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Formed 1799 from Wilkes
Watauga formed 1849 from Ashe, Caldwell, Wilkes, Yancey
Alleghany formed 1859 from Ashe


1810 Ashe Co. NC Census (and from Ginger Wineman 7/2000)
Pg.  3  J. Duncan            10100        - 10100

1820 Ashe Co. NC Census (alphabetic) (and from Evelyn Sigler 2/1983)
Pg.  6  James Dunkain        210010       - 21010
    22  Abner Dunken         110010       - 34010
          (MAD: 1830 Carter Co. TN census;
           1840-1850 Johnson Co. TN census)
    30  Wm. Dunken           200100       - 20100
        Jno. Dunken          200100       - 21010
        Moses Dunkvin?       211110       - 30010

1830 Ashe Co. NC Census
Pg.  5  William Duncan       2120,0001    - 0100,01
    15  James Duncan         2200,0001    - 1211,001
    29  John Duncan          2012,001     - 1022,01

1840 Ashe Co. NC Census
Pg.  2  John Duncan          1000,01      - 0000,1
     8  John Duncan          1020,0001    - 0000,01
    16  Jas. Duncan          0102,0001    - 0110,001
    29  Jonathan Duncan      3200,1       - 0000,1
          (MAD: 1850 ?? Grayson Co. VA census)

1850 Ashe Co. NC Census
Pg.241 #49-49, Joshua EDWARDS 38 NC farmer $700
                  Nancy 36 NC
                  David 14, Johnathan 12, Jane 10 NC
                  Nancy 8, Wm. 5, B.F. 1 NC
                  John NIP 26 NC laborer
                  (MAD: see Allegheny Co. NC History #144 & Grayson Co. TX history)
Pg.255, #248, Elizabeth DUNKIN 22 NC $200 (white)
                  James 2 MULATTO, Jerry 6/12 MULATTO NC
Pg.255, #250, Franklin DUNKIN 29 NC farmer $400
                  Cenia (f) 26 NC
                  Washington 8, Henry A. 6 NC
                  Wesley 2, Judy A. 4/12 NC
                  (MAD: 1860 Alleghany Co. NC census; wife Senia Wolf)
Pg.255, #252, John DUNKIN 65 NC farmer $300
                  Catharine 42 NC
                  Calvin 14, Wm. 2 NC
                  Matilda 4/12 NC
                  (MAD: 1860 Yancey Co. NC census)
Pg.255, #256, John DUNKIN 21 NC farmer $325
                  Margaret 21 NC
                  Mary E. 2, Cynthia J. 11/12 NC
                  (MAD: 1860 & 1870 Washington Co. TN census)
Pg.293, #803, James DUNKIN 73 NC farmer
                  Nancy 60 NC
                  David 16 NC
Pg.296, #847, John HASH 29 VA farmer $370?
                  Sally 28 VA
                  Allen 11 VA
                  Marshal 8, Margaret 6 NC
                  Robert 4, Hanner (f) 2 NC
                  Nancy DUNKEN 20 NC
Pg.296, #855, Joseph DUNKEN 40 NC farmer
                  Amy 36 NC
                  Martha 10, John 8, Andrew 6 NC
                  Ambros 4, Polly 4/12 NC
                  (MAD: wife Amy, son definitely "John")
Pg.297, #868, Jackson DUNKEN 29 NC farmer
                  Rebecca 29 NC
                  Geo. 3, Polly 1, NC
Pg.302, #940, Potor? ELLAR (m) 27 NC farmer $300
                  Nancy 24 NC
                  Calvin 7, David 4, Henry 2 NC
                  Mary DUNKEN 18 NC
Pg.304, #980, John DUNKIN 42 NC farmer
                  Elisa 31 NC
                  Thos. 10, Rebecca 8 NC
                  Andrew (m) 7 NC
                  Wm. 6, Martha 4 NC
                  (MAD per Brenda Furches: Andrew is actually Amanda (f))

