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Last revised July 15, 2012

Formed 1840 from Geauga, Cuyahoga


1840 Lake Co. OH Census
Min. Twp.
Pg.104  Samuel Duncan        2200,01       - 1010,01
        Solomon Duncan       0110,01       - 1001,01
          (next to each other)

1850 Lake Co. OH Census
Painesville Dist. #85
Pg.195, #318-321, Nicholas BRINK 32 NY farmer $3500
                  Mary 38 PA
                  Clarissa (f) 7, Edwin 4 NY
                  Mersina (f) 2 OH
                  William DUNCAN 20 NY farmer
Pg.200, #393-397, Solomon DUNCAN 47 NY farmer $1200
                  Maria 25 OH
                  Leonard 21 OH farmer
                  Arena (f) 43 OH
                  Jacob 4, Luman (m) 5 OH
Pg.210, #544-556, William DUNCAN 35 NY farming $0
                  Fidelia 34 NY
                  Fidelia 14, Harlow (m) 2 OH
Perry Dist. #85, 3 Sept. 1850
Pg.242, #156-169, Daniel STEARNS 51 CT farmer $500
                  Mary 43 CT
                  Matilda 17 OH
                  Henry 13 OH
                  Theodore 2 OH
                  Susan Race (ditto) 19 OH
                  Wm. 5 OH
                  Philander 12 OH
                  Sarah DUNCAN 21 OH
                  Alice 2 OH
Mentor Dist. #171, 28 Sept. 1850
Pg.271, #179-184, George DUNCAN 28 OH farmer $0
                  Sarah 24 OH
                  Alice 1 OH
                  (MAD: George Duncan mar. Sarah Stearns 8/22/1848 Cuyahoga Co. OH per IGI)

1860 Lake Co. OH Census
Painesville Twp.
Pg.244, #165-161, Samuel DUNCAN 56 NY sailor $0-$200
                  Betsey 50 NY
                  Harmon (m) 22, Warren (m) 22 OH sailors
                  Catharine 20, Lewis 16, John 14 OH
                  Emily 11, Franklin 6 OH
                  Mary COOPER 1 OH
                  (MAD: 1870 Ashtabula Co. OH census)
Pg.244, #170-163, George DUNCAN 31 OH sailor $200-$100
                  Elizabeth 19 OH
                  Isabel 2, Ellen 1/12 OH
                  Rozetta HANBY 14 OH
Pg.246, #203-196, Sanford DUNCAN 26 OH sailor $0-$200
                  Sarah 26 OH
                  Wm. 4, Samuel 2 OH
Pg.251, #295-283, Solomon DUNCAN 57 NY farmer $6000-$1500
                  Hannah 53 NY
                  Maria 34, Leonard 30 NY
                  Jacob 17, Luman (m) 14 OH
Pg.251, #297-285, Wm. DUNCAN 28 OH sailor $0-$1000
                  Elizabeth 19 OH
                  Marion (m) 8/12 OH
Mentor Twp.
Pg.260, #430-416, Wm. DUNCAN 45 NY farmer $0-$800
                  Fidilia 44 OH
                  Harlow (m) 11 OH
                  (MAD: 1870 St. Joseph Co. MI census)

