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Formed 1836 from Indian Lands
Tate formed 1873 from Marshall, Tunica, DeSoto


1840 DeSoto Co. MS Census
      No Duncan indexed

1850 DeSoto Co. MS Census
Pg.316, #48, Alexander REED 50 NC farming $1000
                  Elizabeth 50 NC
                  James 14, Elizabeth 13 MS
                  (MAD: Alexander Reed had agreement with John Dunkin in 1844 to provide provisions; ? this the John Dunkin on pg.318 from KY)
Pg.318, #83, Stephen H. LYON 57 VA farmer $4584
                  Matilda 47 TN
                  Nancy P. 18, John N. 17 TN
                  Ella J. 15, Mary E. 12 TN
                  Sarah M. 9, Susan C. 7 MS
                  John DUNCAN 21 KY overseer $0
Pg.318, #87, John DUNCAN 54 TN farmer $0
                  Nancy 46 KY
                  Mary M. 26, Ruth E. 23 KY
                  Eliza T. 16, Sarah J. 14 KY
                  Martha A. 11, James S. 7 MS
                  Mary H. BINGAMEN 41 KY
                  (MAD: John Duncan mar. Nancy Bingamon 2/11/1819 Christian Co. KY; 1830 Todd Co. KY census, son of William Duncan who died by 1830 Todd Co. KY)
Pg.323, #145, John DUNCAN 45 NC farmer $1400
                  Wm. M. 20, Margaret L. 18 TN
                  Martha C. 17, Elmina R/B. (f) 14 TN
                  Ann E. 11, James H. 7 MS
                  Winney E. 3, Z. Bradley 2 MS
                  (MAD: ? 1840 Tishomingo Co. MS census; 1860 Marshall Co. TN census; Z. Bradley Duncan 2 MS is in 1860 Marshall Co. TN census as Jadock Duncan 12 MS and 1870 White Co. AR census as Z.B. Duncan 22 MS; Almina Duncan mar. Wm. K. Fairless 10/19/1859)
Pg.325, #165, A.G. REED (m) 22 TN farming $0
                  Amanda 18 TN
                  Mary 2 MS
Pg.420, #765, J. DUNCAN (m) 45 NC farmer $1000
                  E. (f) 37 NC
                  T. (m) 14, E. (m) 13, A. (m) 12 NC
                  A. (f) 11, L. (f) 8 NC
                  J. (m) 6, J. (m) 4 NC
                  J. (m) 4/12 MS
                  (MAD: "J" age 4/12 should be "S" from other records; J. age 45 is John R. Duncan)

1860 DeSoto Co. MS Census
Pg.78-79, #584, M.L. DUNCAN (m) 26 TN farmer $0-$250
                  M.H. (f) 21 TN
                  O.E. (f) 3 TN
                  J.C. (m) 30 TN
                  (MAD: ? Milton L. Duncan, 1870 Marshall Co. MS census; ? 1850 Hickman Co. TN census & Crockett Duncan; ? Morgan Duncan 1850 Marshall Co. TN census)
Pg.105, #166, J.G. DAVIS (m) 36 AL farmer $3000-$3500
                  L.C. (f) 32 MS
                  M.G.A. (m?) 8, S.E. (f) 6 MS
                  J.N. (m) 4, N.S. (f) 3?/12 MS
                  W.N. DUNCAN (m) 31 TN blacksmith $0-$500
                  Nancy J. 25 AL
                  Thos. L. 3 MS
                  Egbert HASKILL 23 TN overseer
                  (MAD: Wm. N. Duncan mar. Nancy Jane Davis 7/12/1856; William N. Duncan, 7/10/1825 - 4/12/1889, and Thomas Duncan, 11/11/1857 - 7/31/1881, bur. Sardis Rosehill Cemetery, Panola Co. MS, from "Cemeteries of North Panola Co. MS" by Panola Historical and Genealogical Society, Memphis Public Library book 929.3625 P195h3, from Evelyn Sigler 1984; Wm. N. Duncan in 42nd MS Inf., b.1829, d.1883, Confederate Grave Registration, Panola Co. MS)
Pg.111, #806, Labon HALL 64 SC farmer $16,000-$30,000
                  Sarah 42 VA
                  Wm.P. ORMNIL? 11 MS
                  Labon HALL Jr. 4 MS
                  Lucinia (f) 2 MS
                  Martha DUNCAN 25 TN
                  Nancy YOUNGER 68 VA -- $1000-$190
Pg.219, #1561, C. HARRINGTON (m) 48 SC farmer $1000-$55,000
                  R. (f) 37 TN
                  A.J. (m) 11, S.E. (f) 9 MS
                  P. (m) 7, C.S. (m) 5 MS
                  M.E. (f) 3, "----" 1 MS
                  A. (m) 18 MS
                  T. DUNCAN (m) 23 TN farmer? $0-$0
Pg.225, #1602, J.R. DUNCAN (m) 54 NC farmer $7200-$15000
                  E.W. (f) 44 NC
                  W. (f) 24 NC
                  A.H. (m) 23 NC farmer $0-$400
                  A. (f) 20, L.A. (f) 18 NC
                  C.T?. (m) 16 NC
                  J.S. (m) 14, R.F. (m) 11 MS
                  B.F. (m) 7, S.D. (f) 1 MS

