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Adams Co. MS Wills (SLC 2/2009)
      Will Book 3, pg.350 to 364: Will of Stephen Duncan, Probated Jany. term 1869.
      That on 16 Feb. 1867, Henry P. Duncan an executor named in the will of Stephen Duncan late of the County of New York, deceased, appeared in open court before Gideon J. Tucker, Surrogate of the Co. of New York, and made application to have the will which related to both real and personal estate proved, and the Surrogate ascertained who were the widow, heirs and next of kin of said deceased, and their respective residences, and issued a citation to them, requiring them to appear at his office in the City of New York on 9 April then next to attend the probate of the will, and afterwards on 9 April satisfactory evidence by affidavit was presented, none of them were minors and no one appeared to oppose the probate, and on 13 April 1867 he adjudged the will to be valid:
      The last will and testament of Stephen Duncan of City, County and State of New York. I, Stephen Duncan late of Natchez in the State of MS now an inhabitant of and resident in the City, County and State of New York, physician, being in good health, ... I direct my executor to pay my debts, if any, and funeral and testamentary charges; devise, ratify and confirm to my beloved wife Catharine A. Duncan the lot of land and premises whereon I now reside known as number 12, Washington Square, in the afsd city of New York ... heretofore conveyed to my wife, together with the plate, paintings and furniture. I also give to my wife a certain decree of the Chancery Court in the State of MS and in monies due me for sundry notes given by one A.L. Bingarmon to the administrator of the estate of the late Charlotte Bingamon ... (too faint) separate estate, (other provisions for wife) ... between my five children, Henry P. Duncan, Samuel T. Duncan, Stephen Duncan Jr., Charlotte B. Davis and Maria L. Pringle and the survivors of them, ... the issue of any deceased child to take among them ... mention of a trust which was modified in writing dated October 5 1865 and annexed to and now forming a portion of said trust instrument. Trust deed provided an annuity. Modified again Sept. 20, 1866, 250 shares of stock in the New York Central Rail Road and 250 shares of prefered stock of the Erie Rail Road ... trustees Charles P. Leverich and Henry S. Leverich ... bequest to servants Frank Smith, Susan Collins (mentions her aged grandmother Hirty Collins), to the widow of John Postlewait deceased, to the widow of Proviance Postlewait, to the children of William Postlewait. I have heretofore made deeds of gift and conveyances ... estate lying in the Southern States, some of which deeds have never been delivered or recorded ... I ratify them. I ratify a trust deed to Charles P. Leverich and Henry T. Leverich for my two granddaughters Margaret and Sarah children of my deceased daughter Sarah Irvine, and owing to great changes in the value of property in different portions of the United States, the property and effects so set apart and transfered to said Charles P. and Henry S. Leverich in trust will probably exceed in value the share which either of my children will receive from me. Any provision for a female shall be taken as her separate property. Appoint my sons Henry Duncan, Samuel P. Duncan and Stephen Duncan Jr. and my sons in law Samuel M. Davis and Julius J. Pringle executors ... without bond ... Dated 28 Sept. 1866. /s/ Stephen Duncan (L.S.).
      Instrument consisting of six half sheets of paper having been read in our presence ... J.H. Stentenburgh, Hyde Park, N.Y. Ths. Kunicutt, 55? East 12th St., N.Y. Charles N. Mill, Mt. Vernon, Westchester Co. N.Y. Lucius Bell, 39 W. Washington Square, N.Y. Mercer Merrill, 141 McDugal St., New York City. L.F. Ruther, New Jersey Ave. East New York. George M. Miller, 248? Madison Ave. 10th.
      Examination of witnesses in County of New York, to wit, John A. Stentinburgh of City of New York, was well acquainted with Stephen Duncan ..., signed my name as witness. I also saw said Kunnicutt Bell, Murell Mill, (blank) Reuther, and Miller the other attesting witnesses, sign their names ... 9 April 1867, /s/ J.A. Steutenburgh (Stentenburgh?). Similar statement by Thomas Kinnicutt of City of New York, saw John A. Stentenburgh, Lucias Bell, Mercer Merrill, Charles? M. Mill, Luding F. Ruther, and George M. Miller the other witnesses ... Similar statement by Charles M. Mill and by Lucius Bell (re Ludwig F. Reuther & the others) and by Mercer Merrill and by Ludwig F. Reuther and by George M. Miller. Statement by Gideon J. Tucker, Surrogate, recorded the will of Stephen Duncan, 13 April 1867.
      Filed for probate (Adams Co. MS) January 26, 1869. (FHL film 886,245)
      Will Book 4, pg.158-160: Will of Henry P. Duncan of Adams Co. MS. First: to my wife Mary Duncan all her parafernalia (?) wearing apparel and ??? and (jewelry). Second: all my real estate and all my bonds, stocks and mortgages and all my personal property not embraced in the first item hereof, to my wife for her natural life, and after her decease to my brother Stephen Duncan, his heirs and assigns forever. Third: should my wife not survive me, then I give and devise all my real and personal property to my said brother Stephen Duncan his heirs and assigns forever. Fourth: appoint my wife Mary Duncan the sole executrix, and in the event of her death before my decease I hereby appoint my said brother Stephen Duncan the sole executor. Dated 17 March 1879. /s/ H.P. Duncan. Wit. 17 March 1879, T. Otis Baker, S.D. Baker, S.B. Duncan. Filed for probate 22 April 1880. Statement by witnesses S.B. Duncan, S. Duncan Baker, T. Otis Baker. Letters of administration be granted the said T. Otis Baker on the estate of Henry P. Duncan, bond of $15,000 with Stephen Duncan and S.B. Duncan as sureties. Ordered that S. Cockrell, John A. Dicke, C.T. Chamberlain, and John Harper be appointed appraisers. Afterwards on 4 May 1880, motion to admit will to probate and issue letters of administration sustained. Recorded May 17, 1880. (FHL film 886,246)

