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Formed 1778 from Guilford


1790 Randolph Co. NC Census
Pg. 98  Duncan, John         122xx
        Duncan, John Ser.    135xx

1800 Randolph Co. NC Census (semi-alphabetic)
Pg.311  Charles Duncom       00010 - 30010
        John Duncom          22010 - 01010

1810 Randolph Co. NC Census
(semi-alphabetic; no John Dunkin found)
Pg.163  Charles Dunkin       30010 - 31010

1820 Randolph Co. NC census missing

1830 Randolph Co. NC Census
Pg. 62  Charles Duncan       0001,2000,1   - 0100,1001
          (MAD: to Morgan Co. IN)

1840-1870 Randolph Co. NC Census
        No Duncan indexed


Randolph Co. NC Wills, Inventories, etc. (FHL film 475,245)
      Vol.1, 1773-1793 - William Dunkin indexed page 45, not found; not will; see Chatham Co. land plat.
      Vol.2, 1794-1804 - no Duncan indexed
      Vol.3, 1804-1812 - no index
      Vol.4, 1812-1820 - no Duncan indexed
      Vol.5, 1820-1829 - no index; nothing Aug. 1823 through Aug. 1825

Randolph Co. NC Cross-index to Wills 1793-1902, Vol.I (FHL film 475,254)
      No Duncan to 1902

Randolph Co. NC Wills
   Book 1, 1773-1793 (FHL film 475,245)
      MAD: Indexed only a William Duncan on page 45, not found, so started going through book page by page looking for John Duncan 1805-1815 (none found). See Chatham Co. NC land plat for William Duncan entered in Randolph Co. NC book.
      1-99: 17 Dec. 1790, will of Ishmael Rains of Randolph Co. NC, weak in body; my son John Rains an equal part of my goods except the land; my two sons George Rains and Ambrose Rains my lands that I now live on to be equally divided between them when they come of age; my wife Sarah Rains an equal divide (?) with all the children; all my children an equal part of all my goods and chattels; constitute my brother Laurance Rains and my son George Rains to be sole executors. /s/ Ishmael Rains. Wit. Robert Rains, Lawrance Rains, George Rains. Prob. March 1791 ?
      1-101: Account of estate returned, valued at £125.18.7.
      1-106: 29 Oct. 1791, Jno. Gayle of Abington Co. VA to James Rains, bill of sale for negro woman.
      1-121: 15 Sept. 1792, will of John Allred; sick and weak in body; son John Allred 40 shillings; son Joseph Allred 1/2 of my land, to wit, 125 acres, etc.; son Jonathan Allred the other half of my land including the dwelling house; son Brothus? cow; dau. Elizabeth Horner? 5 shillings; dau. Catherine 2 shillings; dau. Susannah Guren? 10 shillings; dau. Lucy one cow; dau. Rebecah one cow; dau. Marget one mare and bed etc.; slave sold & money equally devided among following children, to wit, Joseph Allred Catharine Allred Barbara York? Sarah Allred Mary Allred Liddy Allred Rebecah Allred and Marget Allred (no commas). Wit. Irane? Odell, John Duncan, Enoch Davis. (no exec. appointed). Recorded Dec. 1792 on oath of Jlane? Odell & John Duncan. (Harold C. Hopkins 11/1994: Susannah Geren or Geron; Sheriff J. Lane)
      Center pages in book blank, then pages starting with number 1, which had surveys and sketches of land, each headed "Chatham County".
      1-45: Sketch of 640 acres: "Chatham County. This plat represents a tract of land surveyed for William Dunkin lying on the head of the North prong of Indian Creek waters of Dick River, beginning at a post oak thence north and round agreable to the plan for 640 acres. 17 Sept. 1779. Jno.? Harper."
   Book 2, 1794-1804 (FHL film 475,245)
      2-12: 16/19? Sept. 1794, will of Robert (X) Rains, of Randolph Co. NC; lands & moveables & notes? to wife (unnamed) during her widowhood or natural life to raise my small children; if she should marry again or should decease I devise my lands should be equally divided among my sons; to my eldest son John my black horse; my son James my black colt; my daughter Mary 5 shillings; the rest equally divided amongst the rest of my children; appoint John Wilson and Saml? Arlidge? executors. Wit. Henry Garner, Jacob Gregg, Ambrose (X) Rains. Rec. Nov. 1794 on oath of Henry Garner and Jacob Gregg.
   Book 3, 1804-1812 (FHL film 475,245)
      3-95: 17 Dec. 1807, will of Abraham Elliott Sen. of Randolph Co. NC, weak in body; appoint Samuel Elliott and Sarah Elliott my wife to be sole executors; my three sons Joseph and Abraham and Enoch Elliott 5 shillings apeace; my three daughters Priscilla Easter and Luranna 5 shillings apeace; my wife Sarah Elliott the ballance of my estate to live and dispose of as she sees fit. Wit. Q?. Elliott, Mary Elliott, Sarah (X) Elliott. Proved May 1808 by Mary Elliott and Sarah Elliott.
      3-108: Aug. 1808, settlements with guardians. Daniel Dawson and Jesse Henley Esqr. appointed to settle with John Craven, guardian of Ishmael Rains, report that they find in the hands of the said guardian the sum of £14 6 pence and interest $2.94. Vide? settlement filed.
      3-134: Feb. 1809, John Craven, guardian of Ishmael Rains, reports ....
      3-188: 8 Nov. 1809, will of Thomas (T) Alred of Randolph Co. NC; low state of health; to Elizabeth my wife all my stock except one cow & calf and all my hogs & sheep and one bed etc.; to my sons & daughters, James, William, Elias, John, Moses & Eli, Rachel Brown & Elizabeth Jones, each the sum of 12 shillings to be raised out of the stock bequeathed to my wife; to my grandson William Alred son of Elias Alred my (??) bay horse; to my son Levi the tract of land whereon I now live containing 150 acres reserving to my wife the privilege of living in the house & enjoying the plantation during her natural life; appoint my son Levi executor. Wit. Joseph Alred, Enoch Daves?; Recorded May 1810 by Joseph Alred.
   Book 4, 1812-1820 (FHL film 475,245)
      Did not copy page or full name; Rains will indexed and looked at, no Ashael Rains named in will.

