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Formed 1815 from Portage, Cuyahoga
Sandusky, Seneca formed 1820 from Huron
Lorain formed 1822 from Huron, Cuyahoga, Medina
Erie formed 1838 from Huron, Sandusky
Ashland formed 1846 from Wayne, Richland, Huron, Lorain


1820-1830 Huron Co. OH Census
      No Duncan indexed

1840 Huron Co. OH Census
Ridgefield Twp.
Pg.410  I. Duncan      0000,1  -  0000,1
            (MAD: probably J. Duncan)

1850 Huron Co. OH Census
Ridgefield Twp (handwritten page numbers)
Pg.41, #??, Joseph Dunkin 40 ENG shoemaker $1000
                  Elizabeth 39 ENG

1860 Huron Co. OH Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Huron Co. OH Census
Pg.531, #79-83, SKINNER, Harriet 56 NY dress maker $0-$0
                  H. Maria 28 OH dress maker
                  Emiline 26 OH dress maker
                  DUNCAN, Clara E. 3 OH


Huron Co. OH Deed Indexes
   Grantee index (old series), v.1, 1809-1850; DU-pg.212-215-217 (FHL film 396,139)
      17-474: Dunkin, Elizabeth, 1/4 acre Ridgefield
      14-208: Duncan, Geo. W., Ruggles
      14-313: Duncan, Wm., 23 acres 1 Lyuie?
      16-751: Dunkin, Jos., Ridgefield
      23-249: Duncan, Joseph, Ridgefield
   Grantee index, v.2, 1850-1875. (FHL film 396,140)
      3-244: 1852, Dunkin, Elizabeth, 12 acres Norwalk
   Grantor index (old series), v.1, 1807-1850; Du-pg.215 (FHL film 396,142)
      14-314: Duncan, Lydia & Wm., 16a Lyrue?
      16-9: Duncan, Geo. W. & Martha, mtg., Ruggles
      16-207: Duncan, Geo. W. & Martha, deed, Ruggles
   Grantor index, v. 2, 1850-1875. (FHL film 396,143)
      4-472: 1852, Duncan, Mercy, 3 Norwalk 62
      4-614: 1852, Duncan, Joseph & Elizabeth, TN & CRR
      6-353: 1855, Duncan, Joseph & Elizabeth, 12 acres, 2 Norwalk
      9-208: 1855, Dunkin, Joseph & Elizabeth, 1/4 acre 4 Ridge 4
      9-209: 1855, Dunkin, Joseph & Elizabeth, 1/2 acre 4 Ridge 4
      23-295: 1870, Dunkin, Mercy, lot 78

Huron Co. OH Deeds (SLC 9/12/2012)
   Old Series, 1807-1850
   Deed records (old series) v.13-14, 1837-1838 (FHL film 396,151)
      14-208: 3 Nov. 1837, Standley Weston and Lydia T. his wife of Huron Co. OH to George W. Duncan of afsd, for $175 paid, sell part Lots 6 & 7 of the Davenport tract in second section Twp. of Ruggles, Huron Co. OH, beginning at NE corner of the tract of land conveyed to Standley Weston by John A. Davenport, ... containing 50 acres by survey of Merritt? Brown, more or less, warrant title. /s/ Standley Weston, Lydia T. Weston. Wit. A. Carver, Samuel Dunnington. They appeared 4 Nov. 1837 before Aldrich Carver, J.P. Recorded 2 March 1838. (FHL film 396,151)
      14-313/314: 17 Sept. 1828, Pickett Latimer of Norwalk for $75 paid by Wm. Duncan of Lyme, sell premises in Sec.1, Twp.4, Range 24 in Huron Co. OH, begin. at NE corner of tract of land I bought of Peter & Rebecca Christopher, ... being Lot No.1 in Christophers land as surveyed by Benjamin Carman, containing 23 acres 3/4 & 15 rods, more or less, warrant title. Louisa Jane Latimer, wife of said Pickett, for $1, quit claim her right of dower. /s/ Pickett Latimer, Louisa J. Latimer. Wit. Hannah V?.D. Cook, Samuel Preston. They appeared 17 Sept. 1828 before Samuel Preston, J.P. Recorded April 16, 1838. (FHL film 396,151)
