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1870 Charleston Co. SC Census
Charleston Ward 1
Pg.5, #32-44, ADGER, J.D. (f) 60 SC kp. hw. $16,500-$31,000, father of foreign birth
                  J.A. (f) 45 SC at home $22,500-$11,000, father of foreign birth
                  M.H. (f) 48 SC at home $0-$8,000, father of foreign birth
                  Jas. Jr. (m) 24 SC factore clk. $0-$15000
                  H.W. (m) 22 SC factore clk. $0-$14000
                  M.C. (f) 20 SC (blank) $14,000
                  H.W. (f) 17 SC (blank) $14,000
                  CRAWFORD, C. (f) 14 SC (white) dom. srt.
                  BAKER, J.E. (m) 63 SC BLACK dom. srt.
                  ALSTON, A. (m) 40 SC BLACK dom. srt.
                  DUNCAN, Jane 50 SC BLACK dom. srt.
                  PRICHARD, R. (f) 19 SC BLACK dom. srt.
                  DUNCAN, C. (m) 55 SC BLACK labr.
Pg.25, #183-391, PATTERSON, Ga. (f) 17 SC BLACK "no ocup" $0-$0
                  NELSON, Clara (f) 20 SC BLACK "no ocup"
                  HALSTON, Jul. (f) 23 SC BLACK dom. srt.
                  DUNCAN, Geo. (m) 10 SC BLACK
                  HARVY, Lina (f) 3 SC BLACK
Pg.39, #296-644, DUNCAN, Joe 24 SC BLACK laborer $0-$0
                  W. (f) 28 SC BLACK kps. hs.
Pg.41, #314-699, DUNCAN, Rich. 35 SC (white) labr. $0-$0
                  L. (f) 30 SC kp. Hus.
                  Em (f) 7 SC
Charleston Ward 2
Pg.64, #84-117, DUNCAN, Josephine (f) 27 SC MULATTO (blank) $0-$0
                  Benjamin 45 SC BLACK laborer
Pg.81, #217-303, DAWSON, Joseph 30 SC (white) druggist $0-$0
                  Rebecca 31? SC
                  Rebecca 13, Joseph 10 SC at school
                  Mary 7, James 5 SC
                  John R. 7/12 SC b.Nov.
                  DUNCAN, Prisilla (f) 50 SC BLACK cook
                  BATES, Maria 19 SC BLACK nurse
                  HAYWARD, John 50 SC BLACK laborer
                  Charlotte 45 SC BLACK washer
                  SCOTT, Mathias 19 SC BLACK barber
Pg.82-83, #225-315, COURTNEY, Geo. E. 31 SC (white) purser $0-$0
                  Thanna? (f) 36 SC
                  Geraldine (m) 17 SC (blank)
                  Rosalee (f) 15 SC
                  Emma 9, Amelia 7 SC at school
                  Charles 5, Gilman (m) 2, Georgiann (f) 2 SC
                  ADAMS, Mary A. 60 NY (white) (blank)
                  BURNS, John 30 SC BLACK laborer
                  Ann 25 SC BLACK domestic servt.
                  DUNCAN, Ann 23 SC BLACK cook
                  SMALLS, Susan 18 SC domestic servt.
                  BROWN, John 18 SC MULATTO domestic servt.
                  BURNS, Sarah 50 SC BLACK washer
                  GARDINER, Lavinia 50 SC MULATTO cook
                  GARDINER, Robert 30 SC MULATTO waiter
                  Mary 27 SC MULATTO nurse
Pg.96, #330-475, BELL, Samuel 53 NC (white) Pilot $0-$0
                  Sarah 48 SC
                  MONTGOMERY, Rose (f) 50 SC BLACK servant
                  Marie 37 SC BLACK servant
                  Joseph 14 SC BLACK at school
                  Charles 6 SC BLACK
                  DUNCAN, Kitty (f) 70 SC BLACK (blank)
                  BLAKE, Betsy 30 SC BLACK (blank)
                  Rebecca 14 SC BLACK
Pg.104, #382-566, DUNCAN, John 35 SCT boiler maker $0-$0, parents of foreign birth
                  Dyna? (f) 30 SCT (blank), parents of foreign birth
                  Mary 12 SC at school, parents of foreign birth
                  John 7, Ecilia? (f) 4 SC, parents of foreign birth
                  William 2 SC, parents of foreign birth
                  MASON, John 28 SCT superintendent saw mill, parents of foreign birth
                  GRICK, Ernest 40 GERM works in saw mill, parents of foreign birth
                  HOLMES, Lucy 12 SC BLACK domestic servant
Pg.110, #423-629, SMITH, William W. 45 SC (white) Cot. Facto. $0-$0
                  Julia H. 25 SC
                  Andrew D. 18 SC clerk book store
                  Julia G. 15, Sally 14, William W. 12 SC at school
                  Shand (m) 10, Mary E.P. 6 SC (blank)
                  DIBBLE, Marion 23 SC clerk drug store
                  BALL, Mary 30 SC BLACK domestic sevt.