1850 Wilkes Co. NC Census
Pg.334, #1249, George DUNKIN 29 Ashe NC farmer
                  Jane 32 Ashe NC
                  William 8, David 4 Ashe NC
                  Thomas 1 Wilkes NC
                  (MAD: See Carroll Co. TN; Wm. F. Civil War; George the son of John of Ashe Co. NC; 1860 Washington Co. TN census, Jane in 1870 Yancey Co. NC census)
Pg.334, #1250, Sally COMBS 26 Wilkes NC
                  Mary 5 Wilkes NC

1860 Ashe Co. NC Census
Old Field Dist., P.O. Beaver Creek
Pg.631, #133, Geo. W. RAY 36 NC farmer $1200-$800
                  Mary 26 NC
                  Wiley 4, Rosa 2 NC
                  Mary DUNCAN 45 NC
                  William PLESANTS 21 NC
                  Charles RAY 1/12 NC
Northeastern Dist., P.O. Nathan Creek
Pg.694, #585, George BLEVENS 50 NC farmer $500-$1450
                  Lidia 50 NC
                  Hilda 27, Lidia 24 NC
                  Catharine 21, Wills (m) 17 NC
                  America 16, James 14 NC
                  Elizabeth 14, George 11 NC
                  Libn? (m) 7 NC
                  Marion (m) 6, Emery 3 NC
                  James DUNCAN 80 NC pauper
                  Marion BOWMAN (blank) ("m" written in column)
Southeastern Dist., P.O. Jefferson
Pg.720, #770, Christopher TUNE 33 NC farmer $65-$100
                  Miley 23 NC
                  Virginia 2 NC
                  Matilda DUNCAN 6 NC
Pg.723, #792, John DUNCAN 51 NC farmer $200-$100
                  Susan 45 NC
                  Thomas 20, Amanda 16 NC
                  William 14, Jane 12 NC
                  Roda 5, Ann 1 NC
                  (MAD per Brenda Furches 6/1989: Jane is Martha)
P.O. Chestnut Hill
Pg.727, #824, Jackson DUNCAN 40 NC farmer $0-$25
                  Rebeca 40 NC
                  Polly 11, George 12 NC
                  Kesiah 8, Joseph 6 NC
                  Pheby 4, James 2, Jane 1 NC
Pg.727, #828, Joseph DUNCAN 50 NC farmer $300-$50
                  Ama 40 NC
                  Jehu 18, Jesse 16 NC
                  Ambrose 13, Polly 11 NC
                  Robert 8, Joseph 6 NC
                  (MAD: wife Ama, son "Jehu" not John)

1870 Ashe Co. NC Census (also from Ginger Wineman 4/2001)
Chestnut Hill Township, Jefferson Post Office
Taken June 22, 1870
Pg.456, #50-50, DUNCAN, Jackson 50 NC works on farm, $0-$0, doesn't read/write
                  Catherine 28 NC Keeping House, doesn't write
                  Della (f) 7 NC
                  Candas (f) 5 NC
                  Melinda 7/12 NC b.Nov
Pg.456, #52-52, DUNCAN, Joseph 57 NC works on farm, $0-$0, doesn't read/write
                  Ama (f) 50 NC Keeping house, doesn't read/write
                  Ambrose (m) 19 NC works on farm, doesn't read/write
                  Polly 17 NC At home, doesn't read/write
                  Robert 15 NC At home, doesn't read/write
                  Joseph 13 NC At home, doesn't read/write
Taken June 23, 1870
Pg.457, #71-71, DUNCAN, Elizabeth 60 NC Keeping house $0-$0
                  Joseph 18 NC works on farm
                  Mary 16 NC At home
                  Lucus (m) 14 NC At home
Pine Swamp Township, Gap Creek Post Office
Taken August 9, 1870
Pg.555, #66-66, DUNCAN, John 62 NC Tends grist mill, $0-$0, (checkmark in deaf, dumb, blind or insane column), doesn't read/write
                  Elizabeth 35 NC Keeping house, doesn't read/write
                  Wiley (m) 5 NC
                  Nancy 7/12 NC b.Jany
                  Caroline 20 NC Assisting in house
Pinny Creek Township, Helton Post Office
Taken July 30, 1870
Pg.561, #83-83, STIKE, Moses 62 NC Farmer $400-$400
                  Catherine 55 NC Keeping house, doesn't read/write
                  James B. 24 NC At home
                  George 20 NC works on farm, doesn't write, (possibly deaf, dumb, blind or insane since column is checked)
                  DUNCAN, Matilda 15 NC Assisting in house, doesn't write
Taken August 1, 1870
Pg.562, #95-95, DUNCAN, Thomas 30 NC Miller $100-$100
                  Elizabeth 24 NC Keeping house, doesn't write
                  Melvin (m) 8 NC
                  John 2 NC
                  Wm 7/12 NC b.Jan


