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Last revised September 20, 2003

Formed 1777 from Pasquotank


1790 Camden Co. NC Census
Pg. 17  Dunkin, David       246xx

1800 Camden Co. NC Census
Pg.106  David Duncan        12111      - 10201

1810 Camden Co. NC Census
Pg.153  Z. Dunkin           00100      - 10100
        J. Dunkin           10010      - 01010
        W. Dunkin           00100      - 10110
   154  D. Dunkin           01001      - 20102
   155  D. Dunkin           30010      - 10010
   163  J. Dunkin           00010      - 00010

1820 Camden Co. NC Census
(pg.19-45 checked, no other Duncan)
Pg. 22  David Dunkin        300100     - 00110
        Zebulon Dunkin      310010     - 20020
    25  Demsey Dunkin       310101     - 21010
          (MAD: See Dempsey Duncan in Columbus Co. NC)

1830 Camden Co. NC Census
(free colored age groups: 0-10, 10-23, 24-35, 36-54, 55-99)
Pg.351  Jaque Dunkin        Free colored
          males: 1 10-23;
          females: 2 0-10, 2 10-23, 2 24-35, 1 36-54
   363  Zebulon Dunkin      2112,001   - 0210,001
   375  David Dunkin        1100,1     - 1000,2

1840 Camden Co. NC Census
(MAD: no Abner Cooper in 1840 Camden Co., see Currituck Co. NC ?)
Pg.  4  Edmd. Mitchel, Griffin Sanderlin, K. Burgess,
        Wm. Isom?, Levi Wright,
        Chloey Duncan       0000,1     - 2101,1001
          (MAD: Chloe Coats?)
        Demsey Kight, Wm. Bartlett, Charles Wright, Miles Jones
     5  Isaac Harrison, Sarah Bryant, John L. Benton, Lot Wright,
        David Duncan        1001,01    - 1100,01
        Henry Mitchel, Levi Godfrey, Isaac Riggs, Jabez Cartwright
     9  Wm. Fenil?, A.H?. Goandy?, Wm. Gilbert, Wilson Dozier,
        Nancy Duncan        0000,11    - 1100,1001
          (MAD: widow of David)
        Rheubin Berry (Benj?), Saml. Beachison,
        Ziba Sanderlin, Henry Torksey
    12  John J.Forbes, Wm. Morrisett, Thos.Forbes,
        Thos. Burges, James Kight,
        Wilson Duncan       1000,1     - 0001
        Horatio Kight, Demsey Kight, Wm. Beels, Mary White,
        Evan Lucy?, Thos. Squires,
        John Duncan         1000,1     - 0000,1
        Wm. Smith           2100,1000,1- 0000,01
        Nancy Duncan        0110,1     - 0010,001
        Cordelia Barer, Rheuben Gibson
    14  Joshua Sawyer       1000,2     - 1000,1 (no Joseph Sawyer)
    19  Heddy Wright, Margaret Walston, Mary Gray?, John N. Burges,
        Demsey Duncan       0020,1     - 0011
        Nancy Walston, Mary Gray?, Laban Bray,
        John Torkey, Deborah Tillett

