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Formed 1802 from Jefferson


1820 Claiborne Co. MS Census
Pg. 9  John Venible          000020     - 00000
       Rachel Rundell        211300     - 12010
         (MAD: this household indexed as Elijah Duncan
           but plainly written as Rachel Rundell)
       Seth Rundell          210201     - 00001
         (all next to each other)
    9  Gabriel T. Kay        000100     - 11100
       Martin Duncan         010001     - 01010
       William Killy         110010     - 20010
         (all next to each other)

1830 Claiborne Co. MS Census
Pg.98  Elijah Duncan         0000,0001  - 0
         Neighbors: Ithamer Marler, Sarah Grantor, Adam Gordon,
         Elijah Duncan, William Henderson, William Robinson

1840 Claiborne Co. MS Census
Pg.77  Mrs. J. Duncan        0          - 0000,001

1850 Claiborne Co. MS Census
1st District
Pg.119, #277, R.C. DUNCAN (m) 18 MS with other students
4th District
Pg.133, #473, Celia STROTHER 64 MS
                  Susan CASKEY 14 MS
                  Benjamin DUNCAN 12, Wm. 6 MS
                  Saml. HARRELL 35 TN teacher
                  (MAD: John H. Duncan of Hinds Co. MS mar. Elizabeth Strother 2/15/1838, she died 1843; ?? see B.S. Dunkin 20 and William H. Dunkin 18 in 1860 Jackson Par. LA census)

1860 Claiborne Co. MS Census
District 1
Pg.33, #5, J.P. PARKER (m) 68 KY planter $10,000-$30,000?
                  Mary 48 KY
                  Wm. 25 MS, J?.M. (m) 23 MS
                  Bootha (f) 21 MS
                  Jn. D. (f) 20, James (m) 15 MS
                  Stephen DUNCAN 5 MS
                  (MAD: Stephen Bingamin Duncan, son of Samuel P. Duncan and Martha Ross Parker, grandson of Stephen Duncan and Catherine Bingamin of 1850 Adams Co. MS census; Samuel Duncan in 1860 Adams Co. MS census)

