granted to George Duncan in 1774; witnesses Jas. and Mary Hanna, Jas. Saxon; J. Garlington RMC. Rec. 7 June 1798. (from pg.399 of "Abstract of Early Records of Laurens Co. SC, 1785-1820" by Sara M. Nash; FHL book 975.731 N2nm and from Evelyn Sigler 5/1984) (MAD: Newberry Co. SC History says land in Newberry Co; see grant in Dist. 96)
      L-5: 9 Oct. 1820, Whitmore Jones and wife Elizabeth Jones "(Elizabeth Duncan before marriage)" to Joseph Duncan, $310, 62 acres on a branch that empties into Duncans Creek, on north side of the same (sketch shows neighbors Capt. Jones, market road, Joseph Duncan, part of said survey). Wit. Jesse? L. Wilson, Henry McCoy, James Duncan. (FHL film 24,084) (MAD: Elizabeth Jones the dau. of James Duncan)
      L-137: 23 Jan. 1834, Thomas Holland atty for Mary Holland of State of AL, to Henry Ducker of Laurens Dist. SC, for $500 to be paid, 172 acres, part of two tracts, one a grant to William Huddleston and the other to Ayres Gurley, being a tract sold to said Mary by John Luke on 10 Feb. 1809, recorded J-92, and by her conveyed through Thomas Holland her attorney to said Henry Ducker; wit. Pattello Farrow, Joshua Ladow?. (FHL film 24,084) (MAD: see will of Jane Holland, refers to "Henry Dunkens")
      L-138: 23 Jan. 1834, mortgage, Henry Ducker (no wife) owe John Holland $53 annually during the life of his mother Mary Holland, ... (not copied); mortgage a negro woman Milley about 22 and her child Eliza about 2 years. (FHL film 24,084)
      L-203: 1 Aug. 1825, Henry Ducker of Laurens Co. SC to George Graham, $258, 57-1/3 acres (indexed 37-1/3 acres) adj. Henry Shell, Henry Duckens, Jane Holland; release of dower by Elizabeth (X) Ducker. (FHL film 24,084)
      N-10: (blurred edge of page) Nov. 1832, William Hollingsworth to Rignal Duncan, $500, 80? acres corner Felix Barley, James Fuller, N?. (& illeg.) to John Fettey (Felley?). Wit. John Odell, Thomas Gill. (FHL film 24,085)
      O-115: 3 Sept. 1839, Joseph Duncan to John Odell, give 5 acres adj. John Odell & Joseph Duncan. Wit. Wm. Hendrick, Thomas Hendrick, William Jacks. (FHL film 24,086)
      O-179: 24 May 1843, Joseph Duncan to Joshua Duncan, $1000, 273 acres between Enoree River & Duncan's Creek, adj. Henry Hill, Joseph Shelton & Edward Wasson. Wit. Benj. Duckett, Henry Hill. (FHL film 24,086)
      P-111: 24 Feb. 1849, Stephen Hill of Newberry Dist. to Joshua Duncan of Laurens, $290, 36 acres cut off the north side of Stephen Hills orig. grant. wife Elizabeth Hill examined. Wit. Joseph Duncan, Rachel Hill. (FHL film 24,086)
      Q-46: 2 Feb. 1853, John F. Duncan to John O'dell, $1000, 82 acres on Enoree River, bounded by lands of Joshua Duncan, James? Dillard, Lewis Jones & Joseph Shelton. Wit. John Whitmore, Isaac Puckett. Wife Mary Duncan examined. (FHL film 24,087)


Laurens Co. SC Partitions of Estates 1803-1826 (FHL film 1,029,278)
      No index

Laurens Co. SC Real Estate Records (FHL film 1,029,310)
      1828-1868 - no Duncan
      1873-1934 - no Duncan

Laurens Co. SC Estate Records & Wills
      Vol.A (A2), 1839-1862 - only 40 pages, no Duncan (FHL film 1,029,297)
      Vol.A, 1833-1862 - no Duncan
      Vol.B, 1868-1890 - only late Duncan, not copied

