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Formed 1808 from Fairfield
Morrow formed 1848 from Knox, Marion, Delaware, Richland


1820 Knox Co. OH Census
Bloomfield Twp (semi-alphabetic)
Pg.96a  James Duncan         100100        - 20100

1830 Knox Co. OH Census (pg.257 from Deone Penquite 4/1986)
Liberty Twp.
Pg.249  Hiram Dunkam         1000,01       - 2000,1
Wayne Twp.
Pg.257  James Duncan         1210,01       - 0021,01
Pg.258  John Dunkam          1000,1        - 1000,11

1840 Knox Co. OH Census
Mor. Twp.
Pg.312  Alexander Duncan     0000,1        - 0000,1
Pg.397  John Dunkin          0500,01       - 2100,1

1850 Knox Co. OH Census
Pleasant Twp.
Pg.274, #840-880, Thornton FRY 34 OH laborer $0
                  Jane 30 OH
                  Richard 10, John 8, Ellen 3, Emily 1 OH
                  (MAD: Jane Duncan mar. Thornton Fry 2/10/1835 Richland Co. OH; could not find other grooms of Duncan brides in OH 1850 index; checked Easterday/Easterly; checked Morrow, Ashland, Knox Cos.)
Butler Twp.
Pg.393, #2386-2446, Alexander DUNCAN 50 PA farmer $0
                  Sally 45 PA
                  Samuel 20, Thomas 14 OH
                  Susan 16, Elizabeth 18 OH
                  Frances (f) 12, Sarah 10 OH
                  Allis (f) 7, Amanda 6 OH
                  Cloe (f) 4, John 3 OH
                  Jacob 2 OH
                  Jackson 15 OH farmer
                  (MAD: one Alexander Duncan and wife Sarah in Coshocton Co. OH 1835-1836 deeds; 1860 Olmstead Co. MN census)
Brown Twp.
Pg.428, #2842-2907, Samuel BOYLE 64 PA merchant $0
                  Mary 64 PA
                  John DUNCAN 13 OH

1860 Knox Co. OH Census
Mt. Vernon Ward 1
Pg.45, #136-125, James GEORGE 51 ENG farmer $15000-$2000
                  Amy 50 NJ
                  William 22 OH confectioner
                  John 21 OH baker
                  Mary 15, Thomas 12 OH
                  Mary BROWN 47 NY
                  Ellen DUNCAN 17 OH domestic
Wayne Twp.
Pg.300, #1106-1113, Jas. DUNCAN 54 PA farmer $6800-$1835
                  Mary 47 VA
                  Thos. 18, Geo. 16 PA
                  Jas. 14, Mary 9 PA
                  (MAD: 1850 Beaver Co. PA census pg.246)
Jefferson Twp.
Pg.352, #173-173, Wm. DUNCAN 31 MD shoemaker $500-$50
                  Mary Jane 23 OH
                  Wm. 4, Susan E. 1 OH
                  John SHISLER? (m) 29 OH domestic

1870 Knox Co. OH Census
Jefferson Twp.
Pg.322, #263-251, DUNCUN, William 40 MD shoe maker $600-$0
                  Emma 31 OH
                  Susan 11, Iva (f) 4 OH
Mt.Vernon, Ward 2
Pg.426, #126-126, DUNCAN, Samuel 63 PA R.R. laborer $0-$250
                  Elizabeth 66 VA keeps house
Mt.Vernon, Ward 3
Pg.434, #106-105, DUNCAN, James 24 PA law student $0-$100 (alone)
Wayne Twp.
Pg.524, #177-177, DUNCAN, James 64 PA farmer $5,000-$8490
                  Mary 56 VA keeping house
                  James 23 PA school teacher
                  Mary 18 PA at home


