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HISTORIES before 1923

1887 "History of Franklin Co. PA" by Warner, Beers & Co. (from Florence Dyess 3/1987)
      Pg.153-4: Taxables' names 1751 and 1752, Antrim Twp, which embraced the territory now in Antrim, Washington & Quincy Twp: David Duncan, James Finley, ...
            Lurgan Twp, which then included the present townships of Lurgan, Letterkenny, Southampton and Greene: ... Alexander Culbertson (other Culbertson), Isaac Grier (other Grier).
      Pg.241: Gordon's Company, March 1, 1814: Privates ... Adam Duncan.
      Pg.389-90: The "Public Opinion" ... prepared a sketch touching the condition of the town in 1864 and 1886: In taking up that portion of the list of persons who have been called to another world, and who were engaged in business or lived in Chambersburg when the fire (MAD: apparently 1864) occurred, ...: Catharine R. Duncan ...
            It was a rather peculiar circumstance that all of the lawyers resident in Chambersburg, practicing at the bar at that time, suffered the loss of their libraries. They were ... C.M. Duncan ...
      Pg.393: State Legislators, Supreme Executive Council, Senate ... By the act of May 20, 1857, Adams, Franklin and Fulton were made a senatorial district, and given one senator. The senators were ... 1869-1871: Calvin M. Duncan, of Franklin.
      Pg.422: List of attorneys, date of term of their admission to the bar: William A. Duncan, May 7, 1879 (Pg.419+)
      Pg.425: William Findlay, fourth governor of PA, was born at Mercersburg, June 30, 1768. He served as State representative from 1797 to 1807; State treasurer 1807-17; governor 1817-20; US senator 1822-28; treasurer of US mint at Philadelphia 1828-41.
      Pg.566: Among the earliest settlers in the county and in Lurgan Twp was Thomas Pomeroy, who came about the year 1730. He was the owner of a large tract of land about 2 miles from Roxbury on the Newbury road. He reared a family of 8 children, 4 sons and 4 daughters. He died about 1770. His widow Margaret died in 1777. The sons were Thomas, John, George and Samuel. One of the daughters married a Mr. Doyle and another married Mr. Duncan. Except Thomas, who remained on the old homestead, the sons all went West. He was born in Lurgan Twp. in 1733, so far as we now can know, the first white child born in the township.
      Pg.594: Early Land Entries. ... Capt. Robert Peebles (in right of Adam Hoops), August 25, 1753; Neighbors: Daniel Duncan, John Johnston, James Culbertson.
      Pg.595: Southampton Twp. Freemen: Samuel Duncan. (no date given)
      Pg.598: Greene Twp. Greenvillages. This place was founded in 1793, by Samuel Nicholson. ... Mathew Duncan bought land of Jonathan Hirst and settled in the village in 1801. ...
            Pg.600: Here in September 1795 a general meeting was held ... the following persons were present ... Thomas Duncan ...
      Pg.635-6: Borough of Chambersburg: AUGUSTUS DUNCAN, Chambersburg, was born in Franklin Twp, Adams Co. PA, March 8, 1829, son of A.S.E. and Mary (Mark) Duncan. He was educated in the public schools and the preparatory department of Franklin & Marshall College, then at Mercersburg, PA. Prior to completing his education he had learned the carpenter's trade. Our subject was married in 1853 to Florence Rowan. The same year he moved to Guilford Twp, this county, where he took charge of the Duncan Mills, at Falling Springs, which he conducted until 1860 .... To Mr. and Mrs. Duncan were born three children, two of whom died in infancy, and one, a daughter, at the age of 15. Mrs. Duncan departed this life in 1860. ...
      Pg.757-8: Fannett Twp: JOHN STAKE, retired farmer, born October 16, 1812 ... February 5, 1840, he married Nancy Culbertson, who was born July 9, 1816, at the "knob" in Amerson's Valley, the 4th daughter and 7th child of Robert and Nancy (Bleckenridge) Culbertson. Her paternal grandfather was Robert Culbertson, who married Ann Duncan. Mrs. Nancy (Bleckenridge) Culbertson was a daughter of John Bleckenridge. ....
