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"Pennsylvania Archives" Third Series, Vol.I, edited by William Henry Egle, 1894 (Google book; text from Dave Duncan 2/3/2016)
      Minutes of the Board of Property and Other References to Lands in Pennsylvania
      Pg.345-346: MINUTES OF BOARD OF PROPERTY. At a Meeting at the State House on Tuesday the fifteenth Day of September, 1772. present: The Governor, The Secretary, The Surv'r General.
      James Duncan agt Thomas Burney
      About the year 1737, Thomas Burney obtained a Warrant for the disputed place and had a Survey made. And it appears by the Testimony of the Neighborhood that one Henry Milroy and his Heirs under whom James Duncan claims has been in possession upwards of thirty four years. And it also appears by the Testimony of Robert Wright that above eighteen Years ago he heard a Bill of Sale read from Thomas Burney to Henry Millroy for the said Land and by the Testimony of Rebecca Wright that she was present and hear the Bargain made between them. And it also appears by the Testimony of Matthew Smith, William McClure and Samuel Allen That at different times they have heard the said Thomas Burney say he had sold the Land to Henry Millroy to all which Burney can only reply that he had leased the Land to Henry Millroy and Wife during Life, but could give no proof of any such Lease. The Board are of Opinion that the Land shall be confirmed to Duncan upon discharging the Proprietary Demands.

"Pennsylvania Archives" Series Three, Vol.II, ed. by W.H. Egle; pub. 1894 (Google Book; 4/20/2010)
      Minutes of the Board of Property and other references to lands in Pennsylvania including proprietary (old) rights
      Pg.268-269: Caveat Book No.2, Land Office, October 19th 1762. John Duncan enters a Caveat, in behalf of the Widow and Children of Andrew Duncan dece'd, against the Acceptance of a Survey made for James Foster on a Tract of Land adjoining John Duncan in Derry Township, Lancaster County which was granted to him by Warrant of the 3d of February, 1749, the said Duncan alledging that his brother Andrew has a Warrant of an older Date for the same Land. By Order of the Secretary, Richard Tea. To John Lukens, Surveyor General.
      Pg.498: Caveat Book No.5, Land Office, 2d June, 1772. James Duncan enters a Caveat against the Acceptance of a Survey for or granting a Patent to Thomas Burney on his Warrant of 14th February, 1737 for 200 Acres of Land in Paxton Township, Lancaster County alledging that he claims under Henry Mulroy who purchaseed of said Burney. And the last Monday in August next is hereby appointed for a hearing the Parties on the above Caveat Duncan giving Burney at least thirty Days Notice. James Tilghman, Sec'y. To John Lukens, Esq'r, S.G.

"Pennsylvania Archives" Third Series, Vol.X, edited by William Henry Egle, 1896 (Google book 4/20/2010; Google text)
      Commissions Issued by the Province of Pennsylvania with Official Proclamations, Volume Three
      Pg.430-433. Provincial Commissions.
      THOMAS PENN and RICHARD PENN, Esquires, true & absolute Proprietaries & Governors in Chief of the Province of Pennsylvania & Counties of New Castle, Kent and Sussex, on Delaware, To all to whom these Presents shall come. Greeting.
