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Formed 1802 from Georgetown Dist


1810 Horry Co. SC Census
Pg.145  Ezekiel Dunken         20001  - 10010
          (MAD: 1800 Waccamaw Co., Georgetown Dist. SC census;
            1820 Brunswick Co. NC census)

1820 Horry Co. SC Census; semi-alphabetic
Pg.133  Hardy Duncan           100010 - 00100
          (MAD: see Columbus Co. NC)

1830-1840 Horry Co. SC Census
        No Duncan indexed

1850 Horry Co. SC Census (and from Vivian Biddle 7/1983)
Pg.5, #62-62, John HARRELSON 59 SC farmer $500
                  W.E.A. (f) 54 NC
                  Nellsen (m) 19 NC farmer
                  Lydia LOVETT 14 SC
                  Wm. DUNKIN 5 SC
                  John CANSEY 15 NC farmer
Horry Dist.
Pg.65, #913-913, Samuel FANDOTH 35 SC farmer $0-$0
                  Rebecca 30 SC
                  James DANKIN 25 NC farmer
                  Mary 23 SC
                  Mary 1/12 SC
                  James BLAK 15 SC farm
                  Nancy 40 SC
                  Harriett 12, Cashwell (m) 6 SC

1850 SC Mortality Schedule (FHL film 1,294,287)
      Horry Co., Pg.1, Mary Dunkin, 60, female, married, b. NC, d. April of paulsey, sick 7 days

1860 Horry Co. SC Census
(households did not give value)
All Saints Par.
Pg.65, #988, Hosea DUNCAN (m) 18 SC farmer
                  Elizabeth 18 SC (not mar.in yr)
                  Isaac JOINER 54 SC --
Pg.70, #1069, Hardy DUNCAN 65 SC farmer
                  Sarah 49 SC
                  Frances H. (f) 20, Wm. McK. 18 SC
                  Daniel A. 16, Bethel 14 SC
                  Sarah Ann 12, Mary M. 10 SC
                  Luke R. 7 SC
                  (MAD: 1850 Columbus Co. NC census; died 12/29/1867 aged about 78 years; from pg.30, "Death & Obituary Notices from 'Southern Christian Advocate' 1867-1878" Vol.3 by Brent H. Holcomb; SUTRO book F208 H62 1993, CA State Library, Sutro Branch; and FHL book 975.8 V4h)

1870 Horry Co. SC Census
Bucks Twp.
Pg.20, #149-149, JOHNSON, Bin (m) 36 SC BLACK laborer $0-$0
                  WOODBURY, John 32 SC BLACK laborer
                  STAR, Morris (m) 30 SC BLACK laborer
                  DANCAN, John 25 SC BLACK laborer
                  BROWN, Benj. 23 SC BLACK laborer
                  Amelia 55 SC BLACK cook
Conwayboro Twp.
Pg.33, #14-14, DUNKIN, James B. 40 NC (white) farmer $100-$100
                  Marry (f) 35 NC at home
                  Nancy 21, Marry J. 19 NC at home
                  Roseany (f) 17, Andrew J. 14 NC at home
                  (MAD: "J.R. Duncan" 1860 Columbus Co. NC census)
Pg.43, #186-187, DUNKIN, Sarah 59 SC (white) at home $0-$160
                  Helon (f) 29 SC at home
                  Bethel (m) 24 SC works on farm
                  Sarah Ann 22, Malinda 18, Luke 17 SC at home
                  NEWBOLD, Thos. 3 SC at home
Pg.48, #83-78, DUNCAN, William 19 SC MULATTO teamster $0-$0 (alone)
Pg.49, #106-102, BURROUGHS, Jas. S. 51 NC (white) grocer $2000-$1500
                  Charlotte 50 SC at home
                  Thomas F. 17, Martha J. 13 SC at home
                  Charlotte V. 10 SC at home
                  NEWTON, Selia (f) 60 SC at home
                  DUNCAN, Tom 14 SC (white) Dom. Servt.
Gallivants Ferry
Pg.93, #597-598, "ANDRSON", Samuel 63 SC (white) farmer $2000-$1000
                  Nancy 53 SC at home
                  HOLMES, Green (m) 16 SC work on farm
                  Marry 15 SC at home
                  SPIONS?, Elizabeth 18 SC at home
                  "ANDESON," Samuel 6 SC at home
                  DUNCAN, William 25 SC work in mill (white)
Little River Twp.
Pg.119, #140-136, THOMPSON, Henry 49 SC farmer $100-$150
                  Mary 54 NC house keeper
                  Thompson (f) 23 SC at home
                  DUNKIN, Calvin 8 SC (white)
Simpson Creek Twp.
Pg.127, #858-859, DUNCAN, Hugh 25 SC (white) farmer $10-$0
                  Hellon (f) 35 SC at home
                  Susan 6, Nancy 3 SC at home

