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HISTORIES before 1923 - Part 2

1883 "History of Butler County, Pennsylvania : with illustrations and biographical sketches of some of its prominent men and pioneers [1796-1883]" pub. Chicago : Waterman, Watkins, 1883. 454p. (FHL book 974.891 H2hb, reprint 1982; pg.227-233 from FHL fiche 6,088,795 at Placerville FHC 5/2007; pg.226 from Kathy D. Cawley 5/2007)
      Cranberry Twp.
      Pg.226: Samuel DUNCAN, a native of Carlisle, Penn., made a permanent settlement in this township in 1796. He was a young man of twenty-seven years, at the time of his emigration, and for several years previous to his settlement had been engaged in trafficking with the Indians. He purchased quite an extensive tract of land. The farm which for many years was the home of his son, Samuel, was purchased from Gen. WILKINS, of Philadelphia. He married, in 1793, Miss Nancy daughter of James BOGGS, who in the early days kept the ferry across the Allegheny River at Pittsburgh. They had six children -- William, Matilda, David, Samuel, James and Robert. Mr. DUNCAN died in the year 1829. William married Jane COMPTON, and had three children. He died in 1821. Of these three children, Mary Ann CLEEAND [sic] is still living in Illinois. Matilda married William SMITH, from the State of New York. Mrs. SMITH died in 1831, her husband surviving her a few years only. David married Sarah HAMIL, of Allegheny County. They had nine children, viz.: William, Samuel, Catherine, Matilda, Margaret, Sarah, Mary A. and Nancy E. Samuel married Elizabeth CALDWELL, daughter of David CALDWELL, of Allegheny County. (MAD: Carlisle, Cumberland Co. PA)
      Pg.232-233: Biographical Sketches. SAMUEL DUNCAN. Samuel Duncan, one of the oldest and most respected citizens of the southwestern part of the county, was born in Cranberry Township, on the same tract of land on which he now resides, on the 22d of August, 1808. His father, Samuel Duncan, of whom a sketch appears on another page, was one of the pioneers of 1796, and encountered during his life all the difficulties and hardships which beset the early settlers. Samuel was brought up to hard work, and received only such education as the limited school privileges of early days afforded. His life has been marked by industrious toil and wise economy, and he is the possessor of a comfortable property as the reward of his labors. The beautiful fields now surrounding his home were covered with the primitive forest when he came into possession of the farm, and have been brought to their present state by the work of his own hands. He labored under all the disadvantages of a lack of good farming implements, but perseverance, industry and economy rendered his labors successful. Mr. Duncan is a man of intelligence, helpful in all good works, and is held in high esteem by all who know him. He was married, April 19, 1831, to Elizabeth, oldest daughter of David and Mary Caldwell, early settlers of Allegheny County. Their long period of happy wedded life has been blessed by a large family of children. Matilda S. is the wife of Samuel Graham, Cranberry Township; Mary Ann, single, resides in Pittsburgh; Elizabeth, the wife of Charles Taylor, resides in Wheeling, W. Va.; Lewis F. follows carpentry in Allegheny City; Emeline is the wife of James McMarland, Adams Township; John died April 1, 1865, in the twenty-third year of his age. He enlisted as a private in the nine-months service and was mustered into the army August 11, 1862, as a private in Company C, One Hundred and Thirty-fourth Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers. Re-enlisting, he served as a Corporal of Company G, Fourth Regiment Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteer Cavalry. He was wounded in the spine at Dinwiddy Court House, Va., March 29, 1865, and died forty-eight hours after receiving the wound. He was a gallant soldier, and when he received the fatal shot he was attempting to capture a rebel flag. He passed safely through eleven battles, but the twelfth terminated his noble career. The next member of the family, Alfred G., is a merchant in Pittsburgh; Sarah J. died in infancy, December 31, 1847; Nelson B. is a farmer on the old homestead. Mr. Duncan is a Republican in politics. He became a member of the Presbyterian Church about 1841, and has lived an earnest Christian life. Mrs. Duncan has also been a faithful member of the same organization since her youth. (MAD: Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co. PA)

