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Formed 1682, Original County
Lancaster formed 1729 from Chester
Berks formed 1752 from Bucks, Chester, Lancaster, Philadelphia
Delaware formed 1789 from Chester


1790 Chester Co. PA Census
Pg. 70  Duncan, Jesse          101xx                     Thornbury Twp

1800 Chester Co. PA Census
Pg.870  Margaret Duncan        10000    - 10010          E.Nottingham Twp

1810 Chester Co. PA Census
Pg.150  James Dunkin           10010    - 30010          W. Marlboro

1820 Chester Co. PA Census
Pg.213  Elizabeth Dunkin       000000   - 00020          E. Nantmeal

1830 Chester Co. PA Census
Pg.187  Elizabeth Duncan       0        - 0000,0003      E. Nantmeal

1840 Chester Co. PA Census
Pg.297  Elizabeth Dunkin       0        - 0000,0002      W. Vincent

1850 Chester Co. PA Census
W. Vincent
Pg.44, #50, Wm. FUSELL 66 PA farmer $5000
                  Jane 67 PA
                  Emma DUGLESS 15 PA MULATTO
                  Milton DUNCAN 11 PA
Pg.44, #52, Gilly Elma DUNCAN (f) 62 PA
                  Elizabeth 61 PA
Pg.81, #76, James MARSHAL 37 IRE laborer $4000
                  Margaret 31 PA
                  William 7, Susan 5 PA
                  Isaac 3 PA
                  Susana DUNKIN 60 IRE
New London
Pg.113, #184, David McKEY 40 PA farmer $11250
                  Jane 41 PA
                  John 11, Charles 4 PA
                  George 2, David 8/12 PA
                  George DUNCAN 65 PA miller blind
W. Marlborough
Pg.158, #106, John BERNARD 51 PA farmer $36000
                  Sidney P. (f) 13, Enos H. 9 PA
                  Margaret DUNCAN 35 PA
                  Robert 18 PA laborer
                  John K. JOHN 19 PA laborer

1860 Chester Co. PA Census
E. Nottingham Twp.
Pg.556, #509-500, Edward DUNCAN 31 IL farm laborer $0-$0
                  Joanna 35 PA
Sadsbury Twp.
Pg.780, #236-246, John McALONAN 50 IRE shoemaker $1500-$200
                  Elizabeth 50 IRE
                  Marg. DUNCAN 9 PA
                  Mary WILLIAMS 26 PA servant
E. Whiteland Twp.
Pg.1051, #424-416, Harmen BOND (m) 57 PA farmer $18000-$1091
                  Benja. J. BOND 30 PA farmer
                  Harman G. 15, H. Charles 4 PA
                  Darlington (m) 3, Lewis H. 11/12 PA
                  Margaret 28 PA
                  Edward FINNEY 12 PA
                  Hannah DUNKIN 8 PA
                  Sarah J. BOND 20 PA
Upper Uwchlan
Pg.495, #116-114, John MEREDITH 72 PA farmer $6000-$1546
                  Elizabeth 77 PA
                  Lydia 44, Peter 41 PA
                  Mary Ann 36 PA
                  Clara Ann FRAME 15 PA servant
                  Owen MULIGAN (m) 15 PA
                  Daniel FRAME 57 PA day laborer $0-$100
                  Julia E. DUNKEN 72 PA
                  Elizabeth 71 PA
Westtown Twp.
Pg.783, #951-937, Thomas DONAHAN 41 IRE farm laborer $0-$200
                  Fanney (f) 30 IRE
                  Mary DUNKAN 65 IRE

1870 Chester Co. PA Census
E. Marlborough Twp., 163rd Dist., Unionville
Pg.129, #147-148, DUNCAN, Margrett 65 PA keeping house $0-$1500 (alone)
E. Pikeland Twp., 154 Dist.
Pg.171, #41-41, DUNKEN, William 45 IRE farmer $2000-$300, parents of foreign birth
                  Eliza 48 IRE keeping house, parents of foreign birth
Sadsbury Twp., Dist.166
Pg.509, #238-242, MacDONALD?, John 62 IRE boot & shoemaker $1500-$2000, parents of foreign birth
                  Elizabeth 61 IRE house keeper, parents of foreign birth
                  DUNCAN, Margaret 19 PA, parents of foreign birth
Schuylkill Twp.
Pg.568, #230-235?, DUNN, Andrew 35 IRE labourer $600-$200, parents of foreign birth
                  Jane 40 IRE keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  DUNCAN, Joseph 17 PA invalid, parents of foreign birth
                  DUNN, John 12, Eliza 10 PA, parents of foreign birth
                  Fridine? (m) 7 PA, parents of foreign birth
                  Catharine 4 PA, parents of foreign birth