      WHEREAS, a Warrant under the Seal of our Land office, bearing date the ninth day of April, 1750, was granted for laying out 200 Acres of Land in Paxton Township, in the County of Lancaster, for Hugh McCormick on the Terms in the same Warrant mentioned. AND WHEREAS, the said Hugh McCormick by Deed dated the twenty-fifth day of November, 1760, assigned his Right of the said Land unto John Dunkan, of the said Township, and his Son Robert Dunkan, their Heirs and Assigns, for ever. AND WHEREAS, the said Robert Dunkan, by his last Will and Testament bearing date the twenty-fifth day of January, 1766, did devise his Moiety or equal half part of the said Tract of Land unto his Son & only Issue, John Dunkan, As by the said Warrant remaining in our Surveyor General's Office & recited Deed & Will, reference thereto respectively being had, more fully appears. AND WHEREAS, in pursuant of the s'd Warrant a Survey of the said Tract of Land hath been made and returned by our Surveyor General into our Secretary's Office by the description, lines & boundings following, vizt: called Dunkan's Partnership, Beginning at a marked White Oak at the side of a Run, thence by George Clark's Land South eighty-eight degrees, East seventy-two Perches to a marked White Oak, North eighty-four degrees, East seventy-eight Perches to a marked Black Oak, North sixty-nine degrees, East one hundred & four Perches to a marked White Oak at the side of a Run, thence by Joseph Wilson's Land South twenty-eight degrees, East fifty-five Perches to a marked White Oak, thence by Michael Graham's Land South twenty-seven degrees, West seventy-seven Perches to a marked hickory, South twenty degrees, West fifty-six Perches to a marked White Oak, thence by Timothy Shaw's Land South West sixty-four Perches to a marked Black Oak, South sixty-two degrees, West sixteen Perches to a marked White Oak, South twenty degrees, West fourteen Perches to a marked White Oak, South fifty-three degrees, West twenty-one perches to a marked White Oak, thence by William McKnaught's Land South seventy-nine degrees, West fifty-five perches to a marked White Oak, North eighty-four degrees, West seventy-six Perches to a marked white Oak, thence by James Russel's Land North five degrees, West eighty-five perches to a marked Black Oak, South eightyone degrees, West thirty-two perches to a marked White Oak at the side of a Run, thence up said Run 136 Ps. to the place of Beginning, Containing two hundred & Ninety-eight Acres & a quarter & allowance of Six P. Cent, for Roads, &c, As by the said Warrant & Surevy remaining in the Surveyor General's office and from thence certified into our Sacretarie's Office, more fully appears.
      NOW, at the Instance and Request of the said John Dunkan, the Grandfather, that We would be pleased to grant a Patent of Confirmation of the said Tract of Land to him & his said Grandson as Tenants in Common, KNOW YE, that for and in Consideration of the Sum of forty-five Pounds fifteen shillings, lawful Money of Pennsylvania, to our use paid by the s'd John Dunkan, Sen'r, & John Dunkan, Jun'r, the Receipt whereof We hereby acknowledge & thereof do acquit and for ever discharge the said John Dunkan, Sen'r, and John Dunkan, Jun'r, their Heirs and Assigns, by these Presents, and of the Yearly Quit Rent herein after mentioned & reserved, We have given, granted, released and confirmed, and by these Presents for us, our Heirs and Successors, do give, grant, release & Confirm unto the said John Dunkan, Sen'r, and John Dunkan, Jun'r, their Heirs and Assigns, the said Two hundred and ninety-eight Acres & a quarter of an Acre of Land, as the same are now set forth, bounded and limited as aforesaid, with all Mines, Minerals, Quarries, Meadows, Marshes, Savannahs, Swamps, Cripples, Woods, Underwoods, Timber and Trees, Ways, Waters, Water Courses, Liberties, Profits, Commodities, Advantages, Hereditaments & Appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining, & lying within the Bounds and Limits aforesaid Three full & clear fifth parts of all Royal Mines, free from all deductions and reprisals for digging & refining the same and also one fifth part of the Ore of all other Mines delivered at the Pit's Mouth, only excepted and hereby reserved), and also free leave, Right & Liberty to and for the said John Dunkan, Sen'r, & John Dunkan, Jun'r, their Heirs & Assigns, to Hawk, hunt, fish & fowl in and upon the hereby granted Land and Premises or upon any Part thereof. TO HAVE AND TO HOLD one Moiety or equal half part of and in the said Tract of Land & premises (except as before excepted) unto the said John Dunkan, the Grandfather, his Heirs and Assigns, to his & their only Use & Behoof for ever. And to have and to hold the other Moiety or equal half part of & in the said Tract of Land & Premises (except as before excepted), unto the s'd John Dunkan, the Grandson, his Heirs and Assigns, to his and their only use and behoof for ever. TO BE HOLDEN of us, our Heirs & Successors, Proprietaries of Pennsylvania, as of our Manor of Conestogo, in the County aforesaid, in free & common Socage by fealty only in Lieu of all other service, YIELDING and Paying therefore Yearly unto us, our Heirs & Successors, at the Town of Lancaster, in the said County, at or upon the first day of March in every Year, from tho first day of March last, one half penny Sterling for every Acre of the same, or Value thereof in Coin Current, according as the Exchange shall then be between our said Province and the City of London to such person or persons as shall from time to time be appointed to receive the same. AND in Case of Non-payment thereof within Ninety days next after the same shall become due, that then it shall and may be lawful for us, our Heirs & Successors, our and their Receiver or Receivers, into and upon the hereby granted Land & Premises to re-enter & the same to hold & possess until the said Quit Rent and all the Arrears thereof, together with the charges accruing by means of such Non-payment and Re-entry, be fully paid and discharged.
