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Formed 1784 from Duplin, New Hanover


1790-1810 Sampson Co. NC Census
        No Duncan indexed

1820 Sampson Co. NC Census
Pg.278  Dugal/Elagal? Duncan    011001        - 01201

1830 Sampson Co. NC Census
Pg.169  Joseph Duncan           1100,2        - 2000,1
          (MAD: from Duplin Co. NC with Lewis Duncan
            to Madison Co. TN)
   182  Dugle Duncan            0000,1000,1   - 0001,201

1840 Sampson Co. NC Census
Pg. 49  Alfred Duncan           2000,01       - 1200,1
        Dugald Duncan           0000,0000,01  - 0000,11

1850 Sampson Co. NC Census
Pg.441, #242, Alfred DUNCAN 47 NC laborer $750
                  Edith 36 NC
                  Mary 16, Elizabeth 14, James 12 NC
                  Janett 10, William 9 NC
                  Henry 7, Joseph 5 NC
Pg.441, #243, Susan DUNCAN 48 NC $350
                  Margaret 35 NC
Pg.465, #602, Mary DUNCAN 40 NC MULATTO (alone)

1860 Sampson Co. NC Census
(page number in parentheses is stamped page number)
Southern Division, P.O. Clinton
Pg.815 (408), #207-202, Matthew POWELL 60 NC farmer $1000-$200
                  Susan 55 NC
                  James J. 23, Seth P. 18 NC
                  John W. 13 NC
                  Margaret DUNCAN 45 NC
Pg.821 (411), #250-245, Alfred DUNCAN 55 NC farmer $2000-$400
                  Eady (f) 45 NC
                  Elizabeth 22, Jenetta 17 NC
                  Charles W. 17, Henry 15 NC
                  Joseph 11, Susan 8 NC
                  Franklin 7 NC
Northern Division, P.O. Hanley's Store
Pg.933 (467), #355-319, James LEWIS Jr. 51 NC farmer $1000-$850
                  Sophia 46 NC
                  Robert R. 20 NC farm laborer $0-$0
                  Elizabeth 16, Apsilla (f) 13 NC
                  David J. 10, Anna J. 7, Mary M. 5 NC
                  James D. DUNCAN 21 NC mechanic $0-$30
                  Benjamin LEWIS 23 NC farm laborer $0-$0
                  Jenadius LASSITER (m) 19 NC grocer $0-$25

1870 Sampson Co. NC Census
P.O. Clinton; Chesnut families nearby
Pg.192, #57-57, DUNCAN, Alfred 67 NC farmer $600-$300
                  Eady (f) 56 NC keeping house
                  Franklin (m) 16 NC works on farm
                  LEWIS, Mary 35 NC keeping house
                  James B. 12 NC works on farm
                  Mary 9 NC at home
Pg.192, #60-60, DUNCAN, James 33 NC farmer $200-$200
                  Eliza 22 NC keeping house
                  Frances (f) 3 NC at home (age written over "4")
                  Emma (f) 1 NC at home
Pg.192, #61-61, DUNCAN, Henry 26 NC farmer $280-$200
                  Eliza 22 NC keeping house
                  Louiza (f) 4, Willie (m) 2 NC at home
Pg.194, #80-80, POWEL, Matthew 55 NC farmer $500-$200
                  Susan 65 NC keeping house
                  John 23 NC works on farm
                  DUNCAN, Margaret 60 NC "helpless" (in occupation column)
                  FAISON, Lewis (m) 35 NC BLACK farm laborer


Sampson Co. NC Deed Index 1754-1940, Da-Dy (FHL film 553,857; grantees are in separate section of index book from grantors)
      1-244: David Dunkin to Samuel Swindle
      2-208: Thos. Gaft and Mary Gaft to David Duncan
      2-329: Daniel Fowler to David Duncan (MAD: abstracted as 2-323, dated 19 March 1756, for 90 acres on branch of Crain Creek; from "Abstracts of Sampson-Duplin Co. NC Deed Books 1-3, ca 1750 to ca 1774" by Max R. Peterson; FHL book 975.6375 R2p v.1 and from Evelyn Sigler; see in Duplin Co. NC)
      2-340: Thos. Gaff to David Duncan
      2-471: John Speir to Edmund Duncan
      3-102: David Dunkin to Thomas Carral
      3-438: Jacob Goodman to Edmund Duncan
      4-287: David Dunkin to John Pridgen
      6-69: Edmund Duncan to Wm. Dunkin
      6-169: Richard Head to Edmond Duncan
      6-259: Richard Blizzard to Edmond Duncan
      11-414: Samuel Phillips to Dugald Duncan (MAD: abstracted as Dugal Duncan, carpenter, dated Jan. 20, 1801, 199-1/2 acres adj. Rowan swamp; from "Abstracts of Sampson Co. NC Deed Books 10-12" by Max R. Peterson from Evelyn Sigler 1987)
      14-3: Arthur Chesnutt to Lewis Duncan (MAD: should be Arthur Chesnutt from Lewis Duncan)
      14-94: Joseph Duncan to Wm. Fasin
      14-134: Isaiah Thompson to Alfred Duncan
      16-432: Duglas Duncan and Ann Duncan to Joshua Chesnutt
      21-45: Valentine Vann to Lewis Duncan
      21-136: Joseph Duncan and Lotty L. Duncan to Wm. Faison
      21-139: Shadrick Pugh to Joseph Duncan
      21-178: Lewis Duncan and Anna Duncan to Wm. Faison
      21-445: Jacob Chesnutt to Alfred Duncan
      21-524: Willis and Sally Cherry and Lewis Duncan bond to Wm. Faison
      21-534: John Kornegay and Catharine Kornegay to Joseph Duncan
      26-266: Dugal Duncan to Margaret Duncan and Susan Duncan
      27-301: Susannah Duncan to Alfred Duncan
      31-174: William S. Kelley to Alfred Duncan
      31-307: Alfred Duncan to Wm. S. Kelley
      35-9: Alfred Duncan from and to G.W. Marsh (Book 35 starts 1860; quit)

