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Formed 1746 from Craven
Orange formed 1752 from Bladen, Granville, Johnston
Wake formed 1770 from Cumberland, Johnston, Orange
Wilson formed 1855 from Edgecombe, Johnston, Nash, Wayne


1790 Johnston Co. NC Census
Pg.142  Duncan, John          114xx

1800 Johnston Co. NC Census
(stamped pg.769, written pg.275)
Pg.769  Henry Duncan          40010         - 00100

1810 Johnston Co. NC Census
Pg.290  Henry Duncan          14001         - 30010

1820 Johnston Co. NC Census
Pg.270  Duncan, Henry         010311        - 12101
   274  Duncan, James         100010        - 11010

1830 Johnston Co. NC Census (alphabetic)
Pg. 90  Henry Duncan          0000,3000,1   - 0002,2001
          (MAD: Henry Duncan mar. Keziah Averyt 3/20/1792; she
           called "Christian" in will of her father Alexander
           Averyt Sr. dated 12/16/1818, filed Feb. 1832,
           Will Book 1, pg.474)
        Aargett Duncan        2000,01       - 0000,1
          (MAD: Averyt Duncan; 1850 Wilson Co. TN census)

1840 Johnston Co. NC Census
Pg.259  Alexander Duncan      1000,001      - 0000,001
   261  George Duncan         0000,1        - 0000,2100,1

1850 Johnston Co. NC Census
District 1
Pg.4, #54, Henry DUNCAN 46 NC doctor $750
District 2
Pg.9, #142, Alexander DUNCAN 54 NC farmer $750
                  Sabrina 49 NC
                  James H. 11, Alexander R. 7 NC
                  (MAD: Alexander Duncan mar. Sabrina "Duncan" 1/15/1838, bdm. George W. Duncan; she the dau. of James Durham per 1844 land division)
Pg.9, #143, George W. DUNCAN 45 NC farmer $600
                  Louisa 35 NC
                  Sally 37, Josiah V. 8/12 NC
                  (MAD: Alexander, George W. & Sally are children of Henry; George Duncan mar. Louisa Durhame 10/24/1848, bdm. Henry Duncan)
District 6
Pg.43, #644, Turner JOINER 26 NC farmer $700
                  Winnifred 32 NC
                  (MAD: Turner Joyner mar. Winnford Duncan 12/14/1849)
Earps Br.
Pg.78, #1190, Henry DINKINS 20 NC laborer $0
                  Fancy 19 NC (mar. in year)
District 13
Pg.111, #1700, Alvin JOHNSON 35 NC farmer $250
                  Elizabeth 38 NC
                  Lorinda 9, Heddy 7, George 5 NC
                  John 3, Elizabeth 1 NC
                  (MAD: Alvan Johnson mar. Betsy Duncan 3/28/1836)

1860 Johnston Co. NC Census
Clayton P.O., Dist. W. of Neuse River
Pg.695, #65-56, Ranson DUNCAN 25 NC day laborer $0-25
                  Lucinda H. DUNCAN 26 NC
                  Candas H. KELLEY (f) 17 NC serving
                  Henry W. DUNCAN 3, Julia A. 1 NC
                  (MAD: 1850 Wilson Co. TN census)
Pg.698, #90-77, George DUNCAN 54 NC farmer $0-434
                  Louiza 45 NC
                  Josiah E. 10, George B. 8, Daniel 7 NC
                  Washington 5, Celia A. 2 NC
                  (MAD: Louisa died 1896 Pender Co. NC)
Pg.698, #92-79, Alex. DUNCAN 62 NC farmer $8040-5119
                  Sabrina 60 NC
                  James H. 20, Alex R. 18 NC
                  Washington OVERBEE 24 NC farm laborer
Pg.701, #113-95, Avrit DUNCAN 66 NC farmer $0-$48
                  Patience 52 NC
                  Mary M. 17, William 15, Nancy 12 NC
                  (MAD: Everet Duncan mar. Patience Avery 12/8/1826, bdm. George Duncan; 1850 Wilson Co. TN census)
Pg.701, #114-96, Henry DUNCAN 55 NC physician $3300-$3418
                  Elizabeth 28 NC
                  Franklin 4, Abalsey (f) 1 NC
                  (MAD: Henry Duncan mar. Elizabeth Ann Barber 11/9/1853 in Wake Co. NC, bond by George Duncan; apparently not the Henry Duncan who mar. Emeline C. or Eveline Boone 11/30/1857 or 1858 in Johnston Co. NC)

