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Other Records & Sources


Cemetery Records, Platte Co. MO (from Lu Durham 3/1987)
      Second Creek Cemetery
            James Duncan 1816-1878. Sarah Duncan 1821-1878
      Camden Point Cemetery:
            David R. Duncan, wife Mary Adelia Duncan (d/o E.P. and F. Luttrell Duncan) (MAD: no dates)
            Lavinia Duncan 1845-1913. Wife of E.W. Duncan, dau. of Harrison Duncan.
            Mary Adelia Duncan, dau. of E.P. Duncan and F. Luttrell. Wife of David R. Stallard. b. 1838, d. ?
            Mary Alberta Diebert, wife of E.L. Duncan, b. 1859, d. 4-22-1916
      (MAD: cemetery records have also been published by the Platte Co. MO Historical Society, although there are inaccuracies)

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church (founded 1845) near Camden Point, Platte Co. MO; copy of minutes in possession of Lu Durham (5/1992)
      Feb. 1851, Garrett Duncan and wife Sally (joined)
      (Other entries not copied)

Letter from files of Robert Owen Duncan (from Robert Owen Duncan 3/2000 and 6/2001; his additions in [brackets])
      Copy of letter & all information noted in possession of Robert Owen Duncan, 4ggson of Benjamin Duncan and Susannah Hawkins.
      Benj. Duncan listed as Father in letter, "Family history of your grandparents Mark Duncan & Marie Louise Bonapart Bright Duncan Staggs." (R.O.D.) Letter given to my paternal grandfather, Robert Orval Duncan, (who was the 1st born of Orval Francis Duncan, who was the 2nd born of Ezra B. Duncan,) by his cousin, Emeral Duncan, (who was the 1st born of Clement R. Duncan, who was the 1st born of Ezra B. Duncan, who was the 6th son and 7th child of Mark and Maria Bright Duncan.)
      Source for letter said to be by a son of George Benjamin Duncan (3rd child of Mark) (possibly G.B. Jr.), given to Lowell Ezra Duncan, son (8th child) of Ezra B. Duncan, son of Mark. Letter source info from Mrs. Betty Copper, dau. of Lowell, 1 Jan 1989 via telecon w/ R.O.D.
            [----- Transcript of letter:--------]
      "Family History of Your Grandparents Mark Duncan & Marie Louise Bonapart Bright Duncan Staggs."
      "Mark Duncan, born about [March] 1820 in [Lawrenceburg] Kentucky, was the [2nd] son of Benjamin Duncan [and Susannah Hawkins] [1] -- no other information about him other than the name -- Mark had brothers Mathew [older], John, Asa, and a sister Lucinda? [2.] of the "maidens grave" fame ["Donner party"] and possibly others. [3.]
      The first Duncan on our line was said to have come to this country in the early colonial days and was a Presbyterian preacher.
      Mark married Marie Louise Bonapart Bright in Kentucky on about [3rd of] March 1845 and sired your father [Ezra B.] -born May 20, 1861 - and Noel 1847 Mo., John Tyler, Feb. 20, 1849 d. Dec. 30, 1868, George Benjamin d. [born] June 8, 1854, died Oct. 1923, Mathew Bright d. [born] Nov. 30, 1858 died Nov. 1913, Edward, no date, Susan, no date, Sarah, no date.
      Mark & M.L.B. emigrated from Kentucky to Platt City, Mo. about 1846 where Noel & John were born. When the "gold rush" of 1849 started, Mark left his family in Platt City and crossed the plains to California and was said to have been successful in acquiring his share of the gold.
      In 1852 - or there abouts - he sent for M.L.B. and family and she crossed the plains in a covered wagon with Kit Carson as guide part of the way. She joined Mark at Yountville, Napa County and there George Duncan was born in 1854. From Yountsville, the family moved to a ranch on the Russian River near Heraldsburg, Sonoma County. Later Mark sold the ranch and set up a tannery business in Heraldsburg. In Heraldsburg, some of his children must have been born.