1850 Camden Co. NC Census
      MAD: No Mary Bartlett (d.1858 had dau. Lydia Duncan) or Thamer Sawyer or Aby Dozier found
Pg.6, #126, Will SAWYER 32 Camden NC farmer $3000
                  Lydia 58 Camden NC
                  Fanny (f) 27, Penelope 25 Camden NC
                  James 21, Evan 17 Camden NC farmers
                  (MAD: Mary Bartlett in 1858 will had daus. Luia Sawyer and Lydia Duncan)
Pg.72, #177, Ezekiel DUNKIN 22 Camden NC farmer $0
                  Alsey (f) 65 Camden NC
                  Ellich (m) 14 Camden NC
                  (MAD: not Ithrom age 14; no other children)
Pg.74, #204, Samuel W. GREGORY 25 Camden NC farmer $300
                  Sinthia 27 Camden NC
                  Wilson DUNKIN 13 Camden NC
                  Mary Ann GREGORY 3, Elizabeth 1 Camden NC
                  Dina SMITH (f) 80 Camden NC
Pg.74, #205, William SAWYER 49 Camden NC farmer $2500
                  Margaret 36 Camden NC
                  Nathan 16 Camden NC
                  Margt. FERRELL 21 Camden NC
                  Abner GRANDY 8, William 13 Camden NC
                  Stephen SAWYER 4 Camden NC
                  Angelica WILSON 3 Camden NC
                  Mary F.W. SAWYER 4/12 Camden NC
Pg.75, #228, A. AUNKIN (m) 35 Camden NC
                  Eliza 24 Camden NC
                  Emeline 6, Ann 3, Emily 9/12 Camden NC
                  (MAD: "1850 Camden Co. NC Census" by Shannonhouse "with some corrections in spelling", FHL book 975.6135 X2p, lists "A. Dunckin", but first letter of last name definitely "A" on film)
Pg.79, #282, Lydia WALKER 45 Camden NC (blank) $0
                  Gideon 20 Curituck NC farmer $0
                  Sarah 7 Camden NC
                  Burnster DUNKIN 12 Camden NC
                  (MAD: book has "Banister" Dunkin, could be either one)
Pg.79, #287, Wilson DUNKIN 35 Camden NC laborer $0
                  Nancy 37 Camden NC
                  David 12, Mary 9 Camden NC
                  Ithrum (m) 6, Nancy 2 Camden NC
                  Wilson 4 mo Camden NC
                  (MAD: indexed as Nelson Dunkin)
Pg.80, #295, Gideon MITCHELL 32 Camden NC farmer $165
                  Chloe 34 Camden NC
                  Chlotilda 14, Mary 11, Harriet 9 Camden NC
                  Margaret 7, Caroline 3, Rebecca 9/12 Camden NC
                  Chloe CARTWRIGHT 70 Camden NC
                  (MAD: Chloe Cartwright the widow of David Duncan)
Pg.87, #411, Frances GARRETT (f) 55 Camden NC (blank) $550
                  Tamariel (m) 19 Camden NC farmer $0
                  Ann 3 Camden NC
                  M. DUNKIN (f) 23 Camden NC
                  (MAD: book shows "Gamaliel" 19 NC)
Pg.91, #469, Will DUNKIN 24 Camden NC laborer $0
                  Abby 40 Camden NC
                  Nancy RODDY 41 Camden NC
                  James 7 Camden NC
                  Julia DUNKIN 1 Camden NC
Pg.107, #767, William DUNKIN 25 Camden NC farmer $0
                  Kebby (f) 31 Camden NC
                  Jane ROBINSON 35 Currituck NC
                  William HUTCHINGS 16 Currituck NC farmer $0
                  William ROLINSON 3, Elizabeth 5 Camden NC

1860 Camden Co. NC Census
(page number in parentheses is stamped page number)
(birthplace of head of household given as Camden in many households, no birthplace listed for others in household)
Pg.376 (187), #148-148, Ezekiel DUNCAN 31 Camden farmer $1300-$550
                  Lydia 19, Susan 20, Wilson 12 (blank)
                  Benjamin 8, John 1 (blank)
Pg.379 (189), #172-172, David DUNCAN 29 Camden mechanic $0-$215
                  Elizabeth 23 (blank)
                  Gerome (m) 5, Susan 3, Mary 2 (blank)
                  Peter TUNTEN? 22 (blank) hand s? of farm
                  Elizabeth 22 (blank)
Pg.386 (192), #233-233, Wilson DUNCAN 47 Camden farm $300-$182
                  Nancy 40 (blank)
                  David 19, Iphraim (m) 16 (blank)
                  Polley 15, Nancy 12 (blank)
                  Wilson 11, John 8 (blank)
Pg.388 (193), #248-248, John BELL 53 Camden miller $600-$100
                  Elizabeth 37 (blank)
                  John 14, Mary Jane 7, Wm. 3 (blank)
                  Polly DUNCAN 16 (blank) house mark?

1870 Camden Co. NC Census
Shiloh Twp.
Pg.123, #21-21, BURFOOT, John D. 51 NC (white) farmer $2500-$800
                  Abigal (f) 48 NC keeping house
                  Cordelia 17, Louisa 14, Margaret 7 NC at home
                  Samuel 28 NC farm laborer
                  DUNCAN, John 14 NC at home
Pg.124, #66-66, DUNCAN, Wilson 60 NC (white) farmer $400-$0
                  Nancy 60 NC keeping house
                  Nancy 22 NC at home, mar. in March
                  Wilson 19 NC farm laborer, mar. in March
                  John 16, William 14 NC farm laborer
Pg.124, #67-67, DUNCAN, Nathan 25 NC (white) farm laborer $0-$0 mar. in March
                  Susan 21 NC keeping house, mar. in March
                  FORBES, Thomas 8 NC
Pg.126, #74-75, DUNCAN, David 36 NC (white) farm laborer $0-$0
                  Elizabeth 32 NC keeping house
                  Jirome (m) 14, Susan 12 NC at home
                  Mary 9, Margaret 6, David 3 NC
Pg.133, #201-208, BARTLETT, Wm. S. 66 NC (white) farmer $2000-$550
                  Loui? (Loni?) (f) 64 NC keeping house
                  Wm. Henry 17 NC laborer
                  Branson 9 NC
                  DUNCAN, Phoeba (f) 14 NC (white) seamstress
                  GARRET, Margaret 20 NC (white) domestic svt.
                  (MAD: ? 1860 Norfolk Co. VA census age 8 with Jno. & Lydia)
Pg.134-135, #223-230, DUNCAN, Ezekiel 41 NC (white) farmer $390-$300
                  Love (f) 25 NC keeping house
                  Benjamin 18 NC farm laborer
                  John 11 NC farm laborer
                  Martha J. 9 NC
                  Isaac 3, Richard 1 NC
                  Weltha (f) 2/12 NC b.Apr.
                  DUNCAN, Mary 23 NC (white) domestic svt.
                  George 14 NC farm laborer


