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Formed 1800 from Ross, Washington
Muskingum formed 1804 from Washington, Fairfield
Knox, Licking, Richland formed 1808 from Fairfield
Pickaway formed 1810 from Ross, Fairfield, Franklin
Hocking formed 1818 from Athens, Ross, Fairfield
Perry formed 1818 from Washington, Fairfield, Muskingum


1820 Fairfield Co. OH Census
Pleasant Twp.
Pg. 89  James Duncan        231110        - 10110

1830 Fairfield Co. OH Census
Rush Creek Twp.
Pg.125  James Duncan        0100,001      - 0000,0100,01
Pleasant Twp.
Pg.244  James Dunkin        0001,1000,1   - 0000,0001

1840 Fairfield Co. OH Census (alphabetic within twp.)
Pleasant Twp.
Pg.317  James Duncan       0100,1000,01  - 1000,0000,1
          (MAD: died 1849; had mar. Mary Ewing 6/5/1798
            Cumberland Co. PA; son of William Duncan and
            Mary Jane Albert)
Bloom Twp.
Pg.423  James Duncan       0011,0001     - 0000,0001

1850 Fairfield Co. OH Census
Pg.248, #1759, James DUNKEN 68 MD farmer $1800
                  Sarah 62 PA
                  Levi 27 OH
                  Dorothy 21 GERM
                  (MAD: Levi Duncan mar. Dorothy Swartz 11/18/1849 Pickaway Co. OH)
Pg.279, #---, Robert DUNCAN 25 MD pasterer in hotel
Pg.355, #296, Thomas DUNCAN 38 OH farmer $4500
                  Mary 27 OH
                  Jane 10, David J. 7 OH
                  Thomas J. 5, Mary S. 3 OH
                  Sarah A. 1 OH
                  James M. 14, Margaret J. 12 OH
                  Samuel WALTERS 15 OH
Pg.369, #129, James DUNCAN 38 SCT manufacturer
                  Agnes 42 SCT
                  William 13 SCT
                  Lawrance 11 NY
                  James 7, Peter 5 OH
                  (MAD: to Jones Co. IA 1854)
Rush Creek
Pg.425, #243, John SHAW 65 VA farmer $800
                  Rachel 62 VA
                  Andrew 17 OH
                  Margaret McGINNIS 17 OH
                  Jane DUNKIN 10 OH

1860 Fairfield Co. OH Census
Pleasant Twp.
Pg.132, #1834-1805, Thomas DUNCAN 48 OH farmer $10700-$2700
                  Mary 38 OH
                  David 17 OH farm hand
                  T.J. (m) 15, M.A. (f) 13 OH
                  Sa.A. (f) 12, Matilda 10 OH
                  James 8, Emma 6 OH
                  Clara 6, John 4 OH
                  Margaret 22 OH
Bloom Twp.
Pg.146, #185-177, Levi DUNCAN 37 OH farmer $0-$300
                  Doratha 31 Wertembarger (Germany)
                  Sarah E. 10 PA
                  James DUNCAN 79 MD farmer $2000-$100
                  Sarah 74 MD
Liberty Twp.
Pg.205/407, #1025-1019, John SHRINES 66 VA farmer $8850-$1600
                  Jemimah (f) 55 OH
                  Perry DUCAN 20 OH farm laborer