1870 Johnston Co. NC Census
Clayton Twp.
Pg.372, #245-245, DUNCAN, Alexander 29 NC (white) farmer $2000-$500
                  DUNCAN, Betty 24 NC (white) keeping house
                  Eximson (f) 3 NC
                  Guestro? (m) 6/12 NC b.Dec.?
Pg.373, #257-257, DUNCAN, Henry 58 NC (white) "W. farmer" $1500-$300
                  Franklin (m) 14 NC farm hand
                  Anabeley (f) 11 NC at home
                  Ludeles? (f) 9 NC at home
Pg.376, #304-304, DUNCAN, J.H. (m) 30 NC (white) farmer $2500-$500
                  DUNCAN, Sarah 17 NC keeping house
                  Minta DUNCAN (f) 17 NC BLACK house keeping
                  GARDNER, Allen 18 NC BLACK farm hand
Elevation Twp.
Pg.380, #17-17, DUNCAN, Welthy (f) 34 NC BLACK keeping house $0-$0
                  Lucy 18, Eliza 12 NC BLACK at home
                  SMITH, Isham 20 NC BLACK farm hand
                  BELL, Samuel 40 NC BLACK farm hand
                  SANDER, Thomas 17 NC BLACK farm hand
Smithfield Twp.
Pg.499, #240-240, AVENA, Willis H? (m) 25 NC (white) farmer $2000-$100
                  John W. 18 NC at school
                  DUNKAM, Nancy 54 NC (white) housekeeper
Pg.499, #248-248, BUNCH, Henry 23 NC (white) farm hand $0-$0
                  BUNCH, Sally 28 NC keeping house
                  DUNCAN, Caroline 15 NC BLACK at home
Pg.518, #206-195, DANKAM, Haywood 35 NC BLACK farmer $0-$0
                  Betsey 37 NC BLACK farm laborer
                  George 17, Clancy? (m) 15 NC BLACK farm laborer
                  Handy (m) 11 NC BLACK at home
                  Haywood 6/12 NC BLACK b.Dec.
                  Molia (f) 9 NC BLACK at home


Johnston Co. NC Wills (FHL film 295,182)
      3-13: Will of Alexander Duncan, 18 Sept. 1868, prob. 1 Mar. 1869; to wife Sabrinia, all property, real & personal, during life or widowhood; at her death to be equally divided between son James Henry Duncan & daughter-in-law Bettie M. Duncan, wife of beloved son A.R. Duncan, during natural life or widowhood, then to heirs of son A.R. Duncan; wit. J.B. Hararison, Gaston Johnson; exec. appointed by court A.R. Duncan and J.H. Duncan. Wit. J.B. Harrison, Gaston Johnson. /s/ Alexander Duncan. (also from pg.21, "Johnston Co. NC Will Abstracts 1825-1870" Vol.2 by Elizabeth Ross, 1977; FHL book 975.641 S2r)
      3-278: Will of Annie B. Duncan, undated, prob. 14 March 1881; to my brother B.F. Duncan and sister Lew Della Duncan, land in Wake Co. from parents; no exec. Wit. J.H. Duncan, N.G. Gully.