      WITNESS JOHN PENN, Esquire, Lieutenant Governor of the said Province, who by Virtue of certain Powers and Authorities to him for this purpose, inter alia, granted by the said Proprietaries, hath hereunto set his Hand and caused the Great Seal of the said Province to be hereunto affixed at Philadelphia this eighteenth day of June, in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy, in the tenth year of the Reign of King George the Third over Great Britain, &c, and the fifty-second Year of the said Proprietaries Government. JOHN PENN. [L.S.] [Recorded 21st May, 1771.]

Lancaster Co. PA Deed Index 1729-1894 and Deeds (grantor index on FHL film 21,440; grantee index on FHL film 21,444)
      D-201: 9 Nov. 1751, Thomas Dunkan, Yeoman, and wife Elizabeth, of Lancaster Co. PA, to James Moore of same, miller; whereas John Thomas, Margrey Thomas, Anthony Morgan, Elizabeth Morgan, John Jones, Richard Hanthroll, Daniel Thomas, Elinor Thomas, John Floyd, Humphrey Edwards, Jeremiah Osburn, Elizabeth Osburn, Jacob Wills, Evan Williamson, Margret Williamson, Edmond McVeigh, Allice McVeigh, Abram Prat, Jean Prat, Thomas Prat and John Prat, all of Province of PA, came over servants into the said Province at the Setlment thereof, and thereby having severall rights to 50 acres of land each in the said Province by virtue of the Propriators promis in England, did for consideration of £35 15 shillings grant release and confirm all the said land amounting to 1050 acres unto Philip Howell formerly of Philadelphia, taylor, as by deed 18 April 1702 may more fully appear; whereas by virtue of 3 warrants, one for 200 acres dated 9 Nov. 1702, another for 300 acres dated 20 Nov. 1703, and the other for 300 acres dated 20 Nov. 1703, there was surveyed and layed out to aforesaid Philip Howell on 27 Oct. 1709 in part of aforesaid 1050 acres, a certain tract of land in Sudsbury Twp in Chester Co. but since divided and called Lancaster, corner ... crossing Octorara near the fork, adj. land of William Clayton and Thomas Hayward ... 800 acres; Philip Howell owed Henery Brown 10 lbs and Daniel Colet 5 lbs; ... Calvin Cooper and wife Fabey 10 Sept. 1748 granted to Thomas Dunkan; ... adj. Robert Cloud, Evan Evans, Thomas Moore; wit. Thomas Stockton, Hugh Jenkins; recorded 29 Jan. 1755. (FHL film 21,383)
      E-300: 16 Feb. 1748/9, Mary Daughtery release enf. to John Daughterty (carpenter) both of Lancaster Borough, £95, 284 acres in Manchester Twp, adj. Martin Stiller, Godlip Dunkan, John Brubaker, Jacob Kenter, John Haddinp. (FHL film 21,383) (MAD: could not find word ending in a final "p" to compare with "Godlip". Clerk used the old "fs" for a double "p" in the middle of a word.)