      14-314/315: 29 Jan. 1829, William Duncan of Lyme Twp. for $100 paid by Isaac Sutton of Lyme Twp, sell parcel of land in Sec.1 Twp.4 Range 24 in Huron Co. OH, beginning at NE corner of tract purchased of Pickett Latimer, ... road leading from Monroeville west by Hector Lees, then along the middle of the road until it comes to the east line of the Christopher tract, ... containing 16 acres more or less, warrant title. Release by Lydia Duncan, wife of said Duncan, for $1, quit claim her dower interest. /s/ Wm. Duncan, Lydia Duncan. Wit. Levi Sutton, Isaac W. Sutton. They appeared 29 Jan. 1829 before Levi Sutton, J.P. Recorded April 16, 1838. (FHL film 396,151)
   Deed records (old series) v.16, 1840-1842 (FHL film 396,153)
      16-9/10: Mortgage Deed. 11 Dec. 1839, George W. Duncan and Martha Duncan of Ruggles, Huron Co. OH, for $525 received of John L?. Lang of Richland Co. OH, sell land in second Section of Ruggles Twp, Huron Co. OH, the E 1/2 Lot No.2 said to be east of a certain road running north and south, containing 51 and 29/100 acres, more or less; and covenant with said J.L. Lang, and Sarah G. Lang wife of above John L. Lang for $1 quit claim unto the grantee her right by way of dower; that George W. Duncan has executed to said J.L. Lang 4 promisory notes signed by himself and John M. Connel?? dated Nov. 4, 1839, payable $100 on Oct. 1, 1840, $100 on 1 Oct. 1841, $100 on 1 Oct. 1842, and $77 on 1 Oct. 1843, all with interest annually. If said G.W. Duncan shall pay the sums of money to said Lang when due, these presents to be void, otherwise in full force. /s/ George W. Duncan, Martha Duncan. Wit. Jacob Ronback, S.S. Knowlton. They appeared 11 Dec. 1839 before Jacob Ronback?, J.P. Recorded 27 Feb. 1840. (FHL film 396,153)
      16-207: 29 June 1839, George W. Duncan of Ruggles Twp, Huron Co. OH, for $400 paid by Nancy Johnson of afsd, land in second section of Ruggles Twp., Huron Co. OH, containing 50 acres, being part of Lots 6 & 7 of Davenport tract, bounded on the West by the North & South road, and on North by William Sam's land, being the land conveyed by Stanley Weston to George W. Duncan, warrant title, and Martha Duncan, wife, release her dower. /s/ George W. Duncan, Martha (X) Duncan. Wit. D.W. Brown, Thomas Grinold?. They appeared 29 June 1829 before Thos. Grinold?? J.P. Recorded 23 Oct. 1842. (FHL film 396,153)
      16-751: 8 Jan. 1842, George Hollister of Ridgefield Twp, Huron Co. OH, for $100 paid, sell to Joseph Dunkin land in 4th section, Ridgefield Twp, being Lot No.4, beginning at SW corner of F.P?. Hillikers Lot, ... containing 1/4 acre, bounded on west by the State Road leading from Monroeville to New Haven, on south by land of Geo. Hollister, on east by an alley, on north by F. Hilliker's lot, warrant title. Release by Carmelia Hollister of dower right. /s/ Geo. Hollister, Carmelia Hollister. Wit. Edward Baker, Jas. G. Hardy. They appeared 8 Jan. 1842 before Edward Baker, J.P. Recorded June 16, 1842. (FHL film 396,153)
   Deed records (old series) v.17-18, 1842-1845; pg.45-46 missing in v.17) (FHL film 396,154)
      17-474/475: 18 Feb. 1843, John Hollister and wife Sarah G. Hollister for $100 paid, sell to Elizabeth Dunkin land in fourth section of Ridgefield Twp, Huron Co. OH, being part of Lot No.4, beginning at SW corner of F.P?. Hillikers lot, then ..., containing 1/4 acre, bounded West by the State Road to New Haven, on S. by land owned by said Hollister, on East by an Alley, on North by F.P. Hillikers lot, warrant title. /s/ John Hollister, Sarah G. Hollister. Wit. David Ladd, J.S. Roby. They appeared 20 Feb. 1843 before David Ladd, Associate Judge of said county, Sarah G. Hollister released her dower. Recorded 27 June 1843. (FHL film 396,154)
   Deed records (old series) v.23, 1849-1850 (FHL film 196,157)