Laurens Co. SC Index to Estates 1800-1867 and 1868-1931 (FHL film 1,029,341)
      Bundle 19, pkg. 3, 1835, Rignal Duncan, Barrack Duncan admr.
      19-8, 1828, James Duncan, exec. by Robert Bordwine
      87-20, 1837, Thomas Duncan, et al, guardian Barruck
      154-6, 1865, A.A.? Duncan admr.
      182-5, 1876, Joshua Duncan

Laurens Co. SC Probate Packets
      19-3: Estate of Rignal Duncan, adm. by Barruck Duncan, petition by Barruck Duncan 2 Nov. 1835; administrator's bond posted 16 Nov. 1835 by Baruch Duncan, John Odell, John Liltz. Paid on note to John Odell, James D. Duncan; purchasers include Isaac Wasson & lots of others. 19 March 1838, paid Elizabeth Duncan, widow of decd., paid guardian for Thomas Duncan, William Duncan, Carper? Duncan. (FHL film 1,029,345)
      19-8: Estate of James Duncan. Will dated 20 May 1820, "in reasonable health"; to my daughter Mary Duncan one negro woman named Beck (& her increase), all my household & kitchen furniture etc., and all my plantation tools ... in addition to & over & above the property that I have heretofore given to her; to my son Joseph Duncan all my carpenter's tools ... in addition to the advancements which I have heretofore given him; to my son Jonathan Duncan, my daughter Elizabeth Jones the wife of Whitmore Jones, my daughter Margaret Jeanes the wife of John Jeanes, the children of my deceased son David Duncan, & my daughter Sarah Jones the wife of Frederick Jones I have already advanced to them what I think a reasonable distribute share of my estate as well as to my son Joseph Duncan above mentioned; the remnant of my estate equally divided between all my children. Appoint Bordywine? Roberts & Benjamin Duckett executors. Wit. Margaret Flanagan, Reuben Flanagan, James Flanagan. Prob. 1 Sept. 1828. Sales 27 Sept. 1828 to Thomas Garret, Joseph Duncan. Estate administered by Boardwine Roberts. Sale to be held at the plantation of Joseph Duncan 1 Sept. 1828. Roberts ended administration 30 Aug. 1828; his bond was by Benj. Duckett, Stephen Hill, Ryland Roberts. (FHL film 1,029,345)
      87-20: Estate of Thomas Duncan et al. Bond of Baruch Duncan and John Odell 24 April 1837 for guardianship of Thomas Duncan, William Duncan and Casper Duncan, minor children. Petitioner (Baruch Duncan) is a near relation. Elizabeth Duncan boarded the three boys through 1839; James Jones boarded the three boys in 1840. 6 Feb. 1843, admin. of the estate of Thomas Duncan a minor granted to James Jones, bond by James Jones & James D. Sims. The estate of Thomas Duncan was split between his brothers and the wife of James Jones. Return by Baruch Duncan for 1846 included amount paid to John T. Duncan. (FHL film 1,029,361) (MAD: children of Rignal Duncan; Casper S. Duncan in 1860 Brooks Co. GA census)
      154-6 (2nd): 11 Jan. 1864, Petition of John T. Duncan for adm. of estate of P.A. Duncan (later Miss P.A. Duncan); bond John T. Duncan, Barruch Duncan, Thomas Duckett. First return & settlement, 24 March 1864, John T. Duncan adm. of estate of Paulina A. Duncan; heirs father J.T. Duncan, brother J.H. Duncan, sister Sarah L. Duncan. (FHL film 1,029,385; name was P.A. or Paulina A., not Perlina; no mention of "Hix" Duncan)
      182-5: 19 Dec. 1873, will of Joshua Duncan; dau. Verlinda Abrams land corner to John and James Odell and Holloway Hill; son Joseph Duncan remainder. Exec. son Joseph Duncan. Wit. Odell, J.C.C. Odell, Holloway Hill. Produced in court 18 Dec. 1876; settlement 7 Feb. 1878. (FHL film 1,029,394)

