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Formed 1749 from New Hanover
Sampson formed 1784 from Duplin, New Hanover


1790 Duplin Co. NC Census
Pg.190  Duncan, Edmund          112x1
   191  Duncan, Edmand          203xx
        Duncan, Edmand          203xx
        Duncan, Isaac           102xx
        Duncan, Isaac           102x3
        Duncan, William         244x3

1800 Duplin Co. NC Census
(Stamped pgs.426 and 428, handwritten pg.648 and 650)
Pg.426  George Duncan           30010 - 10100
        Edmund Dunkin           41010 - 01010
   428  William Duncan          22211 - 21110

1810 Duplin Co. NC Census
Pg. 12  Jacob Duncan            30010 - 10100
    14  George Duncan           12010 - 21010

1820-1830 Duplin Co. NC Census
        No Duncan indexed

1840 Duplin Co. NC Census
Pg.138  Margret Duncan          2     - 0100,01

1850 Duplin Co. NC Census
      No Duncan indexed

1860 Duplin Co. NC Census
Mount Olive P.O.
Pg.336/168 #448, John DUNCAN 30 NC laborer $0-$25
                  J. Elizabeth 25 NC
                  James 4, John 3 NC

1870 Duplin Co. NC Census
Hallsville Twp.
Pg.413, #20-20, HALE, George 44 NC (white) farmer $1800-$300
                  Julia 31 NC keeping house
                  Wiliam 2 NC at home
                  DUNCAN, Artitea? (Arlitea? Artilea?) (f) 10 NC (white) nurse
Kenansville Twp.
Pg.436, #1-1, MIDDLETON, W.B. (m) 45 NC (white) farmer $2500-$2000
                  Elizabeth 38 NC keeping house
                  Samuel 18 NC farm laborer
                  Libbrons? (Libbrous?) (m) 16 NC at home
                  Bryan 14, Amas (m) 12 NC at home
                  Ann 2 NC at home
                  DUNKAN, Ann 40 NC (white) keeping house
                  Asha? (f) 18 NC BLACK cook
Pg.444, #113-113, HERRING, Stephen 80 NC (white) farmer $700-$475
                  Mary 70 NC keeping house
                  DUNCAN, Warren (f) 20 NC (white) at home
                  HERRING, Lewis 9 NC (white) domes. servt.
Pg.444, #115-115, STANFORD, Jno. D. 37 NC (white) farmer $0-$0
                  Alice 28 NC keeping house
                  DUNCAN, Anna 40 NC (white) house keeper
Limestone Twp.
Pg.475-476, #32-32, SANELLIN, William 37 NC (white) farmer $500-$350
                  Eliza 28 NC keeping house
                  Lilian 4 NC at home
                  Samuel C?. 10/12 NC at home b.Sept.
                  DUNCAN, Mary C. 9 NC (white) at home
Magnolia Twp.
Pg.502, #264-264, NEWBERRY, Henry E. 32 NC (white) clerk in store $50-$200
                  Elenor 34 NC keeping house
                  Wm. 5 NC at home
                  Minnie (f) 10? (??4 - checkmark over age) NC at home
                  George 4/12 NC b.Apl? at home
                  DUNCAN, Anna 12 NC (white) at home
Wolfscrape Twp.
Pg.560, #144-144, DUNCAN, John W. 38 NC (white) laborer $0-$0
                  James 13, John 9 NC at home
                  Latha (f) 7, Allen 5 NC at home