Chester Co. PA Deeds (indexes 1688-1922; grantors D-G on FHL film 20,875; grantees A-E on FHL film 20,880)
      A3-237: 19 Jan. 1796, Peter Hamond, President of West New Jersey Society, John Ord, Vice-President, (& other officers & trustees not copied) by Robert Morris, of New Brunswick, NJ, Esq., their attorney, to Susannah Dunkin of Vincent Twp, Chester Co. PA; by contract between West NJ Society and Aaron Dunkin decd, deed 27 April 1792, reference to arbitrator's award 11 Aug. 1792, for £19.15.1, 12.293 acres in Vincent Twp, Chester Co. PA, now in occupation by said Susannah Dunkin, being part of a larger grant to West NJ Society by patent 5 Dec. 1791 (etc.) adj. John Lloyd, Nicholas Holderman. Recorded 3 Feb. 1807. (FHL film 554,995)
      A3-238: 31 March 1806, Susanna Dunkin, widow of Aaron Dunkin, of Vincent Twp, Chester Co. PA, to Clemont Rentgen of Richland Twp, Chester Co. PA, forgeman, for £325, 11 acres more or less adj. Nicholas Halderman, French Creek, being part of tract of 12.293 acres (land in deed A3-237) sold by West NJ Society to Susanna Dunkin. Wit. Jane Longstresh, John Longstresh. Rec. 3 Feb. 1807. (FHL film 554,995)
      Q3-340: 12 April 1806, Robert Britt of East Nantmill Twp, Chester Co. PA, house carpenter, and wife Mary, to Susanna Dunkin of East Nantmill Twp, widow, $800, 40 acres in East Nantmill Twp adj. John Meredith, Jonathan Rook, John Kline, being the land sold to Britt by Eli Evans and wife Elizabeth 1 March 1804 recorded in book X2 page 512. Wit. Thos. Church, Elizabeth Kirk. (FHL film 556,713)
      D6-135: 25 July 1822, Josiah Longstreth of Abington Twp, Montgomery Co. PA, and wife Sarah, she being one of the daughters of Susannah Dunkin late of East Nantmeal Twp, Chester Co. PA, decd; John Watson of Buckingham Twp, Bucks Co. PA, and wife Martha, she being also one of the daughters of the said decd.; Ann Dunkin of Abington Twp, Montgomery Co. PA, also one of the daughters of the said decd.; Gulielma Dunkin of East Nantmeal Twp in Chester Co. PA also one of the daughters of the said decd.; and Elizabeth Dunkin also a daughter of said deceased; to James Meredith of East Nantmeal Twp, Chester Co. PA, weaver; that Robert Britt and wife Mary by deed 12th day 4th month 1806 granted & confirmed to said Susannah Dunkin and her heirs a certain piece of land in East Nantmeal Twp adj. John Meredith & John Kline, being 40 acres more or less, recorded Vol. 46 page 340; that Susannah Dunkin died intestate leaving issue of five children, to wit, the above named Sarah, Martha, Ann, Gulielma, and Elizabeth, and six grandchildren, to wit, Charles Webster, Rebekah Webster, Aaron Webster, (MAD: Susannah Webster not named here), Lydia Webster and Joseph Webster children of Susannah Webster decd formerly Susannah Dunkin, daughter of said Susannah Dunkin decd (they the said Charles, Rebekah, Aaron, Susannah, Lydia and Joseph Webster being yet in their minority), to whom the same premises according to the laws of PA relating to intestates did descend; now by this indenture, the said Josiah Longstreth and wife Sarah, John Watson and wife Martha, Ann Dunkin, Guilma Dunkin and Elizabeth Dunkin for $1233.34 paid by James Meredith, sold their equal undivided five parts (the whole to be divided into six equal parts) in the above land. Wit. Isaiah Kirk, Evan Evans. Rec. 25 July 1822. (FHL film 557,223)
      (MAD: no other grantors through at least mid 1850's)


