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Duncans in Hamilton Co. OH


Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
the Genealogy Bug

Last revised October 28, 2014

Formed 1790, Original county
Adams formed 1797 from Hamilton
Clermont formed 1800 from Hamilton
Butler, Warren formed 1803 from Hamilton
Greene formed 1803 from Hamilton, Ross
Montgomery formed 1803 from Hamilton, Wayne Co. MI


1820 Hamilton Co. OH Census
Columbia Twp.
Pg.138  Alexr. Duncan        100200 - 00200

1830 Hamilton Co. OH Census
Cincinnati Ward 2
Pg. 49  James Duncan         0110,01       - 0100,01
Cincinnati Ward 4
Pg. 87  Solomon Duncan       2200,01       - 0110,01
Pg.177  Alexander Duncan     1100,01       - 0101,0010,01

1840 Hamilton Co. OH Census
Pg. 45  Jarret Duncan        Free Colored
        Nancy Duncan         Free Colored
    48  Ellen Duncan         0000,1?       - 0000,01
          (males 20-30 blotted)
    89  Maria Duncan         0102,101      - 0101,201
   141  Richard Duncan       0000,1        - 2000,1
   228  John Duncan          0000,01       - 1000,01
        William Duncan       0000,0100,1   - 1100,1
   292  James Duncan         1220,1001     - 0010,001
Pg.430  Alexander Duncan     0011,001      - 0101,01