Randolph Co. NC Estate Records 1781-1928 (alphabetic) (NC Archives, Raleigh, NC, personal visit by MAD 10/1985)
      Admr. Bond, Charles Duncan, 1823. Bond of Charles Duncan, Whitlock (/s/ Whi.) Arnold and John Craven (/s/ J. Craven) to Randolph Co. Justices of County Court for $500, dated 7 Aug. 1823, wit. Hugh Whi- (bottom of bond torn). Administration of estate of John Duncam. (No other documents in file).


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Randolph Co. NC Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions (FHL film 470,210)
      pages not numbered
      4 Aug. 1823: On motion, letters of admr. on the estate of John Duncan is granted to Charles Duncan, who appeared and ... entered upon bond in the sum of $500 with John Craven his security.

Randolph Co. NC Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, typed (FHL film 19,650)
      No index, not read through
      1779-1782, 1794-1802, 1802-1808

Randolph Co. NC Court of Common Pleas and Quarter Sessions (from Harold Hopkins 10/1994; all material from Harold Hopkins included here by his permission)
      Court opened session on second Monday, 13 Sep 1790. Justices Julian Pronate, John Clark, William Bailey, William Richards.
      Pg.124, 14 Sep 1790, Thomas Lytle vs. Pearce Nowland and Dennis Hopkins; Judgment by D. of C. Default?
            Jury: James Dougan, James Roberts, John Spencer, John Wilson, William Fields, Hardy Davis, Thomas Ingram, Michael Sharp, Thomas Costin(?), Henry Foulon Wade (?), Samuel Barker, Thomas Noris. Find for the plaintiff and assess his damages at £52. 5 sh. and costs of suit.
      Pg.228, Tues. 15 Mar 1793, John Clark vs. Samuel Hopkins. Default. Find for plaintiff. Assess damages at £97. 12 sh. (or £9.7.12 sh.) and cost of suit.
      Pg.231, 15 May 1793, Ordered the following justices to take the list of taxable property for the year 1793: .... William Richards for Capt. Hopkins District.
      Pg.232, 10/11 Jun 1793, Ordered that court adjourn to the new court house. The court met at the new courthouse on 12 Jun 1793.
      Pg.245, 12 Sep 1793, Deed from Dennis Hopkins to Moses Hopkins. Duly acknowledged in open court by Dennis Hopkins, ordered recorded.
      Pg.246, 12 Sep 1793, Ordered that William Alred, Dennis Hopkins, John Alred, Moses Hopkins, Jeremiah York, James Alred, John Kivet, Jonathan McCollum, Thomas Savage, Samuel Trogdon, Peter Kevit Jr., Joseph Cloud, Nathan Aldridge, Joseph Alred view and lay off a road from the Courthouse to Crawford's Ford on Deep River, then to Sandy Creek, then to James Banin (Banks?), thence to Chatham county line in direct line to ----- Ferry on ---- River.
      Pg.248, 13 Sep 1793, Ordered that Dennis Hopkins and 14 others draw & lay off a road from courthouse the nearest and best way to a little ford below the mouth of Sandy Creek, thence to Chatham Rd near Richard Grimes, thence to county line near Scrub Oak Lick.
      9 Dec 1793, James Alred appointed overseer of road from the Row Path to Sandy Creek. William Alred overseer of road from Sandy Creek to Deep River.
      Pg.251, 9 Dec 1793, Dennis Hopkins overseer of road from Deep River to Samuel Trogdon's land. Samuel Trogdon overseer from Trogdon Creek to the courthouse.
      Pg.256, 11 Dec 1793, State vs. John Lack on a warrant from ---- Thornsburgh on a charge of bastardy. Land or security to indemnify the county from maintenance of the child aforesaid £200.