      Pg.893-4: Quincy Twp: GEORGE SMITH, farmer, P.O. Mont Alto, was born in Huntington Twp, Adams Co. PA, Feb. 16, 1818, the youngest of the family of Jacob (a farmer) and Margaret (Fleeger) Smith, former of whom a son of Balcher Smith, died about 1856, at the advanced age of 80 years. On October 2, 1847, he married Martha Duncan, who was born in Cashtown, Adams Co. PA, a daughter of Adam Duncan. After marriage he resided two years in Adams Co., then sold his interest (in a farm) to his brother and rented two years. In 1852 he located on the farm he now owns near Mont Alto, ... He and Mrs. Smith have three children living: Mary Ann L., wife of John R. Avery; Clara D., and Lunetta M., wife of James Zug. Mr. Smith is a Republican; he and his wife are members of the Reformed Church.

"Biographical annals of Franklin County, Pennsylvania : containing genealogical records of representative families, including many of the early settlers, and biographical sketches of prominent citizens." (anonymous); pub. Chicago: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1905, 778 pgs. (LH687, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL book 974.844 D3b pt.1-2 and film 908,210 item 4; pg.638 from Kathy Cawley 11/2005)
      Pg.7: Benjamin Chambers (born at Chambers' Mills, in 1755, died Dec. 29, 1813) son of Col. Benjamin and Jane (Williams) Chambers, ... Captain Chambers married, June, 1783, Sarah Brown (born in 1759 - died July 27, 1837), daughter of George and Agnes (Maxwell) Brown, of Brown's Mill. They had issue: ... 5. Thomas, moved to Danville about 1840. He married Catharine Duncan, daughter of Judge Thomas Duncan, of Carlisle; they had issue: Benjamin died when a young man; Emma died unmarried at Saratoga; and Mary married Col. Timothy Bryan (a graduate of the Military Academy at West Point, distinguished in the Civil war), and they had Benjamin Chambers, U.S.N., Annie, and Fannie.
      Pg.11: George Chambers (born Chambersburg, Feb. 24, 1786 - died March 25, 1866) ... He studied law with William M. Brown, Esq., in Chambersburg, and with Judge Duncan, in Carlisle, and was admitted to the Franklin County Bar, Nov. 9, 1807. ...
      Pg.36: minor 1893 mention, not copied.
      Pg.52-53: Rippey Family. Samuel Rippey (born in Ireland, probably at Maguire's Bridge, in 1713, died near Middle Spring, Aug. 22, 1791), son of Hugh Rippey the pioneer, came to Shippensburg with his father, Hugh, in 1732-33 ... According to a genealogy prepared by the late Hon. John McCurdy, of Shippensburg, he married Jane Grabil Allen. If this is correct she must have been his first wife, and the name of his second wife Rachel Armstrong. Samuel and Rachel Rippey had issue: (4) Jane married James Finley (died in Greene township in 1812), and had issue: Samuel, John, James, William, Elizabeth (married Stephen Duncan), Isabel (married James Galbraith), Mary (married Joseph Culbertson) and Jane (married Samuel A. Rippey). ....
            Information from Michael Gilbreath 12/6/2009: He has been to the Middle Spring Presbyterian Church, Shippensburg, Cumberland Co. PA. These two stones are next to each other:
            In memory of Samuel Rippey, Sinior, who Departed this Life the 22nd day of August 1791 in the Seventy eighth Year of his Age.
            Isabella Rippey, The wife of Samuel Rippey, Who departed this life on the 10th day of March 1778 In the 59th Year of her Age.
      Pg.55: William Rippey (died in 1821), youngest son of Capt. William Rippey, was a county commissioner of Franklin county, 1818-21. He married Lucy Piper; they had issue: William married Rebecca Staryalient; Duncan married Elizabeth Watts; Elizabeth married Joseph Bender; Sarah married Peter Dock; Joseph married Mary St.Clair; Sue married Rev. Thomas Doughterty. ....
