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Formed 1820 from Huron
Lucas formed 1835 from Wood, Sandusky, Henry
Erie formed 1838 from Huron, Sandusky
Ottawa formed 1840 from Erie, Sandusky, Lucas


1830 Sandusky Co. OH Census
Sandusky Twp.
Pg. 4  Zachariah Duncan     1110,101      - 2201,001
         (MAD: 1820 Ross Co. OH census)

1840 Sandusky Co. OH Census
Sandusky Twp.
Pg.49  E. Duncan            0001,1001     - 0112

1850 Sandusky Co. OH Census
(handwritten page numbers)
Washington Twp.
Pg.2, #1599, John G. CARTER 59 ENG laborer $350
                  Elizabeth 40 OH
                  Duncan G. 13, John H. 10 OH
                  Thomas 8, George 5 OH
                  Anderson DUNCAN 23? OH stevedore? $75 (age written over)
Pg.821, #276, Jackson DUNCAN 30 OH farmer
                  Martha 26 OH
                  George 2 OH
                  Jasper SMITH 19 OH day laborer
                  Andrew DUNCAN 24 OH shoemaker
                  Margaret 22, Julia 18 OH
                  (MAD: Jackson's wife "Martha" plainly written, but he mar. Mahala Smith in 1843)
Sandusky Twp.
Pg.985, #1422, Alexander RUPPAH 40 MI farmer
                  Christine (f) 34 France
                  John 13, Wm. 3 OH
                  Julia A. DUNCAN 18 OH
Pg.985, #1427, Thos. LUCKIMAN 40 VA farmer
                  Eliz. 28 OH
                  John A. 14, Ezra B. 9 OH
                  Thos. C. 5, Sarah J. 3 OH
                  Orrin J. (m) 1 OH
                  Davis DUNCAN 15 OH laborer
                  John LUCKIMAN 50 MD laborer

1860 Sandusky Co. OH Census
Freemont Town
Pg.7, #84-97, Levi PARISH 45 OH teamster $350-$150
                  Mary 46 OH
                  William 20, Helen 10 OH
                  Levi 8 OH
                  Julia A. DUNCAN 27 OH domestic
Sandusky Twp.
Pg.28, #381-386, Jackson DUNCAN 38 OH farm laborer
                  Mahalia 29 OH
                  Geo. 11, Andersson (m) 9 OH
                  Jackson 6, Mahalia 2 OH
                  (MAD: wife Mahalia, not Martha)

1860 Sandusky Co. OH Census (HeritageQuest image 8/23/2009; and from Mary Lou Cole 4/23/2009)
Washington Twp., P.O. Fremont
Pg.187, #652-673, Anderson DUNVAN 26 OH sho???r journ. $200-$500
  Phebe 28 OH
  Joseph 11, Alwilda (f) 9 OH
      (MAD: ages as given, but Anderson should have been ca age 36)

1870 Sandusky Co. OH Census
Fremont, Ward 1
Pg.23, #12-12, FAUST, Joseph 23 OH plasterer $500-$0
                  Mary 23 OH keeping house
                  DUNCAN, Isaac 24 OH plaster
Washington Twp.
Pg.263, #52-48, DUNCAN, A. (m) 47 VA shoemaker $400-$0
                  Phebe 42 OH keeping house
                  (no children)

1880 Sandusky Co. OH Census (from Mary Lou Cole 4/23/2009, and HeritageQuest image 4/24/2009)
Washington Twp., pg.51, SD 1, ED 84
Pg.285B, #392-404, DUNCAN, A., w/m, 58 (blank) mar. shoe maker, OH, WV, PA
  Phipa (Phiba?), w/f, 48, wife, mar., keeping house, OH, (blank), (blank)
  Hattie, w/f, 12, grandchild, single, (blank), attended school within year, OH OH OH


Sandusky Co. OH Marriages (FHL film 506,617)
      No Bride index
      B-74: Banks, Joseph to Duncan, Nancy, 9 Dec. 1834 by William Fields
      B-214: Duncan, Jackson to Smith, Mahala, 14 May 1843 by S. Overmeir
      B-120: Milage, Henry to Duncan, Rosy Ann, 12 July 1839 by R.S. Rice JP
      C-181: Lobdell, Philetus to Duncan, Margaret, 3 Oct. 1852 by A.B. Taylor JP
      D-33: Duncan, Anderson to Basehare, Phoebe, 1 Jan. 1854 by H.R. Foster JP
      Vol.A: Brown, A.L. to Duncan, Eliza, 2 May 1830 (pg.495, Vol.II, "Gateway to the West" by Ruth Bowers and Anita Short, 1989 reprint of periodical 1967 to 1978, Vol.6#3, FHL book 977.1 D25g)


