Index to Duncans - 1790 NC Census


Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
the Genealogy Bug

Last revised January 15, 2001

Index to Duncans in 1790 North Carolina Census

White males over 16; white males under 16; white females;
                     all other free persons; slaves.

------------------      -----------    ----     ------------------------
Duncan, Abs.            Lincoln         114     121x1   9th Company
Duncan, Ben             Wilkes          123     145xx   12th Company
Duncan, Blanch          Warren           77     123xx
Dunkin, David           Camden           17     246xx
Duncan, David           Rutherford      120     111xx   13th Company
Duncan, Elias           Brunswick       189     133xx
Duncan, Elijah          Lincoln         113     115xx   6th Company
Duncan, Edmund          Duplin          190     112x1
Duncan, Edmand          Duplin          191     203xx
Duncan, Edmand          Duplin          191     203xx
Dunscomb, Edward        Pasquotank       27     111xx
Duncan, George Sr.      Hallifax         62     204x3
Duncan, Isaac           Duplin          191     102xx
Duncan, Isaac           Duplin          191     102x3
Duncan, Isaac           Iredell         157     124xx
Dunscomb, James         Chowan           19     000xx
Duncan, James           Robeson          48     315xx
Duncan, James           Stokes          179     136xx
Dinkens, James          Wayne           149     20200
Duncan, John            Anson            35     223xx
Duncan, John            Johnston        142     114xx
Duncan, Jno.            Lincoln         114     125xx   9th Company
Dinkins, John           Mecklenburg     158     23300
Duncan, John            Randolph         98     122xx
Duncan, John Ser.       Randolph         98     135xx
Duncan, Joseph          New Hanover     193     200xx
Duncan, Josh            Wilkes          122     234xx   8th Company
Dinkins, Joshua         Dobbs           137     11300
Dinkins, Joshua         Jones           144     11400
Duncan, Peter           Lincoln         111     213xx   1st Company
Duncan, Peter           Rockingham      168     124xx
Duncan, Peter           Rockingham      168     100xx
Dinkins, Stephen        Surry           183     12500
Duncan, Thomas          Craven          132     100xx
Dunkin, Thomas          Currituck        20     10014
Duncan, Thomas          Iredell         155     302xx
Duncan, Thomas          Stokes          179     228xx
Duncan, Wm. Sr.         Chatham          85     363xx
Duncan, William         Duplin          191     244x3
Duncan, William         Hallifax         62     224xx
Dunkin, Wm.             Rutherford      116     122xx   2nd Company
Duncan, Zachariah       Hallifax         62     102xx


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