Laurens Co. SC Probate Court Estate Papers (index on FHL film 1,029,341 by packet; also from Martha Eastis 6/1986)
      Bundle 19, #5, proved 27 Feb. 1837; State of SC, will of James Dillard Sr. of Laurens Dist., 6 Feb. 1836, weak and very much afflicted in body; all property be sold; money to: to children of my son George W. Dillard (deceased), to wit, James Dillard and Mary Dillard, $150 each; to child of my daughter Elizabeth Harris (deceased), to wit Mariah Shands, $150. Balance equally divided between wife Mary and children: John Dillard, Priscilla Garrett, Jane Burk, Samuel Dillard, Mary Garrett, Narcissus Duckett, Nancy F. Boyce, Thomas I. Dillard, James H. Dillard, Sarah E. Dalrymple and Charles H. Dillard. The share to son John Dillard to go to son-in-law John Boyce in trust for the support of John Dillard so it does not go to pay any of the contracts already made by him or hereafter made, except a note which John Boyce my son-in-law holds on him for $84 and some cents. At the death of son John Dillard, the remainder in trust to be divided equally amongst his children to wit James Dillard, the children of William Dillard deceased, James brother, Sarah Prather, Priscilla Dillard, Charles Dillard and Amanda Dillard. Appoint two sons James H. Dillard and Samuel Dillard executors. Wit. N. C. Vance, Wm. L. Craig, Samuel H. Murell. No probate date. (FHL film 1,029,346)


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Minutes of the First Baptist Church of Whitmire (formerly the Lower Duncans Creek Baptist Church), Laurens Co. SC (from Stuart Duncan 5/1991)
      SD: These minutes are in possession of the church, and a microfilm copy resides with Furman University at Greenville, SC.
      Pg.9: Baruch Duncan and James Blackburn was ordained as deacons in September 1851 .....
      Pg.21: Names of male members - white
            1842, baptised, Baruch Duncan
            23 March 1867, by letter, B.O. Duncan
            Sep 1859, Baptised, John C. Duncan - dead (pg.22)
            1842, baptised, Pianah Duncan - dead (pg.26)
      Pg.29: Names of male members - colored
            1878, by letter, John Duncan
      Pg.33: Names of female members - colored
                  Sep 1863, baptised, Nancy [slave of] (Baruch Duncan) - dismissed
      Pg.35: Deaths of white males: 21 June 1862, John C. Duncan
      Pg.37: Deaths of white females: 17 June 1845, Pianah Duncan
      Pg.61: Baptisms of white female members: 1878, Miss M.J. Duncan
      Pg.82: ... 10 August 1845 .... the funeral of Pianah Duncan
      Pg.115: Wednesday, 7 Sep 1859: Received by experance ... Sarah F.Duncan.
            9 Sep, 1859: Baptised, .... John C. Duncan, ... Sarah F. Duncan.
      Pg.127: Brother W.D. Mayfield preached the funeral of John C. Duncan.
      Pg.134: 14 Oct 1863. Baptised, ... Lewis [slave of] (Baruch Duncan).
      Pg.152: 23 March 1867. B.O. Duncan received by letter.
      Pg.154: 26 Oct 1867. ... treasurer, Bro B. Duncan
      [Minutes reviewed through 1870, SCD]

HISTORIES before 1923

1826 "Statistics of South Carolina, including a view of its natural, civil, and military history, general and particular" by Robert Mills, pub. Charleston, S.C., Hurlbut and Lloyd (Sutro Library book F269.M65, 3/24/2010; from info from Dan W. Olds 9/10/2009)
      Pg.639: "Newberry District was settled chiefly by emigrants from Pennsylvania, and tradition has preserved the names of many of the early settlers. In the year 1752, 3 years previous to BRADDOCK's defeat, a native of Aberdeen, Scotland, named JOHN DUNCAN, removed from Pennsylvania to this section of the country and settled on a creek, which still bears his name. At that time, he was the highest settler, by 10 miles, on the Fork between the Broad and Saluda Rivers -- his nearest neighbor was Jacob Pennington, on the Enoree River below -- who is said to have been the only man, in the District, at that time, with negro, waggon, or still."
      Pg.652-653: "'James DUNCAN,' says MILLS, in a note, 'the son of the first settler, is the gentleman, who communicated many of the interesting particulars connected with the first settlement of this district. He was a young man when he came to the province, was through the whole of Col. Grant's war with the Indians, the war with them in 1776 and 1777, and in the revolutionary war. In the early settlement of the country, he followed hunting for seven years. His grounds embraced the whole country, the Catawba and Saluda Rivers, up to and among the mountains. This venerable and interesting character is still living.' (1826).
         "In a few years, the emigrants from Pennsylvania multiplied, and occupied what was called the Duncan Creek settlement, on the creek above DUNCAN's. Among the names of these adventurers were those of M'CREERY, GREEN, HANNAN, ABERNATHY, MILLER, BEARD, KING, MITCHELL, WELLS, COFFEE, GRISHAM, BARTON, YOUNG, M'CLURE, ADAMS, and M'DAID."