      13 Dec 1793, Elias Alred on a jury in the trial of Samuel Grove.
            Last Will & Testament of Thomas Lytle presented in open court by Peter Dicks and Joseph Smith.
            Pg.268, John Clark vs. John Collier, Dennis Hopkins was juror No. 12.
            Pg.273, John Convent to take tax list in room of Capt. Hopkins for year 1794.
            Pg.277, John Clark vs. John Collier. Dennis Hopkins on jury. adjudgment by default.
      Pg.1, 3 Nov 1794, John Clark aptd. register.
      Pg.10, 3 Feb 1795, Solomon Cox apted road overseer in room of Dennis Hopkins.
      Pg.9, 3 Feb 1795, Dennis Hopkins was juror in Hicks vs. Durias Marsh (?). Found for plaintiff. New trial ordered.
            Ordered that Solomon Cox be overseer of road in room of Dinnis Hopkins.
      20 May 1795, Deed from Daniel Clark to John Duncan Jr.
      Pg.46, 20 May 1795, for year 1795. William Richards appointed to take property tax list for Capt. Hopkins District.
            Deed from James Davidson to John Dawson (or Duncan?)
      19 Aug 1795, Dennis Hopkins and William Alred appointed jurors.
            Pg.34, Ordered that Peter and Abraham Elliott and Moses and Charles Hopkins attend the next court on 3rd Monday in February 1796 to serve as jurors.
            Dennis Hopkins ordered to report for jury duty on 16 Nov 1795.
      16 Nov 1795, Dennis Hopkins on grand jury.
      18 Nov 1795, Moses Hopkins and Charles Hopkins ordered to report for jury duty on 3rd Monday of Feb. 1796.
      Pg.36, 15 Feb 1796, Moses Hopkins was No. 5 on grand jury.
            Jonathan Alred appointed overseer of road in the room of James Alred.
      17 May 1796, John Craven to take property taxation list for Capt Hopkins District.
      15 Aug 1796, Road to be laid out from court house to Montgomery County line at or near Benjamin Hopkins.
      22 Aug 1797, Thomas Craven to take property tax list for Capt. Hopkins district.
            Deed from Roger Williams to Charles Hopkins, proved by John Crawford.
            Administration of estate of Moses Alred, deceased. John Walker excr. £400 security.
      23 Aug 1797, Deed from John Duncan to Charles Duncan, deed by John Duncan to John Duncan. Both proved by Moses Hopkins.
      24 May 1798, Mentions Capt. Duncan's tax district.
            Deed from Moses Hopkins to Samuel Trogdon, duly proved in OC by John Moss, OBR (i.e., ordered to be recorded).
      20 Aug 1798, Andrew Jackson named overseer of road in room of John Anderson.
            Charles Duncan and John Duncan on grand jury.
      18 Feb 1799, John Hutson on grand jury.
      22 Feb 1799, Deed from Samuel Duncan to John Duncan, proved by Charles Duncan. Pg.160 or 161 of Deed Book_[to kum]__..
            Three deeds from Dennis Hopkins to James Swoford, all proved by Isaac Odell and OBR. [All are on p. 161 of Bk 6. Dennis's signature does not appear].
      21 May 1799, Jacob Myers qual. for jury duty.
            Daniel Dawson to tax property tax list in Capt. Duncan's district.
      23 May 1799, Jacob Myers on jury.
      20 Aug 1799, Thomas Sullivan proved he paid for entry on 50 acres.
      21 Aug 1799, John Duncan apptd overseer of road in room of Daniel Clark.
      18 Nov 1799, suit John Alred vs. Isaac Alred.
      Bk.6, Land Records, Randolph Co. NC, Bk.6, p.19. Richard Hudson deeds land to son John Hudson. signed with own name. Wits: I. Lain (Isaac Lane, later sheriff), Leml or Saml. Parker.