1870 Fairfield Co. OH Census
Bloom Twp.
Pg.77, #273-281, DUNCAN, Levi 47 PA carpenter $3550-$0
                  Dortha 42 BADen keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  Mary 9 OH attendig school, mother of foreign birth
Lancaster, Ward 1
Pg.178, #273-316, KNABERSHAR?, Joseph 54 VA miller $2,000-$200
                  Nancy 49 OH keeps house
                  Samuel 25 OH school teacher
                  Oscar 16, William 7 OH at school
                  WOLF, Samuel 25 OH school teacher
                  DUNCAN, Thos. J. 25 OH law student
                  SAGER, William 52 OH shoemaker
                  SHUBER? (SHIMER?), Mary 18 OH dom. servt.
Lancaster, Ward 4
Pg.213, #58-68, DUNCAN, James 41 OH Agt. Sewing Mach. $800-$500
                  Hannah E. 40 VA keepg house
                  Emma 7 OH at school
                  JACK, Joseph A. 24 OH sells sewing mach.
                  (MAD: 1860 Ross Co. OH census)
Pleasant Twp.
Pg.300, #345-350, DUNCAN, Thomas 58 OH farmer $17,000-$3,000, father of foreign birth
                  Mary 48 OH keeps house
                  Sarah 21 OH helps mother
                  Matilda 19 OH helps mother
                  James 17 OH help on farm
                  Emma 15 OH attends school
                  Clara 15, John 13 OH attends school
                  Etta 9 OH attends school
                  William 4 OH at home
West Rushville, Richland Twp.
Pg.320, #239-239, DUNCAN, Charles 39 OH Minister Gospel $0-$200
                  Mary 35 OH keeping house
                  Albert 9 OH


Fairfield Co. OH Marriage Records (no bride indexes)
   1803-1823 (FHL film 295,268)
      No Duncan grooms; no brides spotted in page-by-page scan
   1823-1835 (FHL film 295,268)
      No brides spotted in page-by-page scan
      5 March 1835, Robert Duncan to Miss Lucinda Cochrane, by William Jones
   1835-1851 (FHL film 295,269)
      No Duncan grooms; did not scan for brides


Fairfield Co. OH Will Books
   Book 1, 1803-1811 - no Duncan (FHL film 295,272)
   Book 2, 1812-1838 - no Duncan
   Book 3, 1838-1849 - no Duncan
   Book 4, 1849-1858 (FHL film 295,273)
      4-18: 25 Oct. 1849 court; will of James Duncan produced, dated 3 Oct. 1848; of Pleasant Twp; to son Thomas Duncan all my real estate, it being the farm on which I now reside in Pleasant Twp; to my son aforesaid Thomas Duncan all my personal estate; to each of my sons William, John, James, David and Robert as much as will aggregate $100 including the amounts heretofore paid them by said son Thomas Duncan under the pres??? of a former will which is now revoked. To the children of my deceased daughter Sarah Clisands jointly the sum of $30. (part of handwriting very poor and almost illegible) Appoint son Thomas Duncan sole executor. Wit. Daniel Kelley, Brendes? B. Silas, David Ewing?.
            (MAD: the obituary published in the "Ohio Eagle" at Lancaster, OH, on Thursday, 1 Nov. 1849, said that Mr. James Duncan died on Tuesday the 16th ult. at the advanced age of 84 years, one of early settlers of this county, among the first members of the First Presbyterian Church in Lancaster. From pg.423, Vol.1, "Gateway to the West" by Ruth Bowers and Anita Short, 1989 reprint of periodical 1967 to 1978, Vol.7#2, FHL book 977.1 D25g)
      4-78/80: 16 Sept. 1851 court; will of Daniel Duncan produced by Charles C. Emory? and John Grimes? the witnesses, on 16 Oct. 1849 in Licking Co. OH who certified to it; will dated 14 April 1849, of Licking Co. OH; my executrix may sell part of my estate to pay debts; to my wife Mary M. Duncan all of my estate of every kind; appoint wife Mary M. Duncan sole executrix; no inventory or appraisement of my estate shall be required. Wit. Charles C. Convers, D.C. Goddard, John Greiner. (MAD: from Cumberland Co. PA)
      4-437/440: 14 March 1857; will of Mary M. Duncan of Muskingum Co. OH produced together with certificates of probate court of said Muskingum Co.; dated 17 July 1852; subject to provisions hereinafter, to my children Ellen A. Duncan, Henry C. Duncan, Charles C. Duncan and Alice G. Duncan, all my estate to be equally divided among them; that portion to my daughters shall be for their separate use; appoint brother Theodore Convers executor; appoint brother Theodore Convers guardian of my children until they reach their full ages, and appoint him trustee for them; no bond required; authorize Theodore Convers to appoint a successor in writing. Wit. Howard Stanbery, David C. Convers. The court found that Theodore Convers was dead and appointed Charles B. Goddard admr under bond of $2000 with E.B. Eastman and Daniel C. Convers securities.


