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Formed 1897 from Union, York, Spartanburg


1900 Cherokee Co. SC Census (HeritageQuest images 12/2006)
Blacksburg Town, Cherokee Twp. "(in part)", S.D.4 E.D.1, Sheet 13
Carolina Street
Pg.13B, #214-214, DUNCAN, Jerome C., head, w/m, Nov.1860, age 39, mar. 20y, NC SC NC policeman? ?? (indexed Jero?? Duncan)
  Demsey?, wife w/f Mar. 1861 age 39 mar. 20 yr, 7 ch, 6 living, SC VA SC (MAD: indexed Jenny Duncan, should be Jenny per cemetery stone for dau.)
  Charles F., son, w/m, Jan. 1881, age 19, single, SC NC SC student (indexed Charlie F. Duncan)
  Whiteford W., son, w/m, Aug. 1883, age 16, single, SC (indexed Wheleford W. Duncan)
  Jerome W., son, w/m, June? 1886, age 13, single, SC NC SC student (indexed Jerone W. Duncan)
  David, son, w/m July 1890, age 9, single, SC NC SC student
  Dora, dau., w/f June 1893, age 6, single, SC NC SC
  Cook? E, son, w/m May 1900 2/12? single SC NC SC (indexed Coke Duncan)
Blackburg town, Cherokee Twp. "(in part)", S.D.4, E.D.1, Sheet 15
Pg.15A, #247-247, BLANTON, Bonnie? R., head, w/m Dec.1860 age 39, single, NC NC NC, "market (Beef)"
  DUNCAN, Abary, partner, w/m, Dec. 1852, 47, single, NC NC NC market Beef (indexed Abbry Duncan)
Cherokee Twp, S.D.4, E.D.2, Sheet 17
Pg.39A, #260-279, CAMP, W. Hass, head, w/m May 1855 age 45, mar. 13 yrs, SC, SC SC farmer
  Mrs. Corn. F?., wife, w/f Sep. 1865, age 34y, mar. 13 yr, 10ch. 7 living, SC SC SC
  Leonell? (Lionell?), son w/m July 1888 11 single SC SC SC
  Nancy, dau w/f Oct.1889 age 10, single, SC SC SC
  John S., son w/m Jan. 1891, age 9 single SC SC SC
  Sallie A., dau w/f Apr. 1892 age 8, single, SC SC SC
  William R., son w/m June 1893 age 6 single SC SC SC
  Agnes L., dau. w/f Jun 1898 age 1 single SC SC SC
 DUNCAN, Fletcher, boarder w/m (blank) age 45 W[idowe]d SC SC SC farm laborer
Draytonville Twp., S.D. 4, ED 3, Sheet 5
Pg.57A, #78-79, DUNCAN, Frank, head, b/m Oct 1881 age 18 mar. SC SC? NC? farmer - also indexed as Louis, but sort-of looks like George
  Nettie, wife b/f Dec. 1883 age 16 mar. 0? ch, 0 living, SC SC NC
Draytonville Twp., S.D. 4, E.D. 3, Sheet 5
Pg.57B, #84-85, DUNCAN, Lovin, head, b/m, 1865, age 45, mar., SC, SC SC farmer
  Naomia, wife, b/f, Jan. 1860, age 40, mar., 7 ch., 7 living, SC SC SC
  Luvenia, dau., b/f, Jan. 1883, age 17, single, SC, SC SC farm laborer
  Clarrence, son, b/m, Aug. 1886, age 13, single, SC SC SC farm laborer
