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Formed 1836 from Choctaw Cession
Sunflower formed 1844 from Bolivar


1840-1860 Bolivar Co. MS Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Bolivar Co. MS Census
Range 7, P.O. Storms Landing
Pg.197, #148-148, ROSS, Hector (m) 30 SC BLACK farm laborer $0-$0
                  Ellen 24 MS BLACK keeping house
                  Sibia (f) 7, Ross (m) 4, Willis 1 MS BLACK
                  Lucy 1/12 MS BLACK b.Apl.
                  BALL, Julia 40 LA BLACK housekeeper
                  Rose (f) 3 MS BLACK
                  DUNCAN, Charles 50 SC BLACK farm laborer $0-$100
                  Mollie 45 SC BLACK keeping house
                  Peter 13 SC BLACK
                  Rachael 16 SC BLACK
                  Joseph 60 SC BLACK farm laborer
                  Jennie 25 SC BLACK keeping house
                  Patience 70 AFRICA BLACK, parents of foreign birth
Range 8, P.O. Glendale
Pg.275, #1240-1240, GALLEN, Henderson (m) 40 VA BLACK farm laborer $0-$0
                  Adeline 25 AL BLACK keeping house
                  Robert 5, Lavinia 3 MS BLACKS
                  DUNCAN, Isaac 36 AL BLACK shoemaker
Police District 4
Pg.286, #199-199, CHEW, Jane 35 KY MULATTO keeping house $0-$0
                  DUNCAN, Henry 22 LA BLACK farm Lab.
Pg.287, #213-213, DUNCAN, Marcas (m) 80 SC BLACK (blank) $0-$0
                  Hanna (f) 70 SC BLACK (blank)


Early Duncans in Bolivar Co. MS Records:
      Stephen Duncan, 22 Dec. 1843, of Bank of Mississippi of Adams Co. MS, was given mortgage by Harmon R. Arick of Bolivar Co., Bolivar Co. MS Deed B-583. (pg.82, "Early MS Records; Bolivar Co., Vol.I, 1836-1861" by Katherine Branton & Alice Wade, 1988, Memphis Public Library book 929.3625 B689b9, from Georgie Cooper 1988)
      Garnett Duncan, 11 Dec. 1844, of Louisville, Jefferson Co. KY, bought 558 acres on the Mississippi River, being Sec.10 Fractional Twp.23 R8W, except the East 1/2 of Northeast 1/4, from James C. and Mary Jane Ford of Louisville, recorded in Bolivar Co. MS Deed Book C-130. There is also a deed dated 28 Dec. 1844 from Garnett Duncan and wife Caroline E. of Louisville, [Jefferson Co.] KY, recorded in Bolivar Co. MS Deed Book C-131. (pgs.89 and 98, "Early MS Records; Bolivar Co., Vol.I, 1836-1861" by Katherine Branton & Alice Wade, 1988, Memphis Public Library book 929.3625 B689b9, from Georgie Cooper 1988) (MAD: see also Washington Co. MS)
      Robert Duncan, 4 April 1853, of Jefferson Co. MS, trustee for James M. Sillers who borrowed money from Wiley B. Stuart, recorded in Bolivar Co. MS Deed Book D-422. (pg.107, "Early MS Records; Bolivar Co., Vol.I, 1836-1861" by Katherine Branton & Alice Wade, 1988, Memphis Public Library book 929.3625 B689b9, from Georgie Cooper 1988)
      John Duncan, 28 July 1855, of Yallobusha Co. MS given power of attorney by Robert J. Walker, signed in New York, recorded in Bolivar Co. MS Deed Book F-23. (pg.115, "Early MS Records; Bolivar Co., Vol.I, 1836-1861" by Katherine Branton & Alice Wade, 1988, Memphis Public Library book 929.3625 B689b9, from Georgie Cooper 1988)
      John Duncan, 17 March 1857, of Yallabusha Co. MS was quit-claimed title to land in Bolivar Co. by Robert J. Walker and wife Mary B. of Washington City and William Cook and wife Martha E. of New York, recorded in Bolivar Co. MS Deed G-29. There is also a deed dated 1 May 1858 from John Duncan and wife Lucy Duncan Duncan of Yallabusha Co. MS to James C. and Alexander Newman of Warren Co. MS, recorded in Bolivar Co. MS Deed Book G-317. (pgs.123 and 129, "Early MS Records; Bolivar Co., Vol.I, 1836-1861" by Katherine Branton & Alice Wade, 1988, Memphis Public Library book 929.3625 B689b9, from Georgie Cooper 1988)
      Pauline Duncan, 16 Aug. 1859, with Thos. J. Chamberlain, of Jefferson Co. MS bought 165 acres from John H. Echols and wife Medora E. of Hinds Co. MS, for money paid by Robert Duncan and Mabella J. Chamberlain, execs. of will of Thos. J. Chamberlain decd., which was conveyed to Pauline Duncan and Thos. J. Chamberlain by the will; recorded in Bolivar Co. MS Deed Book H-333. (pg.146, "Early MS Records; Bolivar Co., Vol.I, 1836-1861" by Katherine Branton & Alice Wade, 1988, Memphis Public Library book 929.3625 B689b9, from Georgie Cooper 1988)