1870 Lake Co. OH Census
Concord Twp.
Pg.7, #117-122, DUNCAN, Lewis 26 OH farm laborer $0-$0
                  Louisa 18 OH keeping house
                  Samuel 6/12 OH b.Jan.
Painesville Twp.
Pg.99, #43-42, DUNCAN, Wm. H. 37 NY tailor $4,000-$350
                  Elisabeth 29 OH keeps house
                  Marion (f) 10, Wilbur (m) 8 OH at school
                  Maddy (m) 1/12 OH at home b.Apr
                  HOLCOMB, Lucia (f) 23 OH domestic
Pg.100, #61-59, DUNCAN, Anna (f) 63 NY keeps house $800-$250
                  Maria 42 NY
                  Leonard 40 NY farm laborer
                  Lorma (m) 25 OH sailor
                  (MAD: Lorma as written, but should be Luman)
Pg.100, #64-62, DUNCAN, Warren (m) 32 OH farm laborer $0-$800
                  Tina 28 OH keeps house
                  Daniel 8 OH at school
                  Ida 4 OH at home
                  WICKS, George 60 NY farm laborer
Pg.101, #86-79, DUNCAN, George 40 OH carpenter $400-$125
                  Elisabeth 29 MI keeps house
                  Isabel 12, Nellie 10 OH at school
                  Moses 8, Martha 7 OH at school
                  Emma 5 OH at home
                  (KDC 8/2008: Moses Duncan in 1880 Carroll Co. MO census)
Pg.103, #115-119, DUNCAN, Edwin 29 OH com. laborer $0-$0
                  Mary 31 OH keeps house
Pg.104, #122-115, DUNCAN, Sanford 38 OH ship carpenter $150-$0
                  Sarah J. 38 OH keeps house
                  William 14, Samuel 12 OH at school
                  George 8, Mary 5 OH at school
                  Edward 4/12 OH at home, b. Jan.
Pg.108, #200-187, DUNCAN, Lewis 26 OH makes blacking $600-$0
                  Eliza 19 OH keeps house
                  Lewis 5/12 OH at home, b.Dec.
Pg.159-160, #733-735, Hotel
                  DUNCAN, Sarah 40 PA table waiter
                  Ann 17 OH table waiter
Pg.160, #739-741, MEIGS, George C. 30 OH Trav. Coms. agent $0-$0
                  Louisa 29 OH keeps house
                  George 6 OH at school
                  JOHNSON, William 16 OH com. laborer
                  DORAN, Hugh 27 OH sailor
                  HUISTON, Wm. 35 OH sailor
                  DUNCAN, George 22 OH sailor
                  PELTON, Chas. 25 OH pedlar
                  PRATT, John J. 37 CT music dealer
                  HOGAN, Mary 17 OH domestic, parents of foreign birth

1880 Census, Painesville, Lake County, Ohio (from Kathy Cawley 8/2008)
S.D.# 8, E.D.# 87, Page# 427A, Image# 50 of 58
DUNCAN, [indexed as Duncen]
George W., age 49, Head, carpenter, OH./---/---
Elizabeth, age 39, Wife, keeping house, MI./N.Y./OH.
Martha, age 17, Daughter, at home, OH./OH./MI.
Emma, age 15, Daughter, at home, OH./OH./MI.
John, age 6, Son, at home, OH./OH./MI.
Frank, age 3, Son, at home, OH./OH./MI.
Royce, age 3/12, Feb., Son, at home, OH./OH./MI.

1880 Lake Co. OH Soundex; pg.426D from index
City of Painesville, Richmond Village Road
Vol.37, ED 87, Sheet 48, Line 26
DUNCAN, William H. 47 NY (white male)
Elizabeth J. 39 OH wife
Wilber 18 OH son
Charles M. 10 OH son
REFFON, Agnes 16 OH "Se" (MAD: indexed as Agnes RIPPIN)

1880 Census, Painesville, Lake County, Ohio (from Kathy Cawley 9/2008)
S.D.# 8, E.D.# 86, Page# 375B, Image# 2 of 56
age 42, Head, farmer, OH./N.Y./N.Y.
Christina, age 38, Wife, keeping house, IA./--/--
Dan S., age 18, Son, single, works on farm, OH./OH./IA.
Ida, age 14, Daughter, at school, OH./OH./IA.
Hannah M., age 55, Cousin, single, N.Y./N.Y./N.Y. [Hannah Maria?]
Leonard, age 50, Cousin, single, N.Y./N.Y./N.Y.
      (KDC: Leonard was the son of Solomon Duncan. See 1900 Cuyahoga Co. OH census)