Duplin Co. NC Wills (some from Lorna LaFave 11/1983 & 3/1985; MAD's extract)
      (Recorded Book A, page 108) 13 Sept. 1799, will of Edmund Duncan of County of Duplin NC; calling to mind the mortality of the body; to my wife Grace Duncan one horn bridle and sadle; to my sons William Duncan (no comma) Edmond Duncan and George Duncan, and my daughter Anna Reaves 5 shillings each and no more; my grandchildren the ofspring of my daughter Sarah Roach dec'd have no part of my estate; my carpenters and turners tools should be sold and money applied to payment of just debts; if any supply remains to be disposed of as hereafter to be mentioned; Remainder consisting of horses, cattle, hogs and sheep, household goods of every kind and plantation tools, I lend to my wife during her natural life or widowhood and then to be equally divided between my daughters Mary Brown, Grace Duncan and Catron Reaves share and share alike, and if any supply should remain from the sale of my tools ... divided between my three last mentioned daughters. Appoint sons Edmond Duncan and George Duncan executors. Wit. Reubin (R) Weston, Zachariah (A) Harris. Proved Oct. term 1799 on oath of Zachariah Harris; Edmond Duncan and George Duncan qualified as executors.
      (Recorded Book A, pg.121) Will of William Dunkan, 7 Oct. 1806, of Duplin Co. NC. To my son Edmond Dunkan 250 acres on both sides of No East including the plantation I bought of Joel Sasser and between George Dunkan and John Kornegay as far out from the swamp as will make that compliment. To my son Jacob Dunkan 250 acres of land and plantation on which he now lives joining John Kornegay's upper line and bounded on the upper part by ... near the foot way that crosses George Kornegay's plantation he bought of Jesse Reaves, thence across the No. East to a corner of the Bass land, thence ... the N.E. Pecoson. To my son William Dunkan 250 acres above Jacob's, up the No.E. to opposite a cross fence thru the Bass plantation, thence ... with Jacob's line to the back line near the Pecoson. To my son Isaac Dunkan 250 acres on the south side of the No. E. at the mouth of a branch that makes out of Thunder Swamp Pesocon, to a corner of my old patent land, thence along a line between me and James Johnston, to corner of my old line which is also a corner of the Gray Patent now belonging to Francis Oliver, to the No.E. Pecoson. To my son Stephen Dunkan the land I bought of William Harris. Residue of land including the plantation I live on to my beloved wife Anne Dunkan for her natural life and then to be equally divided between my three youngest sons Lewis, Joseph and John Charles. I also leave to my said wife 4 negroes Jim, Charles, Mary and Hannah, three feather beds and firniture, one Desk, two Chests, two Tables, six siting Chairs, the Bofat and firniture, Kitchen firniture, 6 Cows and Calves, my lill mare and 2 year old Horse Colt, one Riding Chair and Harness, 40 head of Hogs, 100 barrels of Corn, and fodder sufficient for her stock, during her natural life, and she to raise and school my younger children in their minority. To my dau. Elizabeth Bourden negro girl Lucey now in her possession and all the other things I have given her which I estimate at $200. To my dau. Rochsellaery Chery negro girl Jenny now in her possession and about $200 worth of other property which she has received. To my dau. Catharine Pipkin negro girl Dinah now in her possession and the other things now in her possession estimated at $140. To my dau. Anne negro girl Tener, 1 Feather Bed and firniture. To my dau. Sarah negro boy Harry, 1 Feather Bed and firniture. My son Edmund has received of me what I estimate at $140; son Jacob has received of me what I estimate at $152. Residue to be sold and money appropriated ... lands devised to sons to be estimated and also the negros and beds willed to my younger daughters, and then the rest made equal; after my wife's decease the land be sold and equally divided among all my children, and as my wife is now pregnent if she should be delivered of a living child, it should (whether son or daughter) be made equal with the rest of my children. Extrs. wife Anne Dunkan, eldest son Edmund Dunkan. Wit. Fran R. Oliver, John Roberts, William Dunkan Junr. Proved October term 1806 on oaths of Francis Oliver and John Roberts; Edmond Dunkan qualified as executor.
      (Recorded Book A, pg.127) 15 Oct. 1793, will of Isaac Duncan of Duplin Co. NC; weak in body; pay debts; to my wife Sucke Duncan all moveable property with all my stock, cattle, horses hogs and sheep with all the household goods and working tools, and that she be possessed of my plantation during her natural life and then all my lands and plantation be sold and the money devided between my brothers towit William Duncan Edmund Duncan and George Duncan (no commas). Appoint William Duncan and George Duncan executors. Wit. Sara (X her) Roach, Charlotte (X) Roach. Proved October term, 1793, on oath of Charlotte Roach; William Duncan and George Duncan qualified as executors.
      Will Book A, pg.133: Will of Jacob Dunkin (/s/ Dunkan) dated 7 April 1812, proved July Term 1812, names wife Fanney (Land and plantation where I now live, furniture, farm animals, negro Jinny) for life or widowhood, she to raise and school my children, at her death the bulk of the property be sold and money divided between the four children James, Cullin, Luke & Susanna; execs. Laml. Cherrey, Oen Conneley; witnesses Laml Cherrey, Ruben (+) Johnson, Stephen Dunkan. (from pg.45-46, "Genealogical Abstracts of Duplin Co. NC Wills 1730-1860" by Murphy; Memphis Public Library book 929.3565 D936mj, from Evelyn Sigler 4/1985)


Land records, North Carolina and Tennessee; indexes, 1600-1959; by NC Secretary of State, Land Grant Office (Placerville FHC on loan 1/4-5/2012)
      Land warrants are documents issued at local land offices to purchasers of public lands. When these warrants are surrendered, the buyers are issued conveyances (deeds). The land warrants (and other miscellaneous records) are organized by file numbers in alphabetical sequences of counties. Some of the counties are now Tennessee counties. These records are in packets. On each packet cover are spaces for the following information: file number, county, purchaser's name(s), number of acres, grant number, date issued, entry number, date entered, book number, page number & location. ... The key to finding the related packets are the file numbers.
      Land grant index cards, 1693-1959, George Dail (Burke) - Robert Deveney (Rutherford) (FHL Film 1,942,615)
            Duncan, David, File No.167, Duplin Co., 100 acres, Grant No.---- issued 13 March 1756, Entry No.---- entered ----, Book No.13, page no.90? (95? or 96?), Location: On the head of Buckhorn Branch
            Duncan, David, File No.396, Duplin Co., 100 acres, Grant No.---- issued 13 March 1756, Entry No.---- entered ----, Book No.15, page no.119, Location: On the head of Buckhorn creek
            Duncan, Edmund, File No.2006, Duplin Co., 400 acres, Grant No.277 issued 1 April 1780, Entry No.433 entered 5 March 1779, Book No.41, page no.119, Location: On the head of the N.E.
            Duncan, Edmund, File No.2417, Duplin Co., 30 acres, Grant No.670 issued 10 Nov. 1784, Entry No.959 entered 6 April 1780, Book No.55, page no.171, Location: On the S. side of N.E. Swamp
            Duncan, Edmund, File No.3331, Duplin Co., 100 acres, Grant No.1473 issued 28 Aug. 1795, Entry No.1036 entered 6 April 1780, Book No.59, page no.50, Location: On S. side of the N.E.
            Duncan, Edmond, File No.3943, Duplin Co., 37? acres, Grant No.1673 issued 29 July 1800, Entry No.1172 entered 1 April 1800, Book No.109, page no.128, Location: On both sides of Halls Marsh
            Duncan, Edmond, File No.3365-a, Duplin Co., 40 acres, Grant No.1566 issued 16 March 1799, Entry No.527 entered 24 Feb. 1794, Book No.102, page no.87, Location: On the N. side of the Goshen
            Duncan, George, File No.3362, Duplin Co., 25 acres, Grant No.1503 issued 6 Dec. 1797, Entry No.921 entered 18 May 1795, Book No.95, page no.70, Location: On the No.East waters
            Duncan, William, File No.1889?, Duplin Co., 216 acres, Grant No.158 issued 1 April 1780, Entry No.470 entered 26 June 1779, Book No.41, page no.62, Location: On the N. side of N.E.
            Dunkin, Edmund, File No.1582, Duplin Co., 250 acres, Grant No.603 issued 22 July 1774, Entry No.692 entered 13 Jan. 1773, Book No.26, page no.12, Location: On the N. side of the N.E. Swamp
            Dunkin, Edward, File No.3199, Duplin Co., 125 acres, Grant No.1316 issued 20 Dec. 1791, Entry No.---- entered 24 April 1789, Book No.78, page no.170, Location: On the N.E. Swamp
            Dunkin, William, File No.2847, Duplin Co., 25 acres, Grant No.1002 issued 11 July 1788, Entry No.959 entered 17 Feb. 1787, Book No.66, page no.334, Location: On the head of the N.E. Swamp
            Duncan, William, File No.3370-a, Duplin Co., 24 acres, Grant No.1571 issued 6 March 1799, Entry No.862 entered 20 Jan. 1796, Book No.102, page no.90, Location: On the E. side of the North East Swamp
            Duncan, William, File No.3400, Duplin Co., "70 (20)" acres, Grant No.1601 issued 16 March 1799, Entry No.863 entered 20 Jan. 1796, Book No.102, page no.108, Location: On the S. side of the N. East swamp

