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Formed 1746 from Edgecombe
Glasgow formed 1791 (from Granville?), discontinued 1799
Orange formed 1752 from Bladen, Granville, Johnston
Bute formed 1764 from Granville
Greene formed 1799 from Dobbs or Glasgow
Vance formed 1881 from Franklin, Granville, Warren


1800 Granville Co. NC Census
Pg.514  John Duncan           31001         - 11010
          (MAD: wife Lucy Clardy)
          (near Benj. Clardy; semi alphabetic section)
   536  John Duncan           00101         - 00111
          (MAD: wife Chloe Moore)
          (Isham Parham, Nathan Whitlam, John Dement)
        Seamore Duncun        10010         - 30100
          (neighbors also Harret Duke, other Parham families,
           Samuel Hays, John Parish, Daniel & Jonathan &
           William Sr. & Thomas Johnson, Roland Bryant,
           Mirail Woods, Noel Johnson, Avery Parham,
           George Harrison, Jonathan Higgs)
   540  William Duncan        11101         - 11010
          (neighbors: John Stovall, Francis Royster, Frances
           Hester, Robert Puryear, David Chandler, Zachariah
           Penson, Duncan, Aron Penson, Rebecah Edwards,
           Juhomas & Lewis Yancy, Young families)
   582  Andrew H. Dunkin      21001         - 32210
          (MAD: as given but should be Ambrose H. Dunkin)
          (neighbors Barnett Frazer, William Brinkley, James
           Rabey?, John Matthews, James Brewer, William Badget,
           John Woods, Dunkin, Thomas Terry, Barbara Washington)

1810 Granville Co. NC Census
Pg.141  Harison Duncan        02201         - 33301
        John Duncan           00010         - 00200
          (MAD: ?wife Eliz. Hays)
   145  John Dunocan          00101         - 00201
          (MAD: wife Chloe Moore)
          (Parham families this section)

1820 Granville Co. NC Census (semi-alphabetic)
Tar River District
Pg. 19  Duncan, Ambrose       000101        - 10200
          ("1" foreigners not naturalized)
        Duncan, Isaac         000100        - 10001
        Duncan, Charles       000010        - 00100
        Duncan, Anderson      000100        - 30100
          (MAD: originally "3" males over 45 in column next to
           3 females under 10; males written over to become "0")
Goshen District
Pg. 21  John Duncan           400010        - 00010
    23  William Elliott       200010        - 00110
          (MAD: William Eliott mar. Nancy Duncan 7/20/1801
           Rockingham Co. NC)
Nutbush District
Pg. 27  Dennis Kendrick       100100        - 00100
          (MAD: Dennis L. Kendrick mar. Nancy Duncan
           10/13/1819; 1850 Montgomery Co. TN)

1830 Granville Co. NC Census
Pg.  6  Charles Duncan        2200,001      - 0000,1
     7  Sterling Duncan       0000,1        - 0000,0100,1
        Isaac Duncan          2100,01       - 0000,01
    13  John B. Duncan        0000,1        - 0000,1
    14  Alfred Duncan         1100,01       - 0100,1
        Anderson Duncan       0200,01       - 2110,1

1840 Granville Co. NC Census
Pg.122  Duncan, Alfred        0011,001      - 0001,01
        Duncan, Anderson      0102,001      - 2210,001
   123  Duncan, Sterling      0000,101      - 0000,0010,01
   124  Duncan, John B.       2100,01       - 1200,01
   125  Duncan, Polly         11            - 1100,0101
   127  Duncan, Charly        1221,001      - 1000,01