      23-249/250: 16 Nov. 1849, James W. Humphrey and M.B. Humphrey of Monroeville, Huron Co. OH, his wife, for $80 paid, sell to Joseph Duncan of same place a tract of land in 4th Section of Ridgefield Twp, Huron Co. OH, being part of Lot No.4 beginning at NW corner of lot belonging to Joseph Duncan, then south on the East side of the State road ... containing 1/2 acre, warrant title. Release by Melissa B. Humphrey of dower interest. /s/ James W. Humphrey, Melissa B. Humphrey. Wit. C. Vandien?, James Green. They appeared 16 Nov. 1849 before James Green, J.P. Recorded 27 Nov. 1849. (FHL film 196,157)
   New Series
   Deed records, v.2-3, 1851-1853 (FHL film 396,159)
      3-244/245: 20 Sept. 1852, Benjamin Stanton of Huron Co. OH for $400 paid by Elizabeth Dunkin of same place, sell premises in Huron Co. OH, Norwalk Twp, beg. at SE corner of land owned by George N. Knapper in the center of the road leading from the Cleveland Road to Milan, then along the NE line of said Knappers land to North line of lands owned by Anthony Hyble?, then Jas. Howarths east line, then north along said Howarths east line to land owned by the heirs of Hough, then to the center of said highway, then to the beginning, containing 12 acres more or less, being the lands bought of R.S. Benedict and Safrony Terril, warrant title. Louisa Stanton released her right of dower. /s/ Benjamin Stanton, Louisa F. Stanton. Wit. M.R. Brailey, James Howarth. They appeared 20 Sept. 1852 before M.R. Brailey, J.P. Recorded March 28, 1853. (FHL film 396,159)
   Deed records, v.4-5, 1853-1855 (FHL film 396,160)
      4-472: 5 Jan. 1853, Mercy Duncan, Angeline Timmins & Betsey M. Oliver for $10 paid, quit claim to Betsey F. Keeler of Norwalk, OH, our interest at law and in equity as well as possession or expectancy of a parcel of land in third Section of Norwalk, Huron Co. OH, being part of Lot No.62, bounded North by R & G Lockwoods land, west by lands of E. Andrews, South by lands of Philo Comstock, and east by the old state road, with appurtenances. /s/ Betsey M. Oliver, Mercy Dunkin, Angeline Timmins. Wit. J.W. Newlin, Albert Perkins. Betsey M. Oliver signed in presence of M.R. Bailey, Aaron Keeler. Mercy Dunkin and Angeline Timmins, two of the signers, appeared 5 Jan. 1853 before Joseph W. Newlin, J.P., Fountain Co. IN. Betsey M. Oliver appeared 15 Jan. 1853 before M.R. Brailey, J.P. of Huron Co. OH. Recorded March 27, 1854. (FHL film 396,160)
      4-614/615: 7 June 1852, Joseph Dunkin and Elizabeth Dunkin of Ridgefield, Huron Co. OH, for $25 paid, sell to Toledo, Norwalk & Cleveland Rail Road Company, land lying within 32 feet of the center line of the Rail Road afsd, being part of land deeded by James W. Humphrey & wife to said Dunkin, in fourth section of Ridgefield Twp., Huron Co. OH, being part of Lot No.4, beginning at NW corner of a lot belonging to Elizabeth Dunkin, then south on east side of the State Road, then ..., containing 1/2 acre, warrant title, and agree to keep up a good fence on the exterior line of the roadway of the Rail Road ... to be constructed by 1 Aug. 1852. /s/ Joseph (X) Dunkin, Elizabeth (X) Dunkin. Wit. J.L. Burwell, Joseph Delfouer?. They appeared 7 June 1852 before J.L. Burwell, J.P. Recorded May 25, 1854. (FHL film 396,160)
   Deed records, v.6-7, 1855 (FHL film 396,161)