Johnston Co. NC Wills 1759-1863; incl. wills, deeds, court martial minutes, inventories, settlements of estates, guardian accounts & other misc. records; some volumes individually indexed
      Vol. 1759-1779 -- no index (FHL film 19,194)
      Vol. 1781-1795 -- no Duncan (FHL film 19,195)
      Vol. 1790-1800 -- no Duncan (FHL film 19,195)
      Vol. 1791-1795 -- no Duncan (FHL film 19,196)
      Vol. 1805-1808 -- no Duncan (FHL film 19,196)
      Vol. 1814-1816 -- no Duncan (FHL film 19,197)
      Vol. 1816-1818 -- no Duncan (FHL film 19,197)
      Vol. 1829-1834 (FHL film 19,198)
            Pg.215, 217: Sale of estate of Henry Duncan decd, 10 Jan. 1833, includes sales to widow, Alexdr. Duncan, Henry C. Duncan, George Duncan, Suquinna Duncan, William W. Johnson (2 items), Jesse Franklin (cow), Caleb Penney (sow & pigs); includes 4 negroes. Support to Christian Duncan for one year. Recorded Feb. 1833.
            Pg.238: Per court order Nov. 1832, supplies set off 26 Dec. 1832 to Christian Duncan, widow of Henry, for one year's support.
      Vol. 1835-1838 -- no index (FHL film 19,199)
      Vol. 1849-1851 -- no Duncan (FHL film 19,199)
      Vol. 1800-1805 -- no Duncan (FHL film 19,201)
      Vol. 1811-1815 -- no Duncan (FHL film 19,201)
      Vol. 1818-1821 -- no Duncan (FHL film 19,202)
      Vol. 1821-1823 -- no Duncan (FHL film 19,202)
      Vol. 1823-1825 -- no Duncan (FHL film 19,203)
      Vol. 1825-1829 -- no Duncan (FHL film 19,203)
      Vol. 1827-1829 -- no Duncan (FHL film 19,204)
      Vol. 1829-1831 -- no Duncan (FHL film 19,204)
      Vol. 1844-1847 -- no Duncan (FHL film 19,205)
      Vol. 1847-1849 -- no Duncan (FHL film 19,206)
      Vol. 1851-1855 -- no Duncan (FHL film 19,207)

Johnston Co. NC Guardians' records 1799-1859, some volumes are indexed (FHL film 19,208)
      Pt. 1, 1847-1859 bonds - no Duncan
      Pt. 2, Accounts 1799-1801; originals, no index, did not go through page by page

Johnston Co. NC Record of Accounts, Vol.6 1808-1810 (others after 1868) (FHL film 295,134)
      No Duncan

Johnston Co. NC Index to intestate land divisions & heirs land divisions 1789-1925, etc.; intestate index vol.1 1789-1922 & heir index vol.1 (FHL film 295,160)
   Land books, vols. 1-3, 1789-1882 (FHL film 295,161)
      2-234 & 5: Names of negroes belonging to the estate of Henry Duncan decd: Jack age 57 years valued at $325, Mariah 28 years $400, Lucy 26 $400, Janet? 20 $525, Capella? 22 $400, Charles 17 $500, Jane 13 $350, Adam 11 $300, Henderson 5 $250, Wealthy 7 $200, Richmond 5 $250, Ruamy? 4 $145, Abram 4 $180, Miley? 1 $100, the whole making the total of $4345, and then divided into 8 shares making $543.12-1/2 cents to the share; Averyt Duncan drawed Jack & Wealthy and $18, Alexd. Duncan drawed Adam & Richmond & pays $7, Henry Duncan drawed Charles & $43, Luquinna Barbor drawed Lucy & Miley & $43, George W. Duncan drawed Capella & Abram and pays $37, Betsy Johnson drawed Jane and Henderson and pays $57, Sally Duncan drawed Mariah and Reamy and pays $22, Winnifred Duncan drawed Janet (Jarret?) and $18. Averytt Duncan receives from Sally Duncan $18. Alexd. Duncan pays Winnifred Duncan $7. Henry Duncan receives $43 from Alvin? Johnson. $3 from George W. Duncan $37 from Sally Duncan $3 from Luquinna Barbor receives $43 from Alvin Johnson & wife. Sally Duncan pays Averyt Duncan as before stated also Henry Duncan as before named. Betsy Johnson pays as before stated to Luquinna Barbor and to Henry Duncan, and also to Winifred Duncan. Winifred Duncan receives $18 from Betsy Johnson. In obedience to an order issued at Nov. term 1842 we the undersigned as commissioners appointed at such term ... to divide the negroes of the said Henry Duncan decd ... 3 Dec. 1842. /s/ N?. Bryan, J.A. Johnson, Joseph Clifton. Rec. Feb. term 1843. (MAD: amounts do not add up correctly; and one sentence does not make sense.)
      3-186: 15 Feb. 1864, jury laid off to Mrs. Louisa Duncan her dower and thirds in lands of George W. Duncan decd. adj. Gully's corner, 80 acres.
      3-467: 30 Sept. 1876, estate of late Henry Duncan decd, 580 acres, on both sides Little Creek adj. Thos. Turner, Jas. H. Duncan and others; lot #1 to B.F. Duncan, lot #2 to Della Duncan, lot #3 to Anna B. Duncan.