Ashe Co. NC Index to Wills, 1816-1966 (FHL film 467,151)
      no Duncan to 1900
      1905: T.M. Duncan, Book F, pg.44

Ashe Co. NC Wills 1800-1871 (FHL film 18,189)
      No Duncan

Ashe Co. NC original Estate Records in NC Archives, Colvart - Ellen (FHL film 1,671,947)
      T.M. Duncan, 1905. Application of J.W. Duncan, exec. named in will of T.M. Duncan; property worth $1850 real and personal; heirs under will are Elizabeth Duncan, Melvin Duncan's heirs, J.W. Duncan; I.E. Duncan; G.H. Duncan, T.E. Duncan and Quincy A. Duncan. 30 Jan. 1905. (nothing else in folder)


Land records, North Carolina and Tennessee; indexes, 1600-1959; by NC Secretary of State, Land Grant Office (Placerville FHC on loan 1/4-5/2012)
      Land warrants are documents issued at local land offices to purchasers of public lands. When these warrants are surrendered, the buyers are issued conveyances (deeds). The land warrants (and other miscellaneous records) are organized by file numbers in alphabetical sequences of counties. Some of the counties are now Tennessee counties. These records are in packets. On each packet cover are spaces for the following information: file number, county, purchaser's name(s), number of acres, grant number, date issued, entry number, date entered, book number, page number & location. ... The key to finding the related packets are the file numbers.
      Land grant index cards, 1693-1959, Archibald Caddell (Richmond) - William Durram (Buncombe Co.) (FHL Film 1,942,614)
            Duncan, Thomas, File No.4890, Ashe Co., 50 acres, Grant No.3544 issued 6 June 1859, Entry No.1989 entered 15 June 1858, Book No.163, page no.65, Location: On Pheonix Creek
            Dunkin, Jno., File No.2491, Ashe Co., 88 acres, Grant No.2429 issued 20 Dec. 1838, Entry No.8307 entered 14 Nov. 1836, Book No.145, page no.224, Location: On the waters of little river

Ashe Co. NC Deeds
      Deeds & Grants 1778-1805 - no index (FHL film 18,170)
      Deeds & Grants 1778-1811 - no index (FHL film 18,171)
      Deeds, grants, wills, equity dockets 1820-1829 - no index (FHL film 18,174)

