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Formed 1808 from Muskingum
Coshocton formed 1810 from Muskingum, Tuscarawas
Harrison formed 1813 from Jefferson, Tuscarawas
Holmes formed 1824 from Coshocton, Wayne, Tuscarawas
Carroll formed 1833 from Columbiana, Stark, Harrison, Jefferson, Tuscarawas


1820 Tuscarawas Co. OH Census
Wayne Twp.
Pg.160  Henry Duncan      310001        - 20210

1830 Tuscarawas Co. OH Census
Wayne Twp.
Pg. 20  Henry Duncan      0101,1000,1   - 0201,2001

1840-1860 Tuscarawas Co. OH Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Tuscarawas Co. OH Census
Oxford Twp.
Pg.260, #59-56, HILL, Jessie (m) 58 OH farmer $6000-$800
                  Rebecca 48 OH keeping house
                  Susan 25 OH at home
                  Isaac 19 OH works on home farm, mar. in Nov.
                  Eliza F. 4 OH at home
                  Sophia 18 SWITzerland son's wife in family, mar. in Nov., parents of foreign birth
                  DUNCAN, William 16 OH farm laborer
Pg.264, #111-107, DUNCAN, Leven (m) 46 MD farm laborer $0-$200
                  Charles 21, Jacob 19 MD farm laborers
                  James 15, Daniel 13 MD farm laborers
                  Sarah 11 MD keeping house
                  Louisa 9 MD at home
                  Julia 7 MD at home
                  (MAD: 1860 Worcester Co. MD census)
Salem Twp.
Pg.313, #101-102, POLAND, James 92 VA farmer-retired $2000-$400
                  HAMBY, John 66 MD farmer, mar. in Apr.
                  Nancy J. 49 OH keeping house, mar. in Apr.
                  DUNCAN, Elizabeth 19 OH domestic
Pg.313, #102-103, LOVETT, Daniel 69 MD farmer $800-$200
                  Margaret 55 MD keeping house
                  DUNCAN, William 17 OH farm laborer


Tuscarawas Co. OH Will Record 1810-1864 (typed) (FHL film 890,354)
      1-63: Will of Henry Duncan of Wayne Twp, Tuscarawas Co. OH, 10 Aug. 1833. To my wife Elizabeth Duncan all residue during her life or widowhood for support of my minor children, to give them education so far as circumstances will permit and keep them together as long as she remains single if they live agreeable with her and the remainder of the family. All my children shall have equal shares at death of my wife except two of my sons that is James and John Duncan for circumstances not here specified they are to have $50 less than a share in proportion to the others and my dau. Anne who is weakly of body, to have 1/3 part of a share more than any of the rest of my children. Executor to sell the farm on which we now reside at any time deemed proper; appoint wife Elizabeth Duncan and son Benjamin Duncan executors. Wit. Henry Beardorff, Daniel Baker, Peter Himes; probated April 1834.


Tuscarawas Co. OH Deed records
   Deed records of five Ohio counties, 1809-1902 : Columbiana, Harrison, Jefferson, Stark, Tuscarawas counties (no other land records on film)
   COLUMBIANA & STARK COUNTIES - Deed records v. 51, 1809-1834 (FHL film 2,358,716 Item 1)
      No Duncan
   TUSCARAWAS COUNTY - Deed records v. 52, 1809-1828 (FHL film 2,358,716 Item 2)
      No Duncan
   COLUMBIANA COUNTY - Deed records v. 53 (p. 1-451), 1806-1829 (FHL film 2,358,716 Item 3) and Deed records v. 53 (p. 450-end), 1829-1831 (FHL film 2,358,717 Item 1)
      No Duncan
   COLUMBIANA & HARRISON COUNTIES - Deed records v. 56 (p. 1-451), 1819-1834 (FHL film 2,358,717 Item 4) and Deed records v. 56 (p. 450-end), 1828-1831 (FHL film 2,358,718 Item 1)
      No Duncan
   HARRISON, JEFFERSON & TUSCARAWAS COUNTIES - Deed records v. 58, 1818-1832 (FHL film 2,358,718 Item 3)
      No Duncan
   HARRISON & JEFFERSON COUNTIES - Deed records v. 59, 1811-1833 (FHL film 2,358,718 Item 4)
      No Duncan


