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Last revised May 13, 2002

Formed 1671 from Albemarle
Tyrrell formed 1729 from Bertie, Chowan, Currituck, Pasquotank
Dare formed 1870 from Currituck, Tyrell, Hyde


1790 Currituck Co. NC Census
Pg. 20  Dunkin, Thomas      10014

1800 Currituck Co. NC Census
Pg.168  Thos. Dunkin        00000 - 00000

1810-1830 Currituck Co. NC Census
        No Duncan indexed

1840 Currituck Co. NC Census (no Duncan indexed)
Pg.127  Abner Cooper        0000,0001  - 1000,1
          (MAD: Abner Cooper was neighbor to David Duncan &
            wife Nancy in Camden Co. NC deeds ca 1815)

1850 Currituck Co. NC Census
Pg.184, #349, Saml. FEREBIE 55 NC clergyman $5400
                  Polly 39 NC
                  Elizabeth MORRIS 20 NC
                  Mary A. DUNKIN 12 NC
Indian Ridge
Pg.190, #440, Fanny DUNKIN (f) 35 NC
                  Lucinda BARNARD 12, Elizabeth 7, Ann 4 NC
                  (MAD: indexed "Dankin")

1860 Currituck Co. NC Census (see Camden Co. NC)
P.O. Indian Town, Indian Ridge Dist.
Pg.535/267, #40, Samuel FEREBEE 65 NC farmer $8000-$20,000
                  Mary 45 NC
                  Amelia LUREY 25 NC
                  Penelope BELL 60 NC (blank) $4500-$10,000
                  Mary A. DUNCAN 19 NC
                  M. Ellen DOZIER 16 NC (blank) $2000-$5000
                  Love (f) 13 NC (blank) $2000-$5500
                  Amelia 11 NC (blank) $2000-$6000
                  Tullyann 8 NC (blank) $2000-$6600
Pg.537/268, #51, Alec DUNCAN 24 NC farmer $0-$0
                  Meddie (f) 35 NC
                  Chlotilda 10, G.E. (f) 5, Joseph 2 NC
                  Charles WILLIAMS (blank age) NC (blank) $0-$500
Pg.539/269, #67, Dempy DUNCAN (m) 45 NC farmer $0-$150
                  Eliza 40 NC
                  Caroline 15, Ann 13, Margaret 8 NC
                  Joseph WILLIAM 8 NC
Pg.539/269, #70, Wm. DUNCAN 35 NC farmer $0-$500
                  Neaby (f) 35 NC
                  Wm. HUTCHINGS 25 NC
                  Jane RODY 35
                  Elizabeth 15, William 12 NC

1870 Currituck Co. NC Census
Crawford Twp.
Pg.108, #104-107, GREGORY, John 41 NC farming $500-$300
                  Penelope 35 NC housekn
                  John 25 NC (blank occupation)
                  Mary 21 NC
                  Thomas 8, Spenci (m) 6 NC
                  DUNCAN, Wiler (f) 18 NC BLACK domestic
                  SMITH, Willis (m) 28 NC (white) farm labor
Pg.108, #114-117, LINDSEY, Morris (m) 40 NC farmer $500-$300
                  Julia 35 NC housekn
                  DUNCAN, Nancy 25 NC (white) domestic
                  Alfred 10, James 6 NC
(Cumberland Co. NC census bound inbetween, to pg.231; pg.232 "see page 102 for first part")
Crawford Twp.
Pg.232, #181-185, DUNCAN, Demps. (m) 53 NC farmer $500-$250
                  Nancy 35 NC housekn
                  John 5, Zebelon (m) 1 NC
                  Rose (f) 10 NC (white)
                  (MAD: Demps. indexed as age 33, but first digit looks more like "5" than "3")
Pg.232, #184-188, DUNCAN, Wilis? (Wilm?) (m) 45 NC (white) farm labr. $0-$500
                  Nebby (f) 50 NC housekpr
                  Willis (m) 25 NC (blank occupation)
                  Mary 20, James 18, Sarah 16 NC
Poplar Branch Twp.
Pg.279, #99-99, HAMPTON, Wm. 26 NC farmer $500-$150
                  Mary 27 NC (blank occupation)
                  George 3 NC
                  DUNCAN, Margart (f) 18 NC (white) domestic