1850 Hamilton Co. OH Census
Mill Creek Twp.
Pg.22, #301, James DUNCAN 25 IRE laborer
                  Michael DUNCAN 19 IRE laborer
                  James DUNCAN 50 IRE laborer
                  with many other laborers
Pg.37, #472, Alexander GRANT 40 UNK laborer
                  Jane DUNCAN 38 SCT
                  William GRANT 5 OH
                  Alonzo 2, Jane E. 20 OH
Columbia Twp.
Pg.145, #84, Alexander DUNCAN 53 PA doctor $16000
                  Harriet 51 PA
                  Harriet W. 15 OH
                  Robert WILLIAMSON 2 OH
                  and laborers b. IRE
Colerain Twp.
Pg.351, #241, Samuel RABBARTI? 27 OH cooper
                  Hannah 25 OH
                  James 4, Albert 1 OH
                  Edward DUNAN? 21 GERMANY cooper
Sycamore Twp.
Pg.385, #160, James RINGLESBURG 70 VA farmer $4000
                  Priscilla MEGIE 55 VA
                  Mary BOWMAN 28 OH
                  John DUNCAN 12 OH
Pg.387, #185, Libvy? BOLTZELL (f) 84 PA
                  Lovisa ROBINSON 43 OH
                  John DUNCAN 30 OH idiot
Cincinnati Ward 1
Pg.31, #546, Henry CARTER 40 GERM steam engineer
                  & family & laborers
                  Henry DUNCAN 33, John 29 OH laborers
Pg.32, #551, David DUNCAN 55 IRE drayman $2000
                  Jane 34 IRE
                  David S. 6, Mary J. 3 OH
                  (MAD: David Duncan mar. Jean Crosset 10/19/1842 per Bible Record)
Cincinnati Ward 2
Pg.103, #281, Wesley DUNCAN 40 OH shoemaker
                  Emily 39 OH
                  Jarvis KADY 21 Rhodes Island druggist
                  Wm. LENTER? 30 UNK merchant
                  John DUNCANE 21 UNK cabinet maker
Pg.147, #627, Boarding house
                  James DUNCAN 25 IRE tailer
Pg.170, #---, "United States Hotel"
                  Henry DUNCAN 24 OH cook
Cincinnati Ward 3
Pg.197, #232, Thomas DUNCAN 37 ENG painter
                  Jane 28, Angess 22 ENG
                  S.A. DUFFEY (f) 8, Ann 2 OH
Pg.268, #4, Lanara DUNCAN (m) 21 NY sailmaker
                  Mary J. 17 KY m/in/year
Cincinnati Ward 4
Pg.326, #757, Jas. CARRAL 27 KY pilot
                  Eliza A. 21 PA
                  Irena E. 3, Chas. H. 1 OH
                  John 20 KY pilot
                  Theresa DISTINBERG 19 KY
                  Huldah DUNCAN 15 "Ia" (MAD: IN?)
Pg.326, #758, Saml. WARD 36 "Ia" cabinetmaker
                  Mary A. 43 PA
                  Marinda DUNCAN 13 "Ia"
                  Childs C. HILBURN (m) 25 PA pilot
                  Eliza 22 OH
                  Mary E. 2 OH
Pg.326, #759, Eliphalet DUNHAM (m) 33 VA laborer
                  Matilda 32 PA
                  Jas. WENN 31 KY
                  Nancy J. 23 PA
Pg.338, #927, Richd. DUNCAN 47 IRE laborer
                  Ellen 47 IRE
                  Mary 13, Eliza J. 12 OH
                  Letitia 6 OH
Cincinnati Ward 5
Pg.404, #7-8, Anthony J. CHEW? 43 New? Hampshire???? lawyer $0
                  Delia CHEW 24 OH & others
                  & others
                  Carly DUNCAN (f) 21 Germany? (Junsay?) (blank)
Pg.414, #132, William THRELKELD 35 KY physician $12000
                  Ellen 30 NJ
                  Wm. 10 & younger b. OH
                  Richard BISHOP 34 KY
                  Marg./Mary 31 KY & ch. b. KY
                  Elizabeth DUNCAN 35 KY
Pg.451, #491, William DUNCAN 38 MA ("Mass.") merchant $27000
                  Anne 35 MA
                  William 12, Caroline 10 OH
                  Elane 9, Emeline 7 OH
                  Joseph 4, Mary 1 OH
                  Sarah MANSFIELD 22 KY
Cincinnati Ward 6
Pg.21, #157, Morris L. DUNCAN 32 VA none
                  Sarah J. 26 OH
                  Eme (f) 9, Mary E. 6 OH
                  Margaret 2, William F. 6/12 OH
                  (MAD: brother of William Duncan pg. 592)
Pg.25, #186, Robert COMBS & family; other families
                  John DUNCAN 30 IRE laborer
                  Catherine 31 IRE
Pg.83, #602, James DUNCAN 52 IN grocer
                  Nancy 48 IN
                  John J. 19 IN brush maker
                  Samuel 16 IN
                  Matilda A. 12 OH
                  (MAD: from Mason Co. KY)
Pg.92, #671, Richard B. MOORE 35 ENG none $6000
                  Rebecca J. 32 PA
                  John 6, Richard B. 6/12 OH
                  Mary A. DUNCAN 20 OH
Pg.139, #1023, Barney HOLLINKAMP and family
                  Joseph DUNCAN 25 GERM laborer
Cincinnati Ward 7
Pg.237, #41-50, W.C. DUNCAN (m) 32 KY dentist $600
                  Eliza 27 OH
                  Mary A. 4 OH
                  Isabel TESSELL? 36 IRE
Pg.427, #1516, J. MONTGOMERY & family
                  Charles DUNCAN 20 MA clerk
Cincinnati Ward 8
Pg.534, #662, Elizabeth DUNCAN 35 KY
                  Ann M. 15, Mary T. 13 KY
                  Elizabeth H. 11 KY
Pg.592, #1148, William DUNCAN 26 VA clerk
                  Hannabell 21 VA
                  Margaret A. 3, Morris L. 1 VA
                  (MAD: brother of Morris Duncan pg.21; William T. Duncan mar. Hannah M. Simmons 12/18/1845; William died 1855, Hannah died 1862)
Pg.621, #1395, Joseph H. SECREST 30 KY grocer
                  Theresa A. 30 MD & fam
                  Catharine CORBIN 60 MD
                  Althea DUZAN (f) 19 OH
                  Thomas DUNCAN 15 OH clerk
Pg.664, #1812, James DUNCAN 59 ENG sexton $1000
                  Nancy 53 VA
                  John E. 23, James R. 19 OH
                  Richard A. 17, Thomas H. 15 OH
                  David W. 13 OH
                  Edward VANKUREN 24 NY carpenter
                  Susan M. 22 OH
                  (MAD: names as written, not Van Dusen, definitely "VanK.."; David "W." and VanKeuren family in 1860 Lee Co. IA census)
Cincinnati Ward 9
Pg.853, #476, Thomas DUNCAN 26 SCT patern maker
                  Mary A. 24 SCT
                  Ann 1 OH
                  (MAD: Thomas Duncan mar. Mary Ann Calder 11/16/1848)
Pg.1040, #2111, Nancy DUNCAN 67 VA BLACK
                  Alexander WALKER 33 VA
                  Ellenora 22 KY MULATTO
Cincinnati Ward 10
Pg.57, #1066, John LANG 27 GERM stewart
                  Amelia 23 GERM mar/in/year
                  Henry DUNCAN 20 GERM cook
                  Catharine 21 GERM
                  (MAD: Henry Duncan died 1869)
Pg.65, #1197, John STEPTOE 42 ENG machinest
                  Isabella 44 SCT
                  Alexander BENNING 15 SCT machinest
                  Margaret DUNCAN 8 OH
                  Harriet F. QUINN 19 NY
Pg.137, #2572, Andrew DUNCAN 30 MD ("Maryland") carpenter
                  William 25 MD bricklayer
                  Mavia (f) 57 PA
                  Virginia 17, Townsend 15 OH
                  Eliza Martha POTTS 31 MD
                  Adelia 3 OH
Cincinnati Ward 11
Pg.251, #1663, Thomas W. KING 30 OH merchant
                  Elisebeth 26 OH
                  Refal (m) 4, William 1 OH
                  Thomas DUNCAN 31? IRE laborer (age written over)