      Hearing fabulous tales of the fertile, green lands of Oregon he sold the tannery business and moved his family to a ranch near McMinnville, Oregon. While engaged in settling up his affairs in Heraldsburg and moving his family - by wagon - he contracted smallpox on one of the trips and died enroute in 1862, place unknown.
      Your grandma [Maria Bright] Staggs was born May 20, 1831 in Danville, Ill. although her parents originally came from Nashville, Tenn. where they were in the innkeeping business. She married Mark when she was not yet 14 and from that time her life was a saga of adventure and hardship.
      After Mark's death, she married Sam Staggs, a school teacher and lived on the ranch at McMinnville until 1896 when she moved to a home she owned in Santa Rosa." [4.]
      [1. Benj. md 1st to Mary Bennett, 1789, md 2nd, Susannah Hawkins, 9 Nov 1816, Franklin Co., KY, Susannah md 1st, Henry Kilby, having at least 5 children. She was the daughter of Mathew Hawkins and Hannah Maxwell]
      [2. As Mark's siblings, John & Asa are not proven, and doubtful & Lucinda was actually wife of Daniel Duncan, 1st born of father Benj. and his 1st wife Mary Bennett]
      [3. Doubt other siblings beyond Mark possible as Benj died within a few months after Mark's birth. Benj's will proven 16 Nov 1820.]
      [4. She died there, aged 73, at 663 Charles St. Santa Rosa, Cal. 6 Mar 1904]
      Permission to print & post this on web to aid in Duncan or related family genealogical research given to Mary Ann Dobson, Herb Duncan, Gen Berry, and Rosemary Webb, by Robert Owen Duncan, on 18 Jun 2001 provided that source information and point of contact is included in the posting. Further permission to publish for realization of monetary gain not given or implied without further written consent. Robert Owen Duncan
      MAD: see the website of Rosemary Webb at http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/w/e/b/Rosemary-Webb/index.html?Welcome=992968836 for Robert Owen Duncan's email address.
      MAD: McMinnville, Yamhill Co. OR

Family Bible of Marshall Duncan, Pub. 1819, New York, the American Bible Society (from owner Lu Durham 3/1987 and from Dorothy Kincaid 3/1987; the bible is torn in places)
      Family Record of Marshall Duncan
      Marshall Duncan, son of James & Darcus Duncan, was born the 30th day of May A.D. 1798
      Mary Ann Duncan, daughter of Jesse & Catharine Garner, was born the 25th day of November A.D. 1800.
      Marshall Duncan, was married to (torn) wife Mary Ann on the 7th January (torn)
      Mildred Jane Duncan, daughte (torn) Marshall & Mary Ann Duncan (torn) born the 2nd day of March A.D. 1 (torn)
      William Arthur Duncan, son (torn) shall & Mary Ann Duncan (torn) the 17th day of October A.D. 18 (torn)
      Robert Lewis Duncan, son of Marshall & Mary Ann Duncan, was born, the 14th day of April A.D. 1824.
      James Marshall Duncan, son of Marshall & Mary Ann Duncan, was born, the 2nd day of October A.D. 1825.
      John Sandford Duncan, son of Marshall & Mary Ann Duncan, was born, the 8th day of August A.D. 1827.
      Sarah Catharine Duncan, daughter of Marshall & Mary Ann Duncan, was born, the 17th day of March A.D. 1829.
      (torn) Hierom Garner Duncan, son of Mar- (torn) all & Mary Ann Duncan, was born, (torn) 14th day of December A.D. 1830.
      (torn) ry Ann Duncan, daughter of Mar- (torn) & Mary Ann Duncan, was born (torn) th day of August A.D. 1832.
      (torn) woman Sue, was born, about (torn) A.D. 1781.
      (torn) l, Haney, was born, about (torn) D. 1818.
      Negro Girl, Peggy, was born, the 12th day of May 1821. A.D.
      Negro Girl, Maria, was born, the 30th day of April A.D. 1823.