                  DUNCAN, Daniel 40 SC BLACK fisherman
                  Margaret 35 SC BLACK cook
                  Julia 6 SC BLACK
Charleston Ward 3
Pg.146, #324-570, DUNKIN, Jas. 26 SC engineer $0-$0, parents of foreign birth
                  Lu (f) 22 SC kp hus, parents of foreign birth
                  Arch (m) 2 SC
Pg.147, #337-586, DUNCAN, Arch 60 SCT (white) black smith $2000-$500, parents of foreign birth
                  Ale (f) 40 SC kp hus
                  M.S. (f) 20 SC "no ocup.", parents of foreign birth
                  (MAD: marked father and also mother as foreign birth)
                  Elbz. (f) 13 SC (blank), parents of foreign birth
                  J.A. (f) 16 SC no ocup., parents of foreign birth
                  C.A. (f) 5 SC, parents of foreign birth
                  D.S. (m) 11 SC, parents of foreign birth
                  H.E. (m) 5 SC, parents of foreign birth
                  H.B. (f) 3 SC, parents of foreign birth
                  STOWELL, H.E. (f) 14 SC (not parents of foreign birth)
Pg.179, #634-1080, DUNCAN, Lew (m) 27 SC BLACK shoe maker $0-$0
                  Ann 25 SC BLACK kp hus
                  D.A. (f) 1 SC BLACK
                  GRANT, F.C?. (f) 42 SC BLACK laundress
Charleston Ward 4
Pg.203, #113-175, DUNCAN, Syrus 60 SC BLACK porter $0-$0
                  Dianna 50 SC BLACK washer
                  Hester 27 SC BLACK washer
                  Joseph 24 SC BLACK laborer
                  Lucy (Levcy?) (f) 20 SC BLACK washer
                  Henry 18 SC BLACK waiter
                  Sarah 16 SC BLACK at school
                  BELL, Jane 7 SC MULATTO (blank)
                  Samuel 7/12 SC b.Feb. MULATTO
Pg.245, #553-774, DUNCAN, Elizabeth 30 SC MULATTO cook $0-$0
                  Anna R. 9 SC MULATTO
                  Robert 6 SC MULATTO
Pg.279, #890-1245, BLAKE, Betsy 60 VA MULATTO stewardess $0-$0
                  DUNCAN, Jeffrey 7 SC BLACK (m)
                  Emma 10 SC BLACK at school
Pg.315, #1306-1827, DUNCAN, John 28 VA BLACK laborer $0-$0
                  Ann 25 VA BLACK Dom. Servt.
                  (MAD: birthplaces all have dittos going back to a household with Virginia birthplace)
Pg.323, #1375-1920, DUNCAN, Adam 55 SC BLACK cooper (alone) $0-$0
Pg.324, #1385-1939, City Hospital, several pages
                  DUNCAN, Mary 45 SC BLACK (blank) Insane
Charleston Ward 5
Pg.333, #78-76, DUNCAN, Alexander 27 SCT machinist $0-$0, parents of foreign birth
                  Mary 30 SC keeping house
                  William 6, Fanny 4 SC, father of foreign birth
                  Margaret 1 SC, father of foreign birth
Charleston Ward 7
Pg.419, #1299-1295, DUNCAN, Mary 15 SC BLACK laundress $0-$0
                  Edward 18 SC BLACK butcher
                  Elizabeth 22 SC BLACK
                  GADSDEN, Margaret 18 SC BLACK
                  James 20 SC BLACK laborer
                  SHOPPONCE?, Mary 4 SC BLACK
                  Ellen 1-8/12? SC BLACK (no month of birth)