1850 Granville Co. NC Census
Ledge of Rock District
Pg.159, #145, Woodson DUNCAN 30 NC farmer
                  Margaret 20 NC
                  Sarah 3, Elizabeth 1 NC
                  (MAD: George W. Duncan; also pg. 167)
Tar River District
Pg.165, #83, James H. SLAUGHTER 30 NC farmer $66
                  Rosana 25 NC
                  Henry 5, James 1 NC
Pg.165, #84, Stanford DUNCAN 28 NC farming $66
                  Frances 20 NC
Pg.165, #85, John B. DUNCAN 25 NC farming
                  Eleanor 20 NC
                  (MAD: ??? same as John B. Duncan mar. Ettany Duncan 1/2/1850, bdm. Stanford H. Duncan, in Person Co. NC)
Pg.165, #86, Alfred DUNCAN 50 NC farming $50
                  Frances 45 NC
                  (MAD: Frances Slaughter)
Pg.165, #94, Elizabeth G. DUNCAN 49 NC $648
                  Abraham S. 19, Eleanor 18 NC
                  Abbey Ann 14, Louisa 12 NC
                  Cameron (m) 10 NC
                  Abraham EVANS 21 NC farming
Pg.166, #102, Affa DUNCAN (f) 50 NC
                  Isaiah 27 NC farming $474
                  Zachariah 25, Ridly 22 NC
                  Ambrose 18 NC
                  Hamilton 14, James 10 NC
                  (MAD: Affa the widow of Isaac Duncan; children: Ambrose H., Hamilton H., James K.)
Pg.166, #103, Sterling DUNCAN 49 NC farmer $560
                  Isaac EVANS 21 NC farming
Pg.167, #114, Woodson DUNCAN 31 NC farmer
                  Margaret 25 NC
                  Sally 3, Elizabeth 1 NC
                  (MAD: George W.; also pg. 159)
Pg.168, #127, Elizabeth DUNCAN 63 NC
                  Bucy STEPHENS (f) 45 NC
Napp of Reeds Dist.
Pg.174, #69, John H. DUNKIN 28 NC farmer (alone)
Pg.174, #70, Sally JONES 45 NC -- $150
County Line District
Pg.178, #4, George WATKINS 26 NC farmer $234
                  Mary 56 NC, Mary Ann 23 NC
                  Emily 17 NC
                  George DUNCAN 16 NC farmer, Simeon 12 NC
Pg.184, #98, Bunion DUNCAN 44 NC shoemaker
                  Susan 40 NC
                  Mary 16, Louetta 13 NC
                  (MAD: Susan and children in 1870 Webster Co. KY census, from info of Charles Dennis Duncan 1997)
Goshen Dist.
Pg.190, #6, Mary H. DUNCAN 33 NC $56
                  Mary PEEK 36 NC
                  Rebecca DUNCAN 17, Philip 14 NC
                  Frances J. (f) 13 NC
                  James H. PEEK 11 NC
                  (MAD: Mary H. Duncan age 33, Mary Peek age 36, figures plain)
Pg.190, #9, Howell L. WILKERSON 40 NC farmer $240
                  Isabella 35 NC
                  Charles H. DUCAN (sic) 25 NC farmer
                  Thomas S. WILKERSON 10, Lewis 6 NC
                  Peterson 4, Saloma(f) 2 NC
Pg.190, #10, Charles DUNCAN 57 NC farmer $400
                  David 20 NC (married in year)
                  Joanna 27 NC (not married in year)
                  (MAD: Joanna is Hannah, mar. 1850)
                  Howell 18, Simeon 15, Nancy 11 NC
                  Rebecca 10, Isaac 6 NC
Pg.191, #24, Brawdy MEADOWS 28 NC farmer $154
                  Sally 26 NC
                  Washington DUNCAN 14 NC
Pg.198, #117, Lethia A. DUNCAN (f) 33 NC
                  Marcus H. 11, Delia L. (f) 6 NC
                  Catharine S. 1, Sarah 3 NC
                  (MAD: Lethia A. the widow of John)
Nutt Bush District
Pg.209, #24, Henry DUNCAN 36 NC farmer $0
                  Marmaduke MITCHELL 34 NC BLACK ditcher
                  William 23, Henry 17 NC BLACK

1860 Granville Co. NC Census
Goshen District (P.O. Oak Hill per index)
Pg.457, #114-110, Charles DUNCAN 66 NC farmer $1175-1500
                  Howel 27 NC wagoner $0-$400
                  Isaac 16 NC farm laborer
Pg.458, #118-114, Charles H. DUNCAN 34 NC farmer $100-$100 (alone)
Tar River District (P.O. Oxford per index)
Pg.495, #401-399, John B. DUNCAN 32 NC farmer 0-0
                  Ella 33 NC
                  Alice 8, Will 6 NC
                  John 3, Martha 1 NC
Pg.495, #402-400, Sanford DUNCAN 38 NC farmer $100-100
                  Frances (f) 29 NC
                  Emily 7, Malinda 5, Lewis 2 NC
(P.O. Berea)
Pg.496, #405-403, David DUNCAN 29 NC farmer $100-300
                  Joanna 35 (sic) NC
                  Mary 6, Laura 3 NC
                  Isabella 10/12 NC
                  Frances (f) 56 NC
Pg.496, #406-404, Elizabeth DUNCAN 59 NC $2300-0
                  Cameron 19 NC farm laborer
                  Louisa 21 NC
(P.O. Oxford)
Pg.499, #425-423, Alex PURYEAR 35 NC farm laborer $2000-$1500
                  Mary 29 NC
                  John 8, Powel (m) 7, Will 4 NC
                  Alise (f) 1, Bettice (f) 7/12 NC
                  (MAD: Alexand(er) B. Puryear mar. Mary Dixon, 7/18/1850, Person Co. NC)
Pg.500, #429-427, Sterling DUNCAN 58 NC farmer $240-$2000
                  Mary 41 NC
                  Amanda SLAUGHTER 21 NC serving
Pg.508, #483-483, Litha DUNCAN (f) 45 NC tailoress
                  Sarah 13 NC
                  Lucy BRIGG 67 NC
Knapp of Reeds District (P.O. Wallers)
Pg.536, #684-683, Simeon DUNCAN 28 NC farmer $500-2000
                  Sarah 45 (sic) NC
Pg.538/268 #699-698, John DUNCAN 37 NC shoemaker $0-$0
                  Catherin LIPPETT 30 NC (sic)
                  John 3, Polly 1 NC
Ledge of Rock District (P.O. Tally Ho)
Pg.560, #844-844, George W. DUNCAN 40 NC farmer $600-500
                  Margaret 31 NC
                  Sally 12, Elizabeth 11, Jane 8 NC
                  Emily M. 6, Eufemia (f) 5 NC
                  Will? (m) 3, Edwin 2 NC

