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Original county, formed 1663, discontinued 1739;
became Chowan, Currituck, Pasquotank & Perquimons
Formed 1739 from Prec. Albemarle; retained records
Tyrrell formed 1729 from Bertie, Chowan, Currituck, Pasquotank
Camden formed 1777 from Pasquotank


1790-1800 Pasquotank Co. NC Census
        No Duncan indexed

1810 Pasquotank Co. NC Census (alphabetic)
Pg.186  Sally Dunkin         00000    - 01201

1820 Pasquotank Co. NC Census
Pg.279  Duncan, James        011010   - 10100
   281  Duncan, Solomon      000000   - 00010

1830 Pasquotank Co. NC Census
        No Duncan indexed

1840 Pasquotank Co. NC Census
Pg.312  Jona. Dunkin         1000,1   - 1000,1

1850 Pasquotank Co. NC Census
Pg.330, #550, Jonathan DUNKIN 38 NC wheel maker $300
                  Sarah 39 NC
                  James 12, John 11 NC

1860 Pasquotank Co. NC Census
Elizabeth City P.O., pg.103; handwritten pg.731, stamped pg.367
Pg.731, #810, Jonathan DUNKEN 47 NC farmer $300-$311
                  Sarah 50 NC
                  James 21, John T. 20 NC
                  (MAD: John Thomas Duncan mar. Lucinda Lister, 9/24/1863)

1870 Pasquotank Co. NC Census
Mount Herman Twp.
Pg.359, #71-71, DUNCAN, Jas. H. 29 NC (white) farming $800-$340
                  Mary A. 21 NC keeping house
                  Delphinia (f) 6 NC
                  STEPHENS, Ella (f) 15 NC (white) house keeper
Pg.367, #179-180, DUNCAN, Jonathan 60 NC (white) farmer $600-$475
                  Sarah 59 NC keeping house
                  Mary Ann 8 NC
                  John T. 31 NC (white) laborer
                  Lucinda 25 NC keeping house
                  George F. 6, Sarah 4 NC
                  Pauline (f) 6/12 NC b.Jany.
                  (MAD: John Thomas Duncan mar. Lucinda Lister 9/24/1863)


Pasquotank Co. NC Wills
      Wills 1752-1777 - no Duncan (FHL film 19,493)
      Wills 1777-1793 - no Duncan
      Original wills 1720-1804 - no Duncan (FHL film 9,494)
      Cross-index to wills 1752-1941 - no Duncan to 1906 (FHL film 19,536)