Duplin Co. NC Deed Indexes 1784-1940 (Grantor on FHL film 18,823; grantee on FHL film 18,827; first date is year of document, 2nd date is month/year of filing)
      (MAD: see "Duplin Co. NC Abstract of Deeds 1784-1813" Vol.1, by Eleanor Smith Draughon, Duplin Co. Historical Society, 1983, for extracts of deeds in Vol.1A to 4A)
      B-132: 1788, NC Grant to William Dunkin, 25a N E Swp
      D/F/T/U-60: 1789, Edward Dunkin to William Underhill, 200a N? E? Swp; 10/1789
      D/F/T/U-85: 1788, Alexander Saunders to Edmund Dunkin, 150a Halls Marsh, 4/1790
      D/F/T/U-101: 1789, Owen O'Daniel to William Duncan, 200a Cape Fear R., 4/1792
      D/F/T/U-103: 1786, Edmund Dunkan to William Duncan, 100a Cape Fear R., 4/1792
      D/F/T/U-151: 1784, Edmond Duncan to John Kornegay, 150a Cape Fear R., 1/1793
      D/F/T/U-160: 1792, Isaac Duncan to Solomon Baker, 200a Maness? Br?, 1/1793
      D/F/T/U-215: 1793, William H. Hanes to William Duncan, 160a N E Swp, 1/1794
      D/F/T/U-221: 1788, Edmond Duncan to Cason Harris, 100a Southerland Marsh, 1/1794
      D/F/T/U-269: 1815, George Duncan to Bryan Caraway, T-N.E. Swp, 4/1817
      D/F/T/U-288: 1815, John Johnston to Stephen Duncan, 94a N E Swp, 10/1817
      D/F/T/U-374: 1784, John Dever to Edward Dunkan Jr., 150a Deep Gully Br., 1/1818
      D/F/T/U-458: 1816, Edmond Duncan to William Rhodes, 128a Limestone Cr., 4/1819
      E-76: 1787, Edward Duncan to Stephen Jones, 150a Deep Gully Br., 10/1790
      E-410: 1784, Benjamin Sasser to Isaac Dunkan, 200a Cape Fear R., 1/1792
      G-86: 1791, NC Grant to Edmund Dunkan Jr., 125a N E Swp
      G-108: 1797, NC Grant to George Dunkan, 25a N E River
      G-111: 1799, NC Grant to William Dunkan, 20a N E Swp
      G-111: 1799, NC Grant to William Dunkan, 24a N E Swp
      G-167: 1791, NC Grant to Edmond Dunkan Jr., 125a N E Swp
      G-194: 1801, NC Grant to William Dunkan, 150 North East
      K/19-532: 1799, Edmund Duncan Sr. to George Duncan, 50a N E Swp, 1/1799
      L-258: 1796, Joel Sasser to William Dunkan, 225a Great Br., 1/1798
      L-284: 1795, Edmund and George Duncan to William Duncan, T Cape Fear, 1/1798
      M-12: 1800, Ezekiel and Jane Duncan al to William Carr, 2 Ts Maxwell Swp, 4/1800
      M-143: 1800, Edmund Duncan to James Grimes, 86a Goshen Swp, 4/1800
      M-405: 1797, Edmund Duncan Jr. to William Duncan, 50a, 10/1798
      N-522: 1797, Edmund Duncan to William Dunkin, 50a Cape Fear, 4/1800
      O-39: 1793, Edward Sullivan al to Edmund Dunkan, 100a Goshen Swp, 10/1801
      O-126: 1796, William Duncan Admr. al to Edmund Duncan, 50a N E Swp, 1/1799 (grantee index: Edmund Duncan from Jacob Kornegay by admrs al)
      O-143: 1797, Edmund Duncan to George Duncan, 75a Spring Br., 1/1799
      P-22: 1803, Ezekiel and Jane Duncan al to Henry Hulet, 150a Bowzer Br., 1/1804 (from index; deed plainly written Hezekiah)
      Q-136: 1807, Est. of William Duncan by Comrs to William, Edmund, Jacob, Isaac, and Stephen Duncan, D of L (?division of land?), 7/1807
      1-30: 1784, Hermon Bass by Shf to William Duncan, 180a, 7/1784
      2-13: 1828, Joseph Duncan to Elijah Jones, 143a N E Swp, 5/1828
      2-225: 1829, Hrs of Jacob Duncan by Atty to William Hodges, deed, 11/1829
      2-292: 1828, Lewis Duncan to Bryan Carraway, 235a N E Swp, 2/1830
      3A-94: 1792, Samuel Ward to William Dunkan, 40a Pasture Br., 7/1794
      3A-97: 1794, Edmund Duncan to William Duncan, 25a N E Swp, 7/1794
      3A-99: 1792, Edmund Duncan Sr. to George Duncan, 250a N E Swp, 7/1794
      3A-232: 1794, William Duncan to John Reeves, 216a Morises Br., 1/1797
      4A-43: 1809, Edmund Duncan to Basil Kornegay, 2 Ts N E Swp, 7/1809
      4A-92: 1809, William Duncan (of Jones Co.) to John Flowers, 230a N E Swp, 1/1810
      4A-173: 1810, Isaac Duncan to Lemuel Cherry, 300a Thunder Swp, 7/1810
      4A-494: 1813, Hugh Maxwell Suvyr to Edmond Duncan, suvyrs rpt, 56a Halls Marsh, 7/1813
      7A-97: 1819, Stephen Duncan to Adam Wynn, 44a N E Swp, 4/1820
      7A-225: 1820, Stephen Duncan to Bryan Carreway, Ts Calf Pasture Br etc., 7/1821
      7A-342: 1821, William Underhill to Lewis Duncan, 67-1/2a Buck Horn Br., 1/1822
      7A-477: 1815, Fereby Stroud by Exr to Stephen Duncan, 48a N E Swp, 10/1822
      8A-73: 1821, Ann C. Flowers to Lewis Duncan, gift deed, 105a N E Swp, 1/1823
      8A-108: 1817, Edmond Duncan to Henry Bourden, 287a Goshen Swp etc, 4/1823
      1/5/10/14/15-70: 1827, John Kornegay by Shf to Joseph Duncan, 122a, 11/1827
      1/5/10/14/15-111: 1828, Joseph Duncan to Francis B. Jones, 24a Long Pa?,, 2/1828
      1/5/10/14/15-203: 1834, Joseph Duncan al by Atty to Whitman Price atty, power of attorney
      1/5/10/14/15-464: 1840, Stephen and Margaret Duncan to Archelaus Branch, 100a Miry Br.
      22-121: 1822, Lewis and Joseph Duncan to Susanah Simmons, 20a N E Swp, 4/1857
      25-73: 1868, S.B. Jernigan to John Duncan, 10-1/2a Ground, 2/13/1868
      25-79: 1859, Kinsey Jones to John Duncan, 15a Ground, 3/23/1868
      28-614: 1875, Henry J. Duncan admr to George F. Dempsey?, 2 Ts Hill, 5/24/1875