1870 Granville Co. NC Census
Dutchville Twp.
Pg.158, #240-240, DUNCAN, Woodson 50 NC (white) farmer $1000-$400
                  Margaret 40 NC keeps house
                  Bettie 25, Sarah 22 NC at home
                  William 18, Edward 14 NC works on farm
                  Susan 10, Cathie? (f) 6, Mary 2 NC
Kittrells Twp., Subdiv. #51
Pg.256, #316-316, ROBBARDS, James W. 27 NC (white) carpenter $0-$0
                  Mary E. 28 NC keeps house
                  Edward 10 NC at home
                  Lucy 9, William 6 NC
                  Mary 4, Infant (f) 4/12 b.May NC
                  DUNCAN, Saml. 25 NC (white) works on Rail road
Tally Ho Twp., Subdiv. #51
Pg.361, #230-230, DUNCAN, Frances (f) 40 NC (white) keeps house $0-$0
                  Elizabeth 17, Emily 14 NC at home
                  Lenis (f) 13 NC at home
                  Sarah 11/12 NC b.July
                  Martha 11 NC at home
                  MIZE, Nancy 60 NC (white) at home
Pg.362, #258-258, DUNCAN, Stanford 49 NC (white) farmer $0-$300 (alone)
Pg.363, #261-261, DUNCAN, Stanford 50 NC (white) farmer $0-$200
                  Fannie 45 NC keeps house
                  Elizabeth 18, Charity 13 NC at home
                  Lewis (m) 12 NC works on farm
                  MIZE, Nancy 30 NC (white) at home
                  DUNCAN, Martha 10 NC (white) at home
Pg.366-367, #316-316, DUNCAN, Sim (m) 40 NC (white) miller $0-$0
                  Sallie 35 NC keeps house
                  DUNCAN, Ester (f) 5? NC (white)
                  Millie (f) 1 NC
                  & many other families
Pg.368-369, #346-346, DUNCAN, Geo. W. 47 NC (white) farmer $1000?-$400
                  Margaret 40 NC keeps house
                  Elizabeth 23, Rebecca J. 18 NC at home
                  Eugenia (f) 15 NC at home
                  William 14, Edwin 10 NC works on farm
                  Lagon (m) 8, Martha 5, Mary 4 NC
                  DUNCAN, Luther (m) 2 NC
                  Elizabeth 69 NC at home
Walnut Grove Twp.
Pg.401, #8-7, Pleasant VALENTINE 25 NC MULATTO works in blacksmith shop $0-$0
                  Jennie (f) 50 NC MULATTO keeps house
                  (MAD: Person Co. NC marriage 1/13/1870 of Archy Valentine, son of Pleasant and Lucy Valentine, to Virginia Duncan, dau. of Mary Puryear)
Pg.401, #9-8, Archer VALENTINE 25 NC MULATTO day laborer
                  Lucy 20 NC MULATTO
                  Louisa 11, Sarah F. 9, Calvin 6 NC MULATTO
Pg.401, #10-9, Rainey VALENTINE (m) 40 NC MULATTO no occupation
                  Silas 3, James 1 NC MULATTO
Pg.402, #33-30, SLAUGHTER, Abram (m) 55 NC (white) farmer $1500-$500
                  Charity 52 NC keeps house
                  DUNCAN, Benj. 13 NC (white) works on farm
                  George R. 6 NC at home
Pg.403, #39-34, DUNCAN, Charles 79 NC (white) farmer $300-$200
                  DICKSON, F.K?. (m) 33 NC (white) works in farm
                  Nancy A. 26 NC keeps house
                  Charles H. 9 NC
                  WILKERSON, Pattie (f) 14 NC BLACK nurse
                  DUNCAN, Howell 38 NC (white) trader $600-$500
                  (MAD: Charles' age written over, indexed age 77, could be, but I think age 79)
Pg.403, #40-36, DUNCAN, David 40 NC (white) farmer $400-$400
                  Joannah (f) 47 NC keeps house
                  Mary L. 14, Laura 12 at home
                  Alisia G. (f) 9 NC
                  SPENCER, Willey? (m) 19 NC BLACK works in farm
Pg.404, #51-47, DUNCAN, William 16 NC (white) works on farm $0-$0
                  THORTHAM?, Amis? (f) 16 NC BLACK works on farm
                  WILKERSON, Frank (f) 13 NC BLACK works on farm
Pg.406, #94-90, DUNCAN, Sarah 38 NC MULATTO keeps house $0-$0
                  HUNT, Amy 65 NC MULATTO at home
Pg.410, #158-154, DUNCAN, Isaac 26 NC (white) farmer $0-$200
                  Louisa E. 25 NC keeps house
                  Bettie A. 4, Howel L. 2 NC
Pg.410, #162-159, DUNCAN, Starling (m) 50 NC (white) farmer $1150-$150
                  Mary 55 NC keeps house
Pg.410, #163-160, DUNCAN, Sarah 30 NC BLACK works on farm
                  Rebecca 8, Robert 3, William 4 NC BLACK
                  (MAD: ages as given)
Pg.413, #205-198, DUNHAM, C.H. 44 m/w Farmer $1100-$125 NC cannot read/write
                  Joannah F. 21 f/w keeps house NC
                  Ella A. 2 f/w NC
                  Charles H. 7/12 m/w NC
                  DANIEL, Alice 10 f/b nurse NC
                  (MAD & Patrick Hays: Should be Charles H. DUNCAN; wife was Johanna Dixon)
Pg.413, #220-413, DUNCAN, John 27 NC (white) farmer $300-$100
                  Luetta (f) 24 NC keeps house
                  Maria G. 3, Stella 1 NC