1889 "Biographical and Portrait Cyclopedia of Fayette County Pennsylvania" ed. by John M. Gresham, assisted in the compilation by Samuel T. Wiley, pub. by John M. Gresham & Co. (FHL film 1,000,555 item 2; book 78)
      Pg.264-6, Brownsville & Bridgeport. DR. WILLIAM STEVENS DUNCAN, of Bridgeport, a widely known and highly esteemed physician and surgeon, was born in Brownsville, May 24, 1834. He is a son of Judge Thomas and Priscilla (Stevens) Duncan.
            Dr. Duncan's great-grandfather, Thomas Duncan, and his wife, emigrated from Scotland to County Donegal, Ireland, in 1775. They had four children (all born in Scotland): George, John, Arthur and a daughter, whose name there is no doubt whether it was Jane or Nancy. Arthur Duncan, when 20 years of age, engaged in the Irish Rebellion of 1792, and immediately after its suppression sought safety in flight from the English authorities. He was placed in a cask which was filled with straw, the head replaced, thus was smuggled on board a vessel bound for the United States, and landed at Philadelphia, January 10, 1793. In 1795 he joined Washington's troops that were sent out from the Capital to suppress the Whiskey Insurrection. After his discharge, he settled near "Plumsock," (now Upper Middletown) in September, 1802, and took out his naturalization papers. He married Sophia Wharton, a dau. of Arthur Wharton, of Franklin township. Arthur Duncan died at Moundsville, VA, in 1850, and his wife, in Pittsburgh, PA, in 1845. They had ten children, namely: Thomas, George, Arthur, James, Benjamin, Enos, Mary Ann, Jane, Elizabeth and Nancy. (MAD: Moundsville, Marshall Co. WV; Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co. PA)
            Judge Thomas Duncan was born in Franklin township, Aug. 22, 1807, and received his early education in the Thorn Bottom School. He engaged in the Plumsock Rolling Mill for a time, but at 18 years of age made arrangements to learn the trade of a cabinet-maker. He engaged with an expert mechanic, Thomas Hatfield, with whom he remained 3 years as an apprentice, and afterwards 3 years more as a partner. He then removed to Bridgeport, and has continued successfully in the same business. Judge Duncan was married in May, 1829, to Miss Priscilla, dau. of Dr. Benjamin Stevens of Uniontown. Her father, Dr. Benjamin Stevens, was born in Maryland, Feb. 20, 1737, read medicine with his father, Dr. Benjamin Stevens, and grad. at Annapolis Medical School, MD. He came to "Plumsock" ... until his death in 1813.
            Judge Duncan ... served as county commissioner from 1843 to 1845, in 1851 elected associate judge of Fayette Co. for 5 years, re-elected 1856, ... Methodist Episcopal church for 48 years. Judge Duncan and wife have five children, 3 of whom are living: Mrs. Elizabeth Worrell, Dr. W.S. Duncan, both of Bridgeport, and Thomas J. Duncan, a practicing attorney at Washington, PA. Judge Duncan assisted his father, Arthur Duncan, in 1822 in manufacturing ... he is now an octogenarian in years and is in good health. Mrs. Duncan died in Feb. 1873, aged 66 years. (MAD: Washington, Washington Co. PA, per 1880 census)
            Dr. William Stevens Duncan received a thorough literary education in Mt.Union College, Ohio, read medicine with Dr. M.O. Jones, then of Brownsville but now a resident of Pittsburgh ... graduated from Univ. of PA in spring of 1858 with degree of M.D. In June 1858 formed copartnership with preceptor in the practice, ending in 1861 by removal of Dr. Jones to Pittsburgh. ... March 21, 1861, Dr. Duncan mar. Miss Amanda, dau. of Benjamin and Mary (Berry) Leonard; they have one child, a dau., Helen, a pupil in Lenna Female College at Pittsburgh. Member Fayette Co. Medical Assn, ... served as volunteer surgeon at the battle of Gettysburg and was taken prisoner by the Confederates.
      Pg.430-3, Dunbar. ALEXANDER C. DUNCAN was born in Butler Co. PA Jan. 25, 1846. His maternal grandfather, Enos Graham, was a native of Scotland, came to America at the beginning of 18th century and settled in Butler Co. PA. His paternal grandfather, Samuel Duncan, was of Scotch descent, born in Allegheny Co. near Pittsburgh, and was married to Nancy Smith, a native also of Allegheny Co. PA. A.C. Duncan's father, Robert Duncan, was born in Butler Co. PA in 1813, and was a farmer. He married Miss Julia A. Graham, and had 9 children: William; Enos G., a resident of Greenfield [?Jones Co.], IA; Isaiah M., a farmer of Butler Co.; Beriah M., president of the board of county commissioners, of Butler Co.; Alexander C.; Pressly, a plasterer, and a resident of Mars, Butler Co.; Robert, a farmer of Butler Co.; Nancy, married to John W. McCaw, of Allegheny Co., and Julia A., mar. to John A. Wilson, a coal merchant of Allegheny City. Alexander C. is the 5th son of his parents; he was educated in the common schools of Butler Co. and with 4 of his brothers he served in the army during the Civil War. Enos G., Isaiah N., and Beriah, were volunteers in Co.G, 134th Reg. PA Volunteers, enlisting in 1862 and serving for 9 months; then they enlisted as veterans in Co.G, 4th PA Cavalry and served till the close of the war. William volunteered in the spring of 1864 in the 78th Reg. PA Vols., Alexander C. volunteered in the summer of 1864 in Co.B 193rd Reg. PA Volunteers ... After the war, returned home and lived with his parents till 1871. In 1871 he mar. Miss Mary C. Graham, dau. of William J. Graham, a native of Butler Co. PA. They had children: Clara E., a telegraph operator in the employ of the B. & O. R.R. Co. at Uniontown; Nancy E., and Allen Ward. His wife died Oct. 31, 1879, he mar. 2nd in June 1881 to Emma Stroud, dau. of William Stroud of Dunbar, two children: Alexander R. and Edna W. Alexander C. Duncan left the farm and engaged in mercantile business at Ogle, Butler Co., in 1875, until 1879, shortly after this he came to Dunbar ...
      Pg.593, Misc. JUDGE THOMAS DUNCAN, (MAD: the paragraphs all started with quote marks, apparently a direct quote from the 1882 History) ... among the venerable men of Bridgeport ... that borough and its twin sister Brownsville, by over half a century's residence ... He is of Scotch-Irish extraction. His father, Arthur Duncan, emigrated from County Donegal, Ireland, about 1793 to America and found his way into Fayette Co. as a soldier in the service of the United States ... to suppress the Whiskey Insurrection ... settled in Franklin township near Upper Middletown (then known as "Plumsock"), Menallen township, and mar. Sophia Wharton, dau. of Arthur Wharton, of Franklin township, but a native of England, who held a large tract of land in that township, and was a man of strong individuality. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Duncan passed the greater portion of their lives in Upper Middletown, but Mrs. Duncan died about 1845 in Pittsburgh [Allegheny Co.], to which place the family had removed, and Mr. Duncan about 1850, in Moundsville, VA, at the residence of one of his daus., Mrs. Nancy Rosell. (MAD: Moundsville, Marshall Co. WV)
            Mr. and Mrs. Duncan were the parents of ten children, the 2nd of whom is Judge Thomas Duncan, who was born in Franklin Twp. Aug. 22, 1807, ... in 1837 Judge Duncan joined the Masonic order, ... also a member ... Methodist Episcopal church since 1834. In May 1829 he married Priscilla Stevens, dau. of Dr. Benjamin Stevens of Uniontown, whose father, Benjamin Stevens, who came to Fayette Co. from Maryland, was also a physician. Mrs. Duncan died in Feb. 1873 at the age of 66 years.
            Judge and Mrs. Duncan became the parents of five children, three now living: Mrs. Elizabeth Worrell, Dr. W.S. Duncan, both of Bridgeport, and Thomas J. Duncan, a lawyer practicing his profession in Washington, PA.