      F-331: 14 Feb. 1761, George Kelley of Derry Twp, Lancaster Co. PA, yeoman, and wife Rosanna, to John Duncan of same, yeoman, mortgage of land in Derry Twp; Kelley owes Duncan £54 and also owes others. Mortgage paid 2 May 1768. (FHL film 21,383)
      H-64: 3 Sept. 1762, Denns Connolly of Carlisle, Cumberland Co. PA, and wife Elizabeth, to Robert Duncan of Borough of Lancaster, Lancaster Co. PA, for £195, land. (no description of land). Wit. William White, Robt. Magay. (FHL film 21,384)
      H-79: 4 May 1762, Wm. (X) Brown and wife Mary (X) of Martick Twp, Lancaster Co. PA, to John Duncan of Paxton, Lancaster Co. PA, £146, part to be paid later, 100 acres in Martick Twp. Wit. John Henderson, Robert Erwin, Andw. McAntier. (FHL film 21,384)
      K-79: 25 Nov. 1763, Robert Duncan of Borough of Lancaster, PA, merchant, and wife Elizabeth (X) to Milton Atkinson of same, cutler, land bought from Dennis Connoly, Lot #178 on Queen Street. Wit. Da. Henderson, Lydia Henderson. (FHL film 21,385)
      L-257: 13 June 1766, John Duncan of Derry Twp, Lancaster Co. PA, yeoman, and wife Mary (X) to George Kelley, £161, land in Derry Twp corner John Apple, William Boyde, George Kelly, Patrick Kelly, 121 acres, the larger part of 250 acre patent 12 Feb. 1761 to John Duncan in fee. Wit. Jo'n Campbell, James Morison. (FHL film 21,385)
      Q-497: 10 March 1780, Alexander Duncan of Little Britain Twp, Lancaster Co., yeoman, and wife Susanna, to John Stoner of said twp., £105, 88 acres in Little Britain Twp adj. John Reogh, James Gallaher formerly Archbald Cooper, Isaac Sidwell formerly Henry Parsons, Peters Creek, Daniel Stubbs formerly James Bradley, sold to Alexander Duncan by Redman McMahon 7 March 1757. Wit. William King, Thos. Carmichael. (FHL film 21,387)
      T-190: 1 June 1776, Michael Deibler of Upper Paxton Twp, Lancaster Co., yeoman, to John Duncan of City of Philadelphia, hatter; Deibler owes Duncan; mortgage of land. (FHL film 21,388) (MAD: See Philadelphia Co. will; see also Dauphin Co. PA)
      T-283: 31 May 1777, John Duncan of City of Philadelphia, hatter, above mortgage satisfied. (FHL film 21,388)
      T-283: 31 May 1777, Michael Deibler of Upper Paxton Twp, Lancaster Co., yeoman, to John Duncan of City of Philadelphia, hatter; Deibler owes Duncan; mortgage of another tract of land. (FHL film 21,388)
      X-325: 11 Nov. 1783, John Duncan of Upper Paxton Twp, Lancaster Co., yeoman, and wife Mary (X) to John Gross of townships of Skipjack and Perkoeming, Philadelphia Co., yeoman; £1000, 265 acres sold by William Patterson and wife Esther to John Duncan on 17 March 1779. Wit. Anthy. McCreight, John Thome. (FHL film 21,390)
      A8-414: Whereas James Duncan and Saunders McCullough, admr. of Dr. James Duncan late of Bart? Twp, decd, have this day exhibited to the Registrar's office of Lancaster their account upon the estate of said decd. showing a balance in their hands of $4464.00 distributable among the heirs of said Jas. Duncan decd, viz, James Duncan above named, Robert Duncan and Caroline Duncan, the share of each being $1488; and whereas Robert Duncan and Caroline Duncan by her guardian Cornelius Collins have this day received from Jas. Duncan, one of the administrators aforesaid, their respective portions; receipt. Wit. S.G. Van Camp, Samuel Long. (no date) Recorded 19 April 1853. (862,166)
      L8-103: 23 April 1855, Robert Duncan of Drumore Twp, Lancaster Co. PA, to James Duncan of Bart Twp, Lancaster Co. PA, $300, land in Eden Twp. adj. David Herr, Henry Kehn (Kehrs?), Jacob Hawk, containing 22 perches, which was deeded to Robert Duncan by Sanders McCullough and James Duncan admin. of estate of James Duncan decd, by deed 8 Feb. 1855, by order of Orphan's Court. (no wife) Wit. Robert Evans, Saml. S. Evans. (FHL film 862,172)