      Pg.65: Robert Sharp (born in Ireland) emigrated to Pennsylvania with his parents, ... during the Revolution, he was a wagoner in the Continental army with his brother, Alexander. He married Jane Boyd, and had issue: (3) James married (first) Elizabeth Orr, and had issue: two daughters: Letitia, who married John Dougherty, and had Elizabeth (who married Wallace Gallagher), Mary E., Bell L. (who married Milton Duncan) and W.M.; and Margaret, who married ...
      Pg.66: Agnes Sharp, daughter of Thomas and Margaret (Elder) Sharp, married Moses Hemphill, and they had issue: (2) James (born Jan. 10, 1770 - died July 25, 1852) married first Sept. 3, 1795, Cynthia Jack (born in 1768 - died Feb. 19, 1827), daughter of James and Jane Jack. They had issue ... and Julia Ann married April 4, 1837, William Duncan.
      Pg.128-130: CULBERTSON FAMILY. JOSEPH CULTERTSON (born in "Culbertson's Row," at Ballygan, County Antrim, Ireland - died in "Culbertson's Row," December, 1784), was one of three Irish brothers who settled in the Cumberland Valley in what is now Franklin county, at a very early period, certainly before 1743. (MAD: more on Culbertson family, not copied) Joseph Culbertson married Mary Breckinridge, a sister of James Breckinridge, who settled in "Culbertson's Row," ..., of Alexander Breckinridge, who went to Virginia and was the ancestor of the Breckinridge family of Virginia and Kentucky; and of William Breckinridge, who settled on the farm on which the Rocky Spring Church was built. Joseph and Mary (Breckinridge) Culbertson had issue: ... 3. ROBERT (II). 4. MARGARET married a Duncan. ...
            (II) ROBERT CULBERTSON (born in "Culbertson's Row," July 23, 1755 - died in August, 1801), son of Joseph and Mary (Breckinridge) Culbertson, was a captain in Col. Joseph Armstrong's Battalion (the 5th) of Associators, September, 1776; lieutenant-colonel 1st Battalion, Cumberland County Associators, July 31, 1777; lieutenant-colonel 1st Battalion of Militia, May 14, 1778; after the reorganization, he was commissioned major 6th Battalion of Militia May 10, 1780. .... He lived on a farm in "Culbertson's Row," adjoining that of his father. Col. Culbertson married in 1778, Ann Duncan (died in West Hanover township, Dauphin county, June, 1827), daughter of William and Jane Duncan, of Middle spring; they had issue: 1. JOSEPH (III). 2. WILLIAM, born Sept. 15, 1780, died in 1785. 3. ROBERT, born July 16, 1782, died after 1860. 4. ALEXANDER, born in 1784, died April, 1809. 5. SAMUEL DUNCAN (IV). 6. WILLIAM, born Dec. 12, 1787, died July 1824. 7. STEPHEN (born July 15, 1790 - died July, 1824) .... 8. JOHN CRAIGHEAD (born Sept. 19, 1791 - died in 1860) .... 9. MARY (born April 9, 1793 - died in 1852) married Dec. 18, 1810, Wilson Hays .... 10. DANIEL, born April 15, 1795, died in 1808. 11. ANN (born April 18, 1797) married May 17, 1821, Alexander McCreight. 12. JAMES, born Oct. 12, 1799, died in 1873. ... (III) JOSEPH CULBERTSON (born Feb. 27, 1779 - died July 26, 1858), son of Col. Robert and Ann (Duncan) Culbertson, became a merchant in Chambersburg, ... He married (first) April 12, 1804, Mary Finley (born in 1780 - died April 2, 1817), daughter of Capt. James Finley. They had issue ... 4. CYRUS DUNCAN (born in 1812 - died in 1870) removed to Pittsburgh, ... Mr. Culbertson married (second) Frances Stewart (born near Harrisburg, Feb. 12, 1785 - died Nov. 27, 1867). They had issue ... (IV) SAMUEL DUNCAN CULBERTSON (born in "Culbertson's Row," Franklin county, Feb. 21, 1786 - died in Chambersburg, Aug. 25, 1865), son of Col. Robert and Ann (Duncan) Culbertson, received a classical education at Jefferson College, Canonsburg. ... began to practice (medicine) in Chambersburg in 1810 ... (MAD: more on Culbertson family not copied)
      Pg.156-157: David Mahon (born in 1744 - died Oct. 5, 1813), son of Archibald and Jean Mahon, was a prominent merchant and leading citizen of Shippensburg. He married Sarah (born in 1746 - died Dec. 23, 1834), surname not ascertained. They had issue: (1) Samuel married, June 2, 1792, Anne Duncan, and they had issue, Mary, John and David.