1870 DeSoto Co. MS Census
Twp.2 Range 7, P.O. Horn Lake
Pg.107, #373-354, DUNCAN, Lem (m) 42 TN BLACK farmer $0-$0
                  Clara 35 MS MULATTO farm laborer
                  Jordan 12 MS MULATTO farm laborer
                  Adeline 8 MS MULATTO
                  Lizzie 6 LA MULATTO
                  Thomas 3 LA MULATTO
Twp.2 Range 10
Pg.145, #89-80, DUNCAN, Thomas 35 TN (white) farmer $0-$0
                  Tennessee (f) 22 MS keeping house
                  Edward 2 MS
                  ---- 1/12 (m) MS b.May
Twp.3 Range 6, P.O. Arkabutla
Pg.157, #132-132, DUNCAN, T.C. (m) 36 NC (white) merchant -?- $0-$4000
                  Eliza 23 MS K.house
                  Lena (f) 3 MS
                  John 7/12 MS b.Dec.
                  Lidda (f) 23 NC
                  Robert 16 MS attend school
                  William 13 MS attend school
                  Elizabeth 11 MS attend school
Pg.163, #210-210, REYNOLDS, Ben 36 NC BLACK farmer $0-$0
                  Martha 20 VA BLACK K.house
                  Jasper 10 MS BLACK
                  Robert 7 MS BLACK
                  Newton 2 MS BLACK
                  Silva (f) 6/12 MS BLACK b.Nov.
                  SMITH, Robert 16 MS BLACK farm labor
                  DUNCAN, Robert 20 MS BLACK farm labor
Twp.5 Range 6
Pg.305, #90-90, DUNCAN, Nancy 64 KY (white) keeping house $600-$150
                  Mary 44 KY keeping house & sewing??
                  Ruffin (f) 41 KY farm laborer (Buffin?)
                  Eliza 36 KY
                  Sarah 31 KY
                  Jacyntha (f) 27 MS at home
                  Samuel 22 MS farmer
                  BINGAMAN, M. (f) 62 KY (white)


DeSoto Co. MS marriages 1845-1851, 1851-1854 (FHL film 895,690)
      Vol.A, white, 1845-1851 - no Duncan; good index
      Vol.B, white, 1851-1854; groom index - no Duncan; brides from page-by-page
            Pg.211: Young, John W., to Miss Margaret L. Duncan, lic. 23 Feb. 1853, mar. 24 Feb. 1853 by Thomas B. Danforth, JP, bond John W. Young and John S. Garrett.


DeSoto Co. MS Will Index 1851-1972 (FHL film 894,288)
      No Duncan

DeSoto Co. MS Index to Estate Matters 1838-1972 (FHL film 894,290)
      T.C. Duncan, gdn. for J.R., B.H. & E.D. Duncan, minors, docket 2, pg.49, case 641. (no date)

DeSoto Co. MS Probate Records
      Estate Docket 1838-1863 - no Duncan (FHL film 894,291)
      Estate Docket 1853-1867 - no Duncan pg.49, no other reference Jan. 20, 1863 (FHL film 894,291)
            Pg.405: John Duncan estate; creditors' claims against estate: Due Dr. D.W. Allen, 1 Jan. 1863, $4.50; registered account (claim) 20 Jan. 1863.
      Probate Court Minutes v.2-4, 1846-1853 - no index; no Duncan pg.49 (see index listed as docket 2, pg.49, case 641.) (FHL film 894,295; no Duncan on pg.49 of Docket 2)