      I9-11: 8 Feb. 1855, Sanders McCullough and James Duncan, admin. of estate of Doctor James Duncan, late of Bart Twp, ref. to Orphan's Court 15 Nov. 1852; deed for $300 to Robert Duncan, a 1-1/2 story frame dwelling house and 1/4 acre lot in Bart Twp, being purparts? #2 of real estate of James Duncan decd, adj. Jacob Hawks, David Kers, Henry Ruis? (Ruif?). Wit. Robert Evans, William Wenkel, Jas. C. Ewing? (FHL film 862,185)
      I9-12: 12 Jan. 1865, James Duncan of Eden Twp, Lancaster Co. PA, to John M. Hess of same, $300, land in Eden Twp. adj. David Kerr's heirs, Henry Keehn, Jacob Hawk, being 22 perches, deeded from James Duncan's administrators by deed 8 Feb. 1855. (no wife). Wit. B.C. Kready, Abram Shanke. (FHL film 862,185)
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Lancaster Co. PA Wills (FHL film 21,352 index)
      I/J-92, John Duncan, 1746 (intestate; book not located on film, not in book A)
      B-227: (edges of page missing) Will of James Duncan of Derry Twp, sick and weak in body; to wife (unnamed) £20; also to Mary Duncan (daughter?) £20, to dau. Elizabeth Duncan -- pounds, to dau. Jean Duncan £20, to dau. Margaret Duncan £20, to (son?) Anthony Duncan £30, to son James D(uncan) £30, to son Andrew Duncan £30, to son Joseph Duncan £30; allow my (son?) Anthony, James, Andrew and Joseph to be taught to read and (write?) and the charges paid of my estate; remainder be equally divided; one share to my beloved (bottom line(s) missing; top line(s) missing on next page) ... Thomas ... Rober.. 25 Oct. 1751, /s/ James Duncan; wit. John Duncan, Joseph Hays. Proved March 22, 1750 (1758?) by John Duncan, 22 March 1758, the exec. named in the will having renounced, letters of admin. granted to Jane Duncan, widow of deceased, and John Campbell. (FHL film 21,354; "Abstract of Lancaster Co. PA Wills" 1896, on FHL film 383,292, shows executors as Thomas Logan & Robert Boyd; wife Jean Duncan)
      B-479: Aug. 26, 1760, Jean Duncan (/s/ Jean (J) her mark Dunken) of Derry Twp, Lancaster Co., widow, weak and sick in body; the cloath at the weavers and my cow to be sold as also my? bagging at home to be sold and that each of my three sons Joseph, And. and John have £5 apiece, the remainder of the price be given my son John; if my son Andw. should die before he be 21 years, his share be given to my son John also 2 shillings and 6 pence to my son Anthony, also 2 shillings 6 pence to son James, also to my dau. Elizabeth my big pot and bed gown & puggy(?), also to my dau. Jean the half of my old flax, my faddle and black handkerchief; also to Mr. John Roan one shirt cloath of the June web that is a Jnos.(?) godds (goods?), also I appoint my dau. Margt. Spin and win (Spinandwin?) what yard? may be wanting to the webbs at Thos. Goods and that my said dau. Margt. have all my other goods whatsoever not above ... Appoint John Steel and Patrick Hays executors. Wit. Andrew Roan, Hugh Hays. Proved 9 Sept. 1765 on oaths of wit. (FHL film 21,354)
      B-480: 23 Aug. 1765, James Duncan of Marteck Twp, Lancaster Co. PA, sick and weak of body; to wife Elizabeth 100 lbs in cash and my roan horse with saddle and bridle with her choice of my ?? that is anyone that she pleaseth ... furniture, potts, she to have full power of her own house during her chast widowhood, also her own chist. To son John Duncan all plantation or tract of land whereon he now lives, it being in Shresberry Twp and York Co., with my bay mare known by the name of Blossom; to my son Robert Duncan that plantation or tract of land in Fain Twp which I bought of Frances? ?Hawthorne and also my young bay horse Sally? ... ; to my son James Duncan the plantation which I now live? on in Martek Twp in Lancaster Co, and £30 in cash to pay the proprietors for (the balance of the purchase money still due?), also my bay horse named Book and young sorrel mare with saddle and bridle, also two milck cows and six sheep and one bed and bedcloaths, household etc., my large Bible; to my son Andrew Duncan the plantation of land in Shrewsberry Twp, York Co., with a deed for the same, and my young chestnut coulered horse coalt with sadle & bridle and also one