Pasquotank Co. Wills in Book M (FHL film 19,538; Index on FHL film 19,536)
      No Duncan
      (MAD: see Deed CC-339, 1838, Jonathan Duncan and wife Sarah formerly Sarah Prichard inherited land near Pool Town; sold negro woman Rhoda; Sarah b. 1811 NC)
      M-6: 10 Aug. 1797, will of John Pritchard; all to wife Sarah; Exec. wife Sarah; wit. Ren. Keaton, T. Freshwater jurat; proved March 1798 on oath of Thaddeus Freshwater; rec. 17 July 1798.
      M-119: 19 March 1806, will of Elisha Pritchard (X), sick and weak; sons Hugh and Joseph my two plantations to be equally divided; if Joseph never comes back, both plantations to Hugh; use of the houses, orchards and 1/2 above land and 1/2 wood land on N.side main road for use of my dau. Betheny Copelen for her life; to my grandson David son of Elisha Pritchard my white oak ground tract of land; to my granddau. Elizabeth Pritchard one cow and calf; to my "granddaughter Mathew Prichard" one cow and calf to her; to my three daus. Ann Sawgee, Sarah Dussen (Dupsen?) (Dufsen?), Betheny Copelin and my grandson Jonathan Brite, the residue; if Jonathan dies without heirs, then to my three daus; if grandson David Pritchard dies without heirs, his land to fall to my sons Hugh and Joseph, or Hugh if Joseph never comes back; exec. son Hugh Pritchard and Mordecia Smith; wit. Dav?. Smith, Alle (X) Rhodes (her); prob. June 1806.
      M-288: 24 Dec. 1808, will David Pritchard; to son David 1/2 land where he lives and negro girl Frankey, boy Moses, 1/3 tools etc.; to grandson William Pritchard 1/2 land where my son David lives and negro girl Rachel and negro man Meriam and two boys Sam and (blank); to my two granddaus. Peggy Pritchard and Sally Pritchard equally when they come to age 18 or marry, reserving use of same to my dau-in-law Ruth Pritchard until her daus. arrive to age or marry; to my son Enoch Pritchard a part of my land where I live (acres not given), negro girl Eady and boy Charles etc.; to son Elisha Pritchard the lower end of my land from Enoch's line to Polly Dozier's line and negro boy Tom and girl Jenney etc.; to my dau. Sally Pritchard bed and furniture, negro woman Hannah, girl Lucinda, girl Lydia, etc.; to my dau. Ruth Pritchard bed & furniture, negro girl Charlotte, boy Isaac, etc.; to my son David Pritchard, tools; to my son Enoch Pritchard, misc. and my old negro man Solomon and 1/2 the new survey of land; to wife Miriam provisions and use of negroes for life; exec. sons David and Enoch; wit. Hezekiah Cartwright, Thomas Weymouth, Amous Vanblood?; prob. March 1815.
      M-336: Will of Benjamin Pritchard, 30th day 1st Month 1821, to my son Joseph Pritchard 5 sh. exclusive of what I have heretofore given him; to my son Benjamin Pritchard a small piece of land, being part of Ivey Thicket supposed to contain 12-1/2 acres adj. land of Veke? Jackson & Bright exclusive of what I have heretofore given him; to my grandson Benjamin Pritchard son of Caleb Pritchard decd the land I bought of Isaac Casorman? decd containing 35 acres by est. & a piece I bought of William Barren containing 30 acres more or less and a small piece of land taken out of the manor tract supposed to be 5 acres to make up 70 acres to begin at the River near the mouth of a small branch adj. his land, running from the River along a fence ..., but should the said Benjamin Pritchard die under age leaving no lawful issue, then the said lands shall return to such of my children as are living; to my two sons William Pritchard and Samuel Pritchard the land where I formerly lived the acres to be divided between them equally, the part with the buildings to my son Samuel, the other part to my son William, supposed to be 193 acres; to my son Thomas Pritchard 100 acres, part of tract called Ivey Thicket tract at the west end of the said land, adj. William Allen's land and land I bought of Josiah Morris, with the buildings, containing 39-8/10 acres being on the border of Griffin swamp; to my son John Pritchard the land I bought of Micajah Chancey?: containing 11-1/2 acres and a piece of land I purchased of Thomas Jackson & wife of 23 acres and a piece I purchased of Wilson Emberson & wife of 23 acres; to my son Samuel Pritchard one young horse called whale bone; to my two daughters Pininnah Casand and Mary Pritchard the remaining part of the Ivey Thicket land containing 128 acres on the East end of the land binding on Henry Delon's land to be divided between them by equal acres; to my dau. Mary Pritchard one feather bed & furniture, one large trunk; the remaining estate to be divided between five of my children, namely, William, John, Peninnah, Samuel & Mary Pritchard in the following manner: William and John to have 1/2 and the other half to be divided between the other three children; appoint my two sons Joseph Pritchard and Benjamin Pritchard execs; revoke previous wills; my two sons Joseph and Benjamin Pritchard full power and authority to sell my son John Pritchard's land for the support of him as they think best; wit. Caleb Morris, Anderson Morris; March 1821, will of Benjamin Pritchard Sr. decd proved on affirmation of Caleb Morris; Joseph & Benjamin Pritchard the execs. named were qualified.
      M-338 to 340: Will of Thomas D. Martin of town of Elizabeth City, Pasquotank Co. NC, 2 Nov. 1820; execs. to sell my real estate in NC at public or private sale or exchange it for negroes if it shall seem to them most beneficial for my family; sell my personal estate, negroes excepted, also such portions of it as my wife Mary M. may choose to retain for her own use and that of our children; desire that my law books shall be included with my other books retained for the use of my family; the proceeds of the sales and money collected of various debts due me may be invested by Wm. Wingfield, one of my execs, in such productive stock as he may judge best or invest in negroes for the use of my family; empower him to remove all my negroes from NC to VA. All the estate I possess at my death except what I have directed be sold, be kept together for use and support of my family, subject to my wife Mary M. shall possess and enjoy the whole for her support and that of our children so long as she continues unmarried or until our eldest dau. Mary Eliza marries, or our son Thomas arrives at full age; whenever either of these happens, then all my estate equally divided between my wife and my three children; the portion assigned to my wife shall be vested in her in absolute right with power to dispose of it by will or otherwise, so long as my estate be kept together as above, it shall be under management of William Wingfield one of my execs.; to my wife Mary M. my carriage and harnes? and a feather bed & furniture; to my son Thomas Duncan my watch which is to be retained by his mother until he arrives at years of discretion; to each of my daus. Mary Eliza and Caroline Augusta I give a feather bed and furniture; and I also request that Wm. Wingfield purchase for each of them a bureau; appoint William Wingfield of Hanover Co. VA and Benjamin Sutton of Elizabeth City and William Wood of Perquimans Co. NC to be execs; dated in Botetourt Co. VA 2 Nov. 1820, /s/ Thomas D. Martin; wit. Edwd. Watts, Elisha Betts, Nimno.? Moriss?; proved March 1821 by Minro? Morris; Benjamin Sutton and William Wood the execs. qualified. (MAD: this may be Thomas Duncan Martin, not Thomas Duncan, but the above is the way it is written)