Chester Co. PA documents from their archives (text from Robert Cabbage 10/2005, his comments in []; Robert Cabbage's additional comment: see the Stewart family in York Co. SC connected to the Duncan family)
      [On the back of the will, which was originally folded:]
James Stuart's Will
Provd 7th February 1753
Recorded in Book C Vol 3
Page 397 &c.
No 1468 [I assume that this is the number of the probate file, since it appears on all of the documents except the petition of Mary Stewart, which is in the orphan's court records.]
      In the Name of God amen the twenteth [sic] sixth Day of February in the year of our Lord God 1752
      I James Stuart of the township of London Derry Chester County & Province of Pennsylvania Gentleman being very sick and weak in body but of Perfect mind and Memory Thanks be given unto God therefore Calling unto minde the mortality of my Body and Knowing that it is appointed for all men once to Die Do make and Ordain this my Last will and Testament that is to say Principally and first of all I give and Recommend my Soul into the hand of of [sic] god that gave it and for my Body I Recommend it to the Earth to be buried in a Christian Like and Decent manner at the Discretion of of [sic] my Executors Nothing Doubting but at the General Resurrection I shall Receive the same again by the might Power of God and rouching such worldly Estate wherewith it Hath Pleased God to Bless me in this Life I give Devise and Dispose of the same in the following manner & Form
      Imprimus I give and Bequeath my Estate as followeth I order my Lawfull and Honest Debts to be Paid out of my whole Estate in the first place
      I order Margret Stuart my well beloved wife her Living on my Plantation while she Continueth Single or unmarried if she maries [sic] I alow [sic] her thirty Pounds
      I order my plantation to be Equally Devided [sic] between my Son John Stuart and Robert Stuart and they or Either of then is Nat [sic] to have Power to Dispose of there [sic] Part to a sranger [stranger] without giving the other the first offer I order my Daughter Agnes [Margret was written first and then crossed out] five and twenty Pounds four years after she is of age and Likewise I leave twenty five Pounds to my Daughter Jean Stuart four years after she comes of age and I leave twenty five pounds to my Daughter Mary two years after she comes of age
      whom [sic] I Likewise Constitute make and ordain William Stuart and Matthew Young my only whole and sole Executors of this my Last will and testament [a few words covered by a smear] all and Singular my Lands messuages tenements by by me and I Do hereby utterly Disallow Revoke and Disanual [disannul] all and Every other former Testaments Wills and Legacies Bequests and Executors by me in any way before this time Named willed and bequeathed Ratifying and Confirming this and No other to be my Last will and Testament in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the Day and year above written
      Signed sealed Published Pronounced and Declared by the said James Stuart as his Last will and testament in the Presence of us the Subscribers
      my wifes and Daughters Parts is to be Paid out of my whole and Rail [real] Estate
      Ricd Daucharty 16 April 52 Jurat [I.e., this witness appeared in court to testify to the validity of the will on that date]
      James his O mark Stuart
      Matthew Young
      William his 2 mark Stuart 7th Febry 1753 Sworn [Again, date this witness testified to the validity of the will in court. His mark may have been intended to be an S but it looks exactly like the number 2]

Inventory st1 [1st] March next
      Young Sworn as Ex::
      [This may be the end of the piece of paper that the will is written on. The page was so large that the copy is in sections; thus, it's unclear whether the following declarations by the witnesses are on the same piece of paper as the will, or a separate piece of paper.]
      Chester April 15th 1752 Personally Appeared Richard Daucharty one of the witnesses to the within Will and February 7th 1753 Personally appeared William Stuart another of the Witnesses to the within Will And Severally made oath on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God that they were personally present and did See and hear James Stuart the testator within named Sign Seal Publish Pronounce and Declare the within Writing to be his Last Will and Testament, and at his doing thereof he was of Sound mind and Memory to y:e Best of their understandings and that the named Ricd Daucharty, and the mark ["of" was written and crossed out] 2 of William Stuart thereunto Subscribed and Set, as Witnesses to the same, are of their (the said Deponants) own proper hand Writing and Making Respectively
      Jurat Coram Jo Parker [I.e., sworn before Jo Parker. Apparently, an abbreviation of Parker's title follows, which I cannot quite make out, other than DKee.]