Randolph Co. NC Clerk of Superior Court; Minute Docket County Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, 1811-1817, 1817-1820, 1820-1826 (FHL film 470,210 and from Virginia Anderson 4/1987)
      Nov. 1812: Commissioners who layed off land to Elizabeth Fox: J. Elliott, W. Alred, John Craven, John Lane, Charles Duncan, John Alred. (pg.103)
      Aug. 1824: Deed, John Duncan to Archibald Ellison ordered to be registered. Deed John Duncan to Perry Ellison ordered to be registered. Deed John Craven Sr. to John Craven Jr. ordered to be registered.
      Nov. 1824: On motion of B.E. (VLA: Benjamin Elliott?), it is ordered that James Elliot pay to Nancy Duncan $20 it being an allowance for the maintenance of a base born child for the first year of which he stands charged as the reputed father.

Randolph Co. NC Clerk of Superior Court; Minute Docket County Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, 1826-1832; 1832-1838 (FHL film 470,211, from Virginia Anderson 4/1987)
      May, 1826: Charles Duncan came into court of ---- to qualify as an executor of the last will and testament of Henry Caveness, decd.
      Aug. 1826: Ordered that James Elliott pay to Nancy Duncan $15 for a base born child for the second year of which he stands charged as the reputed father.
            Charles Duncan chosen one of the four commissioners to partition land of John Cox, decd. Others chosen were John Craven Sr., John Craven Jr.; 8th day of March 1827.
      Aug. 1827: By motion in open court, Nancy Duncan appeared by her attorney, B. Elliott Esqr & moved the court for a third allowance against James Elliott in favor of Nancy Duncan for the maintenance of a base born child which motion the court refused to grant.
      Feb. 1830: Charles Duncan one of jurors
      1 Aug. 1831: Docket #7, State v. Charles Duncan, not guilty.
      Nov. 1832: jurors drawn for next court: Charles Duncan, Elisha Allard
      Feb. 1833: #10, #12 jury chgd. & empowered: Charles Duncan.
            #18, #64, #7, #12 include Charles Duncan as juror.
            Jurors drawn for next county court incl. John Duncan
      May 1833: Grand jury sworn included John Duncan
      Feb. 1834: Jurors drawn for superior court for March incl. John Duncan.
      May 1834: Jurors appeared: incl. John Duncan on jury 10, 27, 14, 5, 15

Randolph Co. NC Equity Court 1825-1846 (FHL film 19,655)
      No index

Randolph Co. NC Guardian Docket, 1833-1851 (FHL film 474,825)
      No Duncan; no R names in index

Randolph Co. NC Guardian Accounts 1812-1832 (FHL film 19,654)
      No index; Annual reports in Feb. each year; no Duncan Feb. 1824


Randolph Co. NC Records (NC Archives, Raleigh, NC, personal visit by MAD 10/1985)
      Misc. tax 1782-1790
      Taxables 1784, 1799
      Estate Papers 1781-1810
      Guardians 1793-1810 - no Duncan; copied 1823 bond
      Misc. Records:
            Quakers over 50 liable for 2-fold tax in 1782 -- no Duncan
            Petitions and Orders 1783-1839, misc. -- no Duncan

Randolph Co. NC Historical Papers 1801-1838; Misc. Original Documents (FHL film 19,658)
      Item 3, Original book, Court Martial of Reg. of Militia.
            11/16 Sept. 1801: Officers being present included Captain Charles Duncan, who made a return of Delinquency for James Mays, Christopher Sartin and Jachariah Hasy.
            14 Sept. 1802: Officers being present included Capt. Charles Duncan, who made a return of Delinquency for John Smith.
            Not looked at further. (no other Duncans spotted)

Randolph Co. NC Tax Lists (NC Archives, Raleigh, NC, personal visit by MAD 10/1985)
      Most tax lists before 1800 were undated; copied any that listed a Duncan, through about 1803. 1784 dated list was partial, no Duncan