Fairfield Co. OH Deeds (1801-1899 index, grantors on FHL film 317,752; grantees on FHL film 317,755; some from index only)
      B-94: 12 April 1803; Certified that John Cells and Jane Dunken was legally joined in marriage. /s/ Henry Abrams. (FHL film 295,275)
      E-#164: 12 May 1800, John Matthews of Marietta, Territory North of River Ohio, to John Duncan of City of Philadelphia, that Matthews received of Duncan land warrants to the amount of 1,000 acres of land appropriated for military warrants, and for the Society of the United Brethren for Propagating Gospel among the heathen, for which registry and location Matthews was to receive 1/10 part; he located and a patent was issued on 12 May 1800 for Second 1/4 of 7th Township 11th Range, 3,185? acres?, Now John Matthews for consideration of the warrants and for 100 acres, being 1/10th part, release and quit claim to John Duncan the 2nd Quarter in Lot #1. (FHL film 295,275)
      G-#4: 24 March 1808, Mathew Ewing and wife Mary, and Jane Ewing, legatee of John Ewing of Fairfield Co. OH, to James Duncan of same, $250, W 1/2 Sec.20 T15 R18, part of the lands sold at Chillicothe, the 1/3 part of above 1/2 section being the SE corner of said 1/2 section, being 111 acres; and 115 acres and 2/3 of a perch, which said half section was granted said James Duncan, Mathew Ewing and John Ewing assignee of Thomas Orfina (Cefina?) by patent 6 June 1806. Wit. Thos. Cefina? (?Cessna? Cysna?), Hugh Boyle. (FHL film 295,275)
      G-#6: 24 March 1808, Mathew Ewing and wife Mary and James Duncan and wife Mary (x) to Jane Ewing legatee of John Ewing of same, all Fairfield Co. OH, $250, (similar to G-#4). (FHL film 295,275)
      G-#7: 24 March 1808, James Duncan and wife Mary (X) and Jane Ewing legatee of John Ewing, to Mathew Ewing, all Fairfield Co. OH, (similar to G-#4) (FHL film 295,275)
      X-375: 1835, William Richard & wife Margaret to Alexander Duncan, Sec.3 T15 R18, lot 3
      X-376: 1835, William Richard & wife Margaret to Alexander Duncan, Sec.3 T15 R18, lot 2
      1-555: 1837, Thomas Sturgeon and wife Margaret to Robert Duncan, part Inn lot 4 and Inn lot 3 in Lancaster
      3-163: 6 July 1837, Alexander Duncan & others, directors of School District #2 in Pleasant Twp, to David Pence, Sec.3 T15 R18. (FHL film 295,285)
      3-265: 15 Jan. 1838, Robert Duncan to Philip Benadum, E 1/3 Inn lot 3 and W 1/3 Inn lot 4, 20th Square, town of Lancaster. (FHL film 295,285)
      3-275: 23 Jan. 1838, Robert Duncan mortgage to Gabriel Carpenter, lot in 3-265. (FHL film 295,285)
      4-27: (no day or month) 1838, Daniel Sifford & wife Effie of Fairfield Co. OH to Samuel Weekly?, David Ewing, Levin Weakley, Benedict Weakeley, Thomas Duncan, Margaret Ewing, John C. Rice, William Ewing, Thomas E. Ewing, and Daniel Sifford, all Fairfield Co. OH, $25, part of W 1/2 Sec.29 T15 R18 known as Radabaugh farm, 1/2 acre adj. Benedict Weakley, opposite the graveyard on the lands of Frederick Sellers, land lies in Pleasant Twp, part of purchase of George Raudabaugh by said Sifford; registered 28 July 1838. (MAD: does not give reason for so many grantees) (FHL film 295,286)
      4-74: 28 Aug. 1838, Robert Duncan and wife Lucinda of Fairfield Co. OH to Philip Benadum of Fairfield Co. OH, $600, E 1/3 Inn lot 3 and W 1/3 Inn lot 4, 20th Square, town of Lancaster. Wit. John J. Watter, Geo. Sanderson JP. (FHL film 295,286)
      4-75: 1838, Philip Benadum to Robert Duncan, Inn lot 40 in NW Addition Lancaster
      4-386: 22 Dec. 1839, Robert Duncan and wife Lucinda of Fairfield Co. OH to William James Reese, $300, Inn lot 40 in NW Addition to Town of Lancaster. Wit. Geo. Sanderson JP, P. Carpenter. (FHL film 295,286)
      6-192: 1 April 1840, Alexander Duncan and wife Mary to Philip Fitzer, all Fairfield Co. OH, $200, fractional lots 2 and 3 in Square 3 in Pleasantville. Wit. John Paden JP, Wm. Nisely. (FHL film 295,287)
      7-479: 1841, Robert Caffee and wife Nancy R. to Daniel Duncan, Pt. Out lot 5 E. of Lancaster
      19-22: 1851, Oliver H. Perry (Sheriff) to Mary N. Duncan, Out Lot 5 in Peter Reber's addition to Lancaster
      19-141: 6 Sept. 1851, According to an agreement between A.D. Hes, widow of David Hes late of Fairfield Co. OH, and Mary Duncan, Thomas Duncan, Matilda A. Shaw, O.P. Shaw, Wm. R. Hes and Henry Hes by his guardian Lewis Evans, heirs of afsd. David Hes decd, for purpose of assigning dower in Henry Co., to wit, W 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec. 10 T5N R8E, 44 acres; and W 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec.10 T5N, 80 acres; and 1/4 of land in Paulding Co., NE 1/4 Sec.24 T1N R3E; and one house and lot #60 in town of Rushville, Fairfield Co., conveyed by Edward B. Thompson to David Hes 8 Nov. 1825, and house and lot #11 in Newark, Licking Co., conveyed by Joseph Coffman & wife Margaret of Licking Co. to David Hess of Fairfield Co., total appraisal $2154, 1/3 of which is $718; the widow A.D. Hes elects house and lot in Newark, Licking Co., and money and part of lot in town of Rushville. (more not copied) (FHL film 295,293)
      19-502: 1852, Joseph Symonds and wife Sarah J. to Thomas Duncan, Sec.20 T15 R18
      23-107: 1855, Thos. Duncan and wife Mary to John Shaw, Sec.32 T17 R17
      24-340: 1857, Mary M. Duncan (Deed by Admr) to John Klotz, lot 5 in Coffee's Add. Lancaster
      26-591: 1860, Mary M. Duncan (Deed by Admr) to Catharine Weigel, lot 612 in Lancaster
      27-548, 29-191 (& Thomas et al), 29-645 & later to 1870, Mary M. Duncan (Deed by Admr) grantor deeds not copied; no other grantee deeds until 1883.