[The following is a renunciation to act as executor by William Stuart. This is a separate paper and marked as follows on the back:]
William Stuart's
Renunciation to act
as Ex. to Jas. Stuart's Will
Filed 7th February 1753
Recorded in Book C: vo: 3
Page 399 &c.
      Know all men by these Presents that William Stewart - - - [the dashes appear in the original] of Sadsburry - - - - in ye County of Lancaster Yeoman, for divers Goods [sic] Causes and Considerations me hereunto Especially moving do renounce and refuse to act as an Executor to ye last will and Testament of James Stuart late of Londonderry in the County of Chester deceased Giving my Assent and Consent that probate and letters of Admon be by the proper officer granted to Matthew Young my CoeExecutor [sic] Witness my Hand and Seal the Seventh day of [Nov has been written and crossed out] February 1753 [it appears that 2 was written as the last number of the year, and then changed to 3- there is a good deal of confusion as to dates in this file- perhaps because 1752 was the year the calendar was changed.]
William his S. mark Stewart
      Sealed & Delivered
In the apresence of
Elisha Price
Henry Hale Graham

[The inventory of the estate is dated 18 March 1752 and was filed 7 February 1753. Inventory was taken by Joseph Hall and Joseph Moor. The personal estate was valued at 42 pounds, 69 shillings.]
      [There is an account in the file which was filed 11 March 1760 by Matthew Young. Names mentioned in the account are Bryan Cormely, John Meas, William McIlheney, John Jack, John Mitchell, Thos. Montgomery, Joshua McCracken, Job Ruston, Hugh Campbell, John Lapstie, John Logan, George Latimore and Michael Robertson. After the payment of debts, the value of the estate, including the real estate, appears to have been 141 pounds and 8 shillings.
      There is a note written on the account that on 22 October 1763, Matthew Young presented a receipt from Margaret Stuart, the widow, for sixty pounds, which was her share of the estate. The note states that the receipt was dated 11 October 1763 and was witnessed by Robt. Thompson.]

[The following document is filed with Orphans' Court Minors and Decedents Papers 1714-1923. Please remember that in the 18th century and earlier, an orphan was a child who had lost either parent, not necessarily both, as today.]
      [On the back:]
Mary Stewart's petition for Guardians
Sepr. 20th 1763
      [the petition]
To the Honourable Justices of the orphans Court held at Chester th 21 June 1763
      The petition of Mary Stuart one of the Children of James Stuart late of Londonderry deced
      Humbly Sheweth
That the said James Stuart lately died possessed of some Estate a part whereof belongs to your petitioner According to his will and as your petitioner is now above 14 Years of life she therefore prays that your Honours will admitt [sic] James Young of Londonderry afd [aforesaid, I think] to be her Guardian and your Petr.
Shall pray
Mary Stewart
      [This James Young was undoubtedly Mary Stewart McWhorter's brother-in-law of that name, the husband of her older sister, Agnes.]