Go to the Hamilton Co. OH 1860 Census Records

1870 and later HAMILTON CO. OH CENSUS

Go to the Hamilton Co. OH 1870 Census Records


Hamilton Co. OH reconstructed Marriage Records (typed by DAR; mention courthouse fire 1884)
   Vol.1, 1817-1847 (FHL film 317,402)
      Duncan, Alexander to Frances Ann St.Clair, June 22, 1837, by J.S. Wilson (MAD: 1840-1850 Licking Co. OH census)
      Duncan, Lucinda to Barney Sedgwick, Sept. 2, 1834 by E. Harrison, JP
      Duncan, Mugary (sic) to Jefferson Sharp, March 23, 1834 by W. Clark, JP
      Duncan, Thomas H. to Margaret Burnes, Nov. 13, 1834 by Wm. Burke, MG
   Vol. 2, 1837-1842 (317,402)
      Duncan, David to Jane Crosset, Oct. 20, 1842, by James Prestley, MG
      Duncan, Elizabeth M. to Samuel B. Findley, Dec. 7, 1837 by W.H. McGuffey, MG (MAD: see 1838 Union Co. OH deed 7-242; see Fleming Co. KY)
      Duncan, Elizabeth to John W. Deans, Dec. 7, 1837 by John Evans, JP
      Duncan, John to Miss Ridlin (no first name), Sept. 3, 1837 by Wm. B. Evans, MG
      Duncan, Richard to Mary Kelly, May 7, 1841 by E.T. Collins, MG
      Dunken, Margaretha to Christopher Weber, Feb. 5, 1839 by J.W. Henni, MG
   Vol.3, 1818-1842 (FHL film 317,403; cont. from Vol. 1, M-Z)
   Vol.4, 1837-1842 (FHL film 317,403; cont. from Vol. 2, W-)
   Vol.11, 12, 13 (no dates) (FHL film 317,403)
      Duncan, Agnes to David Williamson, Jan. 24, "1844(?)" by Peter Montfort
      Duncan, Eliza Martha to "John ----" Nov. 14, 1844 (John Potts mar. Miss Eliza Duncan, all of Cincinnati, mar. 14 Nov. 1844, from Marriage entries as published in the Book Cincinnati Miscellany (pg.9, Vol.XVIII, 1977, "Ohio the Cross Road of our Nation, Records and Pioneer Families" from Evelyn Sigler 12/1983)
      Duncan, James to Rebecca Hawkins, Aug. 13, 1843 by Isaac Copelan, JP
      Duncan, Margaret to Herman Fortman, 4 May 1844 by Jas. E. Wilson MG
   Vol.5, 1845-1846 (FHL film 317,404)
      Duncan, Rachel to Charles Macy, Nov. 16, 1846 by E. Singer, JP
      Duncan, William T. to Hannah M. Simmons, Dec. 18, 1845
   Vol. A-15, 1846, restored - no Duncan (FHL film 344,458)
   Vol. A-16, 1846, restored - see Vol. 5 above (FHL film 344,458)
   Vol. A-17, 1846-47; Vol. A-18, 1847 - no Duncan (FHL film 344,459)
   Vol. A-19, 1847-48 - no Duncan (FHL film 344,460)
   Vol. A-20, 1848 (FHL film 344,460)
      Thomas Duncan to Mary Ann Calder, lic. 14 Nov. 1848, m. 16 Nov. 1848 by Sam'l Perry, JP; 20-445
   Vol. A-21, 1848-49 - no Duncan (FHL film 344,461)
   Vol. A-22, 1849-50 (FHL film 344,461)
      Duncan, Susan W. to Edward Van Dusen, m. 10 June 1849 by "D. Sh---"; 22-106
   Vol. A-23, 1849-50 (FHL film 344,462)
      Duncan, Hester Ann to Preston Wilkinson, both colored, m. 23 Oct. 1849 by James Turbin, MG; 23-45
   Vol. A-24, 1850 (FHL film 344,462)
      Duncan, Laurens to Mary Jane Wallace, m. 24 March 1850 by Ebenezer Harrison, JP; 24-137
   Vol. A-25, 1850; Vol. A-26, 1850-1851 - no Duncan (FHL film 344,463)


Hamilton Co. OH Will Index 1791-1884 (FHL film 373,056)
      14-136: Hannah M. Duncan, 1862
      20-394: Henry Duncan, 1869
      12-174: James M. Duncan, 1869
      29-280: Mary P. Duncan, 1876
      17-489: William T. Duncan, 1855