Land records, North Carolina and Tennessee; indexes, 1600-1959; by NC Secretary of State, Land Grant Office (Placerville FHC on loan 1/4-5/2012)
      Land warrants are documents issued at local land offices to purchasers of public lands. When these warrants are surrendered, the buyers are issued conveyances (deeds). The land warrants (and other miscellaneous records) are organized by file numbers in alphabetical sequences of counties. Some of the counties are now Tennessee counties. These records are in packets. On each packet cover are spaces for the following information: file number, county, purchaser's name(s), number of acres, grant number, date issued, entry number, date entered, book number, page number & location. ... The key to finding the related packets are the file numbers.
      Land grant index cards, 1693-1959, George Dail (Burke) - Robert Deveney (Rutherford) (FHL Film 1,942,615)
            Duncan, A.R., File No.4005, Johnston Co., 12 acres, Grant No.7654 issued 20 April 1886, Entry No.568 entered 28 July 1885, Book No.176, page no.415, Location: In Clayton Township on the N. side of Swift Creek

Johnston Co. NC Deeds
      Looked for deed ca 1794 from John Duncan; did not check index or for all Duncan deeds (FHL old film 4805-1?)
      S1-181: 9 Aug. 1789, Littleton Fulton of Granville Co. NC to Henry Duncan of Johnston Co. NC, £50, 320 acres on south side Little Creek on both sides of Littleman's swamp, corner Wm. Averas tract, Henry Blanton's and Tomlinson's line, John Brown's line, Blinton's corner and line, 1/2 of 640 acres grant to Charles Parish who sold to Henry Blinton who sold to John Brown. No wife. Wit. Jacob Ferrell, Cornelius (+) Ferrill. (FHL film 19,215; indexed pg.183)
      T1-67: 26 Feb. 1789, Littleton Fuller of Johnson Co. NC to John Duncan Junr. of same, £150, 300 acres, corner Etheldred Gregory's line, John Buckhorn branch, John Brown's line. No wife. Wit. Henry (X) Duncan. Registered Aug. 1793. (FHL film 19,215, 1790-1794)
      T1-399: 2 Jan. 1792, John Duncan of Johnston Co. NC to Charles Parrish of same, £150, 300 acres corner Etheldred Gregory's line, John Brown's line. No wife. Wit. Alexr. Averyt, Henry (X) Duncan. Proved Nov. 1794 on oath of Henry Duncan. (FHL film 19,215; indexed pg.300)
      Book U1, 1782-1795 - no Duncan grantor (FHL film 19,216)