"Pennsylvania Archives" Series Three, Vol.XI, ed. by W.H. Egle; pub. 1897 (Google book, 4/19/2010)
      Proprietary tax lists of the county of Chester, 1765, 1766, 1767, 1768, 1769, 1771
   Chester County Rates, 1765:
      Pg.63, Whiteland Rate, Freemen: Peter Geo. Dunkin
      Pg.71, East Fallowfield Rates, Alex'dr Duncan, 50 acres
      Pg.80, Sadsbury Rate, Eliz'th Duncan, 20 acres, 1 cattle, 3 sheep
      Pg.96, Uwchland Rate, James Duncan, 4 horses, 4 cattle
   Chester County Rates, 1766
      Pg.197, Birmingham Rate, Inmates: Samuel Duncan
      Pg.222, Lower Chichester Rate, Dav'd Duncan, shopkeeper, 2 cattle
      Pg.239, Uwchland Rate, Jam's Duncan, 4 horses, 4 cattle, 6 sheep
   Chester County Rates, 1767
      Pg.266, Lower Chichester Rate, David Duncan, 1 cattle
      Pg.312, Thornbury Rate, Freemen, Aaron Duncan.
      Pg.358, Uwchland Rate, James Duncan, 150 acres, 3 horses, 3 cattle, 6 sheep
      Pg.362, East Fallowfield Rate, Alex'r Duncan, 50 acres, 1 horse, 1 cattle
   Chester County Rates, 1768
      Pg.464, Lower Chichester Rate, David Duncan, shopkeeper, 15 acres, 1 horse, 1 cattle
      Pg.471, Birmingham Rate, Freemen, Aron Duncin
      Pg.506, Tredyffrin Rate, James Duncan, 100 acres, 3 horses, 3 cattle, 6 sheep
   Chester County Rates, 1769
      Pg.545, Concord Rate, David Dunkin, shopkeeper, 19 acres, 1 horse, 1 cattle
      Pg.550, Birmingham Rate, Freemen, Aaron Dunkin
      Pg.629, East Fallowfield Rate, Alex'r Dunkin, 58 acres, 2 cattle
      Pg.639, Tredyffrin Rate, James Dunkin, 100 acres, 4 horses, 4 cattle, 6 sheep
   Chester County Rates, 1771
      Pg.684, East Nantmell Rate, James Dunken, 1,050 acres, 4 horses, 7 cattle
      Pg.693, East Fallowfield Rate, Alex'r Duncan, 50 acres, 1 horse, 1 cattle
      Pg.741, East Nottingham Rate, David Dunkin, 40 acres, 2 horses, 2 cattle, 12 sheep
      Pg.760, Radnor Rate, Freemen, James Dunkin

"Pennsylvania Archives" Series Three, Vol.XII, ed. by W.H. Egle; pub. 1897 (Google book, 4/18/2010)
      Proprietary tax lists of the county of Chester
      Pg.5, Chester County Rates, 1774, Thornbury Rate - Inmates: Sam'l Dunkin
      Pg.118, Chester County Rates, 1774, East Whiteland Rate - Inmates: Aaron Duncan
      Pg.149, Chester County Rates, 1779, Thornbury Rate - Inmates: Sam'l Duncan
      Pg.179, Chester County Rates, 1779, East Whiteland Rate - Aaron Dunkin, 7 acres, 1 cattle
      Pg.248, Chester County Rates, 1780, Thornbury Rate - Inmates: Sam'l Duncan
      Pg.309, Chester County Rates, 1780, East Whiteland Rate - Aron Dunkin, 7 acres, 1 cattle
      Pg.410, Chester County Rates, 1781, Charlestown Return - Inmates: Aaron Duncan, taylor
      Pg.505, Chester County Rates, 1781, Charlestown Rate - Inmates: Aaron Duncan, tax 10.0
      Pg.809, Chester County Rates, 1785, Vincent Township - Aaron Dunkan, tax 13.10


Lancaster Co. PA Deed (FHL film 21,383)
      D-201: 9 Nov. 1751, Thomas Dunkan, Yeoman, and wife Elizabeth, of Lancaster Co. PA, to James Moore of same, miller; whereas John Thomas, Margrey Thomas, Anthony Morgan, Elizabeth Morgan, John Jones, Richard Hanthroll, Daniel Thomas, Elinor Thomas, John Floyd, Humphrey Edwards, Jeremiah Osburn, Elizabeth Osburn, Jacob Wills, Evan Williamson, Margret Williamson, Edmond McVeigh, Allice McVeigh, Abram Prat, Jean Prat, Thomas Prat and John Prat, all of Province of PA, came over servants into the said Province at the Setlment thereof, and thereby having severall rights to 50 acres of land each in the said Province by virtue of the Propriators promis in England, did for consideration of £35 15 shillings grant release and confirm all the said land amounting to 1050 acres unto Philip Howell formerly of Philadelphia, taylor, as by deed 18 April 1702 may more fully appear; whereas by virtue of 3 warrants, one for 200 acres dated 9 Nov. 1702, another for 300 acres dated 20 Nov. 1703, and the other for 300 acres dated 20 Nov. 1703, there was surveyed and layed out to aforesaid Philip Howell on 27 Oct. 1709 in part of aforesaid 1050 acres, a certain tract of land in Sudsbury Twp in Chester Co. but since divided and called Lancaster, corner ... crossing Octorara near the fork, adj. land of William Clayton and Thomas Hayward ... 800 acres; Philip Howell owed Henery Brown 10 lbs and Daniel Colet 5 lbs; ... Calvin Cooper and wife Fabey 10 Sept. 1748 granted to Thomas Dunkan; ... adj. Robert Cloud, Evan Evans, Thomas Moore; wit. Thomas Stockton, Hugh Jenkins; recorded 29 Jan. 1755.

