Duncans in Washoe Co. NV


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Last revised October 31, 2007

Formed 1861, original county


1870 Washoe Co. NV Census
Truckee Meadows
Pg.487-8, #36-blank, CLAYPOOL, Geo. 34 PA (white) wood chopper $0-$0
                  BLAKE, Geo. 24 MA wood chopper
                  WHITAKER, E.J. (m) 28 PA wood chopper
                  McHORTON, S.A. (m) 30 IL wood chopper
                  DUNCAN, Geo. 32 VA MULATTO cook
                  HENSON, Geo. 32 IL teamster $0-$0


"Nevada State Journal" (Reno, Washoe Co. NV) June 6, 1874 (transcription by and from Kathy Cawley 1/2004)
      HORRIBLE ACCIDENT - Sunday morning about 9 o'clock while the westward bound Central Pacific freight train was doing their switching in the yard at this place a lady passenger named Miss Lily Duncan, aged 38 years was standing on the platform of an emigrant car attached to the train, and was knocked off by the jar of the train coupling on to the car and run over, cutting both of her legs just below the knee almost entirely off. She was immediately conveyed to the County Hospital. Surgeons were called in and all possible means used to save her life, but all efforts were of no avail and she passed from this world to a better one above at 4 in the afternoon of the same day. She had no friends with her excepting her sister, and they were going from Missouri to some point in Mendocino county, California. The citizens of Reno generously contributed sufficient means to defray her funeral expenses, her remains being interred in the cemetery yesterday afternoon. It is said that the great Central Pacific Railroad offered $20 towards defraying these expenses, but citizens refused to take such a pitiful sum from the Company, believing that if that was all they could contribute it was better they should be allowed to retain it. We look upon this action of the Company as something so mean and contemptible that we should exhaust our vocabulary by even attempting to do the subject justice. They ought to be presented with a leather medal for their great liberality.

"Nevada State Journal" Reno, Nevada, Thursday, February 22, 1894 (transcription by and from Kathy Cawley 4/2004; MAD: Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co. IA; Reno, Washoe Co. NV)
      Two Lovers on a Delayed Train Married Here.
      A wedding took place on Monday evening last in Reno under circumstances closely bordering on romantic.
      A well known attorney of San Francisco, J. Boyd Allen, came from that city to greet his intended bride, Miss M.G. Duncan, a teacher for a number of years in Council Bluffs, Iowa, who was speeding over the rails toward the Golden Gate. Mr. Allen reached Reno on Sunday evening, obtained his license Monday morning early, called at the Congregational parsonage, engaged the services of the pastor Rev. T. Magill, hastened eastward on the morning train expecting to return on the west-bound passenger at 8 p.m., be married at Reno on arrival of the train, then continue the journey to the city on the same train.
      Upon the arrival of the train, which was delayed until 10:30 the contracting parties were married in the drawing room of a Pullman palace car, in the presence of Mrs. Harrel of New York, a friend of Miss Duncan, and two well known young ladies of Reno.
      Alas for human expectations, instead of the wedding pair continuing their journey toward the setting sun, they were compelled on account on the snow blockade to spend a few days of their honeymoon in Reno. They expressed themselves as delighted with our River-side city and its charming scenic surroundings. At 3 p.m. yesterday, however, they started on their delayed train toward their home in the city by the sea.


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