1920 Census, Floyds Township, Horry County, South Carolina (from Kathy D. Cawley 8/2006)
S.D.# 6, E.D.# 88, Page# 275B, Image 30 of 51
Mill Road
Head, rents, age 22, N.C./N.C./N.C., farmer/general farm
Daisy, Wife, age 19, N.C./N.C./N.C.
Lemon, Son, age 5/12, S.C./S.C./S.C.
Zeno, Brother, age 20, N.C./N.C./N.C., laborer/home farm
Lilly, Wife, age 16, S.C./S.C./S.C., laborer/home farm
      (*KDC: note the discrepancy on 'parent's place of birth' for Lemon)
      (KDC: 1910 Columbus Co. NC census; Zeno Duncan in 1930 Marion Co. SC census)


Horry Co. SC Probate Court Records 1803-1873
      Inventories, appraisements & sales 1803-1840 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,029,438)
      Bond Book 1803-1818 & admin. bonds 1819-1821 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,029,438)
      Letters of admin. 1823-1840 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,029,438)
      Letters of admin, admin. book, sales 1803-1818 - no Duncan (FHL film 24,041)
      Record of inventories 1803-1840 - no Duncan (FHL film 24,041)
      Will book 1819-1833 - no Duncan (FHL film 24,041)
      Report book 1842-1867 - "D" page not filmed or else no "D" names (FHL film 24,041)
      Will record 1842-1907 - no Duncan (FHL film 24,041)
      Docket & petition 1842-1867 - no index (FHL film 24,041)
      Real estate records 1842-1873 - no Duncan (FHL film 24,042)

Horry Co. SC Deeds; transcript of original records (FHL film 24,040)
      Item 1, deeds 1804-1808, 1803-1810, 1838-1839, 1936-1939 - no index


Index to War of 1812 Pension Applications and Bounty Land Warrant Applications; National Archives Film (FHL film 840,458)
      Duncan, Hardy, widow Sarah; WO 39461, WC 30068; BL 47223-80-50, Reg. 294333-55 Rejected, Reg. 335923-55 Rejected; Private Capt. Caleb Stephens Co. NC Mil, 7/27/1814 to 12/26/1814; Sol. res. 1852, 1855 Columbus Co. SC, 1858 Horry Co. SC; wid. res. 1880 Conwayboro, Horry Co. SC, 1883, 1889 Socaster, Horry Co. SC; maiden name soldier's 1st wife Ann Brown, widow Sarah Danford m. Oct. 17, 1839, Conway, Horry Co. SC; sol. d. Dec. 29, 1867, Conway, SC. (MAD: Columbus Co. NC)