Jefferson Co. KY Will
      Will Book 18?, pg.?: 25 Dec. 1886, prob. 1901, will of Mary T. Duncan; devises all to husband Blanton H. Duncan; in 1855 my husband Blanton H. Duncan deeded to me his residence, effects, furniture etc. at 731 4th St., Louisville, KY, also his plantation in Bolivar Co. MS, /s/ 17 Sept. 1899, Los Angeles, CA. (MAD: extract from Helen Wathen to Jeannine Wright to MAD 1991; the will of Mary T. Duncan is indexed in Jefferson Co. KY will book 24, pg.83, prob. 12 Aug. 1901, but will book 24 not on film; index on film 588,536. The will should be consulted for the exact terms.)

HISTORIES before 1923

1907 "Mississippi, Comprising Sketches of Counties, Towns, Events, Institutions, and Persons; Arranged in Cyclopedic Form" planned & edited by Rowland, pub. by Southern Hist. Publ. Assn.; vol.1 A-K, vol.2 L-Z, vol.3 includes index & portraits, contemporary biography; vol.4 includes portrait, suppl. volume comprising sketches of representative MS'ans for whom special portraits have been executed on steel (FHL book 976.2 H2m and fiche 6,051,432 to 6,051,435)
      Vol.1, pg.665: Duncan, an incorporated post-village in the northeastern part of Bolivar County, 12 miles Southwest of Clarksdale, on the Yazoo and MS Valley R.R. It was named for a leading citizen of the place. Population in 1900, 172; population in 1906 was estimated at 400. The Bank of Duncan, recently organized, affords banking opportunities to its citizens. (FHL fiche 6,051,432)
      MAD: The Town of Duncan, 92 miles south of Memphis, was named for Major Robert C. Duncan, Captain of the military company known as the Chickasaw Guards during the Civil War, who came from Memphis and bought the W.N. Brown place west of the town of Duncan about 1875, according to pg.317, "History of Bolivar County, Mississippi" by Forence Warfield Sillers and MS Delta Chapter DAR and County History Committee, ed. by Wirt A. Williams, 1948 (FHL book 976.243 H2s; from Evelyn Sigler 1983).

1891 "Biographical and historical memoirs of Mississippi : embracing an authentic and comprehensive account of the chief events in the history of the state, and a record of the lives of many of the most worthy and illustrious families and individuals" 2 vol. pub. in 2 parts each; pub. by Goodspeed Pub. Co. (FHL book 976.2 D3b and films 845,437 item 2, and 845,438 items 1-2, and 845,439 item 1)
      Vol.2 p.384-5: James H. Maddox, MD, physician and surgeon and merchandiser of Perthshire, Boliver Co. MS, b. Mercer Co. KY on 2 July 1849, eldest of three children born to James and Ellen (Duncan) Maddox, both of whom were born on blue grass soil. The former was an extensive planter in his native state, but dropped his farming implements for service in the Mexican war, at the end of which he returned to planting and in 1854 came to MS, where he died in 1873 at age 61 years. He inherited Welsh blood of his parents who were Virginians by birth, in which state their ancestors settled during the colonial history of this country. Dr. James H. Maddox to MS at age 5 years, but at end of 5 years he was put to school in Louisville, KY, the greater part of 10 years being spent in educational institutions of that city ... returned to MS, and for past 20 years a resident of Bolivar Co. In 1870, age 21 ... In 1876 mar. Miss Laura A. Blanchard, dau. of John and Mary (Whitson) Blanchard. (MAD: children given) (MAD: James H. Maddox was son of Smallwood Maddox of Lincoln Co. KY and wife Anne Duncan, source not given, from "History of Mt. Vernon and Lawrence County, Missouri, 1831-1931" by Lottie Sedwick Hurley, FHL film 466,777 item 3)