Granville Co. NC road jury summons and reply (from Charles O. Duncan 3/1985)
      May, 1771: Ordered that Charles Edwards, John Owen, Richardson Owen, David Wilkerson, John Wilkerson, Francis Howard, James Bridges, Daniel Grant, Joseph Roberts, John Davis, Isham Malone, Daniel Malone, Richard Roberts, John Roe, James Walker, James Dorsey?, Solomon Howard, John Howard Senr, David Knott, George Brassfield, and Thomas Boen? or any 12 of them lay out a road leading from the head of Howards or Willinghams road at Bearskin Creek to Hico Road, near the head of Person's Racepath, and that Thomas Owens be appointed overseer of the said road, and that he the said Thomas Owens with the hands of Charles Edwards, John Owen, Francis Howard, David Wilkerson, Ambrose Harrison Duncan, John Wilkerson, Daniel Grant, James Bridges open? & keep the same in repair. (back of document) ... The above jury acknowledges themselves to be all agreed ... 28 July 1771.
      (CD: John and Thomas Owen, Thomas Willington (Willington Road), George Brasfield, and David Wilkerson lived on Grassy Creek; Richard Roberts on Mountain Creek, branch of Grassy Creek. John Davis from Lunenburg Co. VA bought land in 1760 from Robert Butler; Robert Butler sold land in 1763 to John Hardy on Cypress Creek; Hugh Hardy sold land to Rice Duncan.)

Granville Co. NC document (from Charles O. Duncan 3/1987)
      June Court 1759, petition of John Dunkin, being under prosecution for debt is now confined to the said County Goal at the instance of William Moss and prays benefit of the act for relief of poor debtors, ... (schedule of effects). Order that the sheriff sell the effects. (CD: A William Moss listed in Caswell Co. in 1790)

Granville Co. NC Documents (from Charles O. Duncan 3/1993)
      Order 20 June 1754 from Court of Granville Co. NC to Robert Harris & Samuel Benton to examine Sarah Dunnavan, an ancient & infirm woman of the county, a witness, as well on the behalf of Robert Collier Plt. vs. Alexander Hayse Deft, in a suit in Granville Co. Court.
      Return 31 Aug. 1754 by Robt. Harris and Samuel Benton, in pursuance to an order of last Court, we have taken the deposition of Sarah Dunavan who says that some time in July 1752 she delivered to her son William Bolling one negro man Will and desired her son to sell him for £42 and not less than £40 but to bring the negro home again, but as to Elexr. Hayse she never gave him any order to sell any negro of hers, but that at the time when her son William took possession of the negro to sell that Mary Adcock alias Haye was in company and askt her the deponant if she would give her what the negro sold for above £40 and she told her that if she was in want she did not know but she might and on the return of her son William he told her he had sold her negro man to Robt. Collier for £42.10, and within six months after Alexr. Haye came to her the deponent and askt her for an order on Robt. Collier for the 50 sh. as she had promissed to give his wife Mary Haye and she told him to draw on Collier for it but he did not do it then.

Granville Co. NC Minutes, Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions
      1741-1789, by date, loose pages - skips 1746 to 1786 (FHL film 302,606)
            Dec., 1746 - mention Philemon Bradford, David Bradford
            1786, Benj. Bradford and Edmd. Taylor to take taxable list on Fort Creek
            No Duncan
      1754-1764, indexed (FHL film 306,210)
            6 Dec. 1758, pg. 45, suit by John Dunkin against the estate of William Moss.

