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Duncans in Lucas Co. OH


Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
the Genealogy Bug

Last revised June 28, 2009

Formed 1835 from Wood, Sandusky, Henry
Ottawa formed 1840 from Erie, Sandusky, Lucas
Fulton formed 1850 from Lucas, Henry, Williams


1840 Lucas Co. OH Census
Swan Twp.
Pg.213  John Dunkin          1000,01       - 2000,01
          (MAD: 1850 Fulton Co. OH census)
Amboy Twp.
Pg.230  Jeremiah Duncan      2000,1        - 1000,1
        David Duncan         0000,01       - 1011
          (MAD: 1850 Fulton Co. OH census)

1850 Lucas Co. OH Census
      No Duncan indexed

1860 Lucas Co. OH Census
Washington Twp.
Pg.17, #243-223, William HOLMES 38 NY farmer $4000-$200
                  Mary 35 NY
                  Peter CRANKER 16 OH
                  William H. 12, Joseph 8 OH
                  Mary J. HOLMES 9? (overwritten) OH
                  Charles 8, John V. 10 OH
                  Phebe DUNCAN 20 OH house girl
                  John CARNCRAH 20 GERM farmhand
Pg.264, #2711-2647, Henry DONKIN 34 PRUssia laborer $0-$0
                  Johanna (f) 7 OH
                  Henry 4, Francis (f) 2 OH
                  Jos. (m) 5/12 OH

1870 Lucas Co. OH Census
Toledo, Ward 1
Pg.176, #711-721, BAILEY, John E. 53 VT ship builder $20,000-$20,000
                  Elizabeth 49 NY keeping house
                  Agnes E. 20 OH at home
                  DUNCAN, Sarah 35 IRE dom. servant, parents of foreign birth
Toledo, Ward 4
Pg.317, #380-438, Hotel keeper, many others, including
                  pastry girls, cooks, hotel porters, etc.
                  DUNKIN, Mary 40 IRE pastry girl, parents of foreign birth
                  (MAD: could be Demkin?)


Lucas Co. OH Marriage Records, V.1-3, 1835-1884 (FHL film 912,940; from Alan Adrianson 1/2004)
      Vol.1, pg.44: John Duncan to Jane More; Recd Sept 11, 1840 from David Hobart J.P. a certificate of the marriage of John Duncan & Jane More by him on the 5th or 15th day of July 1840.


Lucas Co. OH Probate Records (SLC 2/2009)
      Appearance docket v.1 1836-1837 - no index (FHL film 912,944)
            v.2 1838-1853 - no index (FHL film 912,943)
      Estate records v.1-2 1852-1865 (FHL film 865,038)
            Vol.1 - part of index too faint to read, no Duncan spotted
            Vol.2 - no Duncan
      Real estate records v.1 1852-1856 - no Duncan (FHL film 909,002)
      Journal v.1-2 1852-1861 - no Duncan (FHL film 865,024)