      Pg.232-233: William Skinner (born Nov. 15, 1757 - died May 8, 1856), son of John and Mary Skinner, was a farmer in Path Valley. He bought 434-3/4 acres of land that was afterward divided into four farms. The original warrant for this tract was granted to Thomas Blair, June 3, 1762. Mr. Skinner married Martha Duncan (born Dec. 4, 1759 - died Dec. 1, 1845); they had issue: William, Stephen, John, David Duncan, Enoch, Daniel, Nancy married Morrow, Mary married Lawrence Hammond, Martha married James Stark. (MAD: more on most children not copied)
      Pg.638-641: DUNCAN FAMILY. SETH DUNCAN (born in Scotland about 1724) went to County Donegal, Ireland, but about 1750 emigrated to Pennsylvania. He first settled in Lancaster county, but late in life removed to Abbottstown, York (now Adams) county. He was twice married. The name of his first wife was Reinhold, and she was of a noteworthy German family of Lancaster county. They had issue:
            1. JAMES was appointed second lieutenant in the 2d Canadian (Hazen's) Regiment, Nov. 3, 1776; he was promoted to be first lieutenant, April 8, 1777, and captain, March 25, 1778. He retired Jan. 1, 1783.
            2. MATTHEW was a volunteer in the Canada expedition, under Col. Benedict Arnold, in 1775, and was taken prisoner in the assault upon Quebec, on the last day of that year. While he was a prisoner he was commissioned, Jan. 5, 1776, captain in the 5th Pennsylvania Battalion, Col. Magaw, and was reported in the rolls of the 6th Regiment, Pennsylvania Line, Feb. 18, 1777, a prisoner on parole.
            3. WILLIAM (born in Adams county Oct. 14, 1772 - died Feb. 16, 1864) was a merchant in Philadelphia. He was superintendent of U.S. military stores at the Philadelphia arsenal in 1812, ... For many years he was a member of the Legislature from Philadelphia. He was surveyor of customs at the port of Philadelphia, 1829-38. He was one of the founders of Jefferson Medical College. He married (first) Oct. 31, 1792, Mary Moulder (died in 1818), daughter of William Moulder; (second), 1822, Sarah Moulder (died in 1832), sister of his first wife; and (third) Anna C. (Peale) Staughton, daughter of James Peale, and widow of William Staughton, D.D.
            4. ABNER L. was admitted to the Philadelphia Bar, Feb. 26, 1798; he removed to New Orleans, where he rose to eminence at the Bar. He was one of Gen. Jackson's aids at the battle of New Orleans, ...
            5. HANNAH married John Nicholson, comptroller-general of Pennsylvania, 1782-94, and escheator-general, 1787-95. He was an extensive landowner in Pennsylvania, ... ... the greater part of his land reverted to the Commonwealth. Among these were two tracts sold in Chambersburg July 15, 1807, the original warrants for which were in the names of Matthew and Seth Duncan. These tracts were described as on the "head waters of Conedwinnett." Mr. Nicholson died in the debtors' prison in Philadelphia in 1800.