Jury List, Granville Co. NC, 1795 (from Charles O. Duncan 4/2008; original list was numbered, one name per line, question marks by MAD)
      Jurors to Next Court
      James Lyne
      David Glovier
      John Hunt
      George Hunt
      (crossed out: Thomas Nolen?)
      William Longmire
      William Malony
      Thomas Taylor
      Charles Harris
      Lewis? Bennet
      Samuel Harris, son of Richard
      Jeremiah Bullock
      Joshuway? Bullock
      Samuel Jackson
      William Gooch
      Amos Gooch
      Allen Howard
      James Albison? (crossed out)
      John Allison
      Issac Butter
      John Parham Sr
      William Reeves
      Avery Parham Sr
      William Barton
      Ralph Williams
      Charles Lewis Duncan
      John Webb
      Robert Lewis
      Charles Bullock
      Robert Downey
      Arthur Frazier


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MAD: Many early Granville Co. NC court minutes, deeds, guardian accounts, probate records, and other documents have been published by Zae Hargett Gwynn.

"The Colonial and State Records of NC" pub. 1886 by William L. Saunders, Secretary of State, index by Stephen B. Weeks (FHL books 975.6 N2n, fiche 6,078,231 and film 874,168, NC Archives, and other libraries)
      Volumes 1-10 are titled "The Colonial Records of North Carolina, 1662-1776" and volumes 11-26 are titled "The State Records of North Carolina, 1776-1790"
      13:834: Wed. 20 Oct. 1779, read the recommendation of the court of Granville Co. in favor of John Duncan, James Stanley and James Head, and of the court of Pasquotank Co. in favor of Christopher Nicholson, recommending the said persons as fit subjects to be exempted from the payment of poll taxes.
            Resolved that the said John Duncan, James Stanley, James Head and Christopher Nicholson be henceforth exempted from the payment of Poll Taxes.
      16:137-44: 11 May 1782, Dennis O'Bryan, George Duncan & Jos. Pittman with others in Granville Co. were drafted in the militia in 1778, did promise the memorialist that if they would furnish their own horses and ammunition and serve two months, they should be considered as having served tour of duty. Since, they have been taken up by designing men as delinquents. Gen. Assembly should pass resolution requiring the immediate discharge of these men.
      Vol.16, pg.1045: 10th Regt. Duncan, William, Pvt; Hogg's Co., 20 Apr. 76, 2-1/2 yrs, dis. 19 Oct. 1781.
            (next name) Duncan, George, Pvt., Hogg's Co., 20 Apr. 76, 2-1/2 yrs. (MAD: See Person Co. NC)
      19:95: 10 May 1782, on motion resolved that whereas it appears to the Gen. Assem. that Dennis O'Bryan, George Duncan and Joseph Pitman of Granville Co. were taken up and turned over into the Continental service for a supposed delinquency in the militia service, unjustly and unlawfully, therefore the persons who took up the said men have no right to exemption from any militia duty for such imaginary service and the commanding officers of said county is directed to take due notice hereof.
      22:163: List of Granville Co. Malitia (sic) 1771: Capt. James Yancey's Company of Foot belonging to the Regiment Commanded by Colo. Rich'd Henderson, 1771. Soldiers included Ambrose Harris Dunkin, Richard Duty, William Dunkin, David Wilkerson, Pleasant Hart.
      22:168: 22 May 1778, an account of persons who took the State Oath 1778: Ambour Harrison Duncan.
      22:177-8: An account of persons who took oath to State, 1778:
            John Dunkin, Thomas More took oath in County Line Dist., Granville Co.
            John Duncan, John Wilkerson, Thomas Owen, took oath in Goshen Dist., Granville Co.
      22:372/8: Muster Roll, Granville Co. Regiment, 8 Oct. 1754 (starts pg.370) Capt. Benjamin Simm's Co.: ... Charles Ivey, Daniel Carrol, John Duncan, Thos. Hunt of Little Creek, Robert Smith, Richard Crutchfield, Thos. Hunt up the River, William Pace Jr., Joseph & James Brantley, Lodowick Alford, William Hobbs, John Claiborn, Benjamin Rice, Francis Strother, ... (FHL film 599,260)

Payment Vouchers (from Charles O. Duncan 3/1985 and later)
      No. 620. 10 June 1783, to Harrison Duncan, ?? pounds 2 shillings specie. /s/ John Nichols, John Taylor, Alexr. Melrose?
      No. 940. State of NC, June 10, 1783, Hillsborough Auditors Office. This is to certifie that John Dunken exibited his claim th---- & was allowed 20 pounds 14 shillings ? pence. /s/ John Taylor, John Nichols, Alexr. McCane?. (MAD: holes punched through center of stub)
      No. 971. State of NC, June 10, 1783, Hillsborough Auditors Office. This is to certifie that William Duncan exibited his claim to us and was allowed four pounds six shllings specie. /s/ ??, John Nichols, Alexr. McCane?. (MAD: holes punched through center of stub)
      No. 6954. 11 Oct. 1784, to George Duncan, 6 pounds specie, /s/ Alexr. Hubard, John Nichols.
      (CD: also Henry Duncan, #185, June 11, 1783)


