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Formed 1821 from Jefferson, Ste. Genevieve, Washington
Iron formed 1857 from Dent, Madison, Reynolds, St. Francois, Washington, Wayne


1840 St. Francois Co. MO Census (from Vivian Biddle 1982)
Pg.67  Thomas Duncan      0000,101  -  0001,001
            (MAD: ? 1850 Crawford Co. MO census)

1850 St. Francois Co. MO Census (also from Vivian Biddle 1982)
Pg.162, #144, James DUNCAN 26 TN farmer $0
                  Elizabeth 27 TN (not mar/in/year, no ch. shown)
                  (MAD: ?? 1860 Madison Co. MO census ??)

1860-1870 St. Francois Co. MO Census
      No Duncan indexed

1900 St.Francois Co. MO Census (HeritageQuest image 1/9/2011)
Randolph Twp, Pg.149, Desloge, SD 10, ED 97, Sheet 4A
#39-40, DUNCAN, Henry, head, w/m, Aug. 1875, age 24, mar.2y, MO MO MO laborer, rent home
  Laura, wife, w/f, Jan. 1880, 20, mar.2y, 1 ch, 1 living, MO MO MO
  (MAD: no child in household)
      (MAD: 1910 St.Francois Co. MO near George A. Duncan who was in 1920 Iron Co. MO; was searching for William Duncan in 1930 Iron Co. MO)
Pg.149, Sheet 4B
#70-74, DUNCAN, William, head, w/m, (blank month) 1873, age 27, mar.8y, MO MO MO laborer
  Matilda, wife, w/f, 1875, 28, mar.8y, 3 ch, 2 living, MO MO MO
  Homer, son, w/m, Jan. 1896, 3, single, MO MO MO
  Fred, son, w/m, July 1898, 1, single, MO MO MO
  Mamie, niece, w/f, June 1883, 16, single, MO MO MO housekeeper
Pg.136, #88-93, LACOMB, Victoria, head, w/f, Feb. 1861, age 39, wid, MO MO IL boarding
  (family) & 3 boarders, including
  DUNCAN, Bascoms, boarder, w/m, Dec. 1876, 23, single, MO MO MO, miner

1910 St.Francois Co. MO Census (HeritageQuest image 1/8/2011 & 1/9/2011)
Randolph Twp, Pg.66, SD 11, ED 89, Sheet 22A
#4-4, DUNKIN, Henry, head, m/w, age 38, m.1 10y, MO MO MO laborer lead mill
  Laura, wife, f/w, 34, m.1 10y, 5 ch, 4 living, MO MO MO
  Monroe, son, m/w, 10, single, MO MO MO
  Irene, dau., f/w, 8, single, MO MO MO
  Marvin, son, m/w, 4, single, MO MO MO
  Carl, son, m/w, 2, single, MO MO MO
#9-9, DUNKEN, George A., head, m/w, age 25, m.1 1y, MO TN TN laborer lead mill
  Katie, wife, f/w, 20, m.1 1y, 1 ch, 1 living, MO TN MO
  George H., son, m/w, 1/12, single, MO MO MO
      (MAD: 1920 Iron Co. MO next to Chester Thompson)

1910 Census, Perry, St. Francois County, Missouri (from Kathy Cawley 10/17/2009)
S.D.# 11, E.D.# 88, Page# 120, Image# 37 of 46
Suttleton Rd.
Head, m/w, age 62, M1X, 38 yrs., MO./U.S./U.S., laborer/R.R.
Martha, Wife, f/w, age 63, M1X, 7 chi. born, 3 living, MO./MO./MO.
Annie, Daughter, f/w, age 19, single, MO./MO./MO.
      (KDC: Benjamin Henry Duncan, 1880 Franklin Co. MO, 1900 Washington Co. MO)

1920 Census, Perry, St. Francois County, Missouri (from Kathy Cawley 10/17/2009)
S.D.# 11, E.D.# 94, Page# 63, Image# 5 of 6
Bonne Terre & Mineral Point Public Rd.
Henry B.,
Head, m/w, age 71, MO./MO./MO., laborer/gen'l. work
Frances M., Wife, f/w, age 72, MO./TN./VA.