Hamilton Co. OH Wills
      12-174: #13925; Will of James M. Duncan proved 6 Oct. 1869; the original record of the will was destroyed in the burning of the courthouse on March 29 1884, but that the authenticated copy of said will and proceedings had therein? been? preserved?. ... restored; that on 6 Oct. 1869, will of James M. Duncan, late of Kings Co. NY, decd, ... Navy of the US residing in City of Brooklyn, Co. of Kings, NY; my wife Mary K. Duncan all my estate. Appoint wife the executorix and my brother-in-law William K.? Mauin? executor. Dated 12 Oct. 1859. Wit. Aug.? H. Sidell, counselor at law (address in Brooklyn); Gaird? Barnett (address in Brooklyn). Rec. Kings Co. NY surrogate court on oaths of David Barnett and Augustus H?. Sidell on 24 Oct. 1864; Mary K. Duncan and Wm. H. Waring executors. (FHL film 355,102)
      14-136: #7286; will of Hannah M. Duncan proved 16 Sept. 1862; records destroyed but original will and testimony of witnesses thereto were preserved; That on 7 June 1862, will of Hannah M. Duncan produced in court and recorded: Hannah M. Duncan of Cincinnati, OH, of lawful age; to my daughters Adelaide Margaret Duncan in addition to the devises hereafter made ... gold watch, etc.; to my son Morris Lee Duncan in addition ... the watch left by his father; my sister Maria Louisa Drew to take possession of my household furniture and divide it between my two brothers Robert B. and Hugh Simmons and my two children above named and herself or the survivors, as she sees fit, and for this purpose I devise my household furniture to said sister Maria Louisa Drew; to my two children Adelaide Margaret Duncan and Morris Lee Duncan all the rest of my property equally divided in case of the death of either of my children before mine, the share of such child shall pass to the survivor. Appoint George Mendenhall M.G. of Cincinnati the guardian both of the persons and estate of my children Adelaide Margaret and Morris Lee, desiring him to see them educated. Appoint my brother Robert B. Simmons of Cincinnati executor. Dated 3 March 1859. /s/ Hannah Matilda Duncan. Wit. Jas. A.M. LaFournette?, W.H. Lathrop?. Jas. LaTournette and W?.H. Lathrop, the witnesses, are now residents of St. Lawrence Co. NY and Tishomingo Co. MS, ... James LaTournette appeared in St. Lawrence Co. NY; W.H. Lathrop in Tishomingo Co. MS. (FHL film 355,103)
      17-489: That on 7 May 1855 the will of William T. Duncan decd was admitted to probate; destroyed; original will and testimony of witnesses were preserved; restored; That on 7 May 1855, will of William T. Duncan produced in court and recorded: William T. Duncan of City of Cincinnati, Hamilton Co. OH, feeble health; wife Hannah real estate, lot in Cincinnati, being the same lot conveyed to my brother Morris?? by deed April 7, 1851, rec. Book 69, pg.286, for her lifetime; I have a note for $5000 made by my brother Morris?? L. Duncan to me for my entire interest in the late firm of M.L. Duncan & brother dated 11 April 1855, payable in 5 years, that my exec. receive the proceeds for the benefit of my wife and children; to my children in equal portion as they may attain majority, and the lot in Cincinnati; household furniture and personal property to my wife. Appoint wife Hannah guardian of my children during their minority; appoint brother Morris L. Duncan executor. /s/ W.T. Duncan, 11 April 1855. Wit. A.T. Knudson, D.P. Lowe, Warner? M. Bateman?; Lowe and Bateman appeared in court 7 May 1855. (FHL film 355,105)
      20-394: That on 9 Feb. 1869, the will of Henry Duncan decd was admitted to probate; destroyed; original will & testimony preserved; restored; That on 9 Feb. 1869, will of Henry Duncan produced in court & recorded: Henry Duncan of City of Cincinnati, Hamilton Co. OH, to Bernhard Duncan and Anna Maria Philomina Duncan my father and mother jointly the sum of $5000; to my wife Catherine Duncan the rest during life or widowhood, but if she remarry then she only receive in lieu of her dower interest from the day of her marriage all my household furniture, and during her life 1/3 of the net proceeds of my real and mixed estate; if she contracts marriage then executor to take possession of all real estate and collect rents, etc.; at death of wife all property be sold and divided 1/3 to the next of kin then living of my said wife Catherine Duncan, 1/6 to my brother George Duncan; 1/6 to brother Andrew Duncan; 1/6 to German Protestant Orphan Asylum, and 1/6 to the Catholic Orphan Asylum. Appoint wife Catherine executor. Dated 26 Dec. 1868. Wit. Louis Jacob Jr., William T. Forrest. Catherine Duncan and Michael Klinfelter? executor and executrix; bond posted with A.P. Fivemann and C. Stephan as securities. (FHL film 355,106)
      29-280 to 283: #20256; Will of Mary P. Duncan, on 25 May 1876 was admitted to probate; original record of the will was destroyed in the burning of the courthouse on March 29, 1884, but the original will and testimony of the witnesses were preserved, it is now ordered by the Court on its own motion that the record of said will and probate thereof be restored from the original will and testimony; ... that on 5 May 1876, the will of Mary P. Duncan late of this county decd. was presented to court: Mary Patience Duncan of City of Cincinnati, ... I owe no debts at present time except those contracted in my present sickness; to my son Samuel B. Duncan my two houses on the east side of Freeman Street which occupy 24 feet 11 inches in front, and the lot of land upon which they are situated which extends back easterly 100 feet to an alley, the houses are at this time numbered 578 and 576 Freeman Street, subject to payment by Samuel B. Duncan to my sister Julia A. Earhart $10 per month during her natural life which shall remain a lien on the houses and lot until it is paid; also to said Samuel B. Duncan my lot in Spring Grove Cemetery No. 87 Sec.29; to my son James R. Duncan my two houses on E. side of Freeman Street ... numbered 574 and 572 Freeman Street, subject to the payment by James R. Duncan to my sister Elmira Grey $10 per month during her natural life, which shall be a lien upon the houses and lot until paid; to said James R. Duncan my lot in Spring Grove Cemetery No. 173 Sec.39; to my sister Julia A. Earhart all my dresses and wearing apparel and jewelry; my son Samuel B. Duncan pay her $10 a month for life as above; my son James R. Duncan pay my sister Elmira Grey for life $10 a month as above; residue equally to my two sons; appoint my son Samuel B. Duncan exec.; no appraisement be made, no bond be required, 28 April 1876, /s/ Mary P. Duncan; wit. John Robert, J.H. Schobrook. Pinned to the will was the following: April 28, 1876, providing the houses should be empty, the two sisters are to stand the loss with the boys, and not receive any money until said houses are rented, and if at any time they should paint, put on new roofs or fences or any heavy repairs, the two sisters are to pay their proportion in said repairs, Mary P. Duncan, wit. Samuel B. Duncan, James R. Duncan. The subscribing witnesses John Roberts and J.H. Schobrook appeared and proved will, 25 May 1876. (FHL film 355,111)


Go to the Hamilton Co. OH Land Records


Dearborn Co. IN Deed (FHL film 1,313,447)
      W-352: 6 Feb. 1844, Henry Hall of Cincinnati, OH, to William Duncan of said city? [Hamilton Co. OH], 40 acres, SE 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec.15 T4 R2. (difficult to read, gives chain of title; land description from index, deed itself not copied further.)