1870 Claiborne Co. MS Census
Beat No.1, P.O. Port Gibson
Pg.498, #148-148, GRIFFING, Frank 51 MS (white) farmer $4000-$100
                  Sarah J. 43 MS
                  Frank Jr. 21 MS
                  Irena (f) 16, Fannie (f) 12, Thomas J. 6 MS
                  BROWN, Elizabeth 50 MS BLACK farmer
                  PITTURAY?, Allen 25 MS BLACK farm laborer
                  PITTEWAY?, Levy (m) MS BLACK farm laborer
                  Sim (m) 14 MS BLACK farm laborer
                  BROWN, Sarah (f) 8 MS BLACK
                  DUNCAN, Mary 80 VA BLACK
Pg.498, #149-149, DUNCAN, Edy (f) 30 KY BLACK farmer $0-$0
                  Douglass (m) 9 MS BLACK
                  DUNCAN, Joseph 10 MS BLACK
                  CLAY, Henry 16 MS BLACK orphan
                  BROWN, Dicky (f) 48 NC BLACK farmer
                  SMITH, Puss (f) 2 MS BLACK
Pg.529, #560-560, PARKER, M.J. (f) 49 LA (white) (blank) $10,000-$2500
                  PARKER, W.S.J.C. (m) 35 MS planter $0-$25,000
                  DOLLY, John 22 MS BLACK svt.
                  Ann 36 MS BLACK svt.
                  POLK, Jefferson 50 GA BLACK farmer
                  Thomas 13 MS BLACK farm labr.
                  JOHNSON, Eliza 45 LA BLACK farmer
                  PARKER, Clarica (f) 19 LA MULATTO svt.
                  GREY, Patsy (f) 19 MS BLACK arm labr.
                  ANDERSON, George 21 MS BLACK farmer
                  DUNCAN, S.B. (m) 14 MS (white) student
Pg.531 (Twp.pgs.87-88) (same household as pg.529)
                  -- Anderson, George 20 MS BLACK farmer
                  DUNCAN, S.B. (m) 14 MS (white)
                  crossed out, noted: "copied late of Page 85"
Grand Gulf Precinct, P.O. Grand Gulf
Pg.575, #1-291, DUCAN, Elias (m) 56 VA MULATTO laborer $0-$0
                  Ann 27 MD MULATTO keeping house
                  GORDON, Cornelia (m) 15 LA MULATTO laborer
                  DUNCAN, Captola (f) 11 LA MULATTO at home
                  Robert 9, Olivia (f) 6 LA MULATTO at home
                  SANDERS, William 10 MS MULATTO at home
                  (MAD: Captola indexed as Capteta; both DUCAN and DUNCAN surnames)
Port Gibson
Pg.628, #51-51, PATTON, J.B. (m) 41 MS (white) lawyer $2000-$8000
                  Allia W. 18 MS
                  WHEELER, George 16 MS MULATTO school
                  THOMAS, Ann 37 MO (not Miss.) BLACK cook
                  DUNCAN, Thomas 9 MS MULATTO servt.
Pg.632, #134-134, BRADFORD, Nace? (m) 45 MD (white) grocer $2000-$200
                  Margarett 36 MS
                  James E. 16, Nad R. (m) 13, Betty 12 MS MULATTOS
                  Willa V. (f) 12 VA MULATTO
                  JONES, Peggy 84 VA MULATTO
                  DUNCAN, Amelina (f) 58 VA MULATTO cook
                  DINNY?, L.A. (f) 63 MS (white) $0-$1000-$1000
Pg.636, #193-193, MAURY, J.H. (m) 73 KY (white) lawyer $12000-$1000
                  Lucinda 64 TN
                  J.F. (m) 27 MS lawyer $800-$500
                  Paty (f) 22 AL
                  Lilly (f) 2 AL
                  J.T.Jr. (m) 1 AL b.Nov?
                  PAYNE, Maria 40 MS MULATTO servt.
                  Henery 9 MS MULATTO student
                  MINOR, Alex 28 MS BLACK servt.
                  Laura 26 MS MULATTO servt
                  DUNCAN, Amelia (f) 59 VA MULATTO servt
Rocky Springs District, P.O. Port Gibson
Pg.647, #129-143, HINES, Phillip 35 MS BLACK farm lab. $0-$0
                  Charlotte 31 MS BLACK farm lab.
                  Louis 4, Margaret 1 MS BLACKS
                  ROSS, Alexander 12 MS BLACK farm lab.
                  DUNCAN, William 5 MS BLACK
Pg.649, #162-182, DUKIN, Wm. 30 OH BLACK farm lab. $0-$0
                  Lydia 35 MS BLACK keeping house
                  William J. 8/12 MS BLACK b.Jan.


Claiborne Co. MS Marriage Records, colored & white, 1805-1833
   Vol.1, 1805-1819 (FHL film 875,441)
      Vol.1, 1816-1819, pg.100, Mark Ring to Deborah Duncan, bond 24 Jan. 1820 by Mark Ring and Alfred White, mar. 24 Jan. 1820.
   Vol.2, 1820-1827 - no Duncan (FHL film 875,441)
   Vol.3, 1828-1833 (FHL film 875,441)
      3-131: Weeks, Benjamin and Sarah Duncan; bond by Benjamin Weeks and Benjamin Lewis, 1 July 1830, for marriage of Benjamin (X) Weeks to Sarah Duncan, license 1 July 1830, married 8 July 1830.
   Vol.4, 1833-1839 (FHL film 875,442)
      4-241: Duncan, John H. to Elizabeth Strother, bondsman A.G. McNeill, bond 15 Feb. 1838, mar. 15 Feb. 1838.
   Vol.5, 1839-1845 - no Duncan (FHL film 875,442)
   Vol.6, 1845-1858 (FHL film 875,443)
      6-329: Duncan, S.P. to M.R. Parker; bond of Samuel P. Duncan and James H. Maury, for marriage of Samuel P. Duncan to Miss Martha R. Parker, 4 May 1854, mar. 4 May 1854.
   Vol.7, 1858-1869 - no Duncan (FHL film 875,443)


Claiborne Co. MS Chancery Court; Letters of admin., guardian, exec. (SLC 6/18/2008)
      1831-1836 - no Duncan (FHL film 877,334)
      1834-1840 - no Duncan (FHL film 877,334)

Claiborne Co. MS Final records of probate; 1840-1842 (FHL film 877,337; SLC 6/18/2008)
      No index