            6. MARTHA married June 23, 1791, William Moulder. He was appointed an associate judge of the court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia, Aug. 2, 1813, and he was treasurer of Philadelphia county, 1827-30.
            Mr. Duncan married (second) Christiana Bedinger (Bittinger), of Adams county; they had issue:
            1. JOHN (born in 1779 - died in 1851) was a physician; he lived at Duncan's Mill, on the Falling Spring, until late in life, when he removed to Adams county, where he died. He amassed a large fortune for that period, amounting to about $200,000. He never married.
            2. POLLY died in 1817.
            3. ADAM S.E. (II)
            (II) ADAM SETH ENOS DUNCAN (born in Adams county, in 1789 - died in 1840), son of Seth and Christiana (Bedinger) Duncan, served in the war of 1812 ... After the war he taught school for a while, and later returned to Adams county, where he was a farmer and merchant at Cashtown, in Franklin township. He married (first) Mary White, of Lancaster county; they had issue:
            1. MARY married (first) Moses B. Meals; (second) John W. Reges.
            Mr. Duncan married (second), in 1815, Mary Mark (born in 1798 - died in 1880), daughter of Peter and Anna Maria Mark; they had issue:
            1. MARTHA (born April 16, 1816 - died 1859) married Oct. 2, 1847, George Smith (born Feb. 16, 1818 - died 1898), son of Jacob and Margaret (Fleeger) Smith, of Adams county. He was a farmer. In 1852 he settled on the farm near Mount Alto, Quincy township, which he afterward owned. He also acquired the ownership of Duncan's Mill, on the Falling Spring, now known as Smith's Mill. ... (MAD: children not copied)
            2. SUSAN ELIZA, born July 8, 1819; died in infancy.
            3. ANNA MARIA, born Dec. 8, 1822, died Dec. 9, 1843.
            4. JOHN MONROE, born May 6, 1825, died Oct. 8, 1851.
            5. ABNER JACKSON, born Sept. 15, 1827, died in infancy.
            6. AUGUSTUS (III)
            7. CALVIN MARK (born May 28, 1831 - died March 22, 1894) was graduated at Franklin and Marshall College in 1856. He studied law in Chambersburg, and was admitted to the Franklin County Bar, April 12, 1858. He was elected to the State Senate in 1865, and re-elected in 1868. He married Dec. 16, 1858, Mary Grace Metzger (born in 1840), daughter of Jacob and Ana (Downing) Metzger, of Lancaster; they had issue: William Augustus, born Oct. 1, 1859, died Sept. 22, 1893; Calvin Mark, born Aug. 31, 1861; Francis Metzger, born Sept. 18, 1865; Robert Spencer, born Sept. 30, 1868; and John McClurg, born Nov. 9, 1874.
            8. JOANNA, born Nov. 21, 1833, died aged nine years.
            9. WILLIAM ADDISON (born Feb. 2, 1836 - died Nov. 14, 1884) was graduated at Franklin and Marshall College in 1857, and was admitted to the Adams County Bar in 1859. He was prosecuting attorney of Adams county, 1862-65, and 1868-71. He was elected to the XLVIIIth Congress in 1882, but died before the expiration of his term. He married Catherine Schmuker, daughter of Dr. Samuel S. and M. Catherine (Sheenberger) Schmuker; they had issue: Charles M., born April 2, 1864, a lawyer at Gettysburg; William M., born July 14, 1865; John S., born July 7, 1867; and Schmuker.