  Mildred, dau., b/f, Dec. 1884, age 15, single, SC SC SSC farm laborer
  Fleming? (indexed Flennie), son, b/m Dec. 1888, age 11, single, SC SC SC farm laborer
  Maje, son, b/m, Feb. 1891, age 9, single, SC SC SC
  Minins? (indexed Minnie), son, b/m June 1893 age 6, single, SC SC SC
  Bula M., dau., b/f, June 1896, age 3, single, SC SC SC
Draytonville Twp., S.D. 4, E.D. 3, Sheet 10
Pg.62B, #178-179, DUNCAN, Sipio?, head, b/m, 1830?, age 20? mar. 0 yrs, SC SC SC (blank occupation) (indexed as Sip?? Duncan)
  Arabell, wife, b/f, 1882, age 18, mar. 0 yrs, 0 ch, 0 living, SC SC SC
 DAWKINS, Nick, brother-in-L b/m 1884 age 16 single SC SC SC
Gowdeysville Twp. North of ??, SD 4, E.D. 4, Sheet 10
Pg.81A, #171-171, FRANKLIN, Ronser?, head w/m July 1841? age 39 mar. 11? yr, SC SC SC farmer
  Martha, wife w/f June 1851 age 48y mar. 10? yr, 6 ch, 4 living, NC NC NC
 DUNCAN, Minnie, stepdaughter, w/f Jan. 1877 age 23 single NC NC NC farm laborer
  Florence, stepdaughter w/f May 1885 age 15 single NC NC NC farm laborer
  Lillie, stepdaughter w/f June 1888 age 11 single NC NC NC farm laborer
 FRANKLIN, James, son w/m Sept. 1891 age 6 single NC NC NC at school
 #172-172 DUNCAN, George, boarder w/m Feb? 1893 age 6 single NC NC NC
Limestone Twp., S.D.4, E.D.0, sheet 13
Pg.107A, #207-209, DUNCAN, John, head, w/m, Mar. 1845, age 55, mar. 7 yrs, NC NC NC farmer & miller
  Sarah J., wife w/f (blank) 1854 age 46 mar. 7 yrs, 7 ch, 7 living, NC NC NC
  John A., son, w/m, (blank) 1884, age 16, single, NC NC NC farm laborer
  Rachel A., dau. w/f (blank) 1886 age 14 single NC NC NC
  Doctor D., son w/m Aug.1893 age 6 single SC NC NC
  Pendexter, son w/m Nov. 1895 age 4 single SC NC NC
Gaffney Village Wd.1, Limestone Twp., S.D.4, E.D.8, Sheet 4
Pg.141B, #63-65, EAKIN?, Charley F?., head w/m Jan.1870 age 30 mar. 2 yr, NC NC NC cotton mill Elaxmter?
  Eunice, wife w/f Apr 1860 age 20 mar. 2 yr, 0 ch, 0 living NC NC NC cotton mill spaol?
 DUNCAN, Lan, Mo-in-law, w/f Apr. 1853, age 47, W[idowed] mar. 25? yr, 2 ch, 2 living, NC NC NC
  William, B-in-law w/m May 1888 age 12 single NC NC NC cotton mill spiner
1-Wd Gaffney Village, Limestone Twp., S.D. 4, E.D. 8, Sheet 5
Pg.142A, #70-72, DUNCAN, Lee W., head w/m Sept.1872 age 27 mar. 5y NC NC NC cotton mill worker
  Eliza, wife w/f Nov.1872 age 27 mar. 5y, 9? ch, 0 living NC NC NC
      (MAD: ? see Leander W. Dunkin age 14 in 1880 Rutherford Co. NC)

