Duncans in Bucks Co. PA


Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
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Last revised July 14, 2013

Formed 1682, Original county
Berks formed 1752 from Bucks, Chester, Lancaster, Philadelphia
Northampton formed 1752 from Bucks


1790 Bucks Co. PA Census
Pg. 50  Duncan, William      101xx

1800 Bucks Co. PA Census
Pg.220  William Duncan       20010       - 00010        Bensalem Twp

1810-1820 Bucks Co. PA Census
        No Duncan indexed

1830 Bucks Co. PA Census
Pg.182  James Duncan         0000,2001   - 0111,0001    Southampton
   184  Isaac Duncan         0100,1      - 0000,1

1840 Bucks Co. PA Census (no Duncan indexed)
Pg.249  Wm. Dukens           1200,011    - 0100,01      Durham Twp

1850 Bucks Co. PA Census
Lower Makefield
Pg.13, #191, Matilda DUNCAN 30 IRE
                  w/Richard JANNEY family
Pg.14, #211, Andrew DUNCAN 60 IRE laborer $500
                  Nancy 57 IRE
                  Elizabeth 28, Alice 25 IRE
                  Nancy 23, Alexander 21 IRE
                  Margaret 19 IRE
                  Matilda REED 26 IRE
                  Andrew 1 Bucks PA
                  William 6, Jane B. 8 IRE
                  Alexander 34 IRE
Pg.31, #31, Alexander DUNCAN 20 IRE laborer w/others
Pg.34, #79, Nancy DUNCAN 21 IRE w/others
Upper Makefield
Pg.58, #111, James DUNKIN 20 IRE laborer w/others
Pg.129, #200, James DUNGAN 42 PA farmer
                  Rebecca 30 PA
                  Susanna 3, John 11/12 PA
                  Charles SEARCH 14, Elizabeth 21 PA
Pg.131, #38, Ann DUNCAN 30 IRE w/Joseph LATTERTHWAITE fam.
Pg.138, #154, Matilda DUNCAN 17 IRE w/David BROWN fam.
Pg.155, #40, Henry LIPPENCOT 49 PA -?- $5500
                  Abbigail 40 PA
                  Allan 10, Henry 5 PA
                  Anna 3, Abigail 1/12 PA
                  Margaretta DUNCAN 18 PA

1860 Bucks Co. PA Census
Lower Makefield Twp.
Pg.224, #110-119, James DUNCAN 56 IRE farmer $2000-$600
                  Mary 56 IRE
                  Wetherell (m) 21 IRE farm hand
                  Alexander 13, Lenora (f) 11 IRE
                  Andrew 5, James 6 PA
                  (MAD: ages as given)
Pg.225, #118-127, Andrew DUNCAN 78 IRE farm labourer $500-$100
                  Nancy 71 IRE
                  John WHITE 8 PA
Bristol Twp.
Pg.181, #901-901, Jacob SIMON 39 PA farmer $0-$600
                  Elizabeth 34 PA
                  John 15, Margaret 12 PA
                  Catharine 9, William Jr. 5 PA
                  Mary Ann DUNCAN 20 PA servant
                  William DUGAN 17 PA farm laborer
Newton Borough
Pg.503, #20-27, George HESTON 33 PA physician $0-$1200
                  E. Amanda (f) 24 PA
                  Mary P. STOCKTON 19 PA
                  Henry 11, Hugh 9 PA
                  Margaret CAREY 14 PA
                  Mary DUNCAN 50 PA
                  Charles BATH 17 Wirtemburg GERM medical student

1870 Bucks Co. PA Census
Doylestown Borough Twp.pgs.36-37, 127th Dist.
Pg.210R, #283-286, HARGRAVE, Thomas 60 ENG marble worker $3050-$3000, parents of foreign birth
                  Mary 40 PA keeping house $4000-$1000, parents of foreign birth
Pg.212, #283-286, HARGRAVE, Kate 7 PA at home, father of foreign birth
                  Annie 3 PA at home, father of foreign birth
                  Mary 1 PA at home, father of foreign birth
                  DUNCAN, Jane 26 IRE, domestic servent, parents of foreign birth
Morrisville Borough, 123rd dist.
Pg.263, #74-75, SOBETT?, Himan 32 PA gentleman $11000-$10000
                  Nancy 27 IRE, parents of foreign birth
                  BOIDE, Ann 54 IRE servant $2000-$1000, parents of foreign birth
                  DUNCAN, Andrew 87 IRE (blank) $1000-$0, parents of foreign birth
                  RICHARDS, Frank 6 NJ, mother of foreign birth
Lower Makefield Twp.
Pg.329, #103-103, DUNCAN, James 68 IRE farmer $1660-$1100, parents of foreign birth
                  Mary 68 IRE, parents of foreign birth
                  Wetherell (m) 30 IRE, parents of foreign birth
                  Alexander 24 IRE, parents of foreign birth
                  Ellenora 20 IRE, parents of foreign birth
                  Andrew 15 PA apprentice farming, parents of foreign birth
                  William 7 NJ, parents of foreign birth
Pg.348, #401-404, REYNOLDS, John 30 NY laborer $0-$0
                  Eliza A. 36 NJ
                  William 2/12 NJ b.Apl.
                  DUNCAN, Commodore (m) 10 NJ BLACK (blank)
Northampton Twp., 127th Dist.
Pg.502, #129-140, KNIGHT, Charles 34 PA farmer $17,500-$5,000
                  Elizabeth 39 PA keeping house
                  James 9, Emma 8, Theodore 4 PA
                  CORNELL, Sallie 37 PA keeping house
                  HENDERSON, Annie 27 IRE domestic servent, parents of foreign birth
                  PREEDER, Sallie 29 PA school teacher
                  CORNELL, Annie 17 PA
                  WHITE, William 18 PA farm laborer, parents of foreign birth
                  DUNKIN, William 35 IRE farm laborer, parents of foreign birth
                  SIMMERMAN, Frank 36 WURtinburg, farm laborer, parents of foreign birth
Solebury Twp., Dist.128
Pg.650, #282-286, THOMAS, Joseph 72 PA farmer $11,000-$2,000
                  Elizabeth 55 PA keeping house
                  Isaac C. 31 PA living in family $0-$4000
                  COONEY, Martin 26 PA labourer, parents of foreign birth
                  DUNCAN, Rebecca 13 PA apprt. to H.keeping, father of foreign birth
                  (MAD: Rebecca indexed MULATTO, but "W" written over)
Southampton Twp. No.126
Pg.690, #58-60, DUNGAN, Isaac 47 PA farmer $6700-$2000
                  Cynthia 34 PA keeping house
                  Mahlen (m) 23 PA painter
                  Sallie 6 PA
                  KREWSON, Elizabeth 20 PA domestic servent
Pg.690, #69-72, FETTERS, Benjamin 39 PA farmer $8500-$1700
                  Mary Jane 37 PA keeping house
                  Matilda 15, Jenette R. 13 PA
                  Sarah 2 PA
                  DUNCAN, Nathan 19 PA farm lab.
                  MYERS, Charles 17 VA ("Virginia") farm lab.
Pg.690, #69-73, FETTERS, Sarah 71 PA keeping house $0-$150
                  Ann 45 PA