Lucas Co. OH Deed Indexes (SLC 2009)
   Transcript Vol.1, 1808-1837 (FHL film 968,159)
   Grantor index (FHL film 968,159 item 1, Lucas Co. deeds, grantor, v.1-7)
      2-700: Duncan, James to Reynolds, Jarue L. (see Lucas Co. 1-179)
      5-682: Duncan, David & wife to Worden, Weeden (see Lucas Co. 1-553)
   Grantee index (FHL film 968,159 item 2, Lucas Co. deeds, grantee, v.1-10, from Vol.1 Michigan Co., Vol.1 Wood Co., Vol.1-10 Lucas Co.)
      MAD: Separate index pages for Michigan, Wood, Lucas, by A, B, C, etc. surname
      3-241: Duncan, James from Norman C. Baldwin, July 27, 1837, rec. Dec. 28, 1837, R8S T9, und. 1/10th part of following:
            lot 6 in Sec.4 T9S R8E, 60.41 acres;
            lot 2 in Sec.29 T9S R8E, 32.60 acres;
            lot 2 in Sec.20, Twp.9S R8E, 57.55 acres;
                  and W part SE 1/4 Sec.33 T8S R8E, 9.10 acres;
            lot 2 S. of River in Sec.8 T9S R8E, 21 acres;
            lot 3 Sec.28 T9S R8E, 67.66 acres;
            lot 1, Sec.8 T9S R8E, 68.47 acres;
            SE fract. Sec. 19 T9S R8E 80.14 acres;
            lot 4 Sec.28 T9S R8E 61.66 acres;
            lot 1 S. of River in Sec.8 T9S R8E, 11.66 acres;
            lot 1, Sec.29 T9S R8E 60 acres;
            N 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec.20 T9S R8E, 80 acres;
            lot 3 Sec.8 T9S R8E, 46.80 acres;
            lot 1 Sec.20 T9S R8E 57.69 acres;
            and E part NE 1/4 Sec.19 T9S R8E 75.41 acres;
            all in 29T R8E.
      6-408: Duncan, David from Bennett, Sylvester (see Lucas Co. 3-54)
      8-173: July 25, 1841, James H. Duncan et al from James Duncan; quit claim; rec. May 18, 1843, all my right title and interest in and to lands in Lucas Co. deeded to me by N.C. Baldwin on July 27, 1837, rec. Vol.3 pg.241 &c, see deed for description. The said Duncan to have an undivided 1/2, the said Baldwin an undivided 1/6, and the said Reynolds 1/3 of said lands. (FHL film 968,159)
   Lucas Co. OH Transcript Vol.2, 1843-1850; Deeds v.8-19, (FHL film 968,160, item 1)
      8-173: Duncan, James to Wm. Reynolds, Mae Baldwin & Jas. H. Duncan. July 25, 1841, rec. May 18, 1843. QC. All my right to lands deeded me by Norman C. Baldwin of Ohio City, State of Ohio, dated July 27, 1837, rec. Vol.3 pg.241, 242 & 243. Refer to deed, to be held by said persons as follows: The said Reynolds one und. 1/2, Baldwin 1/6 und., and Duncan und. 1/3.
      9-165: Duncan, David & wife to W.H. Worden, Mar. 2, 1844, Mar. 5, 1844, R4E T9 Sec.15, deed, north part E 1/2 E 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec.15 T9S R4E, containing 10 acres.
      11-292: Duncan, David & wife to Weeden H. Worden, Jan. 16, 1845, Dec. 8, 1845, R4E T9 Sec.15, W 1/2 E 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec.15 T9S R4E, 40 acres. (MAD: see Fulton Co. Deed 2 pg.424)
      14-74: Duncan, David & wife to Marshall C. Ball, Jan. 2, 1845, rec. Dec. 14, 1847, R4 T9 Sec.9. (MAD: see Fulton Co. deed 3-579)
      (item 2) Grantees, Vol.10-22
      14-436: Duncan, J.J. from David Duncan, May 28, 1844, Apr. 5, 1848, R4E T9S Sec.15. (MAD: see Fulton Co. deed 4-62)
   Transcript Vol.3, 3848-1859, Deed Vols. 20-29 (FHL film 968,161)
      No Duncan grantor or grantee