Ashe Co. NC Deeds (FHL film 467,129, index Vol.A 1799-1822; Vol.B 1822-1870)
      B-474: 27 Oct. 1803, Benjamin Webb of Ashe Co. NC to Abner Duncan of same, $120, 200 acres on Beaver Dam Creek, begin. at Potters Cabbin. Wit. John (X) Estep, Richard Isaac. (FHL film 18,179)
      C-412: 23 March 1814, Peter Graybell to James Duncan, both Ashe Co. NC, $200, 141 acres on Buffalo Creek, waters of North Fork of New River, adj. corner 41 acre survey, adj. original line between said Graybill & Mikel Reider. Wit. Thomas Calloway. (FHL film 18,180)
      E-144: 14 Feb. 1823, Abner (X) Duncan to Benjamin Duncan (no locality), $250, 200 acres on one branch of Brush Fork of Cave (Cove?) Creek, adj. conditional line made between Richard Linville and Aaron Linville, the old line, William Whittington's line. Wit. B. Baird, John Titson (Tilson?). Reg. May 1823 on oath of Bidant Baird. (FHL film 18,181)
      F-3: (Title of document: H hr. Keller) 27 April 1816, James Duncan to H. Keller, both of Ashe Co. NC, $225, 141 acres, part of tract on Branch of Buffalo Creek, waters of N. Fork of New River, adj. agreed line between "said" Graybeal and Michael Crider. Wit. D. Earnest, Peter Graybell. Nov. 1816 ack. in court. (FHL film 18,181)
      F-350: 22 April 1819, James Duncan to James McGuire, both Ashe Co. NC, $100, 50 acres adj. Andrew Sheetz decd. line. Wit. David Earnest, James Hethorn. Proved Feb. 1820 by D. Earnest. (FHL film 18,181)
      M-523: 11 March 1833, Wm. P. Waugh of Wilkes Co. NC to Jno. Duncan of Ashe Co., $75, 440 acres on Little River, in a bend in Little River opposite the mouth of Jewell? Swamp Creek, line near Abram Mitchaels cove fence, conditional line agreed upon between Mitcheal and Jesse Shipps?. Wit. D.E. Mare, Wm. Eastridge?. (FHL film 18,183)
      N-450: 20 Dec. 1838, NC Grant #2429 to John Dunkin, $5 every 100 acres, 88 acres in Ashe Co. on Little River, his own line, Toliver's line, entered 14 Nov. 1836. (FHL film 18,184)
      P-133: 5 Sept. 1848, John (+) Dunkin to Andrew Willey, both Ashe Co. NC, $162.50, 177 acres where said Willey now lives, near a road, Thornton Gennings line, Wiley Finders field, branch in Richard Shoat's line. Wit. Richard Shoat, C.H. Daughton. (FHL film 18,185)
      R-315: 23 July 1852, Richd. Choat to Elizabeth Duncan, both Ashe Co. NC, $200, 100 acres, adj. said Duncan's old line. Wit. William Hollaway, John Duncan jurat. (FHL film 18,185)
      S-130: 15 Sept. 1846, John Duncan to John Fender, both Ashe Co. NC, $15, 15 acres on Jewel Swamp Creek, Moses Toliver's old corner. Wit. Franklin Duncan, Thornton Ginnings. (FHL film 18,186)
      U-136: 6 June 1859, NC grant #3544 to Thomas Duncan, 12-1/2 cents per acre, 50 acres on Phenix Creek, Bowers's line, Weaver's corner, David Blevins line, George Bower's line, Turner's corner, entered 15 June 1858. (FHL film 18,187)
      No other grantor deeds from John or Jno. Duncan indexed


Ashe Co. NC Court Minutes 1806-1866 (FHL film 18,167)
      some years missing; includes court minutes, wills, inventories, deeds & other misc. records - no index

Ashe Co. NC Equity Court (copy of typed document from Brenda Furches 6/1989)
      Petition (no date) of John Duncan of said county against Eliza Duncan; that in the month of October 1840 he intermarried with defendant in said county, that he resided with her and they lived together as man and wife until sometime during 1861. That defendant bore him during that time 5 children all of whom are yet alive; during the whole time of his marriage he has been a resident of Ashe Co. Some years before their separation, defendant was extremely ill and impleasant (MAD: sic) towards him and perversely refused ... the duties due from a wife ... show improper respect and familiarity with other men ... petitioner continued to put up with her ... matters grew worse ... he believes she was guilty of adultery with Peter Eller and John Turner ... that one of her children born before the separation is a bastard child and that Peter Eller is the father of it; that defendant sometime in the fall of 1861 left Ashe Co. under an agreement with John Turner, a married man, aand they are living together as man and wife in Jefferson Co. TN. Petition for divorce.