Camden Co. NC Marriages 1848-1867 (FHL film 18,377)
      No index; following from page by page; quit June 1851
      Wm. Duncan to Nibby Hutchings, 5 Aug. 1848
      Zekel Duncan to Elizabeth Lamb, 6 Aug. 1850

Camden Co. NC Marriage Register A1 1848-1866 (FHL film 260,304)
      No index; did not go through page by page


Camden Co. NC Original Wills at Dept. of Archives, Abb-Sawyer (FHL film 1,548,322 item 2)
      No Coats, Godfrey, Goirat
      No Burfoot before 1884; no Dozier before 1870
      Original will of Wilson Duncan Sr., 1881. Will of Wilson Duncan Sr. (X), dated 28 Apr 1876, of Camden Co. NC; to wife Nancy, 1/3 of all my lands which hereafter dispose of (MAD: sic), including my dwelling house and all of the out houses where we now live, during her natural life, also one bay mare, two cows, three ewes, her choices, and all the household and kitchen furniture. To my son Ithram Duncan, 30 acres of the Barco lands with the exception of my wife thirds, beg. at the marsh, then eastwardly until he gets 30 acres, the line between him and Poly Wright (Wight?), in fee simple. To my daughter Poly Wright (Wight?), 20 acres of the Barco land adj. Ithram Duncan, the line to be north and south, also 1/2 of Georges Ridge, the north end?, with the exception of my wife's thirds, in fee simple. To my dau. Nancy Harris (Harrias?) 20 acres of the Barco land adj. the lands of Poly Wright, the line to be north and south, and also 1/2 of Georges Ridge, the south end, with the exception of my wife's thirds, in fee simple. To my son Wilson Duncan Jr. 50 acres of the Barco land where he now lives, adj. Thomas Forbes land with the exception of my wife's thirds, in fee simple. To my "neffew" Thomas Forbes, 40 acres of the Barco land adj. the lands of Wilson Duncan Jr., commencing at the lurry? land and if Thomas Forbes should die without a lawful heir, the land be equally divided between all my heirs, in fee simple, also one cow his choice. To my son John Duncan the west side of the land that I now live on up to the middle ditch, also 20 acres of the barco land, line along Nancy Harris with the exception of my wife's thirds, in fee simple. To my son William Duncan the east side of the land that I now live on, also the balance of the Barco land lying between John and Wilson Duncan Jr. lands, in fee simple, with the exception of my wife's thirds. The residue shall be sold, and if a residue after debts are paid, it shall be equally divided to my wife and all my children and my neffew Thomas Forbes in equal part. Appoint my friend S.B. Forbes exec, revoking other wills. Wit. J.F. Garrenton, J.D. Burfoot. Produced 2 May 1881 in Probate Court by Seth B. Forbes, the executor named, and proved by oath of John D. Burfoot and J.F. Garrenton the witnesss.