      Undated list of taxable property in Capt. Swofford Dist., taken by Jno. Craven. Name, acres, local situation, valuation, w, BP, SH. Includes:
      Allrad, Joseph, 125a Sandy Creek, 3 bp; same for Jacob Hale, 300a Sandy Creek
      Allrad, John Seiner, 422a Deep River (3 bp) and 154a Deep River
      Swift, Aphard?, 202a Sandy Creek, 1 w
      Swift, Mary, 80a Sandy Creek
      Trodgden, John, 410a Bush Creek
      Allrad, William, 120a Mount Pleasant, 1 w
      Allrad, Isaac, 834a Deep River (2 bp) and 100a Gabrel Creek
      Allrad, Elisha, 300a Bush Creek, 1 w
      Trogdon, Emsley, 127a Bush Creek, 1 w
      Burgys, Lorenzo, 1 w
      Allrad, Soloman, 1 w
      Allrad, James, 1 w
      Allrad, Samuel of Nancy, 150a Sandy Creek, 1 w; 164a Sandy Creek
      Allrad, Jeremiah, 1 w
      Allrad, Jesse, 50a Sandy Creek, 0 w
      Allrad, Emseley, 1 w
      Duncan, John, 222a Sandy Creek, 250 value, 1 w
      Allrad, Joseph of Nancy, 100a Solomon Branch, 1 w
      Allrad, Rubin, 142a Deep River, 1 w
      Coffin, Meltin, 1 w
      Allrad, John of Wm., 214a Sandy Creek, 1 w
      Coffin, Elisha, 250a Deep River
      Allrad, John of Nancy, 160a Sollomon Branch, 1 w
      Allrad, Samuel Sen, 181a Bush Creek
      Craven, Loranzo D., 300a Solomon Branch, 1 w
      Trodgdon, John Jur, 1 w
      Craven, Joseph, 1 w
      Duncan, Nancy, 143a Polecat Creek, value 200
      Duncan, Charles, 168a Sandy Creek, value 400, 0 w (next to Nancy)
      Duncan, Charles for John Duncan Sr., 100a Sandy Crek, value 80
      Craven, Samuel, 125a Sandy Creek, 1 w; 40a Sandy Creek; same for John Craven decd. 120a waters of Ritchland
      Craven, John Esq., 296a Sandy Creek, 1 w; 91a Deep River; same for Hendricks heirs 300a Squirrel Creek and 80a Mill Creek

      Undated list of taxable property in Capt. Novel? Dist., taken by Wm. Wilson. Name, acres, local situation, valuation, WP, BP, SH. Includes: (have complete copy, did not copy here land and poles for other than Duncan)
      John Craven Jun, same for Hendricks heirs, John Allred of Nancy, Peter Graves,
      Charles Duncan, 164a Sandy Creek, value 250, 0 wp; same for John Duncan, 100a Sandy Creek, value 80
      Wm. Allred of Nancy, Joseph Allred Sen., same for Jacob Hale; James Allred, Henry? Allred, Emsley Burris,
      John Duncan, 222a Sandy Creek, value 250, 1 wp; 69-1/2a Bush Creek, value 200;
      Alfred Swift, Mary? (Dury?) Swift
      John Allred, John Trogdon, Jesse? Allred, Isaac Allred, Laranzo D. Burgess, John Allred ??, Reuben Allred, Elisha Allred, Samuel Craven, John Craven Sen?, (other Allreds), Mary Trogdon, Elisha Coffin, Milton Coffin.

      Undated list of taxable property, no district or person's name or headings (only two pages):
      Clerkson Coffin, Clabourn Allred
      Saml. Allred, 150a S.C., value 300, 1; same 164a S.C., value 300; same for John Duncan, 100a S.C., value 100
      Enoch S. Craven, Joseph Allred Jr., Wm. Allred, Jerry Allred, Saml. Craven.

"The Colonial and State Records of NC" pub. 1886 by William L. Saunders, Secretary of State, index by Stephen B. Weeks (FHL books 975.6 N2n, fiche 6,078,231 and film 874,168, NC Archives, and other libraries and from Isadora Spurlock and Evelyn Sigler)
      Volumes 1-10 are titled "The Colonial Records of North Carolina, 1662-1776" and volumes 11-26 are titled "The State Records of North Carolina, 1776-1790"
      7:733-7: Regulators' Adv. No. 9, Inhabitants of Orange Co. pay larger fees for recording deeds than adj. counties, petition for hearing; April 30, 1768. Among signers: William Dunkin, Henry and Edward Bray, Joseph Carr, Peter & Joseph Craven, James Aldridge, John Duncum.