Claiborne Co. MS Chancery Clerk, record of appr. & inv. of estates 1806-1815 (FHL film 877,336; SLC 6/18/2008)
      No index

Claiborne Co. MS Chancery Clerk, will records; index 1802-1969 (FHL film 877,328; SLC 6/18/2008)
      No Duncan

Claiborne Co. MS Wills, Book B (SLC 6/18/2008)
      B-158: Will of Lewis T. Grubbs. 12 July 1838. All my property be sold except horse and saddle and bed & appurtances which I will to Levi E. Beard; proceeds from sale of property to my wife Pyrina Grubbs $12,000; to Levi E. Beard $500; to my brother Thomas Grubbs $25. Remainder equally divided between by brothers John F. and Thurston Grubbs and my sisters Mary Colley, Elizabeth Holloway and Nancy Duncan. Appoint Isaac Powers and Horace M. Booth execs. Wit. Wm. Jones, H.M. Booth, Curtis Wood. Proved 23 July 1838. (MAD: see Calloway Co. KY Deeds B-533 to 537; Asahel Duncan mar. Nancy Grubbs 1826.) (FHL film 877,329 item 1; transcribed and typed)
      B-6: Will of Lewis T. Grubbs (same as above) (FHL film 877,329 item 2, original will book)

Claiborne Co. MS Orphans Court Records (SLC 6/18/2008)
   1802-1814 - no index (FHL film 877,330)
   1815-1821 - no Duncan
   1822-1826 - Nancy Duncan, pg.129, 255, 299 (FHL film 877,330 item 3)
      Pg.129: July 27, 1823, Nancy (X) Duncan petitions orphans court of Claiborne Co. to appoint Tobias E. Brashears her gdn she having chosen him as such. Ack. in open court.
      Pg.255: Feb. 15, 1825, Tobias E. Brashears, gdn of Nancy Duncan, that he has no property of any kind whereby an account can be raised.
      Pg.299: Port Gibson, June 27, 1825, Thomas Simmons, gdn. of Nancy Duncan and Felix Powell have recd. of Mark Ring admr. of Mary Powell decd $400, all for said heirs.
   1829-1832 - John W. Duncan, pg.146; Nancy Duncan, pg.248 (FHL film 877,331 item 1)
      Pg.146: May 11, 1830, Mark Ring, gdn. of John Duncan and Lucinda Powell, no property has come into his hands.
      Pg.248: Feb. 14, 1831, Tho. Simmons gdn. of Nancy (X) Duncan, cash recd. June 31 of administration $200, interest to date, 5 years from 1826, $50, total $250; credit for merchandise $156, court fees, interest $235.56, balance $11.14. Said ward since her coming of age.
   1832-1834 - no Duncan


Claiborne Co. MS Deeds; Direct index 1802-1907 (FHL film 877,299; SLC 6/18/2008)
      O-122: Duncan, S. et ux to Oakland College, 1834
      Y-160: Duncan, F.A. et al to Benj. Smith, 1847
      Z-318: Duncan, F.A. et al q.c. to A.W. Putnam, 1850
      BB-418: Duncan, B. & W. (per gdn) to J.H. Maury, 1854
      DD-264: Duncan, John et ux to J.D. Gozal... 1858
      Dungan names, not copied
      NN-59: Duncan, S.B. to Ann Dolly, 1874
      Quit 1880

Claiborne Co. MS Deeds; Reverse index 1802-1907 (FHL film 1,888,688 item 2; SLC 6/18/2008)
      "Copy of Reverse Index to Land Deeds"
      L-20: Duncan, Stephen from U.S. Marshall Norton, 1830
      M-129: Duncan, J. et al from G.W. Reynolds, 1831
      Will Book B-6, Duncan, Nancy et al, will, from L.F. Grubbs, 1838
      KK-485: Duncan, Amelia from Margaret Bradford et ux, 1873
      UU-562: Duncan, M.M. from C.E. Wright et ux, 1879

Claiborne Co. MS land deed index 1806-1889 (FHL film 877,301; SLC 6/18/2008)
      Same as FHL film 1,888,688 item 2