Adams Co. MS Orphans Court Minutes (SLC 2/2009)
   Court docket 1828-1834 - no index (FHL film 892,089 item 3)
   Minutes v.1-3 1803-1824 (FHL film 886,365)
      Minutes, Vol.3, 1820-1824
      3-326: Duncan, James. Dec. 1823. On application of Robert Stewart, ordered that letters of administration be granted him on estate of James Duncan, late of Adams Co., decd. Bond of $200 with Andrew Marschalk and Peter C. Brown his securities. Ordered that Charles Little, Arthur Brown, and John Walsh be appointed appraisers of said estate. The administrator be permitted to sell and dispose of the personal property of said estate on giving notice agreeable to law. Oath administered, bond taken and letters issued.
   Minutes v.4-5 1823-1829 (FHL film 892,087)
      Minutes, Vol.4, 1824-1827
      4-120: January 1825, citations issue to following executors, administrators, etc., who failed to settle their accounts within 12 months, next preceding ... Jas. Duncan, Robert Stewart Admor of James Duncan, decd.
      4-129: February 1825, account of administration of Robert Stewart on the estate of James Duncan, decd, was examined and allowed and ordered recorded, their being no commissions charged thereon.
      Minutes, Vol.5, 1827-1829 - no Duncan
   Minutes, v.7, 1833-1835 - no index (FHL film 892,089)

Adams Co. MS Index to probate papers, typed (FHL film 886,251; SLC 2/2009)
      FHL catalog: probate papers on film(s) by box number
      Name, box #
      Duncan, James, Box 11
      Duncan?, Sylvester, Box 178
      Duncan, Thomas, Box 186
      Duncan, Henry P., will, Box 209
      Duican, Stephin, Box 261
      Duucau, Rosalie Quitenau, will, Box 273
      Duricau, Mrs. Rosa O., Box 273
      Dunkin, Johnnie B., guardianship, Box 290
      Duncan, James Madison, estate of, Box 350

Adams Co. MS Index to probate papers, original (FHL film 886,248; SLC 2/2009)
      Old #, Name, New number
      #21, Duncan, James, #11
      #366, Duncan, Stephin, #178 (not Sylvester)
      #394, Duncan, Thomas (minor), (blank)
      #443, Duncan, Henry P., will, #209
      --, Duncan, Stephen, #263
      (blank), Duncan, Rosalie Quitman (will), #273
      (blank), Duncan, Mrs. Rosa Q., #273
      (blank), Dunkin, Johnnie B., gdnship, #290
      (blank), Duncan, James Madison, estate of, C#10,239, new box #350


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