Some Randolph Co. NC documents, 1782-1820 (from Harold Hopkins 10/1994; all material from Harold Hopkins included here by his permission)
      1782 -- Tax document CR 081.701.5. Mary Browning's writing on the typed paper. I have shaded names of those she said were verified Quakers.
      Bk.1, p.40 (now 209), on 5 Nov 1794, Simeon Geron's sale of several properties (of Robert McLean, John Stannfield, Rovert Reading, Pearce Noland, Phillip Rodey, and Dennis Hopkins) for £1,227. 13 sh., 4 d., but only Robert Reading's tract of 300 acres on Back Creek is described in this document. Signed, acknowledged in open court and registered November term 1794.
      Bk.3, p.176, on 18 Aug 1787, State of NC grant to Dennis Hopkins, 16 acres on Deep River. Registered 23 Dec 1797.
      Bk.5, p.67 on 18 Mar 1793, deed by Dennis Hopkins to Moses Hopkins, 170 acres on Deep River. Signed, witnesses James Brown, David Craven.
      Bk.7, p.161, on 16 Apr 1795, deed by Roger Williams to Charles Hopkins, 100 acres on Big Creek. Proved in open court by John Cranford May term 1797 and registered.
      Bk.7, p.209, on 6 Dec 1799, deed by Moses Hopkins to Samuel Trogdon, 100 acres on Deep River. Proved in open court by John Duncan Feb term 1801 and registered
      Bk.7, p.224-225, John Duncan Sr. deeds to sons Charles Duncan of 177 acres on E side of Sandy Creek and John Duncan Jr. 116 acres on W side of Sandy Creek for good will and affection with no manner of conditions. Both deeds proved in open court by Moses Hopkins in open court August term 1797 and registered.
      Bk.7, p.356, on 19 Feb 1798, deed by Moses Hopkins to Samuel Trogdon, 170 acres on Deep River. Proved in court May term 1798 by John Moss and registered.
      Bk.8, p.52-53, on 26 Jun 1797, 3 deeds by Dennis Hopkins to James Swaford, 16 acres, 140 acres, and 25 acres, all on Deep River. All deeds proved in open court February term 1799 by Isaac Odel. (also sp. Odle in other documents) and registered.
      Bk.8, p.135A, John Duncan Sr. of Greenville Co., SC, to Charles Duncan, 135 acres on Sandy Creek. Proved in open court Aug term by Joab Rains and registered.
      Bk.8, p.137, on 9 Sep 1799, State of NC grant to Moses Hopkins, 100 acres on Deep River.
      Bk.8, p.224, on 1 Oct 1797, deed by Samuel Duncan to John Duncan Jr., 44 acres on Sandy Creek. Proved in February 1797 term in open court by Charles Duncan and registered.
      Bk.8, p.331, on 17 Mar 1802, deed by John Duncan to Henry Alison (in other places, Ellison), 200 acres on Sandy Creek. Acknowledged by John Duncan in open court May 1802 term and registered.
      Bk.8, p.425, on 8 Jun 1789, deed by John Alred Sr. to John Duncan Sr., 10 acres on Deep River, part of a Granville grant to John Alred 15 Mar 1756. Proved in open court August term 1804 by Charles Duncan and registered.
      Bk.8, p.426, on 23 Feb 1797, deed John Duncan Jr. to John Duncan Sr. (I think!), 18 acres on E side Sandy Creek. Proved by Charles Duncan in August term of court 1804, registered.
      Bk.8, p.429, on 3 Nov 1803, deed by Charles Hopkins to Elias Lunsford, 100 acres. Proved in open Court Aug term 1804 by John Bean and registered.
      Bk.8, p.553, on 19 Aug 1805, deed by Jesse Stroud to Charles Duncan, 185 acres on S side of Deep River, beginning at the river running south to hickory, then west to B.O. Na-- Cox corner in Fuquas line then north 50 chs. to stake in XXX then down the various courses of the river to the beginning, being part of a tract of land that the sd Jesse Stroud purchased of Abraham(?) Stroud who purchased it of Thomas Medcalf who purchased it of Hercules Ogle who purchased it of John Hopkins who cleared the deed for the same of the Earle of Granvill .... Proved in open court by Samuel Asten and registered.
      Bk.10, p.134, on 16 Dec 1791, State of NC grant No. 609 to John Duncan, 200 acres on Sandy Creek.
      Bk.10, p.135, on 7 Jun 1973, State of NC grant No. 742 to John Duncan, 80 acres on Sandy Creek.
      Bk.10, p.136, on 7 Jun 1799, State of NC grant No. 1142 to John Duncan Sr., 100 acres on Sandy Creek.
      Bk.11, p.57, on 31 Jan 1806, deed by John Duncan Jr. of Franklin Co., GA, to Benjamin Birris, 100 acres on Sandy Creek. Proved in open court August 1806 sesssion and registered.
      Bk.11, p.58-59, on 1 Feb 1806, two deeds by John Duncan of Franklin Co., GA, to David Spence, two tracts of 50 acres each on west side of Sandy Creek. Proved by Charles Duncan in open court Aug 1806 session and registered.
      Bk.14, p.470, on 4 Sep 1820, deed by Nancy Hopkins of Montgomery County to Ezekiel Haltom of Rowan County, 80 acres adjacent to county line (in Feb term 1796 the court ordered a road to be built from the courthouse to end at or near Benjamin Hopkins on the Montgomery County line. Could Nancy be Benjamin's widow?). Signed. Witnesses I.S. Hannah, John Hannah.