Fulton Co. OH Deeds (SLC 2/2009)
   Vol.1 transcribed from Lucas Co. OH, deeds 1835-1841
      1-179: 7 April 1838, James Duncan of Massillon, Stark Co. OH, for $1, to Jaures? L. Reynolds of same, one undivided tenth part of tracts in Co. of Lucas:
            lot 6 in Sec.4 T9S R8E, 60 acres & 40/100;
            lot 2 in Sec.29 T9S R8E, 32 acres 60/100;
            lot 2 in Sec.20, Twp.9S R8E, 57 acres 55/100
                  and W part SE 1/4 Sec.33 T8S R8E, 9 and 10/100 acres;
            lot 2 S. of River in Sec.8 T9S R8E containing 21 acres;
            lot 3 Sec.28 T9S R8E, 67.66 acres;
            lot 1, Sec.8 T9S R8E, 68.47 acres;
            SE fract. Sec. 19 T9S R8E 80.14 acres;
            lot 4 Sec.28 T9S R8E 61.66 acres;
            lot 1 S. of River in Sec.8 T9S R8E, 11.66 acres;
            lot 1, Sec.29 T9S R8E 60 acres;
            N 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec.20 T9S R8E, 80 acres;
            lot 3 Sec.8 T9S R8E, 46.80 acres;
            lot 1 Sec.20 T9S R8E 57.69 acres;
            and E part NE 1/4 Sec.19 T9S R8E 75.41 acres;
to secure notes for following debts: one note in favor of James Henry Duncan of Haverhill, MA, /s/ by James Duncan, Nathaniel ?ike (in center of page) and Charles K. Skinner for $2,000, with interest, said note having been given for my benefit; also note for $1,000 by me in favor of Margarett D. Baldwin of Boston, MA, with interest, also note for $3,000 by me in favor of William Reynolds of Boston, MA, with interest, also note for $3,000 by me in favor of Benjamin Willis Junior of Boston, Mass, with interest. Wit. Robert Llewellyn, George Laird. Ack. Stark Co. OH. Rec. May 7, 1838, Vol.2 pg.700. (FHL film 559,335 item 2) (MAD: Haverhill, Essex Co. MA)
      I-553: 28 April 1840, David Duncan and wife Mariah of Amboy Twp., Lucas Co. OH, for $150, to Weeden Worden of town of Port Lawrence, Co. & State afsd, all the W 1/2 E 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec.19 T9S R4E lying on south side County Road supposed to be about 30 acres. Both signed. Wit. Lucy Keeler, J. Duncan. Ack. Lucas Co. Oh 28 April 1840, Rec. Dec. 12, 1840, Vol.5 pg.682. (FHL film 559,335 item 2)
      Vol.2 transcribed from Lucas Co. OH, deeds 1841-1847
      2-424: 16 Jan. 1845, David Duncan of Amboy Twp., Lucas Co. OH, for $150, to Weedin H. Worden, W 1/2 E 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec.15 T9S R4E, 40 acres, and Maria Louisa Duncan, wife of said David Duncan, for $1, quit claim. /s/ D. Duncan, Maria Louis Duncan. Wit. S. Johnson, William B. Kirapp. Lucas Co. OH, rec. Jan. 14, 1846, Vol.11 pg.292. (FHL film 559,336)
      Vol.3 transcribed from Lucas Co. OH, deeds 1841-1848
      3-54: 3 Sept. 1839, Sylvester Bennett and wife Sophia of Volney Twp., Oswego Co. NY, for $150, to David Duncan Junior of Amboy Twp., Lucas Co. OH, W 1/2 E 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec.15 T9S R4E. /s/ Sylvester Bennett. (no release by Sophia shown). Wit. J. Duncan, Samuel J. Keeler JP. Ack. Lucas Co. OH. Rec. Sept. 15, 1841, Vol.6 pg.408. (FHL film 559,337)
      3-579: 2 Jan. 1845, David Duncan and wife Maria of Amboy, Lucas Co. OH, for $500, to Marshall C. Ball, real estate in Lucas Co. OH: E 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec.9 T9S R4E, reserving 20 acres on North end of lot, intending to convey 60 acres to said M.C. Ball. /s/ D. Duncan, Maria Duncan. Wit. S. Johnson, P. Johnson. Ack. Lucas Co. OH, rec. Jan. 18, 1848, Vol.14 pg.74. (FHL film 559,337)
      Vol.4 transcribed from Lucas Co. OH, deeds 1847-1850
      4-62: 28 May 1844, David Duncan and wife Loiza Maria Duncan of Lucas Co. OH for $150 to Jeremiah J? (I?). Duncan of same place, premises in Amboy Twp., Lucas Co. OH, NW 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec.15 T9S R4E, 40 acres. /s/ D. Duncan, Louiza Maria Duncan. Wit. John Blain, Peter C. Lewis. Rec. 14 April 1848, Vol.14 pg.436. (FHL film 559,337)