Bucks Co. PA Will Index & Wills (FHL film 172,897)
      1-123: John Duncan, 1729, #276
      3-31: Edmund Duncan, 1760, #1028
      3-39: John Duncan, 1760, #1034
      5-180: William Duncan, 1790, #2274
      7-283: William Duncan, 1807, #3449, Adm. B-20
      --- John Duncan, 1831, #6217, Adm. C-204
      (Administration Books not on film)
      (Next entry 1881, not copied)
      1-123: 24 Jan. 1728, John Dunkan of Bonsalam, Bucks Co. PA, yeoman; to my son William the land adj. where I now dwell and whereon my son William now dwells. To wife Margaret Dunkan remainder. Exec. wife Margaret and son William and brother Edmund. Wit. John Kelohr, Sarah Dunkan, F. Parrell. Proved 20 June 1729 on oath of Sarah Duncan and Frank Parrell. (FHL film 172,899)
      3-31: 22 of 8th month 1748, Edmund Dunkan of Bensalem Twp, yeoman; to son Edmund Dunkan 20 lbs; to six daus. Catharine, Jane, Sarah, Hellon, Ann and Mary 10 lbs; remainder to son Isaac Dunkan. Appoint Isaac Dunkan sole exec. Wit. William Walmsley, John Carver, William Dunkan. Proved 21 Oct. 1760. (FHL film 172,900)
      3-39: 30 of 7th month 1757, John (J) Dunkan Junr of Bensalem, Bucks Co., yeoman; to my brother Patrick Dunkan all land whereon I now live in Bensalem, granted by my deceased mother Margaret Dunkan to me and my late decd. brother Edmund Dunkan; appoint brother Patrick Dunkan sole exec. Wit. Thomas Worthington, William Homes Jr., William Walmsley. Proved 24 Dec. 1760. (FHL film 172,900)
      5-180/181: William Duncan's Will, #2274. William Duncan of Twp. of Bensalem, Bucks Co. PA, make my last will & testament ... my funeral charges & all other just debts be discharged and paid; to my daughter Ester Duncan 1/2 of all my household goods & all the remainder of my personal estate to my son William Duncan. Also I give to my said son William Duncan and my said daughter Esther all my real estate, being the tract of land and plantation whereon I now dwell, with all appurtenances & improvements thereto, so long as the said Esther shall live unmarried to be equally divided between them, & after that as Esther devages? or marriage I will that all my real estate before mentioned shall be & remain to my said son William Duncan and his heirs. Appoint son William Duncan executor. 12th day of 12th month 1773. /s/ William Duncan. Wit. John Townyard, Grace Townyard, Evan Townyard. Proved 6 July 1790 on oath of John Townyard and Grace Townyard. Letters Testamentary were granted 6 July 1790 to William Duncan sole executor. Registered July 6, 1790. (FHL film 172,901; SLC 9/25/1986 & 9/18/1987, and 4/29/2013)
      7-283: 23rd of 11th month 1805, William Duncan of Bensalem Twp, Bucks Co.; to Ethan Briggs my blacksmith tools; my share of the Byberry Library to my nephew William Ridge; residue: 1/3 to niece Rachel Duncan; to George Ridge son of Mahlon Ridge 5 lbs when 21, his father Mahlon to have care of the money; residue in 5 equal parts: 1/5 to sister Rachel Ridge; 1/5 to sister Esther Prantis/Praul; 1/5 to niece Abigail Giles; 1/5 to niece Ester Briggs; 1/5 to niece Phebe Rich. Appoint brother-in-law John Praul and nephew William Ridge and nephew William Giles as executors. Wit. John Comly, Henry Ridge, Amos Ridge. Proved 10 Sept. 1807. (FHL film 172,902)