Johnston Co. NC Deeds (index 1775-1939; grantees on FHL film 295,095; grantors on FHL film 295,101)
      No grantee deed indexed to George Duncan bef. 1832 for 217a on Little Cooper Swamp that he sold 2/10/1832 in Deed Q2-132; he bought in 400a in deed P2-378 on 11/22/1832 from David Thomson (sheriff?).
      V1-430: 29 Oct. 1796, Henry (X) Duncan (/s/ Dunkin) to William Pool, both Johnston Co. NC, £10, 84 acres on south side Little Swamp, Thomas Tomlinson's line, Little Swamp, William Amos line. No wife. Wit. Hardy Bryan, Ethel Smith. (FHL film 19,216)
      H2-429: 20 Aug. 1814, Henry (X) Dunkin to Asel Clifton, both Johnston Co., $100, 50 acres, Dunkins corner in said Clifton's line, Bryan's corner. Wit. Thos. Pool. (FHL film 19,220)
      K2-48: 18 Feb. 1819, Theophilus Pool to Henry Duncan, both Johnston Co., £188.15, 299 acres on south side Little Swamp, Asel Clifton's line, Edmon...? Tomlinson's line, Duncan's line. Wit. Hardy Avera, Azel Clifton. (FHL film 19,220)
      L2-29: 9 Aug. 1819, William (X) Sims of Johnston Co. NC to James Duncan Woodall, $200, 100 acres on head of branches near Wood line; wit. Reuben Hobby, Miles Sims; recorded 23 May 1820. (FHL film 19,221) (MAD: Court Record 1819-22 p.110-111, 5/23/1820, shows deed to "James Duncan")
      P2-120: 9 Dec. 1829, John Vinson to Henry Duncan, both Johnson Co., $28?, 14 acres on Little Creek, to where Little Swamp empties into said Creek, Henry Duncan Senr's line. Wit. Alexr. Duncan, E?.R?. Swann???. Reg. on oath of Alexr. Duncan Feb. 1831. (FHL film 19,222)
      P2-367: 21 Sept. 1832, Averett Duncan to Hinton Vinson, trust deed, Duncan owes Vinson $100.32 and interest following judgement, from 25 Dec. 1830, to said Vinsen, all his interest, right and title to estate of his grandfather Abraham Averytt and all right, etc., in estate of Aron Avera to which he may be entitled; trustee Hinton Vinson. Both signed. Wit. Daniel H. Bryan. (FHL film 19,222)
      P2-378: 22 Nov. 1832, David Thomson to George Duncan, $150, 400 acres adj. the lands of Joseph Clifton, sold by sheriff under judgement in favor of Hinton Vinson to the use of Catrin? Smith. Wit. James C. Frolick?, B. Bryan. (FHL film 19,222)
      Q2-132: 10 Feb. 1832, George Duncan to Lewis Jenkins, both Johnston Co., (blank money), 217 acres on head of Little Cooper Swamp, near Raleigh and Newburn roads, Great Cooper (river) to the fork of Little Cooper. Wit. Matthew Avera. (FHL film 19,223)
      R2-176: 23 Sept. 1833, Averyt Duncan and wife Patience of Johnston Co. NC to James Barber of same, $30, all right etc. to land formerly owned by Aaron Avera decd on Swift Creek, adj. lands of Natham (sic) Bryan and Kader Powel & others, 629 acres; the Duncans being entitled to one eleventh part. Wit. Alexr. Duncan. (FHL film 19,223)