GEORGE DUNCAN, Rev. Pension Application S-41513, NC (from Alice Duncan 1978-79 and FHL film 970,863, National Archives Roll 863)
      Applied 13 Sept. 1819, age 61, in Person Co. NC; enlisted spring 1776 for 2-1/2 years, in Capt. William Glover's Co. of Continental Line, 6th NC Battalion under Alexander Lillington; transferred to 3rd NC Reg. under Col. Hogan, Capt. Hogg; poor, wife & three of his own ch. & 4 grandch. to support, small tract poor land; supporting statements 9/7/1819 by John Washington in Granville Co. NC court re War service, 9/13/1819 by Jsh. Edwards a near neighbor that George was poor and honest, 9/13/1819 by J?.M. Glover that George is poor. Statement 9/7?/1820 Person Co. P&Q Court, George Duncan age ca 63 years, res. of county, served at Wilmington [New Hanover Co.] NC 1776 under Capt. Glover, Reg. under Col. Taylor, then under Col Hogan; schedule of property incl. 125a valued at $125, farm animals, all conveyed by trust deed to William Williams to secure debt due from George Duncan; George has Alfred Duncan age ca 33, Benjamin Duncan age ca 15 and orphaned grandch. without parents Lorenzo Duncan ca 14, Sally Duncan ca 12, Saml. Dixon ca 7, Washington Dixon ca 5. Statement 9/25/1821 Person Co. P&Q, George Duncan, age 64 years, (service & schedule of property 9/7/1820), living with him (Alfred Duncan crossed out), Benjamin Duncan ca 16, & grandch. orphans Lorenzo Duncan ca 15, Sally Duncan ca 12, Samuel Duncan ca 7, Washington (blank) ca 5. Letter 2/12/1824 mentions his children all free, has one dau. with 2 grandch. to maintain; if Isham Edwards should sell the property under deed of trust ... Letters and statements 1825-1829 that pension papers were misdirected to [the wrong] George Duncan in Halifax Co. NC who obtained payments 9/13/1819 to 3/4/1820, and returns 4/30/1823.
      Click here for more from the pension application file.

WILLIAM DUNCAN, widow Sarah, W-21015, NC, SC (from Alice Duncan 11/1983 and from FHL film 970,864, National Archives Roll 864)
      Applied 22 June 1824, age ca 76, in Greenville Dist. SC; enlisted winter or spring 1776 in Granville Co. NC for 2-1/2 years, in Capt. William Glover's Co. of Continental Line, 6th NC Reg. under Col. William Taylor, until 1778 discharged at West Point NY by Col. Hogan; again enlisted for 18 months; supporting statements of John Lock, George Duncan, John Washington (not in file); schedule of property incl. no land, 2 beds, etc., and debts due Capt. Isaac Green, Maj. Jno. Brown, Dr. Richd. Harrison; has wife age ca 50 and 5 ch. living, dau. Sarah age 23 living with him, others Mary 33, Thomas 22, Turner 21, Elizabeth 18 all married and not living with him.
      Appl. 8/19/1841 of Sarah Duncan in Greenville Dist. SC, age ca 75, the widow of William Duncan who was citizen of Granville Co. NC when he enlisted bef. 1780 under John Hart and served 4 years down to 80 or 81 in company under Capt. William Glover at least part of the time; after his 1st term and their marriage, he was drafted & served 8 months till peace made, under Capt. Charles Yancey, in SC; they married 8/23 1780 or 81 in Granville Co. NC, after he left service the first time but before the 2nd term when he was drafted; William died 10/2/1835.
      Statement 8/28/1841 of Sion Turner of Greenville Dist. SC, acquainted with William & Sarah Duncan over 60 years, was present at their marriage in 1780 or 81, remembers William's service, Sarah Duncan his sister now age 75 years and in 76th, his elder by about 18 months. Statement 8/28/1841 by Mary Turner (wife of Sion Turner) of Greenville Dist. SC, dau. of John Hart who was 1st Lt., remembers William's service, was at the marriage of William Duncan to Sarah Turner; after mar. William was drafted and served tour in SC, they moved to SC ca 35 years ago, he died ca 6 years ago of Greenville Co. SC. Statement 8/30/1841 by John J. Ligon, acquainted with Sarah Duncan, widow of William, for over 30 years, and with Sion Turner & his wife Mary Turner. Statement 10/15/1841 by Sarah Duncan of Greenville Dist. SC, age 75 years ... William Duncan d. 10/2/1835. Statement 10/15/1841 by Stephen Neal of Greenville Dist., knew Sarah Duncan widow of William for over 25 years. Declaration by Sarah Duncan 4/19/1845 aged 76 years, that she had obtained a 5-year pension, and is still a widow; declaration 6/16/1848, age 79 years, still a widow. Letters in file that there were two applications for a widow's pension, one for 5 years and one for life.
      Click here for more from the pension application file.