Newspaper obituary, undated (from Dorothy Kincaid 3/1987)
      Mrs. M.A. Browning. Mary Ann Duncan was born in KY in Aug. 1832, and came to MO with her mother while a small girl. She was united in marriage to James A. Browning Dec. 6th 1854, and settled on a farm near Camden Point where she lived till Mr. Browning's death, May 7th 1881. Soon after, she moved to Plattsburg, and resided here till her death.
      Mrs. Browning reared two nieces, one a little girl who died while they yet lived in Platte, the other, Mrs. Mary A. Winn, also deceased. ...
      She entered into rest March 15th, 1908, aged 75 years 6 months, and some days.
      There were present at the funeral, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Duncan, and Sterling Duncan, also Mrs. Helen Buchanan, and Miss Mollie Duncan of Camden Point, and Mrs. Carilla Thrope of Edgerton Junction.
      (Dorothy Kincaid note: Sarah Catherine Duncan married James M. Arnold on June 10, 1851, in Platte Co. MO; they had three daughters, Medora, Martha and Mary. Sarah died in 1857. James Arnold remarried and came west to CA about 1860. His youngest daughter, Mary, was left in MO to be raised by Sarah's sister, Mary Ann Duncan Browning. Mary mar. a Mr. Winn and died in 1888. Medora Arnold is grandmother of Glen Kincaid. We have a letter written by Mrs. Browning in 1888 to her sister and brother-in-law James Arnold telling of the death of Mary Winn. Also a letter written by Mary Winn to her sister Medora Arnold.)

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Some early Duncans in Platte Co. MO:
      Ed. P. Duncan, 1839, on personal property assessment list (pg.56, "Platte Co. MO Abstracts of Wills and Administrations 1841-1861 and Bonds 1847-1851" by Nadine Hodges and Mrs. Howard W. Woodruff, 1969 (Los Angeles Public Library book 977.81 P71Ho-1; FHL book 977.8135 S2p and fiche 6,049,072)
      Williamson Duncan, Davis Duncan, Thomas Duncan, Xury Duncan, 1839, on personal property assessment list (pg.56, "Platte Co. MO Abstracts of Wills and Administrations 1841-1861 and Bonds 1847-1851" by Nadine Hodges and Mrs. Howard W. Woodruff, 1969 (Los Angeles Public Library book 977.81 P71Ho-1; FHL book 977.8135 S2p and fiche 6,049,072)
      James Duncan, 1839, on personal property assessment list (pg.56, "Platte Co. MO Abstracts of Wills and Administrations 1841-1861 and Bonds 1847-1851" by Nadine Hodges and Mrs. Howard W. Woodruff, 1969 (Los Angeles Public Library book 977.81 P71Ho-1; FHL book 977.8135 S2p and fiche 6,049,072)
      Thomas Duncan, 31 Oct. 1842, of Platte Co. mar. Letty Carr of Callaway (Callaway Co. MO Marriages 1840-1850, pg.6, Vol.22, 3/1974, "MO Pioneers," FHL book 977.8 D2h, from Evelyn Sigler and Denzil Mauldin 1984)
      Sultana C., 8 June 1847, widow of William Bell who died intestate; admr. "Harry" Duncan, securities Alfred Jack, Stephen A. Blevins, Perry Absalom Duncan and Noah St.John (Bond B-5 and B-20); 9 Nov. 1848, admin. de bonis non, John Freeland (Bond B-207, B-215); 2 Aug. 1850, Sultana C. Bell appointed guardian of persons and estates of John T., James M., David M., Clementina C., and William W. Bell, minor heirs of William Bell, decd.; securities William St.John, Robert Mitchell and Lewis McDaniel (Bond A-149). (pg.3, "Platte Co. MO Abstracts of Wills and Administrations 1841-1861 and Bonds 1847-1851" by Nadine Hodges and Mrs. Howard W. Woodruff, 1969 (Los Angeles Public Library book 977.81 P71Ho-1; FHL book 977.8135 S2p and fiche 6,049,072)