Bucks Co. PA Orphans Court Records, index A-G (FHL film 172,911; SLC 12/2008; pg.434+)
      Dunkin, [of] Bristol, minors, Elizabeth D., Edmund, Nathaniel, File 1507, 1804, Pet. Guard. 3-133, 3-134
      Duncan, William, Bensalem, file 1861, 1809, Acct. 3-386
      Next was 1886, quit
      Vol.3, pg.133-134: #1507, Petition for Guardian, Edmund Dunkins children. Petition of Elizabeth Ingles Dunkin and Nathaniel Bethune Duncan of Borough of Bristol, Bucks Co. PA; that petitioners are entitled to an estate bequeathed to them by their grandfather George Bethune Esq. and also an estate bequeathed to them by their grandmother Mary Bethune, late of Little Cambridge in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts deceased and being now above the age of 16 years, ask to choose a suitable person as their guardian. /s/ Elizabeth I. Dunkin, Nathl. Bethune Dunkin. March 26, 1804, Edmund Dunkin appt. guardian agreeably to the choice of the minors. .... (FHL film 172,919) (MAD: Cambridge, Middlesex Co. MA)
      Vol.3, pg.134: #1507, Petition for Guardians, Edmund &c Dunkin's children. The Petition of Edmund Dunkin of the Borough of Bristol and County of Bucks respectfully sheweth: That four of your Petitioner's children, to wit, Benjamin Fanuel Dunkin, John Dunkin, Ann Bethune Dunkin and Susan Dunkin are entitled to an estate bequeathed to them by their grandfather George Bethune Esq. and also an estate bequeathed to them by their grandmother Mary Bethune late of Little Cainbridge in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts deceased, being minors, he prays your honor to appoint a suitable person as guardian to take charge of the said property and your petitioners ... /s/ Edmund Dunkin. March 26, 1804, Edmund Dunkin appointed guardian of the within minors. (FHL film 172,919) (MAD: Cambridge, Middlesex Co. MA)
      Vol.3, pg.386: Account of Wm. Duncan's Estate, #1861. Account of John Prabel?, William Ridge and William Giles executors of the estate of William Duncan late of Bensalim and County of Bucks deceased: To the amount of inventory, sales of goods and real estate, $3533.50; by amount of disbursements, $980.68; Balance in hands of the executors, $2552.82; which amount was confirmed since by the Court August 29, 1809. (FHL film 172,919)

Bucks Co. PA Probate Records
      Adm. #6217, John Duncan, 1831, of SC -- administrations not on film

Bucks Co. PA Misc. Records v.5-6, 1829-1835 (FHL film 927,217; SLC 12/2008)
      Misc. V.5 - no index; v.6 1829-1835, no Duncan; quit
      Looking for Admin. #6217 (John 1831 of SC)


Bucks Co. PA Deed Indexes (FHL film 172,852 grantor 1684-1919; FHL film 172,832 grantee)
      Date is date recorded
   Misc. Docket
      1-202: Dunkin, Robert Henry from James Renwick al, Misc. Docket, 8/6/1792, power of attorney
      6-216: Duncan, John by agt. &c to/from John Meredith, Misc. Docket, 9/6/1831, Agrt
      9-119: Duncan, Abigail al to John McDowell Jr. al, Misc. Docket, 3/31/1843, release
      10-535: Duncan, Rebecca et al to William Roberts, Misc. Docket, 7/9/1849, Power of attorney
   Docket A
      31-249: Duncan or Dunckan, Patrick & Elizabeth vir to Abraham Larew, Docket A, 11/30/1801, Bensalem
      31-249: Duncan, John Est. to Abraham Larew, Docket A, 11/30/1801, Bensalem

      2-135: Duncan, William from Joseph Growdon, 8/6/1697
      3-76: Duncan, William from Joseph Growdon, 10/27/1702, Bensalem
      3-95: Duncan, William to Gabriel Baynes al, 1/7/1702, Falls Twp
      5-51: Dunkan or Duncan, George to Alexander Mood, 3/13/1714, Bensalem
      6-31: Dunkan, John Est. to William Dunkan (trus), 1732, Bensalem
      6-31: Dunkan, Margaret to William Dunkan trust., 1732, Bensalem Twp
      6-32: Dunkan, William trust to Margaret, Edmund, John Dunkan, al, 1732, Bensalem Twp
      9-227: Dunkan, William to George Dunkan, 8/21/1754, Bensalem
      11-166: Dunkan or Duncan, Patrick and John al to William Groome, 12/17/1763, Bensalem
      13-250: Duncan, James by atty al to Joseph Kirkbride al, 9/5/1770, agrt
      13-251: Duncan, James al to Robert Edward Fell, 9/5/1770, power of atty
      14-426: Dunkan, William from Edmund Dunkan, 5/17/1773, Bensalem
      14-428: Dunkan, Edmund from Lawrence Growdon, 5/17/1773, Bensalem
      14-430: Dunkan, Isaac ux to Henry Walmsley, 5/17/1773, Bensalem Twp
      14-430: Dunkan, Priscilla vir to Henry Walmsley, 5/17/1773, Bensalem
      14-430: Dunkan, Edmund Est. to Henry Walmsley, 5/17/1773, Bensalem
      19-233: Duncan, Matthew from Benjamin Fell al, 8/30/1780, Tinicum Twp
      19-233: Duncan, Matthew to Thomas Wright, 8/30/1780, asgmt.
      20-266: Duncan, James by atty al to Joseph Kirkbride al, 4/19/1785, Pennsbury Manor
      25-290: Dunkan or Duncan, Isaac ux to Frederick Koch, 3/10/1790, Plumstd Twp
      25-290: Dunkan or Duncan, Priscilla vir to Frederick Koch, 3/10/1790, Plumstd Twp
      26-597: Dunkin, Robt. H. atty to David Landis, 1/12/1793, Middleton Twp
      26-632: Duncan, James exr. by Shff al to John McNaughton, 2/6/1793, Falls Twp
      27-399: Duncan, James by atty al to Richard Penn, 7/1/1794, Pennsbury Manor
      38-636: Duncan, William from Lawrence Growdon, 6/1/1809, Bensalem
      38-637: Duncan, William Sr. Est. to Thomas Randle al, 1/1/1809, Bensalem (two deeds?)
      51-664: Duncan, John Trus. al from Ann Rose, 5/25/1826, deed of trust
      53-468: Duncan, William trus. al to David Dorrance, 12/30/1828, Bristol
      58-517: Duncan, John Est. by Shff to E.T. McDowell, 6/26/1834, Doylstn Twp
      68-388: Duncan, Abigail from Andrew Muir ux, 1/18/1843, Wrighttn Twp
      68-390: Ducan (sic), Abigail to John McDowell Jr. al, 1/18/1843, Wrighttn Twp
      78-468: Duncan, Andrew & Alexander al from Jane Lovett al, 4/23/1850, L. Makefield Twp
      Grantor deeds 1867 & later not copied; James Duncan grantee 1853 & later not copied here