DeSoto Co. MS Chancery Court Estate Matters; index (FHL film 894,290)
      T.C. Duncan, gdn. for J.R., B.H. & E.D. Duncan, minors, docket 2, pg. 49, case 641. (no date) (MAD: should be 1863, Thomas Copeland Duncan, guardian for John Rickets b.1844, B.H.?, and E.D.? - Joseph Smith b.1847, Robert Franklin b.1853, William Benjamin b.1855, Mickie Elizabeth b.1860 per Bible records)

DeSoto Co. MS Chancery Court Minutes v.1-2A, 2B 1856-1880 (FHL film 894,299; SLC 6/16/2008)
      No Duncan pg.49, Vol.1, 2A, 2B

DeSoto Co. MS Chancery Court Final Record of Court Cases 1854-1886; v.1-2 1854-1871 (FHL film 894,302; SLC 6/16/2008)
      No Duncan on pg.49; no index in these volumes

DeSoto Co. MS Probate Court, Final Record of Court Cases; incl. pt. index; 1836-1843 (FHL film 894,308; SLC 6/16/2008)
      No index; 2 books, second has unumbered pages
      Final record 1843-1846 (FHL film 894,309) - no index


DeSoto Co. MS Deeds (1836-1876 index on FHL film 894,271 item 1)
      No deed 1851-1857 from Winnie Duncan, widow of William.
      No deeds other than B-85 and G-412
      B-85: 1 Aug. 1836, Stephen Nowlen and wife Martha N. (X) to Wm. Duncan (no localities), $976, S 1/2 Sec. 33, T4 R6W in DeSoto Co. late Chickasaw Cession. Wit. L. Bigham, Light Nowlin. Martha Ann Nowlin examined in Pontotoc Co. MS. (FHL film 894,272)
      G-412: 25 Jan. 1844, John Dunkin of DeSoto Co. MS agreement with Alexander Reed of same; Reed to provide provisions for Dunkin and family; Dunkin to raise a crop of 1844 which is to remain in hands of Reed until Reed is repaid. (FHL film 894,273) (MAD: Alexander Reed on p.316 in Southern Div. 1850, therefore this may be the John Duncan from KY on p.318 in 1850 census.)

DeSoto Co. MS Deed index 1874-1883 (FHL film 894,287)
      No deed indexed from Winnie Duncan, widow of William Duncan

DeSoto Co. MS Deed, book & page not given (from Wanda Ruby to Dale O. Duncan to MAD 11/1982 and from Sue Duncan 1989)
      23 Jan. 1851, Winnie Duncan, widow of William Duncan, late of Marshall Co, decd, being entitled to dower, said tract of land in DeSoto Co. MS known as S 1/2 Sec. 33, Twp 4, Range 6W, there is some uncertainty in 106 acres of land whereon John Duncan, father of said William Duncan now lives and 19 acres of cedar land in Marshall Co. TN; now the said Winney Duncan for $165 paid by John Duncan Jr., James Duncan and wife Rebecca, and John Green and wife Winney Ann M. Green, sell to said parties all dower in above tract of land. /s/ Winney (X) Duncan. Wit. B. Williams. Rec. Marshall Co. TN 22 Jan. 1857. (MAD: not found in Deed index; not found in Marshall Co. TN Deed Book P, 1856-1857, FHL film 977,508, as recorded 1/22/1857 in Marshall Co. TN)