1892 "Annals of Newberry (SC) in Two Parts" (one volume); part 1 by John Belton O'Neall 1859, part 2 by John A. Chapman; pub. by Aull & Houseal (FHL film 1,000,582 item 1 and fiche 6,088,251)
      Pg.51: In 'Mills Statistics', that John Duncan, a native of Aberdeen, Scotland, but an emigrant from Pennsylvania to SC, settled on Duncan's Creek in 1752, and that Jacob Pennington, living on Enoree, 10 miles below, was his nearest neighbor ....


Newberry Co. SC Deeds (FHL film 24,237)
      O-272: 26 Nov. 1822, Joseph Duncan of Laurens Dist. (wife Verlinda examined) to Stephen Hill, $105, 14 acres on boundary line (sic). Wit. James Duncan, James Flanagan.

Edgefield Co. SC Deed (FHL film 23,889; from Louis Boone 9/1984)
      B3-262: 2 Feb. 1841, Josiah Duncan of Laurens Dist. SC to James Shepperd of Edgefield Dist. SC, $548.82, 100 acres in Edgefield Co. SC known as Berry quarter, on Martin Town road, bounded by Gibson Collins, Wm. Berry and said Sheppard, on Mountain Creek and Savannah River. Wit. Simpson Mothins?, Elbert Devore.

Washington Co. TN Deed (FHL film 825,532)
      31-348: 15 Aug. 1849, Noah Duncan, of Lawrence Dist. SC to Johnathan Kelley of Washington Co. TN, $50, all my interest in the estate of my father, John Duncan, decd, 180 acres, my 15th part, being land where the said John Duncan lived when he died. Wit. T.B. Rammage, Allen Duncan.


Bible of William Jackson Duncan, owned by Mrs. Frances Ophelia Duncan Jennings half sister of Lester Seely Duncan of Quitman, Brooks Co. GA (from Thomas E. Brewer; see Brooks Co. GA for more)
      Rignal Duncan died 29 Oct 1835 age 31 yrs. 10 mos.
      Francis Ann Duncan daughter of Rignal and Elizabeth Duncan died 15 Oct 1834 age 1 yr. 9 mos.
      Thomas Jones Duncan died 9 May 1842 age 13 yrs. 4 mos.


According to Leonardo Andrea, SC genealogist, in his "Counties in SC" (FHL film 954,248, and from Louis Boone)
      Extinct counties after the Revolution included:
      Downs County. For a few weeks this was the name of Laurens but Capt. Jonathan Downs for whom it was named, refused to allow his name to be used for a county saying "The county needs to be named for a more distinguished man and I suggest it be named for the patriot, Henry Laurens." Records at Laurens, S.C.