Sandusky Co. OH Probate Indexes
   Will Index - no Duncan until after 1892 (FHL film 506,622)
   General Probate Index 1820-1941 (FHL film 912,797)
      Case #330: Duncan, Zachariah; Samuel Overmyer admr.
      Case #358: Duncan heirs by Joseph Keller, gdn.
      Case #1067: Duncan, Mary M. by Chas. B. Goddard, adm.; land sales 2-212

Sandusky Co. OH Probate Records
      Case #330: Bond of Samuel Overmyer as principal and Cornelius Letcher and John Bell, sec., 15 Nov. 1843; Samuel Overmyer appointed adm. of estate of Zachariah Duncan decd. on 7 Nov. 1843. (FHL film 497,299)
      Case #358: Bond of Joseph Keller as principal and John Forist and James Parks sec., 27 March 1844; Joseph Keller appointed guardian for Margaret Duncan aged 14 years 6 months the 4th of April next, and Julia Ann Duncan aged 11 years and 6 months the 1st of March 1844, orphans of Zachariah Duncan. (FHL film 497,300)
      Case #1067: Mary M. Duncan will 17 July 1852 of Muskingum Co. OH (not copied; see Muskingum Co. OH records) (FHL film 497,305)


Sandusky Co. OH Deed Index (FHL film 475,510 index to Vol. T, 1852)
      J-448; Duncan, Daniel to T.S. Hawkins
      K-101: Duncan, Daniel to W. Caldwell & W. Jr.
      O-68: Duncan, Z. from Wm. D. Prindle
      O-248: Duncan, Andrew from Jesse Gilbert
      O-249: Duncan, Andrew to Wm. Burbzell
      O-325: Duncan, Daniel from John Ball
      P-475: Duncan, Daniel to A.W. Culter
      Q-188: Duncan, Daniel to J.A. Johnson
      R-474, 475, 476: Duncan, M/W/A. to John Keller
      R-663: Duncan, Daniel to David Burger
      S-32: Duncan, Margaret to Thomas Currant

Sandusky Co. OH Deeds
      J-448: 24 Jan. 1836, Daniel Duncan and wife Mary M. of town of Newark, Licking Co. OH, ... (not copied) (FHL film 475,517)
      O-68: 12 Aug. 1842, Wm. D. Princle of Genesee Co. MI to Zachariah Duncan, $300, 80 acres in N 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec. 29 T5N R14. Wit. J.A. Sevanton, N.S. Cook. (FHL film 475,520)
      O-248: Trust deed; 18 Sept. 1833, Jesse Gilbert of Hartford Co. MD to Andrew Duncan Esq. of York (does not say county) PA, $400, land in Sandusky Co. OH, W 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec. 30 T4N R17 containing 80 acres; and E 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec 25 T4N R16 (acres not given); Gilbert owes Duncan $400 in one year; Reg. in York Co. PA. Margin: Received $400 by Jesse Gilbert in York Co. PA. (FHL film 475,520)
      O-249: 13 Oct. 1840; ref. to above mortgage; debt was in arbitration, court of Common Pleas of York Co. PA, filed 19 Jan. 1836, $145.11; Andrew Duncan of Jackson Twp, Hancock Co. OH, formerly of York Co. PA, for $200 received of William Birtzell of York, PA, deed the two tracts to Birtzell. No wife. Wit. Irving P. Potter of Toledo, OH, and John Adams of Hancock Co. OH. (FHL film 475,520)
      R-474: 10 Oct. 1845, Malinda Duncan of Sandusky Co. OH for $18 to John Keller, undivided 1/7 part of N 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec. 29 T5 R14, 80 acres, subject to sale at Bucyrus. Wit. James Parks, Jonathan Buell. (FHL film 476,422)
      R-474: 17 July 1845, Anderson Duncan of Sandusky Co. OH for $20 to John Keller, N 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec. 29 T5 R14, undivided 1/7 part. Wit. James Parks, Phillip Heller. (FHL film 475,422)
      R-475: 17 July 1845, same to same, $25, 1/7 part, SW 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec 113, T5N R15. (FHL film 475,422)
      R-476: 10 Oct. 1845, Melinda Duncan to same, $12, 40a, 1/7 part SW 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec. 13 T5N R15. (FHL film 475,422)
      S-32: 6 Jan. 1848, Margaret (X) Duncan to Thomas Currant, $25, undivided 1/7 part N 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec. 29 T5 R14, and undivided 1/7 of SW 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec 13 T5 R15. Wit. John Bell, Matildia Trask. (FHL film 476,423)
      S-33: John S. Parish to Thomas Currant, $80, undivided 2/7, two parcels, SW 1/4 SE 1/4 ... Wife Elizabeth (x) relinquished dower. (FHL film 475,423)
      Unable to find other deeds to/from Parish or Keller ref. this land.