1900 Census, Painesville, Lake County, Ohio (from Kathy Cawley 8/2008)
S.D.# 18, E.D.# 63, Page# 95A, Image# 41 of 47
DUNCAN, [indexed as Dunean]
Moss B., Head, Aug 1862, age 37, m'd at 16, OH./OH./OH., carpenter
Nettie L., Wife, Aug 1865, age 34, 6 chi. born, 4 living, OH./OH./OH.
George R., Son, May 1885, age 15, OH./OH./OH., at school
Frank, Son, Aug 1889, age 10, OH./OH./OH., at school
James J., Son, Feb 1895, age 5, OH./OH./OH.
Mary, Daughter, Sept 1898, age 1, OH./OH./OH.
BROWN, Mrs. P., M-in-law, Feb 1835, age 65, w'd., 10 chi. born, 6 living, OH./SCOT./SCOT.
      (KDC: 1880 Carroll Co. MO census)

1910 Census, City of Painesville, Lake County, Ohio (from Kathy Cawley 8/2008)
S.D.# 18, E.D.# 83, Page# 174B, Image# 6 of 27
121 Sterling Tpke. & Liberty Street?
DUNCAN, [indexed as Dunican]
Moses B., Head, age 48, M1X, 25 yrs., OH./OH./OH., carpenter/houses
Nettie L., Wife, age 43, M1X, 7 chi. born, 5 living, OH./N.Y./OH.
George N., Son, age 23, M1X, OH./OH./OH., doch mgr./ore dock
Frank, Son, age 19, M1X, OH./OH./OH., machinist/ore venus?
James J., Son, age 15, OH./OH./OH., attends school
Mary M., Daughter, age 11, OH./OH./OH., attends school
Edith H., Daughter, age 6, OH./OH./OH., attends school
      (KDC: George & Frank, married? If they were married, then where are their spouses?)

1920 Census, Painesville City, Lake County, Ohio (from Kathy Cawley 8/2008)
S.D.# 265, E.D.# 91, Page# 193B, Image# 8 of 17
113 Sterling Avenue
Frank R.,
Head, owns/mort., age 28, OH./OH./OH., crane opr./ore dock
Bertha, Wife, age 27, OH./IR./OH.
Helen, Daughter, age 5 3/12, attends school, OH./OH./OH.
Evelyn, Daughter, age 3 8/12, OH./OH./OH.
119 Sterling Avenue
Head, owns/free, age 33, OH./OH./OH., machinist/ore dock
Jennie, Wife, age 31, OH./N.Y./N.Y.
Irene, Daughter, age 15, attends school, OH./OH./OH.
121 Sterling Avenue
Head, owns/free, age 58, OH./OH./OH., ship carpenter/contractor
Mattie, Wife, age 54, OH./N.Y./N.Y.
James, Son, age 25, OH./OH./OH., ship carpenter/contractor
Dorothy, Daughter-in-law, age 20, OH./OH./OH.
Edith, Daughter, age 16, attends school, OH./OH./N.Y.
      (KDC: *definitely says Mattie)

