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Formed 1799 from Onondaga
Seneca formed 1804 from Cayuga
Tompkins formed 1817 from Cayuga, Seneca


1800-1810 Cayuga Co. NY Census
        No Duncan indexed

1820 Cayuga Co. NY Census
Pg. 51  Benajah Danken     000100       - 10100        Mentz
   112  James Dunkin       310010       - 10010        Scipio

1830 Cayuga Co. NY Census
Pg.269  Dewey Duncan       0100,1       - 1000,01      Scipio

1840 Cayuga Co. NY Census
Pg.137  John Duncan        1000,1       - 0000,1       Scipio
        Dewey Duncan       0001,01      - 0010,001
          (Dewey next to John)
   138  John Duncan        0000,0000,1  - 0000,0000,1
   173  Nelson Duncan      0000,1       - 0000,1       Owasco

1850 Cayuga Co. NY Census
Pg.80, #1172, George BOYLE 40 NY ?? $800
                  Mary 30 VT
                  Electa DUNKIN (f) 7 NY
Pg.133, #2008, William DUNCAN 27 IRE laborer
                  Michael O'HARRY 30 IRE
                  Sarah 31 IRE
                  children 9-1 b. IRE
                  John WALKER 25 IRE
                  Mary 25 IRE
Auburn Ward 1
Pg.217, #1051, Thomas DUNCAN 29 CAN machinest
                  Harriet 28 NY
                  Harriet 7, Alice 3 NY
                  Phebe WEAVER 19 NY
Pg.219, #128-142, J.G. DUNCAN (m) 45 MA carpenter $700
                  Elinor 45 MA
                  Eliza 23, Maria 20, Catharine 18 NY
                  Philander (m) 12, Albert 16, Louisa 11 NY
                  Oran (m) 9, Alvira 7, Chas. Paine 7 NY
                  Matilda PEAT 29 NH
                  (MAD: Philander in 1860 DeKalb Co. IL census; 1870 Kankakee Co. IL census)
Auburn Ward 3
Pg.266, #613-776, H.A. KNAPP 14 NY & others
                  Rachael DUNCANSON (f) 50 NY BLACK
                  Nelson 11, Wm. 3 NY BLACK
Pg.273, #683-837, Henry A. DUNCAN 36 VT trunk wk?
                  Delia 15, Elbert (m) 11 NY
Pg.318, #---, Auburn Prison
                  Wm. DUNCAN 42 MA 1849 mason intent to kill
Pg.337, #1657, Harvey ELLIS 50 NY farmer $5950
                  Salley 51 NY
                  Clara 26, Adolphus (m) 24 NY
                  Theressa (f) 22, Eveline 20 NY
                  Edgar 18, Egbert 16 NY
                  Hellen 14, Frederick 11 NY
                  Cordelia 9 NY
                  Thos. S. IRVING 58 RI farmer $2500
                  Mary 55 NY
                  Eliza 28, Susan 23 NY
                  Fnice? (m) 20 NY farmer
                  Franklin DUNCAN 10 NY
                  Lydia 8, Thoms. 6 NY
                  Lewis WILLSEN 22 NY farmer
                  (MAD: children of Nelson Duncan & Ann Sophia Ervin; definitely "Thos. S. Irving")
Pg.180, #185, Dewy DUNCAN 49 NY mason
                  Rachel 50 VT
Pg.191, #224-241, Henry SPUNGHT? 21 NY, Sarah 27 NY
                  children 6 & 1 & others
                  Sally A. DUNCAN 17 NY
Pg.195, #380-398, Manual? C. DUNCAN 52 NY laborer
                  Mary 71 NY
                  Charley 19, Elizabeth 16 NY
                  Margarette 15, Geo. 12 NY
                  Almira 10, Edgar 7, Hannah 5 NY
                  (MAD: not Samuel, definitely "M" at start of name; last 4 children were with Andrew Duncan and Elizabeth in 1860 Cayuga Co. NY census)

