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Formed 1808 from Columbiana
Carroll formed 1833 from Columbiana, Stark, Harrison, Jefferson, Tuscarawas
Summit formed 1840 from Portage, Medina, Stark


1820 Stark Co. OH Census
Perry Twp.
Pg.186  Douthia Duncan       100000        - 10011

1830 Stark Co. OH Census
Bro. Twp.
Pg.182  Andrew Duncan Jr.    3001,01       - 0120,01
          (MAD: ? 1840 Carroll Co. OH census)
        Andrew Duncan Sr.    0000,0000,01  - 0000,0000,01
Sandy Twp.
Pg.216  Abraham Duncom       0000,1        - 0000,1
Perry Twp.
Pg.350  James Duncan         0010,0010,1   - 1110,11

1840 Stark Co. OH Census
Paris Twp.
Pg. 25  Vincent Duncan       1100,01       - 1000,1
Mas. Twp.
Pg.180  James Duncan         0001,001      - 0112,001
Bethlehem Twp.
Pg.211  Hiram Duncan         0000,01       - 1100,1

1850 Stark Co. OH Census
(handwritten page numbers)
Bethleham Twp.
Pg.237, #267, Hiram DUNCAN 47 OH shoemaker $400
                  Margaret 39 OH
                  Angeline 11, Jas. 7 OH
Tuscarawas Twp.
Pg.354, #149, Jac MURROW 52 PA farmer
                  Elizabeth 38 PA
                  Rachel DUNCAN 33 PA
Marlboro Twp.
Pg.414, #827, Aaron DUNBAR 42 CT & family; not Duncan
Perry Twp.
Pg.513, #652, Jac RIMMEL 42 GERM
                  Magdaline 38 GERM
                  Wm. HARTMAN 8, Maria 6 OH
                  Mary 4, Ellen 3 OH
                  Elizabeth FERSON 17 OH
                  James DUNCAN 26 PA carpenter
                  & other carpenters, some b. GERM.

1860 Stark Co. OH Census
Bethlehem Twp.
Pg.112, #673-665, Hiram DUNCAN 56 OH iron maker $500-$100
                  Margaret 48 OH
                  James 17 OH
Tuscarawas Twp.
Pg.358, #2049-1980, J. DUNCAN (m) 30 OH carpenter $600-$200
                  Elizabeth 29 OH
                  Harvey (m) 9, Calista (f) 6 OH

1870 Stark Co. OH Census
Bethlehem Twp.
Pg.9, #133-123, DUNCAN, Margaret 60 OH keeping house $1000-$0 (alone)
Lawrence Twp.
Pg.222, #82-104, MANN, John 41 ENG engineer $0-$0, parents of foreign birth
                  Ann 38 ENG keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  John 2 ENG, parents of foreign birth
                  DUNCAN, Thomas 35 IRE coal miner, parents of foreign birth
Alliance Pct.
Pg.275, #68-69, DUNCAN, James 45 PA laborer $1200-$0
                  Elizabeth 45 PA keeping house
                  William B. 21 PA works in roll mill
                  COUTS, Anna 21 PA (blank)
Tuscarawas Twp.
Pg.634, #147-151, DUNCAN, James 41 OH carpenter $1200-$600
                  Elizabeth 39 OH keeping house
                  Harvey (m) 17 OH apprentice to carpenter
                  Calesta (f) 16 OH at home
Pg.640, #235-241, SNYDER, John B. 29 OH farmer $0-$0
                  Mary 30 OH keeping house
                  Clara E. 4 OH
                  Emma 6/12 OH b.Jan.
                  Daniel (m) 14 OH domestic servant
                  DUNCAN, Rachel 62 PA (blank)
                  STAHL, Mary 18 OH domestic servant


Stark Co. OH Index to Wills 1811-1943 (FHL film 892,408)
      No Duncan

Stark Co. OH Administration Records (FHL film 892,418)
      Vol.B, 1821-1828 - no index
      Vol.C, 1817-1832 - no index