1882 "History of Fayette County, Pennsylvania, with Biographical Sketches of many of its Pioneers and Prominent Men" ed. by Franklin Ellis, pub. by L.H. Everts & Co. (FHL film 1,000,555 item 1; book 77)
      Brownsville Borough and Township.
      Pg.459-460: JUDGE THOMAS DUNCAN. Among the venerable men of Bridgeport ... that borough and its twin sister Brownsville, by over half a century's residence ... He is of Scotch-Irish extraction. His father, Arthur Duncan, emigrated from County Donegal, Ireland, about 1793 to America and found his way into Fayette Co. as a soldier in the service of the United States ... to suppress the Whiskey Insurrection ... settled in Franklin township near Upper Middletown (then known as "Plumsock"), Menallen township, and mar. Sophia Wharton, dau. of Arthur Wharton, of Franklin township, but a native of England, who held a large tract of land in that township, and was a man of strong individuality. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Duncan passed the greater portion of their lives in Upper Middletown, but Mrs. Duncan died about 1845 in Pittsburgh, to which place the family had removed, and Mr. Duncan about 1850, in Moundsville, VA, at the residence of one of his daus., Mrs. Nancy Rosell.
            Mr. and Mrs. Duncan were the parents of ten children, the 2nd of whom is Judge Thomas Duncan, who was born in Franklin Twp. Aug. 22, 1807, ... in 1837 Judge Duncan joined the Masonic order, ... also a member ... Methodist Episcopal church since 1834. In May 1829 he married Priscilla Stevens, dau. of Dr. Benjamin Stevens of Uniontown, whose father, Benjamin Stevens, who came to Fayette Co. from Maryland, was also a physician. Mrs. Duncan died in Feb. 1873 at the age of 66 years.
            Judge and Mrs. Duncan became the parents of five children, three now living: Mrs. Elizabeth Worrell, Dr. W.S. Duncan, both of Bridgeport, and Thomas J. Duncan, a lawyer practicing his profession in Washington, PA.
      Pg.460: WILLIAM STEVENS DUNCAN, M.D. Dr. W.S. Duncan, of Bridgeport, is the son of Judge Thomas Duncan, of the same borough, a biographical sketch of whom immediately precedes this sketch. Dr. Duncan was born May 24, 1834; and here the writer may quite as properly as anywhere else note the fact that the date of his birth is the only fact or item of the following biographical sketch which the doctor has independently furnished, he being ... adverse ... so the interviewer was advised to refer to others ... (extolls his virtues as a doctor)
            For what follows, we are indebted to two books in which professional notice of Dr. Duncan is made, one of which is entitled "Physicians and Surgeons of the United States," edited by William B. Atkinson, M.D., 1878; the other a record of the "Transactions of the Rocky Mountain Medical Association," with biographies of the members, by J.M. Toner, M.D., a leading physician of Washington, D.C. (1877).
            Dr. Duncan was educated at Mount Union College, Stark Co. OH ... medical studies commenced in 1855 ... Dr. Duncan was married March 21, 1861, to Miss Amanda Leonard, dau. of Benjamin and Mary Berry Leonard, of Brownsville. They have one child, a dau.