Land records, North Carolina and Tennessee; indexes, 1600-1959; by NC Secretary of State, Land Grant Office (SLC 5/30/2011 copied by CVD)
      Land warrants are documents issued at local land offices to purchasers of public lands. When these warrants are surrendered, the buyers are issued conveyances (deeds). The land warrants (and other miscellaneous records) are organized by file numbers in alphabetical sequences of counties. Some of the counties are now Tennessee counties. These records are in packets. On each packet cover are spaces for the following information: file number, county, purchaser's name(s), number of acres, grant number, date issued, entry number, date entered, book number, page number & location. ... The key to finding the related packets are the file numbers.
      Index cards, in alphabetical order, to Lord Proprietor grants in old Albemarle County, ca. 1704-1736 (FHL Film 1,942,645 Item 2)
            No Duncan
      Index cards, in alphabetical order, to documents that appear to have been made by Lord proprietors in the old Albemarle County area, no county or precinct given, date issued: ca. 1653-1754 (FHL Film 1,942,645 Item 3)
            No Duncan

Pasquotank Co. NC Deeds (indexes; grantors on FHL film 19,527; grantees on FHL film 19,531)
      B-143: 27 Oct. 1750, David Dunkin to Henry Evans, both Pasquotank Co. NC, 35 lbs, 200 acres on Middle Island and Landing Island, on NE side of Pasquotank, adj. patent of Thomas Pelley, John Jones. No wife. Wit. James Smith, Joshua Gambling. (FHL film 19,507)
      B-174: 21 Feb. 1746/7, David Dunkin, planter, to Jarvis Jones, both Pasquotank Co. NC, 30 lbs, land adj. Joseph Marksanson?s land, (hard to read; indexed 70 acres near Great Swamp). Wit. Joseph Markparsan?, John Chamberlin. Rec. 4/18/1751. (FHL film 19,507)
      D&E-448: 4 Aug. 1769, David Duncan of Bladen Co. NC to Asel Thourowgood "or else Omore" (later: "Omary") of Pasquotank Co. NC, 45 lbs, 100 acres adj. Joshua Gamblen, Jacob Burnham, Thomas Armer's, Tomolin's/Toniolin's Island, mare bridge, swamp; the land formerly called Jean Jone's old plantation. No wife. Wit. Malachi (X) Spence, Edward Scurffe, Ezekiel Hill. Rec. 9/2/1769. (FHL film 19,510)
      N-11: 28 day of December in 18th year of Independence (1793), Thomas Duncan appoint friend Elias Albertson, Elias of Pasquotank Co. NC, attorney to collect debts, etc. Wit. Thomas Morris. Rec. 8 April 1794 on oath of wit. (FHL film 19,514) (MAD: one Thomas Duncan was on the 1784-87 state census in Pasquotank Co. NC, pg.126, 1 male 21-60, 1 male under 21 or over 60, and 2 females, from "1784-87 Pasquotank Co., NC State Census" by Alvaretta K. Register; but he is not on the 1790 federal census)
      T-47: 8 April 1812, John Symons/Symson to James Duncan, both Pasquotank Co. NC, $384.60, 19-23/100 acres near Newbeguin Creek, part of dividend allotted to said John Symons at division of land of his father, John Symons decd, adj. James Griffins, William T. Muses corner and line, Sally Symons decd, another of the heirs, Aaron Morris Senr. No wife. Wit. Richard Muse, Wm. Wilson. Rec. 10/10/1812. (FHL film 19,520)
      T-434: 22 Feb. 1814, James Duncan to William F. Muse, both Pasquotank Co. NC, 400 lbs, above land. No wife. Wit. Richard Muse, Nathaniel Brier?. Proved on oath of Richard Muse 8/1/1818. (Indexed as mortgage) (FHL film 19,520)
      T-506: 24 Dec. 1813, Isaac (X) Leake to Solomon Duncan, $30, 4-3/4 acres in upper part of Pasquotank Co., adj. swamp side, Daniel Richardson's line, the road. No wife. Wit. L. Martin. Rec. 1/26/1815. (FHL film 19,520)