Bucks Co. PA Deeds
      2-135: 1st day 2nd month 1697, Joseph Growdon of Bucks Co. PA to William Duncan of same, £70 silver money, 600 acres on side of rivilet called Poquissin, adj. Thomas Knight, old bounds of Southampton Twp. No wife. Wit. Stephen Newel, Francis (S) Searle. Delivered 10th day 4th month 1697; recorded 9th day 6th month 1697. (FHL film 172,872)
      3-76: 16th day 8th month 1701, Joseph Growdon of Bensalem, Bucks Co. PA, Gent., to William Duncan of same, land in Bensalem on rivilet called Poquessin, adj. Thomas Knight's land, formerly surveyed as 650 acres, now found to be 605 acres, sold to William Duncan, recorded B-195. (FHL film 172,872)
      3-95: 21st day 7th month 1702, William ( /X\ his mark) Duncan, Yeoman, of Bensalem, Bucks Co. PA, to Gabriel and Ann Baynes of Falls Twp, yeoman, for £150, 145 acres in Falls Twp, corner John Webster's land, a grant to William Duncan by patent 24 March 1692/3. Wit. Peter Worrall, John Cutlet. Rec. 7th day 8th month 1702. (FHL film 172,872)
      5-51: 3 Aug. 1714, George Dunkan, Yeoman, of Bensalem Twp, Bucks Co. PA, to Alexander Wood, yeoman, of same, 184 acres in Bensalem Twp, on E. side Postquessink Creek, corner William Dunkan's land, Francis Searles line, Samuel Scott's land; by deed poll from William Dunkan to George Dunkan dated 30 Dec. 1708; now for £200, George Dunkan sells to Alexander Wood the land in Wood's possession by virtue of a lease for one year. No wife. Wit. Thomas Stevenson, John Hutchinson, Jeremiah Langhorne. (FHL film 172,874)
      6-31: 20 April 1732, Margaret (M) Dunkan of Bucks Co., widow, to William Dunkan of same, yeoman; whereas John Dunkan, late husband of Margaret and father of William, in his lifetime owned land in Bensalem Twp, Bucks Co., 209 acres on E. side of Pontquesinet Creek in the outbounds of Southampton Twp, adj. land of William Dunkan, land in possession of Edmund Dunkan; by will devised the land to Margaret Dunkan to be disposed of as she saw fit; now Margaret intends that William Dunkan may reconvey the premises to her (Margaret) for her lifetime and then to Edmund Dunkan and John Dunkan; for 5 shillings, deed the land to William Dunkan. Wit. William Carver, Margaret (M) MacKelon. (FHL film 172,874)
      6-32: 21 April 1732, William Dunkan, yeoman, of Bucks Co., to Margaret Dunkan his mother and Edmund Dunkan & John Dunkan his bretheren; whereas John Dunkan, late husband of said Margaret and father of the same William, Edmund and John Dunkan, in his lifetime owned land in Bensalem Twp, 209 acres, on E. side Postquesink Creek in the outbounds of Southampton Twp, adj. land of William Dunken, land in possession of Edmund Dunkan, which he willed to Margaret Dunkan, who deeded the land to William Dunkan who would reconvey the land to her for her lifetime and the remainder thereof to Edmund Dunkan and John Dunkan; now William Dunkan in pursuance of the trust in him reposed and for 5 shillings, deed the land to Margaret Dunkan during her life and then to Edmund Dunkan and John Dunkan. Wit. William Carver, Margaret (M) MacKelon. (FHL film 172,874)
      9-227: Indexed grantor deed George Dunkan to William Dunkan, 8/21/1754, land in Bensalem Twp; Indexed grantee deed William Dunkan from George Dunkan; not found (FHL film 172,876; negative film, not found book 7, 8, 9; the deed is not recorded on page 227 of book 9)
      11-166: 1 June 1758, John Duncan, Yeoman, of Bensalem Twp, Bucks Co., and his brother Patrick Duncan, yeoman, of same, to William Groome of Southampton Twp, same Co., miller; whereas Joseph Growdon, gentleman, of same county by his deed 1st day 2nd month 1697, granted to William Duncan of same county, husbandman, land in Bensalem Twp laid out for 600 acres, deed recorded Book B, Vol.1, pg.135 (crossed out 193 & 194); and by a deed from William Duncan dated 30th day 10th month 1708 to his son John Duncan (who was the father of the third John Duncan party hereto), 259 acres part of the above tract; that John Duncan by will in Bucks Co. dated 24 Jan. 1728 bequeathed 60 acres of land to his son William Duncan and to his wife Margaret Duncan the remainder to be disposed of as she wished; that Margaret Duncan by deed 20 April 1732 granted 209 acres to her son William Duncan (see deeds 6-31 & 6-32) who deeded the land back to Margaret and Edmund Duncan and John Duncan, party hereto; Margaret Duncan is dead and Edmond is also dead; now the first named John Duncan for £40 paid by William Groome, with the trinity?, advice, & consent of his brother Patrick Duncan convey to William Groome 209 acres. Wit. Michael Stevens, Isaac Worthington, Gilbert Hicks. (FHL film 172,877)
      13-250: 13 Aug. 1770, articles of agreement between Joseph Hoare? of Dublin, and James Duncan of Kilmore, in Co. of Maath (Meath?) in Kingdom of IRE, Esquires, by attorney Robert Edward Fell, to ... (not copied) (FHL film 172,878)
      13-251: Similar to 13-250, not copied
      14-426: 14 April 1714, William Dunkan, yeoman, of Bensalem Twp, to son Edmund Dunkan, for love and 5 shillings, 120? (125?) acres on Poquessing Creek in Bensalem Twp. Wit. Alexander Moad, John Dunkan. Rec. 14 Nov. 1737; appeared William Dunkan, aged 38 years or thereabouts, he believes that Will. Dunkan this affirmants grandfather signed the deed in presence of John Dunkan late of Bensalem, who was this affirmants father; acquainted with father's handwriting. Rec. 17 May 1773. (FHL film 172,878)
      14-428: 17 Nov. 1737, Lawrence Growden, Esq., of Trevose in Bensalem Twp, to Edmund Dunkan, yeoman, of Bensalem Twp, for £62.10, land adj. other land of said Edmund Dunkan, other land of said Lawrence Growden, corner partly Lawrence Growden & partly Henry Brises, 62-1/2 acres, part of 2,957 acre patent to Lawrence Growden ... Wit. Jno. Duncane, Timo. Smith. Deed acknowledged 1737. (FHL film 172,878)
      14-430: 21 Feb. 1770, Isaac Dunkan, yeoman, of Bensalem Twp, and wife Priscilla (P her mark), to Henry Walmsley, yeoman, of Southampton Twp; that Edmund Dunkan, late of Bensalem Twp, yeoman, decd, father of said Isaac Dunkan, owned land in Bensalem, adj. Poquessing Creek, adj. John Dunkan's land, Francis Searles land, George Dunkans land, 125 acres; Edmund Dunkan by will dated 22nd day 8th month 1748 devised remainder (personal & real) to his son Isaac Dunkan, recorded Book C, pg. 30 &31; now said Isaac Dunkan and wife Priscilla for £525, sell to Henry Walmsley ... Wit. John Clark, Elizabeth Street. Release of dower; appeared 1770. (FHL film 172,878)
      19-233: 20 Aug. 1779, Benjamin Fell and Thomas Wright of Plumsted Twp, Bucks Co., to Matthew Duncan of City of Philadelphia, merchant, for £3200, land in Tinnicum Twp in Bucks Co. adj. Arthur Irwin, Nicholas Pattersen & others, 257+ acres, late the estate of James Patterson who conveyed to Fell & Wright. Wit. David Duncan, L. Weiss. 1 Nov. 1779, Matthew Duncan assign above for £4000 to said Thomas Wright. Wit. David Duncan, Isaac Duncan. (FHL film 172,881)
      19-233: 28 Aug. 1780, Matthew Duncan to Thomas Wright, etc., above land. Wit. L. Weiss, F. Beates. Recorded on oath of Lewis Weiss of City of Phila., scrivener, who with David Duncan of Phila., merchant, saw the signing of deeds ... Frederic Beates. (FHL film 172,881)
      20-266: 26 Dec. 1770, John Hoare and James Duncan of Kilmore, Co. of Meath, IRE, ... not copied (FHL film 172,881)
      25-290: 6 June 1785, Isaac Duncan, yeoman, of Plumstead Twp, Bucks Co., and wife Priscilla (P) to Frederick Hoch, yeoman, of same, for £333, land in Plumstead Twp adj. Nicholas Hill now David Adams, Thomas Irwin and John Van Fopen???, adj. Michael Swartz, John Smith, 112 acres part of 100 acre & 84 acre tracts by patent 3 Sept. 1760 to Henry Smith, that Henry Smith and wife Alice sold 15 May 1770 to John Praul, wife Mary, who sold to Isaac Duncan on 2 May 1772. Wit. John Wilson, Rhoda Fuller. (FHL film 172,884)
      26-597: 8 Dec. 1792, Alexander Stewart etc. of New York, by their attorney Robert Henry Dunkin of Phila., ... not copied (FHL film 172,884)
      26-632: 22 Dec. 1783, Bucks Co. sheriff deed; goods of Joseph Hoare and James Duncan, late of Phila., Gent., exors of will of Ann Durden in my bailiwick ... (not copied) (FHL film 172,884)
      27-399: James Duncan of Kilmore, IRE not copied (FHL film 172,885)
      31#A-249: 4 May 1762, Patrick Duncan of Bensalem Twp, Bucks Co. PA, yeoman, and wife Elizabeth (X), to Abraham Larew of same township, yeoman; whereas John Duncan, brother of said Patrick, made his will dated 30th 7th month 1757, which willed to his brother Patrick Duncan, meaning the said Patrick party hereto, all his land whereon he lived in Bensalem Twp, which was granted by deed of his deceased mother Margaret Duncan to John Duncan and his deceased brother Edmund Duncan; now the said Patrick Duncan and wife Elizabeth deed to Abraham Laren for £645.6.3, 143 acres and 100 perches on the bank of Poquesink Creek, adj. land of Isaac Duncan. Wit. Gilbert Hicks, Harman Vansent. Rec. 14 May 1762. (FHL film 172,887)
      38-636: 18 Nov. 1737, Lawrence Growdon of Trevose, Bensalem Twp, Bucks Co., Esq., to William Duncan of Bensalem Twp, yeoman; for £62.10, 62-1/2 acres on the line dividing twp of Southampton and Bensalem, adj. Lawrence Growdon's other lands. Wit. Jno. Duncan, Timo. Smith. Rec. June 1, 1809. (FHL film 172,891; negative film)
      38-637: That William Duncan, by virtue of the last will of his father William Duncan, late of Bensalem Twp, dated 12th day 12th month 1773, owned land by virtue of deeds from Lawrence Grodon Esq. dated 18 Nov. 1737, in Bensalem Twp (above land); which William Duncan the son by will 23rd day 11th month 1805, Book 7, pg. 283, directed his executors John Praul, William Ridge and William Giles to sell; deed for $3250 to Thomas Randle and Jesse Randle the above land. Wit. Jesse James, Hasell Benezet. (FHL film 172,891)
      51-664: 6 Sept. 1825, Ann Rose of Bucks Co. to James Blevins of same twp? and John Duncan of Charleston, SC; Ann Rose for love of her dau. Ann S. Rose, trust until dau. reaches 26?. not copied. (FHL film 859,680)
      53-469: 29 May 1827, Strickland Foster of Lower Dublin Twp, Philadelphia Co., M.D., and wife Mary; by William Duncan of City of Phila., merchant, her trustee, to David Donance of Borough of Bristol, Bucks Co. PA, for $300, convey house and lot in Bristol which Garret H. Vanzant and wife Tacy conveyed to William Duncan on 14 Aug. 1822 in trust for Mary Foster. not copied. Wit. L?. Badger. (FHL film 859,681)
      58-517: 6 June 1833, sheriff deed; Thomas Purdy, admin. of John Duncan decd, to sell $18,956 worth of property which John Sovey, John Magrath and Samuel D. Henderson, exors of will of John Williamson, decd, lately recovered against him, plus costs; sell interest of John Duncan decd. in land in Doyletown Twp adj. lands of widow Shade, Alfred Magill & others, 250 acres; sale 27 March 1833 ... more not copied. (FHL film 859,685)
      68-388: 4 Nov. 1842, Andrew Muir, hatter, of Phila. & wife Marion, to Abigail Ducan (sic), widow, of same city, for $1000, land in Wrightstown twp, Bucks Co. ... not copied. (FHL film 859,691)
      68-390: 14 Jan. 1843, Abigail Ducan (sic) ... not copied (FHL film 859,691)
      78-468: 1 April 1850, Ann Lovett and Jane Lovett of Falls Twp, Bucks Co. PA, to Andrew Duncan of Lower Makefield Twp and Alexander Duncan of Falls Twp, all Bucks Co. PA, $490, land in Lower Makefield Twp adj. Elbow/Ebbow's line, estate of William Wharton decd, other lands belonging to Ann and Jane Lovett, Daniel L. Brown's line, 2 acres 150 perches which John Simmons and wife Hannah conveyed to Daniel Lovett by deed 1st day 4th month 1818, 47-443, who willed it on 30th day 7th month 1832 to his daus. Hannah, Ann and Jane Lovett; Hannah died leaving heirs Daniel Lovett, Robert B. Lovett, Sarah Brown, Ann Lovett, Jane Lovett (last 2 party hereof), Daniel S. Hutchinson, John P. Hutchinson, Sarah S. Hutchinson (married Bushrod W. Adams), Elizabeth L. Hutchinson "(married Kintsing)", Hannah Ann Hutchinson and Phebe Jane Hutchinson ... more not copied. Wit. Joseph J. Heist, Robt. P. Lovett. (FHL film 859,697)