Duplin Co. NC Deeds
      B-132: 11 July 1788, NC Grant to William Dunkin, 25 acres on head of Northeast Swamp adj. his own and Wm. Harris's line, Quin Johnston. (FHL film 18,838; no grant number given)
      D-60: 5 Sept. 1789, Edward Dunkin to William Underhill of Wayne Co. NC, for 200 lbs, 200 acres North East Swamp. No wife. (FHL film 18,838)
      D-85: 17 Nov?. 1788, Alexander Sanders to Edmund Duncan, both Duplin Co. NC, £200, 150 acres (130 acres?) adj. Halls Marsh, where Southerland Marsh empties into it. Wit. M. Carthy?, Wm. Sullevan. (FHL film 18,838)
      E-76: 16 Feb. 1787, Edward Duncan of Duplin Co. NC to Stephen Jones (no locality), £30, 150 acres on S.side NE Waters of Cape Fear River adj. Elijah Jones (indexed: Deep Gully Br.). Wit. Elisha Jones, Jesse Swinson. (FHL film 18,838; very hard to read)
      E-408: 30 Dec. 1784, Benjamin (X) Lasser (Sasser?) to Adam Reeves, £50, 300 acres on N.side NE branch of Cape Fear River on the head of Monses? branch adj. Daniel Salmon, Edmond Dunkon, George Poole. Wit. Edmond Dunkon, William Dunkon, Isaac Dunkon. (FHL film 18,838)
      E-410: 30 Dec. 1784, Benjamin (X) Lasser (Sasser?) to Isaac Dunkan, £50, 200 acres on N.side NE branch Cape Fear River on head of Monses branch. Wit. Edmond Dunkon, William Duncan, Adam Reeves. (FHL film 18,838)
      F-101: 8 April 1789, Owen O'Daniel to Wm. Duncan, both Duplin Co. NC, £150, 200 acres on NE branch Cape Fear River on S.side adj. Monses line, Wm. Duncan's line, Teague's line, being part of two surveys, to wit, Wm. Teagues and Charity his wife 200 acres. Wit. Tabitha Bowden, Samuel Bowden, Bryan Bowden. (FHL film 18,838)
      F-103: 29 April 1786, Edmund Dunkan Sr. to William Duncan, both Duplin Co. NC, £50, 100 acres, part of 400 acres patent to Edmund Duncan 1 April 1780, it being the upper part of the survey, on S.side of NE branch of Cape Fear River, adj. Owen O'Daniel, Wm. Duncan's own line, John Shuffield's line, Kornegay's line. (heading says 150 acres, indexed 100 acres, body of deed reads 100 acres). Wit. Edmund Duncan, John Kornegay. (FHL film 18,838)
      F-151: 25 Dec. 1784, Edmond Duncan Sr. to John Kornegay, £20, 150 acres on S.side NE branch of Cape Fear River, adj. Jacob Kornegay's corner, Little Pecoson (waterway), John Kornegay's corner, the Duncan patent. Wit. Owen O'Daniel, Edmund Duncan Jr., William Duncan. (FHL film 18,838)
      F-160: 24 Dec. 1792, Isaac Duncan to Solomon Baker, both Duplin Co. NC, £100, 200 acres on NE branch of Cape Fear River on Manses Branch adj. Deep Bottom. Wit. William Duncan, James Johnston. (FHL film 18,838)
      F-215: 29 April 1793, William H. (X) Hanes (Haws? Harres? Harris?) to William Duncan, both Duplin Co. NC, £107.10., 160 acres in the NE Swamp adj. William Duncan's own land and Reuben Johnstons. Wit. John Bradley, Jas. Johnston. (FHL film 18,838)
      F-221: 19 Nov. 1788, Edmond Duncan to Cason Harres, both Duplin Co. NC, £45, 100 acres on both sides Southerland's Marsh adj. John Hews? line, mouth of Long Branch, John Sullevan's line. Wit. Thomas McArthy?, William Sullivan. (FHL film 18,838)
      G-86: 20 Dec. 1791, NC Grant #1316 to Edmund Duncan Jr., 125 acres in Duplin Co. on NE Swamp adj. road on S.side swamp, Edmund Duncan's upper corner, John Kornegay's corner, George Kornegay's corner, Whitfield's corner. (FHL film 18,838)
      G-108: 6 Dec. 1797, NC Grant #1503 to George Duncan, 25 acres on Northeast waters adj. Kornegay's line, his own lines. (FHL film 18,838)
      G-111: 16 March 1799, NC Grant #1601 to William Duncan, 20 acres on S.side NE swamp, adj. George Kornegay's corner. (FHL film 18,838)
      G-111: 16 March 1799, NC Grant #1571 to William Duncan, 24 acres on both sides NE swamp on S.side swamp, near main road, George Kornegay's corner. (FHL film 18,838)
      G-167: 20 Dec. 1791, NC Grant #1316 to Edmond Dunkin Jr., 125 acres on NE swamp on S.side swamp, Edmund Dunkin's upper corner, John Kornegay's line, crossing the swamp, George Kornegay's corner, Dunkin's line. (FHL film 18,838)
      G-194: 16 July 1801, NC Grant #1708 to William Dunkin, 150 acres on N.side Northeast, adj. Kornegay's corner, George Kornegay's patent. (FHL film 18,838)
      K-532: 21 Jan. 1799, Edmund Duncan Sr. to George Duncan, both Duplin Co. NC, £35, 50 acres on S.side NE Swamp adj. Jacob Kornegay's corner, said Duncan's line, Deep Gully Branch. Wit. Jesse Watkins, John Rigby. (FHL film 18,838)