      U-162: 15 Sept. 1815, Solomon Duncan to Daniel Richardson, (no locality), $38, 4-3/4 acres (above land). No wife. Wit. Wm. T. Hintson?, David Housell?. Rec. on oath of David Housell? 3/26/1816. (FHL film 19,521)
      W-176: 16 Feb. 1822, James Duncan to William F. Muse, Esq., both Pasquotank Co. NC, $425, 19-23/100 acres and 47 acres. No wife. Wit. A.C. Ehringhaws; proved on oath of wit 5/17/1822. (FHL film 19,523)
            MAD: Perhaps the James Duncan, whose wife Mary inherited from Thomas Jordan of Pasquotank, will dated 7/30/1840, proved 12/1840 in Tyrrell Co. NC; from "Tyrrell Co. NC Wills 1812-1900" by Stephen E. Bradley Jr. (FHL book 975.6172 P2br) See Perquimens Co. NC Plat Book 1, 1825; see James G. Duncan in Lawrence Co. IN 1840 census and Monroe Co. IN 1850 census.
      CC-339: 10 Feb. 1838, Jonathan Duncan owes William Charles $150, in trust to George W. Charles, negro woman Rhoda and child boy Frank and his right in the lands which descended to his wife Sarah formerly Sarah Pritchard near Pool Town. Wit. C.A.C. Ehringham. Rec. 2/16/1838. (FHL film 944,483; Indexed Jonathan & Sarah Duncan)
      DD-215: 16 Jan. 1840, Jonathan Duncan and wife Sarah to Thomas Banks, both Pasquotank Co. NC, for $875, 40 acres on main road from Elizabeth City through Pool Town, adj. Thomas Banks land bought of Robinson Simpson, adj. Thomas Morris decd, land purchased of William A. Pritchard as trustee for Mary Simpson. Wit. Jessee Jackson. Rec. 2/6/1840. (FHL film 944,484)
      DD-498: 15 Dec. 1840, George W. Charles, trustee for Jonathan Duncan, to William Charles, the mortgage, slave and land. Wit. A.C. Ehringham. Rec. 6/21/1841. (FHL film 944,848)
      FF-54: 5 Dec. 1845, Jonathan Duncan and wife Sarah (X) to William Charles, $85, 4 acres, land adj. lands of Goldsmith Madren, William Charles. Wit. Gilbert Elliott. (FHL film 944,484)
      FF-61: 6 Dec. 1845, Cartright C. Jackson of Pasquotank Co. NC to William Charles, trustee of Sarah Duncan of same, for $125, 50 acres adj. land of John C. Ehringham on W, bounded S & E by Hall's Creek, N by main road, being part of John Lowe? tract; for benefit of "Sarha" Duncan, wife of J. Dunkan, separate and apart from her husband; she may dispose of property by will or otherwise. Trustee William Charles covenants to deed? with said C.C. Jackson and said Sarah Dunkun wife of said Jonathan Duncan, and accepts the trust. Wit. George W. Brooks. Rec. 18 Dec. 1845. (FHL film 944,484)
      1-342: 30 Oct. 1878, James H. Duncan & wife Mary E. (X) of Perquimans Co. NC owe Frank E. Winslow $150 due by note 19 Sept. 1877, interest at 8%, payable 1 Dec. 1877, for purchase of horse; in order to secure note, this 5 Sept. 1878, they assign to Winslow their interest in 50 acres in Pasquotank Co. VA, being part of John Lam tract, bounded S & E by Halls Bank, N by main road, and adj. lands of Frank Bundy and John Rankhorn, being our undivided half of land in deed from Cartwright C. Jackson to William Charles, trustee for Sarah Duncan, mother of said J.H. Duncan, and from whom said J.H. Duncan heired his interest, said deed dated 6 Dec. 1845. Wit. Wm. Nixon JP. (FHL film 260,165)
      2-2: 21 April 1879, John T. Duncan (X) and wife Lucinda (X) to C. Guirkin, trustee, both Pasquotank Co. NC; Duncan owes Guirkin and Co., Bankers of Elizabeth City NC, $33 by note 21 April 1879, payable in 6 months; in order to secure note, mortgage land in Mt. Hermon Twp bounded N by Henry Rankhorn and Frank Bundy, E. by Abram Morris, W by Halls Creek, S by Halls Creek, 25 acres by estimate, being land heired from his mother Sarah Duncan and where he now resides; note may be renewed. Wit. Miles Commander. (FHL film 260,166)