"Pennsylvania Archives" Series Three, Vol.XIII, ed. by W.H. Egle; pub. 1897 (Google book, 4/18/2010)
      Proprietary and other tax lists of the county of Bucks for the years 1779, 1781, 1782, 1783, 1784, 1785, 1786
(Pg.33) Bucks County Transcript, 1779, Bensalem Township
      Wm. Duncan, 2 horses, 2 cattle
      (pg.36) Single men - Wm. Duncan
(Pg.69) Bucks County Transcript 1779, Plumstead Township
      Isaac Dunkin, 100 acres, 1 horse, 3 cattle
      Joseph Dunkin, 1 horse, 2 cattle
      (pg.72) Single men - Jacob Dunkin
(Pg.132) Bucks County Transcript 1781, Bensalem Township
      Wm. Dunkin, 62 acres, 3 cattle
      (pg.134) Single men: Wm. Duncan
(pg.159) 1781, Plumstead Township
      Isaac Dunkin, 100 acres, 1 horse, 1 cattle
      Joseph Dunkin, 1 horse, 2 cattle
      (pg.163) Single men: Jacob Dunkin
(pg.250) 1782, Bensalem Township
      Wm. Dunkin, 62 acres, 1 horse, 2 cattle
(pg.273) 1782, Plumstead Township
      Jacob Dunkin, 112 acres, 2 horses, 1 cattle
      Joseph Dunkin, 1 horse, 1 cattle
      (pg.277) Single men: Jacob Dunkin
(pg.322) 1783, Bensalem Township
      Single men: Wm. Duncan, 10.0 tax
(pg.371) 1783, Plumstead Township
      Isaac Duncan, 1.6.9 tax
      Jos. Duncan, 2.6 tax
(pg.461) 1784, Plumstead Township
      Isaac Dunkin, 100 acres, 1 dwelling house, 1 out house, 3 white inhabitants
      Joseph Dunkin, 1 dwelling house, 5 white inhabitants
(pg.480) 1784, Bensalem Township
      Wm. Dunkin, 62 acres, 1 dwelling house, 1 out house, 3 white inhabitants
(pg.523) 1785, Bensalem Township
      Wm. Duncan, 62 acres, 2 horses, 2 cattle
      David Duncan, 100 acres, 3 horses, 3 cattle, 1 servant
      (pg.526) Single men - Wm. Duncan
(pg.613) 1786, Bensalem Township
      Wm. Duncan, 11.4 tax
      David Duncan, 15.3 tax
      (pg.616) Single men: Wm. Duncan, 5.0 tax
(pg.721) 1787, Bensalem Township
      Wm. Duncan, 9.6 tax