      6-353: 16 April 1855, Joseph Duncan and wife Elizabeth Duncan of Huron Co. OH for $500 paid, sell to James Howarth a tract of land in the Second Section of Norwalk, beginning at SE corner of land owned by George J?. Knapper, in the center of the road from the Cleveland road to Ritan??, then ... north line of land owned by Anthony Ryke?, then ... Howarth's east line, ... land owned by heirs of Hugh Sreiner?? to the center of said highway, containing 12 acres of land more or less, warrant title, Elizabeth Duncan released dower. /s/ Joseph Duncan, Elizabeth Duncan. Wit. M?. R. Bailey?, M?. Kelble. They appeared 16 April 1855 before M. Kelble, Notary Public of Huron Co. OH. Recorded Nov. 5, 1855. (FHL film 396,161)
   Deed records, v.8-9, 1856 (FHL film 396,162)
      9-208/209: 12 April 1855, Elizabeth Dunkin and Joseph Dunkin of Huron Co. OH for $850 paid by Senica Andrews of Henrietta, Lorain Co. OH, sell land in 4th section of Ridgefield Twp, Huron Co. OH, being part of Lot No.4 beginning at SW corner of F.P. Hilliker's lot formerly but now owned by Mrs. A.B. Allen, ..., containing 1/4 acre, being the same deeded by John & Sarah Iby? Hollister to Elizabeth Dunkin and recorded in Huron Co. OH Vol.17 pg.474, warrant title. /s/ Joseph (X) Dunkin, Elizabeth (X) Dunkin. Wit. Frank Pickard, Alva Adsit?. They appeared 13 April 1855 before Alva Adsit, J.P. Recorded Jany. 5, 1858. (FHL film 396,162)
      9-209/210: 13 April 1855, Joseph Dunkin of Ridgefield Twp, Huron Co. OH, for $150 paid by Senica Andrews of Henrietta, Lorain Co. OH, sell tract of land in fourth section of Ridgefield Twp, Huron Co. OH, being part of Lot No.4 beginning at SW corner of a lot deeded by John & Sarah by Hollister to Elizabeth Dunkin on 20 Feb. 1843 and then southly on east side of the state road ... containing 1/4 acre excxept so much as is occupied by the Cleveland & Toledo Rail Road, warrant title. Elizabeth Dunkin, wife, releases her dower right. /s/ Joseph (X) Dunkin, Elizabeth (X) Dunkin. Wit. Frank Pickard, Alva Adsit. They appeared 13 April 1855 before Alva Adsit, J.P., Huron Co. Recorded Jan. 6, 1858. (FHL film 396,162)
   Deed records, v.22-23, 1867 (FHL film 396,169)
      23-295/296: 5 March 1870, Watson Ludlow with Angeline Ludlow his wife and Betsey M. Oliver and Mercy Dunkin and John R. Keeler for $1 received from Lucinda Margarette Keeler, quit claim to said Lucinda Margaret Keeler our interest to lands in village of Norwalk, Huron Co. OH, in fourth section of Norwalk Twp, being part of Lot 78, beginning at north corner of land formerly belonging to Riol? Streeter?, ... known as Lot No.272, with appurtenances. /s/ John R. Keeler, Mercy Dunkin, Betsey M. Oliver, Watson Ludlow, Angeline Ludlow. Wit. Salom C. Earl, Samuel J. Ludlow. 4 March 1870, John R. Keeler and Mercy Dunkin and Betsey M. Oliver appeared before Elijah Earl, J.P., Fountain Co. IN. Certification 7 March 1870 by W.D. Kerr, Clerk of Fountain Circuit Court, for Elijah Earl. Whatson Ludlow and wife Angeline Ludlow appeared 5 March 1870 before George S. Zuck?, J.P. Fountain Co. IN. Certification by W.D. Kerr, Clerk of Fountain Circuit Court, for George S. Zuck. Recorded 28 March 1870. (FHL film 396,169; Whatson and Watson as spelled)

HISTORIES before 1923

1879 "History of Columbiana County, Ohio : with illustrations and biographical sketches of some of its prominent men and pioneers." by Horace Mack, pub. Philadelphia: D.W. Ensign & Co. (HeritageQuest image 2/2007, Local History Reel/Fiche Number 6229; FHL book 977.163 H2h & film 934,886 item 2 & film 1,321,457 item 1)
      Pg.147: Township of Fairfield, The Bar: George G. Duncan came to Columbiana in 1865; was admitted to the bar in 1866, and commenced practice early in 1867. He remained until 1874, when he moved to Monroeville, Huron Co., Ohio.