1930 Census, Painesville City, Lake County, Ohio (from Kathy Cawley 8/2008)
E.D.# 43-21, S.D.# 5, Page# 217A, Image# 57 of 61
1090 W. Jackson Street
Head, owns/$8000., age 68, m'd at 23, OH./U.S./U.S., farmer/chicken farm
Nettie, Wife, age 63, m'd at 18, OH./N.Y./N.Y.
Bion, Grandson, age 5, OH./OH./OH.
Page# 215B, Image# 54 of 61
790 North ???
DUNCAN, [indexed as Dunican]
James J., Head, rents/$35., age 36, m'd at 33, OH./OH./OH., carpenter/building ????
Florence L., Wife, age 29, m'd at 26, OH./OH./OH., manager/candy shop
Page# 190B, Image# 4 of 61
63 Sterling Avenue
George R.,
Head, owns/$5500., age 44, m'd at 21, OH./OH./OH., craussman?/docks
Jennie M., Wife, age 41, m;d at 21, PA./N.Y./PA.
FREEMAN, Chester N., Son, age 21, m'd at 20, OH./PA./OH., blacksmith/own business
FREEMAN, Bessie M., Daughter-in-law, age 18, m'd at 18, OH./OH./OH., salewoman/dept. store
DUNCAN, George M., Son, age 6, OH./OH./PA.
      (KDC: *Jennie married before to Gordon C. Freeman and Chester is the son from her first marriage.)
E.D.# 43-22, S.D.# 5, Page# 231A&B, Image# 23 & 24 of 60
15 East Jackson Street
Head, owns/$5000., age 39, m'd. at 22, OH./OH./OH., kiln turner/cement plant
Bertha, Wife, age 39, m'd. at 22, OH./OH./OH.
Helen, Daughter, age 15, attends school, OH./OH./OH.
Evelyn, Daughter, age 13, attends school, OH./OH./OH.
Robert, Son, age 5, OH./OH./OH.
RAMSEY, Anna, Mother-in-law, age 72, W'd. m'd at 17, CAN./U.S./U.S.


Lake Co. OH Will Records v.A-B 1853-1873 (FHL film 974,903; SLC 2/2009)
      No Duncan indexed


Lake Co. OH Deed Index (SLC 2/2009)
   Vol.1 to v.A-I, 1839-1852 (FHL film 973,892)
      C-202: Dunkin, Leonard to Dunkin, Samuel, 59-40/100, R9 T10 Tract 10 Lot #6, $1.00, Oct. 31, 1843
      E-257: Duncan, Leonard to Hitchcock, Reuben, 40a, R9 T10 Tract 10 Lot 6, $400, Aug. 25, 1846
      I-302: Duncan, Samuel to Wheeler, Seymour, 20-90/100, R9 T10 Tract 10 Lot 6, $300, Dec. 25, 1851
   Vol.1A to v.J-S 1852-1863 (FHL film 973,893)
      R-442: Duncan, Anna from Everitt, George, R8 T11 Tract 4 S.Lot 71-41,66&67, $110, Feb. 3, 1860
      K-316: Duncan, Leonard to Duncan, Samuel, 19-40/100, R9 T10 Tract 10 Lot 6, $150, Dec. 26, 1850
      J-9: Duncan, Samuel to Brooks, Burr, 26-77/100, R9 T10 Tract 10 Lot 6, $325, Sept. 6, 1852
      K-294: Duncan, Samuel to Tear, John, 20 acres, R9 T10 Tract 10 Lot 6, $240, Jan. 3, 1854
      K-436: Duncan, Samuel to Capham, James, 8 acres, R9 T10 Tract 10 Lot 6, $240, March 1854.
      M-207: Duncan, Solomon, from Williams, Gurdon Estate, 64-1/2 acres R8 T11 Tract 4 Lot 23 and 25/100, [Tract] 4 lot 22, $1200, Feb. 18, 1856
      R-157: Duncan, Solomon to Everett, Mary, 2a R8 T11 Tract 4 Lot 22, S, L 171-174, $100, Feb. 2, 1860
      R-242: Duncan, Solomon to Lockwood, Stanley B., 64 acres R8 T11 Tract 4 lots 22 & 23 and 25/160 S.L. 10, $1.00, Feb. 7, 1860
      R-258: Duncan, Solomon from Richmond Thomas, R8 T11 Tract 4 lot 171-174, 68-69, $1.00, Jan. 12, 1860
      R-347: Duncan, Solomon to Tear, Thomas Jr., 80/100, R8 T11 Tract 4 SL 39, 40, $250, Dec. 14, 1860
      R-349: Duncan, Solomon from Mathews, William, R8 T11 Tract 4, SL 39,40, $30, Dec. 11, 1860
      P-273: Duncan, William H. from Baker, Samuel, R8 T11 Tract 4, lot 22, Feb. 1858
      P-274: Duncan, William H. from Baker, Kilbourn S. and Kile, George L, R8 T11 Tract 4, $300 each, Feb. 13, 1858
      P-300: Duncan, William H. from Kile, George L., R8 T11 Tract 4, see deed, July 30, 1859