Fairfield Co. OH Record (from Deone Penquite 4/1986; deed book volumes from A-F grantor index on FHL film 317,752 and A-K grantee index on FHL film 317,755; MAD's extracts)
      Vol.71, pg.80-81: 21 Nov. 1891, Daniel Ward and Martha J. his wife, to James Duncan and Harman M. Ward, $1200, land in Fairfield Co. OH, part of SW 1/4 Sec. 19, Twp. 14, Range 19, containing 38-74/100 acres. Wit. George Cunningham, Minnie Ward.
      Vol.74, pg.400-403: H.M. Ward, exr. to James Duncan. That Daniel Ward, late of Fairfield Co. OH, deceased, owned land; that he made his will 2 May 1883 appointing said H.M. Ward executor; Daniel Ward died 9 June 1892 and the will was presented for probate; ... that Daniel Ward provided the land be sold so his estate could be more equitably divided; the land was sold to James Duncan for $5000; deed to James Duncan, a part of Sec. 19, Twp. 14, Range 19, 123 and 39/100 acres; dated 1 May 1893, wit. George S. Cunningham, H.B. Cunningham.
      Vol.74, pg.403-404: 6 May 1893, James Duncan and wife Elmina A., for $2500, to H.M. Ward, the undivided half of part of Sec. 19, Twp. 14, Range 19, 123-39/100 acres. Wit. George Cunningham, George S. Cunningham.
      Vol.74, pg.405-406: 4 May 1893, Martha J. Ward widow of Daniel Ward decd, Sarah A. Crumley and David Crumley her husband, Elvina A. Duncan wife of James Duncan grantee, Mary E. Kerns and H.W. Kerns her husband, H.M. Ward (unmarried) and Minnie B. Ward (unmarried) all the heirs of Daniel Ward decd, for $5000, to James Duncan, land in Fairfield Co., part of Sec. 19, Twp. 14, Range 19, 123-39/100 acres. Wit. Geo. S. Cunningham, Geo. Cunningham.
      Vol.81, pg.71-72: 11 April 1896, R.D. Cunningham, an unmarried man, to James Duncan and Harman M. Ward, $4,442.50, part of NE 1/4 of Sec. 25, Twp. 13, Range 20, 71-10/100 acres. Wit. James A. Tobin, Geo. S. Cunningham.
      Vol.81, pg.563-565: 8 Sept. 1896, R.D. Cunningham, an unmarried man, to James Duncan and Harman M. Ward, for $901.25, part of SW 1/4 Sec. 19, Twp. 14, Range 19, 14-42/100 acres. Wit. George Cunningham, Chas. M. Courtright.