1880 "History of Kalamazoo County, Michigan : with illustrations and biographical sketches of its prominent men and pioneers." by Samuel W. Durant, pub. Philadelphia: Everts & Abbott (pg.452 from Louis Boone 3/1985; HeritageQuest image 2/2007, Local History Reel/Fiche Number 4959; FHL book 977.417 H2d and film 908,703 item 2)
      Pg.444-445, Township of Prairie Ronde: Delamore Duncan, a native of New Hampshire, visited Michigan in 1825, and stopped from six to nine months at Dexter, Washtenaw Co. He then returned East as far as probably Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, where he stayed about a year, and then went to Vermont, remaining some two years. In March, 1829, he came to Prairie Ronde and making a claim, returned to Huron Co., Ohio, and "took unto himself a wife," and in October of that year came back to Michigan, with his father, leaving his wife behind. The family of his father accompanied them. A log house was built on the bank of Rocky Creek, about one hundred yards west of the present residence of Charles C. Duncan : the place occupied by the latter is the old Delamore Duncan homestead, and is now the property of his widow. William Duncan had made his claim in April, 1829, the next month after his son's choice was made, and, remaining upon it through the summer, returned for his family and brought them back in October as stated. Delamore Duncan's wife followed in January, 1830, in company with her father, Joel Clark, who drove through with a horse-team. The Duncans came with an ox-team, driving their stock and camping out by night. When they arrived, Col. Fellows had his house up and partly finished, and they stayed with him until they had built for themselves. William Duncan, whose farm was situated next north of his son's, went at an early day to Iowa and built and operated a saw-mill and a grist-mill near Des Moines. He finally returned to Michigan, and continued to reside here until his death, which occurred about 1850. In the spring of 1836 he had, in company with his son, built a saw-mill on the latter's place, which is yet standing, though greatly improved and extensively repaired. They had previously built a saw-mill on the Paw Paw at Watervliet, in the edge of Berrien County. Delamore Duncan and Timothy Fellows were afterwards interested in another saw-mill, north of one previously mentioned in Prairie Ronde. Delamore Duncan held numerous offices in the township, and was the first sheriff of Kalamazoo County. His widow remarks that "her house was the first jail in the county and she was the jailer," that being on the occasion of the first justice court, held in October, 1831. Mr. Duncan died April 30, 1870, aged sixty-five years. His father, William Duncan, was a Territorial justice of the peace, and held court as far away as Gull Prairie. He was also the first clerk for the county of Kalamazoo, his commission being dated Aug. 17, 1830, and signed by "Lew. Cass," Governor.
            The following is some of the evidence presented at a suit before William Duncan, Esq., the parties to the suit being George Brown and John C. Carpenter: "Territory of Michigan, Kalamazoo County, SS. The evidence given on oath and in the presence of George Brown by the several witnesses before William Duncan, Justice of the Peace, ... 4 May 1832, ... (MAD: more not copied here)
            It has been previously stated that when Mrs. Delamore Duncan came to Prairie Ronde, in January, 1830, her father, Joel Clark, accompanied her. The farm of Mr. Clark was located on section 2. His son, Justin Clark, had preceded him to the township in August, 1829, and was living with the Duncans at the time of his father's arrival. Mr. Clark and the son named are now both deceased; two other sons, Edwin and Philo D., are residents of the town. (MAD: footnote on the Clark family, not copied here)
            In the spring of 1830, Delamore Duncan built on his place a frame barn, and, notwithstanding the expressed fears of many that the "raising" could not be accomplished without the aid of liquor, which was the plan contemplated, the work was successfully carried to completion, and not a drop of liquor was used. This barn was the first frame structure erected in the township of Prairie Ronde or the county of Kalamazoo. The timbers for the frame ... The barn built by Mr. Duncan is yet standing. ...