Stark Co. OH Administration Dockets (FHL film 892,405)
      Vol.A, 1810-1837 - no Duncan
      Vol.B, 1837-1850 - no Duncan


Stark Co. OH Deeds (index in each volume, no other volumes looked at)
      I-516: 21 May 1831, Abraham Duncum and wife Charity (\) to Jacob Moyes, both Stark Co. OH, $270, 23 acres, part of NW 1/4 Sec. 9, T17, R7, on N. edge of said section. Wit. John Nimitz, John Ross. (FHL film 956,008)
      J-289: 18 Dec. 1831, James Duncan and wife Eliza (signed E.T.) to Mehitable H. McCary (him), both Stark Co. OH, $2000, lot in Massillon (not copied further). (FHL film 956,009)
      BB/28-210: 5 Dec. 1837, James Duncan and wife Eliza T. to William Penn, part of NW 1/4 Sec. 21 T10 R9 in Perry Twp (not copied further) (FHL film 956,018)
      BB/28-302: re town of Massillon, 1842, not copied
      BB/28-570: not looked at


Carroll Co. OH Deeds
      3-433: 30 Oct. 1838, Isaac Atkinson and wife Hesther of Carroll Co. OH to James Duncan of Stark Co. OH, $100, lot 27 in Atkinson's addition in town of "Centreville (now Carrollton)". Wit. Miles T?. Turnan?, J. Atkinson Jr. (FHL film 333,227)
      7-246: 5 March 1842, James Duncan of Massillon [Stark Co.], OH, and wife E.T. (called Eliza T. when examined), to James L. Reynolds of Massillon, $75, lot 27 in Atkinson's addition to town of Carrollton in Carroll Co. OH, recorded Book 6, pg. 433. Wit. Caroline D. Wheeler, Thomas Blackburn JP. (FHL film 333,229)

Fulton Co. OH Deeds (SLC 2/2009)
   Vol.1 transcribed from Lucas Co. OH, deeds 1835-1841
      1-179: 7 April 1838, James Duncan of Massillon, Stark Co. OH, for $1, to Jaures? L. Reynolds of same, one undivided tenth part of tracts in Co. of Lucas:
            lot 6 in Sec.4 T9S R8E, 60 acres & 40/100;
            lot 2 in Sec.29 T9S R8E, 32 acres 60/100;
            lot 2 in Sec.20, Twp.9S R8E, 57 acres 55/100
                  and W part SE 1/4 Sec.33 T8S R8E, 9 and 10/100 acres;
            lot 2 S. of River in Sec.8 T9S R8E containing 21 acres;
            lot 3 Sec.28 T9S R8E, 67.66 acres;
            lot 1, Sec.8 T9S R8E, 68.47 acres;
            SE fract. Sec. 19 T9S R8E 80.14 acres;
            lot 4 Sec.28 T9S R8E 61.66 acres;
            lot 1 S. of River in Sec.8 T9S R8E, 11.66 acres;
            lot 1, Sec.29 T9S R8E 60 acres;
            N 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec.20 T9S R8E, 80 acres;
            lot 3 Sec.8 T9S R8E, 46.80 acres;
            lot 1 Sec.20 T9S R8E 57.69 acres;
            and E part NE 1/4 Sec.19 T9S R8E 75.41 acres;
to secure notes for following debts: one note in favor of James Henry Duncan of Haverhill, MA, /s/ by James Duncan, Nathaniel ?ike (in center of page) and Charles K. Skinner for $2,000, with interest, said note having been given for my benefit; also note for $1,000 by me in favor of Margarett D. Baldwin of Boston, MA, with interest, also note for $3,000 by me in favor of William Reynolds of Boston, MA, with interest, also note for $3,000 by me in favor of Benjamin Willis Junior of Boston, Mass, with interest. Wit. Robert Llewellyn, George Laird. Ack. Stark Co. OH. Rec. May 7, 1838, Vol.2 pg.700. (FHL film 559,335 item 2) (MAD: Haverhill, Essex Co. MA)

Holmes Co. OH Deed (FHL film 432,038)
      17-539: 8 April 1850, James Duncan and Eliza S. Duncan of Stark Co. OH to Mary Kline for $300, SW 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec.6 T8 R8, in Richland Twp, Holmes Co. Wit. Joseph Heckman, Eliza V. Duncan.