Fountain Co. IN Deed (SLC 9/11/2012)
      6-238: No.219: 22 Feb. 1837, Isaac Colman and wife Malinda and Samuel Colman, Commissioners appointed by Legislature of IN to sell Omsby Green's interest in certain lots in Green and Colman's Addition to Town of Attica, all of Fountain Co. IN, to Thomas H. Dunkin of City of Cincinnati, OH, for $37.50 paid, sell tract of land in Fountain Co. IN, in Green & Colman's Addition to Town of Attica, Lots No.204 and 248, with appurtenances. /s/ Isaac Colman, Melinda Colman, Samuel Colman, Commissioners. Wit. John H. Dunkin, Randolph E. Cook. They appeared 22 Feb. 1837 before Robert McM.., Associate Judge. Recorded ? 23? 1837. (MAD: Cincinnati, Hamilton Co. OH) (FHL film 1,321,729)

Spencer Co. IN Deeds (SLC 6/11/2008)
      4-127: 13 April 1838, Alfred Abshear of Spencer Co. IN to James Duncan of Hamilton Co. OH, $300, W 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec.7 Twp.7S Range 6W, 80 acres, in Spencer Co. IN. /s/ Alfred Abshear, Nancy (X) Abshear. Rec. 31 May 1838. (FHL film 1,321,955)
      10-105: 16 March 1846, James Duncan and wife Nancy of Cincinnati for $900 to James Tranter, W 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec.7 Twp.7S Range 6W, 80 acres in Spencer Co. IN, and SE 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec.7 Twp.7S Range 6W, 40 acres; and SE 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec.1 Twp.7S Range 7W, 40 acres; and SW 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec.1 Twp.7S Range 7W, 40 acres, the last three being entered by said James Duncan at land office at Vincennes in 1838, subject to a deed on 1 acre for school house. Wit. Dav. T. Snelbaker, J.P Hamilton Co. OH, and Daniel Paris. (FHL film 1,321,957)

Campbell Co. KY Deeds
      W-37: 12 June 1848, William Langtrey of Cincinnati, OH, to Morris L. Duncan of same, $400, Lot 98 & 99 in Newport. (FHL film 459,991)
      W-38: 5 March 1850, Morris L. Duncan and wife Sarah Jane of Cincinnati [Hamilton Co.] OH, to William Clawson and Enoch Mudge, $500, lots 98 and 99 in Newport. /s/ in Hamilton Co. OH. (FHL film 459,991)
      Z-324: 13 Nov. 1854, John Oetzel and wife Catharine of Newport, Campbell Co. KY, to Henry Duncan of Cincinnati, OH, $2000, lot 8 in Newport. No wit. (FHL film 462,111)
      27-484: 21 April 1851, John Koeher (Koehler) of Cincinnati, OH, for $2,200, to Catherine Duncan of Cincinnati [Hamilton Co.], OH, W 1/2 lot 8 on Jefferson St., Public Square Addition to town of Newport, Campbell Co. KY; also signed by Margaret Koehler. (FHL film 528,915)
      27-487: 18 April 1857, Henry Duncan of City of Cincinnati, OH, for $2,000, to John Koehler, W 1/2 lot 8 on Jefferson St. in Public Square Addition to town of Newport, Cambell Co. KY; also signed by Catherine Duncan. (FHL film 528,915)

Harrison Co. KY Deeds
      5-162: 8 Feb. 1817, Joseph Duncan of Harrison Co., will my slave Garrett to be a free man. Wit. John Camron, David Clark. Manumission proved on oath of David Clark & John Camron 17 Feb. 1817. (FHL film 216,851)
      9-3: 8 Feb. 1817, Joseph Duncan of Harrison Co. KY, manumission of slave Garrett, produced Oct. 1822, proved on oath of wit. John Camron and David Clark. (FHL film 216,853)
      19-507: 23 Dec. 1841, Jarrett Duncan and wife Minta of Cincinnati, [Hamilton Co.], OH, to Duncan (sic) & John H. Harding of Harrison Co. KY, $1500, their interest in and to farm and plantation whereon they lately resided in Kententown in Harrison Co. KY, 140+ acres. No wit. Rec. in Campbell Co. KY 17 March 1842; reg. Harrison Co. KY 30 Nov. 1844. (FHL film 216,857)

Oregon Co. MO Deeds (SLC 7/16/2014; have JPG images)
      3-228: 29 May 1859, Peter Duncan of Hamilton Co. OH to John Levering and William H. Levering of Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co. IN, for $700 paid, sell E 1/2 Sec.17 Twp.24N Range 2W containing 320 acres more or less per duplicate No. 38,232 issued to Peter Duncan from receivers office at Jackson, MO, with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ Peter Duncan. Ack. 29 May 1859 by Peter Duncan before Henry C. Cooper, Notary Public, St. Louis Co. MO. Filed Nov. 30, 1857, recorded Feb. 2 1860. (FHL film 929,505)
      4-339: Certificate 38232? Whereas Peter Duncan of Hamilton Co. OH has deposited in the General Land Office of the US a certificate of the Register of the Land Office at Jackson whereby it appears full payment has been made by said Peter Duncan, according to the act of Congress 24 April 1820 ... for the sale of putlic lands, for the E 1/2 Sec.17 Twp.24N Range 2W containing 320 acres according to survey, ... purchased by said Peter Duncan, now the USA grant to said Peter Duncan the said tract above described with appurtenances. 1 Aug. 1860. Filed and recorded June 16, 1869. (FHL film 929,505)