Frederick Co. VA Deed (FHL film 31,371; from Louis Boone 9/1986)
      8-34,35: 2 Nov. 1762, Wm. Fergason and wife Jean of Frederick Co. VA to Seth Duncan of Oxford Township, Chester Co. PA, lease for 5 shillings, and release for £95.15, 223 acres. Wit. Thomas Caton, Thomas Cowan, Samuel Wilson.

"Orange Co. NC Records, Deed Book 5 Abstracts" Vol.8, by William D. Bennett, ca 1987 (FHL book 975.6565 R28b)
      Pg.52-53: Includes abstract of Deed Book 5, pg.250, deed 18 Sept. 1794, William Chamberlain of Sadsbury Twp, Chester Co. PA, and wife Hanna, to William Guy of Sadsbury Twp. in Lancaster Co. PA, that Jonas Chamberlain father of William owned 2 tracts in Orange Co. at his death, one tract of 300 acres from John Tompson & wife Priscilla 19 Feb. 1765 ... adj. Joseph Dunkin's line, etc.; Jonas Chamberlin's will provided that if any of his sons moved to NC they could have the land, ... will dated 10th of 8th month 1768, recorded in Lancaster ...
      Pg.73: Includes abstract of Deed Book 5, pg.366, deed 28 second month 1794, Joshua Chamberlain of Ladsbury Twp, Lancaster Co. PA, tanner, surviving exec. of Jonas Chamberlin, late of sd. Township, to William Chamberlin of same ...