bed & bedcloaths; to my daughter Mary Duncan the wife of Thomas Brown 20 shillings two years after my decease; to Sarah Duncan my daughter, the wife of Robert Martin, 20 shillings two years after my decease; all my cattle and movebels to be sold, to be equally divided between my son John Duncan and my son Robert Duncan, each to have an equal share; toward building a meeting house in Chesnut Level the sum of £6 as I subscribed some time past. Appoint wife Elizabeth Duncan and son John Duncan executors. Wit. James Fagan, Elenor (@) Gill, Robert Gill. /s/ James (X) Duncan, Elizabeth (X) Duncan. Proved 9 Oct. 1765 by James Fagan and Robert Gill; James Duncan called Yeoman in proof of will; letters testamentary granted Elizabeth Duncan and John Duncan. (FHL film 21,354)
      B-602: 10 May 1769, will of Patrick Kelly of Londonderry, Lancaster Co. PA; sick and weak in body; to wife Rachel all my household furniture except hereinafter; she live in dwelling house during lifetime, and horse, saddle and bridle provided for her to ride to Publick worship or elsewhere, and have sufficient flax and hemp saved for her "(and for my daughter Rachel also while single)", and 2 of my cows and six sheep, and she (& dau. Rachel while single) ... Also to my grandson Andrew Kelly son of my son George Kelly 7 shillings 6 pence; to my dau. Anne Fitzpatrick 7 shillings 6 pence; to my son John Kelly all my wearing apparel; to my son Patrick Kelly 1/3 of my plantation; to my son Thomas Kelly 1/3 of my plantation adj. to John Hays? and have liberty of the creek near the Quarry; to my son James Kelly the remaining 1/3 incl. my present dwelling house, and that my two sons Thomas and James live in the house with my wife while it is convenient for them and her and they can live comfortably together, after that then Thomas shall build for himself and my other two sons Patrick and James shall afford him assistance, and James shall build for himself; to my daughter Mary Dunkin 7 shillings 6 pence; to my sons Patrick, Thomas and James to be at equal expense to support my wife; to my daughter Rachel 60 lbs and one horse called "Duke", saddle & bridle, her bed, furniture, the pewter which was bought for her; other moveables divided into three equal shares, 1/3 to son Patrick, 1/3 to Thomas, remaining 1/3 to James; if either of my children Patrick, Thomas, James or Rachel shall marry without their mother's consent if she be alive, they pay £30 out of that child's part to the other four mentioned children; my son James shall have my young horse called Roger. Appoint wife Rachel and son James the only executors; in case of difficulty between them, I allow my son Patrick to be consulted with and his advice taken and complied with. Wit. John Roan, John Hay. Proved 16 Aug. 1769. Rachel Kelly and James Kelly qualified as executors. (FHL film 21,354)
      I-92: 15 Jan. 1746, will of John Duncan of Lancaster Co. PA; sick and weak in body; to my sister's son John Calder my fine hate (sic) and white jacket and drawers and to Michall Cadwich one shilling and one penny. To my wife Ann remainder. Appoint wife Ann executor. Wit. Samuel Caldwell, Isbald (X) (her mark) Luckey. (No proved date) (FHL film 21,358) (MAD: Anjou's manuscript refers to J-92, John and Michael Caldwell, sons of Margaret Duncan and Michael Caldwell; see reference to Orphans Court Record from June Rickets, Will Book I-92, nephew John "Ledler"; "The Duncan Family" by Gustave Anjou, FHL book 929.273 D912a, film 928,019; use this source with extreme caution since there are proven errors)

"Notes and Queries: Historical, biographical and genealogical, chiefly relating to interior Pennsylvania" 3rd Series, Vol.1, by William H. Egle, 1895 (Memphis Public Library book 929.348 N911; from Evelyn Sigler 2/1985)
      Pg.103: James Duncan of Derry, d. Jan. 1761; widow Jean d. Aug. 1765. Children: Mary, Eliz., Jean, Margaret, Anthony, James m. 1758 Mary Kelly, Andrew, Joseph, John m. Mary ----, Benj. m. Rebecca.