      Pg.452: William Duncan. The Duncan family, as the name indicates, was originally from Scotland, but some of its members settled in the north of Ireland, and from them are descended the Duncans of Kalamazoo Co. George Duncan, the father of William, emigrated from Londonderry, Ireland, to America in 1742, when his son William was twelve years of age, and settled in Londonderry [Rockingham Co.], NH, which place has been named in honor of the famous old Irish city.
      A second son, John Duncan, was born in Londonderry, NH, on 29 March 1752. John married Margaret Dickey, Feb. 5, 1778, and to them was born, at Acworth [Cheshire Co.], NH, on 14 Oct. 1778, William Duncan, the subject of this memoir.
      William remained with his father until he was 26 years of age, when he married Ruth Coffran Gilmore, in Feb. 1805. To this couple were born the following children: Delamore, Nov. 24, 1805; John Gilmore, July 14, 1807; Corina Jane, April 5, 1811; Eliza Ann, Oct. 19, 1814; William Jr., June 3, 1818.
      In 1805 the family removed from Acworth to Lyman, NH, where Mr. Duncan became a prominent citizen. He was a justice of the peace for several years, and on 20 July 1810 was commissioned captain in the 10th company of the 32d Regiment, State militia, by Governor John Langdon. He soon after removed to Monroe, in the same State, where he ... until 1821, when the death of his wife broke up the family. In 1822, leaving his children with his father and brothers, he went into the lumbering business on the CT River, until 1824, when he removed to Syracuse, NY ... in April, 1825, in company with his son Delamore, who had joined him, he started for the Territory of Michigan ... to Dexter, in Washtenaw Co., on 3 May, ... until 3 Sept. following, when his son went to Brecksville, Cuyahoga Co. OH. In May, 1826, Mr. Duncan also proceeded to Brecksville ... In March, 1827, he went to Lyme, Huron Co. OH, where he purchased a farm ... On 1 Jan. 1828 he married Mrs. Lydia Wood, a widow, and on 1 April 1829 sold his farm and proceeded once more to Michigan. ... returned to OH; 5 Oct. 1829 left OH with his family, consisting of wife, two sons Delamore and William, daughter Eliza Ann, and stepdau. Lydia Wood, and returned to Prairie Ronde. .... In April, 1830, in Brady Twp, then part of St. Joseph Co., included present county of Kalamazoo, William Duncan ...
            Pg.452-453: Mr. Duncan's name appears on the record but a short time; as it is believed that when the county-seat was located by the commissioners at Bronson (now Kalamazoo), in February, 1831, he declined to further serve. He, however, continued to serve as a justice of the peace, holding court in his log cabin.
            In April, 1830, he and his son Delamore erected the first frame building in the county. It was a granary, and in dimensions 20 by 24 feet. In this building were held, during 1830, several justice courts.
            On the 3d of September, 1833, occurred the death of his second wife. After this sad event he moved in with his son Delamore's family, where he remained until the spring of 1835 ... Mr. Duncan's health becoming seriously impaired, he determined upon a change, and selling his property, in March, 1837, he removed to Des Moines, Iowa, where he built a grist-mill on the Des Moines River, across which he constructed a stone dam. On the 30th of November, 1837, he married a third wife, Miss Sarah Jones. He continued the milling business until the autumn of 1844, when he exchanged his Iowa property for lands in Cass Co., Mich., upon which he removed and improved a fine farm. Politically he was originally a Whig, but upon the formation of the Free-Soil party became one of its active members. ... His death occurred on the 19th day of November, 1852.
      Pg.453-454: DELAMORE DUNCAN. This gentleman was the eldest son of the preceding, and born Nov. 24, 1805, at Lyman [Grafton Co.], N.H. At Monroe, to which place his father removed in 1810, he attended the common school, of which his father was teacher, until 1815. After his father's purchase of the wool-carding and cloth-dressing mill, he worked in the mill during the summer and attended school in the winter months. His mother died when he was sixteen years of age, and in the following year, his father giving up housekeeping, he went to live with his grandfather at Acworth [Sullivan Co. NH], where he worked on the farm and acted as secretary to his grandfather.