Duncan-Hopkins in North Carolina (from Harold Hopkins 3/1997; all material from Harold Hopkins included here by his permission)
      Cover folder, Randolph Co., Moses Hopkins, 100 acres, Grant No. 1267, issued 9 Sept. 1799, Warrant No. (blank), Entry No. (blank), entered 3 Sept. 1793, Book 103, Page 113, Location: on the waters of Deep River.
      Warrant, Randolph Co. NC, by John Arnold, Entry-officer of Claims for Lands in Randolph Co., to surveyor of said county, to survey for Moses Hopkins, 100 acres on waters of Deep River adj. his own line south corner and running for complement, 3 Sept. 1993, /s/ 15 Jan. 1794?.
      Plat: Surveyed 4 Feb. 1796 for Moses Hopkins, 100 acres in Randolph Co. on waters of Deep River, adj. Fugues lines and corner, No. East ? 3 Sept. 1793; /s/ Joseph Elliott Ser, William Alred and Denny Hopkins, C.C. (chain carriers)
      On back: John Duncan "maketh oath that the purchase money for the land mentioned within is paid & obtained this land with out fraud." Signed: John Duncan, sworn this 9 Sep 1799 before Will White.

Duncan-Hopkins Connections in North Carolina (from Harold Hopkins 2/1995; all material from Harold Hopkins included here by his permission)
      North Carolina Land Grant No. 1120, Randolph County, to Moses Hopkins, 100 acres, 9 Sep 1799 (surveyed 3 Sep 1793) on Deep River. On back of Land Grant: John Duncan maketh oath that the purchase money for the land mentioned within - paid and obtained this land with out fraud. Signed: John Duncan, sworn this 9 Sep 1799 before Will White. Chain carriers William Alred and Denny Hopkins.
      Randolph County Court Minutes. September term of court -- September 13th 1793. .... Ordered that William Alred, Dennis Hopkins, John Alred, Moses Hopkins, Jeremiah York, John White, James Alred, John Kivet, Jonathan McCollum, Thomas Savage, Samuel Trogdon, Peter Kivet, Jr., Joseph Cloud, Nathon Aldredge, Joseph Alred view and lay off a road from the Court House to Crawford's Ford on Deep River from thence to Duncans Ford on Sandy Creek from thence to James Bains from thence to Chatham County line in the Direct course to Femsters Ferry on Haw River.
      Colonial Records of N.C., Vol.X, 1771-1775, by William L. Saunders, page 24, from MS Records in Office of Secretary of State, Orange and Guilford Countys North Carolina, August 25, 1771. John Duncan and Denis Hopkins signed a petition stating that Thomas Welborn is believed to be a man of justice and honest integrity in his dealth and conversation .... and a loyal servant to his majesty excepting the late insurrection and rebellion as did arise in the countys aforesaid. A second petition, signed by Dennis Hopkins, but not John Duncan, asked that Thomas Welborn be pardoned for allowing himself to be persuaded to join a rebellious group that disturbed his majesty's peace [an outlawed group called the Regulators.].
      Orange County Marriages, 1779-1868. James Hopkins and Anne McAdams were married on 26 Aug 1789. Joseph Duncan was bondsman.
      John Dunkin was on the 1755 Granville County tax list with 1 poll.
      Randolph County Tax List in 1779, from June 1956 issue of The North Carolinian, quarterly journal of genealogy and history, in Joseph Hines's District:
            Elias Allred, John Allred Jr., Thomas Allred, John Duncan, William Allred, James Allred. In William Cole's district: Joseph Hopkins, Charles Hopkins. In Jacob Sheppard's list or Dist as returned by assessors: Dennis Hopkins. Those in Joseph Hinds's District who have not taken the oath nor returned inventories on their taxable property: John Allred, William Allred Jr., William Allred Sr.
      Orange County Tax List for 1755, with white polls and blacks, if any: page 103: Thomas Allred 2-0, John Alred 1-0, Joseph Duncan 1-0, Hugh Wood 1-0, John Wood 2-0. page 106: James Hopkins 1-0, William Hopkins 1-0, John Hopkins 1-0, Solomon Alred 1-0, William Alred 1-0, William Alred 1-0; page 107: Lawrence Bankson, Esq. and sons 5-0.
      Randolph County 1788 petition to move the court house to the center of the county: Signed by Aaron Hopkins, James Allred, Moses Hopkins, John Duncan, Dennis Hopkins, Charles Duncan, Charles Hopkins, Samuel Hopkins, John Duncan. Another petition opposing moving the Court House was signed by John (x) Alread, and Captain York signed for his militia company by consent. Names included in this company included: John Allread, John Duncan, Charles Duncan, John Allread son of John, William Allread Junr. The Duncans and Allreds apparently did not know that they were being signed by the captain of their militia company who opposed the move. The Court House was moved to what is now the city of Ashboro, N.C.
      by Harold Hopkins