HISTORIES before 1923

1923 "Toledo and Lucas County, Ohio, 1623-1923" by John Milton Killits; pub. Chicago : S.J. Clarke Pub. Co., 3 vol., v.2&3 have biographies (FHL book 977.112 H2t; SLC 9/2007)
      Vol.3, pg.620-623 (picture on pg.621): FRED FRANCIS DUNCAN. Although he has not yet reached the age of thirty years, Fred Francis Duncan has demonstrated his ability ... president of The Duncan Company, he is controlling two of the large manufacturing enterprises of Toledo. He was born in Seattle, [King Co.] Washington, March 9, 1893, and his parents were Francis Andrew and Adelaide (Stackhouse) Duncan. The father was a native of Liverpool, England, and when a youth of sixteen years he emigrated to Canada but subsequently crossed the border into the United States, locating at Seattle, Washington, where he opened a blacksmith's shop, having learned the trade in his native land. He continued a resident of that city until 1905, when he came to Toledo, and acquiring a large tract of land, he erected thereon a modern plant, having organized the Duncan Forge Company and The Duncan Company, of which he became president. ... his demise on the 29th of April, 1919, when he was forty-six years of age. The mother passed away in this city in 1912. In their family were six children: George, a resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Frank, Gordon, Donald, Margaret and Fred F., all of whom are living in Toledo. ... Public schools of Seattle, Washington, and this city, Fred Francis Duncan acquired his education ... On the 12th of April, 1919, Mr. Duncan married Miss Ida S. Hold, a daughter of William H. Hold, and they have become the parents of a son, Francis Andrew, who was born in this city September 19, 1920. Mr. Duncan is a veteran of the World war. He joined the Three Hundred and Thirtieth Ohio Battalion and with the Tank Corps served for seven months on the French front, ... Republican ...

1910 "Memoirs of Lucas County & City of Toledo [Ohio]" by ed. by Harvey A. Scribner; pub. Madison, Wis. : Western Historical Association (FHL book 977.112 H2s; SLC 9/2007)
      Vol.2, pg.635-636: Francis A. Duncan, founder and head of the Duncan Forge Company, of Toledo, was born in London, England, Oct. 3, 1869, a son of Frank and Margaret (Burns) Duncan, the former a native of England and the latter of Scotland. The father made the forge business his chief occupation and for a number of years owned and operated a foundry in Liverpool, in his native land. Francis A., to whom this sketch is dedicated, is the seventh in order of birth of the sixteen children born to the parents, and the only member of the family who came to America. One of the sons, William, served in the British army. Francis A. Duncan's early opportunities to acquire an education were very limited, ... by self-study he has supplemented the meager educational training of his boyhood days ... at an early age he learned the forge business in his father's foundry, and, in 1889, when in his twentieth year, he emigrated to Medicine Hat, Assiniboia, Canada, where he spent his first winter in America as a blacksmith in the employ of the Canadian Pacific Railroad Company, after which he went to work for the Northwestern Coal & Navigation Company, with which he remained for several years. In 1899, he removed to Seattle [King Co.], Wash., and embarked in the machine foundry business on his own account, and, in 1903, he came to North Baltimore, Wood county, Ohio, engaging in the foundry business. (MAD: he followed trades in several cities, not copied) In 1905 he took up his residence in Toledo ... He has been twice married. On July 2, 1892, was solemnized his marriage to Miss Florence Stackhouse, and after her death he married, Nov. 10, 1897, Miss Anna Kaiser. He has four children: two sons -- Frederick Francis and George A. -- by his first wife; and two -- Frank and a small babe -- by his present wife. ...


Some early Duncans in Lucas Co. OH:
      David Dunkin, 27 March 1840, mar. Marie Gibson
      Daniel Donacan, 31 Oct. 1865, mar. Julia Bresnahan


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