            In April, 1825, with his effects in a knapsack strapped upon his back, he took his way over the Green Mountains through the snow on foot, ... but ... took passage in the stage-coach, and soon after joined his father in Syracuse [Onondaga Co.], N.Y., whither he had preceded his son. From thence he accompanied his parent to Michigan, and as stated in the preceding biography, assisted him in building a mill-dam at Dexter, Washtenaw Co. On the 3d of September, 1825, he left his father at Dexter and proceeded to Brecksville, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, where he engaged in cutting stone for locks on the Ohio canal. Here he remained until the autumn of 1826, when, his health failing, he returned to his grandfather's in New Hampshire, where he continued until the spring of 1827, at which time he removed to McIndoes Falls, Caledonia Co., Vt., and engaged in lumbering until the fall of 1828, when, in company with his brother William and sister Eliza Ann, he journeyed to Lyme, Huron Co. OH, to which place his father had removed and purchased a farm.
            At that place he taught school until Feb. 1829, when, in company with Elisha Doane, he once more started for Michigan, ... in March they reached Prairie Ronde, where Mr. Duncan selected his land and chose the site of his future home. Leving his stock with a Mr. Wilmarth, he returned to Ohio, reaching Lyme on the 1st of April. From there he shortly after went to Dayton ... until August, when he returned to Lyme, where, on the 8th of September, 1829, he married Miss Parmela Clark. This union ... happy one ... She united with the Baptist Church in early life and has ever since been an earnest and consistent Christian and faithful member. Mrs. Duncan was born in the town of Johnson, Lamoille Co., VT, August 18, 1811.
            To this union were born nine children, as follows: Cordelia Ann, William Gilmore, Granville Joel, Jane Coffran, Delamore, Jr., Delia Parmela, Edwin Freeman, Charles Clark, and Helen Marian, of whom four are living, to wit: Delamore, Jr., Edwin F., Charles C., and Helen Marian. The others died in childhood. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan, in addition to their own, have had the care of no less than sixteen other children, whom they have sent into the world useful men and women.
            On the 5th of October, 1829, Mr. Duncan, in company with his father, again set out for Michigan. ... his wife remaining with her father, who was to follow in January, 1830. ... They finally arrived on Prairie Ronde on the 20th of October, and moved in with Col. Fellows until they could prepare their own house for occupation. ... At an election ... on the 17th day of May, 1830, he was nominated the first sheriff of Kalamazoo County, his commission dating from Oct. 1, 1830. ... In Feb. 1832, he sold his farm, on the west side of Prairie Ronde, to John Knight, and removed to Gourd-Neck Prairie, where he purchased a farm and built a plank. Knight failing to fulfill the contract, the farm fell into his hands again, and he sold the one on Gourd-Neck Prairie to Asa Briggs and removed to his old homestead in July, 1832. ... In December, 1839, in company with his brother-in-law, Justin Clark, he made a prospecting tour of the State, ... In politics a Whig, subsequently a Free-Soiler, and upon the formation of the Republican party became a member of that organization. ... until his death, May 1, 1870.

1877 "Sketches of prominent citizens of 1876 : with a few of the pioneers of the city and county who have passed away; a sequel to 'Early reminiscences of Indianapolis' [Marion Co. IN] 1820-'76..." by John H.B. Nowland (FHL film 934,913 item 2)
      Pg.82-3: Robert B. Duncan ... born in Ontario Co. NY on 15 June 1810. In 1817 with his father's family, he removed to the then village, now city, of Sandusky [Huron, then Sandusky now Erie Co.], OH ... until the spring of 1820. Then to New Purchase in Indiana, settled on Conner Farm, 4 miles south of site where Noblesville stands. Shortly after organization of Marion Co. in 1822, which then embraced Madison & Hamilton, the family removed to Pike Twp in Marion Co. proper, and settled on Eagle creek where Robert remained until 1827 when he became permanent citizen of Indianapolis. Soon after, he entered the office of county clerk as deputy to James M. Ray; remained until 1834 when Mr. Ray retired, then elected in his place; occupied clerk's office by successive elections until 1850; age 40 began to practice law, now in connection with his son John S. Duncan Esq. In December 1843 he married Miss Mary E., daughter of Dr. John H. Sanders of this city, by whom he has several children; among them John S. Duncan. Mrs. Duncan yet lives to preside over the Duncan household.


