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Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
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Last revised September 20, 2003

Formed 1754 from Bladen
Wake formed 1770 from Cumberland, Johnston, Orange
Moore formed 1784 from Cumberland
Harnett formed 1855 from Cumberland
Hoke formed 1911 from Cumberland, Robeson


1800 Cumberland Co. NC Census
        No Duncan indexed

1810 Cumberland Co. NC Census
Pg.248  John Duncan        21001  - 10301    Jackson
   264  Edmund Duncan      10010  - 10100    Rayas Div.

1820 Cumberland Co. NC Census
Pg.145  Duncan, Edmond     120010 - 21010
   149  Dounan?, Duncan    200010 - 20010

1830-1870 Cumberland Co. NC Census
        No Duncan indexed


Cumberland Co. NC Deed Indexes 1754-1897, D-G (Grantors index p.61 on FHL film 18,690; Grantees index p.59 on FHL film 18,684)
      2-169: 1763, Daniel Hartley to David Dunkin, deed, 100a Rockfish Creek
      11-294: 1791, W.B. Grove to Dugald Duncan, deed, lot Spring St. Fay
      11-322: 1791, W.B. Grove to Dugald Duncan, deed, lot Spring St. Fayetteville
      12-425: 1793, Wm. B. Grove to Dugald Duncan, deed, lot adj. Duke al
      18-235: 1800, Dugald Duncan to Peter McArthur, lot St. Fay, deed
      25-155: 1809, John Johnston to Edmund Dunkan, deed, 2 tracts
      27-135: 1813, Edmund Dunkan to Bryant Minshew, 3 tracts
      28-213: 1815, Thomas Duncan al (by Shf) to William B. Grove, shf. deed, lot Rowan St. Fay
      28-1050: 1818, Dugald Duncan to John Murchison, lot Cool Spring St., Fayetteville
      V-268, 271: 1771, John Wadsworth al to Alexander McKay, -- not Rockfish

Cumberland Co. NC Deeds
      2-169: 2 Nov. 1762, David Hartley to David Dunkin, both Cumberland Co. NC, planters, 35, 100 acres on S.side of Rockfish Creek, being patented by James Pugh on 17 Nov. "XXIII one thousand & sixty three"; wit. John Willcox, John Armstrong Jr. (FHL film 316,627) (MAD: see Bladen and Duplin Cos. NC)
      11-294: 3? May 1790, W. Berry Grove to Dugald Duncan, 25, lot in town of Tayetteville, with houses, orchards, etc. (FHL film 316,629; tight binding)
      11-322: 3? May 1790, William B. Grove to Dugald Duncan, 18, lot in Fayetteville. (FHL film 316,629)
      12-425: 10 June 1793, William Barry Grove to Dugald Duncan, 17, lot adj. Duncan's back corner, Mark Duk's (sic) line, the Creek; wit. Joseph Gale. (FHL film 316,629)
      18-235: 20 (30?) April 1800, Dugald Duncan of Cumberland Co. NC to Peter McArthur of Town of Fayetteville, 30, lot in town of Fayetteville beg. 30 feet southward of Adam Car?; wit. ?.K. Barge. (FHL film 316,631; tight binding)
      25-155: 22 Feb. 1809, John Johnston of Cumberland Co. NC to Edmund Dunkan lately of Duplin Co. NC, $5xx ($500?), three tracts; (1) 100 acres, part of 200 acre patent by Samuel Goodman, from Goodman's son in law Micajah Fareb? to Archibald Holmes to Edward McMillan & by McMillan's execs. to afst John Johnston on 18 Sept. 1805, adj. survey line; (2) 50 acres adj., N.side of Ruscreek at Archebald Holmes' old line, McLerary & McGregory's line, being patent to Kile? MacMillan on 2 July 1774 which came into possession of Thomas White who conveyed it to John Johnson; (3) adj. land from McMillan (more not copied) to Johnson on 4 March 18?? (too dark); wit. John Dukson, Waddle Cade. (FHL film 316,633; pg.155 dark & very difficult to read, see 27-135 for better description)
      27-135: 14 March 1811, Edmund Dunkan of Cumberland Co. NC to Bryant Minshaw, lately of Wain Co. NC, $600, 3 parcels of land; (1) 100 acres being part of 200 acre patent to Samuel Goodman and then by his son in law Micajah Tusell to Archabald Holmes who conveyed to Edward McMillan and by Malcolm & Jane McMillan as exec. & extx of Edward to Thomas White and from White to John Johnston by deed 18 Sept. 1805, adj. corner of old survey, Parker's line; (2) 50 acres adj. first, on E.side Cape Fear River, N.side Resuck's Creek on Arch. Holmes old line, McLarens & McGougans line, as by patent granted to Neal McMillan 22 July 1774 which by sundry conveyances came to possession of Thomas White who conveyed to John Johnston; (3) 50 acres adj. on McColl's line, granted by patent to Edward McMillan on 3 Jan. 1805, conveyed by John Dickson atty for execs. of Edward to Thomas White who conveyed to John Johnston 10 March 1806; wit. William Sowell, Alexr. (X) Muns; no wife's release. (FHL film 316,633; pg.135 legible)
      28-213: 15 June 1815, Stephen Gilmore Esq. former Sheriff of Cumberland Co., to Willm. Barry Grove, that by virtue of judgement against Thomas Duncan in June 1807 for William Mitchel for 30, sheriff sold lot in Fayetteville on N.side Rowan St., adj. lot occupied by late Capt. McDonald which Duncan contracted to purchase of said Grove some time before but had only paid part and had never obtained title; land sold to highest bidder Sept. 1807 to said Grove for 1.1. for Duncan's right to the lot; wit. D. McLean, Arch. McLean, R. Raiford. (FHL film 316,634)
      28-1050: 26 Feb. 1818, Dugald Duncan of Sampson Co. NC to John Murchison of Cumberland Co. NC, $360, lot in Fayetteville on W.side of Cool Spring Street on N.side of the Creek adj. Hannah's (no 2nd name) former lot, being 2 lots bought by said Duncan of W.B. Grove; front lot deed dated 13 May 1790, the other dated 10 June 1793; wit. John W. Lynch, Alexr. MacDonald. (FHL film 316,634)


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