            (III) AUGUSTUS DUNCAN (born at Cashtown, Adams County, March 8, 1829), son of Adam S.E. and Mary (Mark) Duncan, is the only survivor of his family. He was educated in the public schools and in the preparatory department of Marshall College, at Mercersburg. In 1853 he came to Guilford township, where he took charge of the Duncan Mills, on the Falling Spring, which he conducted until 1860 ... After relinquishing the mill he removed to Chambersburg. In 1867 he became one of the purchasers of the "Valley Spirit" newspaper, which he conducted in conjunction with John M. Cooper and William S. Stenger, and later under the firm name of Duncan & Stenger, until 1876. Since the latter year he has led a retired life ... Mr. Duncan married, in 1853, Florence Rowan (died in January, 1860), daughter of Mrs. Catherine Rowan. Children:
            1. ANNIE HELEN died aged fifteen years.
            2. JEANETTE died aged three years.
            3. FLORENCE died when one year old.
      Pg.646: George Kyner (died aged 90 years), son of Conrad and Elizabeth (Stumbaugh) Kyner, was a farmer and owned a farm in Southampton township. He married (first) Miss Nye; they had issue (MAD: 4 children); Mr. Kyner married (second) Dec. 10, 1822, Mary Shields (died at Shippensburg, aged 85 years), daughter of John and Jane (Thomson) Shields; they had issue: (2) Euphemia C. married Alexander Duncan.

"The Kittochtinny magazine : a tentative record of local history and genealogy west of the Susquehanna. v. 1, Jan.-Oct. 1905." (Franklin Co. PA) by G.O. Seilhamer; pub. Chambersburg, Pa.: G.O. Seilhamer, 1905, 438 pgs. (LH 690, HeritageQuest images 6/2007; FHL fiche 6,045,265)
      Marriages by Rev. David Denny, Falling Spring, (Chambersburg), 1800-44.
      Pg.160: 1833, Sept.12, Brooks, James, to Julia Duncan (Col.)
      Pg.164: 1808, May 19, Duncan, Benjamin to Polly Thompson.
            1833, Sept. 12, Duncan, Julian, to James Brooks (Col.)
            1811, Mar. 19, Duncan, Polly, to Mordecai Morrison
            1821, Sept. 4, Duncan, Washington, to Mary Peech.
      Pg.245-246: Along the Falling Spring, some early surveys ... The mill lands were in two pieces of about 15 acres each, one adjoining the Nancy Lindsay tract, and the other contiguous to the lands of John Lindsay ... David Andrew sold the mill properties to Peter Eberly, April 3, 1822, and Eberly's executors conveyed to Dr. John Duncan, March 31, 1838. Dr. Duncan came from Adams county, and lived in the stone house, still standing at the intersection of the New Franklin road. The house was probably built by David Andrew soon after the Revolution ... The mill, known as Duncan's for nearly half a century, was apparently the second Andrew mill on the upper Falling Spring, ... In 1852, the Duncan mill, then owned by Augustus Duncan, a nephew of Dr. Duncan, was rated at $6,500. Fifty years ago it was one of the second best flouring mills on the stream, outside of Chambersburg, ...
      Pg.288: CHAMBERS family of Chambersburg. ... FRANCIS, born in 1772, died in 1808, succeeded his father as a merchant at Shippensburg, in partnership with his brother Ebenezer. He married Sarah Duncan, daughter of Stephen Duncan; they had issue: Elizabeth, Mary, m. Charles S. Carson; Ellen Duncan, m. William McClure; James Parker, m. Harriet, daughter of Dr. Daniel Drake, of Cincinnati; and Samuel Duncan.