"Mississippi decisions, containing the unreported opinions of the Supreme Court of Mississippi" by Wm. Hemingway & C.M. McDonald; Vol.1, pg.400 to 406 (California State Law Library, Sacramento, 1/2004)
      A.M. BOWEN et al v. T.C. DUNCAN et al; Supreme Court of Mississippi; 1 Miss. Dec. 400; January 25, 1886.
      In December, 1881, T.C. Duncan sold A.M. Bowen 100 acres of land in Mississippi for $800, to be paid in four annual installments of $200 each. Bowen executed four notes for the purchase money, and to secure same gave a deed of trust on the land bought, and also gave a deed of trust to secure it on a house and lot in Memphis, Tenn. The first note was not paid and the Tennessee property was advertised for sale under the deed of trust and at the sale Duncan bid $1,000 for it, and it was sold to him at that price. Duncan afterward had the trustee in the deed of trust of the property in Mississippi advertise that property for sale to satisfy the debt secured by it when Bowen filed his bill in this case to enjoin the sale and seeking to compel Duncan to comply with his bid on the Memphis property and appropriate the $1,000 to the payment of the debt. The injunction was granted as prayed. Duncan answered the bill, setting up as a defense that the taxes on the Memphis property, at the time of the sale, amounted to more than the $1,000 he bid, and that the bid was made with the understanding that at least a part of the amount bid should be applied to the payment of the debt. Some affidavits were taken to substantiate this allegation, but they were suppressed on motion of complainant. The defendant made a motion to dissolve the injunction which was heard on bill, answer, exhibits, and affidavits, and the injunction was dissolved. From the decree dissolving the injunction and allowing damages to the defendant complainant appeals.
      Appealed from Chancery Court, DeSoto county, J.G. Hall, Chancellor.
      Reversed and remanded, January 25, 1886.
      Attorneys for appellant, Powell & Buchanan. Attorneys for appellee, A.M. McKenzie.
      Brief of Powell & Buchanan: The answer of appellees filed in the court below claims that the taxes on the Memphis property at the time of sale, at which Duncan bought, amounted to more than his $1,000 bid. There is no proof in the record to sustain this allegation. 'Tis true the deposition or affidavit of Handwerker was taken on this point, but the same was by the court on the hearing suppressed for want of proper notice, and there is no appeal from the order suppressing same on the part of appellees. Some exhibits, letters, etc., were also made to the affidavit of T.C. Duncan, but all of them and all Duncan said on said point was likewise suppressed, from which no appeal was taken by appellees.
      The bill set up the sale of the Memphis property and the fact that Duncan bid on it $1,000. The answer admitted the sale and admitted the bid, but as matter in avoidance set up that the taxes due on the land at day of sale amounted to more than the bid, and that the bid was made subject to the agreement that the $1,000 was not to be paid if the taxes on the land amounted to that much. These facts were not responsive to the bill, and before dissolving the injunction strict proof of them should have been required. (Case citations omitted here.) On this point we call attention to the further fact that the bill of complaint in this cause specially waived the answer under oath thereto and in no event could the allegations of said answer be considered as evidence. (Case citations omitted here.)
      The brief filed for appellee does not allude to the fact that the affidavits of Handwerker and Duncan were suppressed, and for the sake of argument we will consider that the same had not been done and yet maintain our right to the relief prayed for in our bill or to enough relief to show the error of the court in dissolving the injunction. Handwerker's affidavit shows that on April 15, 1885, the taxes on the lot amounted to $2,205.36. Of this amount only one-third was due on the interest on the house and lot which Duncan purchased. This would amount to $735.12, to which we made add $40, amount of costs of court, and the total is $775.12, lacking $224.88 of being as much as the bid of Duncan, $1,000. The answer of Duncan also sets up an agreement at the time of the sale that the taxes on the property were to be paid, else he would not be held to comply with the bid. This statement, however, Duncan's own affidavit denies, for he tells us that he never had any other understanding with Bowen than that which the trust deed shows, and that he never had any agreement with reference to the taxes with the commissioners who sold the land. The terms of the trust deed on the subject of taxes are so vague that the conclusion is not justified which is assumed in the answer. We contend that Duncan was bound to take notice of every incumbrance on said property and bought the same clothed by law with full knowledge of the full amount of taxes due. Bowen's interest was sold, and the only interest he had was what would have been due him after payment of the taxes if any then due. The fair presumption is that Duncan knew the amount of the taxes and the value of the land, and that his bid of $1,000 meant that he assumed payment of the taxes and gave $1,000 for Bowen's interest in the property. If the above position is not correct, certainly there can be no doubt but that Bowen is entitled to a credit on his debt to amount, $224.88, which is the balance of the amount of his bid over the amount of taxes and costs. Now, Duncan in his affidavit admits that he has never put any such credit on the notes, and we contend that he should be compelled to do this before he is allowed to sell the land in Mississippi for the procurement of the balance due him on Bowen's debt, after said $224.88 is credited.
      The theory upon which this bill was filed was the inherent jurisdiction of the Court of Chancery to enforce and compel the performance of specific contracts and to administer relief in all cases of trusts. When Duncan elected to institute proceedings in the Chancery Court of Shelby county, Tenn., and to bid $1,000 on the property of Bowen, the latter acquired certain equitable rights hereinbefore indicated which the Court of Chancery alone could enforce.
      In Mount v. Brown, 33 Miss. 566, the court held that if the vendee at an administrator's sale or auction sale refuses to complete the sale by giving bond and security as required by the terms of the Code, the administrator may resell and hold the purchaser for the diminution in the price brought by the property on a resale.