Claiborne Co. MS Land Deeds (SLC 6/18/2008)
      L-20: 6 Aug. 1827, John H. Norton, marshall of Dist. of MS, to Stephen Duncan of Natchez, per writ of execution against estate of William Carson decd. returnable Oct. 1827, levied on 7 June last, levied on 200 acres in Claiborne Co. MS about a mile below the Grindstone ford on the N side of the Bayou Piere, adj. Lyman Mandamus, John Burnett, Jas. Buckner and J.W. Thompson, sold to highest bidder at Adams Co. courthouse on 6 Aug., subject to widow's right of dower and a mortgage by William Carson in his lifetime to Stephen Duncan for $2,530; Stephen Duncan was highest bidder for $5. (FHL film 877,304) (MAD: Natchez, Adams Co. MS)
      M-129: 17 Nov. 1831, George W. Reynolds of Claiborne Co. MS to Benjamin Weeks and Jonathan Duncan of same, for $8,000, lot ... part of mandamus grant, adj. estate of Cyrus Hamilton decd, the Grandmother tract in said Mandamus, Milford Hunter, heirs of John Hartley, containing about 309 acres, being #1 of Division recorded C-302 of Orphans Court Record, the land conveyed by deed 1 Sept. 1830 from Benjamin Hughes to George W. Reynolds, rec. L-277 and 278, and waggon and 3 yoke of oxen, 9 slaves ... (MAD: more not copied). (FHL film 377,305)
      M-131: Mortgage, 26 Nov. 1831, Benjamin (X) Weeks and Jonathan Duncan of Claiborne Co. MS to Benjamin Hughes of same, to secure payment of $8,000 in four annual installments, mortgage the land in M-129. (FHL film 377,305)
      O-122: 26 March 1831, Stephen Duncan and wife Catharine of Adams Co. MS to Board of Trustees of the Institute of Learning ... Mississippi, 80 acres in Claiborne Co. MS, being part of tract of 200 acres conveyed to Stephen Duncan by virtue of a levy and sale by Marshall John H. Norton (MAD: land neighbors not copied), deed dated 6 Aug. 1827, rec. L pg.20, 21 and 22. /s/ Stephen Duncan, C.A. Duncan. (FHL film 377,305)
      Y-160: 1 Feb. 1845, William I. Minor of Adams Co. MS, Frances Chotard of Adams Co. MS and her husband Henry Chotard, Katharine (/s/ Catherine) L. Wilkins and her husband James C. Wilkins of New Orleans City, Frances Kenner Duncan and her husband George Curry Duncan of New Orleans City, Martha K. Oxley and her husband Charles Oxley of New Orleans, Minor Kenner of New Orleans, William B. Kenner of New Orleans, Duncan F. Kenner of New Orleans, and George R. Kenner of New Orleans, to Benjamin Smith, for $912, one undivided half of 185 acres in Claiborne Co. MS known as the Mundell or Powell tract on the South Side of the North fork of the Bayou Pierre adj. said Smith and one Lasser?. (FHL film 877,311)
      Z-318: 22 March 1847, Frances M. Chotard and husband Henry, Catherine L. Wilkins and husband James C. Wilkins, William J. Minor and wife Rebecca A. Minor of Adams Co. MS, Frances A. Duncan and husband G. Currie Duncan, Duncan F. Kenner, Minor Kenner, William B. Kenner, Martha Oxley and husband Charles of State of Louisiana, and George R. Kenner of Kentucky, heirs at law of Stephen Minor late of Adams Co. MS decd, for $833, to A.W. Putnam of Claiborne Co. MS, land in Claiborne Co. MS in Sec.33 Twp.12 Range 3E known as Spanish Grant to Stephen Miner (more not copied), 235 acres. (FHL film 877,312)
      BB-418: 27 June 1853, James W. Brown, gdn. of Benjamin Duncan and William Duncan minor heirs of Elizabeth Duncan decd. of Hinds Co. MS, to James H. Maury of Claiborne Co. MS, $400, per order of probate court of Hinds Co. MS at Feb. term 1853, sold the right of his said minor wards to a tract in Claiborne Co. MS adj. lands of Doctor Samuel Dorsey decd, and Irene Smith, 200 acres, fractional Sec.53 Twp.12 Range 3E of 52 acres and frac. Sec.21 Twp.12 Range 2 of 48 acres and about 100 acres north of and adj. said fractional section, east of lands of Doctor Dorsey decd. (FHL film 877,313)
      DD-264: John Dungan, not Duncan, not copied (FHL film 877,314)
      KK-485: 10 June 1873, Margaret Bradford and her husband Nace Bradford to Amelia Duncan, for $200, lot in town of Port Gibson, Claiborne Co. MS, S 1/2 lot 3 and N 1/2 lot 5 of Square 34, suburb St.Mary on Vine St. No wit. (FHL film 877,319; typed deed book)
      NN-59: 31 Dec. 1876, Stephen B. Duncan of Claiborne Co. MS to Ann Dolly of same, $175, lot in town of Port Gibson, SW 1/4 Square C in Suburb St.Mary, 1/2 acre, which was inherited by said Stephen B. Duncan as one of the heirs of estate of Dr. Jas. P. Parker decd. Wit. W. St J.E. Parker. (FHL film 877,321)
      UU-562: 11 July 1879, Charles E. Wright and wife Delia to Martha M. Duncan, $100, their right to estate of James S. Wright of Claiborne Co. MS who died 3 Nov. 1878, including all of Sec. 20, 22, 24, and 25 in Twp ?, Range 3E, containing 1189 acres, and part of lots 1 and 3 in Sec.23 same Twp. & Range, 113 acres, part of (& more not copied) all in Claiborne Co. MS; they appeared in Warren Co. MS. (FHL film 877,324)


