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Duncans in 1870 NEW HAMPSHIRE Census

1870 Belknap Co. NH Census
Pg.143, #162-195, DUNCAN, Belle 40 SCT keeping house $0-$0, parents of foreign birth
                  TENNY, Mary 30 SCT works in mill, parents of foreign birth
                  LINES, Jane 35 SCT works in cotton mill, parents of foreign birth
                  TENNY, Bella 4 MA, parents of foreign birth

1870 Cheshire Co. NH Census
Pg.568, #244-228, DUNCAN, Emeline 63 NH keeping house $1,000-$10,000
                  HODGE, Harland (m) 20 NH
                  LACY, Betsey 71 NH no occupation $2,000-$2,500
Pg.592, #254-275, DUNCAN, Annie (f) 52 NH keeping house $2500-$2500
                  Clara E. 19 NH
                  Isaac W. (m) 16 NH
                  Arther H. (m) 13, Albert N. 13 "twins" NH
                  BRACKETT, Annie L. 3 NH
Pg.629, #865-974, HALE, Saml. W. 48 MA speculator $68,500-$125,000
                  Emelia H. (f) 37 NH keeping house
                  Willis S. 16, Mary L. 14 NH
                  KIRTNEY??, Emelia 19 NH
                  WATSON, Annie M. 22 IRE domestic, parents of foreign birth
                  SAUNDERS, Julie 30 IRE domestic, parents of foreign birth
                  DUNCAN, George 22 NH D. laborer
Town of Nelson
Pg.682R-683, #155-158, HOSES??, Jewett (m) 55 NY teamster? $2000-$400
                  Susan W. 47 CT keeping house
                  Olive R. (f) 18 VT domestic servant
                  Ida 14 VT at home
                  CHAPMAN, Susan A. 6 VT
                  DUNCAN, Thomas W. 79 NH clergyman

1870 Grafton Co. NH Census
Pg.430, #365-390, FRASEY, Horace 61 NH hotel keeper $18,000-$3,500
                  Amanda 55 NH keeping house
                  LITTLE, Charles 20 NH clerk in hotel
                  DUNCAN, William 50 NH lawyer $0-$10,000
                  NEAL, Lucy 20 NH servant
                  MALONE, Magie 21 VT servant
                  COREY, William 30 NH porter
                  Mary 35 NH cook
                  Mary C. 10 NH
                  Charles 10 NY
                  COLLINS, Mary 25 NH pastry cook
                  AIKEN, Charles 23? NH clerk in hotel
Pg.481, #15-13, DUINCAN, Lewis 36 Prov. Quebec farmer $1600-$1250, parents of foreign birth
                  Hannah 60 NH keeping house
                  (no children)
Town of Lebanon (faint page)
Pg.507, #171-243, DUNCAN, William 80 VT mill wright $0-$5000
                  Emily 55? (54?) VT keeping house $0-$600
                  (MAD: William indexed age 61)
Pg.615, #14-17, DUNCAN, Horace 71 NH farmer $3550-$300
                  Roxanna 66 VT keeping house
                  Mary L. 38 NH
                  Horace H. 26 NH farmer $0-$500
                  WARDEN, Martha W. (f) 35 NH (blank) $5,100
Pg.616, #22-25, DUNCAN, Moses 50 VT day laborer $0-$400
                  Susan 52 VT keeping house
                  Charles 21 VT work on R.
                  DONCER?, Nancy 56 VT (blank) $1,000-$400
                  NOVA, Betsey 74 VT $0-$500