TN Civil War Questionnaire, Federal Soldiers (FHL film 975,591; only one Duncan)
      These questionnaires were sent by TN Historical Committee to all living Civil War Veterans about 1914-1915, and vary a little in format. Not all were returned by the veterans. They are about four pages long, a printed form to fill in the blanks. A name index was printed in Ansearchin News, Vol. 25, sent by Evelyn Sigler; the TN State Library & Archives has either the originals or a copy.
      This questionnaire contains 46 questions, many about his parents' home and work, many about his own home and work as a boy, some about servants and the feeling in his area about slaves and slave-holders, his schools, and his service in the War, such as experiences in battles, and the names & addresses of other men in his company.
      Duncan, William Franklin, Co. M, 4th TN Cavalry.
      TN Historical Committee Questionnaire, filled in by William Franklin Duncan, of Tasso, [Bradley Co.] TN, age 80 years and 4 months, born in Ashe now Alleghany Co. NC, a Federal Soldier in Civil War in Co. M, 4th TN Cavalry, 4th Regiment TN Cavalry Volunteers; credited to Washington Co. TN. (MAD: see also Carroll Co. TN)
      7. Father: a farmer, George Washington Duncan, born at Sparta, Ashe now Alleghaney Co., NC; lived in Ashe Co. NC and Washington Co. TN; he was a farmer and ex Mexican Volunteer.
      8. Mother: Jane Elizabeth Edwards, daughter of William Edwards and his wife Nancy Edwards, who lived near Gap Civil Ashe Co. NC.
      9. Remarks on Ancestry: John Duncan, great grand father, a soldier of Revolutionary War 1776, John Duncan grand father soldier of 1812, George W. Duncan father volunteer Mexican War. William Edwards great grand father an Englishman first lived? in NY, William Edwards grand father first settled in Penn and then in NC. Nancy Edwards and Duncan was from Ireland.
      Father owned a farm; did not own slaves; owned about 100 acres, value $500; occupied common country log house. Father George W. Duncan was a farmer owned land and mill, worked the farm and ran the mill at times. Mother done house work, cooking, spring? and weaving, making own wearing apparel. No slaves, only domestic white girls.
      William F. Duncan enlisted for Co. M, 4th Regt. TN Cavalry, US Army, May 6, 1864, and credited to Washington Co. TN; was offered $750 to be credited to NY City as substitute for NY; after enlistment Co. sent first to Nashville, TN, to Camp Catlett (more on battles); discharged July 12, 1865 at Nashville, TN; landed at home in Jonesborro, Washington Co. TN, in July 1865.
      Others in Company: William F. Duncan, John Duncan, ...
      Added letter: 1/1 (?) 1923, to Honorable John Trotswood Moore, Director, Nashville, TN: In reply to yours of March? date I give you further history of myself. After the Civil War I was 1st Lieut. of Co. E, 2nd Regt. NC State Troops and ?? of the Regt. and was elected Lieut. Colonel of same. I married Martha Jane Hensley Sept. 28, 1865. She was mother of one son, David Washington Duncan, borned March 24th 1867. He was a member of lower house of Tennessee Legislature. He was killed by Rail Road train near Cleveland, Tennessee, March 24, 1922. On his birth day on a crossing. He was stock inspector for Tennessee appointed by Capt. Peck and Governor A.A. Taylor?. /s/ William F. Duncan, Tasso, TN.
      Second added letter: 1/1 (?) 1923, same address: On March the 12th 1871 I was married to Malissa Christina Briggs. She was the mother of Martha E. Duncan borned 8-13 1873 now living, John Thomas Duncan born Janay (sic) 21 1877 living, William L. Duncan 1-17-1879 living, Marvin D. Duncan 11-22-1881 dead 7-6-1903, Isham F. Duncan 1-1-1884 living, Oscar L. Duncan 2-16-1886 died at Donelson Tenn 3-31-1921, Fredric R. Duncan April 8-1889 dead 6-8-1890, Evan P. Duncan 2-12-1892 now living. My wife Malissa Chistina (sic) Duncan died Nov. 5 1921 members of the Christian Church. I am yours William F. Duncan, Tasso Tennessee.