Jefferson Co. OH Deed Record (SLC 2/2009)
      F-602: James Duncan of Stark Co. OH for $4,000 sell to John Scott of Washington Co. PA the SW 1/4 Sec.8 Twp.10 Range 9 "Error Note, the land lies in Stark County" (MAD: previous deed recorded 14 Sept. 1818, no date on this deed portion) (FHL film 895,949)

Wayne Co. OH Deeds
      4-391: 6 Sept. 1825, Robert Lowry and wife Sarah (X) of Washington Co. PA to James Duncan of Stark Co. OH, $400, the SW 1/4 Sec. 1, T17 R12, being the land patented to said Robt. Lowry 12 March 1818. Wit. John Lowry, David Boyd. Reg. Washington Co. PA. (FHL film 420,920)
      4-393: 6 Sept. 1825, John Lowry and wife Sarah of Washington Co. PA to James Duncan of Stark Co. OH, $400, SE 1/4 Sec. 1 T17 R12, being the patent to John Lowry 12 March 1818. Wit. Robt. Lowry, David Boyd. Reg. Washington Co. PA. (FHL film 420,920)
      5-50: 30 July 1829, William Hill of Newington, Rockingham Co. NH, by attorney James Duncan of Stark Co. OH, and Charles Edmond Hill, son of said William Hill, aged 16 years in Feb. 1829, to David Ogden, tailor of Wooster, Wayne Co. OH, ... (not copied further) (FHL film 420,921)
      6-18: 14 Sept. 1825, James Duncan of Stark Co. OH and wife Eliza to John Omistutz of Wayne Co. OH, $840, S 1/2 Sec. 1 T17 R12, entered in names of John and Robert Lowry. Wit. Jehial Fox JP Stark Co., Jacob Rootz?. Reg. Stark Co. OH. (FHL film 420,921)
      16-216: 18 Jan. 1837, Matthew Oliver Junkin and wife Rebecca Jane of town of Steubenville, Jefferson Co. OH, to James Duncan of Massillon in Stark Co. OH, $700, E 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec. 11 T16 R13, 80 acres, patented to Josiah Powell 8 Sept. 1824. Wit. John Seetch, John H?. Anthony. Reg. Jefferson Co. OH. (FHL film 420,926)
      17-867: 15 Feb. 1838, James Duncan and wife Eliza T. of Stark Co. OH to Nathaniel Dike of Jefferson Co. OH, $700, E 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec. 11, T16 R13, Wooster District, 80 acres, patent to Josiah Powell 8 Sept. 1824. Wit. Jas. L. Reynolds, H. Zoheter? Jr. (FHL film 420,926)

Washington Co. PA Deed (FHL film 862,526; SLC 9/18/2012)
      2E-312/313: 21 April 1821, James Duncan of Stark Co. OH and Eliza T. his wife, for $1,250 paid by David Adams of Washington Co. PA, sell to said David a parcel of land on the waters of Cross Creek, Washington Co., bounded by land formerly of John Ferguson, by vacant land, land formerly of Philip Doddidge, land of Isaac Manchester, land of William Sparks, containing 180 acres strict measure, which is the NE end of Samuel Jeters old survey and which Isaac Manchester conveyed to Nicholas P. Tillinghast Esq. by deed 11 April 1800 and which was conveyed to me by Sheriff's deed of Washington Court 5 April 1821, with appurtenances. /s/ James Duncan, Eliza T. Duncan. Wit. John Campbell, Isaac Taylor. They appeared before J.P. of Stark Co. OH and ack. the instrument, 21 April 1821, /s/ John Campbell, J.P., Isaac Taylor, J.P. Certification by T. Raynolds for Wm. Raynolds, Clk, Stark Co. OH, for John Campbell and Isaac Taylor, May 9, 1821. Recorded June 2, 1821. (FHL film 862,526)