1910 Cherokee Co. SC Census (Ancestry.com image 9/2006)
Part of Cherokee Twp., S.D. 5, E.D. 3, Sheet 9B (handwritten 4673)
Pg.9B, #155-156, DUNCAN, Calvin, head, m/w, age 33 mar.1, 11 years, TN NC NC, English, farmer, general farm, ??
  Katie, wife, f/w age 32 M1, 11 years, 5 ch, 2 living, SC SC SC, English, ?? (occupation)
  May, dau., f/w age 8, single, SC SC SC
  Alma, dau., f/w age 4, single, NC TN NC
      (MAD: 1900 York Co. SC census; not identified 1920)

HISTORIES before 1923

1908 "Men of mark in South Carolina : ideals of American life; a collection of biographies of leading men of the state" ed. by J.C. Hemphill, Vol.III (FHL film 1,000,581; from Martha Jones 6/1990)
      Pg.143-4: WATSON BOONE DUNCAN, Ph.D., pastor and preacher, born March 19, 1867, at Blacksburg, York (now Cherokee) county, South Carolina, is the son of J.D.F. Duncan and Dulcenia (Hopper) Duncan. His grandfather, Decatur Duncan, was of Scotch-Irish descent.
            He attended the country schools near his father's farm, working "outside school hours." He took a preparatory course of study in Cherokee and Broad River academies; but just as he was ready to enter college his father met with financial reverses which made it impossible for him to meet the expense of a college course for his son. The son had made up his mind to have an education, and he persuaded his father to let him have a plot of ground to plant in cotton. With the assistance of horses and tools which his father loaned him, he ploughed, planted, hoed, and picked the crop which paid for his first year in Wofford college. After that he taught, sold books, acted as clerk, and did many other kinds of work to meet his own expenses, until he secured his degree of A.B. after two years' study at Wofford and two years at the Polytechnic college. He took the usual theological course of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, and commenced his pastoral duties in Sumter county in 1888, serving later at Timmonsville, Allendale, St. George, the First Church in Laurens, and St. John's church, Rock Hill.
            The ambition for study, however, did not fail, and he not only kept up his reading, but took an A.M. degree from both Wofford and Erskine colleges, pursued a four years' Chautauqua course, and took some special courses of study under the advice of professors in Vanderbilt university. He received the degree of Ph.D. from Central university in 1906. He has been repeatedly made a member of important committees and boards. He was a delegate to the First General Missionary conference of the Southern Methodist church, held in New Orleans in 1901. He has been called on for many addresses on public occasions, besides preaching frequently at school and college commencements. His published writings include "Character Building" (1890); "Our Vows" (1895); "Twentieth Century Sketches" (1901), and a number of articles for magazines and papers. A loyal member of the Democratic party, he is also a Mason and a member of the Knights of Pythias, in which last order he has held the office of chancellor commander.
            He was married February 6, 1899, to Lizzie Huggins, and has had four children, of whom three are now living. His present address is Rock Hill, South Carolina.
      Pg.145-6: WHITEFORD McKENDREE DUNCAN, for more than 20 years a preacher & pastor in the SC conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, and now presiding elder of the Greenville district, SC, was born in Cleveland Co. NC, Sept. 24, 1857. His father, a farmer, J.D.F. Duncan, is remembered by his acquaintances because of his "genius for friendship" and his warm-hearted generosity. The family is of Scotch-Irish descent.
            A healthy and happy boyhood was passed in the country, where Whiteford Duncan early became familiar with the ordinary labor of the farm, ... While fond of sports, he early showed a bent of mind toward serious study. He worked to earn the money to pay his way through college. He attended the country schools near Blacksburg, SC, where his boyhood was passed. After pursuing preparatory studies he entered Wofford college and was graduated with the class of 1884. In December of that year he entered the SC conference of the Methodist church, ... He became pastor of the Methodist church at Aiken, SC, filing that position until 1888.
            On November 15, 1888, he married Miss Susie Legare Bruns, a daughter of Professor Henry M. Bruns. They have had four children, all of whom are now living. ... Democratic party, Mason, Knight of Honor, Knight of Pythias ... His address is Greenville, SC.


Copies of newspaper articles, undated, newspaper not given (from Martha Jones 12/1989)

      Respected Citizen Succumbs to Short Illness; Funeral Yesterday.
      Fletcher Duncan, 86, highly respected Blacksburg man, died Thursday morning at the home of his daughter, Mrs. J.B. Cashion, on Blacksburg route 2. He had been sick about 10 days.
      Mr. Duncan went to Blacksburg from Earl when quite a young man. He served for many years as a deacon in the Baptist church and maintained his interest in religious matters until the end. Funeral services were conducted yesterday at the Blacksburg Baptist church by the Rev. B.L. Hoke and the Rev. W.N. Long. Interment was in the old Blacksburg Cemetery with J.L. Goodson, Blacksburg Mortician, in charge. The pall bearers were John, M.B., Tom and James Cashion, Howard Childers, and Fletcher Duncan, 2nd.
      Mr. Duncan had been married twice. His first wife, who died more than 30 years ago, before marriage was Miss Sara Gunthrap. The following children survive this union: William and M.L. Duncan, Atlanta; J.E. Duncan, Asheville; Mrs. Mattie Albert, Akron, Ohio; and Mrs. Cashion, with whom Mr. Duncan had resided several years. His second wife was Miss Sallie Blair, whose death occurred about eight years ago. He is survived by a brother, Capers? Duncan, of Lincolnton, N.C., and several grandchildren and great grandchildren.

