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Formed 1808 from Genesee


1810 Chautauqua Co. NY Census
        No Duncan indexed

1820 Chautauqua Co. NY Census
Pg.131  William Duncan      100100       - 10100        Portland

1830 Chautauqua Co. NY Census
Pg.465  James Duncan        1113,101     - 0010,001     Stockton

1840 Chautauqua Co. NY Census
Pg. 26  Alfred K. Duncan    0000,1       - 0000,1       Poland
   200  Noyes Duncan        1000,1       - 1000,1       Portland
   253  S.K. Duncan         1000,0101    - 0000,2       Stockton

1850 Chautauqua Co. NY Census
Pg.71, #473, Albert DUNCAN 34 NY farmer $2000
                  Amy 31 NY
                  Ada 5 NY
Pg.71, #474, Ebenezer DUNCAN 65 MA farmer
                  Ann 48 NY
                  Adelphia (f) 7 NY
                  Wheeland HOAN 23 NY farmer
Pg.257, #247-257, Noyce DUNCAN 36 NY waggen maker $500
                  Amanda 31 NY
                  Henry 12, Robert 10 NY
                  Mary 5 NY
                  (MAD: 1860-1880 Winona Co. MN census)
Pg.257, #279-290, Seth K. DUNCAN 41 NY cabinet maker $200
                  Lorenda 39 VT
                  Charles 11, Arthur 7 NY
                  Clodine (f) 4 NY
                  (MAD: Definitely Seth "K.", Lorenda)

1860 Chautauqua Co. NY Census
(page numbers in parentheses are the handwritten page numbers)
Pg.457, #965-934, James DUNCAN 29 SCT machinest $0-$100
                  Alice 33 SCT
                  Agnes 6, Thomas 4, James 1 NY
(Part II) Stockton
Pg.269, #2162-2123, Amos REMANEN? (Rewarren?) 36 NY farmer $8000-$4500
                  Hillen A. (f) 33 NY
                  Du Ette (f) 12 NY
                  Flora BUSTON (f) 22 NY housework
                  Robert DUNCAN 19 NY farm laborer
Pg.293 (297), #2361-2324, Seth R. DUNCAN 51 NY "cabinet maker (master)" $1000-$200
                  Lavurda (f) 49 VT housekeeper
                  Charles C. 22 NY laborer
                  Cludine (f) 14, James 10 NY
                  Betsy Ann 8 NY
                  (MAD: Definitely Seth "R.", probably Lavurda, cannot make Larenda from name)
Pg.294 (298), #2366-2330, Henry DUNCAN 35 NY blacksmith $400-$280
                  Samantha M. 33 NY
                  Hattie (f) 2 NY
                  Olive SOUTH (f) 16 NY housework
Pg.300 (304), #2418-2357, ?Samuel GUSSY? 46 NY farmer $5000-$1100
                  Julia A. 39 NY
                  Lucy D. 16, Farat? M. (m) 12 NY
                  Margaret? E. (f) 4 NY
                  Harry DUNCAN 22 NY farm laborer

1870 Chautauqua Co. NY Census
Town of Dunkirk
Pg.158, #29-28, DUNCAN, James 39 SCT merchant? $1000-$0, parents of foreign birth
                  Agnes 16 NY, parents of foreign birth
                  Thomas 14, James 11 NY, parents of foreign birth
                  CONESLIER?, Elisa 50 IRE house keeper, parents of foreign birth
Pg.269, #4-4, DUNCAN, William 27 Upper Canada "mason (lath, plaster)" $0-250, parents of foreign birth
                  Lucy 34 NY wash, iron & sew
                  Hattie J. 11 MI attends school, father of foreign birth
Town of Stockton
Pg.696, #179-167, DUNCAN, Seth H. 61 NY cabinet maker $2000-$500
                  Lorenda 59 VT keeping house
                  James B. 20 NY cabinet maker
                  Betsey A. 18 NY at home
Pg.696, #193-181, DUNCAN, Henry 49 NY blacksmith $0-$0
                  Susan 42 NY keeping house, $1500-$500
                  Hattie 12 NY attending school
                  DOBY, Laura 55 NY at home
                  Ellen 50 NY at home
Pg.701, #278-262, RANDALL, George 35 NY farmer $9780-$3300
                  Eliza 58 VT keeping house
                  Franklin (m) 32 NY farmer
                  Byron 20 NY farmer
                  DUNCAN, Clodine (f) 24 NY domestic servant

HISTORIES before 1923

"The story of Chautauqua [County New York]" by Jesse Lyman Hurlbut; pub. New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1921, 483 pgs. (LH2855, HeritageQuest images 6/2007)
      Pg.85: The National Centennial Year (1875) ... commemorated on Saturday, August 5th ... speakers ... Mr. W. Aver Duncan of London, presented the congratulations of Old England to her daughter across the sea.
      Appendix pg.399: Distinguished Foreigners ... Mr. W. Aver Duncan.

"History of Chautauqua County, New York, and its people" by W H Faust, A Burr, James Mullett, Leverett Barker, et al; pub. Boston: American Historical Society, 1921, 1537 pgs. (LH3611, HeritageQuest images 6/2007)
      Pg.238: Towns - Stockton. Hiram Shaw, a cabinet maker, established a shop about 1830. Seth Duncan succeeded him, and carried on a business for some thirty years.

"History of Chautauqua County, New York" by Obed Edson; pub. Boston, Mass.: W.A. Fergusson, 1894, 1014 pgs. (LH2940, HeritageQuest images 6/2007)
      Pg.441: Summer Courses ... (ca 1894?) Government of the Chautauqua System: W.A. Duncan, secretary. Assembly Trustees - W.A. Duncan, Syracuse, N.Y. (MAD: similar minor references not copied)

"History of Chautauqua County, New York : from its first settlement to the present time : with numerous biographical and family sketches" by Andrew W. Young; pub. Buffalo, N.Y.?: unknown, 1875, 803 pgs. (LH3501, HeritageQuest images 6/2007)
      Pg.555: Stockton. Original Purchases in Township 4, Range 12. 1828. Aug., Jas. Duncan, 55 (MAD: acres?)
      Pg.562: Stockton. Hiram Shaw, a cabinet-maker, established a shop about 1830; and was succeeded by Seth K. Duncan(?), who carried on the business some 30 years or longer. His son Charles died in the army in the late war. (MAD: "(?)" as given)

"The biographical record of Jasper County, Missouri" by Malcolm G. McGregor; pub. Chicago: Lewis Pub. Co., 1901, 521 pgs. (LH11535, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL film 1,000,294 item 3)
      Pg.203-204: Thomas Folger ... returned home in 1864 ... two years later married ... to Jasper Co. MO 1883, in 1893 he returned to Kansas, locating at Lowell, Cherokee Co. ... Mr. Folger was united in marriage with Mary J. Cutler, the wedding being celebrated on the 27th of May, 1866. The lady is a native of Chautauqua county, New York, born January 19, 1848, a daughter of George and Charlotte (Duncan) Cutler, natives also of the Empire state. In his native state the father followed the profession of teaching, but in 1858 he removed to Vermilion county, Illinois, and engaged in the practice of medicine. His death occurred when he had reached the age of 62 years while his wife reached the age of 74 years. ... They became the parents of four children, of whom Mrs. Folger is the third in order of birth. The ... mother was a consistent and worthy member of the Presbyterian church.


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