(Old) Albemarle Co. NC (Pasquotank Co.) Papers, state records, letters of admin, land patents, etc., at NC Hist. Com. in Raleigh (FHL film 18,123)
      Loose papers, no index; did not go through.

"The Colonial and State Records of NC" pub. 1886 by William L. Saunders, Secretary of State, index by Stephen B. Weeks (FHL books 975.6 N2n, fiche 6,078,231 and film 874,168, NC Archives, and other libraries; and from Evelyn Sigler 3/1984)
      Volumes 1-10 are titled "The Colonial Records of North Carolina, 1662-1776" and volumes 11-26 are titled "The State Records of North Carolina, 1776-1790"
      22:348: 1755, Pasquotank Co., Muster roll of Col. Robert Murden: David Dunken, John Thackney, Wm. Darnal.


Virginia Beach VA [Old Princess Anne Co.] Deed (FHL film 33,160)
      31-212: 15 April 1814, Solomon Duncan of Pasquotank Co. NC to William Holt of Princess Anne Co. VA, $250, 25 acres in Blackwater Precinct, Princess Anne Co., adj. land sold by John Wickings to said William Holt, lands of David Nelson and North River Marsh, land of heirs of John Wilson decd, lands of Samuel Brown, a tract of land devised by Willis Brown in will to John Wormington and conveyed by said Wormington to said Solomon Duncan by deed 4 Feb. 1797. No wife. Wit. Thomas J. Marchant, Thomas Lawrence, James (X) Davis, John (X) Corbill; proved on oath of wit. 5 Dec. 1814.


Many of the early probate and land records have been published by various authors. These books contain indexes to all the Duncans in the records or items, including who were witnesses or mentioned in some other capacity in the document, and should be consulted.


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