Bucks Co. PA Misc. Record Books (from deed index as Misc. Docket)
      1-702: 19 April 1792, James Renwick, Saml. Delaphaine, Alexr. Stewart of City of NY, merchants; that William Goforth of City of NY, shopkeeper, owes us and others by indenture of miliage? 3 Aug. 1787 ... appoint Robert Henry Duncan of City of Philadelphia our attorney to sell the estate of William Goforth. (FHL film 927,215)
      Vol.5 - index glued shut (FHL film 927,217)
      Vol.6, 1829-1835 - no Duncan indexed (FHL film 927,217)
      6-216: 6 Feb. 1824, Agreement between John Merideth of Daylortown Twp, Bucks Co. PA, farmer, lease James Bearing, agent and attorney for John Duncan of City of Charleston, SC, 200 acres for $50 per acre, on banks of Neshamany in Daylertown twp, Bucks Co., now in the tenure of Jacob Rapp and Thomas Cove (terms of payment not copied). Wit. P.J. Wittlohn (sic), John Weaver. (FHL film 927,217; from deed index)
      9-119: 3 March 1843, settlement, Frederick Slaughter, mortgagee, is entitled to $305 and Abigail Duncan, grantor, discharged the (lien or debt?); paid and satisfied by John McDowell Junr. & Aaron R. Day. /s/ Frederick (X) Slaughter, Abigail Duncan. Wit. John C. Nippes, Geo. H?. Ash?. (FHL film 927,219)
      10-535: Indexed Duncan, Rebecca, et al; actually Duncan Eldridge and wife Rebecca Eldridge; last name Eldridge, not Duncan. (FHL film 927,219)


