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Duncan Research Explanation


Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
the Genealogy Bug

Last revised April 21, 2008

Necessary Explanation

The items included here are from my personal research files on Duncans in the United States before 1850. These items are from several sources, including:

(1) Extracts from the original or microfilmed records, either copied by me or by someone else, name included, who gave me permission to share them with others. Frequently the Family History Library "FHL" film or fiche number is given so you can look at the same source I did, and get a copy of the documents you are interested in. More information is available on their website at

(2) Books published before 1923. These are frequently the old county histories.

(3) Family records sent me by someone who gave permission to share them with others.

Items from one location that refer to a second location are usually in the file for each location. The genealogy of the county itself is given in the heading, and the records in the parent and child counties should be checked for any other information.

My own comments use my initials "MAD". There is no overall index to my files other than the census indexes. And there are counties where I have not looked at any records, or only at a very few records.

There are many more county records that I have never looked at, which you should consult to get a complete picture of the families in that area.

Many county records have been published by others in books or periodicals. You will need to look at those books to fill in the gaps in my research. For instance, marriages, sometimes critical deeds, court records, tax records, church records, and DAR records are frequently available from those other sources. The periodicals for that county or state frequently have Bible records or other family records, as well as county records.

The catalog of the holdings of the Family History Library in Salt Lake City is online and an excellent starting place to find the names and authors of those books:

Some records have also been put online through Rootsweb. You can check their county sites at:

and follow the links through "Other Tools & Resources, ROOTS-L State Resources" to:

Enjoy your digging.

Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson, the Genealogy Bug

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