1910 "Abstract of North Carolina Wills [1690-1760] compiled from original and recorded wills in the office of the Secretary of State" by J. Bryan Grimes (Sacramento FHC book 975.6 P2gr, FHL fiche 6,046,876)
   Currituck County
      James Nickolls. July 13, 1742. October Court, 1743. Sons: James ("ye manard plantation"), Caleb (plantation), Willis (plantation over the River called Dunkins). Daughters: Sarah and Frankey Nickolls. Executor: John Etheridge. Witnesses: James Butt, Darckes Thomas, William Etheridge. Clerk of the Court: John Lurry. (pg.266)

Currituck Co. NC wills (Cross-index v.1 1761-1928, FHL film 18,751)
      MAD: Will of James Nickolls 7/13/1742 prob. 10/1743, from Grimes "Abstracts", is not indexed in Will Books, nor in orig. wills in NC archives (FHL film 1,548,672)
      2-13 to 14: Currituck Co., Oct. 20, 1792, last will and testament of Thomas Betchams Decd. exhibited. I, Thomas Betchams of Currituck Co. NC, very sick and weak; to my lawful son John Betchams my hmand? land and to Zebulon and Thomas Betcham my tu ?? and their? feather beds to be divided between my youngest children Zebulon and Arnold? and Thomas Betcham Annas Kitsim?? and the two whales (?) and Zebulon the Cryon Thomas chist and all the execution to be divided between my Zebulon & Arnold? and Thomas Betcham all but one cow to John Betcham my lawfull son, the chirs and dishes to be divided between Zabulon & Annis and Thomas Betcham and the creetures to be kept together as long as they live together and live upon them and do disalow and disannull all and ... former testament & wills. 20 Oct? 1792. /s/ Thomas Betcham and seal. Wit. Thomas (X) Best jurat, Jacob Paddrick. And be it known to all men that Jordon David Dunkin and Mary Kampfa to exitar this will and to law. 29 Oct. 1792. /s/ Thomas Betcham and seal. Wit. Thomas (+) Best jurat, Jacob Paddrick. Recorded and examined 22 March 1793. 10/20/1792, prob. 3/22/1793 (FHL film 18,752; partially blurred and very difficult to read, as well as poor spelling.)
      2-197: Will of Thomas Dunkin of Cape Hatteras Bank, pilot, very sick and weak in body, 22 Sept. 1801; to Mary Styren? who is now living with me all the land from William Quidley's line to Reuben Buner's line with all the houses and household furniture and my negro boy Jack, likewise I give Chane her freedom at my death, likewise I give Mary Stysin one mare called Spring with two cows and calves. To my sister Sarah Dunkin one cow and calf and the rest of my property to be sold to pay my debts, all my land and other property that is not named in my will, and if anything then left after my just debts is all payed, I leave it to my sister Sarah, likewise I make and ordain Reuben Burrus sole executor, revoking all and every other will. /s/ Thomas (+++) Dunkin. Wit. John Burrus, Desney? Quidley jurat. Recorded & examined 22 Dec. 1801. (FHL film 18,752)


Currituck Co. NC Deed Index, Book 1-31 (FHL film 18,756; from Louis Boone 5/1987)
      2-31: Thomas Duncan to Francis Jackson
      2-32: Thomas Duncan from Francis Jackson
      3-205: Thomas Dunkin to Wm. Quidly?
      3-53: David Duncan from James Nichols
      6-85: Thomas Duncan from John Burroughs
      6-24: Thomas Duncan to John Burson?
      7-81: Thomas Duncan to John Brockham
      20-398: John Duncan to Joseph B. Daniels?
      30-17: Dempsey Duncan to Jerome Simmons