Camden Co. NC Wills; Index A-W 1822-1960 (FHL film 260,322; extracts also from Roy Hall)
      C-196/7: Will of Malachi Beels, 30 May 1836; to my son Burfoot Beels the whole tract of land that I live on containing 50 acres more or less and also one feather bed & furniture, one cow & calf, one grind stone. To my son Samuel Beels all the balance of my stock, cattle, hogs, sheep and one horse, also one feather bed & furniture, one hand mill & one ? caile?. To my dau. Sarah Dunkin one feather bed & furniture, one Linning? wheel, one chest one looking glass also one half of my crockery ware. To my dau. Aluf Beels one feather bed & furniture, one looking glass, one linning wheel, one chest, one half of all my crockery ware. To my wife Margaret Beels one chest, one trunk, one set of cups & saucers & plates, lot of spoons, shovel and tongs, 2 chunk? bottler?, 1 brass candlestick, for her life, then to above Burfoot Beels & his heirs. Also I reserve the use of one feather bed & furniture & one linning wheel and the washing tub to Margaret Beels while she remains my widow. To my dau. Tammey Wight one bed & furniture, one linning wheel that she is now in possession of. The balance of property to be sold and after paying my debts, be equally divided between Burfoot Beels, Samuel Beels, Sarah Beels & Aluf Beels. Appoint my son Burfoot Beels my exec. Wit. Robert J?. Burfoot, S. Burgess. Produced in court Nov. 1836 by the exec., proved on oath of Robert J. Burfoot and Simeon Burgess. Court ordered will recorded & Letters Testamentary issued, the widow dissented. (FHL film 260,323)
      D-37: Will of Chloe Cartwright, of Camden Co. NC, 16 March 1852; to my dau. Sally Simpson one bed & furniture, one chest, one juzz?. To my daughter Chloe Mitchel the use of the following during her life, then to my granddau. Chlotilda Duncan and her heirs: one safe, one pewter dish, set of knives and forks, Earthen dish, set of pewter plates, loom & two kegs?, two tubs, one pare of fire tongs and shovel and pare of fire dogs, two pot trammels?, one tea kettle and two spiders, one skillet, one jar, one case? and bottles, one stand and one arm chair and three set? chairs, one pare of steelyards?, one dozen spoons and 1/2 dozen tea spoons, one linen wheel, all of my right in the lands that I bought of my son David Duncan and my daughter Aby Dozier and my right in the lands of my son Ephram Duncan, one bed and fire ??, one chest, one ?? and one shugar dish. Wit. Jesse C?. Bell, Samuel D. Beels; Court Sept. 1857 proven on oath of Jesse C? Bell and Samuel D. Beels, ordered recorded. (FHL film 260,323) (MAD: no Chloe Cartwright indexed in 1830 or 1840 Camden Co. NC; no Chloe Cartwright in 1850 Camden Co. NC, only John Cartwright age 6 in another household on pg.73)
      D-66: Will of Mary Bartlett (X) of Camden Co. NC, weak in body, 18 March 1858; to my two daughters Luia Sawyer and Thamer Sawyer, all the lands I bought of S.W. Smith and Thomas Roberts, beg. at the main road near the hickry branch, running round as the road runs to the first station, containing 200 acres more or less; to my dau. Thamer Sawyer negro man Arch (Jack?), and to my dau. Thamer Sawyer negro girl Angelica and her increase, for life, then to be divided between her children. Lend to my dau. Luia Sawyer negro girl Jane for life, then to her children forever. Lend to my dau. Lydia Duncan negro girl Sarah Ann and her increase for life, then to her children. Lend to my dau. Abby son Jacob two negro boys named George and Henry Lawson for his life, and if he dies without heirs of his body, then equally divided between my grandchildren living. To all of my grandchildren except Jacob $100 apeice. All my property not given away shall be sold and equally divided between my children. Appoint my friend S.B. Sawyer and Wm. W. Sawyer execs. Wit. Wm. G. Forbes, H.A. Bartlett. Proved in court Dec. 1862 by oath of Wm. G. Forbes and H.A. Bartlett, ordered recorded, Wm. W. Sawyer exec. qualified. (FHL film 260,323)
      E-57/60: Will of John Needham (X) of Camden Co., weak in body, 9 April 1878; to my wife Ann Eliza Needham, the land I now live on to include my mansion house, all out houses ... improvements, and commencing at Ephrams Yolly ? ..., down a line of marked trees to a white oak, ...(meets & bounds, cannot read neighbors if any), containing 65 acres for her life in satisfaction for and in lieu of her dower and thirds of all my estate. To my youngest dau. Lydia Needham after the death of my wife, all the land south of the creek and 2 acres on ?? point at the death of my wife, if she dies without an heir, I desire it .?. all my heirs to her in fee simple. To my dau. Mary Duncan the Dozier tract of land for her life, then to her children if any living and if none, then to all of my heirs in fee simple. To my dau. Susan Duncan the Peter Gipson tract for her life, at her death I devise it to her children if any living, if none then to all of my heirs in fee simple. To my two daus. Mary Duncan and Susan Duncan the tract lying north of the Canal and East of the Branch South of Iphram Duncans land except the part I lend to my wife Ann Eliza Needham, and at her death to be divided between my two daus. and my daughter Mary Duncan is to have the privilege to get wood and rails? out of the portion that I did not lend to my wife Ann Eliza Needham, I devise it to the children if none at their death to all of my heirs in fee simple. To my son Joseph S. Needham and my dau. Rebecca Pugh the land I bought of William Foster and wife to be equally divided between them in fee simple. To my son Josephus Needham the piece or parcel of swamp that I bought of Rhoda Garrenton in fee simple. To my wife Ann Eliza Needham (household furniture, stock, etc.), then to my dau. Lydia, ... To my dau. Lydia Needham one bed & stead & covers, her choice. To my dau. Susan Duncan one bed & stead & covering. To my two daus. Mary and Susan Duncan one loom and harness? with the exception of my wife to have the use of her where she needs her. To my son J.S. Needham one whip saw, one broad ax, ... The remainder of my chattel & property to be valued and equally divided among all my heirs except my dau. Lydia. Appoint my wife exectx, revoking all other wills; wit. (too faint); Court (date too faint) proved on oath of S.B. Beels, ?nhrst? Needham. (FHL film 260,323; area in center of pages too light to read well)
      E-90: 1881 will of Wilson Duncan; not copied.