Franklin Co. OH Deed
      11-71/72: Samuel Patterson by Sheriff to Gustavus Swan. Whereas by judgment of Court of Common Pleas of Hamilton Co. OH at Feb. term 1833, William E. Mayhew recovered a judgment against Samuel Patterson and Jesse S. Duncan, partners, for $443.85 besides cost taxed to $7.53, in all $453.38, as well as damages for non-performance of certain promises and undertakings, and afterwards on 10 May 1833 Mayhew caused to be issued a fieri facias on said judgment against Samuel Patterson and Jesse S. Duncan, ... Sheriff of Franklin Co. commanded to make $453.38 ... which Mayhew recovered, the Sheriff was to recover of the said Samuel Patterson and Jesse S. Duncan, partners as could be found in his bailiwick and if not then the same to be made of the land and tenements of the said Samuel Patterson & Jesse "E." Duncan in his bailiwick, the Sheriff to have the money before the judges of said Court on 12 August then next, per the writ of execution in the file of Hamilton Co., ... the Sheriff levied on and sold the undivided 1/6 part of inlot 271 in Columbus, Franklin Co., as property of said Samuel Patterson, ... appraised, offered for sale, sold 23 July 1833 for $222.67, the highest bid and more than 2/3 the appraised value, sold to Gustavus Swan, now the Sheriff makes a deed to said Swan for said undivided 1/6 of said lot, the court approved it Nov. term, now Andrew McElvain, present Sheriff of Franklin Co. OH, makes deed for $222.67 recovered by his predecessor Robert Brotherton late Sheriff ... 3 Jan. 1834. Wit. W.T. Martin, B.F. Martin. Andrew McElvain appeared 3 Jan. 1834 before W.T. Martin, J.P., Franklin Co. OH. Recorded 3 Jany. 1834. (FHL film 285,070; SLC 4/30/2013)
   Note at top of Vol.11 Pg.73, top few lines: This deed was recd. the 9th and rerecorded the 14th of M?? in Book No.11 page 95. /s/ W.T. Martin, Recorder, F.C. Destroyed by Fire, January 31, 1879, rerecorded December 14, 1880, /s/ F.W. ??, Recorder. (SLC 4/7/2012 and 4/30/2013)

Franklin Co. OH Deeds, Franklin Co. OH Recorder's Office website (internet 1/2/2012)
      11-73/74: Jesse S. Duncan by Sheriff to Gustavus Swan. Whereas by consideration and judgment of Court of Common Pleas of Hamilton Co. OH at Feb. term 1833, William E. Mayhew recovered a judgment against Samuel Patterson and Jesse S. Duncan partners &c for $443.85 besides costs taxed to $9.53 in an action of assumpsit &c, recorded in said county, and afterward on 10 May 1833 said Mayhew caused an execution called a fieri facias against the said Patterson and Duncan from same court of Common Pleas directed to Sheriff of Franklin Co. to make $453.38 cents from goods & chattles in his bailiwick of said Patterson & Duncan, ... sell the land per writ 14 June 1833, no goods & chattles, then levied on the life estate of said Jesse S. Duncan in his wife's undivided 1/6 part of in lot No.271 in Columbus in Franklin Co., the wife of said Duncan being entitled as heir, Sheriff caused appraisal, and advertised and on 23 July 1833 at public auction sold to Gustavus Swan for $56, being 2/3 the appraised value, and on 16 Aug. 1833 the Sheriff returned his proceedings to Court of Common Pleas of Hamilton, the present sheriff of Franklin Co. OH, Andrew McElvain, makes deed to Gustavus Swan for $56 paid the predecessor Robert Brotherton late Sheriff, to undivided 1/6 part of Lot 271 in Town of Columbus, Franklin Co. OH, 3 Jan. 1834. Wit. W.T. Martin, B.F. Martin. Andrew McElvain Sheriff ack. deed 3 Jan. 1834 before W.J. Martin Justice of Peace; recorded 10 Jan. 1834.
   Added notes at bottom of Deed Book 11, pg.74: Deed was filed for record the 3d and recorded this 10th of January 1834 in Book No. Eleven page 562&563, /s/ W.J. Martin, R.F.C. Record destroyed by fire, Jany 31, 1879, rerecorded December 29, 1880, /s/ F.M. Sinter?, Recorder. (SLC 4/7/2012 and 4/30/2013)


Index to War of 1812 Pension Applications and Bounty Land Warrant Applications; National Archives Film (FHL film 840,458)
      Duncan, James; SO 1434, SC 935; BL 3995-40-50, 1363-120-55; Private Capt. Arthur Mitchell's Co. KY Mil. 8/28/1813 to Nov. 3, 1813; Sol. res. 1850 Hamilton Co. OH, 1855, 1871 Cincinnati, OH, 1875 Indianapolis, IN; maiden name of wife Nancy Duncan (sic) m. June 6, 1816, Mason Co. KY.

Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, John F.; G 50 Ohio Inf.; 1890 May 19, Invalid Appl. #776110, Cert. #523302, Nebr. (MAD: ? 1850 Shelby Co. OH; ? 1860 Hamilton Co. OH census; 1895 Thayer Co. NE)
      Duncan, John H., widow Duncan, Laura H.; D 94 Ohio Inf.; 1879 Oct. 30, Invalid Appl. #319065, no cert.; 1920 May 28, Widow Appl. #1158395, no cert., Ohio. (MAD: 1880 Hamilton Co. OH)
      Duncan, Richard A., minor Duncan, Mary P., Gdn.; D 2 Ohio Inf.; 1869 May 31, Minor Appl. #175770, Cert. #138348. (MAD: ? 1850 Hamilton Co. OH census)
      Duncan, Townsend, widow Duncan, Catharine; K 137 Ohio Inf.; 1892 Sept. 23, Invalid Appl. #1131724, Cert. #1031721, Ohio; 1898 Nov. 1, Widow Appl. #685491, Cert. #497656, KY. (MAD: 1850 & 1860 Hamilton Co. OH census, mar. Catharine Robinson)


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Death Certificate for Joseph Duncan, Cook Co. IL, #347, 6/23/1935 (from Anne Jensby 6/1993)
      Joseph Duncan, res. 3024 Mason, Chicago, Cook Co. IL, res. 23 days where death occured, Chicago State Hospital.
      Full name Joseph Duncan; male, white, widowed, wife's name Carrie; born March 17, 1849, age 86y 3m 6d, jeweler in jewelry store, last worked in 1903, 25 years in occupation; born Maysville [MAD: Mason Co.], KY, father unknown, b. KY, mother unknown, b. KY; informant Hosp. Record; buried Mt. Olive, Chicago, June 25, 1935; died June 23, 1935; died from exhaustion in the course of senile psychosis.
      Anne Jensby info: mother Emily, mar. 1 Jan. 1875 Hamilton Co. OH to Carolyn Margaret Hudson.
      (MAD: see 1860 Kenton Co. KY)

"The Cincinnati cemetery of Spring Grove : reports, forms, etc." (Hamilton Co. OH) by A Strauch, Henry Earnshaw; pub. Cincinnati: Bradley & Webb, printers, 1862, 209 pgs. (LH7300, HeritageQuest images 5/2007)
      (MAD: title as given, rural cemetery to be located near Cincinnati)            Pg.106: Names of proprietors, Lot, Sec.
      Duncan, Morris L., 94, 36
      Duncan, David, 1/2 of 45, 41
      Duncan, Richard A., 173, 39
      Duncan, And'w, w.1/2 of 13, 49

"Territorial Papers, Northwest Territory of the River Ohio, 1787-1803" Vol. III (CA State University, Sacramento, library book)
      Pg.29-35: Petition to Congress by Citizens of Hamilton Co., July 13, 1799: Citizens of Hamilton Co. knew that Judge Symmes had contracted with the US Treasury for a large Tract of land lying between the great and little Miami Rivers and believed the Contract would be carried into effect, not knowing the circumstances under which it stood; they had at different times become purchasers under him and had moved onto the lands they had purchased; they know that Symmes forfeited his claim but not why; that the new law passed at the last Session of Congress helps them keep their land, but they can't pay the sum called for by the Government since they had paid their money to Judge Symmes under a belief he had a right to receive it. They request additional time to pay the money. Signed by John Dunkin, George Kerkingdol, William Vanarsdol, and many others.
      Pg.39-41: Memorial to Congress from Citizens of the Territory, no date, 1799: Petition by Citizens and purchasers of lands between the great and little Miami Rivers & above the patent of John Cleves Symmes; mentions that by virtue of the contract between the US Treasury and John Cleves Symmes dated 15 Oct. 1788, they had purchased lands, but now have no money to pay the US. Signed by John Duncan, John Vannasdol, David Evans, and about 50 others.
      Pg.427-8: Letters from Winthrop Sargent, acting as Governor of the Territory, to quite a few people. This letter dated Nov. 5, 1794, to Justices of the Peace, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co.: I have to inform you that the President of the US by his Proclamation Sept. 25 of the present year warns all persons not to aid abet or comfort the insurgents of the western Counties of Pennsylvania ... I have reason to believe there are in the Town of Cincinnati at this time a number of men in the Service of the Army provision Contractors who have presumed in Contempt of the said proclamation to protect or rescue from Authority by Force of Arms a man who has been principally instrumental and active in promoting the insurrections in the counties aforesaid, and that they have aided him to make his escape from the US. A Mr. Ezra Phillips -- and Samuel Duncan who commanded the Boat in which this rescue is said to have been made will I imagine be able to substantiate Facts, and I have officially to request your utmost exertions in aid to the general Government and a Report of your proceedings in the premises as immediately as possible ....

"Clokey Family Records" Christian Co. IL library (FHL film 987,967 item 3)
      The Bible of David Duncan who died Jan. 2, 1876, age 63, and had married on Oct. 19, 1842, to Jean Crosset who died Feb. 6, 1891 age 83y 7m 29d, includes the birthdates and marriages of their children.