Charleston Ward 6
Pg.456, #177-221, GAILLARD, Rose 17 SC BLACK seamstress $0-$0
                  DUNCAN, Sarah 23 SC BLACK seamstress
                  SMALL, Edwan ("f") 69 SC BLACK laborer
                  BROWN, George 21 SC BLACK fisherman
Pg.479, #492-569, DUNCAN, Sam 35 SC BLACK laborer $0-$0
                  E. (f) 30 SC BLACK washer & presser?
                  Sarah 11 SC BLACK
                  SMALL, Katy (f) 90 SC BLACK
Pg.515, #903-1064, DUNCAN, W. (m) 36 SC MULATTO merchant $2000-$200
                  Mary 34 SC MULATTO at home "none none"
                  Jane 16 SC MULATTO at school
                  SCOTT, Mary 23 SC BLACK cook
                  John 29 SC BLACK laborer
Pg.515, #905-1067, DUNCAN, A. (m) 47 MD BLACK Ap. clerk market $3000-$250
                  Minty 53 SC BLACK laundress "none none"
                  Ann 26 SC MULATTO laundress
                  William 23 SC MULATTO seaman
                  Darious (m) 17 SC BLACK drayman
Pg.539, #1134-1359, CONNISE?, James 34 SC BLACK porter $0-$0
                  Luisa 25 SC BLACK at home
                  Belle 7, Lilly 5, Seaster?? (m) 2 SC BLACKS
Pg.539, #1134-1360, MOON, Will 24 SC BLACK carpenter $0-$0
                  Mary 21 SC BLACK at home
                  Susie 5 SC BLACK
                  DUNCAN, Clara 10 SC BLACK attends school
Charleston Ward 8
Pg.573, #1566-1886, THOMAS, Stephen 33 SC (white) merchant $3000-$200
                  Elizabeth 30 SC none "none none"
                  James 9, Stephen 5, Amanda 3 SC
                  LEE, Eliza 40 SC (blank)
                  DUNCAN, Janet 21 SC servant (white)
                  WELSH, Ellen 23 SC servant (white)
Pg.615, #2157-2584?, Infirmed at old folks home (many names)
                  DUNCAN, Harriet 66 SC BLACK
Christ Church Parish
Pg.6, #106-107, DUNCAN, Richard 24 SC BLACK farmer $0-$180
                  Victoria 23 SC BLACK keeping house
                  William 3, Francis (m) 1 SC BLACK at home
Pg.32, #585-605, DUNCAN, Flander (m) 35 SC BLACK farmer $0-$0 (alone)
James Island
Pg.83, #129-130, RILEY, Woodland (m) 50 SC BLACK farm hand
                  Eliza 40 SC BLACK farm hand
                  Lavinia 20 SC BLACK farm hand
                  Hannah 15 SC BLACK farm hand
                  Benjamin 12 SC BLACK at home
                  DUNCAN, June (m) 95 SC BLACK farm hand
                  Marian (f) 60 SC BLACK farm hand
St.James Goose Creek
Pg.137, #640-640, (many men, phosfate labers)
                  DUNCAN, R. (m) 23 SC BLACK phosfate labers
Pg.143, #737-737, DUNCAN, Jack 45 SC BLACK farmer $125-$100
                  Dora (f) 12 SC BLACK farm laborer
                  Fransis (f) 2 SC BLACK
Pg.143, #738-738, DUNCAN, Cloie (f) 50 SC BLACK farm laborer $0-$0 (alone)
St.James Santee
Pg.213, #137-233, DUNCAN, John 30 SC BLACK laborer farm $0-$0
                  Sarah 50 SC BLACK
St.Johns Berkley
Pg.293, #66-59, DUNCAN, Hinky? (Hucky?) (m) 62 SC BLACK farm laborer $0-$0
                  Rosanna 35 SC BLACK farm laborer
                  Judith 3 SC BLACK attending school (age as given)
                  Josey (m) 25 SC BLACK farm laborer
                  Louisa 14 SC BLACK farm laborer
Edisto Island
Pg.351, #407-408, BROWN, Rebecca 30 SC BLACK keeping house $0-$0
                  DUNCAN, Mary 49 SC BLACK keeping house
                  JONES, Eva 14 SC BLACK attending sch.
                  JONES, Eliza 15 SC BLACK attending sch.
Wadmalaw Island
Pg.378, #178-181, JENKINS, Tyra (f) 33 SC BLACK field hand $0-$0
                  CLEMENTS, Isaac 40 SC BLACK field hand
                  DUNCAN, Ishmael (m) 33 SC BLACK field hand
                  FORD, Billy 45 SC BLACK field hand
Pg.393, #492-486, DUNKIN, Prosser (m) 26 SC BLACK field hand $0-$0
                  Mike (m) 24 SC BLACK field hand
                  Sarah 22 SC BLACK field hand
St.Thomas & St.Dennis, Cainboy Village
Pg.510, #14-14, JOHNSON, Buck (m) 46 SC BLACK farmer $0-$0
                  Eliza 23 SC MULATTO farm laborer
                  Charley (m) 1 SC BLACK
                  DUNCAN, Aaron (m) 25 SC BLACK farmer $0-$108
                  Hannah 23 SC BLACK farm laborer
                  William 4 SC BLACK

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