1905 "History of State of CA and Biographical Record of the San Joaquin Valley," by Prof. J.M. Guinn (Placerville Library)
      Pg.1580: NATHANIEL P. DUNCAN, M.D. ... the distinction of being the oldest physician in Hanford, Kings county, in point of years of service in the medical profession. Dr. Duncan was born in Pittsburg [Allegheny Co.], PA, January 9, 1849, a son of Robert C., and grandson of Thomas Duncan, whose father, a native of Scotland, came to the United States about the time of the Revolutionary war and first located in Louisiana, where he operated a plantation for a number of years. He subsequently removed to Pennsylvania, but soon afterward died in Pittsburg, while still a comparatively young man, from yellow fever.
      Robert C. Duncan was born in Louisiana, and was an infant when his parents removed to PA. He was reared and educated in the latter state, and engaged in merchandising in Beaver Falls and Pittsburg. He died in the latter city at the age of about seventy years. He married Nancy Patterson, a native of PA, who still resides in that state at the advanced age of eighty-seven years. Her father, Nathaniel Patterson, was at one time a civil engineer in Pittsburg.
      The boyhood and youth of Dr. Nathaniel P. Duncan were spent in Pittsburg and vicinity ... He subsequently attended Beaver Academy, ... Coming to CA, he visited various towns, finally locating, in 1876, at Lemoore, Kings county ... At Lemoore, CA, in 1877, he was united in marriage with Mary Cramer, a native of Calaveras Co. CA. .... (MAD: see Beaver Co. PA)

1892 "Memorial & Biographical History of Fresno, Tulare & Kern Cos. CA" by Lewis Pub. Co. (FHL book 979.48 H2a)
      Pg.405-6: N.P. DUNCAN, M.D. (Indexed at CA State Library as Nathaniel Duncan) ... young professional man of Hanford, Tulare Co. CA ... born in Pittsburg [Allegheny Co.], PA, in 1849. He is of Scotch descent, his ancestors being among the early settlers of Louisiana. His father, Robert C. Duncan, a native of Louisiana, emigrated to Pittsburg about 1820, and was there engaged in the mercantile business. His mother was Nancy (Patterson) Duncan, a daughter of Nathaniel Patterson, a surveyor and engineer, ... out of the city of Pittsburg.
      N.P. Duncan was educated in the Beaver Academy and ... graduated at Bellevue Hospital Medical College, New York city, in 1871. He then began practice at Eno, Pennsylvania, where he remained until 1873, when he came to California. After spending two years in traveling over the State, he practiced one year in Fresno, and in 1876 located at Lemoore, Tulare County, where he was subsequently married to Miss Mary A. Crammer, ... a native of Calaveras Co. CA. The Doctor ... remained there until 1884, when he moved to Hanford. ... To the Doctor and Mrs. Duncan one child has been born, a bright little son, who at the age of five years suffered a fall while at play in Lemoore which caused his death. ...

1913 "Who's who on the Pacific coast : a biographical compilation of notable living contemporaries west of the Rocky Mountains" ed. by Franklin Harper, pub. 1913 Los Angeles, Harper Pub. Co. (FHL film 1,697,720 item 7; SLC 6/10/2008)
      Pg.171. DUNCAN, H.B., Lawyer, born, Pittsburg, Pa., Sept. 2, 1875; son, Thomas H. and Nancy (Sweeney) D. Edu: public schools, Pa., high school, Chicago; studied law in office of U.S. Atty. C.B. Morrison, Chicago; night law lectures at John Marshall Law School and Kent College of Law, Chicago; private instructions under Kemper B. Campbell of the faculty of Univ. of So. Cal. College of Law. Married, Elizabeth Pendleton, Mar. 16, 1908. Moved to Cal., 1908. Special Agent, U.S. Dept. of Justice, Wash., D.C., 1905-10. Special Asst. to U.S. Dist. Atty. for Sou. Dist. of Cal., 1910-11. Member: A.F. & A.M. Republican. Res.: 122 Sycamore ave., Hollywood; Office: 507-8 Higgins bldg., Los Angeles, Cal. (MAD: Pittsburg, Allegheny Co. PA; Hollywood, Los Angeles Co. CA)

1900 "OH Valley Genealogies relating chiefly to families in Harrison, Belmont and Jefferson Counties, Ohio, and Washington, Westmoreland and Fayette Counties, Pennsylvania" by Charles A. Hanna (FHL book 973 D2hc; SLC 9/2007; FHL film 20,157)
      Pg.34-36: MICHAEL FINLEY ... 1. John, b. in county Armagh, Ireland, killed by Indians about 1757-59, in Lurgan township, Cumberland county, Penn., where he had settled near Middle Spring Church before 1744; m. Martha Berkley; had issue: ... 8. John, b.1754; d. 1837 or 1838, in Fleming county, Ky.; served as lieutenant and captain in the Revolution (Pennsylvania Line, 2d, 5th, and 8th regiments, and as major in Wayne's army, 1793); settled at Upper Blue Lick, Ky., before 1800; m. Hannah Duncan, daughter of David Duncan, of Ft. Pitt [MAD: Allegheny Co. PA] (had issue: 1. David-Duncan, lived in Nicholas county, Ky., as late as 1871); 9. Clements; settled in South Carolina (?). (See Clements, VI. - MAD: not copied) (MAD: More not copied, use caution on Duncan lineage)