      R2-209: 28 Jan. 1836, William Tomlinson to Alexander Duncan, both Johnson Co., $155, 187 acres N. side Swift Creek, both sides Sawhorse? branch, adj. Duncan's line. Wit. A.H. Thornton, Cornelius Dudon?. (FHL film 19,223)
      R2-406: (blank day & month) 1836, Alvan Johnson and wife Elizabeth (x) to Henry Dunkin, both Johnston Co., $80, 62-1/2 acres which is supposed to be distributive share that Elizabeth is entitled to in lands of her father Henry Duncan, late of said county, died in possession of, on Swift Creek, adj. lands of James Harrison, Alexander Duncan, & others. Wit. John Jones. Reg. 17 Sept. 1836. (FHL film 19,223)
      S2-6: 3 March 1836, Isaac Stallings to Henry Duncan, both Johnston Co., $62.50, 50 acres adj. Duncan's line, Stallings line, Little Creek. Wit. Alexr. Duncan. (FHL film 19,224)
      S2-151: 10? Oct. 1837, James Tomlinson to Alexander Duncan, $250, 243 acres north side Swift Creek, east side of Sawhorse branch, adj. Bern...? H. Tomlinson's line, John Fuitt? line, Henry Duncan decd. line, Alexander Duncan's corner. Wit. B.H. Tomlinson, H.D?. Tomlinson. (FHL film 19,224)
      V2-254: 23 May 1847, George W. Duncan to Henry Duncan, both Johnston Co., have given, etc. (no consideration shown) 320 acres on both sides Little Creek, one of said Henry Duncan's corners, dividing line between me and said Henry Duncan, Turner's line, Ferrell's, James Durham corner, including 1/2 mill and mill pond. Wit. Dewitt Clinton Willons, J.A. Harrison. (FHL film 294,948)
      V2-255: 23 May 1847, Henry Duncan to George Duncan, (no consideration), 100 acres, a portion of Stalling land which we bought together, corner Turner's line, Alvin Johnson's line. Wit. Dewitt C. Wellons, J.A. Harrison. (FHL film 294,948)
      V2-256: 23 May 1847, Between Alexander, George, Winnefred (x), and Sally (X) Duncan to Henry Duncan, all Johnston Co. NC, (no consideration), as heirs in common at law by the death of our father Henry Duncan Senr, decd., 125 acres on west bank of Little Creek, corner of Henry Duncan's 50 acres tract, George Duncan's corner, the swamp. Wit. Dewitt C. Wellons, J.A. Harrison. "N.B. 62-1/2 acres of the land contained within this deed has been deeded to the said Henry Duncan heretofore by Elizabeth Johnson and Alvin Johnson." Proved on oath of Dewitt C. Wellons. (FHL film 294,948)
      V2-263: 24 Oct. 1843, Elbert A. Bryan, exec. of Isaac Stallings decd, to George W. and Henry Duncan, all Johnston Co., $581, 386 acres on south side of Little Creek adj. Duncan's corner and line, James Harrison's corner, Alvin Johnson's line, Joseph Clifton's corner. Wit. Jos. M. Smith, Thos. Turner. (FHL film 294,948)
      X2-464: 29 March 1853, Turner Joiner and wife Winnaford (+) to George W. Duncan, $140, interest in 62-1/2 acres, their distribution from Winneford Joiner's deceased father Henry Duncan on Swift Creek adj. James H. Harrison, Alexr. Duncan & others. Wit. A.G. Wellons, Ethel. Bell. (FHL film 294,949)