Mercer Co. PA Deeds (SLC 6/2/2011)
      W1-179: 6 July 1838, William Hoey and Ann his wife of Lackawanock
Twp, Mercer Co. PA, to Elizabeth Duncan of Tuscarawas Co. OH, for $1936.15 paid, sell all that tract or parcel of land in co. & state afsd, beg. at SW corner of Youngs tract of land, then by land of Marshall, then by land of Samuel Hoey, then ... by land of Samuel McCrum, then by land of Henry Mears S. Pearson & Higgins heirs (no commas), then ... to the beginning, containing 143 acres and 67 perches, being part of a larger tract devised? to Samuel Hoey by the will of William Hoey late of Lackawanock Twp. deceased and conveyed to said William Hoey by deed 27 May 1838 recorded in Mercer Co. Book I pg.507, see also deed from William Scott for part of same sold as property of John Hoey, Deed Book H pg.69&70, together with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ Wm. Hoey. Wit. Thomas Pomroy?, James Duncan. Receipt by Wm. Hoey from Elizabeth Duncan "(per Benjamin Duncan)". William Hoey and wife Anne appeared before Thomas Pumeroy 6 July 1838. Recorded Feb. 24, 1847. (FHL Film 889,527; SLC 6/2/2011)
      X1-490/491: 10 Dec. 1847, Elizabeth Duncan and Benjamin Duncan, executors of will of Henry Duncan late of "Tuscrowes" Co. OH decd, James Duncan and Jane his wife, "Trumel" Co. OH, Margaret Duncan wife of Benj. Duncan, Samuel Duncan and Isabella his wife, David Young and Mary his wife, Henry Swager?? and Elizabeth his wife, and Nancy Duncan of Mercer Co., to Samuel McCrumb of Mercer Co. PA, for $176.40 paid, sell parcel of land in Wilmington? Twp., beg. by land of Samuel Lizo?, by land ?Famer? McCrumb, by lands of Meason & Pearson, then by lands of said Elizabeth Duncan, then to the beginning, containing 19 acres and 98-6/10 perches, being part of a larger tract of land conveyed by William Hoey and wife to Elizabeth Duncan by deed 6 July 1828 recorded Book W, pg.179, together with buildings, ... appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ David Young, Mary (X) Young, James Duncan, Jane Duncan, Samuel Duncan, Isabell Duncan, Elizabeth (X) Duncan, Benjamin Duncan, Henry Swagger?, Nancy (X) Duncan, Margaret (X) Duncan, Elizabeth (X) Swager. Receipt /s/ Elizabeth (X) Duncan, Benjamin Duncan, Samuel Duncan, Nancy (X) Duncan, James Duncan. Mercer Co., before Livingston Carmon, JP, appeared (blank) March 1848, Elizabeth Duncan, Benjamin Duncan Exors of will of Henry Duncan decd, Margaret Duncan, Samuel Duncan and Isabella his wife, David Young and Mary his wife, Henry Swager and Elizabeth his wife, James Duncan and Jane his wife, and Nancy Duncan. Mahoning Co., OH, before James Biggs JP, appeared James Duncan and Jane his wife, 11 Feb. 1848. Recorded Dec. 26, 1848. (FHL Film 889,527; SLC 6/2/2011 and recheck 9/27/2011)

Washington Co. PA Deed (SLC 2/2009)
      2C-202/203: 24 ... 1818, Henry Duncan of Tuscarawas Co. OH, attorney in fact for Elizabeth Duncan his wife, to Richard Miller of Washington Co. PA; for $350, sell to Richard Miller their right etc. to the one undivided fifth part of a tract or piece of land ... (meets & bounds not copied) containing 183 acres some perches (it is part of the tract of land granted to James McNairy decest in pursuence of a warrant dated 8 Sept. 1785) for which a patent was obtained 26 Sept. 1787 and inroled in the Rolls Office in Patent Book No.11 page 221 on 29 Sept. 1787; and by the said James McNary decest bequeathed to the said Elizabeth Duncan in his will dated 17 Feb. 1815 duly proven and recorded in the office for recording wills, and the said Elizabeth Duncan legatee of the said James McNairy decest by instrument dated 27 Feb. 1818 appointed her husband the said Henry Duncan her attorney in fact to sell the undivided fifth part together with the right etc. of him the said Henry Duncan attorney in fact for Elizabeth Duncan his wife in virtue of the power of attorney. /s/ Henry Duncan. Wit: John White, John Miller. Recd. for $350, wit. John Miller. Washington Co. PA, appeared Henry Duncan, agent of Elizabeth Duncan his wife, 23 March 1818. Rec. 22 June 1818. (FHL film 862,524)

HISTORIES before 1923

"Ohio annals : historic events in the Tuscarawas and Muskingum Valleys, and in other portions of the state of Ohio : adventures of Post, Heckewelder and Zeisberger, legends and traditions of the Kophs, Mound Builders, red and white men : adventures of Putnam and Heckewelder, founders of the state : local history, growth of Ohio in population, political power, wealth and intelligence" by Charles Whittlesy, Lachlan McIntose; ed. by Charles Hollowell Mitchener; pub. Dayton, Ohio: T.W. Odell, 1876, 364 pgs. (LH10310, HeritageQuest images 5/2007; FHL book 977.1 H2mi and film 928,153 item 7)
      Pg.306: Oldest Inhabitants of Wayne Township: Born between 1760 and 1770 ... Henry Duncan. Born between 1770 and 1780, Mrs. Henry Duncan, ... (MAD: 1830 Tuscarawas Co. OH census)


Some early Duncans in Tuscarawas Co. OH:
      Margaret Duncan, 15 May 1834?, mar. Henry Webb.
      Mary Duncan, 8 Dec. 1835, mar. David Young.
      Henry Duncan, 1825, on tax list ("Index of the OH 1825 Tax Duplicate" by Gerald M. Petty, 1981, FHL book 977.1 R42p; from Deone Penquite 10/1991)


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