Camden Co. NC Original Estate Records
      No Robert or Amy Burfoot (FHL film 1,705,111)
      No Coats (FHL film 1,705,112)


Camden Co. NC Deeds (index 1777-1871 on FHL film 260,301)
      Looked for Cartwright deeds, Duncan after 1850 (Chloe Duncan mar. a Cartwright); index ends at book CC.
      No Dozier deeds
      MAD: Books R and T were apparently recopied from earlier books.
      A-4: 30 June 1777, David Dunhan (sic) and wife Jane (X) of Camden Co. NC to William Armstead Freshwater of Pasquotank Co. NC, £115 proclamation money, 100 acres on Down River Chappel Ridge, part of patent by John Beels decd 10 March 1758, John Tillet's line, Bailey Forbes line. Wit. Joseph Snoen, Demsey Burgess. (FHL film 18,366)
      A-26: 4 Oct. 1777, John Ford and wife Mary (X) of Camden Co., blacksmith, to David Dunkan, £30 proc. money, 15-1/2 acres on the Chappel Ridge. Wit. Bailey Forbes jurat, James White. (FHL film 18,366)
      E-185: 19 March 1795, John (X) Porter and wife Mary (X) of Camden Co. NC to David Dunkin of same, rent & lease land and plantation where Cornelius Wright decd. last lived, being her dower part, about 70 acres, for 5 years for payment of 5 pounds of good Indian corn yearly. Wit. Joseph Walton, Thos. Barger?. (FHL film 18,367)
      G-418: 29 Dec. 1796, Isaac Guilford Sr. to David Dunkin, both Camden Co. NC, lease for 15 years, land Guilford bought of Jonathan Lindsay, whereon John Griffin N.W. (sic) formerly lived on Pasquotank River, 118 acres, rent for three first years at £10 currency; at the expiration of the lease, he is to have the land for life for £20 current money per year. Both Isaac Guilford and David Dunkin signed. Wit. Zeptha Burges, Demsey Dunkin, Will Guilford. (FHL film 18,368)
      H-362: 1 Dec. 1798, David Burnham to Sarah Dunkin, £40 lawful money of this state, negro boy Densen. Wit. A. Old, Nathaniel Crawley, James (+) Davis. (FHL film 18,369)
      K-35: 16 Nov. 1802, Newton Edney to Jaquetta Dunkin (her), £70, 5 acres land near the New Lebanon Mills Buttes, adj. mouth of the Bridge run on the Creek swamp side, John Brites line, Lebanon Company line. Wit. John Edney, Johnathan (sic) Edney. (FHL film 18,369)
      K-129: 26 March 1803, Presilla (x) Dunkin, Hezekiah Dunkin, John Dunkin and Polly (X) Dunkin, children and heirs of Sarah Dunkin decd., all Camden Co., for love to our brother Seth Dunkin of same, our interest in negro boy named Densan given to our mother Sarah Dunkin afsd. by David Burnham. Wit. James Pearce Jurat, Benjamin Snowden. (FHL film 18,369)
      K-235: 1 Dec. 1803, Benjamin Jones to Joquinetta Dunkin, both Camden Co. NC, £10, 3 acres near the Lebanon Mills on Joys Creek Swamp, being the lot that James McPhanson bought of Timothy Mud & wife 23 July 1796. Wit. Newton Edney, Jonathan Edney. (FHL film 18,369)
      L-230: 20 Aug. 1807, John Duncan of Clarke Co. KY to Thomas Walston, $60, all my right to negroes in consequence of my marriage with Jeacah Burfoot, dau. of Robert Burfoot of Camden Co. NC, sale without warranty, Thomas Walston to run all risques. Wit. James Simpson, Jacob Mercer, Enoch Galless?. Proved in Camden Co. on oath of Jacob Mercer. (FHL film 18,370)
      M-175: Robert Cartwright heirs, division; no Chloe Cartwright (FHL film 18,370)
      M-512: 29 Oct. 1810, Jaque (X her mark) Dunkin to Clarissa Dunkin, both Camden Co., £20, 5 acres at mouth of bridge run on Creek swamp side, John Brites line, Lebanon Co. line, being land that Newton Edna bought of Benjamin Jones. Wit. Geo. Ferebee, David Richardson. Reg. on oath of George Ferebee Nov. 1810. (FHL film 18,370)