Knox Co. OH Deeds (FHL film 314,028 index 1808-1856)
      G-266: 17 Dec. 1827, Stephen D. Minton (no wife) to James Duncan, both Knox Co. OH, $30, 55 acres in 4th Quarter of T7 R14, US Military Tract, part of tract deeded to Minton by Job Stanbery 9 Feb. 1822. Wit. Josiah D. Minton, John Cramer. (FHL film 314,039)
      I-65: 10 Aug. 1830, Jacob Lepley and wife Susanah of Knox Co. OH to Alexander Duncan and Samuel Lepley of OH, $1000, 320 acres, part of 1st Sec. in T6 R10 of Military Land, adj. Joseph Lepley, William Dazling, Wm. Darling (sic). Wit. Job Lewis, Jane Lewis. (FHL film 314,040)
      L-174: 12 May 1800, John Mathews of Marietta, Territory of US North of River Ohio, to John Duncan of City of Philadelphia; Mathews received of Duncan land warrants for 1,000 acres to be classed by said Mathews with other warrants so as to make up enough to covet (sic) a quarter township for purpose of being registered and located according to act of 1796, for which registry and location Mathews was to receive one tenth part of land; patent was issued 12 May 1800 to John Mathews for 2nd quarter T7 R11, 3,185.9 acres; now for 100 acres retained as compensation, release and quit claim to Duncan 900 acres, being lot 1 in plat. Wit. Fred R. Beates, Philip T. Dunn. (FHL film 314,041)
      Q-579: 27 Feb. 1837, Alexander Duncan and wife Sarah (X) and Samuel Lepley and wife Margaret (/s/ Margary) to Philip Ealey, all Knox Co. OH, $1,600, 320 acres, part of 1st quarter T6 R10 adj. Joseph Lepley's, William Darling. Wit. R.C. Davis, John Morris, Peter Eley. (FHL film 314,044)
      V-87: 5 April 1839, Jacob Miller and wife Jane (X) of Knox Co. OH to Samuel Duncan of State of PA, $600, 64 rods off the N end of Sec. 10 T8 R10 of unappropriated lands, and also 64 rods wide off N end of NW 1/4 of SW 1/4 Sec. 6 T8 R9. Wit. Wm. Kirkpatrick, Andw. Black JP. (FHL film 314,047)
      X-358: 8 Oct. 1839, Freeman Phifer of Knox Co. OH to Samuel Duncan of Richland Co. OH, $150, Lot 6, 1st Quarter T7 R10. Wit. Joseph Hastings, David Shellenbarger. (FHL film 314,048)


Knox Co. OH Will (from Elinor Jackson 1/1991; MAD's extract)
      D-353/7: Probate court 24 Sept. 1860; copy of will of John Duncan late of Adams Co. PA, deceased, produced in probate court of Knox Co. OH; on motion of H.B. Curtis Esq.; John Duncan died owning real estate in Knox Co. OH.
            Will of John Duncan of Adams Co. PA, 16 July 1851, sick and weak in body; to sister in law Mary Duncan all real estate, houses etc. in village of Cashtown, Adams Co. PA, for live, also my horse and buggy; my two gold watches to my two nephews Augustus Duncan and Calvin Duncan, Calvin to have his choice; house and lot (boundaries given) in Borough of Chambersburg in Franklin Co. PA to my niece Mary White Duncan; my mill property and lands etc. on Falling Spring in Guilford Township in Franklin Co. PA to nephew Augustus Duncan, and personal property on those premises except a sideboard to my niece Martha Smith; farm partly in Guilford and partly in Quincy Townships, Franklin Co. PA, adj. lands of B. Ross, where Jacob Lightfoot now resides, to my nephew Calvin M. Duncan and my niece Martha Smith, and to them also my farm in Quincy Twp adj. above; my land in Knox Co. OH to my three nephews Augustus, Calvin M. and William Duncan; to friend William D. Moulder of City of Philadelphia, PA, $4,000; to Dr. John N. Duncan of Franklin Co. $500 and also $500 to each of his two sisters Mary Boker (?) and Sarah Duncan; to my cousin Elizabeth Lane of Franklin Co. PA $500; to Eliza Lane wife of Dr. Nicholas B. Lane of Borough of Chambersburg Franklin Co. $500 to be paid "him" ...; to Trustees of the United Lutheran and German Reformed Church near Cashtown in Adams Co. $100 for repairing the fence around the grave yard attached to the church. Regarding my Bank Stock in the Chambersburg and Philadelphia Banks, my PA State Stock and my US Stock, they to remain unsold and invested until my nephew William A. Duncan becomes 21, and the interest divided annually among my five nephews and nieces, the children of my brother Adam Duncan, deceased, share and share alike, and when William A. Duncan becomes 21, the stock is to be equally divided among the five nephews and nieces. My real estate or house in City of Baltimore, MD, to my five nephews and nieces, the children of my said deceased brother Adam; the house to remain unsold until my nephew William A. Duncan becomes 21, and the rents divided like the interest from the stock. To my nephew Calvin M. Duncan and my niece Martha Smith the boards and lumber on my farm in Quincy Twp, Franklin Co., which boards and lumber I have provided for the purpose of building a house on that farm. The residue to my five nephews and nieces, the children of my deceased brother Adam Duncan; after the death of my sister in law Mary Duncan, the revenues and remainder of my estate in the village of Cashtown to my said five nephews and nieces. Appoint my nephew Augustus Duncan, I.B. McPherson Esqr. of Gettysburg and James S. Ross of Chambersburg, Franklin Co. PA, executors. Wit. N.B. Lane, M.F. Robison. (MAD: John Duncan was in 1850 Franklin Co. PA census with Rhodes family, age 70; son of Seth Duncan whose will dated 1785 was probated 1794 in York Co. PA; Mary Duncan was in 1850 Adams Co. OH census, widow of Adam Seth Enos Duncan)