1860 Cayuga Co. NY Census
Auburn Ward 1
Pg.133, #331-341, John G. DUNCAN 55 MA building mover $12,000-$200
                  Elanor N?. 54 MA housework
                  Catharine 27, Louisa S. 21 NY
                  Amelia E. 17 NY
                  John H. VanVLECK 12 NY
                  (MAD: 1870 Kankakee Co. IL census)
Pg.133-4, #332-342, Albert O. DUNCAN 23 NY carpenter & joiner $0-$100
                  Carrie 18 NY
                  Charles EGLESTON 11 NY
                  (MAD: 1870 Kankakee Co. IL census)
Auburn Ward 3
Pg.18, #132-132, Geo. J. PORT 34 NY dist. atty. $28,000-$15,000
                  Esther 34 NY
                  Jane E. 12, Thomas B. 9 NY
                  John H. 8, Cora 4, Geo. 6/12 NY
                  Almyra DUNCAN (f) 21 NY domestic
Pg.561, #372-368, Daniel DUNKIN 27 IRE farm laborer
                  Mary 26 IRE
                  John 2, Margaret 4/12 NY
Pg.561, #375-371, Andrew DUNKIN 62 NY farmer $0-$75
                  Elizabeth 57 NY
                  George 23, Elmira 22 NY
                  Edgar (m) 18, Hannah 16 NY
Pg.594, #239-237, Chancy DUNCAN (m) 29 NY farmer $1000-$455
                  Mary 29 NY
                  Patrick FARL? 16 NY farm laborer
Pg.693, #714-718, William MULLEN 34 NY farmer $0-$500
                  James W. 4 NY
                  James P. WILLIAMS? 50 NJ (blank) $3700-$500
                  Franklin DUNCAN (m) 18 NY farm laborer
                  Nancy SULLIVAN 16 NY
                  Sarah CURTIS 25 NY servant
Pg.701, #766-782, Jos. MORSE? 53 NY nurseryman $9,700-$20,000
                  Elizabeth E. 31 MA ("Mass")
                  Lizie (f) 6, John E. 3 NY
                  Frances B. (f) 1 NY
                  Ephraim YOUNGLAN? (m) 71 MA ("Mass") farmer
                  Maria 67 MA
                  John M. MERSERAM? 28 NY nurseryman $2000-$500
                  Mary DUNCAN 18 NY servant

1870 Cayuga Co. NY Census
Auburn Ward 4
Pg.161, #?468-500?, Convicts in the Auburn prison
                  including (semi-alphabetic order)
                  DUNCAN, William 29 ENG clerk, parents of foreign birth
Auburn Ward 6
Pg.204, #207-210, Theological students "ages range about 23; all the students 21 years and upwards, being now vacation, could not obtain ages"
                  DUNCAN, Wm. D. 25 MO theological student, middle class
Town of Brutus
Pg.268, #274-314, ALLEN, E.G. (m) 48 NY hotel keeper
                  Caroline 48 NY keeping house
                  (and other families)
                  DUNCAN, Jennie (f) 24 NY school teacher
                  (MAD: indexed as James (f))
Pg.268, #278-318, DUNCAN, D.G. 55 NY farmer $5000-$500
                  Harriett 39 NY keeping house
                  Allice 13 NY at home
                  DADY, Winthrop (m) 8 NY at home
Town of Cato
Pg.291, #93-95, SMITH, Lanson (m) 83 CT farmer $13440-$2600
                  Christina 33 NY
                  Lanson (m) 14 NY
Pg.291, #93-96, DUNCAN, Murray (m) 23 NY farmer $0-$1050
                  Ella 20 NY keeping house
Town of Fleming
Pg.349, #243-241, DUNCAN, Chauncey (m) 39 NY farmer $0-$400
                  Mary 37 NY K.H.
                  Adin (f) 9, Henry 5 NY
                  George 3, Wm. 1 NY
Town of Sennett
Pg.616, #169-170, Cayuga County Poor House
                  DUNCAN, David 73 SCT laborer