Philadelphia Co. PA Will (FHL film 21,726)
      N-258, #128: 13 July 1755, will of Joseph Duncan of City of Philadelphia; all to father William Duncan of Bensalem Twp. in Bucks Co., weaver; appoint father William Duncan exec. Wit. Joseph Baker, Peter Thompson. Rec. 30 July 1765.

Philadelphia Co. PA Deeds (SLC 6/9/2008 and later)
      I#9-401: 26 April 1758, Sarah Harris of City of Philadelphia, widow, "(the relict of Andrew Harris late of Passyunck in county of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, gent., decd., she the said Sarah being also the only issue and heiress of Sarah Laftus? decd. by her husband Larson Laftus also decd, she the Sarah Laftus being one of the daughters of Esther Crispin decd by her husband Silas Crispin also decd, which Esther was one of the daughters of Thomas Holmes late of Lower Dublin Twp. in the said county, gent., decd.),"
         Silas Crispin of Lower Dublin afsd yeoman "(the eldest son and heir at law and also the devisee named in the last will and testament of Thomas Crispin decd which Thomas Crispin was one of the children of the said Esther Crispin by her said husband the decd. Silas Crispin),"
         Mary Collier of Lower Dublin Twp. afsd widow "(another of the children of the said decd Esther Crispin by her said decd husband Silas Crispin)," and
         Mary Duncan of Silarwick?? Twp. in the county of Bucks in Pennsylvania, widow, "(she being the only surviving issue of Rebecca Finney decd which Rebecca was another of the children of said decd. Esther Crispin by her decd husband Silas Crispin),"
         of the one part, to John Read of City of Philadelphia, blacksmith. Whereas the said Thomas Holmes by force and virtue of divers goods etc., became seized in fee of divers messuages, lots, land, etc. in PA and the said Thomas Holmes being so seized died leaving issue the said Esther Crispin besides one other daughter named Eleanor. Now this indenture ... the said Sarah Harris, Silas Crispin the son of the decd. Thomas Crispin, Mary Collier and Mary Duncan for 1,000 pounds PA money, ... sell a certain lot of ground in said City containing 102 feet breadth, 426 feet length, bounded N by lot formerly vacant, E with Delaware front street, S with Mulberry St. and W with Second street, by patent 27 of fourth month 1684 was granted to said Thomas Holme his heirs, recorded Patent Book A, Vol.1, page 42, together with all ... appurtenances ... warrant title. /s/ Sarah (X) Harris, Silas Crispin, Mary Collier, Mary Duncan. Wit. Jacob Hall, Isaac Ashton, Ellis Lewis Jr., Andrew Tyland? (Tyband?). Receipt for money signed by Sarah (X) Harris, Silas Crispin, Mary Collier. Silas Crispin and Mary Collier appeared 26 July 1758 before Isaac Ashton, J.P. Recorded 30 July 1771. (FHL Film 21,902; SLC 6/9/2008; rechecked SLC 6/4/2011)
      D#77-614/616: 6th day 3rd month 1772, Evan Thomas of Byberry Twp, Philadelphia Co. PA, yeoman, and wife Elizabeth, to John Dunkan of Southhampton Twp, Bucks Co. PA, that Judah Foulkes Esq. High Sheriff of Philadelphia Co. per writ of Levari Facias ... 31st day 5th month 1771 sold to Daniel Walton ... 207 acres and 65 perches, part of the estate of David Thomas late of Byberry afsd decd, the father of Evan Thomas, and Daniel Walton and wife Sarah on 3rd day 6th month 1771 sold to Evan Thomas a lot of ground, part of above tract, in Byberry Twp, in the fork of the Byberry Road, (description not copied) containing 3 acres and 10 perches, with appurtenances, NOW Evan Thomas and wife Elizabeth for 30 pounds PA money paid or secured to be paid, sell to to John Dunkan the above lot, 3 acres and 10 perches, together with appurtenances. /s/ Evan Thomas, Elizabeth Thomas. Wit. Silas Baldwin, Ann Edwards. They ack. deed 30th day 3rd month 1772. Brief of within title ... Recorded 5 Feb. 1800. (FHL film 21,942; SLC 9/18/2012)