      N-175: On motion and petition, Camden Co. court in Feb. 1812 ordered that Caleb Perkins, Job Gregory, Noah Gregory, Richard Bary and Samuel Walkup &c surveyor be commissioners to meet on lands which were James H. Cotes decd, agreeable to his will, to divide between Kosiah Dozier and Abiah (no last name) and make report. Chain bearers Arthur Gregory and Coy Meren; plat shows house and 33-1/2 acres, Lot #2, to Koziah Dozier; 33-1/2 acres, Lot #1, to Abiah Duncan. Returned 13 Feb. 1812, /s/ Caleb Perkins, Richd. Berry, Noah Gregory, Samuel Walkup. (FHL film 18,371) (MAD: This cannot be Abye Dozier who mar. Zebedee Duncan who was born 1808, son of David Duncan and Chloe Coats according to a Family Group sheet filed with the LDS Church; but James H. Coats may be related to Chloe Coats who married David Duncan by 1806)
      O-14: 30 Dec. 1811, Wilson Dunkin and wife Penelope to Joseph Sawyer, both Camden Co. NC, $100, 74 acres on canal, Jacob Paduck's line, ditch, Maryan Dange's line. Wit. Thomas R. Brockett jurat, W. Wilson. (FHL film 18,371)
      O-232: 18 April 1814, William Wright to Demsey Dunkin, both Camden Co. NC, £50, land lying down the river near Thomas Gordon Store, 6 acres, adj. road between said William Wright and said Demsey Dunkin. Wit. Jesse Barnett, John Griffin. (FHL film 18,371)
      O-233: 4 June 1813, John Griffin to Dempsey Dunkin, both Camden Co. NC, $100, 9 acres on the main road leading down to the river adj. Saml. Needham, John Griffin, Caleb Cartwright decd. Wit. Jesse Barnet, Polly (X) Barnet. (FHL film 18,371)
      O-257: 30 Oct. 1810, Jaque (+ her) Dunkin for love to 3 children Clarissa, Eliza and Alexander Dunkin, all my moveable property, cow, etc. to each. Wit. Geo. Ferebee. Rec. on oath of George Ferebee Nov. 1814. (FHL film 18,371)
      O-277: 16 Nov. 1814, Zebulon Dunkin and wife Mariam (+) to Silas Forbes, all Camden Co., £150 current money, 35 acres adj. land formerly Richard Sawyer decd, Caleb Forbes line, except widow Goirat's third (during) her natural life. Wit. Lemsey Sawyer, Edwd. Pugh. (FHL film 18,371) (MAD: "Goirat" name definitely spelled with a "G" instead of "C"; probably should have been widow Garret; mother of Zebulon and Wilson Duncan may have been a dau. of widow Garrett)
      O-286: 2 Sept. 1814, Wilson Duncan to William Godfrey, both Camden Co., $200, 10 acres adj. Margaret Sawyer, Jacob Hadrick and road leading towards Landy Hook, formerly belonging to Doctr. Dimess?; no wife; wit. Demsey Sawyer, Richard Bary?. Endorsement by Thamer (X her) Godfrey of "my interest" in above sale to William Godfrey, 15 Dec. 1814; wit. Dem. Sawyer, Joseph Sawyer. Endorsement by William (X) Godfrey to Thamer Godfrey, 21 Oct. 1814; wit. Dem. Sawyer, Rich. Berry. (FHL film 18,371)
      O-346: 15 May 1813, Jesse Barnet to Demsey Dunkin, both Camden Co. NC, $412, 25 acres lying down the river near Gordon's store, adj. corner to John White and said Jesse Barnet, John Godfrey's land, Saml. Needham, Hus, decd. Isaac Quilford's heirs line, said Dunkin's line. Wit. John Griffin, Elizabeth (X) Griffin. (FHL film 18,371)
      P-139: 19 Jan. 1816, David Dunkin and wife Nancy (X) to Laban Gray, both Camden Co. NC, $60, 15 acres on deep branch swamp, Wileby White's line, Wilson Webster's line, Jacob Cartwright's line. Wit. Abner Cooper, W. Wilson. (FHL film 18,372)
      P-141: 14 April 1816, David Dunkin and wife Nancy (X) to Samuel Walkup, both Camden Co. NC, $50, 5 acres adj. Enoch Dailey, William Gregory, Abner Cooper and wife former line, former Edmund Gregory corner purchased of him by said Samuel Walkup. Wit. Joseph Sawyer, Dave G. Etheridge. Nancy Dunkin was examined by Davis G. Etherige on 17 April 1816, proved by oath of Joseph (X) Sawyer to W.Wilson JP in May 1816; ordered registered 30 Sept. 1816. (FHL film 18,372; this deed a duplicate of T-119)
      P-177: 30 March 1816, David Dunkin and wife Nancy (X) to Joseph Sawyer, $300, 27 acres corner David Dunkin, Willis Wilson, Abner Cooper. Wit. Dav. G. Etheridge, Jacob Padricks. (FHL film 18,372)