1890 "History of the Upper OH Valley" (Belmont & Jefferson Co.) Vol.II, by Brant & Fuller (Los Angeles Public Library book R977 H637; FHL films 496,598 item 3 and 496,599 item 1)
      Includes. Hist. Upper OH Valley, Ohio Co. WV; "Pan-Handle"; Medical Hist. Pan-Handle: Biog. Sketches Brooke, Hancock & Marshall Cos. WV; History of Logan the Mingo chief; Bench & Bar of Jefferson Co.; Biog. Sketches, Education & Religion; Medical Hist. Jefferson Co.; Hist. Belmont Co.; Agricultural Resources.
      Vol.II - Belmont and Jefferson Co. OH
      Pg.529-30, Belmont Co., Pease Twp. George Duncan, of Martin's Ferry, a prominent attorney, was born in Allegheny Co. PA, May 11, 1841. He is the son of Thomas Duncan, a native of PA, who was reared in Allegheny Co., and learned the trade of wool-carding. He became the owner of a carding mill about ten miles north of Pittsburgh, on the Allegheny road, which he operated about forty years. Disposing of this in 1862, he purchased a farm on which he resided until his death, November 19, 1864. He was married in 1838, to Nancy Herdman, by whom he had six children, of whom three besides the subject of this sketch, are living. The mother also survives. George Duncan received his early education in the common schools of Allegheny county, and in the Valley academy, and when about nineteen years old began the study of law with Thomas Howard and John D. Mahon, of Pittsburgh. Removing subsequently to Columbiana Co. OH, he completed his studies with J.D. King, and in November, 1865, he was admitted to the bar of Mahoning county. While pursuing these professional studies he had followed teaching in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Beginning the practice in Columbiana county, in 1867, he remained there seven years, and then went to Norwalk, Ohio, which was his residence until he removed to Martin's Ferry, in the spring of 1878. ... Mr. Duncan was married in 1863, to Maggie Hall, of Allegheny county, by whom he has three children: Thomas M., Nannie V., and Lottie.

1909 "Centennial History of City of Newark and Licking Co. OH" by E.M.P. Brister, Vol.II (Memphis Public Library book 977.154 B861c; from Evelyn Sigler 8/1984)
      Pg.13: George Duncan Heisey, b. Pittsburg [Allegheny Co.], PA, Feb. 18, 1882, son of August H. and Susan N. (Duncan) Heisey, natives of Pittsburg.
      MAD: from "Know Your Collectibles" by Ralph M. Kovel, 1981 (Placerville Library), pg.214, American glass ware. Duncan and Sons - George Duncan bought the Ripley & Co. glass factory in Pittsburg [Allegheny Co.], PA, in 1865. He renamed the firm Duncan & Sons. It was operated by him and his sons Harry Duncan and James Duncan and his son-in-law Augustus Hersey. In 189-, James Duncan left the firm .... MAD: Note the slightly different name.

1881 "History of Coshocton Co. OH, Its Past and Present 1740-1881" by Norman Newell Hill (FHL book 977.165 H2hi)
      Pg.672: T.D. Duncan, Keene Twp, born July 9, 1846, in Pittsburg [Allegheny Co.], PA, son of Robert C. and Nancy (Patterson) Duncan, of Scotch and English descent. Childhood and early youth spent on a farm in Beaver Co. PA; from 17 to 19 attended academy at Beaver, then took a course at Washington & Jefferson college, Washington, PA, graduating in 1869. ... completed theological studies, graduating spring 1874. ... In 1875 he received a call from Clark Presbyterian church, Bloomfield, which he accepted and was ordained in May; remainder there as pastor until April 1879; in August 1880 principal of public schools and academy at Keene. Married in June, 1876, to Miss Ella, daughter of George and Jane (Douglas) Craig; have one child Robert C., born July 5, 1877.
      Pg.711: John D. Hughes, Keene Twp, carpenter, born 26 June 1840 in Pittsburgh [Allegheny Co.], PA, son of John and Eliza J. Hughes, and grandson of Robert and Mary A. (Robinson) Hughes and of John and Nancy (Hasson) Duncan. Remained in Pittsburgh till 1878, when he came to Keene and married Miss Rebecca Fullerton, b. 20 June 1844, dau. of Robert and Anna (Aiken) Fullerton ...