Currituck Co. NC Deeds
   Books 1-2, 1761-1773
      2-31: 30 May 1768, Thomas (X) Duncan of Cape Hatteras Banks, commonly called Currituck Co. NC, pilot, to Francis Jackson (his) of Hide Co., £20, 32 acres on Hatteras Banks, east side Jackson Creek. Wit. Andrew Donaldson, Isaac Farrow jurat. (FHL film 18,758)
      2-32: 30 May 1768, Francis (X) Jackson of Hyde Co., commonly called Hatteras Banks, to Thomas Duncan of Cape Hatteras land banks in Currituck Co., £20, 32 acres on Hatteras land Banks, west side Gibbs Cove, stake in the marsh, adj. William Rollinson's line, to east side Jackson Creek. Wit. Andrew Donaldson, Isaac Farrow jurat. (FHL film 18,758)
   Book 3, 1735-1805
      3-53 (1st): 1 July 1735; No.Carolina, Currituck, To all to whom these presents shall come, know ye that James Nichols and wife Sarah, for consideration of a plantation in Black Water through which the line of VA and Carolina runs to me in hand made & was by David Duncan of aforesaid province the receipt whereof we do hereby acknowledge, and ourselves therewith to be fully satisfied, convey to said David Dunkin land in Currituck precinct, 50 acres on a ridge lying by the Great Swamp on south end of James Nickols land. /s/ James Nickols, Sarah (o) Nickols. Wit. Tulle? Williams, Thos. Southern. Court 1st Tuesday Oct. 1735, the deed of sale of land was ack. in open court by James Nickols and Sarah his wife unto David Dunkin on motion of the sd. Dunkin is ordered to be registered. (FHL film 18,759)
      3-53 (2nd): 3 Jan. 1737, Know all men by these presents that I David Dunkin with wife Agness, assign and set over for us our heirs etc. our right, title, claim ... that we have to the within deed unto John Sinton his heirs etc. and that the true intent and meaning of this assignment is that said Sinton is to enjoy the same free and clear ... /s/ David (X) Dunkin. Wit. Lewis Jenkins, Thos. Souther. At court held 3 Jan. 1737, David Dunkin appeared and ack. an assignment of the within deed to John Sinton & at the prayer of the sd. Sinton it was ordered to be reg. ... pursuant to sd. order sd assignment is registered. (FHL film 18,759; no grantor deed from John Sinton found)
      3-54: 7 Oct. 1735, Know all men by these presents that I David Dunkin and wife Agness do assign and set over all our right, title, etc. to the within deed from us our heirs execs. etc. to James Nickols his heirs etc., and I the said David Dunkin do warrent the sale of the within deed with warrantee to him the said James Nickols against the lawfull claims of all manner of persons whatsoever. /s/ David (X) Dunkin, Agness (X) Dunkin. Wit. J. Morty, Thos. Souther, Wm. Suiry?. Court 1st Tues. in Oct. 1735, the afsd. assignment of the within deed of sale of land was ack. by David Dunkin and Agness his wife to James Nickols which on motion of said Nickols it is ordered to be registered. (FHL film 18,759; no other deed)
      3-204: 12 Sept. 1801, Thomas (X) Dunkin to William Quisley, both Currituck Co., for 26 silver dollars, 26 acres near the main road. No wife. Wit. Thos. Foyner? (Poyner?), Christopher Robinson, Saml. (X) Slow. (FHL film 18,759)
   Books 6-7, 1789-1797
      6-24: Indexed Thomas Duncan to John Burson?; not found in deed book; not in cross-index
      6-84: 25 May 1790, Thomas Dunkin (x), planter of Hattaras Banks of Currituck Co., to John Burrus of same, planter, £4, 24 acres on Hatteras Banks. Wit. Hezekiah Farro/Fano, Joseph Fanow/Farrow, Reubin Burns. (FHL film 18,761)
      7-81: 23 May 1794, Thomas (X) Dunkin to John Brocham?, both Currituck Co., £20, 50 acres on Hatteras Banks adj. William Quisley's line, corner said Thomas Dunkin's land. Wit. Major Clark, Thos. Quisley. Reg. on oath of wit. 22 Sept. 1794. (FHL film 18,761)
   Book 20, 1833-1835
      20-398: 23 May 1833, John Duncan to Joseph B. Daniel, land on Roanoak Island, Currituck Co., where said John Duncan lived, which he got by his wife Julia Daniel the widow of John Daniel decd, all my right, title, etc., for $13, as long as the said Julia Duncan shall live. Wit. Joseph M. Daniel jurat. Proved on oath of wit. June? 1834? (FHL film 18,770)
   Book 30, 1867-1870
      30-17: 19 Nov. 1867, Dempsey G. Duncan owes Jerome Simmons, trust deed, horse, hogs, etc; Edmond Simmons trustee. (FHL film 260,416)


Camden Co. NC Deed (FHL film 18,376)
      AA-9: (blank) May 1854, Caleb Britt & wife Nancy (X) of Norfolk Co. VA to Ezekiel Duncan of Currituck Co. NC, $900, (1) 75 acres at the bridge running up the branch to Delen Carter's land, Wm. Lyndsey's lead ditch, Hester Bell's land, North Ever swamp, being formerly owned by Wilson Parr now decd; (2) 12-1/2 acres being the Forbes tract adj. above tract, and adj. Delen Carter; wit. Edwin Feribee, W.D. Williams.


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