Brooke Co. WV Deeds
      6-407: 24 June 1817, James Duncan and wife Eliza of Stark Co. OH to William Fowler of Brooke Co. VA, $1800, lots in Wellsburgh; S 1/2 lot #404 and S 1/2 of surplus adj. on west bounded on east by Watter Street, north by dividing line from Watter Street parallel with Queen Street to Ohio River and down the same to the line of lot #403, being the lot conveyed to Nicholas P. Tillinghurt decd. by James W. Miller on 25 April 1793 recorded in Deed Book A; also lots 407 and 417 in same, adj. on east by Watter Street, south by an ally, west by the Ohio River and north by lots #408 and #418? subject to stipulations in the orig. deed from Charles Prather the original proprietor of the town for those 8 other lots in said town; the above lots #407 and #417 were conveyed by Charles Prather to Wm. Cougleton and by him to Nicholas P. Tillinghurt now decd by deed 23 Jan. 1799 now of record on page 415 of Deed Book A; and the said Nicholas P. Tillinghurt decd by will dated (blank) June 1809 now of record on page one &c of Will Book B of Brooke Co. amongst other bequests devised to his daughter Patience T. Vilatte amongst other things the described property hereby conveyed; that said Patience T. Vilette since that time died intestate, leaving the above named Eliza Duncan (then Eliza T. Vilette) her sole and only heir to whom the estate whereof she died seized could rightfully descend; and the said James Duncan and Eliza his wife hereby covenant ... that they have good right to sell the land. /s/ James Duncan, E.T. Duncan. Wit. N. Dike, Wm. Raynolds. Ack. in Stark Co. OH 24 June 1817, Rec. 28 June 1819. (FHL film 869,815)
      6-419: (blank date) James Duncan and wife Eliza T. of Stark Co. OH to Jesse Edgington of Brooke Co. VA, $200, lot in Wellsburgh #182 conveyed by Andrew Snider to N.P. Tillinghurt & Co. /s/ James Duncan, E.T. Duncan. Wit. S. Dike, Wm. Reynolds. Ack. in Stark Co. OH on 24 June 1817. (FHL film 869,815)
      7-190: 26 Sept. 1822, James Duncan and wife Elizabeth to Josiah Reeves (no localities), $366.24, lot #408 in Wellsburgh on Water Street, Prospect Street, alley, adj. lots 407 and 417. No wit. Ack. in Stark Co. OH. (FHL film 869,815)
      8-338: 28 March 1818, James Duncan and wife Eliza of Stark Co. OH to John Scott of Washington Co. PA, $1100, lot in Wellsburgh on Water Street adj. Wm. Towler's frame house, Queen Street, Ohio River, Philip Doddridge's brick building on Water Street, conveyed by Dodderidge and wife to Nicholas P. Tillinghust by two deeds, 10 Nov. 1804 and 25 Feb. 1810, which he willed to his dau. Patience Villette and her heirs; title descended to Eliza T. Villette the daughter and only heir of said Patience, who has married James Duncan above. Wit. John McCoy, Sally Collins. Ack. in Stark Co. OH. (FHL film 869,816)
      9-331: 20 Dec. 1827, James Duncan and wife Eliza T. of Stark Co. OH to Jesse Edgington of Brooke Co. VA, $200, lot #222 in Wellsburgh formerly Charlestown, adj. lot 221, which Andrew Snider & wife Elizabeth conveyed to Nicholas P. Tillinghust and Patience T. Vilette, 3 March 1802. Wit. Mehitable H. McClary, James Williams. Ack. in Stark Co. OH. (FHL film 869,816)