DUNCAN Family material in the Ross Coller Collection, Archives and Regional History Collections, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI 49008 (photocopy of handwritten index cards, from Sue Husband, Curator, Regional History Collections, 10/1999; permission by Sharon Carlson, Director, to post on MAD's website)
      SH: Coller was an area historian and newspaper journalist whose reference card information spans over 110 years of Kalamazoo County History.
      DELAMORE DUNCAN, Sr. (typewritten). First sheriff of Kalamazoo County. Nov. 24, 1804, Born Lyman, N.H., son of William and Ruth Gilmore Duncan. Went to Dexter, Mich., with his father in April, 1825, and built mill dam. Then to Ohio where father bought a farm in Huron Co. Feb. 1829, to Kalamazoo county, preceding his father here by about two months. Carried corn in wagons and had drove of hogs. Selected site of home in Prairie Ronde township. Sept. 8, 1829, wed at Lyme, Huron Co. Ohio, to Miss Parmelia Clark, who was born Aug. 18, 1811 at Johnstown, Vt. and who died Dec. 8, 1891 on Prairie Ronde. Their children: 1. Cordelia Ann, b. May 17, 1830; d. Feb. 9, 1839. 2. Wm. Gilmore, b. Sep. 1, 1833; d. July 23, 1849. 3. Granvil Joel, b. Jan 7, 1836; d. 4 yrs. 4 mo. 4. Delamore Jr., b. Mar. 10, 1839. 5. Delia Parmelia, b. May 11, 1841; d. 3 yrs. 6. Edwin Freeman, b. Apr. 12, 1843; d. May 12, 1886 at Campbell, Calif. 7. Chas. Clark, b. Jul. 29, 1845; 8. Helen Marian, b. Jan. 17, 1847. May 17, 1830, appointed as first sheriff of county. His house served as the jail for a time and on one occasion his wife guarded prisoners all night with a gun across her lap. Supervisor 9 years; justice. To Legislature 1858-9. Financially interested in firm of A.H. Scott & Co. Schoolcraft, 1855-65. To state constitutional convention 1867. Whig, Free-Soiler and Republican. Was at Jackson in 1854.
      WILLIAM DUNCAN (typewritten). First clerk of Kalamazoo County. Oct. 14, 1778, born Acworth, N.H. Later moved to Lyman, N.H. July 20, 1810, commissioned captain, 32nd Reg. of state militia. After military service, moved to Monroe, N.H. and worked at woolcarding and cloth dressing until 1821. In 1822 entered lumbering at Syracuse, N.Y. Apr. 1825, with son Delamore Duncan, came west to Dexter, Mich. arriving May 3, 1825. The two built a mill dam at Dexter for John Dix, finishing the work Sept. 3. Mar. 1827, Wm. Duncan bought a farm in Huron County, Ohio, where he raised hops. Apr. 1, 1829, family started for Michigan and located in southeast corner of Prairie Ronde township. Aug. 17, 1830, Wm. Duncan received commission as first County Clerk of Kalamazoo. This was the first Commission of any kind given in the County. Apr. 1831, Granary built on Duncan place, 3 1/2 miles west of Schoolcraft, is said to have been the first frame building in the county. Several justice court sessions were held in the building. Also built dam and sawmill on creek on property. William Duncan moved to Iowa, but in 1844 exchanged his property there for land in Cass County. Nov. 19, 1852, died at 71 on Prairie Ronde. Was a Whig and Free Soiler. Feb. 28, 1805, Wm. Duncan married Ruth Coffran Gilmore at Acworth, N.H. She was born June 28, 1783 at Windham. Died at 37, Dec. 21, 1821 at Lyman, N.H. Children: 1. Delamore, born Nov. 24, 1805. 2. John Gilmore, born July 14, 1807. Died Apr. 20, 1813 at Lyman. 3. Corrina Jane, born Apr. 5, 1811. Died Mar. 16, 1823 at Lyman. 4. Eliza Ann, born Oct. 19, 1814. She was wed to Timothy H. Fellows. Died Geneva Junction, Wis. 5. William Jr., born June 3, 1818. Died at Schoolcraft, Feb. 17, 1851.


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