      Pg.292: THOMAS CHAMBERS, born at Chambersburg, 1800-01, died at Danville, Pa., son of Capt. Benjamin and Sarah (Brown) Chambers, was a manufacturer and conducted a fulling mill in Chambersburg for a number of years, but he removed to Danville about 1840. Mr. Chambers married Catharine Duncan, daughter of Judge Thomas and Patty (Callender) Duncan; they had issue: Benjamin, born Nov. 14, 1829; died July 16, 1849; Ruhamah, died unm. at Saratoga; Mary, mar. Timothy Bryan. (pg.417) Mary Chambers, daughter of Thomas and Catharine (Duncan) Chambers, married Timothy M. Bryan (born in 1832, died at Vincentown, N.J., April 8, 1881), who was graduated at the Military Academy at West Point in 1855. ... (MAD: more on his military service)

1881 "History of Stark County, with an Outline Sketch of Ohio" by William Henry Perrin (FHL book 977.162 H2p; some minor references not copied)
      Pg.980: P.J. Palmer, farmer, P.O. McDonaldsville, is the son of Michael and Jane (Duncan) Palmer, who were of German descent, father born in Maryland. He was a hatter by trade, having learned his trade at Chambersburg [Franklin Co.], PA, after which he went to Funkstown [?Funk town, Wayne Co. OH?], and opened up business for himself. About 1831 or 1832 he removed his family to Stark Co. and engaged in farming. His family are: Matilda, wife of John Pletz; Peter J., Melinda, wife of B. Ryan; Margaret, wife of B. Williams; George W.; Lewis William; Caroline, Mrs. Coryagon; Emma, Mrs. Tryvalbiss, and Odell. The family are all living in other states but Peter J., our subject, who has lived in Jackson Twp since 1832. In 1845 he married Caroline Page, widow of Oliver Page, 5 children ...

1893 "Portrait and Biographical Record, Dickinson, Saline, McPherson and Marion Cos. KS" pub. by Chapman Bros. (FHL book 978.15 D3p)
      Pg.349-50: BENJAMIN F. DUNCAN, President of the National Bank in Lindsborg (McPherson Co.), son of James W. and Christina (Forney) Duncan, hated slavery, one of earliest settlers in Andrew Co. MO, and carried on the milling business there until 1878 when he retired, later removing to Oregon (Holt Co.), MO, where he resided until his death. During the period from 1842 to 1860, a turbulent time in MO, James Duncan took a pronounced stand in opposition to slavery ... The Duncan family, both parents being natives of PA, the former born in Franklin Co. in 1815 and a miller by occupation, the latter born the same year, emigrated to OH in 1833 and settled in Wayne Co. where our subject was born May 28, 1837. He was the eldest of ten children, six of whom are now living. A lad when the family moved to MO, Benjamin received but limited school advantages. He early learned the miller's trade from his father, and remained home until the breaking out of the Civil War. He enlisted in Union Army, March 1862, Co. F, 4th MO Cavalry, and was made Corporal of the company ... served until April, 1863, discharged on account of disability. Then engaged in dry-goods business in Fillmore, MO, for 3 years, then went to farming in Andrew Co. MO for six years. In 1872 to KS, settled in Union Twp, McPherson Co., purchased his father-in-law's interest in a homestead claim, filed a soldier's claim to SE quarter Sec. 26. ... Mr. Duncan married March 30, 1875, to Miss Edith C. Bean, dau. of Nathan and Rachel (Jenkens) Bean, both since decd. Mrs. Duncan was born Sept. 24, 1844 in Clinton Co. OH. She, with her family, emigrated to MO, where she married our subject. They have suffered the loss of their one and only child. ... Republican, Methodist Episcopal Church, McPherson Post #87, G.A.R. ... (MAD: mar. Wayne Co. OH 1838, possibly 1840 Medina Co. OH census, not identified 1850)

1885 "History of Fayette County, Indiana : containing a history of the county; its townships, towns, villages, schools, churches, industries, etc; portraits of early settlers and prominent men; biographies; etc." pub. by Warner, Beers & Co. (FHL book 977.2623 H2hi)
      Pg.270: William A. Duncan, farmer, Harrison Township, native of PA, born in Franklin Co. Jan. 26, 1826. His parents, Joseph and Jane (MacNichols) Duncan, came to this State in 1850; his father, a native of PA, died May 4, 1860; his mother died Dec. 15, 1858. Our subject had very limited education. He mar. June 25, 1861, to Miss Mary Fallon, born in 1831, dau. of John and Ann (Padden) Fallen, natives of Ireland, who reside in Liberty, had following children: Joseph, Maggie, John, James (died Jan. 24, 1882), Jane (died Feb. 24, 1882). Mrs. Duncan was brought up a Catholic.