HISTORIES before 1923

1881 "History of Stark County, with an Outline Sketch of Ohio" by William Henry Perrin, pub. by Baskin & Battey (FHL book 977.162 H2p and FHL films 1,036,675 item 1 and 1,000,342 item 1; some minor references not copied)
      Pg.380-3: The embarrassment in all business matters, stagnation of trade, and especially the ruin of commerce upon the ocean, upon which New England subsisted, occasioned by the war of 1812, drove many shipmasters and New England people to the West, and the year 1814 was strongly marked by the increase from that quarter. Among those who came into Perry Twp. that year were Gilbertharp Earle and his family, Capt. James Duncan, a retired shipmaster from the merchant service, his residence having been at Portsmouth [Rockingham Co.], NH, and many others. .... When Mr. Duncan left Portsmouth, his objective point was the State of VA, that portion now incl. in WV, and especially Brooke and Ohio Counties. At Wheeling [Ohio Co.], he had friends, Messrs. Jacob Atkinson and Peabody Atkinson, brothers, and a Mr. Peterson. He remained in those counties for a year or two, and married Miss Eliza T. Vilette, and with the two brothers Atkinson ... to visit the "Rotch Settlement" ... to Kendal. (similar to 1925 history) ... town being called Massillon, name suggested by Mrs. Duncan, who was a fine French scholar, and a niece of Hon. Charles Hammond, one of early editors of Cincinnati "Gazette" and woman of rare education and social qualities.
      Pg.389-90: The first marriage in Massillon, according to the ceremony of the Protestant Episcopal Church, was that of Herman B. Harris and Louisa M. McClary, ... This marriage took place in 1832, in the dwelling now occupied by T. Clark Miller, M.D. Miss McClary was a niece of Mr. Duncan, the daughter of a widowed sister, Mrs. M.H. McClary, one of the pioneer women of Kendall, and of rare accomplishments. She bought a small but well-selected library ... Mr. Harris died at sea on his way to California and Mrs. Harris in this city many years since.
      Pg.393-4: Mr. Harlow Chapin ... teacher 1827 ... named early pupils ... James Henry, son of Hon. James Duncan, who died in 1828, an unusually bright young man whose death was long mourned by his parents and friends; Mary G., daughter of Mr. Duncan afterward wife of late Hon. J.L. Reynolds of Chicago, now residing at Grand Rapids, MI; Caroline, also a daughter of Mr. Duncan, afterward Mrs. Wheeler, wife of Hon. H. Wheeler Jr., Superintendent of the Massillon Rolling Mill Co., by whom she was left a widow in 1841, she subsequently married David J. Ely, Esq., a prominent merchant in New York, and is now a widow enjoying a competence, and residing in the city of her husband's business and residence.
      Pg.980: P.J. Palmer, farmer, P.O. McDonaldsville, is the son of Michael and Jane (Duncan) Palmer, who were of German descent, father born in Maryland. He was a hatter by trade, having learned his trade at Chambersburg [Franklin Co.], PA, after which he went to Funkstown [?Funk town, Wayne Co. OH?], and opened up business for himself. About 1831 or 1832 he removed his family to Stark Co. and engaged in farming. His family are: Matilda, wife of John Pletz; Peter J., Melinda, wife of B. Ryan; Margaret, wife of B. Williams; George W.; Lewis William; Caroline, Mrs. Coryagon; Emma, Mrs. Tryvalbiss, and Odell. The family are all living in other states but Peter J., our subject, who has lived in Jackson Twp since 1832. In 1845 he married Caroline Page, widow of Oliver Page, 5 children ...

"The Ohio hundred year book : a hand-book of the public men and public institutions of Ohio, from the formation of the Northwest Territory (1787) to July 1, 1901" by Elliot Howard Gilkey; pub. Columbus: F.J. Heer, state printer, 1901, 779 pgs. (LH7211, HeritageQuest images 5/2007; FHL book 977.1 H2gi and film 982,320 item 2)
      Pg.408: The Inspector of Building and Loan Associations ... this bureau was created May 1, 1891, ... A.J. Duncan, Republican, residence Canton, June 1894 to August 1897. (MAD: Canton, Stark Co. OH)