      Edward P. Duncan, 1849, security with John B. Dean for estate of Robert McKimtry, admin. James Strong and George W. Fields, 3 Sept. 1849, Bond Book A, pgs.3 and 10 (pg.31); and executor with Ann Phelps, wife of Thomas Phelps, in his will dated 9 Aug. 1849, recorded 23 Oct. 1851 in Will Book B, pg.69. (pg.40, "Platte Co. MO Abstracts of Wills and Administrations 1841-1861 and Bonds 1847-1851" by Nadine Hodges and Mrs. Howard W. Woodruff, 1969 (Los Angeles Public Library book 977.81 P71Ho-1; FHL book 977.8135 S2p and fiche 6,049,072)
      Robert R. Duncan, 22 June 1850, security with John St.John for David A. Koons (Bond Book A, pg.141-142), exec. of will of Otis Turner dated 6 June 1850 naming son Manley Turner and dau. Roxany, execs. Miller Stogden and Daniel A. Koons, recorded 14 June 1850 in Will Book B, pg.26; 6 Nov. 1850, Admin. de bonis non, John St.John, securities Daniel A. Koonse and Robert Duncan, in Bond Book A, pgs.187 and 192. (pg.50, "Platte Co. MO Abstracts of Wills and Administrations 1841-1861 and Bonds 1847-1851" by Nadine Hodges and Mrs. Howard W. Woodruff, 1969 (Los Angeles Public Library book 977.81 P71Ho-1; FHL book 977.8135 S2p and fiche 6,049,072)
      Edward Duncan, 5 July 1852, judge, to be co-executor of will of Thomas Foster, recorded 25 Aug. 1852 in Will Book B, pg.329. (pg.17, "Platte Co. MO Abstracts of Wills and Administrations 1841-1861 and Bonds 1847-1851" by Nadine Hodges and Mrs. Howard W. Woodruff, 1969 (Los Angeles Public Library book 977.81 P71Ho-1; FHL book 977.8135 S2p and fiche 6,049,072)
      Philamon Duncan, 30 March 1858, witness with B.M. Callerman and James E. Williams to the will of Peter Rogers, wife Nancy Rogers, recorded 7 June 1858 in Will Book B, pg.231. (pg.43, "Platte Co. MO Abstracts of Wills and Administrations 1841-1861 and Bonds 1847-1851" by Nadine Hodges and Mrs. Howard W. Woodruff, 1969 (Los Angeles Public Library book 977.81 P71Ho-1; FHL book 977.8135 S2p and fiche 6,049,072)

Sultana Bell information from files of Kay D. Hampton, Platte Co. MO Museum Library (from Lu Durham 6/1988)
      Platte Co. Record of Deeds, Index No. 2, pg.173: Bell, Wm. W. to Sultany Bell, April 17, 1868, 20a in SW corner of NW 1/4 Sec. 24, T54, Range 34.
      Platte Co. Marriage Index 1839-1856: Sultana Bell mar. Michael Doyle, 7 Feb. 1852, by Josiah Elliott, JP, pg.227-9 of Marriage Record Book A.
      "Robert Duncan of NC and SC" Compiled by Mrs. Groff and Mary Jane Wilson: John (Jack) Duncan, b. 18 Dec. 1783 NC, d. 9 Feb. 1850 Pulaski Co. MO. ... A letter in hands of Mary Jane Wilson from John (Jack) Duncan to John Burrell Duncan (his son) for some money John Burrell owed him. Letter signed by Perry A. Duncan, Robert R. Duncan, Sultany C. Bell and James M. Duncan.