Early Duncans in Claiborne Co. MS:
      Deborah Duncan, 28 Jan. 1820, mar. Mark King.
      Matilda Duncan, 3 Aug. 1820, mar. Tobias Brashears. (MAD: Tobias Brashear mar. 2nd 5/21/1824 Martha Ann Sharp, from pg.27, "Family records, Mississippi revolutionary soldiers" by MS DAR, FHL book 976.2 D2d and films 844,941 item 2 and 874,054 item 2)
      Sarah Duncan, 1 July 1830, mar. Benjamin Weeks. (MAD: from queries by others, Benjamin F. Weeks, b.1788 SC, had mar. 1st Amy Weeks? in 1817; in Leake Co. MS 1840 without wife)
      Stephen Duncan, 2 April 1831, in resolution of Mississippi River Baptist Association, Presbytery at Baton Rouge, to dispose of property at Port Gibson given by Dr. Stephen Duncan, and mention on 25 Jan. 1832 of a donation by Stephen Duncan of 80 acres in Clayborn Co. (pg.461-2, Vol.II, fiche 6,049,719, "Amite County, Mississippi, 1699-1865" 3 Vols., by Albert E. Casey and Frances Powell Otken, FHL book 976.224 D4c and fiche 6,049,718 to 6,049,720)
      Berry Duncan, 1834, on tax list (from "MS Court Records, 1799-1835" compiled by J. Estelle Stewart King, 1936, FHL book 976.2 S2k and film 547,551)
      John H. Duncan, 27 Sept. 1845, of Claiborne Co. MS, husband of Elizabeth Strother who was a dau. and heir of Celia Strother, confirmed the life estate to Celia Strother in slaves bequeathed to Celia by Walter Strother, decd., then to go to Celia's daughters; from Hinds Co. MS Probate Records File #1224, estate of Celia Strother, 11 Oct. 1852. (from "MS County Court Records from the May Wilson McBee Papers" by May Wilson McBee, Nov. 1958, FHL book 976.2 P2mc)
      Mrs. Elizabeth Duncan, 30 Aug. 1843, consort of John H. Duncan, died in Claiborne, MS; from 9/13/1843 issue of "Mississippi Gazette" and 9/25/1843 issue of "Southern Weekly Reformer". (from pg.66, "Marriages and Deaths from MS Newspapers, 1801-1850" Vol.2, by Betty Couch Wiltshire, Heritage Books Inc., 1989, FHL book 976.2 V2w, from Georgie Cooper 1989; and other sources)
      Stephen Duncan, 1853, in Claiborne Co. MS suit against Lewis C. Watson, Admin. de bonis non of estate of Benjamin Blanton decd., Drawer 102, Case #6698 (from pg.230, "Mississippi court records from the files of the High Court of Errors and Appeals, 1799-1859" by Mary Louise Flowers Hendrix, FHL book 976.2 P2h)