      L-258: 1 Feb. 1796, Joel Sasser (Saper?), planter, to William Duncan, both Duplin Co. NC, £270, 225 acres on S.side of NE of Cape Fair (sic) and both sides of the Great Branches adj. head field, Jacob Koregay's (sic) line, John Koregay's corner. Wit. Edmond Duncan Jr, George Duncan. (FHL film 18,839)
      L-284: 31 July 1795, Edmond Duncan Junr. and George Duncan of Duplin Co. NC to William Duncan of same, $45 each, land northeast of Cape Fear formerly the property of our brother Isaac Duncan decd, the land to be sold and money split, life estate to wife (of brother Isaac). (FHL film 18,839)
      M-12: 4 March 1800, Henry Cook of Duplin Co. NC to William Carr of same, £225, 250 acres; 200 acres on S.side Maxwell Swamp and 50 acres in patent 16 Nov. 1790 adj. William Carr's corner, incl dower or right of dower. /s/ Henry (+) Cook, Ezekiel Duncan, Jane (+) Duncan, Henry (+) Halet, Mary (+) Hulit?. Wit. John Maxwell, David Brock. (FHL film 18,839)
      M-143: 21 March 1800, Edmund Duncan, planter, to James Grimes, both Duplin Co. NC, £21, 86a on N.side of Goshen Swamp on Huckleberry Branch, being part of 550 acre patent by John Sulivent 24 Aug. 1779, adj. John Sulivent and John Winder's corner. Wit. Sampson Grimes, Lot. Shoud (Stroud?), John Winders. (FHL film 18,839)
      M-405: 1 March 1797, Edmund Duncan Jr., planter, to William Duncan, blacksmith, £60, 50 acres on NE of Cape Faer (sic), adj. road on S.side swamp Edmund Duncan Sr.'s upper corner, John Cornegay's (sic) lower corner, George Kornegay's corner, George Duncan's corner and line, mouth of a branch which runs out of the head field. Wit. Sampson Grimes, Michael (X) Sullivant. (Page 406 repeats pg.405 deed but not dated) (FHL film 18,839)
      N-522: 11 Feb. 1797, Edmund Dunkan Jr. to William Dunkan, both Duplin Co. NC, £50, 50 acres on NE of Cape Fear, adj. S.side of the swamp Edmond Dunkin's upper corner, John Kornegay's corner, George Kornegay's corner, S.side mouth of a branch, head field. Wit. Edmund Dunkin Sr., George Dunkin. (FHL film 18,839)
      O-39: 5 Jan. 1793, Edward Sullivan and William Sullivan of Duplin Co. NC to Edmund Dunkan (no locality), £20, 100 acres on a branch of Goshen Swamp known as Halls Marsh, adj. said Edmund Duncan's own corner, branch known as line branch. Wit. Cason (+) Hanys, Wm. Sullivan Jr. (FHL film 18,839)
      O-126: 10 Aug. 1796, Mary Kornegay and William Duncan and John Kornegay, Administrators of Jacob Kornegay decd, to Edmund Duncan Sr., all Duplin Co. NC, £200 paid to Jacob Kornegay, 50 acres on the Northeast Swamp adj. Jacob Kornegay's corner and said Duncan's corner, being part of grant to George Kornegay Sr. decd. and Jacob Kornegay. Wit. B. Kornegay, Michael (X) Mixon, Martin Kornegay. (FHL film 18,839)
      O-143: 11 Feb. 1797, Edmund Duncan Jr. to George Duncan, both Duplin Co. NC, £50, 75 acres on S.side Northeast in the mouth of a small branch from the head field, crossing the swamp, George Kornegay's line, spring branch, adj. Duncan's line. Wit. Edmund Duncan Sr., William Duncan. (FHL film 18,839)
      Q-136/43: 18 Feb. 1807, Division and valuation of lands and negroes etc. of William Duncan's Estate, 1807. Pursuant to Order of County Court Jan. term last, commisioners appointed to divide and ascertain the lines of the lands of William Duncan Esq. decd. agreeable to his will, and also to estimate the value of the land and the sundry Negro slaves bequeathed by the said William Duncan to his children; To Edmund Duncan the land bequeathed to him in the will, 250 acres, estimated at £343.12.6, three hundred forty three pounds twelve shillings and six pence. To Jacob Duncan the land bequeathed in the will, 300 acres, valued at £300. To William Duncan ... 230 acres ... £258. To Isaac Duncan ... 300 acres ... £300. To Stephen Duncan ... 200 acres called the Harris Plantation as ascertained by the deeds to William Duncan, £150. Division of slaves: to Elizabeth Bowden negro girl Lucy £49; to Rochsalina Cherry negro girl Jenny £39; to Catharine Pipkin negro girl Dinah £52.10; to Ann Duncan negro girl Thomar £35; to Anne Duncan good feather bed, bedstead and furniture £17.10. N.B. see the ??? (cannot read bottom line). To Sarah Duncan negro boy Harry £25; to Sarah Duncan good bed, bedstead & furniture £17.16; to Ann Civil Duncan widow of the decd. for the deficiency of lan?? bequeathed to her in the will of her husband, 35 barrels, £52.10. /s/ Wm. Dickson, Frans. Oliver?, D. Glisson, B. Kornegay. Plot of land, pursuant to the directions in the will of William Duncan decd, per order of the court, we have laid off the bounds of the portion of land bequeathed by William Duncan to his son Edmund Duncan, beg. at George Duncan's corner, John Kornegay's line, George Kornegay's line, 226 acres; and another piece on both sides of the N.E. joining the above, on S.side of the swamp near the main road George Kornegay's corner, making in the whole 150 acres £343.12.6. Another plot, ... to Jacob Duncan, 300 acres adj. Kornegay's line, NE Swamp, Charity O'Daniel's corner. 300 acres, £300. Plot ... to William Duncan Jr., adj. NE, said swamp, Green? Jacob's corner, 230 acres, £255.15. Plot ... Isaac Duncan, by the run of the NE, up a branch that makes a lot of Thunder Swamp Pocoson, said Duncan's old patent corner, Johnston's line, Oliver's line, NorthEast Pocoson, 300 acres, £300. (FHL film 18,840)