Misc. Platte Co. MO Records (from Lu Durham 3/1987)
      Some info from Paxton's "Annals of Platte Co. MO"
      Amanda Duncan mar. Algernon S. Winston, 10 May 1883, at Mrs. Sarah Duncan's home; James E. Dunn, Min. Gos. (Book D, Platte Co.) Amanda Duncan b. July 29, 1863, dau. of Joseph Duncan and Sarah Tracy Duncan (Paxton pg.207). July 26, 1884, male child born to Amanda and A.S. Winston in Hampton, MO. (Platte Co. Clerk's Office)
      Female child born June 5, 1885, to C.M. Davidson (age 35) and Amanda Duncan Davidson (age 36). (Platte Co. Clerk's Office)
      Michael Baker's will probated June 3, 1857. Children: Nancy Baker mar. Burwell Duncan of New Market (Platte Co.). (Paxton pg.239)
      Edwin D. Duncan mar. 18 Dec. 1874 Cecilia Newman (dau. of Peyton and Susan Woodward Newman). Cecilia d. Nov. 9, 1879, age 20. (Paxton pg.402) Ed Duncan of Clay Co. mar. Emily Newman (dau. of Wm. and Martha Woodward Newman). Family near Edgerton, MO, in 1840 (Paxton pg.403)
      Samuel Brown's will probated Jan. 8, 1838. Widow Susanne Brown. Son Robert S. Brown mar. Elizabeth S. Duncan 13 March 1862 (Paxton pg.63)
      Male child born 28 Feb. 1885, to E. Willis Duncan, farmer, age 41 b. MO, and Lavinia Duncan Duncan age 38 b. VA. Green Twp. (Platte Co. Records)
      Platte Co. Court appoints James M. and Reuben Browning guardians of Florence Duncan, minor child and heir of Wm. Duncan, deceased, July 3, 1875. (Platte Co. probate records).
      "George B. Duncan, now of Clinton Co. but in 1828 of Smithville, says he accompanied James Winn, Abijah Brooks, and Alex B. Duncan on a fishing excursion to the Falls of the Platte." (Paxton pg.11) George B. Duncan b. Jan. 23, 1817 Bourbon Co. KY, son of Matthew Duncan, ... (Paxton)
      James Duncan, original land entries, Plattsburg, MO, March 22, 1827 and March 30, 1834.
      James Duncan, Nov. 11, 1826, "A company of 93 emigrants from Bourbon Co. KY arrived in Clay Co. after a long and tedious overland journey and settle near Smithville. The heads of the families are: Capt. James Duncan, Matthew Duncan, Wm. Duncan, Rice Davenport, James Winn, Sarah Music (widow), James Grey (teacher)." (Paxton pg.6)
      John Duncan, b. Feb. 28, 1871 (LD:?; MAD: 1781) mar. Mary Stroud (MAD: Mary Strode, of Clark Co. KY) b. July 7, 1795, d. June 2, 1827. Their dau. Ruth Ann Duncan, b. June 23, 1814 KY, d. 1864 Clay Co. MO, mar. Wade Washington Scott, b. Dec. 18, 1812 KY, d. Feb. 6, 1857 Clay Co. (Paxton= Bourbon Co. KY) Their dau. Nancy F. Scott mar. Richard Winfield Beery. (1984 Buchanan Co. MO Hist. pg.280)
      John S. Duncan, b. 1826, d. Aug. 30, 1888, age 62. Died near Camden Point of dysentary and tubercular trouble. Born in KY; res. of MO 18 yrs; buried in Masonic Cem., Camden Pt., J.B. Reynolds, M.D.
      Joseph Duncan, land patent 1833-1867, Plattsburg, MO
      Joseph Duncan, native of Bourbon Co. KY, mar. Mary Brooks of Clark Co. KY. Twelve children including Betsey, Judy Ann, Thomas D., Abijah, Joseph, Nancy, Martha mar. John Thatcher Dec. 22, 1854. (Hist. Clay & Platte Cos. pg.970)
      Elder J.H. Duncan entered on his duties as pastor of Platte City Christian Church Jan. 1884 (Paxton pg.787). Elder Duncan (b. Aug. 20, 1849) d. April 26, 1877, at Ft. Scott, KS. (Paxton pg.856)
      Margaret Duncan, native of Ireland, emigrated to America 1851; settled in Philadelphia, to Platte Co. 1852, mar. Robert Murdock. (Hist. Clay & Platte Co. pg.1069)
      Daniel Dunagan came from Ireland in 1780 and mar. Mary Duncan. Most of the children came to Platte Co. and settled near Waldron. (Paxton pg.912) (MAD: is this the Daniel Dunagan, Rev. War, of Washington and/or Knox Co. TN, with wife Mary Duncan the dau. of Jeremiah Duncan from Botetourt Co. VA to Greene Co. TN?? Are they the line of Marie Duncan?)