Some early Duncans in Hamilton Co. OH:
      John Dunkin, 5 Nov. 1796, Benjamin Archer of Campbell Co. KY about seven miles from Newport, reported a stray horse; deliver to John Dunkin near the Hamilton Road about 15 miles from Cincinnati; from notice in "Freeman's Journal" (Cincinnati) [Hamilton Co. OH], Saturday, 5 Nov. 1796. (pg.26, "Pioneer OH Newspapers 1793-1810" by Karen Mauer Green, FHL book 977.1 B38g)
      John Duncan, 1798, on tax list in Dayton Twp. ("Index to Ohio Tax Lists 1800-1810" by Jackson, FHL book 977.1 R4j, from Louis Boone 8/1984, pg.115-116)
      Abner L. Duncan, 2 July 1799, at Natchez [Adams Co. MS], had letter remaining at the post office in Cincinnati; from notice in "The Western Spy and Hamilton Gazette" (Cincinnati) [Hamilton Co.]. (pg.32, "Pioneer OH Newspapers 1793-1810" by Karen Mauer Green, FHL book 977.1 B38g)
      John Duncan, 30 Dec. 1801, had Land Grant record in Cincinnati Land Office #411, res. Hamilton Co., land in Sec.20 Twp.2 Range 6, Vol.A-183 ("Early Ohioan's Residences from the Land Grant Records" by Mayburt Stephenson Riegel, FHL book 977.1 R2e and film 928,416 item 2)
      David Duncan, 3 April 1802, at Detroit [Wayne Co. MI], had letter left at the post office in Cincinnati; from notice in "The Western Spy and Hamilton Gazette" (Cincinnati) [Hamilton Co.]. (pg.73, "Pioneer OH Newspapers 1793-1810" by Karen Mauer Green, FHL book 977.1 B38g)
      David Duncan, 12 March 1806, had deed indexed D-1 pg.203 from Charles Vattier. (pg.572, Vol.I, "Gateway to the West" by Ruth Bowers and Anita Short, 1989 reprint of periodical 1967 to 1978, Vol.7#3&4, FHL book 977.1 D25g)
      Jesse S. Duncan, 8 Feb. 1832, had mar. Miss Elizabeth Patterson at Cincinnati [Hamilton Co. OH] from National Banner & Nashville Advertiser, Wed. Feb. 8, 1832 ("Marriages from Early Tennessee Newspapers, 1794-1851" by Silas Emmett Lucas Jr., FHL book 976.8 V2L)
      Alexander Duncan, 3 April 1830, chosen as guardian by Jane Morris age 18 and Louisa Morris age 14; appointed guardian of Elizabeth Morris age 11, Rebecca Morris age 10, Cornelia Morris age 8, children of James Morris decd. (pg.62, "Abstract of Book 3, Probate Record 1829-1834, Hamilton Co. OH" by Hamilton Co. Chapter OH Gen. Society, FHL book 977.177 P2a)
      Alexander Duncan, 30 Nov. 1833, and wife Harriet Duncan, and others, heirs of J.C. Morris decd, in suit by by Chas. Fox and Saml. W. Davis, admin. de bonis non of Jas. C. Morris, petition for sale of real estate; mention of Clinton Co. (pg.575, "Abstract of Book 3, Probate Record 1829-1834, Hamilton Co. OH" by Hamilton Co. Chapter OH Gen. Society, FHL book 977.177 P2a)
      Solomon Duncan, 19 March 1834, co-appraiser of estate of George Leiby who left will. (pg.13, "Abstract of Book 4, Probate Record 1834-1837, Hamilton Co. OH" by Hamilton Co. Chapter OH Gen. Society, FHL book 977.177 P28a)
      Elijah C. Duncan, 12 April 1834, and wife and Wm. & Elizabeth Nichols, sued by Lewis Shotwell. (pg.32, "Abstract of Book 4, Probate Record 1834-1837, Hamilton Co. OH" by Hamilton Co. Chapter OH Gen. Society, FHL book 977.177 P28a)
      Alexander Duncan, 3 Sept. 1834, died in Columbia Twp., Hamilton Co. OH, son of Dr. Alexander Duncan; from 12 Sept. 1834 issue of "Western Christian Advocate" (pg.3, "Abstracts of Obituaries in the 'Western Christian Advocate' 1834-1850" by Margaret R. Waters, Dorothy Riker and Doris Leistner, 1988, FHL book 973 V4w)
      Jesse S. Duncan, 4 Feb. 1835, decd; Elizabeth Duncan appt. admin. (pg.179, "Abstract of Book 4, Probate Record 1834-1837, Hamilton Co. OH" by Hamilton Co. Chapter OH Gen. Society, FHL book 977.177 P28a)
      Henry Duncan, 3 Aug. 1840, died age 32 at Mission Point, LaSalle Co. IL, at home of George A. Southworth, a stranger at Mission Point, believed to be from Cincinnati [Hamilton Co. OH]; from 16 Oct. 1840 issue of "Western Christian Advocate" (pg.60, "Abstracts of Obituaries in the 'Western Christian Advocate' 1834-1850" by Margaret R. Waters, Dorothy Riker and Doris Leistner, 1988, FHL book 973 V4w)
      Jarrett Duncan, 1846, estate indexed ("OH Wills & Estates to 1850; an Index" by Carol Willsey Bell, FHL book 977.1 P22b, from Evelyn Sigler 12/1983)
      Alexander Duncan, 23 March 1853, died at Madisonville, Hamilton Co. OH, interment in Laurel Cemetery, born Morris Co. NJ 1788, practiced medicine in OH, served in State House of Representatives 1828-1832, State senate 1832-1834 (pgs.885-6, "Biographical Directory of the American Congress 1774-1971" Senate document 92-8, by US Congress (92nd, 1st session, 1969-1971), FHL book 973 D3u 1971, from Donna Little 8/1982) Alexander Duncan, died 2 March 1852 in Cincinnati, member of Congress 1837-1841 and 1843-1845. (pg.122, "American Biographical Notes; Being Short Notices of Deceased Persons, chiefly those not included in Allen's or in Drake's biographical dictionaries, gathered from many sources" by Franklin B. Hough, 1875, FHL book 973 D36hg and film 599,808 item 2, from Charles A. Duncan 3/1987)


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