HISTORIES before 1923

1877 "Complete History of Fairfield Co. OH 1795-1876" by Hervey Scott (FHL book 977.158 H2s and films 962,275 item 1 and 934,894 item 5; from Deone Penquite 10/1991)
      Pg.232-4: Statement of Thomas E. Ewing of Pleasant Twp. The first settlements in Pleasant Twp were begun in 1799. The following persons, with their familie, came in 1800 & the few succeeding years: Thomas, Mathew & David Ewing in 1800 and settled on Ewing's Run, 4 miles north of Lancaster; Thomas was my father, and David the father of the present David Ewing who resides on & owns the paternal farm; James Ewing was a son of Thomas and now the resident owner of the old place. John & Benjamin Feemen came in 1801 and settled immediately north of the Ewings. James Duncan, father of the present Thomas Duncan Esq. came in 1800 and settled on lands adj. Thomas Ewing. Peter Lamb first settled where Frederick Sites lives, purchasing the lands at the Government sales. This was in 1801. In the fall of the same year, his father came with his family & settled on the same land. George & Nicholas Radibaugh settled in the township in 1801; George was the father of George, Jacob & William Radibaugh ... of Pleasant Twp, now decd ...
      Pg.234-5: Statement of Frederick Sites of Pleasant Twp. My father, Peter Sites, came from Rockingham Co. VA & settled on the farm where I now reside in 1809. He purchased the land from Jacob & Philip Lamb ... Our neighbors 60 years ago were: Judge Burton, Thomas Ewing, David Ewing, Mathew Ewing, James Duncan, John Feemen and Benjamin Feemen. ...
      Pg.45-6: 1806 Taxpayers: Pleasant Twp: James Duncan ...