Records of Laurens Co. SC have been abstracted and published:
      Index to "Land Grant Maps," Union County Historical Foundation, 1978, Published by A Press, Greenville, S.C. (from Stuart Duncan 5/1991)
      "21 Southern Families, Notes & Genealogies" by Elizabeth Pryor Harper, compiled & edited by Patricia Freeman, 1985 (Portland OR Gen. Forum book 929.2 Pry-1, pgs.64-80, from Margo Thiel 9/1985; FHL book 929.273 P956h); includes in the Laurens Co. SC records a deed of 9 Aug. 1795 from George and Martha Whitmore to James Jones of 100 acres on S.side Duncan's Creek, wit. James Duncan; 1804 deed of John Phillips (wife Angallico Phillips) to Bruce Prather of 50 acres S.side of South Fork, wit. Whitmore Jones and David Duncan.; 1804 deed of Bruce Prather to Whitmore Jones of 150 acres on Duncan's Creek, wit. John Phillips, Jonathan (X) Duncan; and a deed of 21 Oct. 1808 of Elijah Alverson to Levi Hill of 100 acres on the big branch of Saluda River granted to John Hall who conveyed to Robert Duncan and by him to John Alverson, to George Brock, to Elijah Alverson, to Levi Hill; wit. William Norman, William Alverson.
      "Laurens Co. SC Abstracts, Deed Books A & B" (SC DAR Records) (FHL film 855,217) includes an abstract of Deed B-304 dated 18 Aug. 1785 of George Whitmore to Reuben Flanagin of 100 acres, part of 577 acres in fork between Broad and Saluda Rivers surveyed for George Whitmore 13 Aug. 1784, on Duncan's Creek, granted 9 May 1785, rec. Book D4 pg.191, release wit. by James Duncan.
      "Abstracts Laurens Co. SC Records, Deed Book B," by Sara M. Nash, 1954 (SC DAR Records) (FHL film 855,217)
      "Laurens and Newberry Cos. SC: Saluda and Little River Settlements 1749-1775" by Jesse Hogan Motes III and Margaret Peckham Motes, 1994 (FHL book 975.73 R2m; and from Jim Wanke 4/1997, from Mary L. Cook Public Library, Waynesville, OH); includes extracts from surveys and memorials for land in several districts: Sec.3, Saluda River and Beaverdam Creek in Berkeley Co. for Richard and Samuel Dunkin or Duncan and Samuel's widow Sarah; Sec.5, Bush River and Beaverdam Creek in Berkeley and Craven Co. for Nelson Duncan (also written Darkett) and Samuel Dunkin or Duncan; and Sec.8, Little River above Mudlick Creek, witness Samuel Duncan in 1793 to a deed recorded in Newberry Co. Part 3, Case Study: Settlement on Little River 1755-1833; Chapter 9, Beaverdam / Mountville Settlement, Laurens Co. 1755-1833, includes a deed in Laurens Co. to land adj. Regnal Duncan in 1833.
      "Abstract of Early Records of Laurens Co. SC, 1785-1820" by Sara M. Nash; includes Deed Books A-K and Will (& Admin) Books A1, C1, and D1 except illegible items; includes many deeds witnessed by Duncans as well as Duncan grantors or grantees; includes among many entries under Wills the 1797 appraisal A1-172 of the estate of George Henderson decd. by Robert, John (X), and William Duncan (X); other early estates with Duncan purchasers; the 1800 inventory A1-313/4 of the estate of Robt. Bolt and sale in 1801 to Leonard Dunkin, Col. J.F. Wolff, John Mcherg and others; the 1801 sale of estate A1-319 of Austen More to Thos. L. Duncan and others; T.L. Duncan was a purchaser at the estate C1-192 in 1805 of Wm. McHerge; and "S." Duncan and John Mcharg were among the purchasers ca 1805 at the estate C1-195 of Jesse Barker. It also includes C1-127, the 1804 will of James Jones which includes his dau. Jane Duncan; purchasers of his estate C1-139 in 1804 included Joseph and Martha Duncan (MAD: Whitmore Jones, son of James Jones, mar. Elizabeth, dau. of James Duncan, he d. Lauderdale AL, leaving a will dated 1848 naming friends Moses Duncan and George Duncan execs; from "Lauderdale Co. AL Records" Vol.104, by Pauline Gandrud); and C1-131, the 1803 will of Joseph Whitmore which includes his dau. Sarah Duncan (MAD: Sarah wife of Moses Duncan?); purchasers at his estate C1-198 ca 1805 included Joseph and James Duncan. There are other references to Joseph Dunkin or Duncan. (FHL book 975.731 N2nm and from Evelyn Sigler 5/1984)