      P-22: 5 Oct. 1803; that the joint legatees Hezekiah Duncan, Jane (X) Duncan and Henry (X) Cook with Henry Hullet in certain land on both sides of Island Creek, part of patent to John Cook, sell to Henry Hulet our title or claim, being lawful heirs of "John Cook of Maxwell", decd, by whom we obtained our claim, 160 acres (did not copy money or description). Wit. Thomas Evans, Jehu Cook. (FHL film 18,840; indexed Ezekiel, deed plainly written Hezekiah) (MAD: see Columbus & Brunswick Co. NC; Maxwell in Columbus Co. NC)
      T-269: 14 (16?) Dec. 1815, George Duncan to Bryan Caraway, $2,300, 400 acres; on S.side NE Swamp, where said Duncan now lives, adj. Edmund Duncan's old corner in the NE Swamp, Goodman's old line, Stephen Jones line, Danl. Kornegay's line, 250 acres; part of 4 surveys, to wit, John Spears, Jacob Goodman, John ??, including Duncan's patent; and land on N.side said swamp, crossing the swamp, Kornegay's line, Spring branch, Whitfield's corner 75 acres part of patent to Edmund Duncan Jr.; and land adj. first piece, Kornegay's old corner on Edmund Duncan's old line, Deep Gully Branch, 50 acres, part of 3 patents to George Kornegay Sr. decd and Jacob Kornegay Sr. decd, his son conveyed by admin. of said Jacob Kornegay's estate to Edmund Duncan Sr. decd and by him to his son, said George Duncan; and another tract adj. before mentioned, on Kornegay's old line, 25 acres, being a patent to said Duncan 1 (6?) Dec. 1791, total 400 acres. Wit. B. Kornegay, Tabitha Kornegay. (FHL film 18,840)
      T-288: 8 Dec. 1815, John Johnson, planter, to Stephen Duncan, both Duplin Co. NC, $100, 94 acres on NE Swamp, being part of land formerly belonging to Reuben Johnson Sr. decd and by division of Reuben Johnson's estate fell to said John Johnson his son, on the Pocoson. Wit. N. Branch, Wm. Grimes. (FHL film 18,840)
      U-374: 22 Dec. 1784, John (X) Davis of Duplin Co. NC to Edward Dunkan Jr., £20, 150 acres on S.side NE branch of Cape Fear on the head of Deep Gully Branch, adj. Elias Jones line, branch known as Watering Hole of Deep Gully. Wit. Adam Reaves, George Dunkan. (FHL film 18,840)
      U-458: 21 Oct. 1816, Edmond Duncan of Duplin Co. NC to William Rhodes of Jones Co. NC, $432.50, 128 acres on E.side of Northeast of Cape Fear River in the fork of Limestone Creek and maple branch, below Gillespie's Mill on William Hall's old patent line. Wit. Jas. Hall, A.B. Cox. (FHL film 18,840)
      Z-161: Jackson & Francis Turnage to John Connerley. Duplin Co. NC, 13 Nov. 1821, Jackson (X) and Fanny Turnage for $300 transfer and convey to John Connerly all the property of whatever kind willed by Cullen Connerly decd. to his daughter Mrs. Fanny Duncan now Mrs. Fanny Turnage; wit. John B. Wright, Major Newton; rec. on oath of Major Newton Jan. 1826. (FHL film 18,840; from reference in "Descendants of John Connerly" by Lampton, below)
      7A-97: 22 June 1819, Stephen Duncan (no wife) of Duplin Co. NC to Adam Wynn of same, $130, 44 acres on NE Swamp which Stephen Duncan bought of Felix Johnston. Wit. John R. Bledsoe, Lewis Duncan. (FHL film 18,837)
      7A-225: 17 Feb. 1820, Stephen Duncan to Bryan Carreway, $600, 293 acre messuage on NE Swamp and Calf Pasture Branch, one tract of 208 acres on NE swamp, another 37 acres joining first adj. Reuben Johnston's old corner, being land laid off in division of estate of Reuben Johnston Sr. decd. to his son Abram who sold to said Duncan; and another 48 acres joining aforesaid, being part of land laid off in division of estate of Reuben Johnson decd to his dau. Fereby Stroud and since by conveyance of her execs. became the property of said Duncan. Wit. Jesse Harris, Bryan Hines, B. Kornegay. (FHL film 18,837)
      7A-342: 27 Dec. 1821, William (X) Underhill to Lewis Duncan, both Duplin Co. NC, $125, 67-1/2 acres on W.side NE Swamp adj. the run of the NE Swamp Duncan's corner, Anna C. Flower's corner, Buckhorn Branch, being part of patent to Samuel Waid? for 300 acres. Wit. B. Carraway, Polly (X) Carraway. (FHL film 18,837)