HISTORIES before 1923

"Commemorative biographical record of the counties of Sandusky and Ottawa, Ohio : containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens, and of many of the early settled families." (anonymous); pub. Chicago: J.H. Beers & Co., 1896, 943 pgs. (LH9742, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL book 977.12 D3co and film 908,711 item 1 and 1,000,339 item 4)
      Pg.487: PHILIP MICHAELS, retired agriculturist, now residing in Fremont, Sandusky county, was born November 10, 1840, in Fairfield county, Ohio, son of Isaac and Elizabeth (Hutchins) Michaels, who were of Pennsylvania-German descent. Their children were: Jesse, .... Jesse Michaels was three times married: first to a Miss Carr; then to Miss Ritter, by whom he had three children; and finally, to Miss Margaret Duncan, by whom he had one son - John.

1877 "Sketches of prominent citizens of 1876 : with a few of the pioneers of the city and county who have passed away; a sequel to 'Early reminiscences of Indianapolis' [Marion Co. IN] 1820-'76..." by John H.B. Nowland (FHL film 934,913 item 2)
      Pg.82-3: Robert B. Duncan ... born in Ontario Co. NY on 15 June 1810. In 1817 with his father's family, he removed to the then village, now city, of Sandusky [Huron then Sandusky now Erie Co.], OH ... until the spring of 1820. Then to New Purchase in Indiana, settled on Conner Farm, 4 miles south of site where Noblesville stands. Shortly after organization of Marion Co. in 1822, which then embraced Madison & Hamilton, the family removed to Pike Twp in Marion Co. proper, and settled on Eagle creek where Robert remained until 1827 when he became permanent citizen of Indianapolis. Soon after, he entered the office of county clerk as deputy to James M. Ray; remained until 1834 when Mr. Ray retired, then elected in his place; occupied clerk's office by successive elections until 1850; age 40 began to practice law, now in connection with his son John S. Duncan Esq. In December 1843 he married Miss Mary E., daughter of Dr. John H. Sanders of this city, by whom he has several children; among them John S. Duncan. Mrs. Duncan yet lives to preside over the Duncan household.

1884 "History of Indianapolis & Marion Co. IN" by Berry Robinson Sulgrove; Indianapolis (FHL film 934,914 item 1, book 90)
      Pg.174-5: ROBERT B. DUNCAN is of Scotch descent, his grandfather, Robert Duncan, born in 1726, a native Scotchman, having emigrated to America in 1754, where he engaged in the pursuit of his trade, a tailor. He married Agnes Singleton, born in 1742, also of Scotch parentage, and had children: Robert, James, John and three daughters. Robert was born in PA on Sept. 28, 1772, and during his youth resided in that State, after which he removed to Western NY and engaged in farming pursuits. He married Miss Anna Boyles, and had children: James, Esther, William, Robert B., Margaret, John, Samuel, Jane and Annie. The death of Mrs. Duncan occurred in 1822, and that of Mr. Duncan on Jan. 6, 1846. Their son Robert B. was born in Ontario Co. NY, June 15, 1810, where the earliest seven years of his life were spent. In 1817 he removed to OH and settled near Sandusky, his residence until the spring of 1820, when the family emigrated to Conner's Station, in the present Hamilton Co. IN, then an unsurveyed prairie. Various employments ... until 1824, when became a resident of Pike Twp., Marion Co., farmed. In 1827 a resident of Indianapolis, deputy county clerk, March 1834 elected to Clerk of the County, for 16 successive years. In 1850 began professional career in law, and continues to practice ... Mr. Duncan was married in December, 1843, to Miss Mary E., dau. of Dr. John H. Sanders, of Indianapolis, to whom were born children: John S. (a practicing lawyer), Robert P. (a manufacturer), Anna D. (wife of William T. Barbee, of Lafayette IN), and Nellie D. (wife of John R. Wilson of Indianapolis). Mr. Duncan enjoys distinction of being oldest continuous resident of county.


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