Licking Co. OH Deed (FHL film 476,842)
      UU/48-310: 9 Jan. 1843, James A. Duncan and wife Columbia M. and John S. Duncan and wife Floride C., to Michael D. Gitting, all of Harrison Co. VA; that Columbia M. and Floride C. Duncan are two of the heirs of the late John G. Jackson decd who are five in number, and as such are entitled to 1/5 the real estate of John G. Jackson in the state of OH; sell their interest to Michael A. Gitting for $2000, land part in Muskingum Co., part in Licking Co. and part in Knox. Reg. in Harrison Co. VA, then in Licking Co. OH

Coshocton Co. OH Deed (FHL film 895,716)
      22-413: 20 Oct. 1847, Daniel (X) Dunkin and wife Jane (X) of Knox Co. OH to Nelson Gleade of Coshocton Co. OH, $120, part of E 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec. 18, Twp 4, Range 7, 14 acres. Wit. J.L. and Allen L. McGreger. Rec. Coshocton Co. OH.

Death Certificate of Thadeus Duncan, Jefferson Co. IL (from Deone Penquite 2/2002)
      Thadeus Duncan, male, white, age 84y 11m 6d, born Knox Co. OH, lived in IL 72 years, farming, married, died 24 March 1910 at about 4 A.M., died Spring Garden Twp., burial Thurmond Cemet., March 25, 1910, died of old age. Filed for record 28 May 1910.
      (photo of tombstone: Thaddeus Duncan, 1826 - 1910; Elizabeth M., his wife, 1839 - 1917.)
      (Deone Penquite 2/1989: Thadeus Duncan, brother to James Duncan b. 1827 OH, son of James Duncan and Elizabeth Hather)

HISTORIES before 1923

"A history of Knox County, Ohio"; FHL title: "A history of Knox County, Ohio, from 1779 to 1862 inclusive : comprising biographical sketches, anecdotes and incidents of men connected with the county from its first settlement: together with complete lists of the senators, representatives, sheriffs and other officers of the county, also of those who have served in a military capacity from its organization to the present time; and also a sketch of Kenyon College, and other institutions of learning and religion within the county"; by A. Banning Norton; pub. Columbus Ohio: R. Nevins, printer, 1862, 427 pgs. (LH6222, HeritageQuest images 5/2007; FHL film 1,000,322 item 1)
      Pg.286: Chester Township, the oldest of the three, was laid off by order of the Commissioners at their session April 10th, 1812. The first election was held at the house of Wm. Johnson, on the 25th of that month. The Judges of election this year were Joseph Duncan, Henry George, Evan Holt; ...