Sampson Co. NC Deeds from Index 1754-1940
      14-3: 8 Jan. 1828, Lewis Duncan of Sampson Co. NC to Arthur Chesnutt of same, $500, the 1/2 land (conveyed) to Hillery Carson by Hardy Holmes and Jas. Moore, adj. S.side Roan Swamp, Matthis corner and line, Gregory's line, containing 155 acres; entitled "deed to Chesnutt for lease"; wit. B. Chesnutt, L.V. Vann. (FHL film 553,543)
      14-94: 1 Dec. 1829, Joseph Duncan to William Faison (no localities), $300, 121 acres on Roan Swamp, Bennett Ballard's corner & line, John Moulton's line, Abram's Marsh branch; wit. Benjamin Herring, Lewis Gregory. (FHL film 553,543)
      14-134: 22 Jan. 1830, Isaiah Thompson to Alfred Duncan, both Sampson Co. NC, $200, 40 acres on N.side Roan Swamp on Dugald Duncan's corner, adj. James Sutton, road from Clinton to Taylor's Bridge, line of land deeded to Miriam Frederick by William Faison; wit. Peton Rackley, Dugald Duncan; rec. on oath of Peton Rackley, May 1830. (FHL film 553,543)
      16-432: "The heirs of J. Chesnutt Senr. Decd. to J. Chesnutt Jun." 22 Nov. 1815, Joshua Chesnutt of Sampson Co. NC, of one part and Arthur Chesnutt, Owen Tyler, Priscilla Tyler, James Tyler, Martha Tyler, Dugald Duncan, Ann Duncan, Shadrack Rackley, Sarah Rackley, Frederick Rackley, Polly Rackley, John Porter and Betsey Porter, of the other part, all of Sampson Co. NC, for $310 paid by Joshua Chesnutt, convey to Joshua Chesnutt land on North side? of Rowan Swamp bounded, beg. at a gum at the mouth of the North prong of Rowan Swamp, then ... to a stake Tylers corner, then ... mouth of Lams Gutter?, then up Rowan Marsh to ... line of Michael Mixsons patent, ... containing 100 acres more or less. Wit. Joseph Chesnutt, Thomas Dollar. Examination of Priscilla Tyler, Martha Tyler, Ann Duncan, Sarah Rackley, Polly Rackley, Betsy Porter, apart from their husbands. (FHL film 553,544 and from Roy Hall) (MAD: in 1805 and 1808, Sophia, Susanna, Alfred, Jenny and David Chestnut had their last name changed by Act of NC Assembly from Chestnut to Duncan; from "NC Genealogical Society Journal" 1976; and in 1809, David Duncan of Sampson Co. had his first name changed back to George; from "NC Genealogical Society Journal" Vol.9, 1983)
      21-45: 28 July 1823, Valentine Vann of Sampson Co. NC to Lewis Duncan of same, $550, 155 acres being 1/2 lands conveyed to said Hilry Caison by Hardy Holmes and Lewis Moore, on W.side of 6 Runs and S.side Roann, adj. run of Rowan Swamp, Matthis corner, Vann's line; wit. Elizabeth Peterson. (FHL film 553,547)
      21-136: 22 Sept. 1825, Joseph Duncan and Lotty Lucinda Duncan (does not say "wife") to William Faison, both Sampson Co. NC, $241, 1/4 of parcel on the mill pond, adj. Lott Gregory's corner, Owen Gregory, Faison's mill path, containing 150 acres; wit. Edward C. Gavin, Solomon Faison. Lotty Lucinda Duncan examined at house of William Faison. (FHL film 553,547)
      21-139: 20 Dec. 1825, Shadrick Pugh of Sampson Co. NC to Joseph Duncan, $400, 121 acres on McAleb's corner and line, adj. Holmes line, the run of Roan, Bennet Ballard's corner and line; (wit. too faint to read) (FHL film 553,547)
      21-178: 23 Feb. 1826, Lewis Duncan and wife Anna L., and Jeremiah Azier and wife Lany, to William Faison, $480, 1/2 land on the mill pond, adj. Lott Gregory's corner, Owen Gregory, Faison's mill path, containing 142 acres more or less; wit. Thos. J. Faison, J.L. Vann. The wives were examined at home about release of their proportionable part of the lands of John Dinkins decd. (FHL film 553,547)
      21-445: 20 Dec. 1827, Jacob Chesnutt (X) to Alfred Duncan, both Sampson Co. NC, $50, 15 acres at mouth of Jacob Chesnutt Sr. decd. mill run, adj. line between Valentine Vann & Jacob Chesnutt, Jacob Kelly, Roan Kelly's corner; wit. Isaiah Thompson, V.S. Vann. (FHL film 553,547)
      21-524: 10 Jan. 1826, bond of Willis Cherry and wife Sally Serene Cherry and Lewis Duncan to William Faison, for $500; that when Sally Serene Cherry arrives at age 21, she will make a deed to land that her deceased father John J. Dinkins gave her; refer to his will; wit. Jeremiah Ozier, Joseph Duncan. (FHL film 553,547)
      21-534: 15 July 1828; whereas Olive Foreman willed certain legacies to the children of Hannerly Price, and Katharine Kornegay, one of the grantors herein, is one of the children of Hannerly Price and as such, one of the legatees of Olive Foreman; we John Kornegay and wife Catharine (X) Kornegay late Katharine Price, to Joseph Duncan of Sampson Co., for $300, deed our interest to the legacies and appoint him our attorney to receive from the estate; wit. John Shaw Milley Ellis; Ack. in court 6 Nov. 1828. (FHL film 553,547)
      26-266: 30 March 1841, Dugal Duncan of Sampson Co. NC for love to his daus. Susanna and Margarett of same, three beds and furniture, household and kitchen furniture, with houses and all furniture belonging, and two head horses, 3 cows, a "few" hogs, and my plantation tools and gear and one horse cart; wit. Isaiah Thompson, Alfred Duncan; rec. 26 July 1841. (FHL film 553,549)
      27-301: 21 Dec. 1841, Susanna Duncan of Sampson Co. NC to Alfred Duncan, $15, 3 acres on N.side Roan Swamp adj. said Alfred Duncan's line; wit. Neill Campbell. (FHL film 553,550)
      31-174: 20 Feb. 1852, William S. Kelley to Alfred Duncan, both Sampson Co. NC, $647.50, 92-1/2 acres adj. mouth of a small branch on rim of N. prong of Roan Swamp, P. Murphy's line, Clinton road; wit. William Williamson, William N. Chesnutt; no wife. (FHL film 553,552)
      31-307: 20 Feb. 1852, Alfred Duncan to William S. Kelley, both Sampson Co. NC, $375, 50 acres adj. rim of roan (swamp) at Duncan's corner and line, Wm. Williamson's line; wit. William Williamson, William N. Chesnutt; no wife. (FHL film 553,552)