Charleston Co. SC Wills (typed) (FHL film 23,485)
      37-351/3: 29 June 1827, will of John Duncan of City of Charleston; all my estate to my executors in trust; to apply rents etc. in equal portions to maintenance of my daughter Ann Rose during her lifetime, and to maintenance and education of my granddaughter Ann Duncan Rose free from contracts, control or intermeddling of the husband of my said daughter; in trust to apply the whole ... income after the death of my said daughter to the sole and separate use of my said granddather free from ... her father or future husband. Appoint friends Mitchell King, Dr. Henry Glover and Samuel G. Barker executors. ... Dr. Alexander J.H. Duncan shall not in any wise or upon any consideration be permitted to become or to act as trustee, executor or administrator of my estate as he has the means of doing injury and has lost my confidence altogether ... Wit. S. Elliott Jun, Wm. Robinson, Fras. Henderson Jun. Proved 1 Feb. 1828; Henry G. Glover executor; renunciation of S.G. Barker and W. King as executors filed with original will. Recorded in Orig. Will Book G, pg. 193. (MAD: see Alexander J.H. Duncan in Montgomery Co. PA 1830 census)

Charleston Co. SC Court of Equity, Bills of Complaints (FHL film 23,738)
      1831, Bill #33. Henry C. Glover, exor of John Duncan, vs. Mrs. Ann Rose and her husband and Ann D. Rose a minor, Hon. J.J. Pringle their trustee.
      Complaint; that John Duncan's estate is insolvent but for some years immediately before he died he gave large sums to Mrs. Ann Rose; suit to recover money. He had been guardian of Samuel and Mary Hanahan, minors, and their estate is insolvent. James Bering then residing in PA was his confidential agent. The farms have been in possession of Mrs. Rose since 1824. Mrs. Rose's residence is at Doylestown, Bucks Co. PA. He conveyed a house, lot at Bull and Pitt Streets in Charleston to James Duncan and J.J. Pringle in trust for use of his said daughter and her child. Mr. Rose is in a state of mental derangement for some years past. John Duncan gave to Mrs. Rose to shelter his money and land fraudulently from his creditors. Mrs. Rose had silver plate in her house in a locked room, for which the key was found in John Duncan's possession. Filed 22 Feb. 1830.
      Answer, 29 Aug. 1831, of Ann Duncan Rose, infant under age 21, by her mother and guardian ad litem, Ann Rose; she is unacquainted with pecuniary transactions.
      Answer of Ann Rose, dated 25 July 1831; that her father about 1804 had an estate moderately estimated at $400,000 in real estate in Charleston, negro slaves, stock, bonds, notes, "choses in action" and he was entirely free of debt. About 6 May 1806 her father purchased a house, conveyed to John Julius Pringle and James Duncan in trust. Farm of about 250 acres in PA was purchased for her in 1824, and $5,000 paid by John Duncan. Legacy was left her (Ann Rose) by Mrs. Clancy. This defendant is his only child. She had some "plate" that John gave her at the time of her marriage in 1810 which she used in keeping house in New York soon after her marriage. After her separation from her husband ...
      (MAD: file does not give outcome of suit)

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      ROSE v. BATES; Supreme Court of Missouri; 12 Mo. 30; July, 1848, Decided. (MAD: see also Bucks Co. PA and Charleston Co. SC)

Middlesex Co. MA Court Index (FHL film 385,977; from Louis Boone 2/1989)
      Name, Residence, Year, Nature, Number
      Dunkin, Ann B., Benjamin F., Elizabeth I., John, Nathaniel B., Susan, Susan L.; Bristol [Bucks Co.], PA, 1804, Guardian, 6503 (separate entries but same case)

HISTORIES before 1923

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Bucks Co. PA, copy of original book kept in vault of First National Bank of Newton, Bucks (from Iris Grimmett 2/1992)
   Falls Quarterly Meeting; hand copied in 1921
      Born: William son of John Dunken, 4.18.1699

MAD: see Quaker Records for more on the early Duncans

"McCall and Related Families" by Mary Gene McCall, 1984 (from Dale O. Duncan 10/1984)
      Pg.62-63: This book has information on William Duncan who settled in Bucks Co. PA in 1687, died 1715, wife Jane; and his son Edmond Duncan b.1684, will dated 22 Aug. 1748, wife Sarah Butler, and their children, including sources. Quakers.


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