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Last revised June 30, 2015

Formed 1810 from Luzerne


1810-1840 Susquehanna Co. PA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1850 Susquehanna Co. PA Census
Rush Twp.
Pg.74, #1126, Hannah DUNCAN 60 (ditto) (b. NY on previous fam.)
                  Hannah 21, Henry R. 10 (ditto)
Pg.74, #1128, James DUNCAN 21 PA farmer
                  John 19 PA
Pg.235, #167-173, Dennis McDONALD Supt. RR Repairs & family & crew
                  Patrick DUNCIN 22 IRE laborer

1860 Susquehanna Co. PA Census
Rush Twp.
Pg.806, #801-785, Robert PORTER 50 IRE farmer $800-$300
                  Mary 50 IRE wife
                  Margaret 8, Joseph K. 7 PA
                  Henry M. 22 PA farm laborer
                  Thomas 10 PA
                  Robert 19 PA farm laborer
                  Nancy DUNCAN 85 IRE "retired"
Pg.810, #823-807, John DUNCAN 27 PA farmer $100-$150
                  Ruth 25 PA wife
                  George 5, Eliza 2 PA
                  (MAD: 1870 Bradford Co. PA census)
Pg.810, #825-809, Polly ROSS 48 NY house keeper $1000-$200
                  Casper 18 PA laborer
                  Hannah 16 PA house maid
                  David 13, George 10 PA
                  M?enanda (f) 5 PA
                  Hannah DUNCAN 70 NY retired house keeper

1870 Susquehanna Co. PA Census
Middletown Twp.
Pg.448, #88-89, LEWIS, H?.S?. (m) 28 PA day hand $0-$200
                  Martha 32 PA house keeper
                  DUNCAN, Jennie 7 PA at school
Susquehanna Borough
Pg.512, #222-233, FLYNN??, Elizabeth 29 IRE Superior $4000-$2000, parents of foreign birth
                  & school teachers including
                  DUNCAN, Mary J. 27 PA school teacher, parents of foreign birth


Susquehanna Co. PA Deed Indexes 1812-1923 (SLC 7/25/2014)
   D Grantors (FHL film 1,927,834)
      1-463: Duncan, Abram by Tr to Wm. C. Ward, Shf 1-463, 1842, --, 300 acres Gt Bend Tp
      24-661: Duncan, Anne C. al to G.T. Olyphant, 24-661, 1856, 1856, Tracts, Clifford Tp &c
      24-661: Duncan, James J. al to G.T. Olyphant, 24-661, 1856, 1856, Tracts, Clifford Tp &c
      36-242: Duncan, John A. al to Martin H. Codding, 36-242, 1866, 1866, 6 acres, Rush Tp
      QS2-81: Duncan, Polly by Tr. to Isaac Post, Vol.QS2-81, 1816, 1816, 473-3/10 acres, Waterford Tp
      36-242: Duncan, Ruth P. al to Martin H. Codding, 36-242, 1866, 1866, 6 acres Rush Tp
   D Grantees (FHL film 1,927,837)
      No Duncan until 1883, not copied