      P-187: 15 March 1816, David Dunken and wife Mancy Dunken (/s/ Nansey (O) Dunken) to Abner Cooper, both Camden Co. NC, $15, land on Ash branch called the Haw thicket, being part of land formerly belonging to David Gregory and wife decd, 2-1/4 acres, adj. land of said Abner Cooper, Margaret Dange decd. Wit. Davis G. Etheridge, Joseph Sawyer Jr. (FHL film 18,372) (MAD: Abner Cooper in 1840 Currituck Co. NC census)
      P-263: 1816, Henry Bray Sr. to Chlotilda Cartwright, dau. of Isaac Cartwright, for love, negro slave. (FHL film 18,372)
      P-312: 2 Nov. 1816, David Dunkin to Tully Morissett, both Camden Co. NC, $160, 10 acres adj. Sandy hook road, Jacob Padrick, Jos. Sawyer and Peggy Sawyer orphans of Edmund Sawyer decd. Wit. Joseph Sawyer. (FHL film 18,372)
      P-313: 2 Nov. 1816, David Dunkin to Tully Morissett, both Camden Co. NC, $100, 10 acres adj. a former line of Lee. Wit. W. Wilson, Joseph Sawyer. (FHL film 18,372)
      P-315: 18 Sept. 1815, Joseph Sawyer to David Dunkin, both Camden Co. NC, $160, 10 acres adj. Sandy Hook Road, branch of Arrenuse Creek, and Peggy Sawyer orphan of Edmd. Sawyer decd. Wit. W. Wilson, William (X) Godfrey. (FHL film 18,372)
      P-316: 30 March 1816, Joseph Sawyer to David Dunkin, both Camden Co. NC, $100, 10 acres adj. Davis Etheridge's line, Abner Cooper's line, Margaret Dowdger's line. Wit. Jacob Paidrick, Davis G. Ethiredge. (FHL film 18,372)
      P-394: 5 Feb. 1818, Dempsey Dunkin to Thomas Gordon, both Camden Co. NC, $100, 7 acres on Main Road near the road leading down to Raymond Creek in lower part of Camden Co. and close by a place called the Trap, Thomas Gordon's store, and adj. the same, John Godfrey's line. No wife. Wit. Chas. Bowning (sic), L.B. Barnett. (FHL film 18,372)
      Q-88: 26 Jan. 1819, Jesse (A) Beels to Dempsey Duncan, both Camden Co. NC, $150, 43 acres near the swamp, adj. J.G. Wright's line formerly Hosea Cartwright's line, Demsey Cartwright's patent line. Wit. Stephen Mercer, Silas (X) Beals. (FHL film 18,372)
      Q-258: 22 Feb. 1819, John G. Wright to Dempsey Dunkin, $10, 2 acres near the Trapp adj. said Dunkin's land, Isaac Gilford's heirs. Wit. Mackey? (X) Griffin, Charles Adams?. (FHL film 18,372)
      R-151: 12 (20?) Feb. 1816, Penelope Dunkin to Job Gregory, both Camden Co., $55, 4-1/2 acres opposite Timothy Berry's on Sandy Hook road, on line of said Job Gregory. Wit. Darr G. Etheridge, W. Wilson jurat. (FHL film 18,372)
      S-237: "Bout" at sale of Miles Cartwright decd, negroes: woman Morning, boy Jim, boy Jack, boy Isaac, girl Judith, total $683, by Chloe Cartwright, 26 Aug. 1825; Miles McPherson, admin. of said Miles Cartwright decd, deed 26 Nov. 1825; wit. Tim McPherson. (FHL film 18,373)
      S-302: 28 Nov. 1825, Chloe Cartwright to Timothy McPherson, $225, negro girl Judith C.; wit. W. McPherson jurat. (FHL film 18,373) (indexed "receipt" from W. McPherson)
      T-118: 30 March 1816, David Dunckin and wife Nancy to Joseph Sawyer, $300, 27 acres adj. Abner Cooper, David Dunckin, Willis Wilson. Wit. Dave G. Etheridge, Jacob Paduck. Reg. Aug. 1827. (FHL film 18,373)
      T-119: 14 April 1816, David Dunkin and wife Nancy (X) to Samuel Walkup, both Camden Co. NC, $50, 5 acres adj. Enoch Dailey, William Gregory, Abner Cooper and wife former line, former Edmund Gregory corner purchased of him by said Samuel Walkup. Wit. Joseph Sawyer, Dave G. Etheridge. Court Aug. 1827, Nancy examined by Richard Berry Esq. in court; ordered Reg. 12 Oct. 1827. (FHL film 18,373; this deed a duplicate of P-141)
      T-385: 19 Jan. 1816, David Dunkin and wife Nancy (x) to Laban Gray, both Camden Co. NC, $60, 15 acres adj. Mileby? White, Wilson Webster?, Jacob Cartwright. Wit. Abner Cooper jurat. Reg. May 1816; note that deed was reg. in Book P, pgs. 139 & 140; Nancy examined May 1829 in court. (FHL film 18,373)