ROBERT DUNCAN, Revolutionary War Pension Application S-21167; S-29612 (FHL film 970,864; and from Lenox Baker 12/1980)
      Age 73 on 13 Oct. 1834; lived Randolph Co. NC, when entered the service; drafted 3 mos about 2 mos before battle of Guilford in 1782(?); guarded corn in Randolph Co. After discharge, enlisted 2 mos to count as 3 mos. Then moved into Washington Co. TN, on Wattauga River. In the Fall, draft of men against the Cherokee Indians. This was in the Fall of 1780(?). "He entered the service this time as a substitute for his cousin Charles Duncan who had been drafted for three months." Served not less than two months. Depositions of Elias Allread, Sr. of Hall Co. GA on 11 June 1834; and John Duncan of Hall Co. GA on 14 July 1834. Robert born Randolph Co. NC on 14 June 1762; record of age in family bible. Lived SC since 2 years after end of Revolution where he now lives; known to Earle Hunt and Jno. Young Esq. who live in the neighborhood and can testify as to his character for veracity and their belief in his service as a soldier of the revolution. Depositions by William King clergyman and Jno. Young of Greenville SC. Paid to 4 ---- 1842.
      Click here for more from the pension application file.


Morgan Co. IN Deed (FHL film 1,468,443 and from Virginia Anderson 4/1987)
      D-380: 15 Sept. 1834, John B. Dunkin and wife Cinthy of Randolph Co. NC to Abraham Elliott of Morgan Co. IN, $200, E 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec. 28, T14, R1W, 80 acres. Wit. Daniel Free, Wm. Free. Rec. Randolph Co. NC 15 Sept. 1834.

HISTORIES before 1923

1878 "Atlas of Hendricks Co., Indiana : to which are added various general maps, history, statistics, ..." pub. by J.H. Beers (from Virginia Anderson 3/1987)
      Pg.46: DUNCAN, CHARLES, P.O. Center Valley; farmer, Sec. 32, settled here 1832, born in Randolph Co. NC March 5, 1810, son of Charles Duncan born Feb. 3, 1776, died Sept. 19, 1862, and Elizabeth Allred, born April 30, 1769, died Jan. 22, 1848, settled in Morgan Co. 1834. The subject of this sketch was married in Oct. 1833 to Delilah Blunk, born June 6, 1820, died in Dec. 1852, nine children: John B. born Sept. 5, 1839, d. Oct. 7, 1855; Henry G., b. Oct. 11, 1840, d. Sept. 11, 1874; Asenath M., b. Feb. 10, 1842; William G., b. June 21, 1843; Mary D., b. Nov. 21, 1844; E.R., b. Feb. 2, 1847; Sarah A., b. June 7, 1849, d. Oct. 1877; McCanna A., b. May 28, 1851; Charles F., b. Dec. 1852, died in infancy.
            DUNCAN, WILLIAM G., P.O. Center Valley, farmer, Sec. 32, born in this township June 21, 1843, son of Charles Duncan b. March 5, 1810 and Delila Blunk born June 6, 1820, died in Dec. 1852. William G. was married Feb. 18, 1867 to Matilda Barnes, born Jan. 19, 1850; her father Stephen b. Jan.? 5, 1803, and mother Lydia A. Lang? b. March 22, 1821, died March 31, 1857?, m. Aug. 10, 1843. 5 children: Lydia E., b. Aug. 21, 1869; Ora Iva, b. June 8, 1872; A.D., b. July 16, 1873; Lora A., b. Sept. 25, 1875; Amy R., b. Oct. 9, 1877.


Many tax lists and other documents have been published, particularly in the periodical "Genealogical Journal of Randolph Co. NC" (TN Gen. Society Library #2516 from Evelyn Sigler 3/1983 and FHL book 975.661 B2g). Some tax lists have also been published by other authors.

"Ansearchin News" Vol.20, 1973, pg.145 (from Evelyn Sigler 8/1983)
      This issue of the TN periodical includes extracts of the pension applications of John Rains W982 for service in the Rev. in Randolph Co. NC, and Asahel Rains WC 23533 for service in the War of 1812 in Warren Co. TN.


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