      7A-477: 28 Nov. 1815, Samuel Flowers of Wayne Co. NC, exec. of will of Fereby Stroud wife of Archin Stroud who, about (blank) years ago, eloped and went into the south State, to Stephen Duncan of Duplin Co. NC, $135; carrying out a certain clause in Fereby Stroud's will, deed 48 acres on NE Swamp, adj. Abram Johnston's corner, being the part that fell to the said Fereby in the division of the land belonging to the estate of her father Reuben Johnston decd. Wit. B. Kornegay, Danl. Kornegay. (FHL film 18,837)
      8A-73: 27 Dec. 1821, Anna Civil (X) Flowers of Duplin Co. NC to Lewis Duncan of same, for love, to son Lewis, 105 acres on N. side NE swamp adj. Thunder Swamp Pecoson, Cherry's line, being the land Anna C. Flowers purchased of Stephen Duncan. Wit. Lainl.? Cherry, Anna Cherry. (FHL film 18,837)
      8A-108: 1 Dec. 1817, Edmond Duncan Sr. to Henry Bourden, both Duplin Co. NC, $2000, 287 acres ("187") on N.side Goshens Swamp on Halls Marsh, it being all the land said Duncan holds between Halls Marsh, Southerlands Marsh, Malpasses back line and James Grimes lines; one piece of 150 acres on Halls Marsh and Southerlands Marsh to Malpass's back line; another 100 acres on Hall's Marsh, said Duncan's old corner, line branch, being the land sold by Edward Sullivan and William Sullivan to said Edmund Duncan; another 37 acres on both sides Halls Marsh adj. aforesaid, James Grimes corner, John Winderes's old corner, being patent to said Edmond Duncan 29 July 1800, total 287 acres. Wit. Jno. Watkins, Benja. Bourden. (FHL film 18,837)
      1-70: 28 Nov. 1827, Sheriff James R. Hill to Joseph Duncan, highest bidder; court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions July, 1827, decreed lands of John Kornegay sold at public sale to satisfy $75.80 owed Henry Kornegay; 122 acres sold for $80.75. (FHL film 296,873)
      1-111: 25 Feb. 1828, Joseph Duncan of Sampson Co. NC to Francis B. Jones of Duplin Co. NC, $22.90, 24 acres in Kornegay's line, Little Pocoson. (heading reads 124a). Wit. Edward Jones, Jesse Turnage. (FHL film 296,873)
      2-13: 25 Feb. 1828, Joseph Duncan of Sampson Co. NC to Elijah Jones of Duplin Co. NC, $110, 143 acres south side Northeast Swamp, Kornegay's corner & line. No wife; wit. Edward Jones, Jesse Turnage. (FHL film 18,843)
      2-225: 16 Sept. 1829, Robert Martin of Rockingham Co. NC, attorney for heirs of Jacob Duncan decd, son & heir of William Duncan decd, to Mr. Wilson Hodges of same, all right etc. to estate which will descend to them on the decease of their Grandmother Anna L. Flowers formerly Anna L. Duncan for $175 paid by Wilson Hodges. Wit. James Dunn, Jas. Lawson. Proved by oath of James Dunn, Nov. 1829. (FHL film 18,843) (MAD: no Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions 1828-1832 on film, no nearby deed, no grantee deed indexed to Robert Martin; wanted power of attorney)
      2-292: 9 Feb. 1828, Lewis Duncan of Duplin Co. NC to Bryan Carraway of same, $600, 67-1/2 acres W. side NE swamp adj. Duncan's corner, Anna C. Flower's corner, part of a patent to Samuel Ward for 300 acres; also 105 acres on N side NE Swamp, Cherry's line, it being the piece purchased by Anna C. Flowers from Stephen Duncan, also lent to Anna C. Flowers for life on NE Swamp, Thunder Swamp Pecoson, Wm. Johnson's line, William Harris' corner, William Duncan's corner, containing in the whole 235 acres. No wife. Wit. Jas. Lawson Jr., Jas. Lawson. (FHL film 18,843)
      5-203: 14 Aug. 1834, Power of attorney from Daniel Jones and wife Elizabeth (X), Bryan Parker and wife Rebecca (X), Joseph Duncan by his agent and attorney Daniel Jones, Caleb (X) Price, Absolom Price, William F. Price and Edmond (X) Walker and wife Edney (X), Robert Southerland and wife Abigail (X) and Hannah (X) Price, appoint Whitman Price attorney to ask, etc., land that was by deed of Olive Foreman? late decd of Beaufort Co. NC to the heirs of Hamaby? Price. (FHL film 296,873)
      15-464: 6 Feb. 1840, Stephen Duncan and wife Margaret of Duplin Co. NC to Archelaus Branch of same, $100, 100 acres on S.Side Miry Branch, Sulton's (Sutton's?) old field. Wit. James Branch. (FHL film 296,875)
      22-121: 25 Jan. 1822, Lewis Duncan and Joseph Duncan of Sampson Co. NC to Susanah Simmons of Duplin Co. NC, $40, 20 acres by patent on south side NE Swamp, Kornegay's corner. No wives. Wit. Willis Cherry, Isaac Duncan. Reg. April 1857. (FHL film 296,878)