HISTORIES before 1923

1898 "A Portrait and biographical record of Portage and Summit Counties, Ohio : containing biographical sketches of many prominent and representative citizens, together with portraits and biographies of all the presidents of the United States, and biographies of the governors of Ohio" pub. by A.W. Bowen, also 1906 (FHL book 977.13 D3p and film 1,000,336 item 5; from Charles A. Duncan 5/1987)
      Pg.731: Charles Duncan, an ex-soldier of the Civil war, and now a respected citizen of Mantua Station, Portage Co. OH, was born in Red Creek, Wayne Co. NY, August 31, 1844, a son of James and Mahala Duncan.
      James Duncan, father of Charles, was born in Scotland in 1799, was taught blacksmithing under the good old thorough Scotch methods, and at the age of 27 years came to the U.S., located in Troy [Rensselaer Co.], NY, where he worked at his trade for many years in the Troy Mills, his specialty being ax-making, and later moved to Red Creek. He married a widow, Miss Mahala Withington, who bore the maiden name of Williams, and who was of Puritan stock, and whose father was a soldier in the war of 1812. The children born to this marriage were named Mahala, James, Phebe, Charles, Francis, Maryette and Henry. The father of this family was called to rest in Red Creek, at about the age of 77 years, dying in the faith of the Presbyterian church.
      Charles Duncan was taught blacksmithing by his father and worked at his trade until August 12, 1862, when he enlisted, at Red Creek, in Co. G, 138th NY Vol. Inf., but was soon afterward transferred to the 9th NY Heavy Art., 6th Army Corp, 3rd Div., 3rd Brigade, under Col. William A. Seward, in which he served until honorably discharged in July, 1865, at Syracuse NY, ...
      September 12, 1876, Mr. Duncan married, at Sterling [Cayuga Co.], NY, Miss Isabella Van Patten, dau. of Christian C. Van Patten, and in 1877 came to OH and settled at Mantua Station, Portage Co., where he has ever since successfully followed his trade. To the marriage of Mr. & Mrs. Duncan has been born one child, Ward C., now a youth of great promise. ...

"Portrait and biographical album of Gratiot County, Mich. : containing portraits and biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county, together with portraits and biographies of all the governors of Michigan and of the presidents of the United States : also containing a complete history of the county, from its earliest settlement to the present time." (anonymous); pub. Chicago: Chapman Bros., 1884, 818 pgs. (LH4947; HeritageQuest 5/2007; FHL film 897,364 item 1 and 1,000,085 item 2)
      Pg.422: WILLIAM T. PITT, Supervisor of Seville Township, residing on section 22, is a son of George and Eliza (Duncan) Pitt, natives, the former of England, and the latter of Cayuga Co., N.Y. The mother died when William T. was ten years old. The father came to Gratiot County in 1868, and located on 40 acres in Pine River Township. He now owns 80 acres. The subject of this sketch was born May 13, 1841, in Oakland Co. Mich., and remained at home with his parents until 14 years of age, after which ... In 1869 he married Miss Betsy Lawson, ...


"Eastern Washington [State] Genealogical Society Bulletin" Vol.22 #4, Dec. 1985 (from Onda Harris 6/1999 from Fort Wayne, Allen Co. IN Public Library)
      Pg.350-351: Bible Records, Edited by Mary Jane Stusai. Humphrey Family Bible Records are in the possession of and contributed by Beverly Rowley, of W. 5224 Rosewood, Spokane, WA 99208. The Bible is: Hitchcocks New & Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible, Revised and edited by Rev. Roswell R. Hitchcock, D.D. 1869. The Family Records are found in the back of the book.
      MAD: The bible starts with George W. Ansley, b.1838, wife Electa Duncan b.1843, and includes among other family surnames, the birth of Nelson Duncan 7/6/1811, mar. Ann Sophia Ervin 11/1/1839, (MAD: Nelson Duncan in 1840 Cayuga Co. NY), and their children born from 1840 to 1848, and the marriage of Ann Sophia Duncan to George Knickerbocker in 1852. There is a second Humphrey Bible also listed.


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