Daviess Co. KY Deed (FHL film 579,992)
      A-347: 26 Jan. 1822, Rolley Williams and Robert Duncan of Daviess Co. KY, to enable Mrs. Elizabeth Bland, widow and adm. of Elijah Bland decd. of Claiborne Co. MS, to remove to state of KY with her children, the heirs of Elijah Bland, and to convey with her all the property which she claims as widow, etc., and property of infant heirs of her husband; appoint John Duncan of Daviess Co. KY but now in State of MO to post security for her. (MAD: Rosanna Duncan, dau. of John Duncan Sr., mar. Rolly Williams in 1802 Nelson Co. KY; Elizabeth Duncan, dau. of John Duncan Sr. mar. Elijah Bland 1/5/1809 Nelson Co. KY, then mar. 2nd Elijah Coursey before 1830)

Hinds Co. MS Old series, estates 1215-1251, 1852-1853 (FHL film 1,750,047; SLC 6/20/2008)
      #1224: Strother. Walter Strother, of Claiborne Co. MS, for love and affection for my five sisters, towit, Elizabeth Strother, Ann Strother, Emily Strother, Adeline Strother and Celia Ann Strother, and for $10 paid by them, give them two negro girl slaves for life, towit, Polly about 8 years of age and Emeline about 7 years of age. 20 March 1830. (pages 1 to 3)
      (another document, pages 4 and 5) That Walter Strother late of Claiborne Co. MS conveyed to the female heirs of Celia Strother certain property intended by all the heirs concerned therein to have been held by said Celia Strother during her natural life, but the conveyance appears to have no provision for such life estate entirely contrary to the original intention; Now we, John Duncan who married Elizabeth Strother one of the heirs, Reuben Jones and Ann Jones, Tressa Bathea who married Emely Strother, and (blank) and Celia Ann Lowry once Celia Ann Strother, all of Claiborne Co. MS, for affection for our mother, grant life estate to said Celia Strother ... 27 Sept. 1845, /s/ John H. Duncan, R.B. Jones, T. Bethea. (seals listed for five names but only three signatures shown)

Hinds Co. MS Old series, estates 1215-1251, 1852-1853 (FHL film 1,750,047; SLC 6/20/2008)
      #1234: John H. Duncan decd, James W. Brown admr; petition of James W. Brown 6 Dec. 1852 that John H. Duncan late of Claiborne Co. MS died leaving two children surviving him, Benjamin & William, who are yet minors and under age of 14; that the mother of said minors, Elizabeth Duncan, has also departed this life and they are entitled to a share each of her estate, consisting of land and personality, estimated about $600 each share. Said minors are now in this county where they have been for some time past and in which is a part of the property in which they are interested. All of the next of kin decline the guardianship of said minors and will concur in the appointment of himself by the court. He asks for letters of guardianship. (page 1)
      (another document, pages 6 to 8) Probate Court, November term 1852, answer of A.L. Warren, administrator of estate of Celia Strother, to petition of Thompson Strother filed 8 Oct. 1852 asking that certain slaves may be inventoried and appraised as the personalty of said Celia Strother ... (states the deed of gift for life estate) that for many years Celia Strother was guardian for Susan Maria Casky who was a daughter of said Adeline Strother and is now the wife of A.L. Warren ... that after the death of John Duncan's wife, two of the children of said Duncan & wife were for some six or seven years nurtured, educated and supported by Celia Strother ... 1? Nov. 1852.
      Another document, Petition of James W. Brown, that the estate of his wards consists of an undivided interest in a small tract of land in Claiborne Co. (more not copied). (page 7 and 8)
      Statement by James W. Brown, guardian of minors, that he sold their 40 acres of land in Claiborne Co. MS, as authorized by the court, on 27 June? 1853. They were heirs of Elizabeth Duncan formerly Elizabeth Strother. Report to Hinds Co. MS probate court ... heirs of Celia Strother ... five equal shares ... assigned to James W. Brown gdn. of Benjamin and William Duncan minor heirs of Elizabeth Duncan formerly Strother, to T. Betha who married Emily Strother, to Susan Maria Warren wife of A.L. Warren, to Ann Jones widow of Reuben B. Jones, and to Celia Ann Smith wife of James D. Smith, one share each. (page 22 to 32)


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