Amelia Co. VA Lists of Tithables, 1736-1771 (FHL film 1,902,616; SLC 5/3/2013; MAD: commas frequently not given between names, I have sometimes guessed, and had difficulty reading the names)
      Indexed in "Amelia County, Virginia, Tax Lists, 1736-1764: An Every-Name Index" copyright 1993 by T.L.C. Genealogy. Microfilmed 6 June 94, G.S. Call # 1,750,744. (TN-649921.pdf in FHL catalog for tax record indexes, Amelia Co. VA, 3/25/2013) (also FHL book 975.5634 R42t and film 1,750,744 item 5) (from information from Janet Martin 3/25/2013)
      Janet Martin comments 3/25/2013: her family story is that John Gibson, who lived with Edward Nix in Amelia Co. VA in 1744 below Flat Creek, had married a Mary Ann Duncan; and Edward Nix and John Gibson were also on the Granville Co. NC tax list on Dan River in 1751 along with Marshall Duncan.
      FHL catalog: Microfilm of original records and photostat copies at the Amelia County Courthouse in Amelia, Virginia. A listing of what is in the boxes is found at the beginning of each film. Tithables contain lists of persons paying tithes (or taxes) and are divided into two to five districts in the county for each year.

Mecklenburg Co. VA Wills (FHL film 32,518)
      2-227: Will of George Duncan of Mecklenburg Co., 9 June 1787, low state of health; to my two sons William and John each of them one feather bed and furniture and each of them a cow and calf whenever they chose to take them; my wife Mary Duncan shall have all the rest of my estate during her life both real and personal, and at her death to my son John Duncan the tract of land I now live on, likewise 5 pounds from my estate; the rest of my estate besides the land be equally divided between my 3 children William, John and Elisabeth. Appoint wife Mary Duncan and son William Duncan executors. Wit. Thomas Cardwell, David Adkins, Thomas (+) Fleman. Proved 10 April 1788 on oaths of Thomas Cardwell and Thomas Fleman; executors Mary Duncan and William Duncan who gave bond together with George Tarry/Tamy?.
      3-338: Will of William Duncan, 4? August 1795, of Mecklenburg Co., low state of health; to my sister Elizabeth Robinson 8 lbs 15 shillings, it being the money that Benjamin Robinson is owing me; to my brother John Duncan one tract of land laying in Granville Co. NC with all the rest of my estate. Wit. Thomas Cardwell, William Pound?, Matthew (+) Caviness? (no signature shown) Proved 11 April 1796 on oath of William Pound and Matthew Caviness; John Duncan appointed executor, posted bond with William Hendrick security.

Wake Co. NC Deed (FHL film 20,022; and from Charles O. Duncan 3/1985)
      H-403: 20 Aug. 1789, John Gregory of Wake Co. NC and Thomas Payton of Granville Co. NC to John Dunkin of Granville Co., £300, 500 acres in Wake Co. on both sides of Walnut Creek, bounded by ... David Dorniel's line, Reuben Hunter, part of grant to Isaac Hill 11 April 1780. Wit. Shadrack Cole, Phil. Jones, Henry (X) Dunkin, Seamore Dunkin. Reg. on oath of Phil. Jones.

Warren Co. NC deed (FHL film 20,063)
      A-113: 22 Sept. 1764, Peter Duncan and Alice his wife of Bute Co. NC, to Philip Burford of same, for £40 VA money fully paid, tract of land in the Co. of Bute late Granville and on waters of Cabbin Branch, adj. Colliers line, Abernathys corner, Mayfields line, Hawkins line, containing 200 acres more or less, being part of a deed surveyed for Wm. Moss. /s/ Peter Dunkin. Wit. John Hawkins, Nathaniel Bullock, Will Johnson. Receipt for money, same witnesses. Bute Co. Court Jan. 1765, proved by oath of Nathaniel Bullock and ordered recorded. Reg. April 1, 1765. (MAD: from Orange Co. NC?)

Washington Co. TN Deed (FHL film 825,523)
      4-52: 19 January 1789, Joseph Duncan of Granville (sic) County, South (sic) Carolina, to James Melvin of Washington Co., North Carolina (sic), £300, 320 acres on south branch of Boone's Creek. /s/ Joseph Duncan, Susana Duncan. Wit. John Carr Jurat, James Rice. (MAD: no Power of attorney on file, nor power of attorney John Callahan to Charles Duncan; see Greenville Co. SC).

Person Co. NC document (from Charles O. Duncan 3/1987)
      23 Nov. 1795, William (X) Duncan of Person Co. NC for £30, to Sion Turner of Granville Co. NC, 12 barrels corn, 2 horses, ... 15 head hogs, etc. Wit. Thomas Owen Senr, Robert (X) Davies. Court Dec. 1795, execution of bill of sale was ack. and ordered recorded, Book A, pg.221.
      (CD: This was brother of Ambrose Harrison Duncan; Judgment by Jacob Slaughter against William Duncan on 21 May 1796 forced William to sell 200a land.)