1914 "The Book of Clevelanders : a biographical dictionary of living men of the city of Cleveland." (Cuyahoga Co. OH) (anonymous); pub. Cleveland: Burrows Bros. Co. (LH8108, HeritageQuest 3/2007)
      Pg.82: DUNCAN, B.M.; attorney; born, Millersburg, O., June 30, 1879; son of John and Isabel Jameson Duncan; educated, St.Laurence University and Ohio State University, law course; member of firm Howell, Roberts & Duncan; member Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Delta Phi (Law) and Phi Beta Kappa Fraternities.
      Pg.82: DUNCAN, William McKinley; lawyer; born, Pittsburg, Pa., May 19, 1873; son of Andrew J. and Sarah McKinley Duncan; educated, public schools Pittsburg, Pa., and Rayen High school, Youngstown, O., and Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y.; married, Youngstown, O., Oct. 18, 1899, Viola Deetrick; issue, three sons; admitted to bar, October, 1894; associated with Squire, Sanders & Dempsey ever since; became member of firm, January, 1911; representing Eastern Trunk Railroad in the engineer arbitration; receiver of the Wheeling & Lake Erie R.R. Co.; member Union, Athletic, Mayfield and Hermit Clubs. (MAD: Pittsburg, Allegheny Co. PA)

"Men of Ohio" (anonymous); pub. Cleveland: The Cleveland Leader and the Cleveland News, 19--, 196 pgs. (LH7154, HeritageQuest images 5/2007; FHL book 977.1 D3m and film 873,788 item 4)
      Pg.30: (photo) DUNCAN, WILLIAM McKINLEY, attorney, b. Pittsburg, May 19, 1873; s. Andrew Jackson and Sarah (McKinley) Duncan. Educated Pittsburg and Rayen High Schools and at Cornell University. Mar. Viola Deetrick of Youngstown, O. Oct. 18, 1899. Has practised law in Cleveland since 1894. Appointed general attorney for the Wheeling and Lake Erie railroad company in 1905 and continued to serve after appointment of reciever June 1, 1908. Appointed receiver for the road on June 20, 1912; attorney for conference commission of managers of eastern railways in engineers' wage arbitration, Manhattan Beach, summer 1912. Member firm Squire, Sanders & Dempsey. Republican. Presbyterian. Member Union, Cleveland Athletic, Hermit, Mayfield and Country clubs. Residence, 2056 East 90th street. Office, Leader-News Building, Cleveland. (MAD: Pittsburg, Allegheny Co. PA; Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co. OH)

1880 "History of Page County, Iowa: containing a history of the county, its cities, etc.; a biographical directory, war record, history of Iowa" pub. by Western Historical Co. (Los Angeles Public Library book R977.71 P13Hi)
      Pg.623: Duncan, John, farmer and stone-mason, section 14, 90 acres of land, P.O. College Springs; born in Indiana Co. PA, March 4, 1807. In April, 1867, he came to Page county with his family. Volunteered June 27, 1863, ... PA Volunteers .... He was married to Miss Lettie Reid, of Alleghany Co. PA, in February, 1832, by whom he has eight children, of whom only two are living: Belle and John R. His wife died February 20, 1867. He married Miss Mary A. Duncan, of Clarinda, September 14, 1869; this wife died on February 27, 1879. For 53 years of his life Mr. Duncan has been a member of the U.P. church. ...

1895 "Biographical History and Portrait Gallery of Scott Co. IA" pub. by American Biog. Pub. Co. (Los Angeles Public Library book R977.71 S42Bi; FHL film 1,000,018 item 2)
      Pg.228: JAMES C. DUNCAN. The subject of this biography was born in Allegheny Co. PA, December 14, 1840, and for thirty-six years followed the life of a farmer. ... In the year 1855 his parents removed to Scott County, and here he has resided ever since. Becoming somewhat tired of farm life ... in 1859 he went to Kansas, where he remained one year. In 1860 he went to the mountains during the Pike's Peak gold excitement, crossing the American Desert with an ox team. He remained there 'prospecting' ... for a year, when he returned to Davenport, ... August 15, 1862, he enlisted in Company G., Twentieth Iowa, ... Mr. Duncan was married on May 28, 1862 (not quite three months before he enlisted in the army), to Nancy J. McConnell, a native of Scott County. ...

1882 "History of Scott County, Iowa : together with sketches of its cities, villages and townships and biographies of representative citizens; history of Iowa" pub. by Inter-State Pub. Co. (Los Angeles Public Library book R977.71 S42Hi; FHL book 977.769 H2h and films 1,000,018 item 1 and 908,992 item 1)
      Pg.821: James C. Duncan was born near Pittsburg, PA, Dec. 4, 1840. His parents were James and Jane Duncan, nee Wilson. ... When he was 15 years old his father moved to Le Claire, township, and settled upon a farm. James here took up the studies ... On May 28, 1862, he was married to Nancy J., daughter of James and Mary J. McConnell. ....

1910 "History of Davenport and Scott Co. IA" by Harry E. Downer, Vol.II (Los Angeles Public Library book R977.71 S42Do V.2; FHL book 977.769 H2d and film 1,000,019)
      Pg.622: J.C. DUNCAN. ... was born in Allegheny Co. PA, December 14, 1840, of Scotch ancestors, for his grandfather, James Duncan, came from the land of hills and heather in the latter part of the eighteenth century. His son, James Duncan, was born in Virginia, but was reared by a farmer in Allegheny Co. PA, where he made his home until 1855, when he came to Iowa, locating near Le Claire, Scott county. There he lived throughout the remainder of his life and there died at the age of 69 years. His wife, who had been Miss Jane Wilson, before her marriage, was a native of Allegheny Co. PA, and lived to the ripe age of sixty-eight years. Eleven children were born to them, all of whom grew to maturity and eight are still living. The second in this family and the eldest son, J.C. Duncan grew to manhood ... He was about fourteen when his parents came to Iowa and can well remember the tedious trip ... In 1862, Mr. Duncan wedded Miss Nancy McConnell, who like her husband was born in Allegheny Co. PA. ....