      U-215: 26 Aug. 1832, Clarissa Dunkin to Caleb Sawyer, both Camden Co. NC, $6, 3 acres on Joys Creek adj. road at the forks leading to the lands of William Whitehurst and the road to the New Lebanon Mill. Wit. J.H. Wilkins, James Hodges. Proved on oath of J.H. Wilkins. (FHL film 18,374)
      Y-199: 17 Jan. 1847, William Duncan to Gideon Mitchell and wife Clacy (Clay) Mitchell, all Camden Co. NC, $15, 25 acres belonging to the heirs of Demsy Duncan decd near the Old Trap, adj. Brition Jones, heirs of John Garbayton? decd, Lydia Williams, Thomas Forbes land; and 30 acres on the swamp side adj. lands of Thomas Forbes, Nicholas Burgess and Lydia Williams and above described land; I the said William Duncan sell all my right, title and claim ... Wit. J.W. Burfoot, reg. on oath of J.W. Burfoot. (FHL film 18,375)
      Z-65: 10 Sept. 1849, Ezekiel (+) Duncan for $71, one note payable to Thos. Palmer of $63, and a judgement for $8 payable to James Gregory, on which Peter Forbes is security, in trust to Peter Forbes, a horse and colt. Wit. Thos. Palmer. (FHL film 18,375)
      Z-335: 16 June 1852, Dennsy (Densey) (X) Duncan owes Thomas Palmer $25; in trust to Samuel W. Ferebee?, all Camden Co. NC, his present crop of corn now growing on the lands of Samuel W. Ferebee. Wit. John W. Torksey. (FHL film 18,375)
      Z-557: 13 March 1854, Wilson (X) Duncan to Jacob Mercer (2nd part) and John D. Burfoot (3rd part, trustee); Wilson Duncan owes D.D. Ferebee $77.50 from March 14, 1854, where Jacob Mercer is security; to indemnify Jacob Mercer, in trust to John D. Burfoot, 100 acres on Indian Island adj. lands of Julia Lurry and others known by name of Molich Smith Ridge. Wit. J.W. Burfoot. (FHL film 18,375)
      AA-9: (blank) May 1854, Caleb Britt & wife Nancy (X) of Norfolk Co. VA to Ezekiel Duncan of Currituck Co. NC, $900, (1) 75 acres at the bridge running up the branch to Delen Carter's land, Wm. Lyndsey's lead ditch, Hester Bell's land, North Ever swamp, being formerly owned by Wilson Parr now decd; (2) 12-1/2 acres being the Forbes tract adj. above tract, and adj. Delen Carter; wit. Edwin Feribee, W.D. Williams. (FHL film 18,376)
      AA-325: 15 Oct. 1856, Joseph S. Sanderlin to Ezekiel Duncan, both Camden Co. NC, $26, 50 acres at the Gum Bridge near Delilah Carter's house, Hester Bell's land, the Main Road; wit. Y/Z. Hamilton. (FHL film 18,376)
      AA-402: Cartwright, D.B. trus. from Wm. Foster, D/T (not copied)
      AA-416: 27 Nov. 1857, N.T. Burgess of Camden Co. NC (1st part), Wilson (X) Duncan of same (2nd part), and Dempsey Cartwright of same (3rd part); Duncan owes Burgess $73.15 from 27 Nov. 1857, trust deed; in trust to Dempsey Cartwright, 190 acres known as Young's Ridge, farm animals, etc; /s/ Wilson (X) Duncan, N.T. Burgess, D.B. Cartwright. (FHL film 18,376)
      AA-436: 12 Sept. 1857, Ezekiel Duncan to Noah Gregory, $1500, 75 acres and 12-1/2 acres and 50 acres; no wife. (FHL film 18,376)
      From index only:
      BB-66: Cartwright, D.B. trus. from Wm. Foster, D/T
      BB-96: Duncan, Ezekiel from S.W. Smith
      BB-186: Duncan, Ezekiel from N.S. Burgess
      Quit on Ezekiel Duncan grantee
      BB-290: Cartwright, D.B. trus. from Wm. Foster, D/T
      CC-498: Duncan, Ezekiel and wife to J.W. Morrisette, D/T


Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Ithram; D 1 NC Inf.; 1886 April 9, Invalid Appl. #569363, Cert. #468814. (MAD: see Camden Co. NC, b.1844)
      Duncan, Willson, widow Duncan, Nancy; D 1 NC Inf.; 1890 Aug. 13, Widow Appl. #476851, Cert. #289425, NC. (MAD: name as written) (MAD: see Camden Co. NC, Wilson b.1815, d.1881, wife Nancy Gibson)


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