HISTORIES before 1923

1902 "A history of Marion County, South Carolina : from its earliest times to the present, 1901" by William W. Seller (FHL book 975.786 H2sw)
      Pg.543-6: SELLERS -- This family, to which the writer belongs, came from about Tarboro, NC, about 1750. They were of Scotch, Irish and English descent. My great-grandfather, William Sellers, headed the family; he settled in Columbus or Brunswick Co. NC on what was called the "Seven Creeks;" he had and raised six or seven sons -- Elisha, Joel, Matthew, Henry, Benjamin and Sion -- of these, my grandfather, Benjamin, was born about 1740; grew up and married a Miss Bryant, by whom he had five children -- of these my father, Jordan, was the eldest, and the only one raised to be grown. My father was born 16th February 1763 and died 9th Sept. 1838, at the age of 76 years, in this (Marion) Co.
            My grandfather, Benjamin, married a second time, don't remember to whom; by this marriage he raised four children -- three sons, Wright, Luke and Levin, and one daughter, Rhoda; my father was half-brother to these. Rhoda married Jonathan Rothwell, on Cape Fear River, Bladen Co. NC. Rothwell was a very successful man, and accumulated a large property. The writer has seen some of the descendants of Rothwell since the war -- they were good people and well educated. Wright Sellers, the oldest son by the second marriage, married a Miss Duncan, of Horry or Columbus Co., and settled and lived on the Iron Springs Swamp, near what is now called "Green Sea," in Horry. My grandfather, Benjamin, had in the meantime moved to that section, owned and had taken up much land in that community, and died there in April 1817 at the age of 77 years. My uncle, Wright Sellers, had and raised one son, Benjamin D., and six or seven daughters. The Sellers and Nortons built the first church at Green Sea, then called "Norton's Church," between the years 1801 and 1807. My grandfather was a Methodist preacher and was ordained by Bishop Asbury in 1801. The Nortons and Sellers kept that church up or were the most prominent members in it until 1826, when they sold out and went to AL. Luke Sellers, the second son of my grandfather by his second marriage, married, don't know who, and had one son, Jacob, and died. Jacob grew up and married and also went West. Levin Sellers, the youngest son of my grandfather, grew up and became a Methodist preacher, joined the Conference in 1806 or 1807, and was sent first to Edisto Circuit (now Orangeburg), and the next year to Cypress Circuit, where he died in August of that year. ... My father, the only child raised of the first marriage of my grand-father, at age 18, joined Continental Army of the Revolution, under the command of Gen. Nathaniel Greene, and was in the battle at Eutaw Springs, SC, 8 Sept. 1781, and served to the end of the war. ... At the age of 26, in 1789, my father married Miss Elizabeth Hunchy, a Dutch lady, by her he had one child, a daughter Mary; the wife was an invalid, bed-ridden from the birth of Mary, for 24 or 25 years, when she died. Mary grew up and married James W. Edwards, and in 1819 moved to Montgomery Co. AL, then a frontier region ... In 1817 my father married again, my mother, Mary Osborne, he being 54 years of age and she 20 years. I was the oldest child, born 27 March 1818, they raised to be grown, three sons -- the writer, James O. and Bryant J., and two daughters, Susan and Civil. ...
      MAD's summary: Benjamin Sellers b. ca 1740, mar. Miss Bryant, d. 4/1817; (1) Jordan Sellers b. 2/16/1763, in Rev., mar. 1789 age 26, d. 9/9/1838 Marion Co. SC; (4 more children) b.ca 1765, 1767, 1769, 1771; married 2nd (ca 1773), had 4 children, moved to Horry Co. SC: (6) Wright Sellers (b.ca 1775) mar. Miss Duncan, Horry Co. SC or Columbus Co. NC, resided Horry Co. SC, had son Benjamin D. Sellers & 6 or 7 daus.; (7) Luke Sellers (b.ca 1777) mar. & had son Jacob who went West; (8) Levin Sellers (b.ca 1779) Methodist Preacher joined conference 1806-1807; (9) dau. Rhoda m. Jonathan Rothwell, resided Bladen Co. NC.


According to Leonardo Andrea, SC genealogist, in his "Counties in SC" (FHL film 954,248, and from Louis Boone)
      Extinct counties after the Revolution included:
      Kingston County. Was formed or rather renamed from All Saints (In 1790 Census of Georgetown Dist.) but about 1798 Kingston was reformed into Horry County. Records are at Conway, S.C. except for the oldest records which were in Georgetown and burned by Sherman.
      All Saints County. See Kingston and Horry. All Saints was the name in the 1790 Census and took its name from the Parish Church.

Some Horry Co. SC marriages and obituaries have been published:
      "Horry Co. (SC) Marriages Abstracted from Newspapers 1861-1912" by Catherine H. Lewis (from Jane Anders 7/1990; FHL book 975.787 V2L)
      "Obituaries from Horry Co. (SC) Newspapers 1861-1914" by Catherine H. Lewis (from Jane Anders 7/1990; FHL book 975.787 V42L)
      "Death & Obituary Notices from 'Southern Christian Advocate' 1867-1878" Vol.3 by Brent H. Holcomb (pub. for Methodist Conferences of SC, GA & FL, pub. Macon GA through 1878 (SUTRO book F208 H62 1993, CA State Library, Sutro Branch; and FHL book 975.8 V4h)


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