HISTORIES before 1923

1899 "The Ministerial Directory of the Baptist Churches" by George W. Lasher, D.D.; pub. by Ministerial Directory Co., Oxford, OH (pgs.225-226 from Margo Thiel 1/1986)
      (MAD: Name, city & State; Place of birth; Place and date licensed and ordained; Preached; other abbreviations: Preached; Studied; Church; Institute; College)
      DUNCAN, Isiah Franklin, Boston, GA - Born Sampson Co. NC; Lic. 1890 and Ord. 1891, New Hope Ch. GA; P. New Hope 1891; Elim. 1892-97; Pleasant Hill 1893-96; Corinth 1894-; Okapilco 1894-; Summerville 1897-; Salem 1898-; Philadelphia GA 1897.


Duplin Co. NC Deeds
      1-111: 25 Feb. 1828, Joseph Duncan of Sampson Co. NC to Francis B. Jones of Duplin Co. NC, $22.90, 24 acres in Kornegay's line, Little Pocoson. (heading reads 124 acres). Wit. Edward Jones, Jesse Turnage. (FHL film 296,873)
      2-13: 25 Feb. 1828, Joseph Duncan of Sampson Co. NC to Elijah Jones of Duplin Co. NC, $110, 143 acres south side Northeast Swamp, Kornegay's corner & line. No wife; wit. Edward Jones, Jesse Turnage. (FHL film 18,843)
      22-121: 25 Jan. 1822, Lewis Duncan and Joseph Duncan of Sampson Co. NC to Susanah Simmons of Duplin Co. NC, $40, 20 acres by patent on south side NE Swamp, Kornegay's corner. No wives. Wit. Willis Cherry, Isaac Duncan. Reg. April 1857. (FHL film 296,878)

Cumberland Co. NC Deed (FHL film 316,634)
      28-1050: 26 Feb. 1818, Dugald Duncan of Sampson Co. NC to John Murchison of Cumberland Co. NC, $360, lot in Fayetteville on W.side of Cool Spring Street on N.side of the Creek adj. Hannah's (no 2nd name) former lot, being 2 lots bought by said Duncan of W.B. Grove; front lot deed dated 13 May 1790, the other dated 10 June 1793; wit. John W. Lynch, Alexr. MacDonald.


The early records of Sampson and Duplin Co. NC have been abstracted and published by various authors, and should be consulted.


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