      "South Carolinians in the Revolution with service records and miscellaneous data : also abstracts of wills, Laurens County (Ninety-six district), 1775-1855" by Sara Sullivan Ervin, 1949 (FHL book 975.7 M2e; and from Kit Smith 8/1983); among other wills, it includes the will F-43 of Joseph Jones in 1826, which names his grandson Leander Duncan, minor, among other heirs. (MAD: Leander Duncan of Blount TN 1850?)
      "Genealogical Collection of SC Wills and Records; and Brief History & Tombstone Inscriptions of Old Little River Church, Abbeville Co. SC" Vol.I, by Pauline Young, reprint 1969 pub. by Lucas; this book includes the estate of Lindsay Whitten, present at the settlement, recorded on pg.246, on 9 Jan. 1846 were Marshall Duncan (one of the bondsmen for Nancy Whitten, rec. pg.128) and Mrs. Nancy Whitten, admr.; the book gives further details about the estate. (FHL book 975.7 P2y, old call number 975.7 S2y; and from Kit Smith 8/1983 and Mary Sims 9/1983)
      "Laurens Co. SC Will Books A-C 1777-1809; D-E 1810-1825; F, 1825-1834" Vol.1-3 by Frances T. Ingmire (FHL books 975.731 P28i and from Evelyn Sigler 1984). This book gives complete text of wills. Among other wills, it includes E-329 will of Josiah Prather in 1823, proven 1823, which names Joseph Duncan among other heirs; and will F-287 of Jane Holland in 1830 which leaves to her son Thomas Holland some land adj. Henery Dunkens.
      "Laurens Co. SC Will Book A, Vol.II, 1840-1853" by Frances T. Ingmire, 1982; no Duncan (from Evelyn Sigler 6/1984)
      "Laurens Co. SC Wills 1784-1840" by Colleen Elliott (FHL book 975.731 P2e); includes in Will Book F, the 1826 sale of the estate of John O. Rodgers, purchasers includ Margret Duncan, Branch Odle, Geo. Duckett, Jos. Duncan, Wm. Dunken, Josah Dunken, March Dunken, and many others. The will in 1828 of William Irby names among other heirs, grandson Irby James Dunkling or Dunken or Duncan.
      "Laurens Co. SC Wills" by Sullivan-Dunklin Chapter DAR, compiled by Sara Sullivan Ervin (SC DAR Records) (FHL film 855,217)
      "Upper SC Records" by Stoddard, 1955 (SC DAR Records) (FHL film 855,223)
      "A Guide & Index to the Records of Washington Equity District; Greenville, Laurens & Newberry Co. SC; 1808-1821" by Brent H. Holcomb (FHL booklet 975.7 A1 no. 92) (MAD: see Newberry Co. SC)
      "SC Magazine of Ancestral Research" Vol.3; Vol.IV, 1976; Vol.IX, 1981; Vol.X, 1982; Vol.XII, 1984 (FHL book 975.7 B2sc and from Evelyn Sigler and Lucille Mehrkam)
      "Laurens Co. SC Court of Equity Records 1803-1808" (SC DAR Records) (FHL film 855,217)
      "Local Hist. & Gene. Society" Vol.6, Dec. 1960 (from Kit Smith 8/1983); this book includes cemetery records from Odell's Cem., Laurens Co. SC (located near Odell's Ford, on Enoree River, 3 miles from Whitmire, SC), but either the book or the abstract from it contains errors.
      "Descendants of Reginal Duncan, son of March Duncan" at the Newberry (SC) Public Library, copied from Otis Duncan's record 3/17/1978 by G.C. Abrams); this information includes cemetery records for O'Dell's Chapel and O'Dell's Chapel Cemetery.
      "SC Historical Magazine" Vol.49, 1948 (from Evelyn Sigler 7/1983)
      "Epitaphs from old cemeteries of Laurens County, S.C."Vol.1, Church Cemeteries; Vol.2, Family Cemeteries; by James Leland Bolt and Margaret Eltinge Bolt, 1983 (from Evelyn Sigler 6/1984; and FHL book 975.731 V3b)
      "Newberry Co. SC Cemeteries" Vol.2, 1985; Vol.1 by George Carter Abrams; Vol.2 by Helen W. Monie (FHL book 975.739 V3a); includes some cemeteries from Lexington, Laurens & Saluda Cos., including O'Dell's Chapel Cemetery and others.
      "Laurens Co. SC Misc. Records" by Nash, 1953 (SC DAR Records) (FHL film 855,217); includes the Wesley Brooks Family record, and cemetery inscriptions.
      "SC & KY Bible & Tombstone Records" by Stoddard, 1951 (SC DAR Records) (FHL film 855,223)