"Centennial history of Lancaster, Ohio, and Lancaster people : 1898, the one hundredth anniversary of the settlement of the spot where Lancaster stands" (Fairfield Co. OH) by C.M.L. Wiseman; pub. Lancaster, Ohio: C.M.L. Wiseman, 1898, c1897, 407 pgs. (LH8164, HeritageQuest images 5/2007; FHL film 934,895 item 2)
      Pg.57-58: SAMUEL F. MACCRACKEN came to Lancaster from Pennsylvania in July, 1810. He was born in the year 1785. Upon his arrival in Lancaster he immediately opened a general store upon the Green corner. In 1815 ... In 1829, with William J. Reese as partner, he opened a branch store in Newark, which was conducted by a former clerk, Daniel Duncan. In time [Jacob] Lutz and Duncan purchased the stocks of goods. Lutz became a prominent merchant of Circleville and Daniel Duncan a distinguished citizen of Newark and a promient politician. He was the father of Charles Duncan, son-in-law of Dr. Effinger. ... (MAD: Newark, Licking Co. OH)

"Pioneer period and pioneer people of Fairfield County, Ohio" by C.M.L. Wiseman; pub. 1901 by F.J. Heer Printing Co. (digital images from book at Allen County [Indiana] Public Library; FHL book 977.158 H2w and film 2409073 Item 2; brief extract from Kathy D. Cawley 8/2008)
      Pgs.209-211: John M. Ashbrook was born January 2, 1809. He married Katharine Armstrong, of Lancaster. She is living at Geneva, Nebraska, in her 81st year. John M., was a live, competent business man and a good farmer. He ran a whiskey distillery for a good many years with some success. .... His wealth at one time was estimated at $125,000. .... His house was the home of Baptist preachers for forty years and Baptist people, and the latch string was out to all comers. His house was a free hotel, always full. .... He, with David Huber, projected the Pleasantville Academy, and carried it to its completion. .... He died August 17, 1885, aged 76 years. He had a son in Hebron, Nebraska, O.A. Ashbrook, who married a daughter of Thomas Duncan. .... (KDC & MAD: 1900 Thayer Co. NE)

"Proceedings of the centennial celebration of the First Presbyterian Church of Lancaster, Ohio : held October 20th, 21st and 22nd, 1905." (Fairfield Co.) by John Gourley; pub. Lancaster, Ohio?: The Church?, 1905, 122 pgs. (LH8129, HeritageQuest images 5/2007)
      Pg.12: The first Sessional record is dated June 20th, 1806, and is as follows: "The session of Hocking Congregation met, agreeably to appointment, at the house of James Moody (?). ... The following persons were admitted to the communion of the Church: On certificate, Joseph Work, Agnes Work, James Duncan, Mary Duncan, Robert Work, Elizabeth Sackett, Peter Sturgeon, Rebeckah Sturgeon, John Wilson, Sarah Wilson, George Coffinberry, Elizabeth Coffinberry, William Baird, Jane Baird, John Baird, ..."
      Pg.26-27: 1836 for 13 years, Mr. William Cox's pastorate ... list of Trustees included Thomas Duncan.
      Pg.52: History of the Music of the church ... Robert Duncan (a brother of the late Thomas Duncan) was the leader of the choir for a number of years, also a teacher of vocal music. ... (MAD: no date)

"Historical encyclopedia of Illinois and history of Cook Co." by Carter H. Harrison; pub. Chicago: Munsell Pub. Co., 1905, 1045 pgs. (LH5018, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL book 977.31 H2c v.1&2 and fiche 6,050,914 and 6,050,915)
      Vol.2, Pg.852: FRANK LINAEUS CHURCH was born in Chicago, Ill., June 9, 1842, a son of William L. and Roxanna Jones (Pike) Church, ... On September 15, 1864, Mr. Church was married at Lancaster, Ohio, to Alice G. Duncan, and four children were born to them, as follows: Frank L., William L., D. Duncan and Al C. After the death of his wife he was married at Milwaukee, Wis., August 4, 1885, to Quintia L. Smith. Mr. Church is engaged in the real estate abstract business. (MAD: Lancaster, Fairfield Co. OH)

1905 "The Duncan and Gibson Families" by Hugh Welch Duncan (FHL book 929.273 D912d and film 1,303,260 item 14)
      The book contains information on JAMES DUNCAN who lived at Chestnut Level, York Co. PA, died prior to 1770, wife Elizabeth; children: Robert lived in Lower Chanceford, York Co. PA; John settled in Fairfield Co. OH; James settled in Beaver Co. PA; ANDREW DUNCAN Sr. of York Co. PA; Mary married Joseph Reed of Lower Chanceford, York Co. PA; and Elizabeth married Mr. Yocum and lived near Slate Ridge, MD. The book also gives much information about the children and grandchildren.