      Brief of D.M. McKenzie: The bill of injunction did not exhibit the trust deeds sought to be enjoined, nor the proceedings in Tennessee, and no allusion is made to the controlling clause in said trust deeds, which provides for the payment of all taxes due on said properties as well as all other costs out of the proceeds of said property when sold, and the careful suppression of said agreement as to payment of taxes, and costs, as well as said debts contained in said trust deeds, misled the court or chancellor when the injunction was issued.
      If Bowen had filed with his bill a true copy of said trust deed and failed to state that his Tennessee property sold for enough to pay all taxes and costs due from said property as well as the amount of the said notes, the chancellor would certainly have refused the injunction asked for. And this fact is proved by the prompt dissolution of the injunction when the facts of the case appeared on the hearing. The pleadings and proof and exhibits in the record shows that Bowen bought land from Duncan wholly on credit, Duncan taking a trust deed on the property he sold, and on some other property as collateral or additional security, which is the usual course in such transactions in Mississippi. The trust deeds provided for the payment of all taxes due on the property conveyed, and for all other costs of every character which should accrue in the matter, as well as for the debts due Duncan. It shows also that in Duncan's proceeding to collect out of the Tennessee property conveyed in said trust, the taxes and costs due on or out of such property amounted to more than the value of Bowen's said property, and that no money could be got out of such property for said debt, and said proceeding was abandoned, and Bowen has the same right to it now that he had before said proceeding; and in fact, although he now asserts that his said property was sold in May, 1884, and he knew of such alleged sale, he regularly collected his rents out of said property, until in January, 1885, he thought of trying to keep Duncan out of possession of the property for which Bowen had never paid one cent, for another year, he having already occupied the land for three full years without the disbursement of one cent of his money.
      Bowen's action in collecting rent estops him from saying that Duncan bought and owns said property. Duncan authorized a bid to be made for him on it for its full value if clear of taxes, but as said bid was only contingent on the property yielding some money to go on his debt after paying out of the proceeds of the sale all taxes and costs due on the land, but on Duncan's ascertaining that the taxes due on said land amounted to more than its value, and, therefore, that nothing could be got out of it for his debt, he abandoned said proceeding.
      Appellant's counsel argued before the chancellor that the amount of the taxes and costs due from said Tennessee property was less than $1,000, and that Bowen should have credit on said notes for the difference between the amount of such taxes and costs -- about $777 -- there made such charges, and the $1,000 bid by Duncan conditionally for said property, and that Duncan should be charged with said Tennessee property. This charge comes late from Bowen, who collected rents on the property as his own for eight months after the time he says Duncan bought it. And again, inasmuch as said trust deed expressly provided for the payment of all taxes and other costs due on said property, as well as the said Duncan debt, and careful investigation shows that his said property, even at the price of said bid, is not worth as much as the taxes and costs due on it, it is difficult to see how Bowen can be hurt by not selling said property.
      The chancellor was satisfied by the pleadings and proof that Duncan's effort to collect on his debt through said Tennessee trust deed resulted only in trouble and expense, and that no money was received by Duncan from that source and that he cannot be charged with any, and that Bowen's said notes should be paid or the property for which they were given subjected to their payment, as provided in the trust deed, the execution of which was enjoined, and dissolved the injunction.
      Bowen's bill, asking that his debt due for the land on which he has paid nothing should be declared satisfied, and that the injunction restraining Duncan from executing the trust deed given to secure payment for said land, issued in this cause, be made perpetual, is grossly iniquitous and cannot prevail in the courts of Mississippi.
      Duncan's answer with the exhibits therewith, and his affidavit and exhibits, shows this case fully and fairly, and the decision of the court below is right.
      OPINION. -- CAMPBELL, J., delivered the opinion of the court: It appears that Duncan caused the property in Memphis to be sold, and bid for it $1,000 at the sale. Afterward he abandoned his purchase, but fails to show a state of case entitling him to do so. His claim is that the amount of his bid is appropriable to the payment of taxes due on the property, and that nothing is left to go as a credit on the notes, but there is in the record no evidence of taxes due on the property, or of other circumstances giving Duncan the right to subject the land in Mississippi notwithstanding his bid of $1,000 for the lot in Memphis. This answer is not evidence, and the only evidence he offered on this point was suppressed. It is shown that after the sale of the lot in Memphis, Bowen continued for eight months to collect rent for it as he had done before, but it is not shown that he had knowledge of the purpose of Duncan to abandon his purchase and acquiesced in his course or in any way precluded himself from holding him to his bid. The mere receipt by Bowen of rent after the sale of the lot was not an estoppel to him to claim that Duncan's bid should inure to the payment of the notes. We think it quite probable that a condition of things existed which made the receipt of rent by Bowen amount to acquiescence in the course pursued by Duncan, and it is true that no part of the $1,000 bid by Duncan will be left after paying taxes and costs, or little of it, but on the presentation by the record before us the injunction should not have been dissolved.
      Reversed, injunction reinstated, and cause remanded.