HISTORIES before 1923

1881 "History of Chester County, Pennsylvania with Genealogical and Biographical Sketches" by John Smith Futhey (FHL book 974.813 H2f index; FHL film 20,995 Vol.1, and from Louis Boone 1/1987)
      No Duncan biography
      Pg.63: (General history) Col. Anthony Wayne was promoted to Colonel in 1776, of Chester Co. Matthew Duncan was promoted to Captain on 5 Jan. 1776 in Chester Co. (Not all of these officers are from Chester Co.)
      Pg.209: Thomas Guest, 1753 taxable of Uwchlan twp, 1774 landholder. Uwchlan was settled by Welch Quakers about 1722.
      Pg.210: James Duncan, 1753 taxable, Vincent twp, not a landholder in 1774.
            Samuel Dunkin, 1753 taxable, Tredyffrin twp, not in 1774 landholder list. Welch settled here about 1707 or before.
      Pg.557: Solomon Fuffsell, b. Yorkshire, England, 1704; settled Philadelphia 1721, m. Sussanna Coney. Son William Fussell b. 1728-9, m. Sarah Langstreth 10 Aug. 1751 of Abington, PA; their children: Susanna b. 29 Jan. 1753 m. Aaron Dunkin; Bartholomew b. 28 Sept. 1754 moved to MD for several years, was Quaker Minister. (LB: Other family data given, not copied.)
      Pg.613: Robert Jefferis ... daughter Anne Jefferis m. Alexander Duncan. Richard Jefferis (son of Robert) moved to Huntingdon Co. PA. (LB: same info as "Ancestral Lines" by Boyer)
      Pg.661: Alexander Mode, received a certificate from Chester Monthly Meeting 2, 27, 1702, to remove to Bucks Co. and marry Ellen, daughter of William Dunkin, of Byberry. Perhaps the same person was of Duck Creek in 1721, and married Sarah Hussey, a widow, of Newark Monthly Meeting, in that year.
            Alexander Mode, doubtless his son, born 9, 16, 1713, died 3, 20, 1751, settled in East Fallowfield township about 1739, and married, 4, 18, 1741, Rebecca, daughter of John Allen, of Londongrove, by whom he had children: William, b. 10, 18, 1742; Emey, b. 8, 30, 1745, d. 1785, m. 9, 23, 1767, to William Greave; Ruth, b. 10, 21, 1747, d. 4, 5, 1789, m. Samuel Cook; Hannah, b. 4, 18, 1750, d. 9, 23, 1791, m. 4, 11, 1770, to Francis Wilkinson.
            William Mode married, 11, 14, 1764, Phebe, daughter of Joseph and Mary Taylor, of West Marlborough, and had children: Alexander, Mary, Rebecca, Emey (Amy), William, Phebe, Allen, Alexander, and Phebe. In 1776 he had a saw- and fulling mill, and on February 17th advertised in the "Pennsylvania Gazette" a runaway servant-boy or apprentice in a lengthy verse.
      Pg.776: Thomas Worth, wife Mary, (some of this family moved to VA and NC) had children: Samuel; Sussuanna b. 12 Jan. 1720; Lydia b. 22 Sept. 1721; Rebecca b. 23 April 1723 m. Jonathon Vernon, to VA (LB: appears to be Fairfax); Hannah unmarried; Ebenezer, b. 8 June 1726, m. Margaret Paschall of Darby, was in Carolina for a while. (LB: The Paschall family were listed as Quakers for a while; other family data includes family of Marshalls of about 1760.)
      Pg.778: Francis Yarnall, father of John who married Ann Coppock 21 Sept. 1722; two of his sons became Quaker ministers ... very large families.

1913 "Genealogical and personal history of the Allegheny Valley, Pennsylvania; under the editorial supervision of John W. Jordan" Vol.1-3; by John W. Jordan, 1840-1921; pub. New York : Lewis Historical Pub. Co., 1913. (University of Pittsburgh's Digital Research Library, Historic Pittsburgh Full-Text Collection image 3/2007; FHL book 974.885 D2g v.1,3 and film 1,000,540 items 3-5)
      Vol.2, pg.680: Samuel, son of Nathan Phipps, was born in Chester County, Pennsylvania, in 1735, died in Worthington township, Butler county, Ohio, January 5, 1841, at the patriarchal age of 105 years. He was one of the early pioneers in Ohio, whither he removed in 1815. He married a Mary Marshall, of a famous PA family, a cousin of Mad Anthony Wayne. She was born in 1746, died in 1836. Children: 1. John (born Chester Co. PA March 22, 1765, died Jan. 22, 1833, more); 2. Sarah, married William Wise. 3. Samuel, killed while serving under General Wayne in the last campaign against the Indians. 4. Rachel, died unmarried. 5. Joseph, accidentally killed. 6. Mary, married John Duncan. 7. Robert, married Miss Halferday. 8. Nathan, married Edith Updegraff.

"Historic homes and institutions and genealogical and personal memoirs of Chester and Delaware Counties, Pennsylvania" by Gilbert Cope; pub. New York: Lewis Pub. Co., 1904, 1465 pgs. (LH 290, HeritageQuest images 6/2007; FHL book 974.81 D2c v.1-2 and film 844,510 and 844,511 item 1; Sacramento FHC library)
      Pg.555: JOSHUA JEFFERIS. ... The progenitor of the Jefferis family in America was Robert Jefferis, who is first mentioned as witness in a court held in Chester in September, 1685. ... In 1733 he conveyed the homestead to his son Benjamin, reserving a life estate, and divided his other lands among his sons. He was twice married - first, to Jane, daughter of George and Jane Chandler, and (second) to Ann, whose family name is unknown. To Robert and Jane Jefferis were born the following children ... 8. Anne, who married Alexander Duncan; ... (MAD: no dates given)

1882 "History of Trumbull and Mahoning Counties [OH] : with illustrations and biographical sketches" Vol.1-2, pub. by H.Z. Williams & Bros. (from Charles A. Duncan 10/1987)
      Vol.2, pg.545: Lordstown, Trumbull Co. Thomas Duncan, an old resident of Trumbull Co., was born in Austintown township, Trumbull Co., now Mahoning, July 5, 1805. His father, John Duncan, was a native of Washington Co. PA. Mr. John Duncan's father, George Duncan, came from Scotland with his brothers William and Alexander, all three of whom were in the War of the Revolution. After the war George settled in Washington Co., William located near Harrisburg [Dauphin Co.], PA, and Alexander in Chester Co.