      Sarah J. Duncan (d. 1842) mar. Wm. H. Lott, Aug. 22, 1839, Clay Co.
      Stephen C. Duncan, b. 15 Dec. 1833 Henry Co. KY; son of Stephen Duncan b. 17 Oct. 1797 Bourbon Co. KY, d. 6 April 1877 Clinton Co. MO, and Lucy Browning Duncan d. 1838 Saline Co. MO. Stephen C. was 6th of 7 children; mar. (1) 5 March 1863, Mary E. Davenport (d. 10 Sept. 1869); mar. (2) 10 Nov. 1870 Maria Winn. Children: Lucy, Mattie, Mabel. (Hist. Clay & Platte Co. pg.434) Maria Rebecca Winn, b. 20 Oct. 1840 Clinton Co., dau. of James and Malinda (Hutsell) Winn who came to Clay Co. 1825 from Bourbon Co. KY.
      Assessment roll of personal property 1839, Platte Co.: Ed P. Duncan, Williamson Duncan, Davis Duncan, Thomas Duncan, Xury Duncan, James Duncan. (Hist. Clay & Platte Cos, pg.563)
      List of Patrons of the 1877 "Atlas of Platte Co. MO"; Township 54 North, Range 34 West: (LD: Sec. numbers below refer to parts of Atlas, not parts of Twp)
            John S. Duncan, Camden Point, Sec. 32, Farmer, Stock Raiser and Money loaner, b. Baron (sic) Co. KY, settled in Platte Co. 1844.
            R.B. Duncan, Camden Point, Sec. 32, Practicing physician and surgeon, b. Shelby Co. KY, to Platte Co. 1874.
            E.W. Duncan, New Market, Sec. 7, farmer, b. Platte Co. MO 1844.
            John R. Duncan, Camden Point, Sec. 18, farmer and money loaner, b. Culpeper Co. VA, to Platte Co. 1844.

"The Duncans of Bourbon Co. KY" by Julia Hoge Spencer Ardery (FHL fiche 6,018,102 and other libraries)
      This book contains the family of Captain James Duncan, b. 1750, d.1817, wife Elizabeth Strode, and their children, including their daughter Eleanor (born 1 Jan. 1795, mar. Eddy Linn Breckenridge 23 Jan. 1817, to Clay Co. MO) and their son William Duncan, born 29 March 1790, mar. Jemima S. Scott 24 March 1813, to Platte Co. MO, then 1835 to Clay Co. MO.

Brief extracts from manuscript genealogies:
      "Family Reminiscences" by Louise Duncan Wernex, August 1946-48 (typed carbon copy of manuscript from Nancy Reba Roy's loose files):
            "My father, James Louis Duncan, my grandfather, John Randolph Duncan and his father, Frederick Duncan, were all born in the same house in the mountains nineteen miles from Culpeper Court House, Virginia. .... Grandfather and grandmother, whose name was Mildred Jane Duncan (they were distant cousins) moved by wagon train from Virginia to Platte County, Missouri, in the spring of 1845. Father was born December 25, 1844. In their immediate party was his maternal grandmother, Polly Duncan, her two sons, James and Robert, Mammy Peggy (colored) her small son, Thornton, and four other darkies, whose names I have forgotten except one Daniel. .... There were forty-five grandchildren. Grandfather's oldest brother, Edward Pendleton Duncan came to Platte County about 1838, and homesteaded 640 acres of land just south of New Market, Missouri. Grandfather took up the section across the road just south of this. He adored Uncle Ned and always spoke of him as Brother Neddie. .... Grandfather and Grandmother had twelve children. They were in this order: James Louis, Robert, Camilla, Mildred, (Susan Catherine, Florence and Eudoxy died in infancy) Isabella, Helen, William Marshall, John Sterling and Edward Lee. .... Grandfather was six feet tall and was the youngest and shortest of the men in his family. His brothers were Edward Pendleton, Eldredge, Harrison and Madison."