Person Co. NC Deeds
      B-176: 28 Oct. 1795, Robert Jordon of Orange Co. NC to Ambrose Harison Duncan of Granville Co. NC, £60, 100 acres on Jinto Creek, the waters of Hires in Person Co., Robert Walkers line. Wit. William McKissack, Peggy? Pinkerton. (FHL film 551,477)
      C-270: 11 March 1801?, Ambrose Harrison (D) Duncan of Granville Co. NC to Jacob Slaughter of same, $40, 100 cresa both sides of Jinto Creek adj. lands of William Sergent and the lands whereon George Duncan lives. Wit. Isaac Slaughter. (FHL film 551,478)
      C-527: (blank) July 1805, Jacob Slaughter of Granville Co. for love of my grandson John Duncan son of Ambrose Harrison Duncan, and five shillings, 100 acres in Person Co., corner John Chambers line. Wit. Thomas Scott, Ambrose H. (D) Duncan. (FHL film 551,478)
      D-437: 24 June 1815, John Duncan of Granville Co. NC to Garrit Tingen of same, $200, 100 acres in Person Co. on Gents Creek, John Chambors line. Wit. Howell L. Ridley, Charles Dunkin. (FHL film 551,479; book labeled "E" on film, actual book is D)
      R-216: 21 Dec. 1848, Ezekiel Duncan of Person Co. to John A. Downey of Granville Co., $12, his interest in lands (119 acres) on which his father George Duncan decd lived and died seized on Gents Creek; also interest in two slaves and in money. Wit. G. Williams. (FHL film 551,482)
      R-217: 11 May 1852, John A. Downey of Granville Co. to Georgianna Duncan of Person Co., for 60 (does not say dollars), the place on which George Duncan decd lived and died, 119 acres, the said interest being of Alfred Duncan, Ezekiel Duncan, John B. Duncan, and Richard Harris and wife Polly. Wit. William Brook, J.D. Lunsford. (FHL film 551,482)

Franklin Co. TN Chancery Court Minutes 1834- (FHL film 576,294)
      Pg.475-7: Ex part Petitioners filed in office 24 Aug. 1843 ... Petitioners Anderson B. Duncan of Franklin Co. TN for himself and also as guardian for William N. Duncan, infant orphan of Charles N. Duncan, John H. Duncan of Coffee Co. TN, William M. Runnels and wife Martha M. late Martha Duncan, of Franklin Co. TN, John K. Embry guardian of Sarah E. Embry daughter of Cleopatria Embry formerly Cleopatria Duncan of sd. county, Mark White & wife Elizabeth late Elizabeth Duncan, Thomas Woods & wife Fanny late Fanny Duncan of Sumner Co. TN, and William Duncan of Chatham Co. NC; represent that one John Lambert of Franklin Co. TN for the consideration therein mentioned, executed his deed of gift 12 October 1842 to a certain negro girl Milly, to the brothers and sisters and heirs of his late wife, Lucy Lambert formerly Lucy Duncan; represent that the said Lucy Lambert dec'd left as 'her brothers & sisters & their heirs' your petitioners & the two infants aforesaid with the exception of John K. Embry who is only guardian as aforesaid ... petition to sell slave. Petition granted; slave sold to A.B. Duncan for $451.

HISTORIES before 1923

1886 "History of Montgomery, Robertson, Humphreys, Stewart, Dickson, Cheatham, Houston Cos. TN" by Goodspeed (FHL book 976.8 H2ha, Vol.7)
      Pg.1063, Montgomery Co.: J.D. Kendrick, an extensive farmer and stock-raiser of the 4th Dist., is the son of Dennis L. and Nancy H. (Duncan) Kendrick. D.L. Kendrick was a native of [Granville Co.] NC and died there. Mrs. Kendrick immigrated to TN in 1826, and settled in the 4th Dist., where she died Dec. 3, 1868, and where her body was laid to rest in the Kendrick burying-ground. She was the mother of 3 children: Lucy A., J.H. and J.D. J.H. Kendrick died in 1885 and was buried beside his mother. J.D. Kendrick was born January 17, 1822, in NC and came to TN with his mother. In the year 1864 he was married to Miss Frances J. Johnson, who was a native of NC. ... (MAD: Nancy H. Duncan, mar. Dennis L. Kendrick in Granville Co. NC on 10/13/1819; Nancy 45 NC on 1850 Montgomery Co. TN census)


"Jacob Slaughter of Granville Co. NC" by N.L. Longmire (DAR 11493) (date not given; from Charles O. Duncan 3/1985)
      Pg.36-37: Mary Slaughter - George Duncan Family.
      Pg.41-46: Martha Slaughter - Ambrose Harrison Duncan Family.
      MAD: this book has a lot of Duncan descendants of Jacob Slaughter.

"The Duncan-Johnson Family Tree" by Grace Saunders Kimrey, 1974 (FHL film 924,652 item 1)
      MAD: This book has information on the Seymore Duncan family in Granville & Orange Co. NC; William Seymore in Chatham Co. NC 1850.

"John Hawkins Duncan, Son of Seamore Duncan" by W.A. Duncan and James Harvey Duncan, 1992 (FHL book 929.273 D912dwa and FHL film 1,697,825 Item 7)
      MAD: This book has more information on the descendants of Seamore Duncan of Granville and Orange Co. NC.


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