HISTORIES before 1923

"Battle of King's Mountain" by Lyman C. Draper, 1881 (Sacramento FHC)
            King's Mountain and Its Heroes, pg.437-441
      Early in 1781, when General Greene was manoeuvering on the upper border of North Carolina, Colonel Cleveland raised about a hundred riflemen, went to his assistance, serving awhile in the advance parties of light infantry, but returned home from their tour of duty a little before the conflict at Guilford.
      To Colonel Cleveland, ... In the southeastern portion of the present County of Ashe, was a well-known locality, mostly on the northern bank of the South Fork of New river, called "the Old Fields" ... These Old Fields belonged to Colonel Cleveland, and served, in peaceful times, as a grazing region for his stock.
      Having occasion to visit his New River plantation, Colonel Cleveland rode there ... arriving at Jesse Duncan's, his tenant, at the lower end of the Old Fields, on Saturday, the fourteenth of April, 1781. Unfortunately for the Colonel, Captain William Riddle, a noted Tory leader, ... was approaching from the Virginia border ... and now en route for Ninety Six, ... reaching Benjamin Cutbirth's, some four miles above the Old Fields .... Descending the river to the upper end of the Old Fields, where Joseph and Timothy Perkins resided - about a mile above Duncan's - both of whom were absent in Tory service, Riddle learned from their women, that Cleveland was but a short distance away, at Duncan's, with only his servant, Duncan, and one or two of the Callaway family there. ....

1899 "The Ministerial Directory of the Baptist Churches" by George W. Lasher, D.D.; pub. by Ministerial Directory Co., Oxford, OH (pgs.225-6 from Margo Thiel 1/1986)
      (MAD: Name, city & State; Place of birth; Place and date licensed and ordained; Preached; other abbreviations: Preached; Studied; Church; Institute; College)
      DUNCAN, Thomas Munro, Beaver Creek, NC - Born Jefferson, [Ashe Co.] NC.; Stud. Acad.; Lic. July 20, 1869, Old Landmark Ch., NC; Ord. June 1, 1878, Buffalo Ch. NC; P. Buffalo 1880-86; Friendship 1880-95; Bethel 1882-84; Jefferson 1893-96; Forest Home 1890-95; Beaver Creek NC 1895-98; Serving as My.--.

"Historical sketches of Wilkes County [NC]" by John Crouch; pub. Wilkesboro, N.C.: J. Crouch, 1902, 149 pgs. (LH 122, HeritageQuest images 5/2007)
      Pg.20: In 1781, having occasion to visit his New river plantation, Colonel Cleveland rode there accompanied only by a negro servant, arriving at Jesse Duncan's, his tenant, on Saturday, the 14th day of April. ... Upper end of the Old Fields where Joseph and Timothy Perkins lived - about a mile above Duncan's - Duncan, and one or two of the Callaway family there (at Duncan's). (pg.21) During Saturday, Richard Callaway and his brother-in-law, John Shirley, went down from the neighboring residence of Thomas Callaway to Duncan's ... (MAD: see also Ashe Co. NC)


Information from Bonnie S. Ball 3/1983:
      On one of his [Benjamin Duncan] children's marriage records in Lee County [VA] where it listed parents of groom, it had Benjamin Duncan as father and near it were the letters "Ashe Co. N.C.". Rebecca [Bedwell] was born in Grayson Co., Va., and Ashe Co., N.C., adjoins it.