St. Francois Co. MO Deed Indexes (SLC 5/10/2013)
   Abstract & index of deeds v.A-D, 1822-1850 (FHL film 914,371)
      C-145: Duncan, Jas. to N.L. Fleming, May 6, 1841, May 10, 1841, bond
      No grantee Duncan
   Abstract & index of deeds v.1, 1850-1869 (FHL film 914,371)
      No Duncan

St. Francois Co. MO Deeds (SLC 7/17/2014; have JPG images)
      C-140/141: 8 Dec. 1836, Nicholas L. Fleming, Admin. of estate of Thomas Riley, late of St. Francois Co. MO decd, to John Cobb of afsd, that on 2 Feb. 1830 at County Court in town of Farmington for county of St. Francois, MO, on 2 day of said term, the following order and decree made and entered, ... Nicholas L. Fleming, admin. of estate of Thomas Riley decd, ... sale of certain lots of said estate, to sell at public auction the interest said Thomas Riley decd. had to five lots in town of Farmington known as No. 14, 13, 27, 15 and 26, to highest bidder at 3 months credit ... and Nicholas L. Fleming, having taken out Letters of Administration on the estate of Thomas Riley decd. from the county court of St. Francois Co., to sell at public auction Lots. 13, 14 & 15 butting on Columbia & Liberty Streets with fronts of 4 chains & 20 links and depth 5 chains and 35 links, Lots 26 & 27 butting on Columbia & Harrison Streets with a front of 2 chains and 16-1/2 links front and depth 7 chains, 3 months credit, bond and security required, the sale made per decree of Feb. term last of said County Court, /s/ N.L. Fleming, Admr. estate of Thos. Riley decd. In pursuance of said decree and notice, Nicholas L. Fleming, Admin. did on 3 May 1830 at public sale, Samuel P. Harris being highest and best bidder became purchaser of Lot 27 for $80, a report made. Now for $80 I sell to said John Cobb all the interest which Thomas Riley decd. to the afsd Lot No.27, with appurtenances. /s/ N.L. Fleming. Ack. 5 April 1841 before John Cobb, Clerk of Circuit Court of St.Francois Co. MO, by Nicholas L. Fleming. (FHL film 914,374)
      C-145/147: We, Luther R. Chapman, Thomas B. Duncan, and Calvin M. Chapman and James Adkin of St.Francois Co. MO are bound to Nicholas L. Fleming for $150 to be paid to said Nicholas L. Fleming, we bind ourselves, 6 May 1841. The condition of this obligation is such that whereas said Luther R. Chapman hath this day for $50 paid by Nicholas L. Fleming, have sold to said Nicholas L. Fleming his interest in and to the estate of Miles Chapman decd. late of county afsd, including a tract of land in said County, the SES 1/4 Sec.9 Twp.85N Range 6E, purchased by said Chapman decd. from William Holmes, containing 160 acres. Now if Luther R. Chapman shall on or before 20 Oct. 1842 deliver a good deed of conveyance as sold, then the above bond to be void, otherwise remain in full force and virtue in law. /s/ Luther (X) R. Chapman, Thos. B. Duncan, Calvin (X) M. Chapman, James (X) Adkin. Ack. 6 May 1841 by Luther R. Chapman, Thomas B. Duncan, Calvin M. Chapman and James Adkin, before John Cobb, Clerk of Circuit Court of St.Francois Co. MO. Filed for record 10 May 1841. (FHL film 914,374)


St. Francois Co. MO Marriages (FHL film 914,393)
      Pg.84: James S. Duncan and Elizabeth Ham, both of age, of Co. of St. Francois, mar. 11 June 1846 by Samuel P. Harris JP
      Francois Dunkin mar. Luther R. Chapman 7 May 1840; listed on "Hunting for Bears" CD as St.Clair Co. MO, listed as St.Francois Co. MO in query by Donna Kennedy 1999 with info the family moved to Crawford Co. MO by 1850, named dau. Obedience.

The St.Francois Co. MO Historical Society webpages include birth, death and probate index information, including Duncans. (web address from Charles Dalton 9/2002) Scroll down the page and click on the Historical Society pages:


Revolutionary War, War of 1812 & Indian Wars Index - MO (from index cards of Kit Smith 8/1983)
      Margaret Duncan, St. Francois Co., #30039, July, 1880

BENJAMIN R. DUNCAN Civil War Pension #734234 (from Audrey Miller 6/1989; see Madison Co. MO)
      Questionnaiare, 4 May 1898, answers by Benj. R. Duncan (/s/ B.R. Duncan). Married, wife's maiden name was Amanda A. Lewis, married 27 May 1860 in Madison Co. MO by Squire Amos Lunsford, recorded in Fredericktown, MO. I was never married before. Three children living: Emma Duncan b. Aug. 24, 1868; Mary Rosetta Duncan b. March 25, 1872; Benjamin F. Duncan b. April 6, 1874.
      Pensioner dropped, 4 May 1906 because of death.
      Declaration for Widow's Pension, act of April 19, 1908. (no date, received 8 Dec. 1916) Amanda A. Duncan, widow of Benjamin Ray Duncan, who was at Pilot Knob or Fredericktown in the war; that she was married under the name of Amanda Angeline Lewis at Minta Motte, MO, on 27 May (no year) by Rev. Noah Lunsford; she had not been previously married; the soldier had not been previously married; the soldier died June 1906 at or near Hot Springs, AR; her P.O. is Knob Lick, R.F.D. 1, City or town of Knob Lick, St. Francois Co. MO.


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