Lake Co. OH Deeds (SLC 2/2009)
      C-202: 31 Oct. 1843, Leonard Dunkin and wife Henrietta of Marion?, Fayette Co. OH, for $1, to Samuel Dunkin of town, county & state afsd, quit claim, to premises in Twp. of Minter, being #10, Range 9, in Co. of Geauga, W 1/2 lot 6 in Tract 10, containing 59 acres 40/100. Both signed. Wit. Alex M. McCoy?, ???. (FHL film 974,941)
      E-257: 25 Aug. 1846, Leonard Duncan and wife Henrietta for $400 to Reuben Hitchcock, land in Minton Twp, being #10 of 9th Range of Townships of CT Western Reserve in State of Ohio which is also in Lake Co., 40 acres. Ack. Koscuisko Co. IN. Wit. Geo. W. Thrott?, S.E. Janny?. (FHL film 974,943)
      I-302: 25 Dec. 1851, Samuel Duncan and wife Betsey for $300 to Seymour Wheeler, lot in Twp. of Minter being #10 in 9th Range of Twp. of CT Western Reserve in State of OH, being part of lot 6 in Tract 10 in Minter Twp., 22-91/100 acres. Both signed. Ack. Lake Co. OH. Wit. Mary Duncan, Charles Smart JP. (FHL film 974,945)
      J-9: 6 Sept. 1852, Samuel Duncan and wife Betsey for $325 to Burr Brooks (not copied). Wit. Mary Duncan, Charles Smart JP. (FHL film 974,945)
      K-294: 3 Jan. 1854, Samuel Duncan and wife Betsey to John Tear (not copied). Wit. Mary Duncan, Charles Smart JP. (FHL film 974,945)
      K-316: 26 Dec. 1850, Leonard Duncan and wife Henrietta of Kosciusko Co. IN, for $150, to Samuel Duncan, "19" and 40/100 acres in Lake Co., from W part of E 1/2 lot 6 in Tract 10 ... 9th Range ... "59" acres and 40/100. Wit. Jas M?. Jacoby. Ack. Kosciusko Co. IN. (FHL film 974,945)
      M-207: 18 Feb. 1856, Gurdin O. Williams executor of will of Gurdon Williams late of city of Detroit, Wayne Co. MI, now decd, to Solomon Duncan of Painesville Twp., State of Ohio (MAD: no county given) for $1200, parcel of land in Twp. of Painesville, being Twp.11 in 8th Range of townships in CT Western Reserve in State of OH, known as lot 23, about 84 acres except about 4 acres conveyed to OH railroad, also parcel in Painesville Twp. in Lake Co. OH, part of lot 22 in tract 4 ... (more not copied). Wit. C.W. Griggs, S. Stephens. Ack. Wayne Co. MI. (FHL film 974,947)
      P-273: (blank day) Feb. 1858, Samuel Baker of Bloomfield, Trumble Co. OH, for $1 and good cause etc., to Wm. H. Duncan of Lake Co. OH, lot in Twp. of Painesville #7 in 8th Range ... known by village lot 101 and 102, 107 and 108 in Oakley Survey in Village of Richmond and undivided half of village lots 103 and 104. (no wife) Wit. J.W. Blain, A.M. Hickok?, ack. Trumbull Co. OH. (FHL film 974,948)
      P-274: 2 March 1858, Kilbourn S. Baker and wife Sarah M. of Hancock Co. OH for $300 to William H. Duncan of Lake Co. OH, one equal undivided half Village lot 103 and 104 in Oakley's plat, Beal's survey of village of Richmond, in that part laid out in Great lot 22 in Tract 4, map recorded in Geauga Co., being in Painsville Twp., #11 in 8th Range. Wit. Aaron? Blackford, M?. W?. Hall. Ack. Hancock Co. OH. (FHL film 974,948)
      P-274 (2nd): 13 Feb. 1858, Geo. L. Kile and wife Harriett B. of Bloomfield, Trumbull Co. OH, for $300, to William H. Duncan of Lake Co. OH, lot in Painesville Twp. #11 in 8th Range of Twp., Village lots 101, 102, 107 and 108 in Oakley survey in village of Richmond ... Wit. John W. Blair, A.M. Hickox. Ack. Trumbull Co. OH. (FHL film 974,948)
      P-300: 30 July 1859, George Everett of Painesville to William Henry Duncan for $1, land in Painesville Twp #11 in Range 8, strip of land 2 rods wide ... Village of Richmond ... in Great lot 22. (no wife). Wit. John P. Markell?, Lord Sterling. (FHL film 974,948)
      R-157: 2 Feb. 1860, Solomon Duncan and wife Anna of Painesville, Lake Co. OH, for good cause and $100, received from Mary Everitt wife of George Everitt, deed to Mary Everitt land in Painesville Twp. #11 in Range 8, known as a piece of NW part lot 22 tract 4, known as outlot #171 and 174 in Oakley's survey in Richmond. Wit. Franklin Paine, Lord Sterling. Ack. Lake Co. OH. (FHL film 974,949)
      R-442: 3 Feb. 1860, George Everitt and wife Mary of Painesville to Anna Duncan wife of Solomon Duncan, for $110, land in Painesville T11 R8 town lot 71 and a part of lots 41, 65 and 67 in Richmond in Great Lot 22 (more not copied). Wit. B.D. Chesney?, Lord Sterling. Ack. Lake Co. OH. (FHL film 974,949)