      "The Duncan Family of John Duncan born Dec. 18, 1783 son of Robert and Hannah (Carr) Duncan was compiled from Family Bibles, Census, War Records, and the following Histories." by Gertrude Ruth Duncan Groff, written ca 1957-1965. (faint typed pages from Dr. Lenox D. Baker 1980, given to him by Mrs. Groff):
            Robert Duncan, born June 14, 1762, in North Carolina, Died in 1845 in South Carolina. ... Robert married Hannah Carr, who was born Sept. 28, 1765 in Tennessee. To this Union twelve children were born: John Duncan born Dec. 18, 1783, died Feb. 9, 1850 (MAD: she gives more on his descendants); William L. Duncan born April 29, 1785; James Duncan born August 24, 1787; Lovisa Voss Duncan born December 7, 1789 [married James Berry Harrison, died 1863]; Charles Duncan born December 22, 1791; Deborah Duncan born February 6, 1794; Permelia Carr Duncan born March 12, 1795 [married William Eaton Hawkins, died 1848]; Robert Berry Duncan born November 10, 1798 [married Jane Hill]; Perry Emory Duncan born May 26, 1800 [married Mary Ann Hill]; Sophronia Isabel Duncan born March 5, 1804 [married Solomon Hawkins, living in 1899]; Hannah Millicent Duncan born July 12, 1806; Melissa Fairfield Duncan born March 24, 1810. ... These Names and dates are from the Bible of Lovisa Voss Duncan Harrison and James Berry Harrison.
      "Remembrances" typed, double-spaced manuscript, 25 pages, by Nancy R. Roy, 1964 (from Lu Durham 11/1987, from material in possession of Kay Duncan Hampton who gave it to Lu Durham, later probably given to the Platte Co. MO Historical Society)
            ... "Memory Album which had belonged to my grandmother, Nancy Baker Duncan. The earliest entrances were made in 1856, apparently the summer before she was married .... my grandfather, James Burrell Duncan" .... "Grandmother's farm was adjoined on the East by Uncle Dick Duncan's farm and on the West, I believe, by the old Buena Vista place. Across the road and on to the west and south was Cousin William Duncan's place and still further west and across the road which ran from Dearborn to Camden Point was Cousin Lee Duncan's home. These cousins were the children of Uncle Ran and Aunt Jane Duncan. Uncle Ran was the youngest brother of my great-grandfather, Edward Pendleton Duncan. Cousin William's house was easily visible from the road and was a bit imposing." .... "My grandfather James Burrell Duncan b. 1835 d. 1899, Denver, Colo." .... "when my Uncle Jim was about four years old that mother's grandfather, Edward Pendleton Duncan, "Ned", and his second wife visited them." .... "Uncle Willis Duncan, who was the youngest of great-grandfather's family, lived about a mile or so from Aunt Lucy Drais, and his farm adjoined that of Aunt Fannie George, his sister. My great-grandfather, Edward Pendleton Duncan, and his family came to Platte County, Missouri, about 1837 when my grandfather was about two years old. The Duncans were an old Culpeper Family and apparently, William Duncan, the Elder, came from Dumfries which was a Scotch settlement in Prince William County, Virginia. Farther back than that is only legendary. He is said to have married Ruth Rawley only three weeks after coming to Culpeper County but there is NO proof of this or even what Ruth's name really was." (MAD: she gives much more about the later family in MO)
      MAD: The research and correspondence files of Kay D. Hampton and of Nancy Reba Roy were donated through Miss Lu Durham in 1988 to the Platte Co. MO Historical Society, P.O. Box 103, Platte City, MO 64079-0103; physicial location: Ben Ferrel Museum, 220 Ferrel Street, Platte City, MO.

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