Anson Co. NC deeds (FHL film 18,157)
      15-749; 12 June 1859, John R. Duncan and wife Elizabeth W. (X) of DeSoto Co. MS appoint Wm. G. Teal of Anson Co. NC our attorney to receive our interest in personal estate of Elijah Cason late of Anson Co. NC; "our" decd. father. Ack. in DeSoto Co. MS; no wit.
      16-280: 19 Aug. 1861, John R. Duncan and wife Elizabeth W. of DeSoto Co. MS to Andrew B. Cason of Anson Co. NC, $1837.69, all rights of Elizabeth Duncan as one of heirs at law of Elijah Cason decd. and John R. Duncan in right of his wife, to 420-1/2 acres adj. Lydia Cason's dower, Wadesboro road, William B. Jarman's line, old Child's line, mouth of Liberty branch, Wallar's line, James Moor's line, Jones Creek, mouth of Gum Branch,; also 59 acres adj. Charlotte Road, Duncan McLaurin's corner, William William's corner, and 85 acres adj. Swamp of Jemmice? Creek, Chesterfield Road. No wit; ack. in DeSoto Co. MS.

Marshall Co. TN Deed (SLC 5/6/2013)
      K-278: John Duncan of Desoto Co. MS sold to James Duncan of Marshall Co. TN my interest as heir at law of my father John Duncan of Marshall Co. TN to 106 acres of land whereon the said John Duncan now lives in Dist. No.12? (13?) and 19 acres of ?? land near the same; it is understood that I have no right on said land during the natural life of my father and mother and that my interest will be 1/3 part of said land at the death of the last one of them; for the said James Duncan to hold my interest forever, defend the title. /s/ Jan. 1851 (no day). /s/ John Duncan. Wit. B. William. John Gre??. Ack. 22 Jany. 1851 before John J. Elliot of Marshall Co. TN. Recorded 31? Jan. 1851. (FHL film 977,506)

HISTORIES before 1923

1892 "Memorial and Biographical History of Dallas County, Texas : containing a history of this importat section of the great state of Texas, from the earliest period of its occupancy to the present time ... and biographical mention of many of its pioneers and also of prominent citizens of today .." pub. by Lewis Pub. Co. (FHL film 1,000,602 item 5; Houston, TX, library book 976.43M533; from Lucille Mehrkam 1984)
      John R. Duncan, b. 1806 NC, d. 1863; mar. ca 1833 Elizabeth Wilson Cayson (both names listed), b. 1813 Anson Co., d. 1863; 1848 moved to DeSoto Co. MS. Children: (1) Thomas C. Duncan, b. ca 1834, wounded at Denmark TN, in business at Cockrum, MS. (2) Elizabeth J. Duncan, b. ca 1836, d. DeSoto Co. MS. (3) Andrew H. Duncan, b. ca 1838, d. 1863 at Denmark. (4) Annie E. Duncan, b. ca 1840, mar. Frank Cummings, d. DeSoto Co. MS. (5) Lydia A. Duncan, b. ca 1842, of DeSoto. (6) John T. Duncan, b. 24 May 1844 Anson Co. NC, mar. Mattie A. Terry 12 Jan. 1869. (7) Joseph S. Duncan, b. 25 Sept. 1847 Anson Co. NC, 1867 moved to TX; mar. 3 Jan. 1870 Elizabeth Hill, b. Iowa. (8) Robert F. Duncan of Dallas Co. TX, b. ca 1849. (9) William Benjamin Duncan, b. ca 1851, of DeSoto. (10) Mickie Duncan, b. ca 1853, mar. William Cockrum of MS.
            MAD: Thomas C. Duncan, 17th MS Inf., 1833-1903, DeSoto Co. MS, listed on pg.107, "MS Confederate Grave Registrations" Vol.A-L, by Betty Couch Wiltshire (FHL book 976.2 M2w)


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