            DEATH CLOSES LONG MINISTRY (very faint)
      Rev. Whitefoord McK. Duncan Died Yesterday. Was Presiding Elder. Endo-carditis Brings End, After Brief Illness, to Methodist Preacher.
      The Rev. Whitefoord McKendree Duncan, presiding elder of Columbia (faint) district, Methodist Episcopal Church South, died at his home at 1418 Marion Street in this city yesterday morning at 11:30 o'clock. Mr. Duncan had not been well for the past four months, but it was not until the last few weeks that his condition was regarded as serious. The immediate cause of his death was endo-carditis, an affection of the lining of the heart.
      The funeral will be held at Washington Street Methodist Church this afternoon at 4 o'clock, the interment taking place immediately thereafter in the graveyard of that church. Active pall bearers are: W.J. Murrey, W.D. Lever, R.C. Williams, J.M. ??, J.B. Penland, and J.B. Stellion?. Honorary pallbearers are: W.M. Lester M.D., (several names, not copied here). ...
      Mr. Duncan leaves a wife and four daughters, all of whom were at the bedside when the end came. The daughters: Mrs. F.M. Owens of Greenville, Miss Lillian Grace Duncan and Miss Susie Bruns Duncan, students at Columbia college, and Miss Helen Matthews Duncan. Mrs. Duncan was formerly Miss Susie Bruns, a daughter of the late Dr. Henry Bruns, a distinguished professor at the College of Charleston. She and Mr. Duncan were married November 15, 1888. Mr. Duncan is survived by six brothers, M.F. Duncan of Blacksburg, W.C. and W.A. Duncan of Lincolnton, N.C., J.C. Duncan of Prosperity, J.B. Duncan of Gaffney, and the Rev. Watson B. Duncan D.D., pastor of St. Paul's church at Orangeburg.
      Before being made presiding elder of Columbia District, Mr. Duncan served Greenville district in that capacity for four years. Previously ...
      Mr. Duncan was a North Carolinian by birth, being born in Cleveland county, September 24 1857. After graduating from Wofford college in 1884, having supplemented his college work with the four years' conference course, he at once began his active work in the Methodist ministry, which he continued uninterruptedly until his death. ... (last paragraph not on copy)

      Prominent Methodist Minister Born Near Town of Blacksburg.
      Dr. Watson B. Duncan, prominent Methodist minister who was born near Blacksburg, died Sunday night at a Florence hospital after a short illness.
      Dr. Duncan was 62 years old. He was a brother of the late J.C. Duncan, who was chief of police at Blacksburg for many years. He was pastor of the Methodist church at Lake City.
      Dr. Duncan was born on his father's farm near Blacksburg, in what was then York county, March 19 (10?), 1867. After his grammar, grade and high school work, he entered Wofford college, but at the end of two years had to abandon his course because of his eyes. Later when this trouble improved, he took an A.B. from Polytechnic college, and then ... He was received on trial in the SC conference in December, 1887. He was ordained deacon in 1889, and elder in 1891. He has served ... author of several books ...
      Funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock Tuesday at the Lake City church, after which the body will be taken to Manning for interment.
      Surviving the minister are his widow, two sons, H.F. Duncan, pastor of the Duncan Memorial church, Charlotte, N.C., and W.B. Duncan, Jr. of Lake City, and one daughter Mrs. Olin Horne, of St. George.

"The Gaffney Ledger" May 3, 1895 (on Microfilm in Cherokee Co. SC Public Library, Rutledge St., Gaffney, SC; from Charles W. Hite 4/1995)
      Frank Duncan died here at 3:30 o'clock on Wed 24th April. He was quite an aged citizen. He will be buried at Parhom Church. (CWH: sic; Mt.Parham Baptist Church, Blacksburg, SC).

Commencement of the Cherokee High School, Black's, S.C., May 28, 1885 (copy of page from Martha Jones 6/1990)
      Includes ... Marshals: C.F. Hopper, Erwinsville, NC; W.B. Duncan, Black's S.C.


Some Cherokee Co. SC records have been abstracted and published:
      "SC Magazine of Ancestral Research" Vol.VII, 1979 (FHL book 975.7 B2sc; from Charles W. Hite, Evelyn Sigler, and Lucille Mehrkam); includes Buffalo Baptist Churchyard Cemetery; other issues and years include other records
      "Bulletin of Genealogical Society of Old Tryon Co. NC" Vol.2, 1974 (from Evelyn Sigler and Charles W. Hite); includes records from Buffalo Baptist Church, Cherokee, SC
      "Tombstones & Cemeteries of Cherokee Co. SC & surrounding areas" Vol.1 & 2, by Bobby G. Moss and Dennis R. Amos (FHL book 975.742 V3m; and from Martha Jones)
      "The Old Iron District, a Study of the Development of Cherokee Co. (SC) 1750-1897" by Bobby Gilmer Moss (from Lenox Baker 12/1985)
      "DAR Genealogical Records, 1940" by Richard Winn Chapter (SC DAR Records) (FHL film 855,228)
      "SC Gen. Records 1971-72" (SC DAR Records) (FHL film 893,738)
      "Who's Who in America, 1930-1931" pub. by Marquis (from Evelyn Sigler 8/1983; FHL book 973 D36w); includes Watson Boone Duncan, clergyman, b. Blacksburg, SC, Mar. 19, 1867, son of Jehu Franklin Duncan and Dulcenia Harper.


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