1863 "History of the Pioneer & Modern Times of Ashland Co. OH from the earliest to the present date" by Horace S. Knapp (FHL book 977.129 H2k and fiche 6,093,792)
      Pg.278-9, Vermillion Twp: Joseph Duncan removed from Stark Co. OH to land he now holds in Vermillion Twp, being SW quarter Sec. 36, in spring of 1824; he entered this land and made some improvements upon it 2 years prior to this date. When he removed to his place his family consisted of his wife, dau. Eliza, and son John. His immediate neighbors, and who occupied adj. lands, were William Black and George Marshall, both having since deceased. (MAD: 1830 Richland Co. OH census)

"Portrait and biographical album of Ingham and Livingston Counties, Michigan : containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the counties, together with biographies of all the governors of the state and of the presidents of the United States." (anonymous); pub. Chicago: Chapman Bros., 1891, 859 pgs. (LH4954; HeritageQuest 5/2007; FHL film 1,000,087 item 3)
      Pg.607: HENRY G. REYNOLDS, born in Buffalo, N.Y., July 4, 1851 ... James L. Reynolds, the father of Henry G., was born in Enfield, Conn., June 7, 1811, removed from his native State to Ohio in 1833 and settled in Massillon, ... for 15 years, then Chicago, 1866 retired, died in California in 1873. ... The mother of Henry G. Reynolds bore the maiden name of Mary Green Duncan, and was born January 4, 1819, at Massillon, Ohio, of which her father, James, was the founder. He was a man of recognized ability ... still remembered in Massillon ... one of the earliest developers of the Upper Michigan mining district in the region of Negaunee. He was born in Concord, N.H., May 2, 1789, and died in Chicago, March 15, 1863. Mrs. Reynolds is still living and resides with her son at the Michigan Agricultural College. ... (MAD: Massillon, Stark Co. OH; Concord, Merrimack Co. NH; Chicago, Cook Co. IL; Lansing, Ingham Co. MI)


Some early Duncans in Stark Co. OH:
      Chas. Duncan, 1825, name on tax list as other than taxpayer or orig. proprietor. ("Index of the OH 1825 Tax Duplicate" by Gerald M. Petty, 1981, FHL book 977.1 R42p, from Deone Penquite 10/1991)
      James Duncan, 1825, on tax list, more than one parcel of land. ("Index of the OH 1825 Tax Duplicate" by Gerald M. Petty, 1981, FHL book 977.1 R42p, from Deone Penquite 10/1991)
      Abraham Duncan, 20 Oct. 1829, mar. Charity Lard
      Mary S. Duncan, 4 Jan. 1837, mar. James L. Reynolds
      James Duncan, 23 Jan. 1851, mar. Elis. McFarran
      James Duncan, 18 day 2nd month 1820, co-witness to will of Hezekiah Bull of Mount Stanhope; recorded A-39 (pg.558, Vol.II, "Gateway to the West" by Ruth Bowers and Anita Short, 1989 reprint of periodical 1967 to 1978, Vol.3#3, FHL book 977.1 D25g)


1925? "Standard History of Stark Co. OH" Vol.II, by Lewis Pub., 2v.; no date on title page (FHL book 977.162 H2l)
      Pg.71 contains an sketch about Captain James Duncan, founder of Massillon, who was among the many New England shipmasters driven from their home by the War of 1812, he of Portsmouth [Rockingham Co.] NH, who first adventured at Wheeling, WV. Pg.466-7 mentions Capt. James Duncan and his wife (unnamed).

1928 "History of Stark County, Ohio : from the age of prehistoric man to the present day" 3 Vols., by Herbert T.O. Blue, pub. by S.J. Clark (FHL film 1,000,343 item 1-3)
      Vol.III, pg.398, contains a biographical sketch of Curtis J. Duncan, of Massillon, born 15 July 1873, son of James Duncan (died 1875) and Rebecca Shafer (died 1917), descendant of James Duncan who was the founder of Massillon. The sketch includes the wife and children of Curtis James Duncan.


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