Lake Co. OH Probate Records; Court of Common Pleas Index (to Journal, Final Record, Appeals Docket, and Execution Docket) 1840-1877 (FHL film 877,768; SLC 2/2009)
      Duncan, Fidelia ads. William Duncan, Judgment Feb. 1863, Journal F-420, Execution Docket F-134
      Duncan, Hannon vs. Armstrong, Hamilton, Jan. 1870, G-607, G-811
      Duncan, Samuel ads Hez King Exr, Sept. 1863, F-476, F-177
      Duncan, Samuel ads The State of Ohio, Appl. Docket C-807, Feb.1877, I-418, I-88? (J-88?)
      Duncan, William L. ads State of Ohio, Judgment May 1853, D-505, D-160
      Duncan, William L. vs State of Ohio, Judgment Feb. 1854, E-26, D-259
      Duncan, William ads Fidelia Duncan, Feb. 1863, F-420, F-134
      Duncan, William S. ads Hezekiah King, exr of, Sept. 1863, F-476, F-177

Lake Co. OH Court of Common Pleas, Journals (SLC 2/2009)
   Vol.C-D, 1845-1854 (FHL film 877,770)
      D-505: Saturday, June 4, 1853, State of Ohio vs. ____, Wit. W.L. Duncan, 52N2 (MAD: court case number???) and 8 others. Attachment for contempt. Defendants discharged.
   Vol.F (FHL film 877,771)
      F-420: Monday, Feb.2, 1863, Fidelia Duncan vs. William Duncan, Divorce. Cause dismissed without prejudice at Defendant's costs.
      F-476: Friday, Sept. 25, 1863, Benj. Bissel Exr. vs Wm. Duncan et al. Civil action. Case settled at Defendant's costs.