"Chronography of notable events in the history of the Northwest Territory and Wayne County [Michigan] : period embraced, 1531-1890 : together with biographical sketches of the early explorers and pioneers" by Fred Carlisle; pub. Detroit: O.S. Gulley, Bornman & Co., printers, 1890, 487 pgs. (LH5017; HeritageQuest 5/2007; FHL fiche 6,072,241)
      Pg.176-178: JAMES A. VAN DYKE, was born in Franklin county, PA, December 10, 1833 (MAD: changed in ink or pencil to 1813) He was the eldest son of William VanDyke, whose ancestors were among the first builders of New Armsterdam, ... subsequently settled in Pennsylvania, where James A. VanDyke was born. The mother of James was Nancy Duncan. On the paternal side, her ancestors were from Scotland, and located in the mountainous county of Cumberland, Pennsylvania. William and Nancy Duncan VanDyke had six children: Lambert, who settled and died in Red Run county, Texas; Ellen, who lived and died in her native county and State; William R., who also lived and died in the county of his birth; John H. (who became a lawyer), and Samuel W., who removed to Wisconsin, where they both died, and James A., the subject of this memorial, who, after being fitted by private tutors, entered Mercer College, Pennsylvania, in 1828, from which he graduated with high honors in 1832 ... In December, 1835, he married Elizabeth, daughter of the late Hon. Peter Desnoyers, ... He departed this life at his home, May 7th, 1855.

1880 "Memorial record of the fathers of Wisconsin : containing sketches of the lives and career of the members of the constitutional conventions of 1846 and 1847-8 : with a history of early settlement in Wisconsin" by Horace A. Tenney, pub. Madison, Wis.: D. Atwood, 1880 (part from Kathy D. Cawley 12/2006 and part from images on HeritageQuest 1/2007)
      Pg.122-123. HON. DAVID NOGGLE. DAVID NOGGLE was born in Franklin county, Pennsylvania, October 9, 1809. His father, JOSEPH NOGGLE, was of Dutch descent, and his mother, whose maiden name was MARY DUNCAN, of Scotch-Irish ancestry. School and academies were rare at the period in most parts of the country, so that he had no opportunities for education beyond what were furnished by common schools, and his time spent in even these rudimentary institutions was very limited; notwithstanding which, by almost unaided efforts and tireless perseverance, he overcame the difficulties of his surroundings sufficiently to fit himself as a teacher. His general occupation prior to 1838 was that of farming, but, diligent use of his time, he fitted himself for the bar, to which he was admitted by the supreme court of Illinois, and took at once a high and commanding position in the profession.
            In 1846, he was elected a member of the first Constitutional Convention, from the county of Rock, in which he was selected as chairman of the committee on corporations other than banking and municipal, the duties of which position were admirably and acceptably discharged, and he (pg.123) became prominent as one of the leading men of the body.
            In 1854, he was elected a member of the assembly from the city of Janesville, to which place he had removed in 1850, and was re-elected to the same position in 1857. He was subsequently elected judge of the first judicial district to fill the unexpired term of Judge KEEP, who died in office, and was re-elected to the same position for a full term. In 1869 he was appointed chief justice of Idaho, but after five years of active service was compelled to resign on account of failing health and growing infirmity that incapacitated him from further active life.
            Mr. NOGGLE possessed strong mental power and decided ability. Had he enjoyed the benefits of a classical training in his youth, his energy and push would have insured him a national reputation among the greatest men of the land. Yet with but slight educational opportunities added to extraordinary difficulties at the beginning of his career, he nevertheless reached positions which many of higher culture would have attained with difficulty. In all positions of trust, it is but just to say, he ever acquitted himself with credit and honor. As a jurist he had few superiors, as a statesman he was far-seeing and sagacious, and as a citizen he was above reproach. While the rivalry of political contests made him, possibly, a few enemies, yet his friends were ever a multitude, warmly attached, sincere, and lasting. He died in Janesville in 1879.

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