Chester Co. PA Tax Records; originals (FHL film 20,901; from Louise Baker 1/1988)
      1740, Alexr. Duncan, West Marlborough

MAD: see Quaker Records for more on the early Duncans

"PA Archives" 5th Series, Vol.2 (from Louis Boone 1/1987)
      Pg.8-9: Col. William Thompson's Battalion of Riflemen: ... These companies led the advance under captain, afterward Col. Daniel Morgan, through the wilderness*, and participated in the attack on Quebeck on the morning of the 31st of December at Palace Gate, where as the dispatch of the day reads, "that excellent young officer, Capt. William Hendricks, of PA, fell" and the rest of the command after desperate fighting, were forced to surrender. The survivors were paroled on the 7th of August 1776, and after being exchanged, for the most part re-entered the service, following the fortunes of the PA Line with Gen. Wayne, down into GA, resisting the fearful night attack made upon Wayne's camp, near Sharon, GA, on the 24th of May, 1782; entering Savannah in triumph with him on the 11th of July; Charleston on the 14th of December 1782, and only returning in the month of July 1783, when the last of the PA troops embarked at James Island, SC, on board of transport for Philadelphia.
      *Footnote: At Fort Western (on the Kennebeck) ... (MAD's extract) Lt. Archibald Steele, of Smith's Co., sent to mark the Indian paths; he took with him Jesse Wheeler, George Merchant, and James Clifton of Morgan's Co., ...
      ... A letter dated September 13 (1775?) "On Monday last (11th) Col. Arnold having chosen 100 effective men, ... set off for Quebec ... Dr. Coates, who goes as surgeon, Mr. Matt. Duncan, Mr. Melcher, and several other southern gentlemen as volunteers. ..."
      In general orders, dated Cambridge, Sept. 11, 1775, occurs: "Col. Thompson's battalion of riflemen posted ..." Also, September 13: "The 33 riflemen of Col. Thompson's battalion tried yesterday, by a general court-martial, ... for 'disobedient and mutinous behavior,' sentenced to pay 20 shillings, except John Leamon who also ... is to suffer 6 days imprisonment.
      Pg.162: 5th PA Battalion; Roll of Capt. John Richardson's Co. (incomplete). On May 28, 1776, the mustered officers and men numbered 81. Captains: Duncan, Matthew, commissioned January 5, 1776; Richardson, John. First Lts.: Richardson, John, Chester, commissioned January 6, 1776; promoted captain vice (instead of) Duncan, absent; taken November 16, 1776; exchanged August 26, 1778. Footnote: Matthew Duncan was a gentleman volunteer in the campaign through the wilderness, in 1775, and was captured at the storming of Quebec, December 31, 1775. He is marked in a return dated February 13, 1777, of 6th PA, as present on parole.

1891 "PA in the War of the Revolution; Battalions and Line" Vol.1 & 2, by John Blair Linn and William Henry Egle (from Louis Boone 1/1987; not indexed)
      Pg.5: A number of gentlemen went along as independent volunteers. Their names were not entered on the rolls and they claimed the privilege of paying their own expenses and returning at their own pleasure ... Edward Burd, Jesse Luken, Matthew Duncan and c. (given within Col. Thompson's Battalion data.)
      Pg.8: Dr. Coates, Mr. Matt Duncan and Mr. Melcher and several other Southern gentlemen were volunteers ... at the battle of Quebec, captured 31 Dec. 1775.
      Pg.7: Col. Daniel Morgan participated in the battle of Quebec ... the survivors were paroled 7 Aug. 1776.


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