Susquehanna Co. PA Deeds (SLC 6/5/2015; have jpg images)
      1-463: Treasurer's Deed to Wm. C. Ward. On 16 Aug. 1842, Moses C. Tyler, Esq., Treasurer of Co. of Susquehanna, came into court and ack. a deed dated 15 Aug. 1842 conveying to Wm. C. Ward for $5.85 a tract of unstated land containing 300 acres in Great Bend Twp., Susquehanna Co., assessed in the Warrantee name of Abraham Duncan. Sold for taxes. There being an error in the above deed, Moses C. Tyler Esq. Treasurer of Susquehanna Co. on 22 Nov. 1842 came into court and in open court in due form of law ack. a deed dated 22 Nov. 1842 conveying to Wm. C. Ward for $9.47-1/2 the tract of land above described, which was sold for taxes. (FHL film 1,993,951 item 3)
      2-81: Polly Duncan by trustee to Isaac Post, 1816 (not found 6/2015, looked at pg.80-83, FHL film 1,927,839; not Sheriff deed on FHL film 1,993,951 item 2)
      24-661/664: Alfred Gilmore et al to G. Talbot Oliphant. 9 April 1856, Alfred Gilmore and Louise S. his wife, James J. Duncan and Anne C. his wife, William F. Roberts and Anna Jane his wife all of city of Philadephia, William Woodman and Mary Jane S. his wife and William A. Sheppard, all of city of New York, and Samuel M. Lane and Nancy H. of Butler Pennsylvania, to G. Talbot Olyphant of city of New York; that parties of first part are owners of certain undivided interests in certain lands purchased or contracted to be purchased by William Woodman afsd, which lands are situated partly in Wayne, Susquehanna and Luzerne Co. PA, that is to say all those lots or pieces of land described in a certain agreement for the purchase and sale thereof made by Michael Meylest, Attorney and executor, dated Scranton October 30, 1855, as follows: namely, "William Gray and Henry Gray lots No.21,22,23,24,45 & 46, Meylests allotment 505 acres and 41 perches. Peter Roker and Henry Gray lots No.2 and 3 Jackson's allotments 164 acres 108 perches unsold land between No.3 Jackson's allotment and Nos.23 & 46 Meytest's allotments, being parts of Henry and William Gray and Peter Roker containing about 230 acres. Samuel Meredith No.2, 223 acres and 80 perches. Henry Roker for and parts of Geo. and Peter Roker 469 acres and 113 perches. That part of Philip Beach unsold lying east of the Turnpike containing about 50 acres. And also all those lots or pieces of land described in a certain assignment? (agsciment?) for the purchase and sale thereof made by and between said William Woodman and Henry Drinker attorney in fact for George Roberts Smith and others and dated Oct. 23, 1855, as follows, situated in Clinton Twp, Wayne Co., being Lots No.3,4,5,6,7,10,11 & 12 .... (and many more parcels not copied here) (pg.663) And whereas the said William Woodman has heretofore granted and conveyed the premises so as aforesaid granted to him and assigned the before mentioned contracts to the said Samuel H? Lane and the said Samuel McLane has by his declaration in writing declared that he holds the same in trust as well for himself as the parties of the first part and others interested in the following proportions of ownership, namely, the said Samuel M. Lane, Alfred Gilmore, James J. Duncan and William A. Sheppard, each one undivided twelfth part thereof and the said William Woodman and William F. Roberts each one undivided sixth part thereof, and the said parties of the second part have sold all their said interest in the said premises except the said William F. Roberts who has sold 1/2 of his interest only to the said party of the second part; now this indenture ... said parties of first part for $1,000 to each of them paid by said G. Talbot Olyphant have sold all their interest to the parcels of land ... except William F. Roberts the 1/2 part of his interest ... /s/ Alfred Gilmore, Louisa L. Gilmore, Jas. J. Duncan, Anne C. Duncan, Wm. F. Roberts, H. Jane Roberts, William Woodman, Mary Jane Woodman, Wm. A. Sheppard, Saml. M. Lane, Nancy H. Lane. Wit. Helen C. Twonpenny?, Anne C. Duncan as to H. Jane Roberts, M.E. Reed, Chas. S. Herring?? as to Mrs. Nancy H. Lane & Louisa L. Getmore, M. Swift as to all. Wit. Wm. Turniss as to wife of William Woodman Mary Jane his wife, Elbert Belloman? .... City of Philadelphia, 9 April 1856, before one of the Alderman for City of Philadelphia, appeared the above named Alfred Gilmore and Louisa L. Gilmore, Jas. J. Duncan & Anne C. Duncan, William F. Roberts & H. Jane Roberts, William Woodman, William A. Shepard, Samuel M. Lane & Nancy H. Lane and ack. the above indenture, and said Louise Ca.. H. Jane and Nancy H., examened apart, released their interest. /s/ M. Swift. State of New York, City and County of New York, on 10 April 1856 before William Furness, a Commissioner Resident in City of New York, appeared Mary Jane wife of William Woodman who ack. the deed ... /s/ William Furness, Commissioner. Recorded Oct. 10, 1856. (FHL film 1,928,001; have jpg image of pages; see Luzerne Co. PA Deed 70-53/58)
      36-242/243: Stephen Keech et al to Martin H. Codeling, Deed. We, William Keech and Eliza Keech his wife and John A. Duncan and Ruth P. his wife of town of Rush, Susquehanna Co. PA, for $130 paid by Martin H. Codding of Town of Pike, Bradford Co. state afsd, sell and quitclaim to said Martin H. Codding all that piece or parcel of land in Rush Twp, Susquehanna Co. PA, beg. at the highway from Riley Cogswell's to the Wyalusing? Creek on the south line of Stephen Ruck's land, then east along lands of Stephen Ruck 55 rods to corner, then south 20 rods along lands of Stephen Ruch to a corner, then west along lands of Wm. Ruch 53 rods to the said highway, then northerly along said highway 20 rods to the beginning, containing 6 acres and 120 perches, more or less, it being a lot lately occupied by John A. Duncan, together with all privileges and appurtenances belonging to him the said M.H. Codding. 30 January 1866. /w/ William (X) Ruch, John A. Duncan, Eliza Ruch, Ruth P. Duncan. Wit. Chas. A. Atwater, Wm. J. Devine. Ack. 30 Jan. 1866 before Chas. A. Atwater, J.P., by William Ruch and Eliza Ruch his wife, and John A. Duncan and Ruth P. Duncan his wife. Recorded June 19, 1866. (FHL film 1,928,122)


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