1870 Hillsborough Co. NH Census
Pg.24, #102-102, DUNCAN, John 74 NH farmer $2000-$1000
                  Mary 74 NH keeping house
                  Linda F. (f) 34 NH at home
Pg.24, 3113-113, DUNCAN, William 64 NH farmer $3000-$1000
                  Betsey 61 NH keeping house
                  John E. 34 NH at home
                  Granville M. (m) 29 NH at home
                  Emma J. 7 NH at home
                  GORDOM?, Margaret 33 NH at home
Pg.29, 3227-227, DUNCAN, John M. 43 NH carpenter $3000-$1625
                  Emma E. 39 NH keeping house
                  Fanny 17 NH at home
                  Wallace J. (m) 8 NH at home
                  Lucinda 66 NH at home
Pg.118, #121-119, DUNCAN, John 47 NH farmer $200-$600
                  Alvira S. 45 NH keeping house
                  George C. 16, Christy H. (m) 14 NH at home
Town of Hollis
Pg.149, #180-164, PARKER, John 66 NH farmer $8000-$2000
                  Mary A. 67 NH keeping house
                  LEFT, Frank 24 CANada works on ledge, parents of foreign birth
                  BLAIR, Frank 20 CAN works on ledge, parents of foreign birth
                  DUSET, Alfred 18 CAN works on ledge, parents of foreign birth
                  WALKER, William 30 IRE works on ledge, parents of foreign birth
                  FARLEY, James 35 IRE works on ledge, parents of foreign birth
                  WHITTIMORE, Charles 45 MA works on ledge
                  CORLISS, John 22 NH works on ledge
                  DUNCAN, James H. 15 NH farm laborer
                  CHAMBERLAIN, Robert B. 53 MA works on ledge
                  Susan W. 45 NH keeping house
Ward 2 Manchester
Pg.247, #76-76, SLEEPER, Elisabeth W. 42 NH keeps boarding house $0-$200
                  Carrie E. 20 NH at home
                  & servants, and many women, "Operatives in Cotton Mill" written sideways in occupation column
                  DUNCAN, Kitty 23 SCT (operative in cotton mill), parents of foreign birth
                  (MAD: indexed Hetty Duncan 23 SCT)
Pg.254, #146-146, PARKER, Lydia A. 30 NH keeping house $0-$500
                  Dewit C. (m) 27 NH barber
                  Addie (f) 22 NH "without"
                  George T. 19 NH barber
                  Lydia J. 20 NH at home
                  POWELL, George L. 22 VT paintor
                  LOUGHEY, Enoch (m) 29 ME in cotton mill
                  RUSSELL, John 21 NH in cotton mill
                  BEMAN?, James 18 NY in cotton mill
                  COBURG, George 25 NH in cotton mill
                  DUNCAN, John 20 NY in cotton mill
Ward 6 Manchester (faint page)
Pg.435, #274-417, FELL?, Joseph P. 62 NH farmer $8000-$5000
                  Betsey T. 59 NH keeping house
                  DUNCAN, Catharine 84 MA "without"
                  TINSTRUM?, Christine (f) 51 SWEeden keeping house $600-$0, parents of foreign birth
                  ANDERSON, Isick (m) 18 SWEeden cotton mill, parents of foreign birth
Pg.279, #437-485, FAIRBANKS, Ebenezer 76 NH farmer $3500-$3300
                  Eleanor C. 67 NH keeping house
                  Elvira F. 36 NH works in cotton mill
                  Frank H. 11 MA at home
                  TOWNSEND, Charles H. 28 NH clerk in drug store $0-$1800
                  Josephine C. 25 NH without occupation
                  Willis M. 5/12 NH b.Jan.
                  DUNCAN, James C?. (E?. - written over) 21 NH carpenter
                  WARREN, John 18 VT farm laborer

1870 Rockingham Co. NH Census
Pg.8, #15-16, DUNKUM, Emerson (m) 30 VT teamster $0-$0
                  Carrie S. 27 NH keeping house
                  Oreeta (f) 5, Carrie L. 3 NH
                  Laura 3/12 NH b.April
                  HALL, Mary W. 67 NH keeping house $300-$1500
Pg.156, #223-254, GREENER, C.K.(m) 60 VT retired lawyer $800-$5000
                  Sarah L. 40 NH keeping house
                  LAWRENCE, Louisa 37 NH at home
                  DUNCAN, Mason (m) 14 PA attends school
Pg.163, #320-360, DINCEN, Jeremiah 25 IRE works in cotton mill $0-$0, parents of foreign birth
                  Elizabeth 20 ENG keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  Charles W. 4, Edward 3 MA, parents of foreign birth
                  Mary E. 1 NH, parents of foreign birth
Ward 1, Portsmouth
Pg.423, #464-620, STOTT, John W. 27 ENG ret. grocer $0-$300 (not parents of foreign birth)
                  Abby M. 24 NH keeping house
                  DUNTON, Amelia 16 NH at home
Pg.423, #467-623, HOLT, John N? (H?) 37 MD clerk in store $0-$500
                  Abby B. 34 ME keeping house
                  DUNKIN, Amelia 26 ME at home

1870 Strafford Co. NH Census
Ward 3, Dover
Pg.96, #424-476, GOODWIN, Samuel 54 NH laborer $4500-$504
                  Abbie 52 ME keeping house
                  Erwin (m) 17 NH attending school
                  & many people, including
                  DUNCAN, John 23 NH stone mason
Pg.201, #43-46, BROWN, Oscar E. 25 VT knife manufacturer $1000-$150
                  Mary A. 21 NH keeping house
                  WILLE, John M. 28 NH works in knife manufactory
                  Hannah J. 28 NH house keeper
                  Laura A. 3 NH
                  DUNCAN, John L. 22 New Brunswick works in knife manufactory (not parents of foreign birth)

1870 Sullivan Co. NH Census
Pg.400, #159-167, WOOD, Benjamin P. 62 NH farmer $2000-$800
                  Matilda E. 58 NH keeping house
                  Ella E. 18 NH at home
                  DUNCAN, Betsey 95 MA without occupation $0-$450
Town of Plainfield
Pg.570, #80-86, DUNCAN, John T. 38 NH farmer $10,000-$5,300
                  Ruth T. 72 NH keeping house
                  Samuel A. 34 NH clerk in patent? office $0-$3700
                  Julia J. 28 NH (blank) $0-$700
                  Fredrick S. 1 NH
                  STRAW, Sillis (f) 20 NH domestic servant
                  PHELPS, Findley (m) 19 VT farm laborer


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