Johnston Co. NC Land Divisions (from deed index)
      A-214/7: 3 April 1841, plat of 1219 acres divided into 7 parts, to heirs of James Durham decd, on Little River; Lot 1 to Louisa Durham; Lot 2 to Nancy Durham; Lot 3 to Thomas Durham; Lot 4 to Ann Durham; Lot 5 to Elizabeth Avera wife of Harry Avera; Lot 6 to James Durham; Lot 7 to Harry Durham. Another plat of (blank) acres divided: Lot 8 to Dawson Durham; Lot 9 to Sabrina (Tobrina) Duncan, wife of Alexander Duncan; Lot 10 to Hardy Durham; Lot 11 to Edney Ennis wife of Henry C. Ennis; Lot 12 to Alladine Durham; Lot 13 to Samuel Durham. (FHL film 295,166)


Granville Co. NC Court Records (from Charles O. Duncan 3/1985)
      February Court, 1811: On petition of Chloe Duncan, widow of John Duncan decd, Southern Higgs Esq., Lewis Parham, Benjamin Hester & Frances Hester appointed to view the estate and allott to Chloe so much of the crop, stock & provisions belonging to said estate as they may deem necessary for the support of the petitioner and family for one year.
      February term, 1811. Petition of Chloe Duncan, widow of John Duncan who died intestate in or about January 1811 (who owned) land in Granville Co. on waters of Tabbs Creek adjoining lands of Robert Hamilton, Lewis Parham, Kimroa Parham, and others, 150 acres; petition to lay off her dower.
      Order by court to Sheriff to lay off the dower, 1st Monday of February 1811
      Order by court 1st Monday of August 1811 to summon a jury to lay off the dower in the lands.
      Account of the sales of estate of John Dunkin decd., sold at his late dwelling house 12 and 13 March 1811 by Patrick Hamilton, admr. Sales to Sangford Parrina, John Moore, Zackirias Higgs, Abner Hicks, Thomas Harris, Chloe Dunkin, Michael Ellis, John Kittsell, John Barnette, Evesley Parrish, Edward Bryants, Able Hewere?, William Hicks, John Ames, Joshua Hutchison, Frederick Parham, Joseph Rogers, Ivey Harris, John Monticen?, Jonathan Johnson, Jonathan Higgs, Thomas White, Reuben Inscare?, Thomas Thomason Senr, Joseph P. Davis, Willis Harris, George W. Harris, William Summerhill, Thomas Norman, Randolph Ramey, Rowland Bryant, Samuel Kittrell, Jessey Lock, James Cheetham, William Johnson, Thomas Ricks, Samuel Parham, Allen Ramsey, Lewis Parham.
      Return September 24, 1811, by jury who laid off the dower to Chloe Moore: land beg. at ... on Tabbs Creek. /s/ Wm. Hicks, Charles (X) Clark?, George (X) Hasel?, Benja. Hester?, Thomas K. Philly?, Oldham (X) Sanima?, Abner Hicks, Jasper Hicks, Rubin (X) Talley?, Chas. Davis, Thomas Rsak?, Lewis Parham, Samuel Hayes, Misael? Wood, Richd. Thompson, Thomas White, John Haye?.
      Note 12 March 1811: Pursuant to order ... we meet at the house of John Duncan deceasd. & ... view said estate & has allotted to said widow & family for their support for 1 year 300 lbs of bacon ... /s/ J?. Higgs, Lewis Parham, Benja. Hester, Francis Hester.
      Bond 4 Feb. 1813 of Henry (X) Dunkin of Johnson Co., Seamour Dunkin of Orange Co. and William Johnson of Granville Co. ... in case any debt or debts owing by John Duncan decd. shall be hereafter sued for ..., Henry Duncan shall refund and pay his salable? part ... out of the part or share of the personal estate of said deceased allotted & delivered to him. Wit. Robert C. Adams.
      Bond 6 March 1813 of Chloe (X) Dunkin, John Moore & (blank) of Granville Co. ... in case any debt oweing by John Dunkin deceased ... Chloe Dunkin shall refund & pay her salable part ... out of the part or share of the personal estate of said deceased allotted & delivered to her. Wit. Sal. S. Mitchel.
      Bond 7 May 1813 of John Duncan of (illeg.) county, Henry (X) Dunkin of Johnson Co. & Seamore Duncan of Orange Co. ... in case any debt oweing by John Dunkin deceased ... John Dunkin shall refund ... & pay his salable part ... out of the part or share of the personal estate of said deceased allotted & delivered to him. Wit. Jno. Duncan Jun. (MAD: pencilled note by CD on first page of documents: John Duncan Jr. of Wake Co.)


The early deeds, wills, and court minutes of Johnston Co. NC have also been abstracted and published in book form.

"Family Bible Records of Johnston Co. NC" Vol.1 & 2, by Elizabeth Ross (FHL book 975.641 D2r)
      Vol.1, pg.30 and following, contain the Family Bible of Henry Daniel Duncan, b. 2/24/1828, and his brothers and sisters (MAD: see Averet Duncan in 1850 Wilson Co. TN)
      Vol.2, pg.38, contains the Family Bible of Thomas Duncan, and includes his ancestors Alexander Duncan, died 8 Sept. 1868, and Sabrina Duncan.


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