      "GA Genealogical Magazine" 1981, Vol. 79-82, includes Confederate Muster Roll from Laurens Co. SC Deed Book 9, pgs.421-1903, including Joseph Duncan, Pvt. (from Evelyn Sigler and Lucille Mehrkam)
      "Laurens Co. SC Records" (SC DAR Records) includes the 1865 tax list (FHL film 855,217)
      "SC Marriage Records, Ann Pamela Cuningham Chapter" (SC DAR Records) (FHL film 855,225)
      "The Jury Lists of SC 1778-1779" compiled by Ge Lee Corley Hendrix and Morn McKoy Lindsay, 1975 (FHL book 975.7 P2h and film 1,597,906 item 5; from Dean Smith Cress and Brenda Furches)
      "The Scrapbook, 1982" by Laurens Co. SC Hist. Society (from Mrs. M.H. Buroughs to Louis Boone to MAD 1984, and from Evelyn Sigler 1984); contains on pgs.46-47 an article about John Duncan, early settler on Duncan's Creek, who married Jenny (maiden name unknown) and had children John Jr., James and Delilah.
      See for an article on John Duncan in Laurens Co. SC by William "Bill" Cooper, director of Laurens Co. Library; website from Steven Coker
      "Newberry Co. SC Abstracts of Deed Book P2, 1821-1822, & plats" by Glenda Wood Bundrick and David Edmond Sease (omitted from Newberry Co. general deed index & cross-index) (FHL book 975.739 R2b) includes deed P2-161 of 1821 from James Law to John F. Knight for land on Duncan Creek in Newberry & Laurens Dist. adj. James Duncan and others; and deed P2-241 of 1821 from Martha Prather to James Law for land in Laurens & Newberry Dist. between Duncan Creek and its south fork, including part of a grant to James Duncan.
      "A history of the upper country of South Carolina, vol.1 : from the earliest periods to the close of the War of Independence" by John H. Logan, 1960 (from Lucile Young 4/1986 and FHL book 975.7 H2L)
      1927 "History of AL and Her People" by Albert B. Moore, 3 Vols. (FHL book 976.1 D2m); no Duncan biography but Vol.2 pg.319 contains a biography of Lee Fowler Duckett, born in Laurens Co. SC in 1867, and gives more on the Duckett family.
      "MO Pioneers" Vol.26, 3/1975, includes the obituary in 1858 of Catherine Dunkin, b. 1771, dau. of Samuel and Mary A. Henderson of "Lawrence" Co. SC, mar. Caleb Davis 1791, and mar. 2nd M. Duncan already decd; to TN 1806, to MO 1810; obit filed by James Copeland, of Benton, Scott Co. MO; (MAD: she mar. Samuel Duncan, Rev. Pens., from Culpeper Co. VA to Jefferson Co. KY) (from Evelyn Sigler 6/1984)
      "Some South Carolina marriages and obituaries and miscellaneous information, 1826-1854, abstracted from early newspapers : the Greenville Republican, the Greenville mountaineer, the Laurensville herald" by Robert F. Simpson & Mrs. Charles R. Barham (FHL book 975.7 B38s)
      "FL Pioneers and Their AL, GA, Carolina, MD, & VA Ancestors" by David A. Avant, Jr., 1974; mentions on pg.235 about the Gamble Family, that Mrs. Laura Pulley, historian and genealogist of Laurens Co. SC, states "The Gamble Family of Laurens Co. SC came from PA. Joseph Duncan of the Lancaster area was the original settler of Laurens Co. 1752. He returned to PA and brought with him other PA settlers ..." (from Evelyn Sigler 10/1984; FHL book 929.273 Av34a)
      "The William A. McAteer Family" by Sallie Stewart Harrison and Ethel Stewart Cole (FHL book 929.273 M119h); this book includes on pg.440 information on the Jesse Prather family of Laurens Co. SC, including their dau. Verlinda Isabella Prather, b. 11/30/1813 SC, d. 4/24/1872 Tippah Co. MS, bur. Pisgah Cem.; married James Duncan ca 1834 (son of Joseph & Verlinda Duncan), b. 2/18/1803 Whitmire, SC, d. 10/18/1836 Laurens Co. SC. Pg.442 gives information on Jennie McAteer, b. 5/23/1802 SC, d. 3/13/1855 Newberry Co. SC, sis. of Elizabeth McAteer on pg.440, dau. of Hugh McAteer and Isabella Law; married Joshua Duncan (son of Joseph & Verlinda Duncan), b. 9/26/1799, d. 10/20/1876 Newberry Co. SC.


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