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Formed 1833 from Choctaw Cession 1832


1840 Kemper Co. MS Census
Pg. 3  Abraham Duncan    0000,1       - 1100,1001
         (MAD: see 1840-1842 deeds Sumter Co. AL, divorced
           1844 Attala Co. MS; see ?? Abram Duncan mar. Elizabeth
           Ann Hannegan 1/11/1848 E.Carroll Par. LA)
       William Duncan    0010,0001    - 0000,0001
         (next to Abraham)
   22  Jeremiah Duncan   0013,0000,1  - 0000,0001
                  (males 0012,0000,1?)
         (MAD: ? 1830-1835 Lowndes Co. AL, wife Judith)

1850 Kemper Co. MS Census (pg.159 also from Denzil Mauldin 1992)
Pg.141, #28, Daniel DUNCAN 39 TN farmer $0
                  Elizabeth 37 TN
                  William 14, Mary 10 TN
                  Malissa 8, Nancy 5 TN
                  James 2 MS
                  (MAD: definitely "Daniel" and not "David"; said to be David Lewis Duncan from Lawrence Co. TN, wife Elizabeth Sharp, of 1860 Rankin Co. MS)
Pg.147, #119, Russel RIGBY 52 NC farmer $3000
                  Mary 23 MS
                  John O. 18, Robert E. 16 SC
                  Sidney 10, Malissa L. 7 MS
                  Stephen 3, Joseph 1 MS
                  (MAD: John M. Duncan from Kemper Co. was Russell Rigby's exec. 1862 Scott Co. MS; were they related?)
Pg.150, #159, John M. DUNCAN 24 TN farmer $1200
                  Margaret 20 MS
                  Mary A. 1 (f) MS (plain)
Pg.159, #282, John DUNCAN 33 SC farmer $100
                  Sarah 30 SC
                  Henry 8, Jerrod (m) 6 AL
                  Catherine 4 AL
                  John 1 MS
                  (MAD: 1860 Lauderdale Co. MS census)
Pg.167, #418, Mrs. Horline DUNCAN 25 NC
                  Mary 3, John 1 MS
                  (MAD: ? Mary & John in 1860 Neshoba Co. MS census)

1860 Kemper Co. MS Census
Pg.820/88, #614, Jno. M. DUNCAN 34 TN farmer $700-$600
                  Eliza 30 MS
                  William F. 10, Jno. T. 8 MS
                  Mary R. 6, George W. 2 MS
                  (MAD: 1870 Scott Co. MS census)

1870 Kemper Co. MS Census
P.O. DeKalb
Pg.236, #137-137, DUNCAN, Maria 56 KY MULATTO farm hand $0-$200 (alone)
P.O. Kellis Store
Pg.255, #405-405, DUNCAN, Alex (m) 25 TN BLACK farm hand $300-$0
                  Lizzie 45 MS BLACK keeping house
                  Mariah 19 MS BLACK keeping house
                  Ann 21 MS BLACK keeping house
                  Jeff 6 MS BLACK at home
                  Sallie 3 MS white at home
                  Dudley (m) 15 MS BLACK farm hand
P.O. DeKalb
Pg.290, #325-325, MADDOX, Alex (m) 68 SC (white) farmer $0-$0
                  Jennie? (f) 55 VA keeping house
                  Manda (f) 30 AL
                  Codelia? (f) 30 AL
                  Antoinett (f) 27 AL
                  DUNCAN, Rhodes 22 AL (white) farmer
                  Beatrice 20 AL boarder
                  (MAD: 1860 Coosa Co. AL census)
                  SPIVA, Clara (m) 12 AL (white) at home
                  John 9 AL at home
                  Alonzo (m) 7 AL at home
                  KILGO?, Thomas 17 AL (white) farm hand
                  HALL, Cann? (f) 60 VA (white) at home


Texas Confederate Pension Files
      #33568, 8/9/15, R. Duncan, Eastland Co. TX, P.O. Ranger, TX, Route 2, filed Aug. 30, 1913; rejected, home too valuable, $1950; pension approved 12/13/1916. R. Duncan surrendered at Blakely, AL, April 9, 1865; now age 65, born Coosa Co. AL, resided in TX 22 years, resided in Eastland Co. 22 years, Minister of Gospel but not in active service; I also farm some, am not able to work regular; served Co.B, 63rd AL Regiment, enlisted Oct. 1864, paroled May 1865; /s/ 9 Sept. 1913, witness E. Duncan, G.M. Hazard. Deposition of E. Duncan, age 71, brother of R. Duncan who was born in Coosa Co. AL, wrote letters to R. Duncan when R. Duncan was in service. Letter 6/7/1918 from W.C. Gholson. Physician affidavit 30 July 1915, Rev. Rhodes Duncan, chronic muscular rheumatism and arterio scleroscis. Deposition of E.E. Williamson age 68 of Eastland Co. TX, she ... my mother got letters from him. He did not get home from the war for some time after the other brother of mine came home ... R. Duncan is my brother. (FHL film 967,714)
      #43780, Mrs. R. Duncan, Dead 8-11-39, Eastland Co., 804 Cherry St., Ranger, TX; filed May 12, 1928, appr. May 12, 1928, pension allowed from 3/1/1928. Widow of Rhodes Duncan who died 27 July 1920 in Eastland Co. TX, mar. 10 Oct. 1869 in Kemper Co. MS; age 78, born Nov. 5, 1850, Coosa Co. AL, resided TX 36 years, resided present residence for 36 years, Ranger, TX, 804 Cherry St.; husband drew pension #33568; /s/ 26 April 1928, witnesses Mrs. Virginia Gholson, Mrs. M.T. Ames, & S.V.V. Cooper. 12/8/1938, for several years Mrs. Duncan has been living with Haden Neal; Mrs. Duncan is the mother of Haden Neal's wife; Mrs. Duncan age 90. Letter 12/1/1938, A.E. Duncan, Fort Worth. Bond 22 May 1939, Tarrant, TX, for Mrs. R. Duncan, sureties Virginia D. Gholson, A.E. Duncan; letter from Virginia D. Gholson about "my mother." MAD: nothing gives Mrs. R. Duncan's first name. (FHL film 969,285)

HISTORIES before 1923

"Kemper County vindicated, and a peep at radical rule in Mississippi" by James D. Lynch; pub. New York: E.J. Hale & Son, 1879, 418 pgs. (LH8554, HeritageQuest images 5/2007)
      Pg.71: Riot on 16 June 1869, a group of men assaulted Alexander Triplett, otherwise called Alexander Duncan, Alexander Triplett and Lizzie Triplett, of said county of Winston, and state of Mississippi.


Lowndes Co. MS Deed (FHL film 901,931)
      5-56: 18 Nov. 1835, Tho. W. Baxter of town of Macon, GA, appoint Henry Duncan of Ashtibbalaw/Oaktibbahaw (?), MS, to sell his land. Wit. Wm. Huddleston, Tho. McGee. (MAD: Oktibbeha or Kemper Co. MS)


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