NC Cemeteries Index, Pre-1914 cemetery inscription card index, by Historical Records Survey, WPA; Card index, surnames D-Jern (FHL film 882,949)
      Index cards alphabetic by name; copied oldest only
      Harding Family Cemetery, Jefferson, Ashe Co. NC
            Rev. Thos. M. Duncan, b. 3/26/1840, d. 11/28/1904

"Ashe Baptist Assn. Minutes 1905" pg.20 (from Brenda Furches 8/1985)
      Thomas Monroe Duncan was born March 26, 1840, and fell on sleep Nov. 18, 1904. Age 64 years, 9 months and 2 days. Brother Duncan was ordained to full work of the Gospel ministry at about 43 years of age, and spent the following twenty years of his life in intense, earnest work for God; preaching during that time 2,275 sermons; baptizing 304 (?) persons. He served three years and six months as missionary in Ashe and Alleghany Association, also two years in Ashe Association. He also aided in the organization of three Associations, viz: New River, Ashe and Alleghany, and Alleghany and Grayson. Organized or assisted in the organization of ten churches and forty Sunday schools. He was a faithful, consistent member of a Missionary Baptist church for forty-seven years; a Sunday School Superintendent; deacon, exhorter, and always faithful and earnest in his efforts for the salvation of souls. He was never physically strong and for the last three years of his life he was a constant sufferer, but withal cheerful. His faith in God never faltered. The influence of his life and work in Ashe county will last forever. He leaves a widow and five children and a host of friends to mourn his loss. May the great head of the church comfort them in this sore bereavement.


The W.J. DUNCAN Family Bible; copied by Brenda Furches July 11, 1985, at home of Mr. Guy Spencer, Jefferson, Ashe Co., NC. Copywrite page was missing. (from Brenda Furches 8/1985)
Wm. J. Duncan was married Mary Jane Howell, July 17th 1870.
J.E. Spencer was mar. to Amanda Duncan March 21, 1904.
Wm. J. Duncan was born March 19, 1845
Mary Jane Duncan was born April 16, 1852
Thomas E. Duncan was born June 8, 1871
Nancy Elizabeth Duncan was born Sept 8, 1874
Luiza Jane Duncan was born Sept 8, 1874
Charley A. Duncan was born Aug 31, 1876
Minnie C. Duncan was born June 12, 1876
George Duncan was born June 30th, 1881
Jinnie Belle Duncan was born July 5th, 1884
Amanda M. Duncan was born Aug the 30, 1886
Lillie C. (?) Duncan was born Jul 15th, 1890
Harley Byram Duncan was born Dec 19th, 1892
John Duncan was born Feb the 9th, 1808
J. E. Spencer was born Jan 15th, 1885, Died Jul 13, 1957
Amanda M. Spencer was born Aug 30th, 1886
Guy W. Spencer & Roy Chye Spencer was born Mar 15th, 1905
Walter Earl Spencer was born Aug 28th, 1913
Joseph Charls Spencer was born Mar 14th, 1920
Luiza Jane Duncan died Nov 22, 1879
Mary Jane Duncan departed this life May 20th, 1925
William Duncan departed this life May 3rd, 1928
Betty Duncan Osborne
Charles Duncan died
Jennie Duncan Young died May 5, 1955
John Duncan deceased Nove 11th, 1900
      A piece of writing paper was in the Bible with the following:
Elizar Duncan was borned Oct 5th A.D. 1818
Thos. M. Duncan was borned March 26th, 1840
Rebecca A. Duncan was borned December the 7th, 1842
Amanda E. Duncan was borned February 28th, 1843 (BF: should be 1844)
Martha J. Duncan Nov. 25, 1847
Rhoda C. Duncan was borned Nov 22, 1857
Maryan Duncan was borned Sept the 19th, 1859
      Another paper reads: mother bin dead 29 years this July 2, 1954. dady bin dead 24 years this July 2.
      A black memorial card reads: "In loving rememberance of our dear ones, Lizzie Jane Duncan, died Nov 22, 1879; Aged 5 y, 1m, 14d.      Infant son, died in Mar 1873; Aged 1m, 14 d."


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