"History of Morrow County and Ohio : containing a brief history of the state of Ohio from its earliest settlement to the present time, embracing its topography, geological, physical and climatic features, its agricultural, stock-growing, railroad interests, etc. : a history of Morrow County, giving an account of its aboriginal inhabitants, early settlement by the whites, pioneer incidents, its growth, its improvements, organization of the county, its judicial and political history, its business and industries, churches, schools, etc. : biographical sketches, portraits of some of the early settlers and prominent men, etc., etc." (anonymous); pub. Chicago: O.L. Baskin, 1880, 813 pgs. (LH9707, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL book 977.1516 H2h and film 824,492 item 1 and 1,000,334 item 3)
      Pg.608-609: NOAH MELICK, farmer; P.O. Sparta; Mr. Melick was born May 12, 1831, in Knox Co. His father, Jonas, was born about 1788, in Green Co., PA, and emigrated to Knox Co. early, and there married Nancy Rose, by whom he had Aaron, Drusilla, Greenbury, Eleanor and Caroline. His wife died, and he again married; this time to Sallie Duncan; by her he had Emeline, John, Noah, Harrison and Mary J. His last wife died about 1836 or 1837. The father married a third time, and had Jefferson, Madison, James and Rebecca, and two died unnamed. The third wife died, and he married for the fourth time. Aug. 22, 1871, the father expired. He was a member of the Disciples' church; he was a Whit, Republican and captain of militia. Mr. Noah Melick ... was married Aug. 22, 1853, to Margaret, daughter of John and Naomi (Creg) Bricker. ...

"History of the Western Reserve" by Harriet Taylor Upton; pub. Chicago: Lewis Pub. Co., 1910, 2184 pgs. (LH7269, HeritageQuest images 5/2007; FHL book 977.13 H2u v.1-3 and films 934,867 item 2 and 934,868 items 1-2)
      Pg.1782-1783: PHILIP S. COWELL - an early settler of Erie county, the late Philip S. Cowell, of Margaretta township, ... son of Christopher and Rachel (Colbaugh) Cowell, natives of Pennsylvania, he was born in 1800 in Bradford county, PA, ... came in 1818 to Erie county, Ohio, locating at Castalia, while it was yet known as Margaretta township ... died April 3, 1869. In 1826 Philip S. Cowell married Mrs. Anna M. (Duncan) Snow, who was born in Burlington, Vermont, in 1796, and died February 12, 1890. Left an orphan in childhood, she came when quite young with an uncle to Bloomfield, Ohio, and was there during the exciting time of the terrible Indian massacre, when Mrs. Snow and her child were killed ... She subsequently married Erastus Snow, who died a few years later, leaving her with one child. Of her union with Mr. Cowell eight children were born, six sons and two daughters, of whom both daughters and the youngest child, Alvin T. Cowell, are now living. ... In December, 1871, Alvin T. Cowell married Catherine Cooper ... (MAD: Burlington, Chittenden Co. VT; Bloomfield, Knox Co. OH)


Some early Duncans in Knox Co. OH:
      James Duncan, 25 Jan. 1813-1814, mar. Elizabeth Hather; Elizabeth Dunkin, formerly Hatcher, disowned at Short Creek MM [Mt. Pleasant, Jefferson Co. OH] on 22 Nov. 1814, married contrary to discipline. (pg.197, Vol.IV, Ohio, "Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy" by William Wade Hinshaw, FHL book 973 D2he, from Louis Boone 1/1993) (DP: 1840 Washington Co. IL census, 1850 Perry Co. IL census, died 1866 Washington Co. IL)
      James Dunkin, 1825, on tax list twice ("Index of the OH 1825 Tax Duplicate" by Gerald M. Petty, 1981, FHL book 977.1 R42p, from Deone Penquite 10/1991)
      Matthew Dunkin, 1825, on tax list ("Index of the OH 1825 Tax Duplicate" by Gerald M. Petty, 1981, FHL book 977.1 R42p, from Deone Penquite 10/1991)
      Alexander Dunkin, 5 June 1828, mar. Sally Leply
      Daniel Duncan, 7 May 1842, mar. Jane Hill
      Nancy Duncan, 20 Oct. 1848, mar. George Miller
      Elisabeth R. Duncan, 10 March 1852, mar. E.B. Hillis
      John Duncan, 1801, had US Military Land holdings in Washington Co., Territory Northwest of the River Ohio, 900 acres in Range 11, Twp.7 Qr.3, patented to John Mathews, conveyed by him to Duncan. (pg.105-109, Vol.16#2, "Tallow Light" by Washington Co. OH Historical Society (from Deone Penquite 2/1988) (DP: land in Knox Co. OH)


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