      Pg.103: James Duncan of Londonderry, d. before 1807; leaving wife Rebecca who m. Barney Dougherty; children James John, Andrew, Sarah Elizabeth. (MAD: see Dauphin Co. PA)

Lancaster Co. PA Orphans Court Records (index on FHL film 21,368)
      Duncan, John - sale confirmed, pg.48 (MAD: widow Ann, nephew John Ledler, named in Will Book I-1, pg.92, will dated 15 Jan. 1746/7, proved by 4 Feb. 1747/8, land in Dromore Twp.; from "PA Vital Statistics")
      Duncan, Thomas - inquest awarded, pg.200; gdn. appt. 214, inquisition compd. 214
      Dunken, James - citation, 129
      Duncan, John - inquest awarded 34, inquisition confd. 84, gdn. apptd. 324, admin. account 348, gdn. appt. 365, gdn. apptd. 478, admin. account 485
      Duncan, Rachael - gdn. apptd. 478
      Duncan, William, admin. account 164
      no Patrick Kelly Jr. 1794
      MAD: no reference found to James Duncan of Londonderry, wife Rebecca who m. Barney Dougherty, in Notes & Queries 3rd Series, V.1 by Egle; see Dauphin Co. PA
   Quit 1809

Lancaster Co. PA Orphans Court Records
   1760-1763 (FHL film 21,370; typed)
      Pg.200: Orphans Court 1 Feb. 1763: Petition of John Dunkin, eldest son & heir at law of Thomas Dunkin late of Sadsbury Twp in Lancaster Co., Yeoman, decd, that Thomas Duncan died intestate owning 127 acres in Sadsbury Twp and left several children, some of whom are yet minors, that petitioner is willing to pay the shares of the other children for the land; petition to appraise the land and determine if it could be divided among all the children without spoiling the whole.
      Pg.214: Orphans Court, 1st Tuesday March 1763: Ann Duncan, infant over 14, dau. of Thomas Duncan late of Sadsbury Twp, chose John Duncan her brother to be guardian; court appoints Andrew Moor of Sadsbury Twp to be guardian of Elizabeth Duncan and Martha Duncan, minor children under 14 of Thomas Duncan late of Sadsbury decd. Appraisal of land returned; it cannot be divided.
   1768-1772 (FHL film 21,371)
      Pg.129: Orphans court, 15 June 1769; application of James Dunkan, a son and legatee of James Duncan late of Derry Twp decd; the court awards that a citation do issue to John Campbell the surviving admin. with the testament annexed of &c James Duncan aforesaid decd. to appear at orphan's court 1st Tues. Sept. next to pass the account of his administrator (sic) on the estate of said decedent that distribution may be made, agreeable to the testament aforesaid. (No record in Sept. 1769 court)
   1784-1787 (FHL film 21,372)
      Pg.34: 7 Dec. 1784, petition of William Duncan, eldest son of John Duncan, late of Londonderry Twp, Lancaster Co., decd; that John Duncan died intestate leaving issue besides the petitioner ten children; that he owned patented land in Londonderry Twp, 174 acres adj. John Razor, James Kelly, William Hays and James Foster; petitioner is willing and desirous to hold the land and pay the respective shares to the other children in case the land cannot be divided amongst them without spoiling the whole; court appoints a jury to view the land to see if it can be divided.
      Pg.84: 1 March 1785, pursuant to order of 7 Dec. last, return of viewers of land of John Duncan; cannot be divided; worth £704.14; William Duncan, eldest son, on paying or securing to be paid within one year the shares of the other children, shall hold the land. Bond by John Logan of Londonderry.
      Pg.324: 7 June 1786, Thomas Duncan, a "minor son of John Duncan of John Duncan" (sic) late of London Derry Twp, above age 14, chooses James Kelly of same Twp as guardian.
      Pg.348: 5 Sept. 1786, William Duncan, adm. of John Duncan, late of Londonderry Twp, decd, produced acct. of admin.