1887 "History of Henderson Co. KY" by Edmund Lyne Starling (Los Angeles Public Library book 976.91 H497St)
      Pg.800-1: CAPTAIN JOSEPH ALLEN DUNCAN was born in Vanderburgh Co. IN, on the ninth day of April, 1837, and, at the age of seven years, came with his parents to Henderson. ... At the age of twenty, on the eighteenth day of April, 1857, Mr. Duncan set upon life's journey for himself, and some months thereafter, found himself in California, where he resided until August, 1876. ... On the twelfth day of July, 1860, he married Miss Kate Driscoll, of Sacramento, and unto them have been born three children, Harriet Ellen, Mary Josephine, and John George. The eldest daughter married Thomas Trusty, who, after a few years, departed this life. She again married Thomas L. Myers. Mary Josephine died just as she had attained to womanhood. John George is engaged in business with his father. The father of our subject, John Duncan, was born near Fairfax, C.H., Virginia, in the year 1787; the mother, Harriet Stroud, was born in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, April 16th, 1809. They were married November 16th, 1835. In early life, John Duncan immigrated from Virginia to Pittsburgh [Allegheny Co.], Penn., and was engaged in flatboating to New Orleans until 1840, a portion of the time teaching school. Colonel Stroud, as he was known, the maternal grandfather of Captain Duncan, fought with the flatboatmen in the rifle brigade under General Jackson at the battle of New Orleans. In 1831 he commenced farming in the bayou, opposite Henderson, and died September 1st, 1844.
      On the first day of September, 1876, Captain Duncan returned from California to Henderson and engaged in the hotel business. ....

1886 "History of Cass Co. IN From the Earliest Time to The Present" ed. by Thomas B. Helm, pub. by Brant & Fuller (FHL book 977.286 H2h)
      Pg.738: Deer Creek Township: WILLIAM DUNKIN, born Franklin Co. this state, Dec. 5, 1819, his father, Peter Dunkin, was born June 10, 1792, near Pittsburgh [Allegheny Co.], PA, from where his parents removed to KY and later to OH. October 29, 1815, he was united in marriage to Mary Martin, a native of OH; a short time subsequent they commenced life together in Franklin Co., this State, living there until 1830, when they removed to Carroll Co., of which they remained residents until their death, Mr. Dunkin dying June 11, 1863. (MAD: no date given for Mary's death) Our immediate subject was reared on the farm, early education limited, age 21 began life for himself and worked by the month on a farm; Feb. 10, 1841, mar. Hannah Payton, dau. of John and Margaret Payton, natives of KY, and respectively of German and English descent; eight Dunkin children: John, Peter, Frank, Leonadeth, Mary J., Emma and Anne, all now living, except John and an infant unnamed; members Christian Church, Republican. He entered 160 acres in Sec. 25, this township, farmed.
      (MAD: see Montgomery Co. OH, John Duncan and wife Elizabeth Sunderland)

1888 "History of Rush County, Indiana, from the earliest time to the present: with biographical sketches, notes, etc., together with a short history of the northwest, the Indiana Territory, and the state of Indiana" pub. by Brant & Fuller (FHL book 977.261 H2h)
      Pg.355-6, Anderson Township: WILLIAM DUNCAN was born in Fleming Co. KY, June 28th, 1815, son of Martin and Mary (Henry) Duncan, and is of Scotch-Irish lineage. The father of our subject, was born October 17, 1777, in Pennsylvania and died in Decatur Co. IN, in 1857. He was the son of David Duncan, who after coming to America, first settled in Pennsylvania in 1765 and afterward, in 1791 removed to Marion County, KY, where he died in 1827. The mother of our subject was born in Pennsylvania in 1791 and died in Rush Co. IN, in the spring of 1855. The Duncan family came to Indiana in 1824 and settled in what is now Decatur County. In 1843 the subject of this sketch came to Rush County and located where he now resides. Mr. Duncan owns 160 acres of good land, which was entered by Stephen Sharp in 1821. Our subject's first marriage occured in May, 1842, the bride being Miss Rosanna Mitchell, a native of Ohio. Mrs. Duncan died in 1865 and in 1867 Mr. Duncan was married to Miss Martha A. Ruddell, a native of Decatur County, born in 1826, a daughter of William and Delilah (Cain) Ruddell. Mr. Duncan was formerly a Whig, but he is now a Republican and for many years has been a faithful member of the United Presbyterian Church. Mrs. Duncan is a member of the Methodist Church. (MAD: Mason Co. KY, not Marion Co.)