Lake Co. OH Execution Dockets (SLC 2/2009)
   Vol.D (FHL film 887,537)
      D-160: #203, Journal D pg.505. State of Ohio vs. William L. Duncan, attcht. for contempt, defendant discharged. (cost bill)
      D-259: William L. Duncan vs. State of Ohio, E-26. Error from Probate Court No.30, Feb. 27, 1854. Writ of error dismissed and judgment against Plaintiff in error for costs. Deft. costs $3.33, Pltfs costs 2.11.
   Vol.F (FHL film 887,538)
      F-134: [Fidelia Duncan vs. William Duncan] List of costs, Feb. 2, 1863, plaintiff $4.66, deft. .10 (MAD: I think it says "no money.")
      F-177: Benj. Bissel Executor of Hezekiah King vs. William L. Duncan and Samuel Duncan. Fifa for costs Dec. 15, 1863, directed to Sheriff of Ashtabula Co., ... May 12, 1864.

Lake Co. OH Final Records, Vol.A-B, 1843-1862 (FHL film 974,893; SLC 2/2009)
      No Duncan indexed


Summit Co. OH Deed (FHL film 854,336)
      10-57: 15 Aug. 1846, James S. Duncan and wife Martha of Lake Co. OH to James W. Weld of Summit Co. OH, $300, land in Richfield Twp #4, R12, being in S.part lot 1 in Tract 4 adj. Oliver Crowles?, 40 rods.


Duncan graves in Evergreen Cemetery, Lake Co. OH; from Lake Co. OH Genealogical Society webpage; links from Honey Lee Miller 4/22/2012:
      Painesville Township, Evergreen Cemetery, Section 4, Rows 1-11
      Painesville Township, Evergreen Cemetery Section 7, Rows 1-6

Painesville Telegraph newspaper, Oct. 23, 1862, page 3, column 4 (MAD: Painesville, Lake Co. OH) (image of newspaper announcement from Honey Lee Miller 4/22/2012; her file Duncan_Jacob_1862OCT23PTp3c4.jpg)
      DIED. In Painesville, on the 27th of August, of typhoid fever, Jacob Duncan, son of Solomon & Anna Duncan, aged 19 years and 8 months; also, on the 14th of October, of same disease, Solomon Duncan, aged 60 years & 7 months. The above leave a large circle of relatives and friends, who feel their loss. The latter has been a resident of Painesville, for twenty-seven years.

Some early Duncans in Lake Co. OH:
      Permelia Duncan, 1850, died Jan. age 72, of dropsy, b. CT ("1850 Mortality Schedule of OH" by Ronald Vern Jackson pg.63 lists Permelia age 72; pg.173, Vol.21 1980, "OH the Cross Road of Our Nation, Records & Pioneer Families" lists Pernelia in Mentor Twp. age 73, married.)