      Pg.365: 7 Sept. 1786, Rebecca Duncan, a minor dau. of John Duncan, over 14, chooses James Kelly of same Twp as guardian.
      Pg.478: 5 Sept. 1787, David Duncan, a minor son of John Duncan late of London Derry Township deceased, being above the age of 14 years, chooses James Duncan of the same Twp, guardian over his estate during his minority and the court approves and appoints the said James Duncan his guardian accordingly.
            The Court appoints James Kelly of London Derry Twp guardian over the estates of Mary Duncan and Richard Duncan minor children of Rachel Duncan late of the same township decd during their minorities and they being severally under the age of 14 years. (MAD: pg.485 shows distribution to Mary and "Rachel" Duncan, minor children of Rachel Duncan; clear writing both places.)
      Pg.485: 6 Sept. 1787, William Duncan, admin. of estate of John Duncan, late of London Derry Twp, decd, produced account of administration on estate of said deceased; balance of £519.14.02; court decreed amount be distributed agreeable to law: To William Duncan, eldest son of deceased (£86.10.4), to Sophia the wife of John Glover (£43.5.2 to Sophia and each of the following), Mary wife of John Riddle, Hanna wife of Aaron Cotter, John Duncan, James Duncan, Thomas Duncan, David Duncan, Rebecca Duncan, Margaret Duncan, and to Mary and Rachel Duncan minor children of Rachel Duncan decd (£43.5.2. to the two children together).
   1788-1791 (FHL film 21,372)
      Pg.164: 2 Sept. 1789, Peter Sturgeon and wife Rebecca late Rebecca Duncan, administrators of estate of William Duncan, late of Paxton Twp, decd; produced account; balance £66.4.2; to be paid 1/3 to Peter Sturgeon and wife Rebecca; 2/3 to Jane Duncan.

Lancaster Co. PA Misc. Books, Orphans Court (1742-1850 & later index on FHL film 21,372)
   1809-1825 - no Duncan
   1825-1828 (FHL film 21,376)
      Pg.149: 6 April 1826, on petition of Jesse T. Duncan a minor late of Town of Shippensburg, Cumberland Co., now residing in town of Lancaster, that Irvine Wallace the brother in law of the petitioner was appointed by Orphans Court of Cumberland Co. as guardian of person and estate of petitioner, who was not yet 14, now petitioner prays the court to appoint his uncle Doctr. Alexander Stewart of Shippensburg as his guardian in the room of said Irvine Wallace who now resides in the Western Country. Petition read in court, guardian appointed as prayed for.
   1828-1850 - no Duncan
   1850-1852 (FHL film 941,237)
      Pg.458: 18 Nov. 1851, petition of Caroline Duncan, minor child of Dr. James Duncan (decd) late of Bart Twp; she has no guardian; ask Cornelius Collins be appointed as guardian; appointed Nov. 18, 1851.
      Pg.597: 14 July 1852, petition of James Duncan, Robert Duncan and Caroline Duncan by her guardian (blank) Collins, children and heirs of James Duncan late of Bart twp. decd, he died leaving the 3 petitioners, and owning real estate, 2 lots, 1/2 and 1/4 acre, in Bart Twp; ask for appointment of George W. Hensel, James C. Ewing, Alex. S. Ewing, Thomas Moderwell, Stephen J. Hamilton, James Montgomery, and Daniel Lefever to make partition if possible. Court appointed them; their return: could not divide land; appraisal: Lot #1, 1/2 acre and 2 story stone dwelling house, $1000; Lot #2, 1/4 acre and story and a half frame dwelling house, $500; dated 30 Aug. 1852; same to be sold by order of court by Saunders McCollought and James Duncan, adm. of James Duncan decd; land was sold. Pg.642: Lot #1 sold to Robert Duncan for $860; lot #2 to same for $300; Robert Duncan was highest bidder for each. 15 Nov. 1852, court confirmed sale.
   1852-1858 - no Duncan

Lancaster Co. PA index & abstracts of orphans court records 1742-1860 (FHL film 383,286 item 2)
      No Patrick Kelly Jr. 1794

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