1887 "Jefferson County and Birmingham, Alabama : historical and biographical, 1887." by John Witherspoon DuBose; pub. Birmingham, Ala.: Teeple & Smith (LH8532, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL book 976.178 H2d and film 1,036,121 item 3)
      Pg.94: Members of the Birmingham Bar; Names, Where from, No. years in Birmingham: Robert P. Duncan, Clarksdale, Miss., 6 mos. (another reference to Robert P. Duncan not copied) (MAD: Clarksdale, Coahoma Co. MS; 1880 Bolivar Co. MS)

1896 "Memorial history of Louisville from its first settlement to the year 1896" [Jefferson Co. KY] by J. Stoddard Johnston, pub. Chicago: American Biographical Pub. Co. (FHL film 1,000,051 item 2; SLC 9/2007)
      Vol.II, pg.620-621: GARNETT DUNCAN, long a prominent member of the Louisville bar, was the son of Henry and Sarah (Shipp) Duncan, and was born in Louisville, March 1, 1800. Both of his parents were from Virginia, the former of Scotch descent through the Earls of March and Mar, and the latter of English descent. His paternal American ancestor was one of three brothers Duncan who came to Virginia in 1673. Henry Duncan died in 1814 and was one of the most prominent men of early Louisville. He established a hat factory near the present site of the Louisville Hotel and owned a large tract of land in that vicinity. The Duncan family have been generally farmers of good education and ample means, with many college graduates, good doctors and eminent lawyers. The family is to be found in all of the Southern States, with a few in the North. Thomas Duncan, of Nelson County, Kentucky, who lived to an advanced age, could trace its genealogy a thousand years. Its motto was "Aut Honor aut Mors," and he claimed that there never was a felon in the family to the remotest generation. They were all patriots in 1776, with not a Tory among them, and many serving in the army.
            Garnett Duncan was educated at Yale College, New Haven, where he was graduated with honor in 1821, with many others afterwards prominent in life. He embraced the profession of law and became eminent in its practice both in Kentucky and Louisiana. He practiced in Louisville, both in the State and Federal courts, with his residence in this city from the date of his admission to the bar until 1846. In that year he became the Whig candidate for Congress and was elected ... After serving one term, he moved to New Orleans and entered into partnership with Judge Ogden, building up a large business. After the death of Caroline Duncan, his wife, there in 1854, he retired from his profession, and, going to Europe, resided for some years in Paris ... He returned after several years to attend to the estate of John L. Martin as executor, and remained for several years on the plantation in Bolivar County, Mississippi. Upon the outbreak of the war and the shelling of the plantation by the Federal gunboats, he ran the blockade at Wilmington, N.C., and returned to Paris. Here he remained until, his health failing, he came to Louisville, where he died at the residence of his son, Colonel Blanton Duncan, in the spring of 1875. During the siege of Paris, Mr. Duncan resided on a leased farm inside the German lines and witnessed all the stirring events of the siege. ... (MAD: more not copied about his friends) His only son, Colonel Blanton Duncan, a lawyer by education, early raised troops for the Southern army, commanded a regiment in Virginia, and served afterwards ... established a large engraving and printing establishment at Columbia, South Carolina, where he printed, until the end of the war, the currency and bonds of the Confederate Government. For the greater part of the time since the war, he has resided in Louisville, taking active part in public affairs; but for some years past has lived in California, his home being at Redondo Beach, but always claiming his citizenship in Kentucky. (MAD: Charleston, SC, and Los Angeles Co. CA)
            In 1826 Garnett Duncan married Pattie, daughter of John L. Martin, a prominent citizen of Lexington, Kentucky, related by descent to the Washingtons, Taylors and Blantons. She died in 1828, leaving one child, Blanton, to whom reference has just been made. In 1831, Mr. Duncan married a second time, Miss Caroline Shipman, of New Haven, Connecticut, who died in 1854, leaving no children.


"Early MS Records; Bolivar Co., Vol.I, 1836-1861" by Katherine Branton & Alice Wade, 1988 (Memphis Public Library book 929.3625 B689b9; from Georgie Cooper 1988)
      This book lists deed extracts and also extracts from Bolivar Co. MS Chancery Docket Book 1, which include several suits mentioning John Duncan.


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