"Chicago Daily Tribune" Chicago, Illinois, 28 Jan 1883 (from Kathy D. Cawley 10/2006)
      Obituary. MRS. ALICE DUNCAN CHURCH. MRS. ALICE DUNCAN CHURCH, whose funeral took place Wednesday morning from the Park View, 427 West Monroe street, was the wife of FRANK L. CHURCH, one of the old settlerd of Chicago. MRS. CHURCH was born in Newark, O., July 22, 1846. She was the daughter of the HON. DANIEL DUNCAN, who died at Washington, D.C., in his seat in Congress. Her mother followed him soon after. She was left an orphan at an early age.
      She was married at Lancaster, O., in 1864, to FRANK L. CHURCH, then an officer in the United States marines, and went with her husband to his various stations. She was a lady beloved by a large circle of friends for her kind and cheerful manners, always administering to the pleasures of others, oftentimes to the sacrifice of her own. She was a devoted wife and mother, and leaves a husband, sister, and four sons to mourn her early death.
      The Rev. Dr. Clinton Locko conducted the funeral services at the residence and Mr. C.S. Squiers, Mr. Frank Sturges, Mr. Jansen, Mr. Hill, Mr. Relleuger, and Maj. Carroll officiated as palbearers. The remains were interred at Rosehill. (MAD: Newark, Licking Co. OH; Lancaster, Fairfield Co. OH; Washington, D.C.; Chicago, Cook Co. IL)

Some early Duncans in Fairfield Co. OH:
      Benjamin Duncan, 1801-1803, res. Fairfield Co., from Chillicothe Land Office Book A, pg.181 ("Early Ohioan's Residences from the Land Grant Records" by Mayburt Stephenson Riegel, FHL book 977.1 R2e and film 928,416 item 2)
      James Duncan, 1801-1803, res. Fairfield Co., from Chillicothe Land Office Book A, pg.217 ("Early Ohioan's Residences from the Land Grant Records" by Mayburt Stephenson Riegel, FHL book 977.1 R2e and film 928,416 item 2)
      Jacob Duncan, 1806, on tax list ("Index to Ohio Tax Lists 1800-1810" by Jackson, FHL book 977.1 R4j, from Louis Boone 8/1984, pg. 115-116)
      James Duncan, 1806, taxpayer in Pleasant Township. (pg.106, Vol.1, 1960, "OH The Cross Road of our Nation, Records & Pioneer Families" from Evelyn Sigler 4/1984)
      James Duncan, 1806-1808, on tax lists ("Index to Ohio Tax Lists 1800-1810" by Jackson, FHL book 977.1 R4j, from Louis Boone 8/1984, pg. 115-116)
      John Duncan, 1806-1808, on tax lists ("Index to Ohio Tax Lists 1800-1810" by Jackson, FHL book 977.1 R4j, from Louis Boone 8/1984, pg. 115-116)
      James Duncan, 1810, on tax list with 100 acres in 18-15-20 ("OH 1810 Tax Duplicate" by Gerald M. Petty, 1976, FHL book 977.1 R4p, from Deone Penquite 10/1991)
      James Duncan, 1825, on tax list ("Index of the OH 1825 Tax Duplicate" by Gerald M. Petty, 1981, FHL book 977.1 R42p, from Deone Penquite 10/1991)
      David Duncan, 23 March 1827, who will be 18 on 23 Nov. 1827, was bound by his father James Duncan to Henry Vanpelt to learn the trade of hatting for 3 years, from Fairfield Co. OH Record of Indentures 1824-1830. (pg.23, Vol.22, 1981, "OH The Cross Road of our Nation, Records & Pioneer Families" from Evelyn Sigler 10/1983)


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