1913 "History of Cass County, Indiana : from its earliest settlement to the present time, with biographical sketches and reference to biographies previously compiled" by Mr. Guthrie; ed. by Jehu Z. Powell; pub. Chicago: Lewis Pub. Co. (LH6240, HeritageQuest images 5/2007; FHL book 977.286 H2p and film 934,899 items 2-3)
      Pg.617: Jefferson Twp. In 1831 came Robert and Alexander Gray ... Robert was born in Pennsylvania in 1796 ... Alexander Gray was born in Washington Co. PA ... James Gray, another brother, was born in Pennsylvania in 1802, married Katharine Duncan in Pennsylvania in 1828, came to Jefferson township in 1839, and was a prominent pioneer farmer until his death. His children were: John, James D., Thomas, Alexander, Hamilton and Martha, all of whom are now dead except the latter, now the wife of Lemuel Powell, of Bethlehem township. (MAD: Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co. PA)

1911 "History of Larimer Co. CO" by Ansel Watrous (CA State Library, Sutro Branch)
      Pg.497-8: SIMON DUNCAN, one of very few remaining pioneers of the Cache la Poudre valley, died Wednesday, Jan. 30, 1907, at home farm southeast of Fort Collins, age nearly 78. Native of Allegheny Co. PA; to Denver in June 1860; 1865 moved family to ranch near present town of Windsor; 1872 to farm near present village of Timnath, on which he died. Besides an aged wife, he is survived by daughter & 3 sons: Mrs. Lizzie M. Holmes of Denver; Perry A. and John of Sheridan, WY; and Charles A., carrying on the old farm. (MAD: ? See 1850 Armstrong Co. PA census)

1888 "Portrait & Biographical Album of Sedgwick Co. KS" by Chapman Bros. (CA State Library, Sutro Branch)
      Pg.878-9: ROBERT DUNCAN, citizen of Wichita; to Wichita 1880. Grandfather was born among the Highlands "land of the thistle"; to US at early day; settled Allegheny River in PA; not many years later he turned his face to the further West, but after reaching Ohio was never more heard from. It is supposed he was murdered by Indians or ... Robert Duncan left his family in PA, and among his sons was Charles C., father of our subject, born in 1800, age 2 when father left home. Age 19 engaged as raftsman on Allegheny River, and in Ohio; entered tract of land in Washington Co. 5 miles from Marietta, there met & married Miss Charity Gard, native of VA, born 1798. Seven children: Mary A., Robert, Julia, Elias, Elizabeth, Charity, Nancy. In 1831 to Hamilton Co. IN for a few years, then IL, then WI; Mother had died at her home in IN in Jan., 1839; Charles C. Duncan subsequently married Miss Elizabeth Perie, had 4 more children: Frank, Delmer, Henry and Rachel. Charles C. died Sumner Co. KS, Oct. 12, 1886, age 86. Subject Robert Duncan was born Washington Co. OH on Jan. 8, 1823, age 8 when family to IN, age 20 when family to WI. He worked lead mines of Grant Co. for 15 years, age 24, in 1847, married Miss Rachel Gard, born March 7, 1823 in Washington Co. OH, dau. of John and Amy Gard, natives of VA and of German and Irish descent. Charles C. & Rachel were parents of 7 children: Charles A., Olive, John G., Warren R., Emily, Wellington and Byron D., all living, married, residents of this state. Mrs. Duncan died 6 Dec. 1873 on visit to brother's residence in Pottawatomie Co. KS; Mr. Duncan on 6 June 1875 married Mrs. Rebecca Stevens, dau. of David Gard; she a niece of his former wife. In 1855 Mr. Duncan to MN on land purchased from government; in 1867 to Pottawatomie Co. KS; in 1870 to Sedgwick Co. Republican.

1897 "Bench and bar of Michigan : a volume of history and biography" by Thomas M. Cooley, James B. Angell; pub. Chicago: Century Pub. and Engraving Co. (LH4541; HeritageQuest 4/2007; FHL film 1,320,737 item 2)
      Pg.160,161: ROSS WILKINS, formerly Judge of the United States Court of Michigan. Judge Ross Wilkins came down from the eighteenth century and was descended from good revolutionary stock. He was born at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, February 19, 1799, almost a year before the death of Washington. He was educated at Carlisle College, in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and was graduated from that institution at the age of eighteen. ... He studied law in Pittsburg, was admitted to the Bar there, and held the office of prosecuting attorney for two years immediately succeeding his arrival at the age of twenty-one. He was married May 13, 1823, to Maria Duncan, and continued his residence in Pittsburg and practiced law there until 1832. In that year he was appointed by President Andrew Jackson one of the Territorial Judges of Michigan, and located in the territory in pursuance of such appointment. He held the office until the territory was admitted as a State in the Union, in January, 1837. .... During the year 1837 he held the judicial office of recorder of the city of Detroit, ... judge for the Eastern District of Michigan. This office he held until his voluntary retirement in 1870, at the age of 71 years. For 38 years consecutively he held a judicial office in the territory and State, ... He died May 17, 1872, leaving one son and two daughters, namely, Col. William D. Wilkins, Mrs. Brent and Mrs. George Douglas Tracy. William D. Wilkins, his son, was for many years clerk of the United States Courts, and Charles T. Wilkins, a grandson, .... (MAD: nothing more on his wife) (MAD: Pittsburg, Allegheny Co. PA; Detroit, Wayne Co. MI)

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