HISTORIES before 1923

"History of the Western Reserve" Volume 2, by Harriet Taylor Upton, and Harry Gardner Cutler, ed. of Lewis Pub. Co.; pub. 1910 by Lewis Publishing Co. (image of page from Honey Lee Miller 4/22/2012; her file History of the Western Reserve Vol. II.pdf, (editions:aZJNEhIEJVoC))
      Pg.899-900: Samuel Duncan, of this memoir, was one of the early pioneer settlers of the Western Reserve, and was a man who made his life count for good in all its relations. For many years he was numbered among the representative farmers and citizens of Mentor township, Lake county, where he reclaimed his farm from the wild state, and both he and his wife passed the closing years of their lives in Ashtabula county, where he died at the age of sixty-eight years. His wife, whose maiden name was Betsy Lapham, was eighty-four years of age at the time of her death. Both were natives of the state of New York and members of families founded in New England in the colonial era of our national history. They came from Chemung county. New York, to Ohio, about 1820, making the trip from Buffalo on a sailing vessel and disembarking at what is now Fairport Harbor, Lake county. There Mr. Duncan remained four years, at the expiration of which he removed to Mentor township, where he purchased a tract of heavily timbered land, from which, in due course of time, he developed a productive farm, in the meanwhile living up to the full tension of the pioneer days. His wife's father, Thomas Lapham, had located in Lake county at an even earlier date, removing here from Canada, though his family was originally established in Dutchess county, New York. Late in life Samuel Duncan removed to Ashtabula county, where, as already stated, he passed the residue of his life. He was a man of superior mentality and of impregnable integrity, and his name merits an enduring place on the roster of the honored pioneers of the historic old Western Reserve. His son Frank now owns and resides upon their old homestead in Ashtabula county.
         Samuel and Betsy (Lapham) Duncan became the parents of thirteen children, of whom six are living at the time of this writing, in 1909. Jane, the eldest of the children, was born in Fairport township, Lake county, Ohio, on the opposite side of Grand river from the well known Skinner homestead, and the date of her nativity was Christmas day, 1827. She was reared to maturity in Lake county, where she had the advantages of the pioneer schools, and at the age of eighteen years she was united in marriage to Louis M. Wilson, who was a tailor by trade and vocation and who had come from the east and settled in Painesville. He and his wife finally removed to Unionville, Madison township, Lake county, where he died. His widow later became the wife of Miron Canfield, and she survives him also, having maintained her home in Unionville for nearly forty consecutive years, and being now one of the venerable pioneer women of that locality, where she is held in affectionate regard by all who know her. Of her nine children, seven were born of the first and two of the second marriage, and of the number four daughters are now living, namely: Mary, who is the wife of Frederick Holden, a passenger conductor on the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railroad, residing in Collinwood, Ohio; Laura, who is the wife of Albert J. White, of whom individual mention is made on other pages of this publication; Anna, who is the wife of Charles Hancock, manager of the homestead farm of his mother-in-law, at Unionville; and Victoria A., who is the wife of Edward Green, of Clear Lake, a favored summer resort in Iowa, where he has a large boat livery. In the community which has so long represented her home Mrs. Jane Canfield has been popular in social activities, holding precedence at the present time as being one of the most venerable of the native daughters still resident in Lake county.


"Laphams in America: thirteen thousand descendants including descendents of John from Devonshire, England to Providence, R.I., 1673, Thomas from Kent, England, to Scituate, Mass., 1634, and genealogical notes of other Lapham families" by Bertha Bortle Beal Aldridge, 1932-1953; pg.62-63 (HeritageQuest image of pg.63; image of pg.62 from Honey Lee Miller 4/22/2012; her filename: LaphamsinAmericathirteenthousanddescendentsinclu_334124390.jpg)
      Pg.62-63. Family 48B (See Family 23) Lake Co. Ohio. Lapham
      David Lapham 5, (Jonathan 4, John 3, John 2, John 1) b. Feb. 23, 1764, (Twin) son of Jonathan and Mary (Soper) Lapham; m. Feb. 9, 1786, Sarah Duncan, dau. of Thomas and Sarah (Rider) Duncan. Removed to Lake Co., Ohio, where their descendants still live.
I Thomas Lapham 6, b. 1788; m. Catherine Megley.
  1. David 7, b. 1814; m. Polly Brooks.
    a. Edgar 8, m. 1864, Amanda Harvey.
    b. Melvine 8, m. 1862, Cora Brooks.
    c. Sarah Jane 8, d. unm. age 16.
    d. Laura 8, m. 1864, William Vosseler.
    e. Martha 8, m. ____ Lyons.
  Thomas Lapham is buried at Blackbrook Cemetery, Mentor, Ohio.
  2. Betsey Lapham 7, b. 1808; m. Samuel Duncan.
    a. George Duncan 8, m. 1857, Elizabeth Holly.
    b. Sanford 8, m. 1853, Sarah Jane Singer.
    c. Warren 8, m. 1860, Chatina M. Thornton.
    d. Catherine 8, m. 1857, David Cooper.
    e. Mary 8, m. 1858, Moses Bowers.
    f. Jane 8, m. ____ Canfield.
    g. Emily 8, m. 1866, Cassius Clay Carter.
    h. John 8, m. Mary ____
    i. Benjamin 8, m. Kate Calloway.
    j. Lewis 8, drowned at age 26.


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