Cumberland Co. NC Deed (FHL film 313,633)
      25-155: 22 Feb. 1809, John Johnston of Cumberland Co. NC to Edmund Dunkan lately of Duplin Co. NC, $5xx ($500?), three tracts; (1) 100 acres, part of 200 acre patent by Samuel Goodman, from Goodman's son in law Micajah Fareb? to Archibald Holmes to Edward McMillan & by McMillan's execs. to afst John Johnston on 18 Sept. 1805, adj. survey line; (2) 50 acres adj., N.side of Ruscreek at Archebald Holmes' old line, McLerary & McGregory's line, being patent to Kile? MacMillan on 2 July 1774 which came into possession of Thomas White who conveyed it to John Johnson; (3) adj. land from McMillan (more not copied) to Johnson on 4 March 18?? (too dark); wit. John Dukson, Waddle Cade. (pg.155 dark & very difficult to read, see 27-135 for better description)

HISTORIES before 1923

1889 "Biographical & Historical Memoirs of Central AR" by Goodspeed (TN Gen. Society Library #3500 from Evelyn Sigler 8/1983)
      Pg.455, Pulaski Co.: Dr. George W. Granberry, physician, born Russell Co. AL 1848, son of Richmond and Zilpha (Duncan) Granberry. Zilpha b. NC 1820, dau. of Edmond and Nancy (White) Duncan. Edmond Duncan was soldier in Rev. War; he settled in GA 1812; still living in 1834. Richmond and Zilpha Granberry had 9 children. (MAD: Duplin Co. NC marriage; see also Jones Co. GA)


"The Landmark" Statesville, North Carolina, Thursday, August 26, 1886 (transcription by and from Kathy Cawley 2/2004)
      W.E. Duncan, telegraph operator at Magnolia, Duplin County, dropped dead of heart disease in his office Thursday afternoon.


"Descendants of John Connerly (----1751) NC and Cullen Conerly (ca 1745-1811) NC, to the Present 1986" by William A. & Irma Lampton (FHL book 929.273 C7621)
      This book has a lot of information on the Duncan family.

Information about William Duncan (d.1805 Duplin Co. NC), wife Anne, from the John Herritage Bryan Papers was posted in a message by Roger Kammerer on the GenForum message board on March 21, 1999, message 1231, in reply to a query by Suzanne S. Sowell (information from Laura Hritz 8/1999; this link is still valid 2/4/2001):


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